Power in the Second Depression (Ch. 3)

Lifestyles and Load Sheets is  our next topic as we roll through a complete (in advance) book that should help you plan for a “better Depression” if there can be such a thing…

Next to food and water, nothing is more important to human existence that some form of energy which can then be transformed into light or heat.

Thing is – trivial as this may see – even those most-basic of human needs became hard to supply in the 1930’s.  Toss in extreme cold (such as we’ve had this week in the Midwest) and maybe a side of “grid-hacking” by foreign actors and the purpose of all this “planning and contingency work” should be immediately apparent.

Apparent, that is, after some key headlines, a glance at our market chart series, and then more coffee. …

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19 thoughts on “Power in the Second Depression (Ch. 3)”

  1. Health tip. I have grown fond of using tips from men of science (MDs) for my health maintenance. Basically they have access to labs than can back up their programs. Google ( 4 minute workout ) with Dr. Bush or Dr. Mercola. I have been on their program for about 3 months. Had to start slow at old age (84) but am now up to full speed. Have gained about 6-8 lbs and yet am taking up belt notches. I will leave the instructions and benefits to the docs but good luck with using this program.

    • At 84 I find it hard to believe you have gained 6 to 8 lbs. of muscle & lost weight in 3 months exercising 4 minutes a day. I have been going to the gym 3 days a week for the last 5 years in retirement, & all my senior buddies say, “What’s going on? if I worked out this hard when I was younger, I would look like Hulk Hogan”. At an advanced age, unless you are a power lifter, you look to keep up your muscle mass, because it is hard to increase it when older, especially in 4 minutes a day.

      • To ECS I spent over a year looking at the 4 min. exercise program and kept on thinking BS it cant work. Sometimes I am a slow learner and didnt comprehend what the Docs were saying. I do understand your skepticismn. If it dont work for your thinking there is no charge. Good luck.

  2. In the first part of your post today, you talk about the divide in politics. I have been voting since the 70’s. I Campaigned for Ford…The GOP National conventions was in my hometown in 76. (I had a huge crush on Susan Ford…we are exactly the same age within a few weeks and I met her several times during the convention and later when she attended University of Kansas).

    But, when Carter won, I didn’t become a hater of him. We kind of gave him a chance and voted him out in a hurry in 80. My guy won the election in 80 and 84 but when Clinton was elected in 88, I didn’t whine and cry during his 2 terms either. I could go on.

    Fast forward to 2016…Never in the history of presidential election has there been more a rabid hatred of a President than Trump. And George, as you stated in your prologue, the liberals have data to support their causes for concern and it is recorded on a daily basis through Twitter, off the rails interviews with Fox and Friends and impromptu pressers. Acting and behaving above and beyond approach isn’t possible for this President. Thus, the constant critical reviews. Boggles the mind how in the hell this guy has a following, but he does.

    It’s not as if other Presidents haven’t faced scrutiny. Nixon was impeached, Reagan was highly criticized in his later years, Bush I and 2 still have questions surrounding their terms…and Clinton was impeached (technically) and had a pretty good and critical movie, “loosely based on his chaotic campaign (many say it was spot on) called Primary Colors that tainted his name. Obama, in my opinion put Fox on the map for conservatives. Never a nice word out of Fox about Obama.

    Then there’s Trump. A day after his own intelligence officials painted the picture of chaos in Russia, with ISIS, how Iran is not a nuclear threat and and North Korea’s intent on keeping their nuclear weapons, Trump goes on the record to rebuke his own intelligence officials….without any supporting data to prove his point. So in a twist, the supporting data liberals have against Trump is the lack of supporting data Trump has on his crazy and out control tweets, statements and ego driven rants. Because narcissistic guys like him can never be wrong or upstaged…which is exactly what the intelligence community did yesterday. This is unprecedented! I thought I would never live to the day when a democratic nation like ours would have an internal coup of hatred against an elected President.

    And the intelligence community is fighting back, because they don’t want to be manipulated in the same way that they were manipulated during the “reign” of Dick Cheney. They see a mirroring event in their rear view mirror and in an act of patriotism, they have collectively come together and have refuted the fear mongering being spewed by Trump. They know Trump is grandstanding for the sole reason to save his ass…not our country. Sad!

    • Do you think there is a chance for a viable primary challenge to Trump as a sitting President? The Democrats seem to be doing their best to lurch as far left as they can for their nomination. For all Trump’s faults he isn’t talking 70% tax rates and universal (fill in the blank) for all. He/she who can win the middle…or at least not scare them off wins the election.

    • “I Campaigned for Ford…”

      I’d campaign for him now…he was known to be super nice. Rumors had it among the office that his wife cooked his breakfast.. Great guy..I would vote for him in a heartbeat …I think he discovered that D.C. is controlled by the devil to and just didn’t want any of that mess, and that is why he never ran again..

      I actually got to attend a zepplin concert with the daughter .. A bunch of us all got lucky and was included in being in the group attending the concert. It was a great night.. I can’t say I actually met her though ..we were there for duty..

      Jimmy.. Unfortunately I think he and the middle class was tossed under the bus by Congress.. If everyone had followed what he had proposed it would have been hard but we wouldn’t be facing the cliff we are about to fall off of now.
      With the last spending bill .. Well from what I read the average upper wage earner is now on the target.
      But then ..that is from my interpretation of what I read, and I could have understood it totally wrong.

    • Mark, that is a great post today. I couldnt vote for Hillary and as a last resort and only choice was The Donald. Think he has done some good things but seems to be getting a bit out of control lately. With so many against him kinda doubt if he makes it full term.

    • The only people that I know here in Canada extolling Mr. Trump populate the lunatic fringe. Yes, it’s sad. Mr. Trump may well be and probably is smarter than some of his recent predecessors.

      However he is failing as a project manager. The various arms of bureaucracy that trancend presidential administrations have not been assigned Trump underlings as leaders who can capably guide and imprint the administration’s vision of the way forward.

      There will be a meeting at the polls in 2020. One imagines that someone will be fired.

      • “he is failing as a project manager. ”

        With as many road blocks he faces and being attacked from every angle.
        I am surprised DJT has been able to do as much as he has.

    • Bill Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1986. He did not run for ANY office in 1988.

      Richard Nixon was not impeached.

      Ronald Reagan was harshly criticized in the media fir virtually the entirety of his terms, and beginning more than three months before the 1980 General Election.

      The “Intelligence officials,” like the “Pentagon officials,” “DHS officials,” “climate officials,” and “State Department officials” are Obama holdovers, because Congress has STILL, AFTER TWO FRICKIN’ YEARS, not only not confirmed the majority of Trump appointees, but hasn’t even moved on the process. McConnell is even less-likely to move under a Pelosi-controlled House than he was, under the Republican Trump-haters who were formerly in-power.

  3. One more thing.. a news alert just popped up on my phone that talks about how Chicago’s 80,000 homeless people are coping with sub zero temps. 80,000? That’s the size of a college town. I find it odd that everyone likes to bash San Francisco and it’s 6,000 homeless people…out of total metro population of nearly 8 million…when there are cities like New York and it’s 76,000 homeless, L.A with it’s 56,000 homeless, Seattle wit it’s 12,000 homeless population, San Diego with over 9,000, DC with over 7,400, 6400 in Vegas, and depending on what report you read, up to 25,000 in the Phoenix area.

    You rarely hear about them. Trump and the conservative media likes to bash San Francisco, because over 80% didn’t vote for him. And that’s the world we live in. Divided. Maybe it’s professional jealousy…or maybe because San Francisco is a top tourist destination and revered by young couples looking for a quiet, romantic Bay Area retreat in the city and wine country and it’s just noticed more…out of surprise…

    But, you must admit the conservative media likes to bash San Francisco liberals…so any chance to knock it down is music to the far right. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. All you see here is development, job postings, growth, and millions of millionaires and billionaire upon billionaire. There’s a wealth gap, housing shortage and more. Our politics lean left to balance the capitalistic surge in growth. It’s a Nice balance.

    But, at least we recognize that our homelessness is a huge issue…even if it is low by large city standards…Ballot measures for tech titans to fund the elimination of homelessness were passed in this last election. In fact…that measure was introduced and pushed by Marc Benioff , one of the billionaire titans and CEO of Saleforce…and that’s a step that defies the traditional perceptions of how big corporations and public assistance can cooperate to make a city a better place to live.

    Conservatives can bash the Bay Area all they want, but at least we know here how to address issues and take steps to fix them. But for a metro to let it fester to 80,000 homeless people is inexcusable.

    • The more ‘help’ extended to the homeless, the more they multiply.

      Anyway, during the 30’s, one in a while someone had to drown the kittens, as cute as they were.

      • “The more ‘help’ extended to the homeless, the more they multiply.”

        Not really Steve!

        It looks like that but if you check this again.
        I think What you’ll find is that the puppeteers have manipulated our legislates to pass bills that basically force the common working man and woman to seek out federal programs for basic needs, forcing them to be slaves to the system.
        The statistical analysis I read once put it at less than one percent abusing the system.
        Most people hate feeling obligated. I think the answer is to have any company applying for federal contracts employ those seeking assistance. Lets sat ten or twenty hours a week plus. That would bring back manufacturing, improve self esteem and lower unemployment.

    • You are running a little loose with your stats there, Mark. Yes, the combined statistical area for San Francisco is 9.7 M, but San Francisco proper is only 880K. It’s a bit disingenuous to compare just San Francisco’s homeless population (the stat I found was 7000) to the entire San Francisco CSA…that includes Oakland, San Jose, etc. Still, point taken, compared to its population, I came up with a homeless rate of 0.8% for San Francisco compared to 2.9% for Chicago.

  4. George, as you know, part of prepping is to stay current and on top of one’s health management.

    I recently saw the Netflix documentary ‘Root Cause’. It’s about how retained tissue (extractions/root channels) can cause significant health problems for organs on the same meridians.

    This is huge. ?These infections interfere with the flow of energy through the meridian system; and can cause significant health problems that stem from an infected tooth site.

    Because the tooth nerve is dead people won’t know there is a problem. Plus infections won’t necessarily show up on 2D X-rays, need a 3D X-ray.

    How many medical doctors ever, EVER ask about dental health? Or if a person had recent dental care? Or ask if the person had a dental procedure prior to development of a health condition?

    I don’t think I’ll live long enough for big pharma to stop with the fake standards of care they drive the AMA to with their their fake studies and paid for authors.

    As always, people need to be well educated prior to presenting themselves to a dentist or Healthcare Practitioner.

    As a retired RN, I like to suggest it’s always good to look at intergrated health care info, like orthomolecular medicine whose studies are excluded from the national library of Medicine. As well as info on energy work as we are bio-chemical electromagnetic beings.

    Before I sign off, people should know about the Beers list of medications for senior citizens as our livers and kidneys don’t process meds as effectively as they once were. (Older people can actually overdose on standard amounts of medications because the body can’t process it fast enough.) Pharmacogenomic DNA test for identifying which meds would be most effective for one’s DNA (especially in cases of chemo), & the list of medications that cause diabetes. Whose on a beta blocker? Did YOUR MD tell you that it can cause diabetes? Probably not.

    Thank you George for all that you do.

  5. What’s funny is.. After having the displaced deep water engineer and now a displaced vet.. Neither of which expected or wanted said events move in for shelter..
    I had a grand daughter and daughter each come up to me and mention that they need dressers for their kids. ( hint hint hint..grandpa and dad will you build us some) they each know I build cabinets and I think they wanted me to make them.
    I then asked how much they were willing to spend..lol.. Oh they wasn’t thinking that.. I suggested card board boxes..my first wife and I furnished our first place with card board and old pallets..
    You would be surprised at just how many people see those items as garbage.
    So I had to tell them that almost everything you have for furniture can be made out of cardboard. Not just functioning but relatively nice furniture. The materials..free..
    Needless to say.. A trip to the shop

  6. George, thanks for the PN Power Load XLS. Some of it applies and of course some doesn’t. It is worth noting that your current solar array covers my Monthly Kw hours. Highest Kw I have had is 341 for the month and with the dehumidifier running in the dry room. No heat or AC here but will add a cube space heater for the morning chill.
    Have you looked at the Enphase storage units? I have heard that they are mostly smoke and mirrors.
    Loved my Heart Interface on our boat!

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