Five Realities Facing Powell

There is a much-awaited speech from Fed boss Jerome Powell up in two hours from our morning posting time.

While most speculation is that he will try to “hit one down the middle” (I think that was the WSJ assessment) people don’t generally realize how much serious change is afoot in the world.

As I have explained for more than a decade, we are in a period that future historians will look at as the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars.  For someone in Powell’s position, this is a nightmare highlighted by a lack of easy, good choices.  Let’s consider a few deal points and you’ll see what I mean.

1. The U.S. has been flanked by China and Russia on resources.

There was a meeting this week of BRICS. This new (non-dollar) trade block is growing by leaps and bounds.  Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia among 6 countries to join the BRICS alliance | CBC News.  Which means the American Petro-Dollar (and by extension, Federal Reserve notes) are dead.

While Iran and the Saudis can price oil in anything they want, we can see the role of the Dollar being quickly deprecated.

This will force the Fed, over time, to raise rates in order to “pay people to hold U.S. paper.” This upward pressure on paper will accelerate the compounding interest on what?

2. The U.S. National Debt is unsustainable.  Thank Ukraine and other “Wrong-way Joe” policies. Like energy and even booze.

We continue to be amazed at the financial illiteracy (and overreach of the Biden gang/freak show. Biden’s alcohol czar warns Americans could soon be told to limit themselves to just two beers per WEEK under strict new booze guidelines.  Besides bent-minded attacks on natural gas appliances, heating, bans on small emergency gas generators, and electric vehicle dreams that ignore the failing grid limits, lockdowns and more social pressures are mounting.  None of which will expand the economy.

Now, the point of this laundry list is that the War Party – the neocons, like Victoria Nuland, who have pressed the losing war in Ukraine – is kicking the legs out from under the economy at the very time new tax revenues are needed to offset the compounding debt. Knowledgeable military experts put Russia’s kill ratio at about 8-to-1 against Ukraine.  Unsupportable.  But the clown division of the War Party keeps pouring in money while Maui victims are comparatively ignored.  (Hear the word “bullshit” coming?) If you didn’t see Tucker Carlson this week, block 52-minutes for some serious education.

See how this adds up?  Loss of global power, Dollars becoming optional.  Powell needs a winning move.  But there aren’t any.

3. U.S. Consumers are tapped out.

It’s axiomatic in economics that “Nothing happens until someone buys something.”  We gave you the hard numbers in Thursday’s column.  Rail traffic is weak. Imports from Asia are dropping.

Working Americans are in a big squeeze play: Mortgage rates continue climb, at highest since ’01 (  Thought 7 percent rates were bad?  It’s getting worse: Average long-term US mortgage rate jumps to 7.23%.

Retail sales figures spell it out, too: “Total sales for the May 2023 through July 2023 period were up 2.3 percent (±0.4 percent) from the same period a year ago. ” Not to burden you, but if sales are going up 2.3 percent annualized and inflation is ticking along at 5-something, and the Fed’s real puffery at M3 (hidden by Greenspan, but reconstructed) is running (per ShadowStats) above 25%, how do we get to a “happy outcome?”

If you were trying to create a climate ripe for “lifestyle collapse” this would be IT.

Did you miss the collapse of Durable Goods Orders we told you about Thursday?

4. Is Powell Ready for a Crash in 2024?

What did I tell you to expect out of the market yesterday?  A reminder?

“A higher open was seen earlier. And corporate media sat on the epic fail of durables see story above A lower close might follow after people’s coffee hits…”

And just so.  We ran exactly up to my overhead “kiss the trend line” and then (as we shorted) the bottom fell out and we scored a really good dinner out worth of gains.

A couple of items for today.  First is how after kissing the trend, we dropped back to a longer-term trend mid-channel, support level.

Aggregate Index chart
See it How a Big Yellow Scale 3 is due

Our outlook for today is rather simple:  A bit higher (pom-poms for the Fed Boss talk).  But let’s watch closely how his play goes.

5. The Fed needs to kill cryptos.

Our tax attorney/CPA (mi consigliere) and I were on the phone Thursday trying to figure out which way this whole shitteree will blow as the wheels come off.  The choices aren’t pretty:

  • There is a strong case for hyperinflation.  And then a “new dollar” like Mexico did a couple of decades back with the nuevo peso.  All those U.S. bonds overseas come home because with BRICS controlling more oil, who’s going to hold Petro Bux? The Fed will keep raising rates and once we get up 30% per year, people will effectively stop spending and we will become (thanks to Bernie, Biden, Schemer, AOC and the DC lefties!) Venezuela II.  The end of honest accounting has already appeared twice in recent economic history – the EBITDA bullshit of the Internet Bubble and the CMO debacle of the Housing Bubble.  Might as well call it a trifecta with a Modern Monetary Theory Bubble, too. The Dow could hit 50-thousand which would be enough to buy a bagel.
  • Against this is the deflationary depression case.  Where no one buys anything, and Depression II is game on.  Government lowers rates so far that they go negative (yes, below – far below) the effective lower bound. You may only have a dollar left, but as in 1913, it would be enough to buy a steak dinner.

Either way, you are going to be hungry in a year, or two.  If you aren’t becoming a gardener right this freaking morning, count yourself among idiots and fools. Food and water trump everything.

Powell needs to kill cryptos.  We don’t care who’s already slipping it to whom in the Big Banks on this.  The fact is that “made up secret numbers” have no intrinsic value.  China and Saudi Arabia have absolute bans on them.   I hope you noticed this week Gold-backed BRICS currency will be ‘very hard’ to deliver: Lyn Alden ( and a closely related  Digital Money Options for the BRICS (

What we expect will occur is BRICS will use blockchain transaction technology but give it teeth with a modicum of convertibility for a basket of hard commodities.  It’s what people with hard assets have the luxury of doing, while the U.S. paper House of Cards can’t.  It’s while BRICS is rising the Petro Bux are in trouble.

More to the point, Crypto gives people a false sense of hope.  As part of social media-spawned narcissistic insanity, everyone in America believes “I’m special, I’m smarter, and I will be RICH!” when all’s said and done. Social media has made narcissism contagious at the national level.

The Truth?  BRICS sees the dollar swindle at a deep level (since we will have to stiff them on our bonds, right?):  “No, you won’t. Not without convertibility to in-demand resources like food, oil, uranium, and technology.” It’s also hard to water-down gold.

That’s the reality Powell has to address this morning. Russia controls uranium, Saudis and Iran play big in Energy. BRICS is flanking us, and the Nuland’s and neocons of the world offer warmongering as the only answer. Um, no.  We would be solvent and peaceful today were there no neocon wars over the past few decades.

We are somewhat encouraged that the futures are showing a modest rally.  The higher it goes before Powell, the more we’ll think about shorting this pig of a market.

I’m now going up to work in the garden.  When I get back, a quick census – of how many people are acting stupidly – will likely confirm our worst fears. Which we will then trade accordingly.

Meanwhile, except for afternoon showers Saturday, we wonder if the very light winds in Taiwan this weekend might be tied to Chinese president Xi skipping delivery of his own speech at BRICS this week? 14 Day Long Range Forecast for Taipei. Bluster, anyone? Philippine, Australian Troops Practise Retaking Island in S. China Sea Drill (

When Taiwan falls, the attack(s) on American soil against fine-pitch semiconductor plants will come due.   It’ll be called “terrorism” but it will really be the “world getting even” for watering down our overseas obligations without bondholder concurrence.

Write when it all blows over, or one of us gets “rich.”  My money’s on the garden.

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      • There are much better non-addictive drugs than pot or ethanol. They are currently illegal in most places.

        Not all people even respond to cannabinoids. We need to have more and better options.

      • You can Buy beer kits cheap.
        One thing I am looking at is my own home distillery, keeping the volume low, under 50 gal, maybe even under even 5 gal. Vendors are out there that will build your kit on a skid and ship it to your basement or garage.
        Wheat, Rice, Barley, Hops, they will all be out there for a price.
        My tours of all these distilleries in Kentucky showed me one thing. They all have two tasting rooms, one for the variety of beers and the other for the bourbon, whisky, rye, and etc they make.
        The beer is the wort that gets distilled to make the hooch.
        I am not that big a drinker, and my two a week would probably leave me one for trading.
        But in addition to the garden and the greenhouse I can see a corner of the basement being set up as my “chemistry set” and it allowing for trade as well.
        This economic collapse is going to mean a collapse of law enforcement as well because the Feds, let alone the locals, won’t have any money to pay any one with.
        Don’t tell us here, but in the outback, how often do you really see a sheriff patrol go by?
        We will be on our own. I’m not only paid off in Birmingham now, but we are working on another place an hour out of town and off the main roads. Thats where the chemistry set will go as well as other things.
        Shopping for comms now too.

        • I bought my still, complete and turnkey, from Amazon, for ~$115. It’s stainless. It’s pretty. I haven’t used it yet, because I bought it to make motor fuel, after the crap hits the blower. It will, allegedly, do 7-gallons in a batch…

      • Well G… you already know how I feel on the plant.. there isn’t any reason why this plant should be illegal.. weighing the pro’s and con’s the pro’s outweigh the con’s by so much it could fill a few semi loads of paper.. that also can be made..
        the building material crises coming because of the fires.. can be fixed by growing this one plant.. and making building materials with it.. I wanted to get the foam insulation made from the oil.. or the batting insulation but because it is illegal.. it cannot be boughten.. some of the prettiest plywood hardwood plywood for cabinet making all made from hemp.. then the life saving chemicals..
        consider the medications that could be made and used to treat horrible infections like the antibiotic resistant strains of c-diff or MRSA, cancers skin diseases lung diseases, and seizures…. not to mention all the rest of them and it eats radio activity.. It is a miracle plant.. food clothing fuel you name it.. and those that use it for recreation are already..,)%20or%20’golden%20staph’.

    • The WTCU (they still exist) is VERY in favor of the two drink recommendation, in fact they are still believers in the NO DRINK FOR ANYBODY recommendation!!

      Constitutional Amendment anyone?

      There is still time for you to be one of the first to join them on the bandwagon!! Who’s first?

      (WCTU – Women’s Christian Temperence Union ala the force behind the 18th Amendment)

  1. I thought I had enough fertilizer stocked up. Now I’m thinking I need more. The garden is expanding a bit every year.

  2. “My money’s on the garden.”

    One of smartest things Ure posted all week !

    Legendary investor Jim Rodgers has been harping on this for over 10 years now…a degree in AG will be far more valuable than a degree in Finance in very near future.

    AG is a science based field of study = Rigorous course of Study, and prolly one of reasons college student shy away from it..real shame that.

    Oh well, Americano leadership too greedystupid to survive, let alone realize, the future they along WEF nazi’s have created – Is their collective death sentence.

    • I expect that a Biology degree with supplementary experience would be a good crossover when the demand exceeds the supply.

    • Re: BRICS Bingo
      feat: Calling G – 7


      Dogs are serving cake while rounding up the fattened flock for cull? The CGTN website has been updated with a BRICS banner perchance to seed fertile ground once unfurled. White South African, past WEF presenter, and vp of the BRICS’ Shanghai-based NDB (New Development Bank) Mr. Leslie Maasdorp holds forth amongst other luminaries. This should assist even the most cloistered of petite bourgeoisie capitalists that the world has been marched well down the yellow bric road leading to wizards who shall not be named.

      • What what what ? A White South African ???

        Shut The Front Door! Did you mean to say “Used to Be” ? There is no such thing as a White South African anymore.

        They ran them all out of the country..and now, quick look surprised, the lower IQ native South Africans are running the country into the dirt. Rinse wash repeat – must be why they are trying to recruit
        Whites back.

        Not Racial – Fact, facts the nazi WEFers, are all too familar with – See genetically targeted covert19 for more insights.

      • Folks,

        As chance would have it, the alleged Russian disinformation Southfront website, now cleansed from the web as BCN notes, bore a Moscow bricks-and-mortar address. The street name translation into English appears to go something like “royal little rooster”.

        What better time to be saved from howling wolves than to join DJ George stoking up happy hour in the den. Here we go with The Rolling Stones only blues #1 in the Kingdom –
        “Little Red Rooster”.

  3. Wordslinger:

    That the TNX broke the 4.333 – 10/20/22 hi printing 4.362 – 8/21/23 is cause for concern. Maybe I need to use a thick crayon vs fine point for charting? Or not.

    Though in a corner, the Fed has numerous tools beyond rates. What is allowed to roll off their portfolio may be a larger influence than rates. Supply is enormous!

    We can’t afford the debt. We can’t even afford servicing the debt. All long dated Treasury obligations cost payment at these elevated rates … for a long time.

    Sure, be a gardener or … have things to trade for garden stocks. We have a store of heritage seeds. I’d eventually run out of things with which to barter but have protein.

    ATL: = full of fish and I have loads of baits / flies / hooks. As a kid we were tasked with finding worms for hooks. And, Bambi on the hoof is everywhere for them with shot. Check.

    And … we’re off!

    • ” As a kid we were tasked with finding worms for hooks. And, Bambi on the hoof is everywhere for them with shot.”

      If you’re in need of worms, start a chainsaw and set it on the ground in the woods. Worms will come to the vibrations, and all you have to do is pick them up.

      As for Bambi, there won’t be a living deer anywhere within a month after SHTF begins. Nimrod the dimrod will shoot all of them to feed the family, likely wasting much of the meat due to lack of refrigeration.

      • “As for Bambi, there won’t be a living deer anywhere within a month after SHTF begins.”

        I’m not sure of that. Deer are downright skittish, and the modern version of “brave hunter” is a dude who sits in a blind with a case of beer, and waits for a deer to walk past.

        I am a woodsman. I can, and have stalked deer, up to the point of being 30 feet from a buck and his harem. I don’t believe there are a thousand people left in North America, outside of (or maybe “including”) a few northern Indian reservations, who could walk amongst the white-tails. (This used to be a game the boys in Shawnee, Chippewa, Potawatomi, Lakota, etc. tribes played, so it was a part of every Brave’s skillset. I dunno if any of them still play it. Pathfinder Bob might, though…)

        • Yep, our deer are so skittish I’ve had one walk across my path 30′ ahead of the tractor while I’m bushhogging. Had one walk up and sniff my boot while sitting under a tree one day. They frequent our front yard and watch me going about my daily activities. Long as I don’t do anything they interpret as sneaky, they’ll hang around.

        • Likely we could have great hunting, at need, no matter who is taking how many. There are easily 200 within a short walk (and I walk slow). There have been several times I have chuckled knowing I could take 1-2 right _on_ our property.

          Potawatomi around here know this game: “walk amongst the white-tails”

          I once walked outside our pole barn (an 1/8th mile from the house) for a breath of air. There was a 12-pt I’d seen for years. He snorted and lowered his head. Crap thought I. Don’t gore me bud.

          That buck owed me. Him being a Master I’d begged numerous hunters not to take him. His genes probably run in the herds hereabouts. Snort at me? The nerve …

          Have a fine weekend alles,

        • The poachers in Alabama go to those stands at night and sit up there with a night scope and a red light on a .22. They will pop a feeding deer, who will scratch at the place the “bug bit it” and continue to feed until they bleed out and fall over. A Dasani bottle duct taped over the muzzle is sufficient suppression.
          .45-50 cal Air rifles are also commonly available On Line! Power level about like a medium revolver.
          Most Deer in the South have become virtually nocturnal.

        • I grew up in northern Wisconsin. Mother is part Chippewa (or Cree… not sure). Deer smell better than they see, so one always stays downwind of the suspects. Lesson for the day.

        • I can find them.. I just couldn’t needlessly kill them. I always dreamed of having a shotgun camera.. to take their childhood dream of being the next wheel Adams lol..
          I know where my food comes from.. I just can’t be the one to do the dirty deed.
          I could only react in defense.. we have a cow about to go in.. now I’ve never seen it..if I did it would die from old age instead of lead poisoning..

    • Did I mention composting? Add a worm bed.
      Great solid waste treatment and disposal system, and my reading says meat, bones, etc, even teeth, are not found after one week.
      The best kind of fishing is cane poles set on the bank with a float and a worm.
      Did I mention to plant a border at least on the road side of a layer of pencil cyprus and a layer of bamboo?
      The cane poles also are good trade bait.

  4. “There was a meeting this week of BRICS. This new (non-dollar) trade block is growing by leaps and bounds.”

    I’m wondering which leader will be assassinated first…

    In 2009, Colonel Gaddafi, then President of the African Union, suggested to the States of the African continent to switch to a new currency, independent of the American dollar: the gold dinar.

    The objective of this new currency was to divert oil revenues towards state-controlled funds rather than American banks.

    It was both an African dream and a nightmare for the West’s financial system.

    This information was discovered through Hillary Clinton’s electronic mailbox. One of the 3000 emails showed NATO’s willingness to overthrow Gaddafi’s government. NATO mainly wanted to to neutralize the African gold currency supported by Libyan oil reserves.

    • Muammar was a CIA asset. He also had over $200 billion in gold bars in his personal safe, when we assassinated him. At the time he was offed, Libya was one of 4 nations left in the world which was still on a “gold standard.” (Trivia coincidunce{sic}: When Saddam Hussein was offed, Iraq was one of 5 nations left in the world which was still on a gold standard.) I’m certain these coincidences have nothing to do with these Heads of State, expiring before their warranty did so…

      How am I doing…?

  5. I’ve often thought that the push for ‘green everything’ had more to do with the destruction of the petro dollar than anything even remotely climate related (well, that and mobility control). Pretty soon, fuel prices in the US will be out of reach for most people, if they arent already. This administration has done everything they can to destroy the US’s energy independence.

  6. George,

    Don’t trust data from US military experts who publish and are often quoted in RT (on the payroll). TC has been proven to be a bare-faced liar to the tune of a 3/4 billion dollar Fox payout (so far).

    Peter Zeihan presents geopolitical data in a factual unbiased manner. In your locale, his projections are very optimistic for the Texas-North Mexico economy. Take a little time to review his recent analysis of a near term potential global dedollarizaton.

    Today is day 4 of a 3/4 of 6/6-7 day decay fractal series starting on 18 August 2023 and a 13-14 day subfractal 3 of a 27 July 2023 three phase 6/12/13-14 day decay fractal series, which is part of a 13 March 2023 18/45/36/27 day interpolated 4 phase fractal series.

    • Reco watch the alt news channels that deepstate is trying to suppress/silence for real deal/ particular the one that “hammers and anothers” on urbsurv try/tried to demean and suppress – hahahhahahahahahahahahahah
      – they know who they are and whose futile bullshcheisse I am laughing at .

      See – oh wait commie depstaters took it down this week – momentarily..

      @ now
      – LOSERS.

    • “Don’t trust data from US military experts who publish and are often quoted in RT (on the payroll). TC has been proven to be a bare-faced liar to the tune of a 3/4 billion dollar Fox payout (so far).”

      I trust data I myself acquire. The Colonel is right on-target, and I don’t care who does (or doesn’t) pay him. His data and intel align with that which I personally sniffed out between 2009 and 2015.

      BTW, TC was not involved in that dust-up in any way. Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartolomo were the Fox personalities involved. TPTB used the suit as an excuse to excise him from their lineup because his political views are too outspoken and Libertarian for the kiddies’ new Leftist business model. Gutfeld and Timpf are also both Libertarian. Greg is okay as long as he keeps it comedic and steps evenly on everybody’s toes. However, when you see Kat alone, you can tell by watching, she’s trying to keep a lid on her personal politics, for fear she’ll say the wrong thing and terminate her career before it even blossoms.

  7. I am in the Deflationary camp. I think the consumer “and” businesses will stop spending., [ look at the LEI for example. It is on the longest, continuous contraction since the Depression.] the entire ‘consumer economy’ will contract to a point where it collapses in on itself and we have a full blown Depression. Forcing the Federal Reserve to start cutting rate on a monthly basis as everything slides into the gutter.
    This Depression will go world wide. It will hit every country. And without the 330 million “buy everything” American consumer many, many countries will also “feel the pain”., and collapse right along with us. A massive domino effect.
    And that is when you will see the wars begin. Yes, ‘wars’. Several of them.
    BRICs know that Brazil and Argentina are an economic joke. Meaningless. Saudi and Iranian oil? Saudi – yes.., Iran-No. Iran will not escape the Israeli determination to survive. There won’t be much of an Iran left. Much less a country capable of exporting anything.
    China – Russia . Those are the main players. China and Russia will become major trade partners., both countries have what the other one wants., and both would love to see the U.S. fall. But both will be deeply embroiled in war and their economies and financials collapsing. With possible internal civil-unrest.
    And in all of this – world wide supply-chains will contract, as no one is buying., some will even collapse and stop. Depression will be felt even deeper as the hardship of disappearing goods just makes it all ‘that much worse’. And once the wars start – supply chains stop. [ If you ain’t got it – you ain’t gonna get it.]
    .., and I believe that this economic slide into hell has already started. The government itself has already stated that we are not doing as well as they have been hyping – with their major revision in the employment / new jobs numbers. [T-Mobile announce this morning they are laying off 5,000.] I think we will start seeing all kinds of ‘truth-numbers’ in the coming weeks., which will feed the consumer/business shut-down.

    • Let’s not forget the 200 ships backed up at the Panama canal. Anyone’s guess as to when they will get through. Will they take the long way around, or just go home?

    • “Iran will not escape the Israeli determination to survive. ”

      interesting thought on Iran.. but did you consider.. their neighbors…,shares%20maritime%20borders%20with%20Cyprus.
      consider that for a few moments.. then ask.. what countries have we rushed in to help militarily in the past that are neighbors with Israel..
      We are hated in almost all of those countries..sure we said we will rush to their defense.. but.. when this lights up.. I still think Kim in NK.. he has a huge bitch on the USA and the oligarchs for trying to have him eliminated for the raw resources…. and the korean war never ended.. I believe that when the time comes.. he will be the one to yell charge.. then all of them will ignite as one movement.. a cluster fuzck so big that we will be like keystone cops.. while we are away trying to up hold our obligations.. that is when the trojan horse that this present administration let in.. ( that is if those companies actually did what they said they were going to do.. sneak in warriors posing as refugees… and hey I think I read once that the family business took funds from some of those countries.. what did they buy for it.. nothing we will ever know for sure.. ) what was it that was said last night on the news.. that in october the big hitters will fall from the time constraints and won’t be liable to prosecute.. hmm.. october sixty days and congress is on vacation.. its a dead horse issue.. so no matter if they did or didn’t.. IF.. they snuck warriors posed as refugees.. across the borders.. what was it that AOC was talking about for refugees with gun and violence issues in the usa…. LOL LOL it gets better on as you go.. how low can they go..

  8. Mr Ure.

    The last time I looked in my wallet those paper chits have made up numbers as well.

    In a conversation with Mr. Ludd, he mentioned that machine – machine communications and bots in the cloud should exchange paper chits amongst themselves as a settlement mechanism when paying for services rendered.

    A.I. and restful API calls for such things as unlocking network services, cloud compute resources/time, delivery of utility services [“so called smart” electric/gas metering], will use digital assets to exchange value between functional blocks.

    By 2030 the financial landscape will not be recognizable by the average person today. Say goodbye to CUSIPs.

    I too enjoy working on legacy, obsolete equipment, restore repair and upcycling projects as a hobby. Vacuum tubes are still fascinating to this day.

    I prefer work in the field of resolving bleeding edge technology problems as my primary urbansurvival modality.

    What is 1.5 Quadrillion divided by 100 billion XRP tokens?

    Yes, I’ll write when. Eyes on the prize.

    Not advice Home Gamers, do you own homework.

    Got blockchain? LOLz.

    *This link is currated in a nod to the BCN, Cheers LOL.

    • “The last time I looked in my wallet those paper chits have made up numbers as well.

      In a conversation with Mr. Ludd, he mentioned”

      You are correct, with one small difference. When the grid shits itself, those paper chits in your wallet will still have value, for at least as long as someone believes they have value. The chits in hyperspace won’t.

      If the grid comes back up, your crypto will regain some value and the paper may, or may not. ‘Thing is, if the grid goes away via EMP or HEMP, it won’t come back for 40 years, if at all. Dollar bills are cotton, linen, wool, and cellulose. They can be shredded and doused with honey then eaten, dampened and used to wipe foul derrières, or rolled up and used to start fires. They DO have some utilitarian use beyond that of a means-of-exchange placeholder. What use, a series of numbers in cyberspace, when cyberspace goes away…?

  9. “That’s the reality Powell has to address this morning. Russia controls uranium, Saudis and Iran play big in Energy. BRICS is flanking us, and the Nuland’s and neocons of the world offer warmongering as the only answer. Um, no. We would be solvent and peaceful today were there no neocon wars over the past few decades.”

    Umm almost forgot to mention this:

    Be careful of bread and circuses influencing FUD.

  10. Re: Realities


    The final vessel, container ship Joseph Schulte, to leave Odessa with foodstuffs for starving Africans before the Black Sea grain deal ended last week did depart Turkey yesterday evening according to Vesselfinder. The site informs the public of a next landfall in Cagliari, Sardinia this coming Monday.

  11. One thing that seems to have fallen out of the news cycle is the worldwide fire situation. It seems that much of this may be deliberate – apparently 200 arsonists were caught in Greece. Governments seem to be taking a position of benign neglect – either not responding or not responding effectively. In Canada, Mr Turdough laments Facebook not carrying news after he just made a new law to require them to pay for the privilege. That was his response to criticism regarding the coast to coast wildfire situation! In British Columbia, residents are stealing unused fire dept equipment to use themselves to fight the wildfires, since apparently the fire dept’s have been told to stand down!

    Apparently the same kind of standdown orders are happening with wildfires in north Louisiana also. I’m sure that those closer to these situations know a lot more.

    IMHO, anyone that has any significant property can/should build a trailer with a decent size tank and a 12 volt pump with batteries. A good rednecker could put that together for $500 or less. It need not be road legal, though that helps, just reliable and kept from freezing. It’s surprising how effective a simple garden hose can be on a small fire.

  12. ” Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia among 6 countries to join the BRICS alliance”


    And nobody’s noticed that BRICS has quietly assumed control of 80% of the known energy on the planet (just in case you didn’t read ahead in the Niger script.) There’s more than one reason that uranium is important enough to fight over.

  13. “There is a strong case for hyperinflation.
    Against this is the deflationary depression case.”

    Lessee, what was it candidate Trump said on the stump (and just once) in 2015? It’s right here on the edge of me brain — can’t quite seem to recall it…

  14. Powell said., “.. that the economy is not colling off as expect.”
    That more rate hikes are in the future.
    The Dow Jones went up over 300 points. Nasdaq up 130. WTH !
    Preparing to short over the weekend.

  15. The poachers in Alabama go to those stands at night and sit up there with a night scope and a red light on a .22. They will pop a feeding deer, who will scratch at the place the “bug bit it” and continue to feed until they bleed out and fall over. A Dasani bottle duct taped over the muzzle is sufficient suppression.
    .45-50 cal Air rifles are also commonly available On Line! Power level about like a medium revolver.
    Most Deer in the South have become virtually nocturnal.

  16. And Hank, being even more cautious than Ure, doesn’t play in the paper markets at all! But the garden… good grief! Had to trim the breadfruit tree that was getting overly spread. Harvesting fruit from the trimmed branches. Today slicing them up and deep frying in coconut oil to make tasty ‘potato chips’ that keep well. Then there’s the squash on the fence, and Taro root, too. The past couple weeks my diet has been more than 50% ‘home grown’ stuffings. Wondering if I really need to plant an electroculture antenna post out in the ‘exploding’ garden’. Had to plant sticks to prop up the tangerine tree branches… hanging heavy already and still small green golf balls.

  17. Others here have wondered why I have a leased solar PV system versus ‘buy my own’. Simply… capital costs. Now that my failed battery fiasco has been resolved… at no cost to me… my solar lease payment is just over $90/month. Last month I got 347 kWh, which pencils out to $0.26 per kWh That’s HALF the cost of what the grid charges me, near $0.53 kWh now. My only wish is that my solar PV system was twice the size!

  18. This is why the Fed needs to kill the cryptos:

    The banking systems was not set up to function in competition with cryptos. Cryptos are an engine of economic stagnation, not economic growth. Most of the money represented by cryptos sits in dark stagnant pools. Much of the economic progress and advances in the standard of living achieved in the last 100 years is at risk. Cryptos are digital mattresses for the fearful to stuff their money in.

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