It’s a fine pastime – I mean if you don’t have friends, hobbies, schedules, kids, housework, a yard, oil change, or other real chores to do – trying to figure out the “next Big Thing” that will show up in the MSM news flow.

Should be something big enough to cause panic, a sucking of the breath, massive above-the-fold headlines and a bump in viewership for the “alleged” news channels.

Thus far, the holiday has been fairly orderly.

In Syria, the government is showing how they don’t have an effing clue: They are trying to promote tourism while headlines like At least 38 killed in string of bomb blasts across Syria – Turkey says ISIS driven from Turkish-Syrian border are crossing.

Makes you wonder what’s been placed in the water over there, doesn’t it?

The Money-Go-Round

Markets in Asia were up modestly overnight. But that will blow around this week as the G20 is meeting in China. Carefully timed and staged: Seoul says N. Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles into sea. As luck would have it, they aimed at something big enough so they could hit it (The Pacific).

Putin’s Gimme Shelter

The war in Syria is having one effect, though it’s kind of hard to explain: The world axis of power around Oil is shifting.

The tip-off headline to study is Oil jumps as Saudi Arabia and Russia agree to work together.

Remember, the Saudis had this wet-dream idea of building a pipeline from the kingdom up through Syria and Turkey and then into Europe where they figured to make oodles of dough. Underselling Russia they could buy market share. We get that…

But, since the War in Syria (WiS) is going badly, they will go von Clausewitz: war by other means, which is what business comes down to.

But Russia isn’t trusting anyone. Having lost millions in WW II, the Russia mindset is very much in the Trust-but-Verify mode. So, just in case the commercial angle doesn’t pan out, they continue to make an incredible investment in Civil Defense.

Take this story out this weekend in the UK Sun: VLADIMIR SHOOTIN’ Russian president is gearing up for atomic war with the West by building top-secret nuclear shelters, security experts fear

Not that the story should surprise anyone: It’s been part of our “Big Picture” view forever, Alex Jones on InfoWars has been harping on this for months. But the mainstream media controls are in place. The great unwashed are still snoozing – making mention of it in a column this early almost pointless.

What’s likely happened is that enough people have grokked the story on the Web that it has to appear in the MSM, so out it comes in the “edgy” Sun. We will let it percolate there and then see how far into the MSM it gets. When both the NY Times and the Washington/Amazon Post cover some aspect of Civil Defense in a three-day window, the it will have arrived.

For now it swirls around the edges of the stream of consciousness awaiting the leap to courant dominant.

Pass the Aspirin

Not too much on our business agenda this week. Gallup’s consumer spending ditty comes out tomorrow. The most exciting financial news is a bunch of Fed-speaks mouthing this and that. But the real action is the G20. The Global Picture will matter most for the next week or three, although presidential campaigning is in background.

Even that has become laissez faire: Trump is actually campaigning while Clinton is off raising still more money to buy the election.

Used to be people asked “Who did you vote for?”

As the media speed picked up, it became “Who are you planning to vote for?”

A ways further it becomes “Did you register?”

And this year it will come down to “Did you enter a bid?”

Not that it matters.

A sage reader of ours has already told us “You don’t need to actually win. You just need to count the votes….”

Considering Homeland Security has already been hacked, even the most reasoned person can see the high potential for wrong-doing of the highest order in this unconstitutional federalization of elections. By decree, not Law we notice.


Well, should be obvious: When young black voters are turning on Hillary, and when even music greats like Sean “Diddy” Combs says black people got short-changed by Obama, what’s a good decreeing and controlling central government going to do in order to compel its anointed successor into office?

Presactly…enforce the count their way of course!

Best part about this kind of fed-jack?  We won’t  need an October Surprise, after all, thank you.

It’s been done.

An d most recently in Detroit where Donald Trump receiving a shawl and a bible at a black church while getting an ovation was ordered shut down according to this report.

Done…and done.

Meantime the pro-Clinton press is trying to whip up the idea that Russia is meddling in US politics, but in truth it’s appearing very much like the usual list of necons and the richy-rich.  They do have the high bid so far, you see?

Big-Picture-wise, the plan seems simple enough from out here in the woods:  Have the FedGov make up hacked election stories, along with dire warnings about foreign influencers and then justify the pending DHS vote-jack in November.  Easy-peasy.

“The question remains whether the federal government will subvert the Constitution to achieve the goal of federalizing elections under the guise of security,” Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp told Nextgov in an email. “Designating voting systems or any other election system as critical infrastructure would be a vast federal overreach, the cost of which would not equally improve the security of elections in the United States.” 

Land of that who?    Hand me my meds.