Occam’s Update

Our Peoplenomics update Wednesday suggested a methodology to figure out if we are on the right side or the left side of that mega bubble that popped in the fall of 1929.

This morning, we offer subscribers an update based on the close of trading Wednesday and looking at the futures (up strongly) this morning.

While this is not trading advice, it is nevertheless very useful information to have at a time of nearly unpredictable markets.  We hope you enjoy it!

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3 thoughts on “Occam’s Update”

  1. The current market is about to break thru the right side 1929 chart on the upside. The 1929 chart line is like an inverse moving average. This could be a vision or sign from the roaring 20’s to be long.

  2. George, You have outdone yourself with the Occam charts. So far, my untimely repurchase of my AAPL position has turned into a positive. I believe Warren Buffet has invested in AAPL. Hopefully, my attemt to be more diligent will last.

  3. The International Stochastics:

    The FTSE 100 is in an uptrend, but is not a buy. The NIKKEI 225 is going sidewise & not yet in an up trend.

    These are the only 2 International Indexes I am watching.

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