Index Day, Odessa Woes Grow – Av 9 Closing In

How about a nice serving of Philly Fed and New U.I. filings to light up this morning?  Might as well – the Ure’s are going in for teeth cleanings today while G2 holds down the fort.  Very much a “doing the checklist” kind of day.  Which means a column along the same lines.  Economy? Check.

Day’s Data Drops

About that Philly Fed report:

The diffusion index for current general activity was little changed at a reading of -13.5 this month (see Chart 1), its 11th consecutive negative reading. More than 30 percent of the firms reported decreases, exceeding the 17 percent reporting increases; 49 percent of the firms reported no change in current activity. The index for new orders declined 5 points to -15.9, the index’s 14th consecutive negative reading. The current shipments index dropped sharply from 9.9 last month to -12.5 this month. More than 29 percent of the firms reported decreases in shipments (up from 21 percent last month), compared with 17 percent that reported increases (down from 31 percent); 51 percent reported no change (up from 45 percent).


Philly Fed Diffusion Index
That little bump up at the right says to us things are rolling along OK

The New U.I. filings looked like this, meanwhile:

Unemployment filings this week nationally
The new UI filings saw the NSA insured rate tick up to 13 percent but underlying data isnt worrisome if you look at the four week new claims number

But more important is the experiential.  Here are the “big change State” for the week:

State by state UI filing changes
Looks really good if you have job seeking friends in CT NJ of MI Not so hot in NY however where the increase was large

With all this, a split day in the Early Futures.  Where the Dow was up forty-something.  But the S&P was turning, as was the NASDAQ.

Frosting on it was BTC:  Still treading water in the $30,290 area when we looked.

Putting on my Karnak hat, seems to me little a little down today, but then MAYBE one last gasp into the Friday Close.

PITA Week Ahead

A rally Friday (through the fog of brain) might even last into the opening Monday.  Tuesday?  Different deal next week because that’s when the new Case Shiller housing report comes in.  And the Fed will gavel in for the two-dayer that will culminate next Wednesday in a 1/4 (with an outside chance of a 1/4-point) rate increase.

The hapless day trader is looking at the data: There’s some weak data support for going short at the Friday close.  Since markets do seem to get weaker that Monday-after options Friday.  But not a sure-enough thing to make big bets on.  If you are top sniping? Good luck.  Wave II will be over when it’s over and not before.


Av 9 is where our attention is next week.  Day after the Fed announcement is the 27th (or it’s the 29th, reminds Chris Tyreman, depending on whether you follow the Law or the modern tweaks).

Our favorite (*non-corporate, so far as we know) foreign news site which has been tracking the Ukraine war closely is reporting this:  Ukraine now a landlocked state: Russia cut off natural access to the Middle Sea and dismantled Odessa’s port infrastructure (images) – WarNews247 – Greek site, we use Google translate a lot for such sources.

The was a graphic we put up on the Peoplenomics side which *(somehow, operator error?) didn’t show up.  But it’s Ure’s “tracking map” of where all the fighting is moving. Russia is already at war with NATO and WW 3 is underway. The lineup looks like this:

The red arrow is where the forces are having it out today.

Strangely (or not, this being not the same “free press” country we were sold) most of the useful coverage is from non-corporate controlled, out of country media, which reports stories like Russia attacks Odessa for 3rd time in 3 days after grain deal collapse – La Prensa Latina Media and Ukraine news: Russia attacks Odessa for third night | CTV News.

Yes, Canada may be getting more “straight scoop.”  But a gold star to UPI for Ukraine: Russian airstrikes on Odessa injure 6, destroy 60,000 tons of grain –

For now, we’re thinking that Av 9 may be the “Battle of Odessa” next week and this is what we expect to see trotted out on the 27th or 29th to give shelter to the financial engineers who don’t want to own the markets collapsing.

But, we shall see. For now, the war is rotating into position to add the naval elements: White House: Russia considers attacking ships in Black Sea, blaming Ukraine (

Speaking of made-up news, here’s one to keep an eye on: Google Is Pitching AI Tool That Can Generate News Articles: Report (

Look for Woe-dessa writ large in coming days. As soon as the corporate news controllers get the word and have some talking points to sell.

Domestic Revolutionaries

The low-T, low-IQ lefties in the Senate are up to the same-old shit: Power-grabbing. Senate Democrats Plan Vote Today on New Ethics Code for Supreme Court | The New York Sun (  Which is rich coming from the corporate funding maestros in the Sinate.  We’d sure like to see the Supreme Court issue from rules right back.  And write the White House and blow child pops in too, while they’re at it.  “Separation of Power” kiddies. Does this mean the Sotomayer kiddy books, not just the republican appointees?

Speaking of Blow Child: Marjorie Taylor Greene Shows Photos Of Naked Hunter Biden At IRS Whistleblower Hearing  Oh, we can just hear the whiners but MTG gets point with us for hanging the truth out there for all to see. It’s an embarrassment to the Dodderer-in-Chief (and voters) that such pictures even exist…

Chinese Food Takeout:  Like se said, China’s just going to entertain American  climate blowhards – and do nothingU.S.-China climate relations need ‘more work,’ envoy John Kerry says.  Next at the takeout window: Xi hails ‘old friend’ Kissinger during meeting that harks back to an era of warmer ties.

Was it reader Andy?  Powerball finally has a winner for $1 billion jackpot. Unless Andy went to L.A.? Wasn’t him.  Yet.

Trust Captain Smiley:  Our post yesterday with the voicemail from Capt. Smiley doing AI poetry wasn’t the only reason for his smiles: United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) Delivers Highest Quarterly Earnings; Outlook Bright – Ditto for another airline, too: American Airlines (AAL) 2Q 2023 earnings (

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Around the Ranch: Dream Alert Issued

One of the oddities about future seems to be that as we get closer and closer to Big Inflection Points – which we suspect the weekend after this one will be – the more people will begin to “feel” it coming.

The relationship is almost like Michael Crichton’s description of how things arise out of quantum foam in his written description in his 2003 novel Timeline.  The physics were somewhat lost in the movie, but not like that’s the first time, right?

It’s very much like the “kindling effect” we talked about last week in the Power Density Friday discussion. It’s as though (let me see if I can articulate this) the future’s arrival is a semi-scaled (or second derivative) of the Inverse Square law.  The one that says double the distance from a light source and you get a quarter of the photons.

As we move closer to an inflection point, this time function seems to act in a kindling manner.  Such that the closer we get to events, the better we can tune in on them

I’ve had multiple (serious) woo-woo events in life – seeing/knowing future in advance in dream states.  But for me, the “actual events” are only seen in the sleep period before a future Event pops real.  The longest leading time was “knowing” the oil rig fire (Deepwater Horizon) 18-hours in advance.  The detour to avoid where a fatal accident occurred was like 3-hours after waking from the precognitive state.

My consigliere has been scanning the message boards where people occasionally post insights into the immediate future.  Hasn’t seen anything, yet.  But he was impressed with my dream state prediction of damage to the starboard rear of the hull on a sailboat he’d been looking at buying…

Three notes in passing, therefore are on my “Mentionables” list today.

  1. Be sensitive to your dreams over the next week.  There are about 98 Biblical references to dreams that you can study over here. You’re not after the religiosity of it all.  You’re after technique and how it happens.
  2. Second point is to go looking for your own “source code” on the way into, or out of sleep.  This is where you will “see the Runes” and it’s not a hard practice to begin.  Just learn to control your “mind’s eye”.  When you first go to sleep, there’s a mental “switch” that allows you to turn off the visual cortex input.  However, when you learn to really deeply relax, you will first see odd lights and designs, but then the runes can be seen.  Just remember one of two symbols, if you can.  One I had the other morning in this state was a triangle with a dot in the middle of it. Overs time you can get a collection of personal symbology going.
  3. The third thing is maybe do some sleepy time tinkering with the idea that dreams are really “portals” to other dimensions.  At a minimum, going to sleep is like getting on a railroad.  One end of which is the waking state, while the other end is Dream Realms. Up until recently, I had always crossed between waking and dreaming by going through what was almost like the railroad station in a Harry Potter movie. A switching place between modes of being.  Here, recently (not all the time, though) it has become possible for me to wake up while still being able to (mentally) keep looking back – almost like seeing over your shoulder into a portal to the Other Side.  After moving further into Waking state, the portal begins to close. Doesn’t snap shut, more like a slow dissolve in a movie. But it’s a fascinating idea – that personas/souls are portaling to ElseLives in ElseWhere?  Is this the big USB plug-in to move data around between multiple simulations we’re in?  Wow – whole heaps of interesting concept stuff to work on.

On that note, a little bit of food and nitrous for the cleaning, thanks.

Write when you get rich,


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54 thoughts on “Index Day, Odessa Woes Grow – Av 9 Closing In”

  1. My dream last night was just the same-ol’, same-ol’. The metaphors have yet to change and if they do it’ll be something dramatic I’m sure.

    I’ll tell the second dream first. We were driving my wife’s car to the church (we never go any more so WTH?) and for some reason turned into the Community Center parking lot. As usual we headed to a grove of trees in front of the building that are displaced from the actual location and to miss them I had to turn the car left (or would that be “Left”?) but turning the wheel in that direction took a huge amount of effort that I thought would break something in the steering mechanism. Managed to turn away from the trees but was headed into a ditch full of rushing water (interestingly the rushing water didn’t cross the street, no culvert either) between the CC lot and the next building that required another “Left?” turn and, again, with a huge effort managed to avoid it and then we made it down the street to the church. All I remember at that point was seeing people that are no longer there and the dream drops off at that point.

    Immediately prior to that dream I was in some kind of war zone like Afghanistan at some kind of mountain lookout point I and a partner had stayed in through the night freezing our butts off. Cold as crap and we dared not stick our heads out for fear of getting them blown off. Then I was in some kind of active fire fight in near total darkness guarding a gate in an area fenced off with a hurricane fence. Lots of shooting around me but I was never a target. Someone came out of the building the fence surrounded when it all died down and told me to come in. The building turned out to be some kind of upscale “Shoot House” for training with several numbered doors leading to various shooting scenarios. The dream dropped off after that. The only metaphor I can interpret from this is my personal view of the World to date. Glad the bullets aren’t real … … yet.

      • in your dream just careful what you do with the dip stick …lol lol lol

    • While I can’t conceive of ever “turning Left” I can understand the need to do so in order to avoid a personal train wreck and get back on the road to join a collective progression. It just provides a visual representation that we’re all just along for the ride regardless of what our perception of our trajectory may be.

  2. Don’t count Turkey out yet.

    From May –

    “Five hundred and seventy years after the Fall of Constantinople, Recep Tayyip Erdogan chose the Hagia Sophia to celebrate the anniversary and his own victory in Sunday’s elections. “Allah willing, we see this election as the gateway to the next century of Turkey and it will go down in history as such a turning point,” as that of the Conquest, he declared on Sunday.”

  3. George,

    Chris Tyreman and you are free to speculate about material that I have been writing about for over a decade. However, I believe that you and Chris Tyreman are wrong.

    First, the 9th of Av is at sundown on July 26, 2023, until sundown on July 27, 2023.

    Yes, war may start around the 9th of Av; read my 2013, 2017, 2019 books, and my 2023 Nostradamus Primer. A war is due during the astrological sign Leo.

    In 2012, the closing of the London Olympics opening ceremony did not happen on some new, calculated date for the 9th of Av. It happened on the modern recognized date of the 9th of Av.

    Secondly nobody was writing about the 9th of Av and the implications of this day and World War III until I put it on my website in 2012.

    I have a small website and a small audience, what happens when you speculate about material that I have been writing about in my books for years, without mentioning my name, is that everybody comes to believe that you are the originator of this material, and by the weight of your larger audience, my material, in effect becomes your material.

    You have recommended my work many times, and your Regular Readers might recognize the connection. However, does a new audience member reading your website today know that I was writing about the 9th of Av and World War III in 2012 and making connections to Nostradamus’ prophecies?

    Please respect my many hard hours of work.

    Thank you.

      • I respect both G____ and Stu, but I fervently hope that both of you are completely wrong about a lot of things, as I do many with apocalyptic views. But that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention.
        My own niche worldview is that it is usually the mundane economics that does most people in. Been told “we don’t take that insurance” too many times.
        Having said that, I ordered 4 tubes of 10% iodine ointment on sale today, and I need to charge some batteries this weekend.
        But still, we get a cooling front pushing through this weekend. A chance for a weekend morning’s outdoor recreation looms.

        • “I respect both G____ and Stu, but I fervently hope that both of you are completely wrong about a lot of things, ”

          amen N____ amen
          Just think about that the scary part is I can see it all happening in what appears to be slow motion.
          the absolutely best that we can expect in my opinion is the worst depression in modern history and the ultimate collapse of the usa.
          my scariest thought is it seems as if the biden crimes may knock the families that have been the leaders of controlling the globes economic world..the kings of the hill for well over a thousand years off of their perches of power..Their influence and power crumbling as the countries we have forced ourselves onto all split and join the bric’s
          and for less than what the oligarchs spend on their rangy mutts in a months time.
          similar to Nero destroying the Roman empire.. it’s now a shizt or get off the pot scenario.

          can you im!marine what is going through their minds at this time.. they go out and destroy whole civilizations just to get what they want…then to have alcoholic,drug addicts, and perverts corruption beyond compare that will ultimately destroy their dynasties and just for lunch money.

          in my opinion THAT my friends is a slap in the disrespect of their status as the pinnacle of power..historically that has not gone well..

    • Numerology speaking –

      when we add the dates as single numbers and reduce down to a single number – we get a number tween 1 and 9. For what ever reason beyond my on ken, #5 Days – can be wicked..see 9+11+20+01=(41) 4 + 1 = 5

      7+27+20+23 = 77 (power#) 7+7= (14) 4+1=5

      Keep an Eye on da prize on 5 dayz – ya never know what fun plans Mr&Mrs Uni Verse have in store for the prison populations on Earth. Unless of course they forgot/abandoned Us to our ancientAlienAdvesaries – current use case – We be on our OWN.

      Write when U get idea of what Neural Engagement is all about?

      You can Do It! promise.

    • By the way, I respect your work SO MUCH that there are more than 80 links to your work and I looked this morning and if there had been a new post (wasn’t at my posting time) I would have linked to your latest.
      Just an fyi. And there are more than 70 links to – (Use the search tool on Urban and put in Stewart of the website name…)

    • I personally love the hard work you have done. you’ve opened my eyes so many times by putting the pieces to the puzzle in their proper places..
      keep it up stu..your a Rockstar for those of us curious enough to follow the path..

  4. The Odessa Files..

    2 tankerz;
    Khudayar Yusifzade/reg.malta

    Beks Loyal/reg. greece

    RaHDit – russian hacker collective has published the routes the civilian vessels that “MIGHT” have been involved in Crimean Bridge Attack.
    Both tankers were drifting off Russian coast Black Sea for several days prior to attack.
    Sea drones were transferred ship2ship during this period of time.

    3 rd ship “drifting” in direct view of bridge was “in control” of the seaborne naval drones final assault.

    Watch The Water.

    Nyet BTC 4 G and the FUDsters

    ..U know who U R

  5. Re: The Odessa Files


    Chinese site inf news has a writeup about the Russian destruction of two alleged British “fertilizer” ships last Saturday in the port of Odessa. The article also includes an image of the cargo vessel Navistar tied up at dock under apparent Ukrainian guard. The Chinese subtitling on the image translates as “headlines ?? monitering”. The Marinetraffic website public records indicate that Navistar completed an Antwerp to St. Petersburg run earlier this month arriving on July 11th.

  6. The Art of Dreaming – Carlos Castaneda

    Dreams are, if not a door, a hatch into other worlds. As such, dreams are a two-way street. Our awareness goes through that hatch into other realms, and those other realms send scouts into our dreams.

    Those scouts are energy charges that get mixed with the items of our normal dreams. They are bursts of foreign energy that come into our dreams, and we interpret them as items familiar or unfamiliar to us.

    Dreams are a hatch into other realms of perception. Through that hatch, currents of unfamiliar energy seep in. Then the mind or the brain or whatever takes those currents of energy and turns them into parts of our dreams.

  7. Since I’ll be mildly on topic , Ive been wanting to mention this for a while.

    I have dreams where I actually dream of what is going to happen in a movie. No previews , no IMDB stuff , just KNOWING what is going to happen. Ive even felt like I feel the emotions of the character.

    So , a question.

    Is it possible , possible , that famous and notorious seers from our past may have been viewing events that happened in a movie scene ? How could they possibly differentiate between a real event and an event that glanced through their consciousness that was from our cinemas.

    • Dave that’s a very insightful and difficult question. But the way you can differentiate has to do with texture of the dream/state. In the waking state, you are “consciously conscious of waking.” In the dream realms to can be “conscious of dreaming.” A lot is also clear from textures (of dreams) and “powers.”
      To explain, texture have almost a “different rendering engine” running. You see things, but not all aspects of scenes are fully rendered. When I play back a vivid dream, for example, I notice there are portions of the “dream screen” which are lacking in detail. Not quite pixelated placeholders, but not the “no matter where you look” in the waking state.
      Second point then is about “powers.” I have gotten to the point where I can pretty much “fly on demand” (as in levitation) in the lucid dreaming state (depending on the world/realm I’m visiting, of course). However, my “powers” are gone as soon as “conscious of consciousness” shows up.
      But with experience an working on improving waking (which you can think of as the analog to the OSI model of data!) the point seems (in a sense) of living to improve our interfacing with other worlds. Which is where wisdom comes in and we take videos there in return. Kind of like an energy/electrical circuit for consciousness of individuals to investigate.

  8. Pooh Team executes a Pincer manuever across UKR and flirts with the Slovak and Polish Borders. I think this is the last push as both side complain of being out of ammo. The Wagner ruse sucks up a bunch of freshly printed US$ digits to the co-conspirators in RUS. Some of whom from outside apearances played along for the collected cash, setup the run and let the chips fall and reveal what they may [whos loyal whos a traitor]. Wagner polishes the Belarus flank 300,000 conscripts strong. We’v got about 400K US troops in Poland. Lets see if the Pooh Team crosses the border. IF Pooh Teams objective was to get rid of 25 buy o labs and the Azov, then they will stop at the border. The Musk solution was/is the correct answer IMHO. But, doing so would expose a wealth of Buy Dans and 10 pecenters. A massive war would serve to distract emotions and rage from said transgressions, no pun. LOL. Sadly UKR is Eff’d. Victoria bakes some awefully potent cookies. I’m still subscribing to kabuki theater as the BRICS solidify step 3 of the Global Blockchain conversion. Eyes on the prize.

  9. “”

    Ah yes the Kissinger solution. That plan needs oil to work. Buy Dans killed US domestic oil [read: the real inflation starts in earnest].

    Seems to me its merely Chinas turn in an age old agreement that none of us are privy to the details of, except those EU royals, City of London, Vatican and select chosen ones, red shields etc.. [youll never hear from them publicly unless SHTF] .
    I dont think Chins sits well with the Triffin Dilemna over time and eventually passes the ceptor to the IMF BIS.


    • IIRC neither the U.S. nor Russia acknowledges the ICC, the World Court, or any other “court” of “law” other than its own. Also IIRC, both Bush 43 and Dick Cheney are living under “arrest warrants” for “war crimes” from one or another of these (not so) august bodies…

      They are “courts” set up by pompous little Urapeein pissants who want to feel important by attempting to bully their betters. Y’all know how I feel about bullies…

  10. A move to disinflation is positive for stocks, like we are currently experiencing. Now, I expect disinflation to shift to deflation in many parts of the economy. Which will hit corporate earnings and send stocks much lower. The Federal Reserve is walking a tight-rope right now.., Do they raise the rates again to fight inflation back down to their 2% target – if so, they risk flipping the economy by slowing, or even stopping demand and that may bring deflation to raise it’s ugly head ?? Corporate profits are doing so well is because they fore-saw the Fed would be forced to raise rate – before that happened, they refinanced their debt to one of the lowest levels ever seen in corporate banking and have been able to ride out the interest rate storm – in fact they have profited nicely from the raising rates as their interest rate payments are exceedingly low for such a constant raise in federal rates. But those refinanced debts come due in 2024 – 2025 – 2026. Being that their debt interest is so low and profits from that are so high may just be a solid reason why the much anticipated recession has been put on hold. Corporations are not feeling the pinch like the public is.
    There seems to be no clear-cut winner in this economic-battle. Continue to fight inflation – risk deflation – do nothing, cross your fingers and sit back and watch ? ., and according to some analyst the government won’t cut spending, raise taxes much, seek a bailout, or default on its debt, so “the only alternative is to let inflation bail you out.”
    – In the 70’s the Federal Reserve started raising rates to fight inflation -slowly they succeeded, inflation started dropping nicely but under extreme pressure from the Senate, the Fed stopped raising rates and actually cut them. Inflation came roaring back and went double digits., sparking a whole new round of rate hikes.
    – Would that happen this time? I have no idea.., just guesses. And it is all on “The Fed” now.., well, sans any out-right wars and ‘shrooms. No matter what they announce from this next meeting – it will be talked about for quite some time.

    • 21 Gun Salute – the FED Put . Woot woot from the bandicooot- gRome.

      gone with the wind, and frankly Scarlet, I do care what you think..

      “..used to dream of outer space, but now there laughing in our face
      Sayin wake up ya need make money,yeah.” 21Pilots

      Welcome – The Treasury Put, where real hard ass Assets will rule! Allo Poppit!(dammitjanet)

      Nat resources – sure, Land – youbetcha, and of course that HARDEST of all Assets – BTC.
      Still buffering on the rest of the Treasury Put implications, perhaps some Maths peeps will have better insights into coming sea changes.

      The inflation monster IMHO is nowhere near been tamed yet.

      – hell gROME kerPOWell has not even gotten the Inflation monsters’ attention yet, throwing peanuts at it – just pisses it off moar.

      – We are feeling It at the store and at the dinner table.
      Hell used to get 10 bananas for $1bze, now its like 5or 6nannerz for a BZE buck.

      The price of freshFish is now..

      off the hook!

      DIS for woke Puts
      SLDP for fun &profits – AUG exp.
      Went big long FCX going into earnings – rolling UP -wootwoot!
      LICY for moar fun&profits
      and BITF for the big salami/ 4 the grand slam or grand slammed.
      All of the above – is wild ass speculation. Not advice, just a little insight into the mind of a financial fool.

    • Got Block Chain? My theory still goes that Wall Street will pivot fully into Crypto after all other money whirl a gig market froth and skim apparatchik operations start failing to yield any VIG. This will come at a time when the Whales are at a point of maximum cash and minimum CUSIP value. Enter the cryptoverse and and Bakkt blockchain exchanging those CUSIPS for block chain addresses on a block chain ledger of value.

      Epic, and you all are so focused on WW3. [Let’s hope you’re all wrong on that one].

      • me thinks we already are. The big war is financial, they have already lost the shooting war.
        “The baby” is on life support, prognosis not so good as Gold slowly rises up, straining the “shackles” that have kept it in place for the last 45 yrs or so.
        The horror of inflation will be seen and felt by all who deal in Malfeasance = fiat, once Silver&Gold break free of the masters of the Game..

        My GOLD & SILVER – Ures’ green cotton based TP..$1 in 2020 is today worth $1.18 2023 (infaltion calc. tinysota fed)

        CUSIP control/accounting is 100% made up FRAUD.

        They will be crawling back to mr Middleton & VERI soon enough – The People will demand It, after the fallout from WW3F is cleaned up and sorted out..

        *Hope the good peeps are printing out and saving hard copy financial account statements every Month. Its called back up .

  11. Orwellian double speak ? ,,, Chris Wray
    when asked about Bibems taking money, he refers to a investigation started Under Trump’s term, but the refuses to answer if Bribes is under investigation,,, what the ?

    there is shit going on behind the scene, coming to fruition, as the deeps are being ‘exposed’ for stalling all the Biden investigations, as MTG shows some of Hunter’s ‘exposure’.
    the deep state is falling apart as Debbie wasserman tries to censor Kennedy during a hearing about censorship
    PAIN for deep dems

    like someone left the closet door open with the LIGHT left on,,, thank you Tom Bodett
    or lost a laptop or two,,, I remember liddle Debbie raising hell about a laptop left in the halls of CONgress

    does any know what day it is?
    who stalls investigations? guilty parties?

  12. Life Extension
    The six foods that the longest-living Japanese stay away from are commonly found in the standard, everyday American diet. These foods include sugary drinks, fast food, processed meats, sugary cereals, cream cheese and all candy.
    – Which pretty much confirms what has been said here, many times, for many years. Cut out all sugar and processed foods. Why they avoid cream cheese wasn’t fully explained., but they use a special spreadable tofu substitute.
    – – Tofu. Tofu originated in China. The production of tofu first began around 220BC, allegedly during the Han Dynasty. It finally reached Japan in the 8th century AD., and the U.S. around 1960., though high in protein, it is still not a family staple in America.

    • G2 busted my chops on my cream cheese pick. ONLY Philly Cream Cheese. 2 gm net carb. The WalMart look alike he po9int out on the label had 8 net gms carbs.
      Who knew?

      • Walmart’s ‘Great Value’ brand is not,,, what they claim, a great value,,, it is cheaper and of poorer quality, and that cream cheese does not taste as good as Philly. I do not buy their brand of anything anymore. And have reduced how much I shop there by 50% over the last few years, I go to local owned store more and more, better vib there also

      • Always, always, always read the label and if there appears to be something sketchy, search it out.

        ‘Sounds like a time-consuming demand, doesn’t it? It IS, for a few weeks, until you establish the habit.

        Also, you begin to catalogue things and sort them in your memory into “buy this” or “don’t buy this…”

        {See thread below for the rest of this wordiness…}

  13. Hi George,
    In reference to the many shared instances of your Woo-Woo dreams and precognitive experiences, I just read the first book written by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville, VA. He was a businessman who in his late 30s/40s began to have out-of-body experiences (OOBE) that frightened him greatly. He slowly overcame his fear and began devising methods to induce and then control his entry into his “Second Body”, as he termed the non-physical body that de-incorporates from his physical body for his OOBE. In his “Second Body” he described moving into and exploring three distinctly different realms.

    Along with his OOBE he also began having precognitive visions, most of which came true and were verified during his lifetime. However, there were three that were extremely unique but never materialized during his life. They occurred over a three-year timespan, 1961 – 1963. Here are his descriptions (please note that Robert Monroe was a licensed pilot):

    “11/5/61 – I am standing alone outside my house. The sky is mostly clear, with a broken cloud cover to the north. I see a group of aircraft emerge from the cloud cover, just above it. They approach, and I note that they are not typical aircraft or rockets. Behind the first wave is row after row of the strange aircraft, literally hundreds of them. They are not like any airplanes I have seen before. No wings are visible, and each machine is gigantic, some three thousand feet across. Each is shaped like the head of an arrow, V-shaped, but with no fuselage as in our swept-wing airplanes. The V-shape is not a lifting surface, but houses the occupants in two or three decks. They sail majestically overhead, and I feel a tingle of awe at the mighty power they represent. I also feel fear, because I somehow know that these are not man-made.”*

    “10/20/62 – I am standing with other people in a suburban street. Looking up, I see what appear to be airplanes through a large break in the clouds. I take a closer look, and realize these are a type of aircraft I have never seen before, evidently powered by something other than propellers or jets (impression is of a unique form of rockets, but not chemical). Three of the aircraft dive down in a descending turn, and I can see they have black sides and white square windows, but no wings to speak of. The three make a low pass over a nearby street. Houses and buildings collapse in their wake, not from bombs but from something emitted from the machines themselves. We all dive for a ditch for safety.”*

    “6/12/63 – My family and I are in a situation where the whole population of the city we live in is trying to leave. Gasoline is unavailable, electric power has been shut off. There is a great sense of fatality among everyone. It doesn’t seem to be the product of atomic war, and there is no concern as to radioactive fallout. There is principally a feeling of doom and the breakup of civilization as we know it due to something momentous having taken place, a factor beyond human ability to control.”*

    * Journeys Out of the Body, Robert A. Monroe, p. 152-154, Anchor Books, 1977.

    These all seem eerily associated with our current times – maybe, maybe not???

  14. This will be nice for collecting payments.

    Fed launches new payments system that lets you send money in seconds

    The Federal Reserve Thursday officially launched its long-awaited instant payment service FedNow, which allows consumers and businesses to send and receive money in seconds.

    The system lets Americans pay for groceries instantly, businesses pay their suppliers, or people pay each other. It will be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, with full access to funds immediately.

  15. Potatoes-
    1 lb gold potatoes here. Russet potatoes will work well also. 3 ounces blanched almonds
    6 -10 cloves of garlic although you can adjust the amount of garlic to your liking or use roasted garlic for a milder dip
    I prefer roasting garlic..
    lemon juice or red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons
    extra virgin olive oil, anywhere from ¾ cup to 1 ¼ cup.

    Peel and dice the potatoes and rinse under cool water. Add them to a saucepan and top with water (water should cover the potatoes by about 2 inches). Add a good pinch of kosher salt to the water. Bring to a boil, then lower heat to medium-low and let simmer until potatoes are tender (about 15 minutes). They should easily break at this point. Rinse them again, this time under hot water. And set aside for 5 to 7 minutes (you want the moisture to evaporate)
    Make the garlic and almond paste
    In a food processor, combine blanched almonds (shelled walnuts will work too) with garlic and lemon juice. Add a good pinch of kosher salt. Run the processor until the mixture turns into a paste. (It might be a bit grainy, keep going until you achieve the smoothest paste you can. It will still have some texture, which is fine).
    Use a masher or a food processor to mash the potatoes smoothu
    Combine potatoes with olive oil and garlic-almond paste
    Here’s where the magic happens! Add about half of the extra virgin olive oil, but do it one bit at a time while using a wooden spoon to mix the potatoes. Add the garlic and almond paste and keep adding the extra virgin olive oil a little bit at a time while using a wooden spoon to mix everything together. (You want to reach a fluffy potato dip). Taste and add kosher salt to your liking. Mix again to combine.
    put in a fancy dish sprinkle chopped chives on top and parsley on the edge drizzle A little garlic olive oil on top.

    bake some fresh bread sticks.
    fire up your browser and boast a few chicken breasts..
    now on your potato dip.. you can add smoked bacon bits in it to..

  16. Seems as though the Rush Limbaugh boys (Frick and Frack) have come to the same conclusion that I did 3 or 4 months ago. A split party ticket. Trump and RFK jr. My original thought was Tim Scott and RFK, if not that then Trump and Kennedy . The Scott / Kennedy ticket still entices me. A very articulate ,Quick thinking, and knowledgeable black man and a moderate Kennedy style Democrat. Trump is not my first choice for several reasons. He is still a rude New Yorker and he is going to be so busy defending himself from every possible imagined “crime” that it may seriously affect his campaign. There is also another concern, WHO are the Demorats going to run (may not be important if they own the compooters) I’m fairly sure it wont be Biden and Camilla (only in her wildest dreams), Newsom is a possible but brings a lot of baggage. SO now lets consider that lovely young lady who has NO political experience and who as stated that she is embarrassed buy this country and who has said on numerous occasions the she would never want to run for the office and who as first lady had one of the largest first lady budgets and one of the largest first lady staffs on record. (real concern for the average tax payer). Yep in my opinion Michell is a serious consideration. Can we rule out the hildabeast (If not, then we get another Biden with a skirt) ?? how about Ophra??? (I know I did not capitalize “hildabeast”. that was intentional.

    The key to how the Repubicans go may hinge on Trump, Is he in this for his ego or for the country?? Yea I know Trump could also consider Scott as VP or Kari Lake but that does not minimize his baggage.

    Of course this whole thought process assumes that there will in fact, be an election in 2024??? If there is no election we may be in some very dangerous uncharted waters.

    • “how about Ophra??? ”

      personally I’d vote for Oprah!!!
      grew up poor abused .. fought her way to the top.. she’s smart has feelings for the people sure dhed make mistakes and would probably irritate the same people Trump did.
      definitely would be better than Sloe and the Hoe or Beavis and butt head

    • Bobby Kennedy is only being called a “moderate” by the conservative pundits who’d like to see him screw Biden’s wrecking machine. Don’t kid yourself. Kennedy is a hard-core Liberal. The only thing he’s not, is a socialist nutjob.

      I postulated months ago regarding the possibility of a Trump/Kennedy ticket, because it would really screw things up, and the two think alike regarding several prescient issues. Unfortunately, none of those issues except reigning in the pharmcos are important to keeping this nation out of the garbage heap of history. On everything else, they’d be at odds, and Trump has learned that he must select well at the outset, because people like the VP can’t be fired…

      Why would you (or anyone) punish Trump for being honest and patriotic, in the face of politicians and jurists who are neither? Neither you, nor anyone else can name a single credible charge against the man. If there were one, he’d have been behind bars by this time in 2016. So you want to punish him because bad people are throwing mud at him?

  17. “Senate Democrats Plan Vote Today on New Ethics Code for Supreme Court”

    I’m pretty sure it is beyond the purview of any one branch of our government to make rules which govern a different branch. ISTM the USSC could merely declare any such piece of dreck to be unconstitutional…

  18. “Do they raise the rates again to fight inflation back down to their 2% target – if so, they risk flipping the economy by slowing, or even stopping demand and that may bring deflation to raise it’s ugly head ?? ”

    Think about that…
    prices went up drastically in the past month. people are living on plastic now..
    deliveries from overseas companies have slowed down. many take the order then cancel them later..
    the velocity of cash is starting to implode..
    sure they can write the figures anyway they want..the truth is. it takes money and velocity of it to pay employees and pay building expenses as they increase.
    a few years ago the electricity company raised rates just a few bucks nothing drastic..but for a regular amounted to a Nicole an hour. not just the employee but the company had an increase as well..along with all the manufacturers of the goods they sell…
    so what do you do..raise prices to meet those increases.
    instead of putting them in jeopardy of out pricing the economy.. they cut hours to compensate..
    to little water on the table and the noodle pulls apart… to much h and it desolves and crumbles

    • The most insidious increase in electrical costs is when they either raise the base rate or increase base taxes! There’s nothing you can do about it other than cease service completely, and that has other consequences. Using less juice doesn’t help, and actually using more juice spreads the base costs over more kilowatts. The only way to even try to win is to sell back more power to the power company, but they’ve stacked that deck too, with insidious regulations.

  19. I only had to scan the labels of a dozen or so Campbell’s Soup cans before coming to the conclusion that I could make a reasonable assumption that ALL their soups are now genetically-modified (and BTW, taste different.) Progresso Soup is now frankenfood, as well. Of major brands, only Pacific is still real food, and I really don’t care much for it. Campbell’s is coming out with an “organic” soup line any day now which, for triple the price, will likely offer their original product, prepared without the GM components.

    Once you catalogue a food or a manufacturer, you simply remember the “buy/avoid” label in your brain. If’fn you want something anyway, read the label and compare: Velveeta “Shells and Cheese” is really good tasting but not exactly healthy. Check out the organic alternatives. When you find something that’s an acceptable substitute, put it in the “WIN column” (and no, don’t ask. I don’t buy shells & cheese because I consider it ALL, unhealthy.) I have a mess of organic mac & cheese I bought when Kroger labeled a few cases of “Annie’s Organic” at 3/$1.00. Other than that, I make my own, now that I can freeze-dry stuff…

    Frankfurters used to be a pork sausage. Nathan’s was all beef, and the exception to the rule. Now chicken is the dominant component (except for all-beef Nathan’s knock-offs). The packers/producers have changed their seasoning packs (or their Chinese owners changed it for them) and none of them taste like they should, any more. (One still does, but I ain’t tellin’, other than it’s a major brand that’s not known for hot dogs…)

    ALWAYS especially read the labels of meat products that are supposed to be good for you. Turkey bacon is much less healthy than real bacon. Its one redeeming quality is it’s comparatively low-calorie (don’t believe me? Go check the sodium content!) This is a general rule for any “turkey-based” “pork” product, and for the veggie substitutes (like fake meat “veggie-burgers.”) The factory which produces this shit has to put so much stuff in it to make it palatable, that their finished product is less-healthy than the product they’re replacing, except in one area, and that area is usually net kcal. If you’re young and trying to lose a few pounds, maybe that’s okay. If you’re older, or just trying to be kitschy, in actuality, you’re kinda dumb…

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