Sure, sure, the headline on The Drudge Report today may be confusing, if not downright baffling to some.  “BUSHOBAMA SLAM STATE OF NATION!

Unfortunately, those who have read the distillation of Professor Carroll Quigley’s work, Joseph Plummer’s savory Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy, can see only all too clearly what’s going on:

The New World Order is pulling out all the stops.  They want Trump out of the White House…and all their levers of power are being pulled at once.  This results in confusion between We the People because things aren’t making sense.  Examples?  Everywhere you look.

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Let’s start with the misleading headlines.

Naturally, we would expect stories like the Daily Beast report this week “Top Dem: Trump Administration Hasn’t Been Forthcoming Enough About Niger Ambush.”

But when The Network (the British-American Establishment) begins to enlist what WAS previously the President’s own Party, then things get a little weird.

Like “McCain threatens a subpoena to get details on Niger ambush.”  Hold it!  Aren’t McCain and Trump (supposedly) in the same Party?  You wouldn’t know from the headlines, would you?  And that’s our point:  It doesn’t logically follow.

But, tearing a page out of Trotsky, The Network has pre-planted the idea that we should all be thinking “Oh, poor McCain!” especially after reading stories like “Meghan McCain ‘Exhausted’ by Trump Attacks: No ‘Threat’ Can Match What My Father’s Gone Through…”

We remember, though,  a couple of facts related to McCain.  The fact that he was involved, or  he was instrumental (or personally engineered) public disclosure of that contentious “secret” Russian activities dossier about Trump (the golden showers claims etc.) which became public as a smear Trump effort.

We are also mindful that McCain has a major personal power quest – as evidenced by his unsuccessful run for President.

Sour grapes, played by The Network like a violin, as we see it.

When you start to read the news flow, with the clearer eyes of someone who can see the shadows of The Network playing people like the string section of an orchestra, it becomes almost graceful in a Blacklist/Reddington kind of way.

In his book, Joseph Plummer notes that The Network is not really so much interested in actually doing good, though some  may personally benefit.  It’s more that they want to keep everyone addicted to their bankster “yoke of Debt” so that a control system not unlike 19th century India’s controls, can be established and maintained worldwide.

With this understanding, fractions of truth came from two former presidents Thursday.  Let’s start with George Bush who is quoted as giving us a HUGE tipoff that I’ve bolded in case your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet:

“The former president also criticized the “governing class,” but did not specifically mention President Trump, Congress or any other politicians in office.”

You see?  Bush speaks as though there is a governing class in this country which is not only wrong but unconstitutional!

Creds to The Hill for catching the slip,  But, you see, this is the dangerous mindset of the powerful these days:  They hold themselves entitled and they claim membership – just as the Clintons did, in this governing class.  It must be real or Bush would not have used the term.

Since he’s not playing along with The Network’s script, Trump is on the outs and they will “get him” eventually.

The Network is also ensuring that low-level formatting of your receptiveness is already underway to ensure that the rising-star son of Trump doesn’t run for office, either.  Let me back up..

CNN is, we suspect, taking cues from The Network as the term “red meat” has shown up in our Nostracodeus software runs.  We scan the net looking for linguistic messaging.

The term to be sensitive to going forward, it appears, is?  “red meat.”

As in CNN’s “Trump focuses on taxes in red meat speech before conservatives.”  And in another story, the previous day, we noticed CNN’s “Trump focuses on taxes in red meat speech.”

We find it a linguistic oddity of highest order that likely tips The Network’s hand when we read the Bloomberg story “Donald Trump Jr. Becomes a Rainmaker on the Republican …” while earlier, the story referred to Trump Jr.’s  “the Red-meat Talks” a fact reflected by Drudge which headlined “Don Jr. Rises on GOP Speech Circuit With Red-Meat Talks…

Oh-oh…linguistic tells here.  And the term gets “updated” out of stories when it catches people’s eyes – like Drudge.  It’s not intended for us wee people. It’s low-level linguistic comms not meant for us’ns.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore was branded with “red-meat” last week.  He won anyway.

What’s going on at a deep level?  One could read this as The Network telegraphing that some republicans (of the Trump family and following) are red-meat.  Almost sounds violent, doesn’t it?  That’s worrisome.

So what exactly is a red-meat speech?

The Google search here will teach you something of the heritage of the term.

And in an even clearer signal, we read today how the Mueller fishing expedition has predictably gotten way out of bounds with mission creep of the sort no doubt applauded by The Network.  Made-up mischief is “cleaner” that direct (red-meat?) action, we infer.

And this week, we see the word “impeach” coming up again in stories like this one.

The Washington Post today wraps up how you’re supposed to think about all this stuff, as they toss McCain into the Bush and Obama Trump-Slam festival:

“It’s not just the former presidents. Two days ago, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), while receiving the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal, lambasted “half-baked, spurious nationalism” and suggested the United States was abandoning its leadership role, an approach the Vietnam War veteran and former prisoner of war called “unpatriotic.”:

Wrap up that John and shove him into the limelight – he loves it.

And in the end?  We all get it “in the end” because of the delightfully clear Bush leak:  There is a governing class and we’re not in it.


Dow’s set to open up 88.  Options play ends for this cycle at the close.

Bitcoin $5,664.

Federal Budget?

Senate Approves Budget Plan That Smooths Path Toward Tax Cut says the NY Times.

Take money from the right pocket and move it to the left.

But IRS to block, suspend tax returns that lack Obamacare disclosures.

Dimensions Next Door Update

My next book is nearing completion – editing takes time.

But here’s a headline that caught my eye because it is “in the Realms” – “‘Ghost car’ appears out of nowhere in crash footage.”

Woo-woo or optics?  Tantalizing questions.