Can the Markets Forecast a NK Strike?

Maybe…maybe not.  But this morning we game out how the mesh of Chinese regional interests, the attacks on Trump, and eye the crazy markets with suspicion.

And as Spain cracks down on the Catalans, we wonder what’s ahead for freedom in the corporate world.  Bean up and let’s roll.

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25 thoughts on “Can the Markets Forecast a NK Strike?”

  1. How can a market be at a All Time High if you have multiple opportunities to get out at the high? It can not be an All Time High – this is impossible – multiple opportunities to exit at the new High is not a All Time High. In regards to trading the market, if you are not utilizing Sell/Buy Stop Orders with all your trades In my opinion – wrong.You are not a trader without Buy/Stop orders on every trade, and adjust those Stop (orders up or down as underlying security moves.
    This method is how to accomplish Risk free winning Options trades. Also Selling the Front month (Nov) Puts and buying the later dated (Jan)Puts. Your front month Puts go down in price (collect $premium) and Jan Puts are discounted in price by premium collected from front month sale. Put your Stop orders in place above the front month sale and Stop below your Jan Put purchase. There a perfectly hedged SPY Bearish Put position to capture near term speculation action and profit from future market consolidation. Can’t be a ATH… too many exits IMHO. Good luck with Unhedged Short position coming out of weekend, risky business that.

  2. George, this week I got a call from my brokerage. They never call me except when they want me to deposit money from another bank-brokerage into theirs. I have this feeling people are selling their stocks and its decreasing the cash reserves the brokerages have, hence the call to check in with me and be my bud. PS – they really need to work on sounding sincere.

  3. What I don’t understand is with the release of information that Mueller and Comey buried the Russian Spy/Uranium Sale cover-up that Sessions hasn’t moved to close the Trump investigation, fire Mueller and start a full fledged investigation against Mueller, Comey, Clinton and Obama……Sessions needs to go…….It would probably open up another area of attack but it would get rid of the Trump/Russian narrative. It’s also beginning to look as if McCain supplied the dossier……This could all be brought to a conclusion rather swiftly if they would just act ……

    • You’ve got one hell of an imagination there! People would believe you more if you weren’t quite so unreal . . . Sessions not being Trump’s flunky – McCain supplying ‘the dossier’? What you been drinking?? Antifreeze? That’ll make you blind!

    • Check the law before you conclude Hillary is a criminal…disinformation. Law says that uranium cannot be exported from the US..further, Russia has a stake in a Canadian mining company that is doing the regulatory paperwork to mine in Oregon but nothing has been done. This is more nonsense from whomever that wants to keep Sanders and/or Clinton from ruining their party… getting richer. Check out what the Fed’s have done. That’s the real story.

      • That may be what the law says, but…we export to Canada because it’s north america and they export to whomsoever. Lots of dirt there.It goes a lot deeper….

      • Clinton/Giustra link is well worth investigating as he was the Canadian who brokered the deal and also pledged $50 million to the Clinton foundation? Apparently Uranium makes strange bedfellows.

  4. Based on my charts Dow is at 4K, S&P & NASDAQ at 2K. What does it mean? The trend is your friend until it ends.

    • Isn’t bitcoin a currency that tomorrow could have a $0.00 value or $10,000 value with a true value of a tulip. How do you even buy them or spend them?

      • I thought that was the dollar that isn’t backed by anything at all either.. Oh wait.. if it turns out that way you sill have some sheets.. a little small and a lot harsher than the ones that are quilted.. or maybe one sheet once a month that is an eight inch by twelve inch and would feel like waxed paper LOL

        unfortunately this is what we are doing right now.. heaven help us if the oil industry decides to use a currency that is backed by something tangible instead of one that is only backed by a promise that what they say its worth is what it is worth…
        I sometimes wonder if anyone really knows that coinage was originally developed to carry trad-able working metals so that it could be traded so a smith in another area could produce a tool.. gold for adornment..
        someplace I have a picture of city dwellers carrying baskets of gold and silver ware to trade for vegitables during the weimer depression..
        in egypt and many other countries it was grain
        in america you have a group of men with polyester plaid pants on saying this is a good one folks LOL

      • US currency is backed by the Swamps ability to tax US Citizens up to 100%. Who will bitcoin tax – probably the bitcoin holder by sending the price to $0.00

  5. “Spain Moves Toward Crisis”

    damn.. does that mean those great little oranges I get are going to go through the roof in price..

    I think there are way To many sides to this dice.
    we are in to many countries trying to control them so that a very few can get wealthier than they already are.
    I think that there are to many people that hate us all watching for us to make a mistake so they can walk right in. ( similar to getting your opponent to lining up his checkers so you can take them all down)
    we are destroying our credibility by printing money to buy printed money sending all our jobs to other countries and transforming our country from an industrial country to a consumption country..
    the laborers are really in a bind by destroying the middle class in our country we have created basically two classes.
    the haves and the have nots and the question comes up.. how long before the have nots start to speak up and make demands of those that they hire to speak for them in OZ.
    Maybe I was closer than I thought when I predicted November as the time when the domino’s start to fall..

  6. One should wonder as to whom is buying all the stocks to run the markets up to what is billed as the ‘all time highs’. At the prices demanded by the ‘all time highs’, I cannot be a buyer. Nor do I know of anyone else that can buy at these prices.
    As far as inflation, the market morons should try getting out of the office a bit more often.
    I still visit the hardware stores to make necessary purchases and the prices for the things I find necessary to keep my world in a functional condition are going up in price at a fantastic pace. Check it out!
    or if you prefer, check at the grocery to see how prices have risen. Or how your power and water utilities are being changed to tier level billing. Do you realize the price of fuel which seems ‘normal’ at the moment, is at levels that were deemed almost unlivable not too many years ago.
    For me, all this ‘market at all time highs’ talk signifies a fast arriving economic crisis. As in fighting, the bigger they are, the harder they fall sizes up the market now. Institutional buyers are running the prices to the sky, not the little people. For little people, buying high is a move of desperation to try to catch a train that already left the station. This train indeed has left the station already and is burning all the coal on board at once. The engineer driving is showing all the power to attract new riders but they really can’t compete with the VIP passengers already aboard. There aren’t enough seats. The fuel available is being consumed so fast, nobody will make it to the destination before this ‘train’ is sidetracked, cold and out of fuel with a large assortment of pedestrians angrily walking away from the useless train that let them down.

    • Two people whose comments I look forward to reading are George Ure’s and this blog, Fantasy Free Economics. Quillian thinks there will be some euphoric event the end of this month or beginning of the next, that will send the market to even new highs. I’m wondering if it might be related to NK and maybe the riddance of Kim Jong Un without dropping any bombs?

  7. George,

    “The other North Korean threat”

    “The rogue nation’s satellites could be equipped to deliver an EMP attack”

    Please read the news article at the link below regarding the serious NOKO EMP threat:

    Then go to|39026 and start tracking KMS-3 and KMS-4. I have been worried about this NOKO EMP threat for some time. We need to raise public awareness and put pressure on our government to stop all NOKO satellite activity with orbits over the USA.

  8. Some random thoughts about the possibilities of the next big war.

    1929 lead to the 1930s which lead to WW2.

    So what’s the one thing missing today for a conventional global war?

    Cannon fodder.

    US population in 1940 was 132.1 million……I’ve read estimates that we put 12 million+ guys in uniform. That’s 9% or more. Today that would be 29.7 million. The military is busting their chops trying to find recruits who can stand up to today’s relaxed standards when we have only 2.5 million or so in uniform. (Granted, if you start ignoring tats & criminal records, that problem would lessen) And that’s with a Millennial generation roughly equal in number to the Boomers.

    That’s not even addressing the industrial base & energy issues.

    Europe, the UK, Russia …not a chance of them standing up large armies. China can locally, but cannot project those numbers globally, at least not against any resistance.

    Areas with large numbers of young people (Africa, and the ME) have no industrial infrastructure to equip, train, supply or transport those numbers.
    Nor will they get such infrastructure within our lifetimes.


    The next global war will be anything but conventional. It might not be between nations but mostly internal to nations.

    Conflict between nations will be proxy war, proxy terror, cyber, financial and bio.
    Much of which is in play now.

    Cross into the “conventional war” zone and you’ll be at EMP and nukes quickly.

    Because nobody can play WW2 part deux for long.

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