Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 10)

Installation is simple…but not really...

Today we cover the actual installation of solar panels and how to figure where to point them in the sky.  After which, we go through some of the final power-center considerations and then start to wire things up.

But all that will have to wait as we go through a few news headlines, and look at where markets seem to be heading in our chart section.

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16 thoughts on “Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 10)”


    What’s going on inside you at this moment? That question will point you in the right direction. Focus your attention within. Feel the energy of any emotions you are feeling, but don’t analyze, just watch, & then empty yourself. This will help you into the “NOW”, the present moment. It is like your state of mind when you are just about to jump out of an airplane, you are focused on the NOW, & not on everything that could go wrong. Remember, the future doesn’t exist yet, & may or may not happen the way you see it, so why worry about it. The past is history. It is over & should be forgotton (except as a learning experience). The only time that matters is NOW.

    Investing is the same. It doesn’t matter what your investments did last week or last year, it is over. What the markets will do in the future are an educated guess (or an Andy vision), which may or may not happen. So don’t worry about it. You cannot control the future.

    Please note: My following comments are based on my investment style which is to buy in demand individual stocks long using technical & fundamental analysis. I am not a short seller. The market goes up 75% of the time, so the odds are in my favor.

    In investing, the question to ask yourself is “What Do I Do NOW”. It is the only question that matters. BUY, HOLD, SELL. Your market system should tell you NOW whether to buy a certain stock (Your hit list of stocks you like), sell it, or hold it. Then act accordingly.

    Each evening, review your system & decide, “What is my Action Plan at the Next Day Opening”, & then buy, sell, or hold based on your review. Then enjoy the day until the market closes & then plan the next day. 

    This is not Day Trading, but Trend Trading, which could last days, months, or years. It is a disciplined approach which prevents you from letting your mind run amuck, second guess you, or other things your ego does to control you & keep you out of the NOW. Also, it keeps your stocks in “Strong Hands”, as they say.

    It is similar to when Mark, as he previously discussed, brings a real estate seller into the NOW (reality) of what he or she must do to sell their home fast & for the most money. And it works. That is why he is successful.

      • Bitcoin: The bottom may be in and a bull market starting. Millenials think of bitcoin as the new gold. They would rather buy bitcoin than gold, & there are 93 million of them in America alone. With interest rates steady & low, a finite supply (21 million), & an increasing # of millenial buyers globally, equals an increase in Bitcoin price. There are 21 million bitcoin available, 17.5 million have been mined, so only 3.5 million are available & @ 1,800 are being mined a day. At some point when the supply of cheap bitcoin is sucked upped, then when the demand comes in, prices will skyrocket.

        This would apply to Bitcoin only. I haven’t researched the others.

        I will miss the bull market because bitcoin makes me nervous, sort of like Tesla. I like the stock but Elon Musk makes me nervous.

      • Because they both depend on blind faith, but cryptos form the basis for a better religion than does Wall Street, since they require absolute faith in something which doesn’t physically exist…

  2. Are Aliens flying here in UFO’s in bed with the Deep State to provide the Deep State the Technology & money to take over the world? Were Bill Gates & Steve Jobs pawns given the Technology by the Deep State necessary to start the Computer & Cell Phone revolution so the Deep State could profit off it & complete their Globalization Plan. What the Deep State doesn’t know is that the Aliens plan to take it all over when the job is done & become the Deep State. That is why there are UFO sightings, to remind the Deep State that they are watching. Our gov’t denies UFO’s to keep this plan secret from the citizens.

    Just a theory.

    • We as race/species MUST be much much much much more powerful than we realise or can actualize.

      If that statement wasnt TRUE? How come there is so much hyper focused, concentrated, complex and yet super organized cold calculated orchestration of time, resources and effort at manipulating, suppressing misdirecting, redirecting, misinforming, disinforming, compromising, compressing, depressing, data collecting, distracting, separating, controlling and general enslavement of humanity as a whole?

      Not only humanity as a whole? Now there is in full force a well organized and orchistrated hyperfocused effort at confusing ones own identity biologically.

      DNA is not a set script. It is the building blocks or the initial source code of the human body. Yet! Environmental conditions can dictate and will alter DNA sequence, gentically.

      It is the Objectifying of the individual Human and the vast supression of the identification
      with string masculinity and femininity. The dumbing down of both powers. The erotion of each side of the spectrum of the natral Human qualities of empowerment.

      All about the Benjamins? Money is just a tool. Its no different than a #2 pencil to Philips head screwdriver, a wood lathe or a 9mm pistol. A tool for a means to an end.

      What makes us SO damn scary wonderful as a race/species that THIS MUCH EFFORT IS WARRENTED???

      And THAT is the Question!

      • AT ONCE, the answer to that question is discovered and actualized!!!!!

        Our benevolence will cast THIS world off like a dusty old big ridden coat and we will walk Truely FREE with One Voice and create the ultimate environment where the flame of ingenuity, inspiration and inovatation will be set a blazed that will be so magnificently bright it will make the California wild fires look like a single match stick.

        It will fueled by imagination and the innocent day dreams of a child that says,” why not”?

        Have a great day! Im going fishing. Lol

    • UFO and Deep state…HMMM….


      since the nearest one is twelve light years away.. and of course we cannot even say for certain that it would be habitable ..

      would an intergalactic traveling species be working with some old dudes bent on greed and mass control… HMMM.. god that is an interesting question..

      why would they keep it secret.. .. Hmm another great question..

      Now my curiosities have been quenched decades ago on existance..
      History …








      I guess.. a person could go on all day long.. yes .. no.. its a personal belief.. but for me.. my beliefs are.. that an interstellar traveler could really give two rocks for what some old greedy person would like.. on the other hand if the greedy .. see it as an opportunity to learn and of course use what they learn..
      History has hundreds of thousands of stories and legends saying that the watchers were here to guide mankind and teach them.. the hopi indians believe they are here to protect the honest and trustworthy those of pure heart..
      stories like Sodom and Gomorrah.. were angels walked in to see if it was as wicked as suspected..
      would an interstellar traveler go in with a group bent on destruction for a few trinkets.. my guess is no. they traveled this far to find a good place to grow and live… after a trip like that I think they would realize how wonderful this small planet is and try to make it habitable for themselves.. Gold.. well if you read some texts.. they needed gold for their ships. could that be why even today we value gold as one of the most valuable things we could have.. maybe..
      why would they keep it secret.. well since the USA is about the only country that hasn’t disclosed anything officially. ( I heard a report on the evening news once.. and said to myself.. yup about time.. then it vanished.. like anything they don’t want you to know for sure..) in the dead sea scrolls there is a book that has a lot of information..

      so it would be greed once again that would keep it quiet.. then again.. what if there is a real reason not to disclose information.. one that could cause problems..

      IF.. they are here and sharing the information they have.. and IF.. their goal is to figure out a way to survive on our planet..

      I say……. WELCOME… coffee pots always on..Thank you for not letting the idiots turn this wonderful little planet into a cinder bin… and please teach us….


  3. Enjoyed the article about wiring everything up. When it comes to “rubber gloves”, I guess I go overboard. Old habits being hard to break, I keep a pair of “lineman’s” gloves that are x-ray inspected rubber with a leather glove that fits over them. They are rated for 7200 volts. We used these in maintenance at my manufacturing plant for work on 480 3ph. Overkill for sure, but gives an extra level of safety. I also keep an isolation pad to stand on when I work on or near “hot” circuits. May be stupid on my part, but I figure if I am not earth-grounded, then it might just increase my chances. Also have a certified fiberglass disconnect pole, that in extreme situations could be used to throw the switch on my power company transformer. Please note: I DO NOT use this on a regular basis. It is strictly for a worst case scenario, should I need to pull the grid power from my home if the SHTF.

    You can never be to careful working with electricity. Worked with an industrial electrician once that had a whole tool box drawer of burn screw drivers from cases where he did not disconnect and lock-out when working. Guy was lucky to be still walking around.

    • Ha ha! You the difference between a Lineman and an Electrician? Ohhh about 100,000 volts. Ha ha! My buddy is a lineman and i gotta tell ya, im nuts but that dude is crazy! I have seen video of him hanging out of a helocopter on a strap.

      Uhmm not just no, but Hell No! Ha ha ha

  4. Okay after much badgering, im considering taking the Series 7 exam. Lmao!

    Id just rather go fishing!

    • You will need to take the insurance licence exam also. Insurance & securities go hand in hand to maximize your income & enable you to offer the widest selection of investments. As the say in investment sales, “Never Leave Any Money on the Table”.

  5. Good morning, George,

    If I may, this one is for Andy. I was a vertical caver for twenty-five years and served with a mountain rescue team for nearly twenty years, doing high angle rescues and some cave rescues. So, from my perspective, your friend’s occupation that requires him to dangle from a helocopter sounds quite interesting. The pilot also must be calm, cool, and collected for your friend to render repairs on remote power lines. Good teamwork, there.

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