Powell’s Dodge

I listened to the Chairman – and since I wrote up what I thought would be the “right” talking points, I was hoping for a lot more than the namby-pamby nothing burger served at Jackson’s Hole today.

Didn’t talk about the cost of war and how to finance that.

Didn’t talk about bases forward in how many countries?

Didn’t talk about energy giants signing on with BRICS.

Didn’t talk about the role of crypto which is giving people a false sense of security – as pointed out earlier.

In short, I was hugely disappointed.

But he’s the Fed boss, not me.

I’m just the guy making really “nice dinners out money” from trading the decline into the larger Wave 3 from the 7/31 Wave 2 high.

Guess he’s in denial too of the Five Realities Facing Powell, huh?

G @ 09:33

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27 thoughts on “Powell’s Dodge”

  1. Wall Street (1987)

    Gordon Gekko: The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars. One third of that comes from hard work, two thirds comes from inheritance, interest on interest accumulating to widows and idiot sons and what I do, stock and real estate speculation. It’s bullshit. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. I create nothing. I own. We make the rules, pal. The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip. We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it. Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a part of it. You’ve got that killer instinct. Stick around pal, I’ve still got a lot to teach you.

    • “Gordon Gekko: The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth”

      The problem with this is the richest 1% in France own 93% of the country’s wealth. In Germany it’s 95%, Venezuela, 98%.

      Oliver Stone was attempting to make a pro-socialist / anti-capitalist political statement. He doesn’t know of the existence of people like me, who look at situations and stories from an oblique angle that’s beyond the ken of most people, and run numbers on my observations. In a socialist system, virtually 100% of both property and means to wealth are owned by the government and the oligarchs with which it has a synergistic relationship. Our system is utterly bollocksed, yet it is still the best there’s ever been.

      I may not be able to say that in 15 months.

      Elections have consequences…

  2. “Didn’t talk…”

    King Crimson – “Elephant Talk”

    Talk, it’s only talk
    Arguments, agreements, advice, answers,
    Articulate announcements
    It’s only talk

    Talk, it’s only talk
    Babble, burble, banter, bicker bicker bicker
    Brouhaha, boulder dash, ballyhoo
    It’s only talk
    Back talk

    Talk talk talk, it’s only talk
    Comments, cliches, commentary, controversy
    Chatter, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat,
    Conversation, contradiction, criticism
    It’s only talk
    Cheap talk

    Talk, talk, it’s only talk
    Debates, discussions
    These are words with a D this time
    Dialogue, dialogue, diatribe,
    Distension, declamation
    Double talk, double talk

    Talk, talk, it’s all talk
    Too much talk
    Small talk
    Talk that trash
    Expressions, editorials, expugnations, exclamations, enfadulations
    It’s all talk
    Elephant talk, elephant talk, elephant talk

      • you know Bob, last night it was over cast part of the night. excpet the big dipper was directly right above the Eagles nest due north. i stopped at this spot on the haul road. turned off all the lights on the train, stepped out the door. on the stoop. its about a 7 foot drop from the stoop to the ground.

        it was so dark, i couldnt see the ground. i know its 7 feet to the ground, then 40 bank down to the creek bello. and just beyond that i know a herd of 400 cattle graze. it was earlily silent. about 2 am. no crickets or frogs singing.

        the only sound, the hum of the engine of my train, sitting on idle.

        i pulled out my cigar, bit the end of it off, spit it on the ground, lit a match and took drag. i moved so my justin cowboy boots till they were 3 inches over the edge of the stoop. it was pitched black out. the only light was the soft orange glow from my cigar.

        it was as if i was standing with my toes over the edge of A great black chasim. The abyss. The void.

        I took another drag of my cigar, closed my eyes, spread out my arms wide, tilted my head to the sky, blew out the smoke and said, “Man is a Star Born to a Body” (quoting Thoth in the emerald tablet.)

        I stood still for a moment. Then i tilted my head forward looked back at the darkness before me and screamed into the night, I am a Star! I am the Light in the Darkness! I am the Voice in the Silence!

        then all the sudden, a Voice in the distance of The Great chasim of Darkness and Silence, The Great Abyss, The Great Void cried out to me saying, Moooooo!

        (apparently i woke up one of the cows from the herd, sleeping in the field over yonder. hahahaa)

        As i looked down i heard the sound of rustling, and hooves in a gallaop. Then i faintly saw two golden yellow eyes and they were headed straight toward me.

        so I quickly turned around, hit the lights on the train, turned back around and there before me stoo a Massive Bull Elk with a Huge rack.

        A Great Stagg, had emerged from the abyss in all His Glory.

        we looked at each other. i tipped my ball cap and said Evening Mister. he looked away then looked back, his eyes flashed like yellow flames, snorted. then turned and went around the front of my train and up the mountain.

        i turned and crushed out my cigar, climbed in the cab, put the train in gear, headed down the line north towards the Big Dipper over The Eagles nest.

        i turned on the radio and it started playing, Redemption song by Bob Marley.

        who knows? it could be prophecy. definently one for the book i will write one day, if i live long enough to tell the tale. lol

        • https://youtu.be/ZxXI2BPRzaA?si=B71NkN11Dsx6_27Q

          saw these cats in Philly in 80’s..Perry had just started the intro to Train Kept a Rollin, when out of the shadows, a bottle did appear, spinning in air towards Tylers face. The offending bottle struck Tylers head – and he just walked off the stage – end of Show, before it even really got started.
          Aszholes had thrown a firecracker at him the previous year/tour stop in Philly – The City of Brotherly Love.

        • That was a great Short Story Andy.
          On the level of Twain or O. Henry.
          You should submit stuff like that to magazines, there are plenty that would publish it.George probably has plenty of contacts.

        • Bob,
          a story is the greatest gift i can give you.


          wont you sing with me,

          “Old pirates, yes, they rob I, Sold I to the merchant ships, Minutes after they took I From the bottomless pit. But my hand was made strong By the hand of the Almighty. We forward in this generation Triumphantly.”

    • ELP is one of my all-time favorite bands. I loved King Crimson and The Nice because they were the ProgRock precursors of Emerson, Lake & Palmer…

      • Sad ending…

        Emerson died aged 71 at his home in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, on Friday morning from what police said was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

        It appears that for all his rock dinosaur image, he was the victim of a very modern fate — ‘trolled to death’ by heartless fans who had attacked him online over the quality of his recent music, even suggesting he gave up.

        In fact, he had been suffering for years from a debilitating muscular condition that affected the fingers in his right hand.

        ‘He read all the criticism online and was a sensitive soul,’ said his Japanese girlfriend, Mari Kawaguchi, 52.


        • Keith Emerson was, I believe, the first non Russian to win the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition (IIRC Van Clybern in the ’50s, and Rick Wakeman in the ’60s, placed second.) His hands were his life, and that condition was like rheumatoid arthritis on steroids. He scored a number of movies whenever ELP was on hiatus, but I don’t recall any public solo performances of note. I always figured Greg Lake kept the barracudas off Emerson’s ass, and when Lake died, Emerson simply had nothing left to live for.

          FWIW in 2019 I spent a couple days in a motel on US-10 in West-central Michigan. It was across the highway from the Emerson Lake Lodge.

          The sign made me smile…

      • I was fortunate to see ELP perform ‘WORKS’ with the full orchestra in Minneapolis, before the tour went bankrupt with all those musicians. Soundtracks of my youth. Greg Lake had a voice that haunts me to this day.

        • Seven semis, and a buttload of tour buses for the orchestra. Others, like The Moody Blues and ELO learned the lesson. They would recruit the local symphony or festival orchestra and send music, score, and demo tape a month or two ahead of the concert date, then space the concerts so they could have a rehearsal with the local talent before the show.

          Saw ELP twice, also saw EL(Powell). Cozy might possibly have been a better drummer than Carl Palmer, but he lacked Palmer’s style for doing progrock.

          BTW, there’s nothing quite like a flying Hammond organ, or one that’s been stabbed repeatedly, to spice up an evening.

        • Circa 1971 late at night, lying in bed with my clock radio on, all of a sudden, a song is playing that amazed me, I was praying, please say who this band is, and the title of this amazing song…

          It was “Cat Food” by King Crimson, Greg Lake on vocals.

          Bought the album the very next day.

  3. “I was hoping for a lot more than the namby-pamby nothing burger served at Jackson’s Hole today.”

    Really George. What brief lapse did you have in your expectation radar? You have taught your readers so well what to expect from our high exalted leaders. We have come to expect nothing burgers, so weren’t disappointed at all.

    • https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/bidens-many-aliases-question

      Even MSN is running that story.. hmm I wonder if they are getting a change in heart .. there is just so much BS that you can chock down from MSM…



      Like the news anchors said about.. what is going on.. the crimes are dropping off one at a time daily because the time is running out and it will be to late to do anything about any of them.. see I told ya.. LOL.. not one day in jail.. not one dime in fines will be charged.. its a horse and pony show..

      • Cheer up Bunky – the FROGS of War are on their way..

        will be epic – scheisse you were born for at this time to witness..so much shit going down in one day as to seem like a month..so much will be happening in one moment as to confuse Ure sense of Time.

        Its a SHOW, and we be watching “actors/actresses” play out there assigned roles..also dont forget brunson..3 maybe the charm..

        * everything coming out of the Ministry of Social Media -MSM and IC -intel community, is a fabrication, everything.

        Whats that old saying ?..”from the sands of the sahara, to the southeast asian mud, you will find a fearless FROGman, with his fingers dripping blood.”

        ..just another NAVY day.

        • sadly.. you are right on.. it doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, handsome or otherwise. whether you bought into the blinken ideology that war is nothing more than a sunburn…. we all will be in the same boat..
          would rather face this fate over something more serious than trying to cover over some podophile’s corrupt and deviant lifestyles..
          they to will be in the same boat.. China put in bunkers for as many of the citizens that they can and are busy building today.. so is russia and many other countries.. the USA.. not so much.. we built for what the one percent.. the rest have to manage it on their own..
          I reflect over the satellite photo of DC and area..It was a beautiful photo.. we working in the lab wanted to print one up and put it on the wall in a frame.. absolutely not.. it is considered classified.. but the boss said.. if you can get one from some place else.. then you can hang it.. so.. one of the guys in the lab wrote to the russian embassy and asked if they had a photo of dc and area that we could frame and put up.. a few weeks later he got a nice big mural of dc and area.. they labeled everything in the area.. they knew stuff that no one else knew about.. was above everyones clearance.. we were able to hang it in the hallway in a frame.. to think they don’t have a clue now is insane..

      • Biden left hundreds of thousands of Americans and Afghan-born American assets when he pulled it out of Afghanistan.

        There will be at least one vindictive soul who lost his or her entire family to the Taliban, has nothing left to live for, but made it out and will eventually make it to the U.S. and purchase a Mosin–Nagant or a .338 Lapua Magnum…

    • as for the candidates.. just look what the people are offered as the best that the USA has to offer..
      its all about the coin..

    • Understand, Jackson’s Hole came to fame as an outlaw hangout and redoubt which presented such an imposing “killing field” that it could not be stormed and “taken” by any army, regardless of size or ability.

      Every time I hear a reference to it, I think of the bandits and lawless pricks who frequented the place…

  4. Saudi’s and UAE jumped ship to China. Same with Iran. Idea? is Charles on board to control Russia by China…since his friends? No word on food… bad day for Africa.

  5. the fed? the fed has no idea what to do or say. so it says nothing and does bare minimum.

    because the fed is painted in a corner it cant get out of clean. so it sits there hoping the paint drys faster than its need to take a shit.

    at some point if the paints not dry, the fed will be forced to A) shit its pants and hold its ground. B) Trudge through the paint getting it all over itself and everything else on the way to the bathroom. or C) shit its pants and get paint all over it and everything else while running to the bathroom.

    so the rest of the world waits and sees. which will happen first.

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