Labor Day: Humans Losing War With Machines

Seriously somber stuff to discuss on Labor Day, no doubt.

But we are not as humans doing a credible job of either measuring the machines to humans ratios, nor are we tracking the machine thinking ratio to human thought ratio. 

WTFU:  This is described by a single word.  Blindsided.

And no, that post on FB or that trolling you’ve been doing on Tinder doesn’t count as work output, sorry.

So yeah…humans are losing the game.  We have spawned the machines and the data says they’re  coming to get us.  We connect the dots between the pending escape of A.I., the collapse of the markets to come, and a 1931 pinball game…

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22 thoughts on “Labor Day: Humans Losing War With Machines”

  1. okay this is to everybody that’s ever bought a house do you remember that first time that you bought your first house and it was like this is pretty scary because you really don’t know except that you’re trusting these people your real estate agent a lawyer and you’re trusting the system to not screw you over it was pretty nerve ending until you were rewarded with a title or a certificate that says you have bought it Karma -.? It’s even more nerve-wracking when you have the cash to pay for your first house compared to well you just know it to a bank but buying your first house for cash is like it’s a lot more nerve-wracking been signing papers that says you’re in debt I don’t know why people like to sign papers that says they’re in debt mostly for the rest of their lives but when you pay cash there’s this uneasy feeling that hey I might have just got screwed but then after it happened you’re like wow I actually own this house well except for the taxes you have to pay but you own it and you’re not paying Bank fees and surcharges and all that stuff in other words you’re not buying the bankers have extra one or two houses for the payments because you paid cash for it so now you’re kind of free and you’re going to like them I’m going to do this again and before you know it you’re buying another one before you know it you’re buying another one for cash for you know if you are a cat person and if you ever do when I go buy something on credit while they’ll probably give it to you especially if you tell him what you got because they love your assets

    • it is challenging to try and read your ‘lazy’ post without any punctuation – it becomes one long sentence that is hard to follow; thereby, most readers will just give up about 4 lines down and the point you are trying to make is never ‘heard’.

    • So you’re buying houses for cash and what are you doing with them are you renting them out or are you just collecting them to have a house collection for your cats and by the way what sizes are these houses are they doll houses or are they cat houses?

  2. What’s really disturbing is the banks don’t really have the cash in the first place and they make up the cash and makeup hey we’re letting it get to you and hey you can’t make it up you gotta work for it or on it and then if you default well now they have they own your house and they never work for it they made it up on paper something seems wrong there wouldn’t you like that system the change those Illuminati powers-that-be you’re really out to get you aren’t they so roar like a lion or meow like a little kitten

  3. Make sure you cut your grass or their laws will enable the non workers to confiscate your property Karma -? Dang the rule country life seems more pleasing to me

  4. So it can be argued that you need a good education in order to get a good job, and it is a fact – not just opinion – that the cost of a university (or even good technical degree) has been rising. Is debt forgiveness needed so that the current and future citizens of our country can thrive at what they do best? Or are we going to be sticking people in debt for years just so that they can be productive? What is a ‘good’ life worth?

    • You can do that, but the owners of the debt (institutional investors) will not except what is essentially a default and no return of remaining principle and interest. So if you forgive the debt in essence the tax payer will pay for the mistake these people made – so I say too bad for being so stupid as to think a degree was going to automatically give you a job that simply does not exist in the first place.

      • But sometimes a job which is said to exist ‘by the powers-that-be’ doesn’t really or too many people thought it might – went for that degree . . . so say people don’t extend themselves, to strive to be the best they can be – what, spend your life just ‘coasting’?

        I had this discussion thirty-five years ago with a friendly boss who said that I was only one of two people in a group of twenty who expressed any thought as to what they wanted to do in the future. Not that it worked out that way – but at least I tried . . .

      • Where do you live? In my state – can’t vouch for ‘out of Oregon’ – everyone can get free education through high school – though I got ‘Catholic schooling’ and if you are poor enough, and have any kind of ambition you get Pell grants etc. etc.

        Only the worst sort of people complain about access to education . . .

  5. this is interesting massive microwave bursts showing up on national weather maps.. .. Now.. I wonder out of curiosity.. if you placed a transparent map of military or missle silo sites if the blue hue from microwave bursts would match up to their location…. interesting though and I am curious…. map..

    • never mind.. I figured it out.. its radar bloom no intriguing story.. LOL LOL LOL.. just that a couple of them are in area’s I know… and it got me curious..

  6. so call BLS…they have employees devoted to hunting down answers, ah but do you prefer bashing the govt (part of the negative mood trend you’d know about if you read The Socionomist)….just what The Donald is trying to cash in on….

    • Near as I can figure, you are not a subscriber. You’re acting like a troll on a mission – so this ends. (And NO BLS doesn’t have the data either)
      A subscriber would have noted the extract from the Monthly Labor Review – of BLS – before saying something stupid.
      D’oh…already did that?
      Using a different moniker (Maxwell Smart? Come on!) you tried to bait by using the phrase Trumpanzee…
      Other names used included QwertyCoatl and “No loose Cannons” as well as “Trump Needs DudeWipes” – yup, sound like a troll.
      Hmmm… Californian? Alameda County around Hayward, isn’t it? Sonic Net? Shall I go on?
      Still, criticism keeps us all honest…
      Which is more than I can say for a non-subscribing troll – we have no such IP as a login to the subscriber database.
      \Oh shit, don’t hate being found out?\

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