Prepping for Lockdown 2.0 – Markets in Denial?

Some people gain great peace and tranquility by “living in the moment.”  Been there, done that.

What you learn by the early 70’s (besides the patience of Job) is that it’s always better to live a little ways into the future.  Avoids crowds.

As I started mentioning to you a week or two back, the odds of a massive Second Wave of Covid seemed to us to be increasing.  Overnight, Los Angeles went into Masking 2.0.

If you get the disease, no one’s sure if you ever really “get over it.”  More than 200 COVID ‘long hauler’ symptoms identified, many lasting beyond 6 months – Study Finds.

Canceling Our Visitors

Thursday was a blue day around the ranch.  We had sent out an email earlier that this might happen – so no one should have been surprised.  But a planned visit by one of Elaine’s boys and grand daughter, (Covid: Younger adults still at risk of serious organ damage – study), my life-long friend the Major, and even Thanksgiving with our consigliere were all canceled Thursday.

Despite the ample historical data on the 1918 Spanish flu, the happy-talk in the media (and in “governance”) has gone to the idea that Covid has already run its course.  Color us skeptical.

Our math figures it differently.   So does current news flow.

Looking ahead to 2024, we can make out a projection (*based loosely on Elliott functions) that might look something like this:

(Spike protein, spikey data?)

In the chart above, if you have studied financial markets long enough, you can make out a possible Elliott Wave 1 up, then a Wave 2 down.  Many times in Elliott waves, the mathematical relationship (Wave 3 = 1.6 times Wave 1) is realized in Natural cycles, as well as in market functions.

Intelligent Speculation

We already have mentioned – many times – that although “officially” this is not a bioweapon (“It’s naturally occurring” is the mantra), the data is not evening out.

We openly speculated in early 2020 that there might be an epicanthal marker aspect to  the (apparently/possibly) engineered disease.  Look up epicanthic fold here.  Real obvious genetic marker.

Now, compare epicanthic countries of the World and what does the data show?

Screaming Data!

Here’s a simple comparison with China, Japan, and Singapore representing epicanthal regions.  The U.S., the U.K., and Germany the predominantly non-epicanthic regions:  Looks almost even-handed until – on the right side – we put in cases per unit of population.  Then it looks like war.

It’s very clear to us how this “fog of war” is being managed.

The complicit American press simply pretends that cases on a POPULATION BASIS – or Deaths on the same comparison – don’t matter.

As long as NO ONE raises the cases per million (or Deaths per million) the game continues.

China’s War Game

In our view, China has played this “hypothetical” conflict in lieu or immediate global war for dominance and transition into the first of the Chinese Centuries quite brilliantly!  

No question that China under-reports/lies about their numbers, but why not?  The kill ratio favors them and they know it.  Throw in drone-storms to thwart our high-dollar weapons systems, and keep us “chip disabled” to manage-down our manufacturing, and all they need to do is wait.  We will spend ourselves into Venezuela’s poor in-law.

China has already begun to insulate itself from online attacks.  They are moving their currency toward blockchain.  The Great Firewall of China is formidable.  Ask Hong Kong protesters about “freedom.”

America is in self-castration mode and our guess is it’s to Beijing’s delight.  Use social platforms to neuter the males, confuse the females and toss in ACES2 selectivity for good measure.

Oh look…here’s a marketing angle now: Transgender Characters Were Totally Absent From Hollywood Films In 2020, GLAAD Finds.  A queer read in this war context.

Did someone in China know about the Georgia Guide Stones?

Peaceful China?

Playing the world as sucker’s we call it:

End Game Prospects

Here are some examples of Chinese brilliance:

  • Setting things off on their home turf provided instant deniability.  Had a bioweapon of this scale have been launched from a third party state, it might have played differently.  But, this was plausible deniability at its finest.
  • In a biowar, wouldn’t you love to have your “enemies” fail to notice the population discrimination?  By not mentioning that only 3.37 people in China die per million population, while in the U.S. that number is 1,838.  Military planners revel in things like 10-to-1 kill ratios.  The “disease” has a kill ratio of 545 to 1 in China’s favor.  Not a “biowar” you say?
  • Moreover, since the U.S. is totally dependent on China, we can’t come out and impose sanctions – or any other real punitive actions that might be taken:  we simply depend so much on China that we have to keep marching down the present path.
  • In many ways, however, this reveals why there is something approaching hysterical marketing (jab-shaming for non-vaccinated people):  We stand to lose another million Americans (not to mention the long-term side effects of the disease) if our projected “Real” Second Wave shows up with Delta and Lambda and the variants in the wings.  Spanish flu adapted, too…
  • Then – and this is the real capper:  China could sit back confident that the U.S. would deplete funds – which might have gone into capitalizing new manufacturing to get us off the “victim role” due to manufacturing dependence.
  • Instead, with minor (short-term) CONCESSIONS to social media kingpins and already brain-dead liberal “thought leaders” on the Internet, China can softly play us as divisiveness and gender confusion continue America’s national castration and killing of American MoJo.

It’s freaking brilliant.  As the track record of of the shots improves, Elaine and I will definitely be getting them.  But for now, for us, we have the luxury of quarantining.  Most people don’t.

I’m making Chinese food for dinner.  Rice wine,  too.  We like to keep a step ahead.

For Markets?

We the (*possibly larger and year+ long second wave) really gathers steam, there will come a “recognition moment for markets.  Not today, though…

Hour to the open, Dow’s up 60.  Lumber is down to $570.  Why, if this keeps falling, we may have to build a new house…screw just replacing the deck…

$31,397 on  the BTC today.  This being Friday, though, keep a sharp ear out for ransomware reports.  That’d drive up the CrimeCoins complex.  Elliott still looks like $28,000 or lower, but that’s a dart, not advice.

Retail Flails

June car sales were in the crapper.  Chips ahoy?  Meantime, even free money hasn’t flushed out the spendthrifts in droves yet:

For the verbose:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for June 2021, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $621.3 billion, an increase of 0.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, and 18.0 percent (±0.7 percent) above June 2020. Total sales for the April 2021 through June 2021 period were up 31.5 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago. The April 2021 to May 2021 percent change was revised from down 1.3 percent (±0.5 percent) to down 1.7 percent (±0.3 percent).”

Short Takes

As this larger fog of war continues to enfold, we still see government making all the wrong moves:

Civil asset forfeitures are alive and crooked: Why are innocent people still losing cash, cars and even homes to police? (  Repeat after me:  If there’s no due process and ability to confront accusers, it’s a Police State.  Pure and simple.  We’re all about stomping out crime, but NOT without a day in court.  This is financial lynch mobs with badges.  Very East German.

No oil? No Resources?   No Interest: U.S. Won’t Send Troops To Haiti To Stabilize Country, Biden Says.  Tigers don’t change their stripes.  Neither to old men.

Around the Ranch

We see Time has found a topic they can handle:  In Pig, Nicolas Cage Plays a Grouchy, Meditative Hermit—and Gives His Best Performance in Years.  Goes on our watch list.

Still, no matter how bad the news gets, American Monetizations step up:  Snap Lockdowns and Border Closures Creating Demand for Online Flower Delivery.  Easy in a country of blooming idiots, for sure.

OK, off on the first grub-hunt of the day.  Like I told a vegan friend:  “You want lumber, you cut down a tree.  You want a good steak, you cut down a cow…:”  (Stomped off fuming…one less to share with…)

Joy’n  commenting and write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “Prepping for Lockdown 2.0 – Markets in Denial?”

  1. Garbage in garbage out. George, how can you come to any conclusive conclusions when hospitals were paid money to report COVID deaths and PCR tests results are totally useless once you go over 20 or 25 cycles. You have no reliable data to come to your conclusions and I don’t buy it.

    • George is a brilliant guy in many ways, and I have been a long term subscriber to his paid site, but I don’t know what happened to his sharpness with covid when the entire narrative is contradictory – including the vaccines.

  2. Your stance on cv-19 has perplexed me from the beginning. Your typical skepticism seems to not apply in this area; a willingness to embrace questionable statistics and cite them as justification for taking this so seriously makes me wonder if it’s incitement. Surely the over-cycling of PCR tests and the heavily slanted media reporting campaign have had no bearing on the perception of the seriousness of this virus season? Right?
    Very cute how you have disguised the obvious racial slant in an anatomical characteristic but please don’t pretend to believe the case reporting from the CCP. Everyone with blood flow above the neck knows there is no correlation between reality and CCP reports(similar to M5M reporting).
    It does make great theater though and we certainly need more entertainment these days.
    This is not to imply that CV-19 hasn’t taken more than a few out but that absence of influenza and other ‘traditional’ viral deathloads can only be ignored by those with an agenda or impairment.
    The total rejection of therapeutics (HCQ, Ivermectin) by the conventional medical establishment, even in the face of increasingly contradictory data from double blind tests should be the biggest question on our minds. Who benefits from the lack of inexpensive and effective therapeutic options?
    Hunker on George.

    • “Your typical skepticism seems to not apply in this area; ”

      Well Rico.. I kind of do understand your point.. like the statistics for our area says that the average janitor or grocery store checker or sacker makes forty dollars an hour.. statistically they are taking the total including the very few at the top and dividing it against the total population a fluctuating figure that makes it seem as if everyone is doing super good..
      What makes one more believable of the stats is if you have someone in the field that works with the disease.. Such as G2 and his experiences on the front lines of the healthcare workers..
      I believe the stats ( except for now.. Since the new administration got into office the people I know will be the first one to tell you they have pretty much stopped testing and the reports are skewed because of the way that they now can report.. pretty much and if they test positive they are just sending them home.. so the figure should be what is being reported times more.. I just learned this am that the husband of the lady working at the gas station had triple bypass surgery.. then caught covid.. they sent him home.)
      Anyway.. that is one reason that curves my skepticism from the stat’s.. and also why I believed the stat’s..
      Sort of like three police officers did crimes.. and now all the police officers are being placed in that category.. anyone defending themselves in a high crime area are now categorized as a white supremist and anyone of color with criminal history in the act of commiting a crime or have a warrant for a past crime are now being painted as the victim of racial discrimination discrediting the police .. Ok.. I realize the debate could go on for a long time a little this a little that.. there are bad cops.. there are good cops.. it is the same in society with all people.. the bad cops should be subject to the same laws and be punished.. but what I see this doing and what they are already saying .. is with the lack of people willing to police a community.. they are going to send in units to control these high crime area’s.. that is what the military exercise Jade helm was about.. how to control communities to keep order to protect the good people in times of civil unrest..these troops won’t be members of the community with the good of the community at the forefront of their interests.. they will be from other area’s so they won’t have any community interests..
      My grandfather on one side of the parents was that during ww1 He was sent to Germany.. LOL the story I was told to the community of his great grandpa and grandma.. and during the signing of the armistice he was sitting down having coffee and strudel LOL.. anyway that is a cute story I like .
      Long stroy made shorter is the whole point is stats are skewed so many different ways.. but when your hearing from the front lines and they add up.. it is easy to believe the stat’s

      • its always to be prepared for the winter storm… if you have it and don’t need it.. then people will razz you because your to skewed.. but if you need it and don’t have it.. then it is a tragedy.. not long ago people were fighting and pulling weapons over toilet paper..

      • Thanks LOOB.
        I probably should have worded my comment a bit differently; I believe the stats G cited are not just questionable but complete horses___t.
        I do agree statistics can be read and manipulated to produce whatever results you desire and this has been going on for a very long time. One statistic the is being grossly under-reported is the adverse reaction rate to mRNA treatments (still being called vaccines incorrectly by conventional (traditional) definition of ‘vaccine’ where antibodies are generated via exposure to de-fanged version of the disease). Spike proteins in the vascular system are an ongoing concern and nothing is being said about it. No one knows what the long term effects of spike proteins will be but I’m not interested in subjecting myself to this without real data to back it up. Even the lead scientist involved with the mRNA development has come out with serious concerns about the fact that highest vaccinated counties are showing greatest ‘case rate increases’.
        As to the front line workers knowledge of what is going on, aren’t they the same people who were putting respiratory patients on ventilators and killing them inadvertently? The very last place you want to go if you are symptomatic is your local hospital unless there are some Mavericks willing to administer therapeutics (again – Ivermectin and/or Hydroxychloroquine) as those are proven in worldwide use to be most effective at reducing severity and duration.
        Typically, mutations (‘variants’ according to Fauci) are less virile than the parent strain but possibly more contagious.
        I’m not a doctor but am an objective researcher and I derived my opinions above from extensive reading of sources including the CDC ( which has contradicted / reversed multiple times on CV-19).
        All that said, being prepared for the worst is never a bad strategy, just don’t buy in to the hysteria; use a broad base of sources including ones that oppose your inclinations and do what makes sense. Your eyes will tell you a lot if they aren’t looking at a computer screen.

  3. So if 70-80% of the population has taken the jab and there is a repeated resurgence of the virus using different names just exactly who is it that’s getting sick – my guess a vast majority of those who have taken the jab and not the 20-30% who have refused – you have always said things are a business model George – well here you have an almost fool proof one …….. most dying now are the inoculated …’s amusing that as we move closer to proof of a bumsteer election the faster the need for change of all sorts in this country …..

  4. Dr. Chris Martenson, another “Data Guy”, has some investigative intel on the Delta variant and the data he has is saying it’s not as lethal as last year’s. Not by a long shot.
    I’m only 5 minutes into the video as today’s going to be busy but anyone that’s acknowledged the disingenuousness of this administration and its sycophants regarding this farce is totally nukin’ futs for putting something in their bodies like mRNA. Vitamin D and off the shelf Ivermectin or HCQ from a sympathetic doctor is much safer. I think there’s even a website named something like “” you can spend $58 bucks on and get a Rx for human-variety Ivermectin pills. It’s that simple.

    I’ll admit, without equivocation, that Dr. Martenson was the reason I had my hair on fire last year about the virus but all we knew at the time was there was a pile of ashes and teeth over in China that USED to be people and people were dying in the streets in other Asian countries and Italy. By the time it’s gotten to our shores the only people and places that were hard hit were the ones going to the doctors in high population density East Coast cities run by DIMocrats.

    • Dr. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity has had absolutely the BEST take, advice, and DATA, on CV since it first rose up. He is NOT a “conspiracy” type, so his look at the data was/is the best REAL science look, untainted by policial leanings, out there imo (although he now sells financial products his background and Phd are in the hard microbiology sciences).

      I agree that George’s reliance on the “official” CCP numbers is totally out of touch with reality. Shoot … the crematoriums in China were incinerating so many bodies during the disease’s height in China that the plumes from them could be seen from space!! (recall the news that they knew the plumes were the crematoriums producing that smoke since they could also do their space science stuff and determine what the chemical composition of the plumes were – ie: their chemical composition could only produced by crematoriums!)

      I do agree with the use of Elliott Wave Theory to look at the pandemic, including forward projections.

      Years ago when I looked at the Spanish Flu (my dad lived through that time when he was at the prime age of those who died so that pandemic has always fascinated me) I immediately noted that the death numbers dynamics conformed to a perfect Elliott Wave dynamic. IMO that is NOT surprising since like Fibonacci sequences appear in both financial markets AND in the real natural world, something that is very embedded in the natural order should appear in both places (assuming that Elliott Wave is real and picking up a natural order).

      A NEW wave was due to hit later this year per my work, after the first wave declined, and for NATURE to have it’s dynamic fulfilled just like with the Spanish Flu it was due to mutate to one that would have a MUCH HIGHER death count. To fulfill it’s natural order of destiny that would mean a much more deadly variation was likely to emerge before this next wave appears in earnest, and it should accelerate quite dramatically sometime around the Thanksgiving /Christmas time frame.

      Enjoy your summer … since by fall many places will be locking down again. Once the death numbers skyrocket in Nov /Dec /Jan the lockdown we went through over the last year may look like everything was WIDE OPEN in 2020 /2021 compared to what may be coming.

      • I don’t see how predictions of natural occurrences in health-related matters can hold water any more at all. There have been too many man-made interventions that skew the normal order of things. For instance, in 2008 or 2009, Dr. Fauci and other scientists studied the Spanish Flu and concluded that most of the deaths were not due to the flu, but to pneumonia. And the pneumonia was caused by the wearing of masks. (His yes/no wobbling on wearing masks must be a conflict between what he knows to be true versus the profits he wants to make.) And CV19/vaccine statistics are all over the place, so there’s no way to predict anything from them, along with the non-predictable aspects of both being bioweapons that can be released anywhere at any time.

  5. “Some people gain great peace and tranquility by “living in the moment.” Been there, done that.”

    1. Know Thy Self.
    2. Set the tone of the day, first thing in the morning. – Pray, Meditate, Plan … on a positive note.
    3. Live in the world but don’t be too much of a part of it.
    4. Be an Observer, and Think.
    5. Navigate yourself.
    6. And the best thing Billy Graham ever said, “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you”
    7. Believe. – What you believe is, very important.

    I’ve been in pickles before, so what’s ahead won’t be my first rodeo. It’s a strange feeling when the world around you falls down around you but, doesn’t fall ON YOU. – people died, and I was still standing. Kind of a head scratcher, ya know? And ya take one step foreword … and that’s one step away from it. (Long story)

    Yesterday some folks were commenting, “gonna be alright” – and they believe that. So do I. How? I don’t know, we haven’t gotten there yet. – but what we do know, is that we (here) have information that not everyone else knows … wish they did. But it’s by no coincidence that we do. Universe works in strange ways.

    #8. Keep your Karma in check. I’m sure we all know how that works. Just be Kind.


  6. All the programs FDR created worked as intended. America backstopped and saved itself.

    Then Obama came and told America, “Eat your peas”. America said no and nothing was fixed.

    We all saw the GM workers weeping on the screens, “Save my job. Mr. Miracle where are you?” That’s going to happen again but 100 times worse.

    We saw the Supreme Court fast track the deconstruction of contract law to “Save GM”. That’s going to happen again but 100 times faster.

    We think the wild house cats are a problem. Wait until little kids are running around begging for food…. Oliver Twist with a wheel gun.

    • The social safety net created by Roosevelt is still with us, only expanded to absurd levels, creating a permanent underclass to justify it’s continued existence. Roosevelt’s solutions only worked because of low public debt. Roosevelt’s programs provided work for his progressive minions, and still provides work for their descendants; however, the bill is unpaid and overdue.
      The other circumstances you fear are in the rear view mirror. The wealth base created by the generations since the Great Depression is being deconstructed, and with it’s destruction, the illusion of street-level prosperity will fade, replaced by universal debt slavery managed by the Fed. The new Oliver Twists will have a choice of a never ending treadmill, or the wheel gun.

      • I was referencing the PBGC, FDIC, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. All of TARP. Those types of backstops.

        But you’re right. Just create a new program and print the money.

        TP goes from $10 to $15.00… make the next government bonus $5,000 instead of $2,000. We could all use 5 grand.

        I think I’ll hardwood floors with my next government bonus.

  7. The island home of the zombie makers does in fact have some very valuable resources..including some wondrous botanical specimens.

    Hildog – Billary – Silsby-DNC/RNC /blackhat/DS …R.asset stripping the shit out that extremely poor country – 100’s – yes 100’s of Children(dark,creamy walnut sauce) – processed at/thru Epstien Island..
    Massive Gold Mine ?? Nah …never find kusig/gold mines near reptilian DUMBS/ operations bases..S. Africa, Congo, Egypt, Nevada, Australia, Cali – hot/arid.
    * southern “skinwalker ranch” east of Texas, south of mason dixon..known paranormal area – tons mufon reports – lots local folklore warn dont go there – especially at night – legit cyrptid (bigfoot/Uru’s- guardians) reports. very thin the “veil” in this area…flir videos show cubes, entities, all manner of high strangeness.would be a great location for tpacesime bending fun and exercise.

  8. Indeed, George, the covid data does appear to have a certain statistical ‘orient’ation to it. China might well have been intentionally flexing its capabilities without lighting off an old fashioned kinetic war, a proverbial “warning shot across the bow” to the West. China’s economic, technological and military rise was viewed by many as inevitable. Nixon and Kissinger knew it. The USAF even wrote about it in 1995/6 with our now rather infamous 2025 Study. China’s more recent assertions of sovereignty over the S. China Sea and its alarming naval forces build-up indicate China intends to hold sway over the geo-political direction of the S. Pacific and join the U.S. and Russia on the world stage. Taiwan is managing to bravely hold out, but annexation – peaceful or otherwise – appears inevitable. Xi Jinping portrays himself as a messianic figure to the Chinese. He truly is the “supreme leader.” Xi seems intent upon systematically challenging the U.S. for regional supremacy. The simple fact is that with their formidable economic prowess and sustained military growth, they are approaching ‘peer competitor’ status with the U.S. RE: their economy – China deliberately embedded deep ties into the West’s economy, including America’s of course. An embargo against China is essentially an embargo against the U.S. and her allies. It is quite clear that this is a dangerous period for the two powers. Any strategic miscalculation could lead to messy confrontations, after which neither nation would be the same. Meanwhile, Putin sits on the sidelines and patiently watches and waits.

    • Yes!
      If we try to ‘punish’ China, we punish ourselves (supply lines). We made the mistake of doing business with China many years ago, now we’re paying for it. Putin will be around to sweep up the spoils.

      • china is our manufacturer.. of almost everything.. I can’t think of a thing that I own that doesn’t have china in its manufacture at some point..I believe that The USA started down the slippery slope the moment we deregulated and sent craftsman jobs to other countries. Now that we are dependent on their factories we have to play by their rules… Now we face the music.. the people that had the experience and training are all dying off.. since we became a consumption nation we are totally dependent on the supply lines moving.. we could take a lesson from Cuba.. when their supply lines were cut.. they had to learn to improvise and make do with what they had.. to become their own manufacturers and improve their resourcefulness .. Our politicians sold us out for gifts and travel money etc..

    • “China might well have been intentionally flexing its capabilities without lighting off an old fashioned kinetic war”

      I seriously don’t think it was china.. I still believe it either walked outon someones shoes or shirt sleeve that hada rare day off.. or was let loose by one of those that felt slammed because the president wasn’t following their direction.. all throughfour years of his administration there was an event approximately every three months… covid came out along with riots from BLM and Antifa and the disputed election, everything came to a halt.. from my perspective it looked a great deal like a cluster f@@k or multi directional offenive event.either way he looked he was on the defense..
      Since then theres the constant blaming china.. now IF they did.. why would they let something out that would obviously implicate them. When they could easily have let it out near a biological research facility here or in the UK etc.diverting the blame for its release towards someone else.
      I personally doubt that it was let out intentionally by the chinese lab workers. It all just looks way to convenient.. JMHO

  9. Two thumbs up George! I concur with your analysis, Covid isn’t going away anytime soon. Now that vacationers are peppering the states they are visiting, this outbreak may well be worse than last year with the Delta and Lambda variants. Good thing I didn’t throw my masks away ;).

  10. Lately.. two of my friends have passed on from affects of covid… the cause of death even though it was covid was named as one of their underlying issues..

    I caught a glimpse of the president when asked if there would be lockdowns he said.. there wouldn’t be any lockdowns..
    when discussing it with one of the kids after we found out that one of my grandsons has covid and his mother.. she basically said.. it is what it is.. we aren’t going to let it affect our lives like it did last year.. if we die we die… ( it affected them hard with income) SO… I am in the thought that even though we here at the homestead will be cautious that there won’t be lockdowns this time around.. it will run its course.. the hospitals and clinics are not reporting the true data.. and patients are being sent home rather than being hospitalized..
    If there are huge deaths.. the buck will be passed on to the last administration as the reason for the problems..
    remember they still haven’t solved the issue of those on the eviction list.. they just keep pushing the date back.. JMHO

  11. Looks like you stirred up the medical gangs with your post, G_____. Just remember that the percentage of vigilante psychopaths & sociopaths affiliated with those groups is extremely high. Been there.

  12. Have you seen the Euro-flooding videos?

    Notice people filming from second/third story windows as if the buildings are indestructible. There must be a reason why buildings aren’t built in the Mississippi.

    Wake up hearing a storm outside. Look out the window and cube vans are floating by. I wouldn’t know where to go either. Overlook possible death.

    Belgium SHOCKED!! Terrible flood destroys Belgium | Streets turned into rivers || July 2021 || Liège

  13. dam.. watching a heartbreaking show about a girl forced into trafficing.. eight days on prime..
    I know a young woman that this happened to.. and because she was afraid to testify against them out of fear they would kill her etc.. was thrown the book at.. sad.. real sad..
    she tried to escape once but they found her and well the other is obvious..nothing more than worthless property to those ..

  14. Comrade Ure,

    This update to inform you of state of “wiki” program, inside our massive population spying program – Internet.

    Our current limited hangout op – wiki, on its last legs.
    Need replace.

    Mossad ass – et/ ange/luver goes into cold storage/permanent lock down.

    Not really, U know we been releasing him out the back door for R &R (rape&revenge), where ever he be staying.

    Company currently considering urban surv as the site for new company “hangout” op.

    As Ure well aware – we NEVER leak/publish/divulge any information regards the dragon rulers GB/ IS RA EL, – only on our know the list well.

    Can U sustein Ure site for 3 more years, dont be cass.
    2/24/07 washpost/sustein = founding member wiki. We love this man
    as he went on to become an the Outrages’ head of Ofc Info and Regulatory affairs..

    Obviously you have a strong grip on Cognitive Infiltration operations.

    We Deter, Suppress, Coverup any hint our benefactors control – our beneficent oligarchs who dominate planet Earth prison farm population.

    A- dam – sumerian for sheep. Ancient ‘carbuncle” based security system kept the slaves IN the fields working till dead. Only turned off for when “they” wanted to violently entertain themselves with a “sheep” hunt.

    Shall we go “hunting” together ?

    We hungerly await Ure reply.

  15. Excellent column George and some excellent comments from your regular posters.

    My wife and I chose to take the vaccinations because we have an immune compromised granddaughter and we dearly want to see her again. I respect the decision of anyone who does not want to get the vaccine. Medical intervention is personal and based on informed consent, not on forced application. Having said that, the unvaccinated will face a growing storm of non-acceptance to venues where social gatherings take place. A dangerous divide is being created and it will get very ugly.

    One thing I do not understand is how we are getting fear mongering over the fact that an increasing number of fully vaccinated people are getting COVID. If the vaccines are even 96% effective, that means that 4% of vaccinated people get COVID. As more people get vaccinated, it makes sense that the number of vaccinated people with COVID goes up. If 100% of the population got vaccinated, then 100% or COVID cases and 100 % of COVID deaths would be in vaccinated people. Seems like it is part of the “fog of war” you talk about.

    Life is a risk/reward game. You make your choice and you accept the consequences.

  16. very weird protective stuff today george. et tu george $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ gurus are us

  17. China has 4 major problems

    Water – they have very little fresh water and are not working on desalinization.

    Aging populace – due to one child policy, they are about to go upside down with old people not producing and too few young people. And no immigrants.

    Real estate bubble – G_d’s own real estate bubble. 91 million unoccupied homes, all speculative investments. They are the worst in the world in this regard, way too much bubble there if it ever bursts.

    Ego – they gotta prove something.

    And a 5th – if stuff goes sideways, like the real estate bubble, they face a billion populace with their own ideas. They have not been a united country for long compared to others. A lot of what they do should be seen with this in mind, they have to keep pouring the glue holding it all together, vis a vis their 4 major problems.

    Anyone who doesn’t know this stuff and talks about China may as well be talking about moon men.

    • “Water – they have very little fresh water and are not working on desalinization.”

      Well..In my perspective you are both right and you are wrong…
      Because of the heavy industrialization and the lack of environmental laws.. china has had one of the worst ratings of water pollution.. ( eat any veggies or fruit from a can lately LOL. or my favorite retort canned chicken breasts. did they use water shipped in or did they use the tap water LOL.. the same with eye drops and nasal mist spray.. .. or how about an IV.. LOL it to comes from a country without water standards LOL)
      anyway.. when the Olympics were being held there and the fact that cancer rates were going through the roof along with the high statistics of disease and death from polluted water… china realized that they had to do something about environmental standards and have been aggressively seeking to fix this situation since.. pollute and get caught.. is the death sentence without the long trial dates.. they are also where we buy all of our components for our desalination systems.. I have an RO filter that will desalinate water.. it is made in china.. just like all the other products..
      One year they were shipping in bottled clean water from the great lakes dropped the level of the lake by four inches..

  18. wow some absolutely staggering bad data in yellow dog market . wont say what it is but wooowww . years ago you would run for the hills as a gold bull but now you just vegetate sheep herd

  19. No speculation, the perfect thumb on the birth death rate model scale. Just in time for scaling back the size of resource demand in preparation for Global Warming [which really means cooling if you are in the elitist truth circle]. Weather affects economies, a new minimum and “climate change” would rhyme with the dust bowl of the 1930’s.

    as above…so…

  20. I found the medical article on the symptoms of long Covid very informative. I have been sick since November after a 3 month stint of physical therapy. Really odd symptoms including nerve pain, swelling in legs, hands, and feet, upper stomach pain, and pee issues. No diagnosis from various doctors. I found it interesting that my orthopedic surgeon refused to give me a script for more PT that I had requested and said “Don’t overdo it” when I mentioned walking around the block daily. I think I have long Covid without the breathing issues. Thanks for the article.

  21. “America is in self-castration mode and our guess is it’s to Beijing’s delight.”

    Theory abt. China leads me to conclude that in the “Final Days” it will be China vs. Israel (the Dud’s chosen folks as told ;-)); Interesting prospects!

    • Forgot to mention that you’re so brilliant, IMHO! However, personally I think oppositely to yours because its all backed by “individual’s choices,” collectively of course. You’re born, act, and you’ll perish as individuals, and not as some word concoction like “China” or “Democrat.”

      Most individuals act in their own perceived interest, may it be good or bad for society?!

  22. I knew the second surge was coming. Hawaii opened up to ‘fully vaxxed” visitors flooding in on airlines at pre-pandemic levels. Trouble is… Hawaii is not ready to receive the glut of visitors. Many tourism related businesses no longer exist. Restaurants having trouble finding full staff workers, but they have visitors standing in line around the block waiting for a bowl of noodles. No social distancing with the lineup, and most visitors new feel they do not need to wear masks. Then came the July 4 holiday and lots of large family gatherings and guess what….? We are now seeing a surge of the Delta variant here with a large pop in ‘cases’ yesterday. I visited my Doc this week and when I told him I was not vaxxed he gave me the scare story now propagandizing the medics… “All the new cases are unvaccinated people, so be careful!” (Not true, but I wasn’t going to argue with him.) We have had several deaths here of ‘fully vaccinated’ people. And more than half of the new cases are ‘travel related’. And still the hordes continue to fly in… sharing air on an airplane. People are stupid. Like a self-cleaning gene pool.

  23. People are starting to line-up for a third COVID-19 vaccination. The same vaxx that didn’t work on the first two tries.

    Maybe a 4th shot will do the trick. Or a modified 5th.

    People sure are trusting. Later, “but the doctor said….” “I’m sorry, I have other patients to see.”

  24. Please do not rush into getting shots. Informed decisions always.

    A review of this pod cast would possibly help this doctors test show 62% of vaccinated have micor blod colts

    Dr Charles Hoffe MD, in his latest update of July 6, 2021 is reporting on the disturbing findings in his patients. He says the mRNA vaccines are plugging up thousands of tiny capillaries in the blood of those who took the ‘vaccine.’ Dr Hoffe explains he has been performing D-dimer tests on his mRNA ‘vaccinated’ patients and he has worryingly identified that 62 percent of them had these microscopic blood clots. The result, says Dr Hoffe, is that these patients have what is termed Reduced Effort Tolerance (RET) which means they get out of breath much easily than they used to. The podcast will explain in detail if friends and family have these symptoms advise them to get the test.

  25. George

    I am somewhat surprised you all are getting the Jab!

    Have you done due diligence in regards to actual death numbers after the shot and also complications. Your good at digging into the data so don’t slide on that with Covid.

    The Big Question you need to ask yourself is why is the shot being pushed so Damn Hard!!!!!!!!

    What is in that juice that their not talking about? Is there a time delay action that will cause lots of deaths?

    A week or so ago the scientist who invented the mRNA technique was on the Tucker Show on Fox. He warned that it would be unwise to take the shot. Scary stuff!

    What did the Georgia Guide Stones advise: A population of 250 million.
    Maybe were on our way to that goal?

    Did you know you can buy Invermectin, (spelling?), on Amazon? It’s cheap.

    So why get the shot when you can put yourself on a proven preventative medication?

    Your call it’s a free country-maybe!

    • We haven’t gotten it, or scheduled it. We are “open to it” but that is conditional on additional data.
      We are in the high risk group 70+
      We also know IF we were to get one it would be Novavax, not an mRNA because of the microvax. We ain’t doing anything – yet.

      • Being 20+ your senior I do NOT consider myself in the high risk group, though I live practically in the heart of our so-called civilization ;-).

        Ever since COVID-19 started my personal experience and/or observations were vastly different than what I’ve read daily, to the extend that I consider this subject overplayed (yes, grossly overplayed!!).

        Since day 1 I’ve seen just too many ambulances waiting for business w/o getting any.

        However, choices are yours to make.

      • You might want to consider getting a Pnuemovax 23 wide spectrum anti-pneumonia vaccine instead of the COVID vaccine. That’s what I did in March 2020 and never had a problem despite living with COVID positive individuals.

  26. My wife has been an RN for almost 30 years. Damn good one too … she ain’t stupid. Here is something she warned that would probably happen if we locked down and didn’t mingle with others in our society and pick up germs here and there. It’s not just covid or the flu … but rather ANY virus. We need some exposure to build immunity.

    So that’s “worst case scenario” stated in the article but, what if it’s worse than that because a lot of people have those spike proteins now … ? And this is just one area in the world … they locked down globally. Only a few places were easy on the guidelines.

    I am so glad I forgot to put on my mask more than a few times and didn’t use hand sanitizer like I was told to. Hey, I’m a rebel. Actually, it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks and at my age, I forget sh*t. Plus, I had covid 19 just prior to the hysteria, so I didn’t panic.

    Unfortunately I believe Cliff is correct about the near future …
    Everyone in my family is going to get together, watch this and have a discussion.

    Because if it is worse case scenario, we need to prepare for the shock that will come with it. Mental preparation. And if “nothing” happens … we’ll God Bless us.


    • I wish Clif would speak more about his sources outside of whatever he’s getting from his Predictive Linguistics. I realize how sensitive “sources” can be but it would add more substance to his claims if he would.

  27. Another wave? I flew last weekend RT Orlando to Philadelphia. Strangely, people in Orlando mostly masked and distanced. But the long wait in Philadelphia for the return flight was revealing. Sitting in a hallway I did a little survey and excluded people carrying food and drink and small children. Of the 100 sampled, 3 were unmasked and 7 had their noses exposed. Bad, but not terrible. In the crowded gate area fully 1/3 either had masks off or noses exposed. On the plane in the two rows in front and in back of me (n=18) there were 3 noses out and one mask off. Only when the flight attendant came through with the snack cart and reminded them did the masks go on correctly. As soon as the cart was off, the masks came down again. This was a fairly young crowd — lots of kids on board presumably bound for the Orlando theme parks, so my guess is that the majority were unvaccinated. After my trip, I’m not the least bit surprised that cases are climbing again.

    By the way, I saw an article today ranking the states from most educated to least. Seems that the current hotspots are disproportionately in the least educated states. An accident?

    At 78 I took the jab as soon as it was available. Stats said that the reward:risk ratio was huge. We masked until about a month ago and lived the hermit life. We’ve enjoyed relative freedom of late, but after my trip we are replenishing the larder and masking whenever we go among people who might be unvaccinated.

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