Point and to the Short

Lexdysia may have set in early, but according to my calculations, worked out with a piece of sharp bone on a fresh animal skin, along with several cups of herb tea leaves, the market should be ready to bounce this morning at the open.

I’ve been telling you for a while now that market experts (like Robin Landry) always keep an eye on August 26th because somewhere in there (plus or minute a week, or so) the market usually hit a peak for the “summer rally.”  The high before the Crash in 1929 came on a September 3rd.

So we look at the news flow this week with some suspicion, while still planning to blow out of my long position (options) in a month, or so, and hopefully with a profit (for a change.)

News-wise, this morning is a yawner:  With the possible exception of those immigrant kids being dumped far away from the border now, something which has gotten the attention of the Christian Science Monitor.

Near as I can tell, the American public will sleep through this, until the Mexican government is escorting “refugees” all the way to the Canadian border.

Other than that, the doomsayers don’t have much to talk about other than the Obama administration saying (via A.G. Eric Holder) that to oppose the imperial presidency is driven by racial “animus.”  Playing that card again, huh?  (Couldn’t be that policies are F/U’ed could it?)

Elsewhere in our morning survey of guilt, we notice that borders also don’t mean as much in Israel, where the death toll in Gaza keeps rising and now the Israelis say that have shot down a drone.

If you’re trying to make sense out of the world (and we were talking about rule sets as one of the three major approached to artificial intelligence applications to make scads of money in the markets for Peoplenomics readers this weekend) we can now proudly present the following Monday Morning Truth Table:

    • If you lob rockets into a country, the offended country will respond with an invasion and killing those who did the lobbing.
    • If, on the other hand, you lob children into a country,  the offended country will not be offended at all, and will go out of its way to reward the lobbers so that the flood increases.

    And since both major political parties in America have gotten elbow-deep into the payoff pocket of the K-Street Mafia, we can’t help but notice that the issue is no longer about whether we have borders.  We know those are gone, at least if you’re under 18 and from S.A.  They will still apply to older people, in order to shim up the sagging foreign threat reason to submit to the biggest tax increases in history coming down the pike.  (*Obamacare is a tax don’t forget, as opined not by me but by a Chief Justice.  The good news is that the number of people without healthcare insurance is quickly dropping.  But if government mandates healthcare and it’s a tax, how come government-mandated car insurance isn’t a write-off, hmmm???)

    Against this cynical background, though, (no change from last week) the ascent of gold has stalled and been reversed, along with silver which has slowed.

    If you can stay awake through work today, the retail sales figures come out tomorrow and we’ll get to see if the overpriced autos are still keeping America on life support.  The Empire (state) manufacturing report from the NY Fed is closely watched, too.

    Wednesday morning we get to consumer prices but already we have been collecting a few tidbits on  recent price action to set expectations:

    All of which gets us around to suggesting that ain’t gonna be much happening today. Other than the Dow heading back to the 17,000 levels and the S&P st8ill 30 points from the 2,000 barrier.

    More after this…

    (*Geez…that time already?)

    The Climate Change Scam

    At last!  Someone else is seeing the climate change scam for what it is!  Go read “On Global Warming, Follow the Money…”

    Climate has been changing since humans began to walk upright and we managed to get this far without a global carbon scam, did we not?

    Record low temps this weekend in Slidell, LA. this weekend reports the Times-Picayune.

    But that ain’t nothing.  A Polar Vortex will be showing up this week in the upper MidWest and temps will drop into the 40’s, more’n likely.

    While we get one shot at 100 today here at the ranch, this “polar vortex” (the marketing hype rename of what used to be cold fronts).  83 for a high Friday will be very Un-Texas-Like, outside of winter.

    “It’s too hot….no, it’s too cold!” you’re thinking.  And because you have no common sense, the gentlemen will be along to take your money quick-like before you come to your senses. I don’t call them taxocrats without reason.  If you don’t have anything, they’ll make one up.

    I don’t suppose you hear the left-wing tax crowd cooing about the coldest temps in 103-years down in Brisbane Australia this weekend, do you?

    For this morning’s Text from the Book of Carlin: “It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for yah.”


    Usually when the World Bank says something, I reach for the Ibuprofen (or a couple of shots of something).  But maybe they got something right in reporting Pakistan’s urban air pollution is off the charts.

    Move over, Beijing, Pakistan has won.

    Now, why would we pay a carbon tax to clean up Islamabad? That’s the globalist’s scam, of course.  “Fear ‘em with climate, choke ‘em with air…

    Did we not come up with plans (and taxes) to clear up our own environment?  (OK, sure, by shipping our major polluters to Third World countries, too, but they should have read the fine print…)

    Political Correctness Dept.

    We get so used to Muslims being offended that everyone once in a while a story comes along that demands equal time: Urban Outfitters Pulls Lord Ganesh Blanket After Offending Hindus.

    Might want to watch symbol URBN for an indication of Hindu buying power…

    And as long as we’re on point…

    Religion, Other

    They have how many pedophiles?

    Beekeeping Buzz

    Turning into a hobby frenzy to raise bees up in Edmonton

    Another fine idea of (wait for it…)

    Hive thinking, lol.

    But seriously, since the patent-life crowd unleashed the nicotine-based crap, it’s really a right-honorable hobby to consider.  Bee cool or be dead, I reckon.

    We B.C.N.U tomorrow, I hope.