Prepping for a Nuclear Nightmare

Having covered one nightmare scenario for the future in Wednesday’s Peoplenomics – The drought impacting Mexico and Central America gets much worse and 40-million people simply walk to the US border – we might as well put our the Stephen King hat one more time this week with a look at potential nuclear disasters.

Don’t get me wrong:  I love nuclear power.   But I don’t like what it does when it breaks, the risk of terrorism shows up, or various and assorted governments (and other nutters) get their hands on assorted dial-a-yield technologies.  That this hardware is still out there somewhere has been an established fact since the breakdown of the Former Soviet Union as the Cockburn and Cockburn classic One Point Safe documented during the loss of administrative inventory control of things like MIRV warheads during the Soviet version of Collapse of Empire.

Before we have a (bad pun alert) “rad” conversation about how to prep for this next set of nasty’s we’ll scan the news headlines and see what’s shaking.

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9 thoughts on “Prepping for a Nuclear Nightmare”

  1. l know you won’t print this, but l am writing it anyway…you and l are about the same age, have grown children who live far away, and have been prepping for a while now. Aren’t you getting weary of worrying about our futures on this planet, when we have NO control over it??? Do you really want to survive for 2 months with the knowledge that your kids may be ashes? Or even worse, no knowledge at all of what has become of them ? What is there to survive for?? A cinder of a planet with a handful of uber-wealthy survivors(in deep bunkers, George)- no sun, no food, no hope for the average man…just a deep well of sorrow. You KNOW that the very rich and powerful have made their plans by now: they will board their Gulfstreams or Lears when they get the word, and head out to their deep, deep well lighted and well stocked, totally self-sufficient and well armed, bases. They will survive, not you or me…l still question why they would WANT to survive, but then they have all the knowledge and power of the “world” to wait, maybe, and re-build..Who knows? l am just sick of worrying every day if l have enough food, water,first aid, ammo ,seeds,etc for my family, if they were even able to get here. People like you and me (and l live just north of you, deep in the east Texas forest) are expendable. We are too old, too poor, (in our existing rarified world of very rich to poor ratios) and not very useful in the overall scheme of things…we sold our twin Cessna eight years ago, because realistically,where would we fly to ??? we sold our vacation/ survival home outside of Taos, too…just too damn far.And we then bought a lovely solar powered beach home- with a fresh water cenote across the road- on the Yucatan peninsula near Tulum…again,why? (lt is now for sale)…l want to be at HOME, in Texas, on land that was settled by my great grandparents, when the BIG ONE hits…why would life be worth living in a hellish post-apocalyptic world?? Jackie Kennedy alledgedly told John during the Cuban missile crisis that she and the children would NOT be headed down to a bunker if the worst happened: she said that their family would link hands and stand on the White House lawn to await their fate. Now THAT is a first- class act of bravery, and the way l am now planning to face my destiny…there is NO where to run.

    • I do not believe in making threats. But, God willing, if some of us survive a “whatever” there will be a leveling of the ones who picked our pockets for generations. Think of me in such a scenario as wrathincarnate

    • Holly, a lot of us feel the same way you do; it is now, after years of seeing what is coming, we have ‘Vision fatigue’ as in extrasensory ability fatigue….

      Thank you for sharing your journey, cause you had the money to take steps a lot of us would have liked to have tried if we had the money…we don’t…but even for you all, the money and those options that come with money, led you right back to where you started…

      All I can end this with is this: IF THE planet Nibiru and its coming passing is actually TRUE; then the elite do not have a better chance of surviving that you or me. YOU all actually have a better chance as their sunken bunkers and underground housing will lock them in like a dungeon…only people on the surface will survive. Have hope, make like-minded friends, build community with them, and never give up…there WILL be a need for GREAT people to help each other through AFTER all the changes have occurred….GREAT people like you, because you planned, thought, worked and dreamed of a better place…and you prepared for it…that future needs you!

    • Hey bubba, just because you choose to not worry and not plan ahead, doesn’t mean you will be able to just check out and die at will just so your kids won’t suffer, unless you plan to drive to target zero. Over prepping is not necessary, but not prepping at a at all will only make you much less comfortable and safe living in and through whatever lifestyle poops out the other end… that is unless you plan to manually check out… bad choice. Personally I think, including minor preps of course, exercising creativity and field expedience in fabricating/building/growing whatever we may need with whatever is still around is a a challenge I would rather enjoy, if necessity arises. Creature comforts are something I never partook of to any large degree. They might be a thing of the past in a crisis. (but then we will still have FEMA.. woo-whoo). Be Safe.

      • Who said I wasn’t prepped? OMG we have 18-months of food, well, water stored, guns, meds, salt, trading booze…a lifetime supply of heritage seeds…omg if anything we are over-prepped and that’s before we get to the 3.5 kw of solar and 16 golf cart batteries.

    • Holly, have to say this is the most logical thing I have read on this site in a long time. Most preppers are so busy prepping and running scenarios to defend their point of view that they never sit down and think through the any situation to its end. My wife and I moved to Ecuador six years ago. We stored some food, can walk to a natural water source, connect regularly with our neighbors, know a hundred people on a first name basis. As it goes for Ecuador and its people, so it will go for us. At least it won’t be the government or people driven to desperation by their government that will be the end of us.

  2. lol you’re funny. Doom porn sells. You’ve been pushin doom porn for ages and I love it. Just about the main reason I come to this site and your x buddy over a half past human.

    Odd how you had a falling out over doom porn but yet here you are pushin the same.

    I love your saying, “Everything’s a business model”

    Write up something about a virus breaking out. Maybe something that turns us into zombies.

    Love the stories, keep up the fantastic works.

  3. George, I wasn’t replying to you, but rather to Holly’s comment. Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

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