Our Next “Mad Scientist” Project

Old Man Labs here is planning another project. This one gets into the realms of the really weird.  But trust me, it will sound like fun (interesting?) when I walk you through it.

For those who haven’t been around as long as this site – which will be 25-years in September (basis UrbanSurvival.com web domain) or December (basis the first Achive.org retrievable page), a waltz down memory lane is in order.

We have partnered with some impressive people in our pursuits.  Such was the work on the 93-year economic cycle which is now due.  And there was tinkering around the edges of word frequency (on the net) associated with a changing future.

All those projects can be “sewed up in a rag” and labeled “Beat the Future.”

When it became clear that wasn’t the real problem beating future – living long enough to see it was – we turned our attention to the Light Crown idea (2016) and then the Speed Crown (2017-18) because there looked to be much promise to the use of coherent light for age reduction when used in combination with other (less sketchy) pharmaceutical notions.

Wife Elaine will pass 80 in just over 3-weeks.  And my next odometer rollover will be to 75. But even out here, Excellence of Thought matters. And although we both carry the Alzheimer APOE ?4  allele, we’re trying to put the brains to as much use as possible and keep them in well-tuned condition.

Interestingly, as much as 15-25 percent of U.S. adults may have this condition and it’s interesting because it literally makes aging more painful.  Since APOE ?4 allele elevates the expressions of inflammatory factors and promotes Alzheimer’s disease progression: A comparative study based on Han and She populations in the Wenzhou area – PubMed (nih.gov).

Bottom line of the lead-in to this morning’s report?

Lot of important shit to do if we’re going to avoid some pain as aging seniors who are bent on “living life to the max.”

Which we get into after the ChartPack and a close inspection of why a particular trade made this week worked out well. We made a little lunch money, so a use case in the Charts.

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67 thoughts on “Our Next “Mad Scientist” Project”

  1. Search “parasites/alzheimers. Parasites may be the root of all neurological problems. Check out the “medical rebal” site.

    • Sweet Wormwood kills parasites. Ivermectin kills parasites.

      Oregano is an antibiotic.

      Rosemary is a serious detox.

      Thyme reduces inflation.

      Lions Main Mushrooms is good for clearing mind fog. Increases cognitive functions.

      Alzheimer’s? Avoid aluminum and synthetic nonstick cookware. – and what ever else causes it.

      I’ve been my own lab rat.

      “Increase hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.” – advice from Florence Nightingale.

      • Thyme reduces “inflammation”
        God, I WISH it reduced inflation. lol !!

        I’m kinda writing on the fly. Sorry.

      • And honey is either an antibiotic or otherwise keeps skin damage from getting infected. I forget which.

        • Both, Bill.

          Covering sliced onions with honey in a mason jar for a week or two then straining it, makes an antibiotic.

          Do the same thing with lemon slices, instead of onions and ya got really good cough syrup.

        • I have never tried onions.. in raw honey.. I do garlic in raw honey.. but have never tried onions.. my mom was an onion sandwich person if she was getting a head cold..

      • OMG Bob I love my aluminum cookware LOL LOL LOL although I bought the wife the granite stone cookware.. dam that stuff is awesome..

        • The health nuts have been screaming about aluminum for years — toxic, astringent (sucks moisture out of blood cells), a leading cause of Alzheimer’s, once it pits, it can hold an unholy amount of bad bugs, etc. Some of this is true, some not, but I haven’t time to research which is which, and all evidence for any malady would be anecdotal anyway, so why bother…?

          The negative press on aluminum is one reason why I went to vintage RevereWare* (and Pyrex for most baking), over 20 years ago.

          * The other big reason is it’s ~30% more-efficient than other pots & pans, and I HATE spending money on energy…

      • Don’t know about “Food Grade” but I’ve used it around the house for bed bugs that our grandkid brought in once. Like any other infestation you never know they’re there until they show up. They almost got away from us but between the sprays and that we don’t have any more in the house.

        • LOOB-
          I used a powder sifter like for sugar or flower from the kitchen and now the wife refuses to use it. I keep telling her “It’s just DIRT!” but she won’t listen. LOL.

        • “LOOB-
          I used a powder sifter like for sugar or flower from the kitchen ”

          LOL LOL LOL LOL… My grand daughter a few years ago came home from college and was telling me that her room mate had brought in Bed Bugs from someplace and she was terrified everyone in the dorm was itching and waking up to bites…. I told her to get a disposable plastic bowl.. and one of the disposable plastic cups.. put the cup in the center of the bowl .. and pour glue in the bowl.. then set the leg of each of her bed posts in the cup.. I gave her the glue and the bentonite and a sifter..
          then take and put the bentonite clay dust her bedding.. and between the mattresses and box springs..
          she used one of those to spread it.. then around the area.. she was the only one that woke up every morning without bites until the college finally got rid of them LOL LOL she told the other girls to dust their bedding.. then shake it out.. litely dusting it.. you couldn’t even tell it was on the sheets.. but it worked..

      • Si

        still got a big bag left over..had to buy large quantity, as not offered in smaller sizes at time of purchase.
        Spend a fare amount of time eating street food in 3rd world/foreign countries. Had kids shot up with gama globulin when young for overseas trips & street food..did I say I luv “street food”.
        So I even run “other” anti parasitical regimes/cleanses throughout the year..Sugar cube with 2-3 drops of pure gum spirits of turpentine will really do number on the nasty intestinal critters. Sugar cube “turps’ will pull all sorts of stuff outta Ure system – need something else to sooth/coat and replace stripped out good stuff soon after the treated sugar cube does its work.
        By far the most entertaining cleanse is the Gall Bladder cleanse…results left behind were “freakish” in nature and color. Never had a bout of heartburn/a since that cleanse over 10 years ago.

        • Misses and I went Organic, never had heartburn since. Easy to do [We are in the 80-90% range organic vs non organic] and if it not organic its has to be ” natural”, non GMO and no phosphate derivatives/chemically engineered preservatives.

          The reason conventional is so cheap is because the materials are sourced near their expiration date from the supplier, then processed and pumped up with preservatives to stretch the shelf life out IMHO.

          Not only does conventional give you heartburn, it also kills off the good bacteria in your gut [preservatives].

          If you want a classic example look at the freshness date of a half gallon or gallon of organic milk, then conventional milk [with fillers and preservatives added]. Which one expires first?

        • I took sweet wormwood when they were suspecting I had pancreatic cancer.. sixty days later.. all of it was gone.. I could go back to sleeping on my left side..

      • killed the fleas my cats dragged in , lived in a dust enviroment for a couple of weeks . You can eat it, or use it to polish plastic head light covers, mixed with water. Breathing it is bad , just like any dust.
        I got a 50# bag from a grain elevator but you can get smaller quantities starting at 25# or going smaller

        pool grade stuff is poison.

        anyone that tries turpentine, needs to only use this quality of pure gum spirits, use at ure own risk,,, read up my friends, before hand

      • It is commonly sold as the “scrubbing part” of bowel-cleanse processes. I had “de-parasited” with tincture black walnut resin and wormwood, so I didn’t notice any parasite issue which could’ve been resolved with DE. However, the DE cleanse made me really sick, so I abandoned it after a couple days, and found a cleanse which worked without side effects…

    • Ulcers and stomach issues:

      Had serious stomach issues when younger … by gastro Doc said I was going to need ulcer surgery in about 6 months (I was mid 30’s – OUCH).

      THEN a study by the British NIH came out about a “Theory” by an Australian Outback Doctor that claimed MOST ulcers were caused by a bacteria in the stomach and gut. He had tested his theory, not having much else to do while living in the outback, with pigs since their intestine system is a virtual clone of the human system. Found he could GIVE the pigs ulcers … and then figured out a way to kill the bacteria he believed was causing them. THEN he used himself as a test subject, must have been pretty boring to be an Outback Doctor in the Outback back in the 80’s, and VOILA managed to cure himself from the problem he gave himself.

      After that he wrote up his theories and treatment protocol (figured out by his using a LOT of pigs as his test subjects) and somehow got some very obscure Australian Journal to publish it. LUCKY for him some researcher back in England happened to read it, got intrigued by it and managed to get a small grant from the British NIH to do a small double blind study. NO drug company would even consider doing something like that, or his treatment, since his treatment was just a CHEAP over the counter item anybody could get at the supermarket or drug store.

      (at the time the MOST PROFITABLE part of the entire US health care system was for treatments for ulcers … over 1/2 of Eli Lilly’s profits were coming from their anti acid drugs of various sorts, and the Doctors who treated it and did the operations were making out like BANDITS!)

      VOILA … the British double blind study came back and 90+% of ALL ulcers were totally cured!! Immediately the British NIH researchers did a news release and lucky for me The Economist picked up the press release and the following week actually printed a full page story on the theories, what the British NIH had found, and the treatment.

      Well the next day I had an appointment with my gastro Doc and asked him about the theory and treatment … WOW, he couldn’t say enough bad things about it fast enough (ulcer work was his ENTIRE practice). I left his office and did not pass go, I went directly to Krogers and bought the two biggest bottles of the stuff the Outback Doctor said to use, and that the British study showed, KILLED OFF the bad bacteria which was claimed to cause the problem for 90+% of the cases. Cost me all of about $6. I self treated myself for the next 10 days at the maximum dosing level on the bottle … and VOILA I was cured of my ulcer problem that by his theories was caused by Gut Bacteria of a special kind. I have never had a problem since.

      His treatment regimine? The heavy metal Bismuth killed it off per his work …. and where is Bismuth that the average person can use and he used on his pigs? Pepto Bismal!! (he used the generic version) My treatment solved my ulcer problem that my gastro Doc told me was going to cause me to need a full Ulcer operation in 6 months.

      It took nearly 3 years for the Medical Profession to finally admit that ulcers were mostly caused by bacteria in the gut … but they fought that with LOTS of money for the entire time since they were all making so much money off of treating ulcers, money they didn’t want to give up … TO HELL WITH THE SCIENCE!!

      Yes … various things in the gut can cause issues that affect the rest of the body. It is just now, nearly 40 years after that Outback Doctor’s theories first came out, that the medical profession is starting to seriously look at that dynamic about the human body. Not much money there for the Money Grubbing Medical BUSINESS if all sorts of medical problems can be eliminated or treated by simple treatments of what is going on in the gut. Drug companies will LOSE lots or revenue. Doctors will LOSE lots of revenue. Hospitals will LOSE lots of revenue. Do NOT look for the Medical Profession to change their protocols to include simple gut treatments anytime soon, they are making too much money by keeping the Medical Protocols unchanged for as long as they can.

      • Your tale brought to mind a group of saints called “The Holy Unmercenaries” — the best known of whom are Saints Cosmas and Damian.

        These saints got that name because they healed people without asking for money from the people they healed.

        I guess that even in the Roman Empire in the third century, healing people was seen as a royal road to riches.

      • Over several years I’d often get to where I would be eating antacids like candy and getting up in the middle of the night to down a couple of tablespoons of Pepto to keep the reflux and pain at a minimum. It got to where the thought of eating another tablet was worse than the pain in my stomach and head-long rushes to the bathroom in the middle of the night due to aspirating reflux fluid in my sleep was NO fun at all. I knew about the bacterial side of ulcers and stomach upset so last year I found some old amoxicillin, 500mg capsules and took, I THINK, two a day for 3 days. Along about the morning of the third day I involuntarily filled my shorts (sorry to be so graphic but it iz whut it wuz) as the ‘cillin killed off every bug in my digestive system so I immediately quit the dosage. At that point I started taking a single Omeprazole and Sodium Bicarb along with some probiotics in the morning (I’ve since moved the Omeprazole pill to a single evening dose so it will be most effective while I sleep) and for the past year things have been much better. I’ve had the same antacid pill bottle for a year now.

        The wife stays on the lookout for sales on the generic Omeprazole/Bicarb tablets and keeps me well supplied. I’ve even gotten to where it won’t bother me if I forget or lay off the O/BC for a day and sometimes two but I definitely have to stay away from one of the wife’s best dishes. Her meatloaf is to die for but the grease will kill you without a couple of Alka-Seltzers spaced out over a few hours afterward.

        • Bill,

          My NON medical opinion is that many of the BAD gut bacteria hang out in the Appendix, as their “reserve forces”, so after you clean out the stuff directly in the intestinal track those that have been hanging out in the Appendix sneak back out and REPOPULATE themselves back in the intestional track.

          THAT is why when I did my Pepto Bismal treatment I kept it up for 10 days. IMO, as a non scientist and non doctor, 3 days of treatment could knock down the problem, if it is a gut problem, but NOT eliminate it. IMO you have to be consistent with constant during the day dosing AND then do it day after day after day so whatever is hiding in the hidden parts of the intestinal tract has the chance to TRY to come out, and is then killed at the same time some of the medicine has a chance to “leak into” those hidden areas. (obviously my “non-medical” theory does NOT apply if your appendix has been removed)

          They now have developed antibiotics that are specifically geared to kill off those bad bacteria, and the reports are they work very well – Pepto Bismal worked great for me. I dimly recall that the dosing time for that antibiotic treatment is also the same as I used … 10 days.

          Constant dosing over an extended period of time to catch the bacteria that are hiding somewhere down there but not directly in the tract should be part of the treatment protocol imo.

          You may want to go back and do a 10 day treatment and see if that helps further.

        • Hey S2 –
          I’m right there with you in being a non-doctor. I simply go on past experience and am lucky enough to not be allergic to any of the antibiotics they’ve pumped into me over the years. I’ve still got the standard-issue appendix, too. The only real upset besides the acid stomach I’ve experienced may have been passing a gall stone about 15 years ago, more or less. It was agonizing for a couple of hours but hasn’t happened since.

          My very unprofessional thinking about your assumption regarding the appendix is that antibiotics are systemic so any location in the body that has a good blood flow can benefit or at least be affected by the drug. Pepto is, pretty much, localized to the digestive tract. I agree that an infected appendix can repopulate whatever it’s harboring but a thousand milligrams of Amox, if that’s the amount I took and, again, I’m not for certain, is still a hefty dose for an easily killed bug and the antibiotic didn’t have to go far to find its prey.

          If you can wrangle a way of stocking up on several antibiotics you have personal experience with in dry pill or capsule form, not liquid, it could be the best investment you ever make for times ahead. Check out the makers and suppliers of Fish Mox Fish Flex for a host of antibiotics you can buy online w/o a Rx. I don’t readily believe in the expiration dates on dry antibiotics as long as you have a cool, dry place to keep them. I’ve taken dry penicillin pills from a 1960s, maybe even earlier, Civil Defense survival can back in the 80s through the 90s until the bottle ran out and cured many a sinus infection I was prone to back then. Kept me out of the doctor’s office quite a bit even though I worked in a hospital and had great rates at the time. Only take them when it’s absolutely necessary and other treatments fail.

        • “Over several years I’d often get to where I would be eating antacids like candy and getting up in the middle of the night to down a couple of tablespoons of Pepto to keep the reflux and pain at a minimum.”


          One day I decided that buying Rolaids by the 450 pill jar was stupid, dumped about an ounce of bicarb in a glass of water, forced it down, then followed it with three glasses of water. The belches were amazing. Within about 15 minutes my body went from chronic acidosis to slightly alkaline (like we’re supposed to be). Next two days, half ounce. Starting on day-4 the indigestion/reflux/whatever was gone, and stayed gone — for many months.

          I get a bout of indigestion when I eat stuff that’s cooked in canola, or is very greasy like french fries or pizza — happens about once every 3 months. A heaping teaspoon of bicarb and everything’s good, again.

          Oh, yeah. The other things I did were

          1) switch to organic & natural food. I miss my 79¢ eggs (now $1.99) and my 3-buck bacon, but the $7 bacon is worth the difference, and

          2) eliminate frankenfood, as much as possible. The Bisquick pancakes were good & quick, but since General Mills went all Mary Shelley, my non-GM scratch ones are better. I freaked my daughter, the first time I made them with olive oil. She couldn’t believe they didn’t taste like olives… ;-)

      • Someone here famously said: “Everything’s a Business Model”. That applies to the ‘medical’ business especially. I am always wary of that when visiting a ‘medical businessman’. I do as much research on my own as I can, to try to find alternatives to ‘patent medicine’. I’ve saved my life several times over.

        • Given the past couple of years only the strongest “Normies” out there with their heads sutured into their butts have any faith in a medical system where you can’t have a personal relationship with the same doctor and you’re just a number … in their bank account.

  2. “Interestingly, as much as 15-25 percent of U.S. adults may have this condition and it’s interesting because it literally makes aging more painful. Since APOE ?4 allele elevates the expressions of inflammatory factors and promotes Alzheimer’s disease progression: A comparative study based on Han and She populations in the Wenzhou area – PubMed (nih.gov).”

    this is what makes Urbansurvival and Peoplenomics such a great bargain and important part of the day……
    I was in a wheel chair I had the look.. the health was so bad that no one including me thought that there was much left for future..
    A professor … intelegent man and traveling lecturer.. suggested I make it my daily exercise.. ( yup that is you out there.. thank you for suggesting it) He said that the diversity of subjects would keep my mind working.. and give me other avenues to contemplate..

    Someone with Alzheimer’s.. as the disease progresses.. progresses faster when people get stagnent in their life.. kind of like calculous.. yup.. I use to be able to do moles and Logs in my mind.. and drawing blood.. like the man that sat behind a desk for thirty years that use to be a whip at drawing blood from the most difficult situations.. you stop using it.. it becomes the memory of what you use to do.. the old USE IT OR LOSE IT.. the more active you are the better you are going to be able to keep the muscle actively .. stimulated..
    like muscles of someone in a wheel chair or bed bound.. they become atrophied.. the same goes for the brain.. as we settle into our ROUTINE of daily living.. quit communicating and contemplation of random subjects.. our brain’s neuro network settles into a routine.. and the rest sits waiting to be used.. making a more simplified example take a rechargeable battery.. if you only use five percent of it.. then recharge it.. after a while you end up with a memory charge.. the vast majority of the battery will end up unusable.. its routine..
    the same happens in the brain.. ever seen someone that you use to know thirty years ago.. then are shocked because they have aged.. in your mind they kept the age that they were.. with alzheimers.. the brain becomes stagnent and they usually settle in at an age that they were the happiest at.. people are all the same age.. then as it progresses from there the rest of the brain becomes calcified and the person slowly erodes into basic routines.. the first things you notice is.. they will migrate to a corner.. (don’t ask me why.. it is quite common)
    then the screamer.. that is someone that realizes they are losing it.. and can’t cope..
    anyway.. the more I know about Azlheimers.. the trick is keep them thinking about different things take up hobbies and expand their minds make the rest of that battery work a little bit..
    for me it was the daily dose of Urbansurvival.. and twice weekly Peoplenomics.. I do miss my daily I LOVE HILLARY from the liberals.. that always got a chuckle out of me and kept my mind thinking of the fifty trillion or more ways to counter that stupidity LOL LOL LOL LOL..
    god bless and forgive th em they know not who they love… LOL LOL LOL
    the daily communication with like minded and alternate lives of those that comment.. I have only met one that reads here.. but let me tell you I see many on this site that communicate daily as dear friends and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and views.. it keeps my mind active.. god bless all of you…

  3. When you haven’t experienced something for a long time, you notice how “things have changed” when you do it again.

    It’s said, “Kingdoms don’t change until people do.” – Well, trust me … people change as Kingdoms do. And, ya get what ya get out of that.

    How corporations are run, so too run the employees. Decisions at the top to cut cost, taking away incentives, less people – more work, deleting breaks and even deleting entire shifts (midnights) and so on, has become a recipe for disaster.

    Back when there were things like enough people scheduled and maybe someone on stand by, and incentives and breaks every 2 hours, things got done in a smooth, reasonable manner. – now, it’s like a mad rush through chaos. The few people that are working, are getting rushed, burned out and just plain tired … just so corporate can make a dollar and keep liabilities low. Stressed employees, are sick employees. – Busting their asses and their sick of it.

    Thing is, these people want to work, or they wouldn’t show up when they do. But because of OUR Blindness, we see them as lazy and we criticize them. – Believe me, things are NOT as they were back in the day. Logical and profitable for corporate, is chaos for the employees when played out.

    We hear about slavery … in a sense it’s still around. It just looks different, almost indistinguishable from what we stereotype it as … but it’s around. – Can’t blame folks for not wanting to “work” in the environment presented to them.

    Speaking from first hand experience.

  4. Talk about our daily dose of ODD ( nope no liberal oddity here )

    but a home care worker stops a few times a week to make sure that one of our gentlmen gets attention for his amputated limb.. anyway over coffee was talking about her COVID vaccine shot.. Its magnetic.. and she says it feels odd.. because when a piece of metal a washer etc.. is stuck to it.. it is like her whole arm gets heavy..
    she is going to send me the video.. no one believed that it was happening when she first got her shots and they made a video of it..

    • A previous co-worker sent me a picture of her fridge magnet stuck to her arm back when this oddity was starting to be noted online. I guess it has to do with the aggregation of iron in the blood to the point of injection. Luckily, to my knowledge, she hasn’t experienced any other bad symptoms since then. Of course, the people who thought any bad news about The Jab was all conspiracy theories called the pictures of this I sent them a hoax …. They aren’t saying much now, though.

  5. BCN your BTC has been acting very much buy the rumor sell the news lately. Of course we all know these levels are peanuts in the context of the long game. Not advice do your own homework.


    Show me the price and I’ll show you the news. Ill have some powder dry for any naked swimming dip operations on the exchanges when the news is oh fish all.

    Wait a minute with the FTX bag man operation on the fritz, and Jaime being distracted…. whats really happening here ???


    Perhaps Mr Fink comes with fewer questionable baggages and more cabbage for the PTB.


    Oh snap there it is !



    Alas the only cryptos to have regulatory clarity. As the rest are Gen Slurred, where will that Coinmarketcap flow out of and into ? Know what you hold.



  6. “Is the Electric Car market imploding? Lucid Motors: 18% of workforce being cut as sales slow. Just like “location, location” in real estate, in cars it’s “Price, Price!”: Our home and acreage didn’t cost what a decked out vehicle does today!”

    its all imploding because………..
    when pandoras box was opened.. to control the common man.. I believe no one at the top considered that they are at the top of the pile because there is a bottom of the pile that holds them up.. you can have a huge set of numbers on a sheet of paper.. in the end.. if the bottom doesn’t have numbers enough to keep the velocity of cash moving.. then it all stops.. someone has to buy it.. the wage earners are losing the ability to keep their quality of life.. the easiest way is you quit buying luxury goods.. keep what you have and try to stretch the money.. and what just handing out cash to keep the economy moving is good for one or two times.. but mostly you cannot keep dumping water on the table to keep the noodle moving.. pretty soon the noodle will fall apart and no one likes an over cooked noodle..
    then they took away the EIC tax credit from those on set incomes and low incomes.. they are the ones that push the cooked noodle along on its journey across the table.. brought in millions of illegals and handing them cash and choice jobs while expecting the people making ten bucks an hour to pay for them.. YUP Pandora’s box has been opened.. eventually you will see luxury goods prices drop drastically.. OR… hyper inflation.. Weimar here we come.. and wheel barrows full of cash to get a loaf of bread..
    think it can’t happen…
    our elite sold their souls for the number of the beast.. cash.. wanted it all didn’t keep the bottom supported.. guys like myself and my social class are the ones that buy.. when the bottom os society quits buying.. the top of the pyramid of control falls over.. happened how many thousands of times throughout histor.. in the end.. the top ends up with a piece of paper to wipe their ass with..gold is only worth something when someone wants it.. food and water is needed by all..
    with the trillions of dollars that was printed up and given to the administration.. IF he had used it the way he said he was going to use it.. we would still be moving..

  7. Conspiracy rumor is the Tennessee shooter changed shoes during the rampage. But what does it matter either way?

    The Uvalade police were never held responsible for letting their community children die. Get on that carousel and find the police layer is ‘save at will’ and not responsible for much beyond protecting .gov.

    “Is the Electric Car market imploding?”

    They’ll need bailout. The setup, F and GM went ‘all-in’ too soon and shed their ICE staff too soon. Yada, yada. “Perfect storm.”

    They’ll get the U.S. $ bailout then continue outsourcing.

    A long scam grift from 2008.

    The Urbansurvival Electricity/Power Plant report shows something has to give.

    Nice anatomy.

  8. A lucid dreaming study which I may have found or posted here in the past.

    Real-time dialogue between experimenters and dreamers during REM sleep


    Dream reports given after people awaken are often fragmentary and distorted

    Our methods allow for two-way communication with individuals during a lucid dream

    For a proof-of-concept demonstration, we presented math problems and yes-no questions

    Dreamers answered in real time with volitional eye movements or facial muscle signals


  9. A excellent column this morning. The thought of skills from a previous life being brought forward is fascinating. I regret never learning to play the piano but would love to wake up one morning and be a concert pianist.

    It seems to me that you are putting the pieces of life (beyond the day to day noise) into a giant jigsaw puzzle. So many pieces, so little time.

    Your light therapy work and your dream/hypoxia musings are part of my experiments today as well. I am learning g a lot. On a similar subject, here is an article I came across yesterday that I thought you might find interesting.


    Thanks for your continued efforts beyond your financial genius ?

    • The question mark started out as a happy face on my machine. Is there something the translator to your machine knows that I don’t? :-)

    • Hey BIC,
      yes I too wanted a concrete penis..ya know so I could play the Piano like zelensky in kazaria-ukraine. Perhaps some speed crown therapy on the concrete penis..make him a very smart and hard..working kinda “guy”.

      • mine was heavy enough that I didn’t need concrete …. LOL LOL LOL just flop that old python on the keys LOL LOL LOL
        the bad part about that is if your in a lunch line.. and some gorgeous gal comes by.. the guy or girl in front of you might turn around and slap or smack you..

        • BTDT!

          ..not to mention the quizzical looks from bystander (s) at the mens room when they see me standing 2-3 ft back and peeing a long stream – water is cold, nor do I like the blue staining..from standing too close.LOL

  10. My question is, can anything be done to push current or recovered skills or knowledge to the next “cycle”? A good bit of us are on the downward slope. And the old saying “I wish I knew this when I was young” seems to come to mind more often…

    • Re: The President of the Republic & co-Prince of Andorra
      feat. a Joan of Arc


      “France24” advises that a French prosecutor, Mehdi Benbouzid, had been called upon to arrest and charge a woman with insulting the President of the Republic on Facebook. The penalty may be €12,000. The local newspaper source, “Voice of the North” interviewed the accused, Ms. Valerie Saint Martin-Hemoise. The self-styled activist of 20 years experience explained that she had made a FB post noting an upcoming Presidential television presentation. She had typed in the Presidential descriptor words as “solid/hard gold”. However, an automated proofreader had published “garbage/filth” instead. Her trial will be on June 20.

      Elsewhere, good tidings roll in from Germany’s North-Rhine Westphalia. They announced earlier this month that President Macron has been awarded the 2024 International Prize of the Peace of Westphalia. The award was established a quarter century ago then celebrating the 350th anniversary of the 1648 Westphalian Peace Treaty that ended a 30 year war between Münster and Osnabrück. They noted The President’s outstanding record as “a servant of the European idea” and that he promotes “a European Political Community”.


      By the way, one is given to understand that Turkey and Hungary were not invited(?)/not able to attend(?) America’s Summit for Democracy held virtually this week. Hopefully a stream of any pertinent details will be forwarded their way.

      • Re: Rocking the Cradle of Man
        feat. Wednesday is hump day


        The African tour now makes its way to Tanzania for a two day engagement. “Dar es Salaam’s “The Citizen” has taken note that the tour inspired VP Harris-curated 25 song list on Spotify omits “Tanzanian megastar” Diamond Platnumz aka Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack of three wives (4 permitted). The muslim, official (soft drink) and a presidential endorser of East Africa is step-brother to musician Queen Darleen aka Mwanajuma Abdul Juma recently arranged second wife of a Mr. Mtoro. Mother, Bi Sandra aka Mama Dangote, conveyed congrats via Instagram. Rounding out the trio of siblings, the status of sister Esma Platnumz is not readily available.

        Folks, sit back and pretend you are comfortably cruising in Air Force Two. Here’s DJ Ure with a sampling from the Tour setlist:

        by Kuami Eugene & Rotimi

  11. Ashbey Beasley?

    I’m starting to have issues with this person.

    In Nashville, “on vacation” during a trip home from D.C. and having lunch with “another mass-shooting survivor” when this shit went down?


    Seems like AR-15s are disproportionately popular. Have all recent mass shootings in the US been carried out using the same type of gun?

    AR-15s ARE disproportionately popular. There are 23 million of them in the hands of U.S. Citizens. However, the vast majority of mass shootings are done with pistols.

    Also, the vast majority of non-gun-educated sheeple believe the AR-15 is the epitome of an “assault rifle” since its very name says it is one. Even that famous gun-totin’ reporter Geraldo Rivera will tell you the gun is an “Assault Rifle 15.”

    “When you consider there are 75-million AK-47s in the world, the statistical run on AR’s is not what I would have expected.”

    AKs aren’t nearly as popular in CONUS as AR-15s, and AKs, are simply not “Assault Rifle 15” kid-killers.

    The left is getting anxious that Donald Trump hasn’t been perp-walked yet.

    And he won’t be. Prominent people are arrested privately. With that said, should DJT be arrested by anybody, for anything, y’all can betcherasses his arrest photo and mugshot will make it to Trump 2024 campaign posters and TV commercials. Nobody in their right mind believes Trump won’t find a way to capitalize on billions of dollars worth of free publicity… ‘Course, there are damn’ few of us left.

    “Is the Electric Car market imploding?”


    That gummint subsidy goes a lot less far since the idiot in the White House devalued our currency by almost 70%. Tesla is probably the “most American” of the EV manufacturers, and nearly 80% of its actual manufacturing is done in China.

    “At the same time, Biden energy foolishness is meeting reality (and losing): Italy-sized chunk of Gulf of Mexico to be auctioned off by the US for oil drilling.”

    I will bet China outbids Mexico.

    Joe will get a retirement fund even his grandkids won’t be able to spend through, and China will get a firm foothold in CONUS.

    “And prospects for a Budget Deal are in the crapper: Biden and McCarthy barely speak, dimming prospects for a debt ceiling deal.”

    …Still not seein’ a downside, here. WHY is having the government be forced into not spending more money than it has available to spend, a bad idea? The government MUST fund Social Security, Medicare, and the military (although it can “feather” wages to some soldiers ‘n sailors). I really don’t care if Congresscritters or the EPA go without funding…

  12. I mentioned Indians taking over the West in the past. The takeover/sell out of the “West” seems clear and may be complete. If this is the case I would expect the next U.S. president to be of Indian descent. Master of the obvious.

    ‘Historic moment’: Politicians of South Asian descent set to lead Scotland, Britain and Ireland with Yousaf victory


  13. Maybe this is commonplace for the lucid dreamers here but I had a very strange reveal a few nights back. In dreamtime I was waiting to be called in for an interview……partner tapped my shoulder and said “Your hair looks awful”. I grabbed a small hand mirror…….and in the mirror was a total stranger. Nothing like me now or when I was younger, someone I don’t recall ever seeing before. I wasn’t bothered by it in the dream, just annoyed at having to brush some unruly reddish-brown curls (I had straight dark hair when younger, greying now).

    In a lifetime of vivid dreams I’ve never ever held up a mirror to see who I am. But I always thought it was “me”. How could it not be? Now I’m not so sure?

    Could be an interesting experiment for the lucid dreamers. Find that mirror…….who IS the dreamer??

  14. Maybe what one “brings over” from the past is a generalized aptitude for something.

    You’re a Kamakazi doing a final slow roll into the infinite dark Pacific, and bang, a few decades later you’re driving a Beech across America — having prepared for the flight with a military sense of seriousness.

  15. Re: Ashbey Beasley


    By coinkydoink, the self-styled Hispanic or Aboriginal influencer made her Twitter debut 11 years ago today. It looks like the 2012-2015 growth spurt was a series of baby steps from child care to restaurants to the red carpet and sport tournaments. Then there’s nothing until the summer of 2022. I’d be curious about who if anyone is writing cheques. Or maybe it’s all just flowing out of the goodness of her heart.


    The “On the Go” website tos advises being governed by the laws of Delaware and the courts of New Castle, Delaware.

  16. The skills from previous lives may bleed through to newer lives. My son may be an example. When he was young, there was a very old piano from my youth in our house, which I sentimentally didn’t want to get rid of even though I could barely play it and rarely, if ever, would have plunked out more than a few notes. Thus it was a surprise when he said he wanted to take piano lessons. It seemed an unusual request from a young boy, especially when no one in the household played the piano and music was not a big interest in our home.

    So I had both kids (close in age) take lessons from a piano teacher down the block. Both were fairly good at the mechanics of playing, but while my daughter just pounded out the songs, he played them with noticeable feeling—he obviously had “the touch,” however you define it. Even other parents at recitals commented on how he had “the touch.” When he was 12, he lost interest, so that was the end of piano lessons.

    Many years later, at one of the local channeling sessions I frequently attended, the channeler suddenly told me that my son had been Mozart in a previous life. I had never told her anything about my son, other than that I had one, and we hadn’t been discussing any related topic. The statement just popped out of her! Considering his early interest and piano skills, I believed her and have always since then believed that Mozart’s skills bled through to my son, even if only temporarily.

    I also had a reincarnation bleed-through experience involving fear of water. Basically, it involved a condition I had for awhile where I could barely breathe. The instant an intuitive healer in an energy medicine practice group “saw” that I had drowned in several past lives, the condition resolved and never returned. It also explained my life-long aversion to water. Even though I grew up in the City of Lakes (Minneapolis) in the Land of Lakes (MN), and spent many long summer days swimming in those lakes, I was always leery of water. I didn’t like to drink it, didn’t like it on me, and was afraid of crossing bridges over water. Oddly, though, I have always loved being around water and been soothed by just looking at it.

  17. “What IF we could go into deep hypnosis and not only meet and “howdy” with past life versions of ourselves, but also retrieve and “bring over into this Life” some of the skills we might have earned in previous incarnations?”

    This sounds VERY Dianetics…

    For those who don’t know:

    Dianetics is the scientific basis for the “religion” called “Scientology.” Ron Hubbard m/l invented Dianetics and for his effort, was quarantined by the OSS/CIA for several years, while they investigated his process to see if it could be used as either an espionage tool or weaponized into a “Manchurian programming device.” After the CIA let him go, Hubbard created the Church of Scientology, both as a tax shield and as a means of protecting Dianetics from further investigation, and himself from the LSD (and probably Pentothal) needles. Despite the BS the Scientologists spew, that’s the long & short of their religion.

    I have heard a number of tales of people in Dianetics treatments who’ve regressed both to memories in the womb (especially the sensation of being born), and to past lives — sometimes many past lives. I frankly don’t know much about either hypnotic or Dianetic regression, but have occasionally wondered if the processes were related.

    ‘Just throwin’ it out there George, so you could complicate Chris’ life by asking… ;-)

  18. https://youtu.be/49y9AJKvYmU

    We knew this already.. printing up trillions to rebuild the us infrastructure then hiding it someplace.. or whatever.. who had it last.. didn’t you have it in the back seat of a car.. who knows.. then allowing millions of illegals to enter and then expect the wage earners to pay for their support.. supporting a war that was lost before it started and doing everything they could to make it worse.. when all it took was to back off the borders with our missiles and guarantee that they would never become a member of NATO..
    HMMM what could go wrong right..
    39 million dollar loaves of bread is coming pretty quick.. what is it.. spend it now while it is still worth something..

  19. Hi, George,

    I might add that a person who is considered to be a prodigy in music, math, art, or some other discipline, has had one or more past lives doing that particular discipline.

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