Coping: Two Days in The Realms (Part 1)

The process, that began with setting up the National Dream Center in 2008, is finally making sense.  There is a widening path, though more like a thinning curtain, between the nominal shared reality of the waking state (NSR) and the extra-conscious worlds encountered in the dream state (DS).

The Dream Center concept was simple, at least at the outset:  Allow people a single place where they could post dream-state (DS) experiences so that professionals, like Chris McCleary who  owns the site now and who is a practicing psychologist, can use modern tools to “slice and dice the data.”  The objective of this is to “tune-in” to what’s going on in the Jungian universal mass consciousness.

The tools, such as Grady’s Nostracodeus software project, have allowed certain insights into the future.  But, it is less than a precise science…at least for now.  It’s evolving.

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At the core of it is the concept of bring dream recall to the waking side of the nominal shared reality (NSR), so that we can better-understand and learn some of the larger contexts of Life.

Learning to recall your dreams is not difficult, but you may find it one of the most rewarding activities in your Life.  This is because of who we are.

It’s a story that has been confused by certain religions, and written-around, but seldom directly, by others.  Oftentimes, there’s a collection plate (or tithing) associated.  This seems to arise because people in the waking-state NSR, surrounded by the distractions of the “nominal world” are not inclined to fund research into what goes on in The Realms (DS) that make up the large body of experience.

My first book on point was the novel DreamOver.  It’s an adventure with the usual elements:  Secret agent, gorgeous wife, slipping between dream-states, and a government hierarchy that “bends the rules a bit” as part of continuity of government which is mainly perception (*and thus Reality) management.

Another book in the one in process now.  It’s title is “Psychocartography: Retooling Reality.”

Like the novel, DreamOver, this is much less a process of “writing” a book, so much as “living it” in The Realms.  The only “writing” is trying to find to find the occasional perfect words because there’s a more subtle language on the other side of our existence.

Psychocartography” has a macro-message that’s fairly simple:  Just as what we simplify as “sleep” have many flavors of locations, so does the waking-state (NSR).  In sleep, we have meditation – a state of mental quiescence widely taught these days.  But, there’s another “state-next-door” that was been “turned-down” much as you’d hit the “mute button” on your TV.  This state, similar to meditation, but with a focus on the “visual presentations” in your mind is where I believe “Runes” and runic readings sprang from.

I chronicled my first encounter with this world of symbology in a November 2015 Coping section report, “Seeing Your Personal Source Code.”

The experience of seeing line-after-line of symbols rolling through your mind’s eye (held open visually..which makes it a different state than mediation where the optics are turned down) is extremely disconcerting on first encounter.  You may awake (crossing from the near (DS) level, scamptering back to this side (and “safety”) of the NSR.  It may take several hours coming to terms with this one aspect of The Realms.

From there, deep sleep follows and this is much like a blackout.  Perhaps deeper dreams…

On the way back, from this deepest state, there are the dream states.  These can be anywhere from soft impressions to wild adventures.  Rapid Eye Movement (REM sleep) may form something of a physical bridge as you “see” over in the vivid dream-state yet the physical body here reacts and follows along with the action there.

What separates people’s view of how all this is connected is not so much whether we dream, but rather how much we can bring back over to the NSR upon waking.

The NSR has its own states:  You have waking meditations, daydreams, focused mental attention, and of course, the physical attention layer.

In Psychocartography, I’ll explain a good bit about this “getting around” all these places.  But, the key thing to teach yourself – through repetition and permission is that it’s OK to bring information from one of your Realms to another.  That’s how we grow.

Notice the word “permission.”

This is a critical aspect:  As I journalist, I’ve read many books on Super Learning.  There are many ways to enhance learning:  Use of certain vitamins and supplements (Huperzine-A, for example) may help.  The role of caffeine, particularly coffee can boost learning.

The one best technique, though, is simply giving yourself permission to flawlessly recall.  You see, in the nominal shared world, there are conditioning elements thrown at us by parents who were (like us) in their “learning modes.”  When a parent tells a child “Don’t be such a smart alec…” it tells the impressionable young mind that “Oh, oh, using all my Powers is not a good thing, says that figure providing food, housing, and everything else in my life…”  With that, the “waking-state” hours become even more bounded.

I was lucky to be given the middle name Alex.  So when an aunt told me at a young age, “You are such a smart alec…” I quite arrogantly responded “Yes, I am…”

There’s a huge lesson here about “self-permission” and just as you need to give yourself permission to bring memories of waking states into your dream Realms, in order to fully integrate your multiple-worlds, you need to practice bringing information FROM The Realms back to the Waking Side.

When you do, the curtain begins to lift and you’ll realize a huge, timeless field of operations spread before you because one of the key learnings from my experiences on both sides is that we are not “chemical people” as atheists might argue.  We are something so much larger as to be mind boggling.  And that’s might powerful knowledge to walk around with.

Enough of the background, for now.  Come with me for a few days of exceptional experience…and learning….from The Realms.

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17 thoughts on “Coping: Two Days in The Realms (Part 1)”

  1. Someone recently told me, “in the material realm perfection is dynamic.”

    Hmmmmmm….. hey George, long time no talk. Been well, distracted. May have a girlfriend now…may not. We shall see. It’s all new. And she is only 30 and I’m 47. Very bright and wonderful, and yes of course super cute. Blonde. Not my usual athletic brunette. Figured I would try something different. :)

    Ya, know. I have never read any of your books. I will buy dream over this week and have a gander. Work is getting g just again and I’m just trying to keep my life simple. Work, gym and kids…and now the beautiful distraction. Will email you a pic! She is a head Turner.

    Will they to get caught up with the rest of the class by tomorrow. :)

    • Nope that is not correct. I did purchase and read several times how to live on $10,000 a year. Lol

      • LOL LOL LOL LOL I can relate to that one andy.. heck.. you and your girlfriend are both children.. actually the age of my kids LOL LOL LOL

  2. Giving yourself permission to remember your dreams. Interesting…. never thought about that. I dont remember 99% of my dreams. I will Giv it a go, tonight.

  3. George, between you and me, Andy sure does crack me up. I still chuckle about your comment made awhile back, “sounds like grabbing eighteen rears”, instead of grabbing eighteen gears.

    • Well, I’m still an out door kitty. When I’m an indoor kitty Nancy, I’m loyal and faithful to a fault.

      I gave myself permission to have another relationship today. I like her bunches and sh!t. And I got all goofy inside couple days ago.. which hasn’t happened in a while. ;)

      So we shall see. Just got off work, going to meditate for an hour and then hit the gym for 2 hours.

      Have a great rest of your day.

      • It’s great to have choices, but on the rare occasions that they happened, I generally made the wrong choice.

  4. Along these lines, I have been reading about MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) as a dream enhancer.

    This is one of the three ingredients most often found in joint supplements for building cartilage (ie, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM).

    Young women apparently use it alone for shinier hair, and have had interesting experiences.…ms.194827/

    Anyone with thoughts or experiences?

  5. “Learning to recall your dreams is not difficult, but you may find it one of the most rewarding activities in your Life.”

    I agree 99% except recalling your dreams (for most!) it’s more a matter of talent, IMHO.

  6. We may not be chemical beings, but some chemicals can certainly help our being!

    I’ve seen the runes/code many times in many states including just being too tired, and have always been fascinated by and appreciative of them. I don’t understand them at all, but I like to watch them. If I get insight, that’s even better. Perhaps it’s a download, update, or command file for our continued existence. I do feel that it matters.

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