There Goes Housing – Slowly, Though

Latest Case-Shiller/S&P report just out:

“Data released today for January 2023 show that the trend of declining home price gains continued across the United States with declining prices reported in the San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, and Seattle markets.

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 3.8% annual gain in January, down from 5.6% in the previous month. The 10-City
Composite annual increase came in at 2.5%, down from 4.4% in the previous month. The 20-City Composite posted a 2.5% year-over-year gain, down from 4.6% in the previous month. Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta again reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities in January. Miami led the way with a 13.8% year-over-year price increase, followed by Tampa in second with a 10.5% increase, and Atlanta in third with an 8.4% increase. All 20 cities reported lower prices in January the year ending January 2023 versus the year ending December 2022.

Before seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a -0.5% month-over-month decrease in January, while the 10-City and 20-City Composites posted decreases of -0.5% and -0.6%, respectively.
After seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a month-over-month decrease of -0.2%, while both the 10-City and 20-City Composites posted decreases of -0.4%. In January, before seasonal adjustment, 19 cities reported declines with only Miami reporting an increase at 0.1%. After seasonal adjustment, 15 cities reported declines while Miami, Boston, Charlotte, and Cleveland had slight increases.

The useful price chart has been eliminated in the latest news release.  Improvement?  No.

But we can share:

Which isn’t useless, but also isn’t inflation adjusted.

After all this?  Dow futures were down 43, so didn’t really change anything.  Still expecting a back and forth day in our view of things.  But wrong now and then so no telling…

Write when it…yada yada…,


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25 thoughts on “There Goes Housing – Slowly, Though”

  1. George
    I wonder if the 10 CITIES and 20 CITIES measures are biased because they are, indeed, CITIES, and usually spots of Blue in otherwise Red area.
    The Bles cities. being subject to flight, would see their housing price decline while, suburbs and cities in Red States may be seeing a rise.
    Is there any way to gauge housing in a way that takes the Blue Cities out of the average?

  2. Yeah yeah all those cities listed declining are left in peeps are leaving, in droves. Nasty & Gruesome will have the whole woke rainbow farting state to themselves soonly. Same wit Ore-gone-to-hell, as well as the woke joke WEF’er puppets in Washington. I keep hearing more than half state/pop is splitting off into Udaho.
    Shocked I tell ya, just shocked. While in the meantime this AM, Zillow is telling me over the 30 days change in house value went up 5.9% – Yowza! Making moar money just looking around watching the entire planet catch FIRE.

    Color me – LMAO at the woke jokes..

    Got spike protein factory on board?

  3. Is there a silver coin shortage now? Kitco store gphas been down for days, I saw a page somewhere that showed only one major dealer with stock, SD.

  4. I’m out. When the NASDAQ100 dropped just over 100 points, I sold. Up $312. Good morning.
    Is there a web site that tracks evictions? ., or mortgage defaults? With a variable rate mortgage and the raise in interest rates – how has this affected the current home owners? .., not those looking to buy., but those that have already signed-up. That is the segment of the housing market that I haven’t seen reported on.

  5. What motivates you ?
    At the last “Third Thursday” poker game – during our usual fifteen to thirty minute break after the initial two hours of play – I got into a conversation with one of the other players about motivation.
    What motivates you? What is it that makes you start a new project? Finish a project you don’t want to do? What motivates you to set a goal? Need? Want ? How do you keep that motivation going and staying enthused about it? How do you stay motivated long after the newness wears thin? What motivates you to take “one more flight of stairs”? Can anger., or greed be a motivating factor? What about Love-Hate ? Is “Personal Betterment” ever a motivation for you?
    Though there seems to be a lot of ‘Personal Goals’ being bandied about., it also seems most people have very little motivation to tackle those goals and what is required to accomplish them. Motivation-Mojo seems to have dried up. People want ‘this’., but are not motivated to do ‘that’., in order to get ‘it’.
    P.S. – Third Thursday Poker Game [ which was postponed to last Thursday due to some minor flooding on the South Shore Road] I walked out with $210. It was $260, but I tipped ‘Lady Fingers’ [ our dealer ] $50.., as being our dealer is her side hustle. $210 was the lowest take-home from that monthly poker game I have had in the entire time we have been playing – now just over nine years. Maybe I was lacking motivation…,
    P.S.S. – the winnings, $210, was given to the misses…,

    • “what motivates you?”

      curiosity !
      why did the chicken cross the road.. to get to the other side.. or to see what is on the other side.. why would we go to the MOON.. or to Mar’s..
      the question questions that have plagued us all.. who what where and why.. with why being the biggest..
      What drives man to see the importance of a number as being a greater need than someone that is dying of thirst or dirty water..
      Oh here is a plug for ..
      could you think of a better spot to land a few bucks .. say hi to all those wonderful volunteers that do so much to save.. or hey how about something a little closer to home…
      I am jealous because I never thought of that for the kids that are left to mainstream media and local gangs to raise them that we don’t have something like that for our children.. in years past we had mom.. Hi honey how was your day…. the child could then vent their frustrations and get an answer from an adult presence.. today our children don’t have that..
      what a glorious thing to have someone to talk to.. a while back.. @Ray said I never see things like that over a young woman and a young girl that was booted out of her home and her parents burned her winter clothes.. her coats everything because she got pregnant.. all without that one question.. how was your day.. come to me and tell me.. how can I help.. then yesterday I got an epiphany.. I was rambling on.. and one young man said.. you remind me of my grandma.. she would just talk to others about anything.. and yes I do.. if no one is communicating.. I start the conversation.. my curiosity has me ask someone how is your day going.. and let them vent.. if the day is something I can possibly help with.. then yes I will jump in and help where I can..
      at that time it was some food a tank of gas and I took a girl booted from her home out to buy some winter clothing.. and a few sets of everyday clothes.. its what I could do..
      back in the past.. we had faith church that taught morals and eithical guidelines.. to treat everyone as you would want them to treat you.. today.. in the cities.. they bend their heads so they don’t offend anyone by their gaze and walk on.. when they could take a lesson from the wastelands and say HI beautiful day out isn’t it.. how was your day.. back in the day.. mom was home dad would get home they would sit around the evening table.. ( yes we eat meals at our table and give thanks for who provided it to us.. amen heavenly father your the one for me) and mom and dad would sit down on the couch mom would snuggle next to dad and they would discuss what they read in the paper.. most people today live fast food lives.. a quick burger between jobs.. maybe some fries.. and off to the next spot.. when did you notice what your wife or husband has done.. hey you fixed your hair different.. I like it like that.. I love the outfit you wore.. or just do you know how much I appreciate everything you do ..
      it is our custom that when someone leaves our home .. they are left with a hug and drive safe.. (nothing sexual about that.. ) gentle conversations or I love a spirited debate from time to time.. it is one way to get others to read something other than the drivel they read
      or watch now.. LOL.. marriages back then spent many decades .. today we live fast work a day world lives.. companies no longer value their employees.. its that number we sold our souls for ..
      the other thing is.. If someone dies.. after you said your good byes.. and the last memory they have was that you treasured their presence.. they won’t be saying.. I wish I had one more opportunity to tell them what I feel.. so give everyone in your life a hug.. tell them how much they mean to you and that they can come to you to tell you .. HOW THEIR DAY WAS.. what was their concerns.. even if you don’t care how their day is.. at least you gave them a venting post..
      and I totally am going to try and setup one of the KHP lines.. and a walk to talk .. god bless each and every one of you that read Georges site…. you all mean so much to me.. you have no idea.. and don’t feel embarrassed about throwing the fishing line out and starting a random conversation.. with someone you don’t know.. you may make someone’s day brighter or find someone that you could possibly give a hand up to.. good lord knows I am not afraid to.. oh and don’t be the dam wall flower.. if you are going to a dance then get your butt out there and dance.. it is a lot of fun.. and if you don’t know how.. give old grampa a call he will be more than glad to show you how its done..

    • “What motivates you ?”
      I’ve found that few things motivate me better than my wife with a toolbox in her hand. That’s a sure sign that I’d better fix it, or I’ll have to fix HER fix of it too.

    • she has an inside track, here is a photo of her with pelosi

      has you seen the shoe photos of the shooter, seem to be different shoes from the school video and the police body cam, close but no cigar
      do all the shooters have shrinks that disappear into the night after the crime occurs? you get in a wreck, they test ure blood for drugs and booze,,, do they test the dead shooters? NOPE, hide the sausage
      a NYT headline
      “Nashville ShootingPolice Say Shooter Was Under Doctor’s Care for ‘Emotional Disorder’
      Published March 28, 2023
      Updated March 29, 2023, 9:03 a.m. ET”

      • No surprise here. They’ve been doing this since Sirhan-Sirhan’s program went live. They’ve got so many “sleepers” out there we’re living in Zombie Land. This administration is doing EVERYTHING it can to destroy our country – and succeeding because GOOD people aren’t doing a damned thing about it.

  6. And the bullsheet about war nukes biden gold reset WEF israhell Russia . Come on grow up . Feed shit to zombies and mushrooms. Have a good blah blah yada day

    • When ya stop Ure wankerness, ya bugger..

      I’ll take Newcrest for 700,000 Bitcoins. 10Q

  7. Well to answer the question of what motivates me at age 80 (rounded) I would say you are asking the right question. It may sound silly but I am motivated by finding things that motivate me.

    For example yesterday I pushed myself to do a little hamming and I was almost more satisfied with finding it motivated me than the hamming itself. Same with a little 32″ PTO tiller; I was happy that I did something motivating, and happy that it worked as expected in the garden.

    So seeking motivation is motivating!

    • I finally got the tiller out that had been taking up space in my garage for 10 years at least and started working on it. Pulled the carb off and once I opened it up I figured – yeah, new carb. But I thought, what th’ heck? Bird in the hand. So I started cleaning it up, even put it in my wife’s sonic cleaner she puts her jewelry in and, man!, did it root out the gunk. Couldn’t even budge the needle valve until then. Put it all back together but the fuel flow was still sub par, no problem with fire as the starting fluid showed but after letting about half a tank of gas flow through the gas line and float valve back into the gas bottle it started firing on its own. Let it idle for about half a tank and made some adjustments. It still sputs and mutters a bit but Briggs & Stratton has never “purred” in my experience. Shut it off after an hour’s run, let it cool down and then started it up again and it ran fine.

      Jobs like that are true joys. I need to do the same with the pressure washer but that’s for another day. Now I need to rebuild the outer wall of the rock tank that collapsed at the ranch over Spring Break (crap always happens when we take a trip) so there’s another chance at creativity waiting for me there. … Hope it doesn’t kill me.

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