One and Five-Year Planning

Personal planning, goal setting, and just catching a glimpse of some of the world’s “future news” is on the agenda this morning.

Along with our usual charts, we also look at some other investments to see where they may be heading.

If Bitcoin is an “investment…”

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41 thoughts on “One and Five-Year Planning”

  1. I remember a Socialology Professor said in the early 70’s that by 2000 the US population would all be tan due to the intermarriage & mixing of races. Then there would be no racism.

    How has that worked Prof?

      • People forget the Mendelian law of segregation. Attributes don’t become homogeneous in genetics. Look at cats. They come in all colors and patterns. Mixed litters almost all the time. People will come out like that, though litters are rare.

        Evolutionary pressure will continue and if migration slows way down, then adaptive attributes will tend to prevail again.

        Animals sometimes discriminate, but it’s a little less obvious to most humans. After all, they don’t have Facebook and other (anti)social media.

    • Star Trex Episode “Let that be your last battlefield in 1969”.

      Shows that people will always find a way to be racist.

      Two men show up on the Enterprise. They faces are each black and white, split symmetrically. One is black on the left and white on the right. The second is black on the right and white on the left. So, to a casual observer, they are nearly identical. Even their body types are about the same (they both look like Frank Gorshin).

      Bele charges that Lokai led a revolt of people who are black on the left side against the ruling order, which is black on the right side. Lokai counters that the black/right (white/left) order enslaved the white/right (black/left) people of Cheron and continues to oppress them.

      They become the consummate nuisance on the ship. One is in pursuit of the other, attempting to legally apprehend him (legally, according to his view of things). Kirk gets fed up with them, telling them to knock it off. Not only does this not happen, they gain control of the Enterprise and it takes Kirk bringing the ship to near destruction to dissuade them (at least temporarily) from their racist activities.

      It reminds me of those stubborn Dr. Seuss characters who pride themselves on the most insignificant physical traits. At the end, the Sneetches can’t remember how each of them was different.

    • Lobsang Rampa said it in the 60’s; apparently this has been on the radar for a long time and I would say the agenda is working out BOOTIFULLY! A mongrel race with no culture and no roots to be ruled over by a race with culture, religion, and roots.

      • Sadly, a slave class is always necessary for a decent standard of living unless we have other sources of energy(animals, coal, oil, nuclear, wind, solar) that we can exploit.

        Since DEPLETION NEVER SLEEPS, we need to find ways to have many kilowatts per person always available(and storeable) if we wish to avoid a slave based society.

      • To complete Agenda’s take on our dismal dystopian future, add one more crucial necessity to the completion of the same. That would be NO HISTORY ALLOWED.
        This is being accomplished as we watch. Get a copy of a current high school American History classroom textbook and look over the section dealing with the U.S Constitution. A short chapter indeed.
        I’m old and had a more robust education in the ‘old school’ style. The history I learned dealt with a more in-depth look at our roots and more importantly why these were important enough to teach in the first place.
        All of that is gone now from the textbooks of today.
        Lacking such an education explains why the young are turning against those old, reliable values. These days they don’t learn them so they must pick and choose from today’s life lessons.
        In my time it was reading, writing and arithmetic. These days it is ripping, rolling and rapping. What a life…

      • Human experience (and memory) is limited. Most people can remember so many numbers in a string.

        Author named Heroditus (messed up spelling as always) put out a revolutionary book on History – revolutionary being that it was first known deliberate book of History – fascinating read, but many of the people mentioned are little remembered today.

        Another author – Gregory of Tours who wrote a ‘barn-burner’ on the Merovengian Kings of France – some of whom were well loved by the Nazi’s of centuries later (and Wagner) . . . but who but specialists remember such things?

        It is human nature to forget else we have ‘eternal’ wars.

    • I was always taught that race didn’t make a difference. There are nasty people in all races and all sizes.
      We should live as if we are blind. A blind man or woman only has the personality and actions of the other person to judge from.
      Discrimination has no bounds and pretty much has touched every race

      • While your eyes are closed, the white race is being replaced. While your eyes are closed, someone will have to read you the Kalergi plan as it doesn’t come in Braille. While your eyes are closed, all you worked for will be erased. If race didn’t matter, why so much anger and attack of the white race?

    • I grew up in Buffalo, NY in the 50’s. Buffalo was a very divided city by nationality. The Germans, Polish, Italian, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Jewish, etc all lived in their own section of the city. Only North Buffalo was mixed where I lived.

      As a very young boy, I thought that if I touched a Black person, I would turn black. One day playing at the park, I touched a Black kid & I was still white. I was relieved but realized how stupid an idea that was.

      • A… I have a theory.. we are all different shades of tan. Racism is ingrained deep in all segments of society. Which is sad. I’d love to be able to walk freely down a city sidewalk. Unfortunately metropolitan areas are mostly segmented and tribalism runs deep.
        Never judge a book by it’s cover is what I think my parents tried to teach us. And by golly I’ve met a lot of wonderful people of many races. I’ve met some nasty hateful people of many races to.

  2. I am 72 and remember when Q-Tips did have a cardboard shaft and meat and cheese from the grocery store were packaged in wax paper. Plus, the take home was in a brown kraft paper bag. Maybe the old ways of doing things were better, ya think?

      • More sustainable, but, as George has pointed out many times don’t know if my line of reasoning came from his or it arrived before or near the same time I saw it here spontaneously, but anyway the tax code penalizes labor and so we try and make products that can be mass produced from food (chickens need to be raised to a uniform size for processing, tenderloins are chopped up and then meat glue is used to have uniform tenderloins and on and on).

        Problem is that it uses more resources than simply going back to slower times when humans interacted and cut meat locally.

        Anyway, can rant on the subject for days and yes I believe, things were better then as wealth disparity and so many things seemed more in line with how 99.99% of people would like to see them.

    • OMG… I remember that. Actually around here that is all still pretty common. Home made sausage cheese sliced from the ring. There’s nothing like home made bologna and cheese.
      When I worked grocery.. the bakery would pull the bread out of the oven I’d drop a stick of butter off so they could baste it quick before it hit the slicer.. best bread ever. Slap a slice of bologna in a pan lightly fry it slab of cheese till it starts to melt yumm. I still buy Q-tips with the cardboard shaft but I think they are generic brand. We still have an old soda fountain to. I think it’s the last in our state. Walk in and ask for a green river wow.. now I have to make a trip there..

      • Once a year my son in law and I will make a batch of sausage brats bologna. ( I like potato bologna rings.. ) and sandwich bologna,franks.. and I like to make cheese although there is a place a hop skip away that that’s all they do is make fresh cheese. I like to smoke mine.. butcher paper still wraps most of our meat. They make sausage to but home made is just so much better.
        If your close to a colony you can buy range chickens all packaged and frozen. Or visit a farmers market.. my only rule is if traveling and a TEXAS rancher asks if you’d like a little STEEW … say no.. that happened to us we got stuck in a rain storm and the gumbo mud got us.. a little old rancher with biggest cowboy hat I ever seen was really nice asked us if we were hungry he had a fresh batch of STEEW the one we got was nasty.. then my friend said this is great what’s in it.. badger,snake,skunk he made his STEEW out of roadkill lol lol lol lol one memorable moment in life

  3. “Monetizing Bush Funeral”

    You make a great point. It’s sick watching them parade dead bodies around to build their egos. But the ‘base’ goes along with the nonsense. Those people are our peers.

      • ‘Ach so,’ those war criminals were Nazies, and since we convicted those the world is living in ‘peace and harmony’ — and enjoy the benefits of Democracy. Benefits, no doubt for all survivors. ;-)

    • Essentially, it is anyone of a race – other than mine (whoever pulls the term) – q who doesn’t agree with me… Yep, way overused

    • Racist is a term Race Leaders & Political Leaders love. It is their rally call to action. These leaders do not want us to get along. Getting along is not profitable & doesn`t generate headlines. Unfortunately leaders like Martin Luther King who promoted peace & getting along do not exist anymore.

    • Anti-white “whiteness” college movements are suppose to be tolerated by those theyre attacking and if a white person dares to challenge the precept behind this bias, theyre labeled racist and culturally insensitive.

      If white people are so bad, why do so many people of color want to migrate to nations that are majority white?

      Our college campuses have become leading environments in the indoctrination of young people of all races to hate white people, yet those white people who stand up for themselves and say wait a minute, and dont allow these race baiters an unchallenged view, become the very case and point of the growing anti whiteness movement. Its a damned if you do damned if you don’t circular argument.

      Im a white guy who voted for Obama, twice. Had I known beforehand how race relations would decay in those 8 years and that my support for Obama, especially in his run up to his first election, would be so disrespected as it is in these whiteness movements, I’d have to wonder did I, in the long term, vote against my own best interest?

      How strange to look back at what I thought was a remarkable moment in our nations history and my gesture towards showing a lack of bias and prejudice, and how I am now being looked at by a growing college movement, as the enemy.

      Where are we headed?

      • One more item I must mention along this theme of anti white prejudice being sown in our nations college campuses is, in my business I patronize a vendor, Goodwill Industries, that is heavily employed by immigrants of Ethiopian descent. I must say I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with them. Even been invited to one of their family restaurants and had a great meal.

        My experience in this positive environment and then the total polar opposite exposure to a liberal news media that is run by millennials that ate hell bent on destroying civility, leaves me wondering just who is behind this college youth movement and how do we as nation of still civilized people, change these college campus mindsets, because many new adult migrants don’t believe in the divisions being sown at our nations colleges (yet).

        These new migrants appreciate America for the opportunities our nation provides (just as my migrant relatives did)…but it seems many of these college students only want to tear down those very elements that make America unique.

  4. George, do you remember what time the world was ending on Monday? I do have quite a few things to catch up on before it goes down.

  5. Racial and tribal humans have always fought over who controls the rest of humanity and resourses, along with Massive overpopulation Will always led to wars, Add religion to the blend and unrest will lead to massive killings, Its in the Book.

  6. Is that crappy sheriff still in office in Florida the news doesn’t report the governor needs to put out to sea also strange state

    • this is way to evil to even comprehend. If any of it is true I hope that justice is served and those responsible pay the price for their actions.
      I am afraid though that those responsible will probably walk free and the whole incident will quietly vanish just like that incident a few years ago did. there is way to much power among those that do these heinous acts and lets face it those that could prosecute won’t out of fear. It will soon vanish as if it never existed.

  7. Dear Director,

    It really is quite amazing to consider the hoards of Viking silver coins that have been buried on Gotland from trade with Southern Europe and beyond. One imagines now if a chieftain wanted some unflagged coin supporting causes in former abodes, cut loose a few rigs, plug into a buried cable, and bob’s your uncle.

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