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Since I am in and out of the shop today, I thought I’d put up a General Purpose post so people can comment on whatever on on their [alleged] mind.

I will likely take a look hourly (all comments are human-reviewed, unlike socialist media) so have at it.  Good taste and sensible, though.

Meanwhile, wanna see a cool print coming off one of the 3D jobbies?

This is called Ziro Silky-Grey PLA filament (printing at 217 C on a 65 C bed CR-10 V2.  Looks almost like stainless steel (which is the intent) and the idea is to have something that looks like stainless for 3-fold paper towels in the kitchen.  Love “silky-look PLA filament!”

I think I’ve mentioned this before?  Our paper products spending has dropped a lot by using bathroom type c-fold towels in lieu of paper towel rolls.  Seem to get a LOT more use out of them on a dollar per basis.

A carton of Genuine Joe GJO21100 Multifold Towels, 9.5″ x 9.10″, pack of 16 towels is less than $21-bucks.  With 250 towels be pack (times 16) that’s 4,000 paper towels for $21 bucks.  Don’t think I could do that well at the Dollar store.

Tossed in a metal-looking plastic box in the kitchen, I mean found money is found money.  And a box (or four) may be a paper products inflation hedge.  See plywood prices at the Big Box store if you doubt me…

(Elaine was going to be working on her book today so hanging out in the shop, office and CW on the low end of 20-meters for a while…)

ShopTalk Sunday reviews a couple of battery powered circular saws tomorrow…so ya’ll come on back then, y’hear?

Back to print-watching…write if so moved,

15 thoughts on “Open Comments Saturday – Cool Pic”

  1. I have to get me one of those printers… dam that looks nice George..

  2. happy 4th soon? . sure turned into a dump but cant hide the fact that once upon a time it was great and the founding fathers great men . so happy 4th and hope you have a good one !!

  3. One of our granddaughters is visiting over the Holiday.
    She has recently graduated from college and has signed up to teach in a
    charter school in Atlanta. While discussing her coming year with her, she commented: ” I really hope I don’t get murdered”.
    What a horrible and sad thing for any young person to say in this country !

    • BLM and ANTIFA sure did a job on the police.. especially in high crime areas. There was a huge article yesterday on the diminishing police forces and increase in violent crimes..
      I will pray that she’s safe..

  4. Ever mess around with magnetic conductive filament? In the right print machine you can make low power circuits embedded in the print. (dual filament machines)

    • QRO (means high power mode in ham radio) ONLY. We don’t do “low power circus”

      Kilowatts on solar (besides a dual filament machine is not in the budget unless 3,400 new peoplenomics subscribers sign up in the next hour, or two…)

  5. George,
    You suggested barrels for water storage. Someone stole my 4 rain barrels when I was in the process of moving. I just bought 3 red food grade water barrels with spouts for about $45 each at Atwoods. I was told they are made in Italy for grape storage. They will work as rain collectors but I am quite happy to fill them with fresh water. I want to put them on cinderblocks to make it easier to access the spout. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Passing this along from the Solari Report –

    Employer & School Disclosure Forms for Covid-19 Injections

    Notice and Declaration of Parental Authority Requirement of Disclosure and Safety of Medical Treatment/s

    As well as this confirmation of what the main CB intends to do to all of our personal funds –
    It’s not YOUR cash, YOUR currency, never was and they want you to realize it.

  7. If you plan on shooting fireworks tonight, the openings in a cinder block are a good place to set up your tube-type items, so they don’t fall over.

    Also, remember that those big cardboard-box grand finale displays have bases made of particle board. If you can’t wet them down right away, do NOT set them near a building. Don’t ask me how I know this.

    • Thanks. This needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP before we lose any more people for political reasons.

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