Our StratPlan for Lockdown 2.0

Touched on this on UrbanSurvival Friday; today details. We’re walking a fine line between “overdoing it” and prepping for the “worst case” outcome which may be on the horizon.

Not without more coffee, a few headlines, and the ChartPack, though.  Especially since the market is to a “make or break line as you’ll see in a moment…

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45 thoughts on “Our StratPlan for Lockdown 2.0”

  1. George you might want to add H20 at the top of your 7 systems of life to make 8. The others don’t mean squat if you dehydrate and look like ET! Keep up the good fight!

  2. Has anyone else noticed that their doctors are “off”? My ENT thought I was someone else and gave me the wrong script. My eye doctor was snippy when I asked a question about my eye problem. My foot doctor yelled and went on his first ever rant when I asked him not to trim a toe callus. And the orthopedic surgeon started muttering about my (now rare) hand deformity as he was in the doorway leaving. It was as if he was thinking outloud and didn’t mean to say it.

  3. Mr U,

    Help me understand -please.

    Purported to understand Math, with a decent handle on Statistics, and the science there of – how in the name of all that is Good R U not grasping things like Sample Size, Sample Population Characteristics, and Backtesting ?
    Simply boggled by the lack of statistical discrimination- exposing once again the fact that – Figures Lie and Liars Figure.

    CDC – over 90% of all covid deaths were mis-labled, mis diagnosed, mis classified as covert19.

    Over 90% of deaths attributed to covert19 were Vitamin D3 Deficient.

    Full Stop .

    100% of covert19 virus is off the shelf -patented pieces of corona viri, of patented Virus, designed via computer modeling.
    – “follow Ure nose, it used to knows, the flavor $$fraud, where ever it grows”..

    ~ On the 28th of April in 2003, three days later after CDC filed a patent on SARS Coronavirus, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed a patent on antiviral agents to treat SARS Coronavirus. So, the CDC files a patent for SARS Coronavirus and 3 days later Big Pharma files a patent on treatments for it. How does one have a patent for a treatment on a thing that was invented 3 days earlier? The patent on the treatment was issued before the CDC patent was allowed. It is not physically possible to patent a thing that treats a thing that has not been published because the CDC kept the filing private.

    ~ SARS-CoV-2. Same thing was played out the same way for Covid-19. Moderna got the spike protein sequence from the Vaccine Research Center before SARS-CoV-2 was even a thing.-L.R.

    “say what!?”

    2nd Attack wWave/”lilbarkies revenge”

    – “on campaign trail last October, saying, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Indeed, you did, Joe — or, at least, your worker bees in the DNC did, with, perhaps, some help from the Deep State’s Intel Community. That’s why folks all over the land have got a hankering to look inside those black boxes of ballots and Dominion voting machines’.-HK

    Dude Ure seems to bee suffering with a “fog” of War” – instead of following the Ure $$$ nose..

    – Fear seems is taking over PN

    – Oh well, gonna need new theme and theme song going forward, borrowed from sir Mick and the Stones -https://youtu.be/50u9bxRwBJI – seems appropriate now.

    • ROFLMAO! So everyone just lined up and held up their containers and a funnel? There’s always some way to skin a cat! LOL.

    • Comrades,

      Their cups are now overflowing?

      Underneath the surface froth, the story appears to be one of ongoing clashes between the youth (paramilitary?) branch of the right wing, globalist party ruling India versus the pragmatic, self-sufficiency-oriented “Common Man’s” party ruling the state of Delhi. It’s an updated, sanitized version of the SS versus Ghandi?

  4. Delta Airline executives know how to work it. “Profit” means executive bonus money.

    – Delta reported its first quarterly profit since late 2019 thanks to federal payroll aid.

    “The Atlanta-based airline posted a profit of $652 million, snapping a five-quarter streak of losses, thanks to federal coronavirus aid that offset some of its costs.”

    – In the fiscal year of 2020, Delta had 74,000 full-time equivalent employees

    $652,000,000 / 74,000 = $8,810.81 per employee.

    To be fair we should all get a check for 89 hundred. And that’s government cheddar for one quarter.

  5. The epicanthic fold and Occam’s Razor. Examples.yourdictionary.com says about Occam’s Razor:

    “Occam’s razor is also known as the law of economy or the law of parsimony (frugality). The “razor” refers to the “shaving away” of extraneous material and assumptions. The idiom “when you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras” refers to this principle that the mostly likely solution is the simplest one, not because simpler explanations are most correct, but because you make fewer assumptions when looking for horses instead of zebras.”

    Rather than assuming genius malevolent scientists in the pay of an imperialistic superpower designing a race-specific virus, you might assume that:
    1. Asian countries have a long tradition of wearing masks in many public situations.
    2. The countries have traditions of conformity to social norms that don’t exist in most western countries.
    3. When public health policies are mandated in the low mortality countries, they are actually enforced.

    I’m not saying that covid could not be a bioweapon but rather there are more probable explanations for its selective spread. But that spoils a good story.

      • Well said! So much of what we see in the comments here assumes conspiracies. Having worked for different state and federal agencies, my first impulse is always incompetence or silo-building when things go badly wrong. I find it interesting that none of the conspiracy postings here have footnotes to peer reviewed journals; more common is reference to YouTube videos put up by self-serving grifters or marginal psychotics. Yes, there have been cases where the herd has been very wrong e.g. Ignaz Semmelweis, but it always pays to second and third source i.e. triangulate and look at who is making claims as well as what is claimed.

      • That depends:

        I -=hope=- the answer is always incompetence, but

        I always assume malevolence when laying out countermeasures or contingency plans. There really are some very bad people in the World and I’ve been in places where low-rating them can get you dead.

        As far as cause & effect, I honestly don’t care. Once something deleterious IS, that is, it exists, where it came from (and often what, exactly, it is) become irrelevant. What becomes ever-more important is “how to deal with it.” The source of the kung-flu is important, only if it is discovered beyond a reasonable doubt that it was intentionally loosed on the World, and this is important, only in determining how China will compensate the ROW (or how the ROW will punish China if it doesn’t make just-compensation…)

        I believe the conspiranut linkage shows up because both officialdom and the “news” media have so little cred that many people now believe the conspiracy theory has as great (or greater) chance of being true and accurate than whatever the teevee faces are feeding their waning viewership. We can tell we’re being lied-to, and have now begun collectively searching for either the truth, or a better liar…

        Because I did my apprenticeship with the conspiracy crew 30 years ago, I don’t get swayed into actual belief (of anything) without proof or corroboration, but I’ve stopped totally discounting the conspiracy universe, because in some cases, it is the ONLY source of information. (I haven’t been to AoD in a couple weeks, but I believe Stu is in this same camp now — when you can’t readily get information, you take what you can, when you can, and worry about it’s validity or worth later…)

  6. https://haarp.gi.alaska.edu/diagnostic-suite

    As far as climate disturbances. I had read a few weeks ago that harp was doing some testing. Yet there isn’t any records of it being fired up lately..

    As for hope for the best but plan for the worst..
    Just like a doctor with severe pain.. he’s going by what the books are saying..he may empathize but really..he doesn’t have a clue..that’s why doctors and nurses are usually the worst patients you can take care of.. the minute it affects them personally they realize that the whole time they didn’t have a clue..
    It’s the same with preparing..the kids today have grown up during the time of plenty.. real struggles have not been a part of their lives.
    My first time around the horn.. I was not expecting it.. plant shut down before that the car totally gone..had to walk 12 miles to work in freezing temperatures..hours drastically cut.. then nothing.. jobs were scarce. We almost starved to death.. this last time.. I was prepared pretty much.. except for fresh eggs, bread,fresh cheese .. we were set .. that lasted a year..I made cheese and bread..traded for eggs..we did fine…
    That’s one reason why people that went through the dirty thirties and the Weimar depression all had pantries loaded with necessity items..
    When my parents sold their house I seen them take trailer after trailer of stuff. .. I thought i knew what they had I didn’t have a clue..money stuffed in books and drawers.. their safe..just in case the bank closed.
    The kids today don’t have a clue..
    Like a congressman voting on some bill.. he doesn’t have a clue what he’s supporting..

    • “Just like a doctor with severe pain.. ”

      With patient in severe pain..

  7. What great deal of people aren’t talking about us the activities that are happening abroad..
    If they would stand back and look at this objectively the situation could be visualized..
    I suggest put down the computer’s grab that table with the wold map on it out of the back room and place the little figurines on it like a game board.. you will see the situation more clearly.. but then who am i.. and the world isnt a chessboard.in the news today..
    “China’s Ministry of National Defense responded by warning the United States to stop playing with fire.”
    “Russian experts have been working on an ‘algorithm’ of NATO actions and operations in the event that a warship decides to provoke Russia by violating its territorial waters,”
    Not even counting all the little guys in between..all they have to do is get a map and put stick pins in it and everyone would get the same impression I get..we are being positioned..and they are using the greed of the puppeteers to position our military.. all while leaving our countries borders open and unprotected..
    So what do you prep for..a drought ,financial collapse, war..
    Stu’s site says it best..



  8. I’ve always believed in ‘prepping’. Even to the extent that a couple years before covid, I had stored a box of medical procedure masks. I was glad I had them. When the pandemic hit, they disappeared from drug stores instantly and were not available for months and months.

    Prep for self-care also, in case you DO catch the covid. Know the treatment protocols that work. Stock Vitamins C & D, Selenium, Zinc, quercetin, quinine, and Ivermectin. I also have several portable ‘travel nebulizers’ for mist inhalation. Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s “Second Opinion” newletter indicated he has used 5ml of (3%) peroxide to 100ml of ‘normal saline’ as a nebulized mist to treat viral infections. A saturated solution of glutathione is the lung’s own antioxidant and protective layer that can also be nebulized and inhaled. And don’t forget an assortment of anti-inflammatory NSAIDS.

  9. I notice all them Texas DUMocrats who flew the coop

    1) flew off to D.C. in a tin can without wearing masks — a Federal offense
    2) met with Congressional Democratic “leadership” to discuss strategy
    3) are now on 14-day lockdown

    because while all were vaccinated, three are now three of them who’re CV-19 positive.

    I wonder if any will actually self-quarantine…

  10. Dr. Chris Martenson at Peak Prosperity during this entire CV situation has had absolutely the BEST take, advice, and DATA, on CV since it first rose up. He is NOT a “conspiracy” type, so his look at the data was/is the best REAL science look, untainted by policial leanings, out there imo (although he now sells financial products his background and Phd are in the hard microbiology sciences).

    I agree with some who commented yesterday that George’s reliance on the “official” CCP numbers is totally out of touch with reality. Shoot … the crematoriums in China were incinerating so many bodies during the disease’s height in China that the plumes from them could be seen from space!! (recall the news that they knew the plumes were the crematoriums producing that smoke since they could also do their space science stuff and determine what the chemical composition of the plumes were – ie: their chemical composition could only produced by crematoriums!). One can be certain that the death rates in China were probably somewhere between 40x to 400x (YES 400x) the formally reported numbers because of the crematory exhaust plume issue, those plumes were immense, and went on 24×7 for weeks.

    I do agree with the use of Elliott Wave Theory to look at the pandemic, including forward projections.

    Years ago when I looked at the Spanish Flu (my dad lived through that time when he was at the prime age of those who died so that pandemic has always fascinated me) I immediately noted that the death numbers dynamics conformed to a perfect Elliott Wave dynamic. IMO that is NOT surprising since like Fibonacci sequences appear in both financial markets AND in the real natural world, something that is very embedded in the natural order should appear in both places (assuming that Elliott Wave is real and picking up a natural order).

    A NEW wave was due to hit later this year per my work, after the first wave declined, and for NATURE to have it’s dynamic fulfilled just like with the Spanish Flu it was due to mutate to one that would have a MUCH HIGHER death count. To fulfill it’s natural order of destiny that would mean a much more deadly variation was likely to emerge before this next wave appears in earnest, and it should accelerate quite dramatically sometime around the Thanksgiving /Christmas time frame.

    Enjoy your summer … since by fall many places will be locking down again. Once the death numbers skyrocket in Nov /Dec /Jan the lockdown we went through over the last year may look like everything was WIDE OPEN in 2020 /2021 compared to what may be coming.

  11. “The same masking and separation seems to do the trick.”

    Mask doesn’t protect you — it protects others from you when you have the bug.

    Distance and cleanliness protect, as they always have; disinfection helps greatly.

    Ozone generator and bigassed UV-C spotlight will probably get optimized before fall.

    Now would be a good time to lay in a few gallons of denatured alcohol and a jug each of organic aloe and food-grade hydrogen peroxide.

  12. “Sadly – the same government which has been giving contradictory information at times, is now trying to “lock down social media.” As the Wall Street Journal opines: “Censorship Coordination Deepens. Essentially, corporate-owned media can censor all they want and government’s pulling that lever hard now.”

    The government pulling that lever is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment. There are both laws and USOC opinions which explicitly prohibit government either using or coercing the private sector to exercise power or control over the population or parts thereof, which the Constitution denies the government the right to itself exercise.

    This is an extremely dangerous thing, and one which, at all costs, must not be allowed.

    FWIW this:

    “The Biden Administration sure isn’t taking Donald Trump’s Big Tech lawsuits seriously. A week after the former President’s lawyers argued in court filings that his removal by social-media firms amounted to “state action,” the Administration broadcast that it is coordinating with the firms to remove content. ”

    makes Mr. Trump’s lawsuits’ argument for him. What scares me is the Administration has to know this. Does that mean they believe they own the Judicial to the extent they can put the kibosh on Trump’s suits, regardless of legality or reality…?

  13. “Greenland scraps all future oil exploration on climate concerns”

    My ancestral Greenland farm is STILL 2880 feet below the permafrost…

    “For example, we “retopped” stores here Friday. Paper towels, respirators (N95 only NOT KN95!)”

    I keep N95 and P100 on hand, as well as surgical masks. KN95 is an expensive poseur, which I avoid like the plague…

  14. My dearest friend is epicanthically endowed, as her parents managed to barely escape China just as Mao took over the country back in 1949. She was born here and has lived here her entire life. She has worked in a front line capacity in a metropolitan area since before covid raised its ugly head, yet she was never sick at all. In fact, she’s still in great health, though I’ve probably had covid and my kids have definitely had it too. I just thought she had an asymptomatic case, though with the info in the report today, I’m inclined to think that she’s just naturally immune. I’m not aware of any studies of comparative racial and ethnic morbidities and mortalities in the USA that are actually controlled for other circumstances such as economic status and urban/rural/other living conditions. I’m sure they exist somewhere. Neither she nor I have any interest in receiving jabs, though she’s more inclined to risk one simply for the social freedom that’s implied if not promised. She’s thinking of J&J simply because it’s a single jab and doesn’t involve mRNA, though it does use a GMO viral vector to endogenously create a spike protein. I don’t consider it much safer than the others, though at least she only has to endure one jab. One thing that’s never been made clear is who gets to pay for any sequelae from the jab. The injection is free, but as I see it, any consequence is on you, up to and including ICU. Since it’s “voluntary” and EUA, I’ve read that insurance companies won’t cover any consequential damages. I’ve been unable to get a straight answer to this anywhere on the web.

    • Great report, Mike. You are NOT likely to see any racial/genomic typing report on vics – especially by serverity. Because that would make Covid, you know, racist. Didn’t Hunter cc you on the memo?

    • and the spike protein is now going to the ovary’s and bone marrow where it wasn’t intended ………… additionally Dr Robert Malone has been contacted by a quote “experienced journalist” and told he may consider getting security as he is at risk of being assassinated …….. as reported by the doctor himself ..

    • I posted a couple of links a few days ago to Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report website where you can download documents to give to schools and employers telling them to take legal responsibility for any adverse reaction to the jab if they require it or, in the case of schools, to make them make you aware of them requiring students to get vaxxxed and get your approval. NO ONE can legally require you to take an experimental whatzit.

  15. Chiming in late, as usual – a friend told me his physical therapist, who got the double jab months ago, contracted the Delta variant recently. Ran a fever, no hospitalization needed, got over it and is now back at work. Did the vaccine lessen the severity? Who knows.

    CV-19 may ultimately have to resolve the same way the Spanish Flu did, although perhaps on a different timetable, as you mentioned. Those with the greatest natural resistance will be the ones who survive and reproduce, thus instilling their resistance in later generations. If CV-19 is a bioweapon, I propose it was released a bit prematurely. We all know it’s done a great job of disrupting the country, but it has also alerted a significant portion of the population to the ineptness and corruption of some of the people they’ve put in charge. The tinhorn tyrants out there have had to rush their schemes. Whether enough folks are awake (and not woke) now, I can’t say. I hope so.

    • That’s if, IF, it’s a bug that will act according to viruses in the past and not have snowballing effects on people from a continuous infection. Everybody is always fighting off something in their bodies but there seems to be mounting evidence of long-term effects that are appearing but suppressed by TPTB’s MSM followers. Anecdotes abound here in George’s comments section. I had it back in March of last year and don’t seem to be having any continuing maladies other than those of a mid-60s old fart but I’m not going to compound things by getting the jab.

  16. News linkage to liven up a quiet Sunday (or really bored — can’t sleep…):

    “Purdue Punishes Students Who Don’t Get Vaccine: ‘Make Own Arrangements’”


    Y’know, this shit reminds me of when innocent people get “innuendoed” regarding a crime, and have to endure unjustified social recrimination, even after being exonerated.

    W.H.O. Demands ‘Audits’ Of Chinese Labs, Admits First Cases Didn’t Come From Huanan Wet Market


    ‘Guess this makes it official…

    Maryland Governor’s Effort To End Unemployment Benefits Blocked By Judge


    I wonder if there’s a way for States to impose a tax on public sector employees, like politicians and judges, to reemburse small business for monies lost via Federal bribery…?

    BREAKING: Arizona Senator Calls For Recalling Electors After Bombshell Audit Hearing


    …And suddenly, I hear the Genesis song “Domino” playing in my head.

    Allen West Condemns Democrats After National File’s Biden-Sheila Jackson Lee Voter Fraud Report


    New Mexico GOP Pushes For Dem Governor To Resign After NATIONAL FILE Report on Her Alleged Penis-Grabbing


    For da folks in New Mexico…

    Mastriano Releases Details On Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Audit – Democrats Pledge To Stop it


    …And there’s Genesis at Wembley, playing in me head again.

    OANN Reporter Says Alito and Thomas Have Issued a “Public Warning” About ACB and Kavanaugh


    Control file?

    Court rules against university that targeted Christian group, saying they were ‘hard-pressed’ to find a more blatant example of ‘discrimination’


    CLAIM: CDC whistleblowers say covid vaccines have already killed 50,000 Americans


    I’m still using the Urepeein numbers and extrapolating…

    Reporters Rush to Defend White House After Peter Doocy Calls ‘Misinformation Flagging’ Campaign ‘Spying’


    ‘Bout time someone called “Potato Chip” on her propaganda spew…

    Vaccinated people now make up almost 47% of all new Covid cases, symptom-tracking app claims amid signs Britain’s third Covid wave may have peaked already



    Ukraine Rocked By Resignation of Interior Minister Amidst Talk of Coup


    Judge Rejects Arizona Senate’s Motion to Keep Election Audit Records Private


    Wisconsin next? GOP lawmaker asks for forensic audit of 2020 election


    Oh, look, there’s Phil Collins again…

    Sen. Hawley Sends Scathing Message to Twitter and Facebook CEOs After ‘Shocking’ Admission of Collusion with Biden Admin


    China is buying up chip firms in a push for semiconductor supremacy, says UK lawmaker


    So, maybe we should outbid them, while that’s still an option?

    The Deep Seabed is China’s Next Target


    How the Air Force Academy Makes the Disloyal Military Leaders of Tomorrow

    Brainwashing the men and women who protect America to hate and destroy it.


    Reps. Gaetz, Greene’s ‘America First’ Rally Twice Canceled in California


    From the article:

    “Riverside is a diverse and inclusive community, so it is heartening to hear that this event will not move forward,” Mayor Pro Tem Gaby Plascencia said in light of the cancelation. “I am disappointed we even got to this point, because these speakers are the antithesis of everything Riverside stands for.”

    Do y’all see the Orwellian doublespeak?

    Riverside is neither diverse nor inclusive, because if it were, there’d have been no problem with hosting these, or any other speakers. The Mayor P.T.’s statement at the end of the paragraph is exactly correct: (“…these speakers are the antithesis of everything Riverside stands for”) Which tells me the speakers stand for Truth, Justice, and The American Way (and probably freedom and individual liberty, as well…)

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