Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 5)

Charging is harder than you thought.  Regardless of your energy source, whether wind, low-head hydro, solar,  or that noisy old gen-set, there is still the problem of getting the energy into your deep-cycling long-term alternative energy storage battery system.

It’s not as simple as it sounds. 

This morning, we break down how to do it right.  And as credentials, we’d offer our experience on our solar system here at the ranch which ran its first set of batteries from 2007 to 2018.  Decent “mileage” for batteries in anyone’s book.

First,. a few headlines and the morning’s charts..followed by a “focus section” that you’re sure to get a charge out of…

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19 thoughts on “Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 5)”

  1. The next great revolution in energy will be Hydrogen as soon as a fast & economical way is developed to separate Hydrogen from water. This will make Tesla electric cars outdated. Electric cars don’t pollute, but most of the electricity used to charge the cars is generated by fossil fuels. So the pollution for electric cars is generated up front unlike gasoline cars which generates pollution as used. So electric cars are basically a pollution wash sale & need to be replaced by hydrogen powered cars.

    I would expect Besos to start work on hydrogen powered cars soon, so he can eliminate Elon Musk & have the coolest name to himself.

      • ah yes Hydrogen will relieve the problem of removing wreckage from Auto accidents as the Explosion after the Accident will remove it from the highways

      • earnest.. it isn’t any more explosive than gasoline…actually I think it is less explosive than gasoline..




        its the vapor that burns.. more than likely the tanks will be made out of carbon fibers and the gas stored in a metal hydride for safety.. the metal would absorb the hydrogen then release is slowly..
        I totally get what your thinking but the physics of both are completely different.. when considering something like the Hindenburg as an example of a hydrogen fire , you also have to consider the structure of the Hindenburg..the fabric covering was doped with a solution that included aluminum powder, and in certain sections iron oxide, once mixed with fresh air and the coating of the fabric.. well we know how that turned out.
        last year as an example. I went out to grill some bratts and burgers and god I had a nasty grease fire.. I just couldn’t understand it.. put it out then afterwards was looking at the thing.. oh my goodness..What I seen was that I had Iron oxide( rust) and some aluminum foil that had basically crumbled to dust on the bottom coated with the grease.. it wasn’t just a grease fire but an aluminum fire that was started with the petroleum fumes ignited into a fire.. needless to say that grill is long gone and a new one is in its place..

    • ECS,
      I refer you to a Mr. Stanley A. Meyer, US Patent 4,613,304 issued Sept 23, 1986 entitled “Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator” which he called a “Water Fuel Cell”.
      This patent is supported by Meyer’s patents 4,798,661 “Gas Generator Voltage Control Circuit” and patent 4,826,581 “Controlled Process For The Production of Thermal Energy from Gases and Apparatus Usefule Therefore”

      Meyer used a pulsed DC of unspecified frequency plus magnetics to enhance Browns Gas for combustion.

      He died in 1998 under strange circumstances-NSS-:
      “Stanley Meyer died suddenly on March 20, 1998, while dining at a restaurant. His brother claimed that during a meeting with two Belgian investors in a restaurant, Meyer suddenly ran outside, saying “They poisoned me”.[1] After an investigation, the Grove City police went with the Franklin County coroner report that ruled that Meyer, who had high blood pressure, died of a cerebral aneurysm.[1] Some of Meyer’s supporters believe that he was assassinated to suppress his inventions.”


      • Al B – After reading the link, it looks like Bezos has his work cut out for him. The divorce may not be his biggest problem especially if Meyer’s death was an assasination.

      • I had a friend… His quest was to find the secret that Stanley Meyers and Herman Anderson understood.
        Stan wanted to make money.Stan made mainstream media as well and was on the news for driving hundreds of miles with a gallon of water. Herman on the other side was content to have the privilege of understanding the problem and drive around.
        This goes on time after time each with different methods. Someone will research something discover the secret everyone misses then think I’m going to make money. Break the dependency of oil..like the guy that drove from Texas to D.C. in 77 or 78 on ten gallons of fuel. He was followed the whole trip by MSM. Sat in front of congress. Was arrested and he passed on under mysterious circumstances. Yet in what 65 texaco had a contest and they had carburetor in a car (the car was made out of steel back then) that got what 400 miles a gallon. Or the humming bird generator that the gentleman had taken congress and given a demonstration. His plan was to give the units away with the stipulations that any profits from excess energy was his. Or the bloom box..that was developed for space missions.
        Yet Herman lived to a ripe old age. Drove his car everywhere he developed and gave over 1600 patents to the govt. The bloom box isn’t for sale either. I think Google is probably one of the only places with them. The hummingbird generator he wasn’t allowed to give his units away and left the country.
        My friend was getting close real close with hydrogen.. His thoughts were to sell the units.. Cut the high cost of energy.
        One evening he was visited..his lab totally destroyed his research taken and some pretty impressive suggestions as to his future if he continued. He retired and moved never wanting his family to know what happened. He never went any further with sharing and gave up the idea of selling free energy.
        We would have some pretty long talks on that. No one cares if you discover the secret that everyone misses.. (What’s the common denominator in its failure.)
        You just can’t have free energy. The only reason the dollar has any value is because of petroleum. If they ever take a different currency then the dollar will implode on itself.
        The scope of destruction from the idea of having free energy would be catastrophic.
        It would affect everyone not just here but globally. just think about it..
        But if you know the secret and you build one then do..but only for yoyrself don’t tell everyone don’t try and sell what you know. I knew another gentleman that had similar thoughts he wasn’t anywhere close and he received general threats if he continued as well..
        The secrets are already known.. They won’t be shared until the dollar and society find something else to back the currency we place value in.until then you won’t ever see a working model anywhere for sale. As an example just see how many years it took for solar panels to be sold and how long did it take for congress to allow individual inverters instead of string. Years decades..even now our grid is setup the way it is even though the way it is makes it vulnerable, and its all because their afraid they’ll lose control of it. Solar is greatly discouraged and
        My guess is the next great resource the dollar will be backed by will be clean water..

      • I do not know the exact frequency for the disassociation of pure water into hydrogen and oxygen but in general a 34 kilo hertz sine wave would be the place to start and then adjust for maximum gas output.

        There a lots of video’s on youtube of people building gas generators to run their cars. You can also buy kits for this method.

        Here a link for a Meyer circuit:


      • Interesting write up about Mr. Kanius. Now we see that there are two methods. The Meyer method that uses fresh water and the Kanius method using salt water.

        Very Cool!!

        Some users of the Meyer method do add a small amount of chemical to the water to increase production. I can’t remember it name but it is readily available and cheap.

    • Yeah, no. It takes exactly as much energy to molecularly separate hydrogen from water, as the maximum potential energy yield of the hydrogen. Simply put, hydrogen is not an energy source, it is a battery.

      This has been a concentration area of mine, off and on, since the 1960s. Gasoline is an energy source, because it takes significantly less energy to produce a gallon of gasoline than a gallon of gasoline yields in BTUs of potential energy. Since there are no perfect machines, net energy yield is always lossy, and every conversion from one form or state to another, as well as every conversion from potential to kinetic, increases this loss.

      In theory, hydrogen is very attractive, because when you burn it, you get no exhaust, and its byproduct is water. In an internal combustion reciprocating engine it doesn’t work because the power isn’t there. As a boiler for a steam engine or to drive a turbine it’s not nearly as good or efficient as direct electricity. If you convert it to electricity to run an E-car you’ve pissed away 20% of its energy potential before you start.

      Now, should the grid go away, with refineries and transport down, hydrogen becomes instantly viable, as does alcohol, because in a world without portable energy, ANY is better than none at all. Rejetting a carburetor or recalibrating injectors are suddenly worthwhile pursuits, as is dedicating one’s idle solar panel time to an electrolysis chamber…

    • “as soon as a fast & economical way is developed to separate Hydrogen from water”

      I personally think It is already ECS.. where people fall short is they don’t see the simplicity..and try to make it harder than it really is.. sort of like riding a bicycle downhill with an anchor attached to it LOL
      How I met my friend is there was a problem he was having and someone he worked with that had known me from years previously had suggested he ask this crazy nobody in the middle of know-where.. it took him a few years to even give me his name because he felt silly asking someone odd like myself something that he couldn’t see..LOL .. We were close friends for years though afterwards.. and we would have deep conversations on the ethics of some of the things they worked on.. I would tell him..to not ask the questions of what but more of why doesn’t theirs work..
      the one method of power that trips my trigger is one from a guy in a muffler shop.. LOL LOL simplicity in motion..hes a little tipsy in this video LOL..


      knew a guy that went and looked at that one.. powering two homes.. LOL.. an investor bought up the patent.. the idea came from the old metal workers.. they used treadle lathes..

      there are a few more books on it.. I read them so many years ago.. but the Luftwaffe use to use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol water enhancement to fly their planes and power their tanks. the units were made… ( guess ) so the technology is all over the place.




      anyway its all quite interesting.. high school stuff.. well maybe grade school stuff now..
      Like I tell the kids when they ask me how I balance an egg on end.. I tell them the question shouldn’t be how mine can balance .. but Why yours doesn’t..

  2. George

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    You might find this one very interesting for it’s light meter tests.
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    Over the years you have given me many valuable insights into whats going on in the world. As time is money I hope the information in these videos will save you time and money and some pay back for your efforts with urbansurvival.

  3. George – sounds like you are in the Re-Bull Camp..Risk On, baby!
    Still in the camp that says this is just a Relief rally, and there is more room to run on the downside.
    Central Bank buying of Gold over the last 2 years or so has been on the upswing, the San Fran Fed putting out that policy paper this week in regards NEGATIVE interest rates!
    Correct the Bandicoot if wrong, but does not Negative Interest Rates combined with Increasing Tax Rates eventually equal DE-FLATION?

    In the background are whispers of a Precious Metals backed Dollar rolling out(1 yr conversion window) in near future, 1 trillion dollar Bottom Up investment via “recovered”/”recaptured” $$$ from global nogoodniks/deep state apparatchiks.
    The vast criminal network/empire(kosher nostra +) that is/was running the world will find it very difficult to conduct business without suitcases full of cash to facilitate their evil doings..if indeed there is any truth to the “whispers”.
    Litecoins..and Bitcoins – wonder who got caught without their swim trunks on yesterday when “tide” went out and Litecoin/Bitcoin bid? Hodlers are smiling this AM.

  4. George – reasoning and extrapolation such as you shared in today’s edition reminds me why it’s worth keeping an eye on your writings. The value of information shared in Peoplenomics makes the annual subscription well worth it. Thanks for what you do, my friend.

  5. What I’ve learned here today is that if you want people to have cheap/free energy, don’t put your name on it, don’t tell anybody about it. Just post it on as many websites as possible. Preferably via a public computer in a big city in your region; but not the town you live in.

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