Nothing Left to Buy?

A note from our favorite bond guru got us headed down an interesting path for this weekend. 

When we look at financial assets is EVERYTHING overpriced at today’s levels.

That and some lessons from the options market and our charts in today’s view..

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26 thoughts on “Nothing Left to Buy?”

  1. If the current theory is the market will continue its upward climb until the Fed has cleared its balance sheet OR corporate profits decay along with our politics to a point of no return, how long will it take to finish that process of clearing the balance sheet? Any ideas? And who’s buying that junk… and are they buying it short?

    Corporate profits could begin the slide as soon as 1st qtr. I mean, who hasn’t got 2-3 extra of everything they could live with out? At some point people are going to figure out that more stuff doesn’t correspond to your level of happiness, unless its food/shelter in a time of shortages.

    • Last day of the stock market’s going to be beneficial Monday I guess that means it’s going to go up. But what it really means is its artificial you can go as far as you want and there’s no consequences in fact I suggest we go as far as we can go because it takes this outside of our present perimeter which is Earth we can go to other galaxies with this financial system which ever grows but the only thing that you have to change about it is you can’t default another words you can’t pull your money out but in maybe you know one tenth of 100% is all you get out of it and so at the same time it’s always growing it’s always growing universally throughout the Universe the thing that happened back in the last Depression was you know what was that what cause that when we could go like Haley’s keep expanding we can keep expanding this thing I mean if if you say hey there’s no whole back and if you do pull back it’s very so what does everybody do and you can do that with a system as long as the space in the universe is infinity so we have that ability and this is one of the things that other people or other creatures like us have done that use corporations for expansion but they don’t use it for recession they never recess and that way we can do this we can do that

      • George, isn’t the 2nd sentence in this Bryce Lazy Porch comment a bit long? I don’t understand this comment. Can you decode it?

  2. IMHO the S&P 500 is going higher, way higher..with a couple pullbacks/ consolidations along the way. Bitcoin is the new Currency for the world population. Limited to 21 million..ever, it is the epidamey of money.Bitcoin spread out evenly among all humans alive today on earth would be a very tiny/ small amount each. Get in early as an Innovator, next year is early adopter stage and that stage will be Expensive. If you still can’t see Bitcoin as the most amazing opportunity in the world today then perhaps you have been blinded by drinking too much Keyenesian Econ Theory and don’t understand why Austrian Econ types are cheering Bitcoin.
    AI ,machine learning, the blockchain tech are just a few of the exciting new techs that are must haves, not nessacarily consumer must haves.. not yet. A new Tesla encounters a pothole on interstate anywhere, and every other Tesla on the road KNOWS where that particular pothole is instantaneously. Your Tesla will automatically adjust shock absorber setting for “learned of ” potholes that can’t be avoided. Once folks find out about this machine learning and what it can do to make your life better/easier it will be in demand. How about a gasket with imbedded software that can telll plant operator that it’s time to replace before materials. The future is so damm bright I might have to start wearing sunglasses.

    • Really, you think AI can tell the engineers to quit using replaceable plastic parts in the car and all of the other planned obsolescence designed into them so that our cars will last at least 30 years without upping the price tag? Yeah…thought so. Tesla (The East Street Leaches Abound.)

      • No, but they can make it so the one morning you go out and it has turned over 100K miles, all the shit – a/c, tranny, engine, fuel injection pump, painta..all breaks perfectly instead of this haphazard approach by icon apes.

        Usually car part fails are a kind of foreplay leading to a new car…nope, this will be more like a one day gang rape of the old wallet.

  3. A lesson in time.
    where are you posting from are you posting from the same place you normally post from well do you have acres like George does from urban survival.
    Does it go to one corner of this lot is got four corners or maybe has six corners depending on how it could be or it might be more

    When you are at a different place like a different corner of your lot and you make a statement you had just changed time and cussed time is relative to the place.
    So you can keep changing places everyday and always change the time but for the receivers of that it’s not always the same.

    Everytime I get ahead of myself ; I thought I was ready: I thought I didn’t need no body

    How do you take something that works and expand that idea,

    When the bankers are your concrete wall to break through

    We the people can use KICK STARTER and OR patreion there’s probably a bunch more out there

    I get motivated from people like John reese ,who made 1 million dollars in one day from his internet followers.

    • How GEORGE & ELAINE .

      Can be like COBRAS and survive?

      by using coins for insurance has better than paper I’d rather have a penny Abby’s a copper at least it’s credible something tangible and then you have the the other things between soul her and the copper and then we have gold then we have diamonds and pearls and all that stuff but have something tangible and all own your own property own your own car on everything this out there

  4. I agree that it is hard to find investments…. and yet when I go and speak with people about trying to create an opportunity for investors, I’m told the would expect a 15% rate of return. So how does one find people looking for a fair return.

    The cards are stacked so against small business, in every way, that it’s very disheartening. Trying to find someone looking for a low risk , moderate yield return, with a great tax shelter in depreciable assets, so I can grow my dairy operation without losing control of the land long term, as then I simply become a peasant.

  5. So no one can deposit cash in a friend or family member’s Chase account. They will not accept a cash deposit. You have to use a personal check or money order. Bank of America will only let you, if you provide your I’d. That is 2 examples of the crackdown on cash in our society. Shameful!

    • My wife asked me to deposit in her savings account .. they absolutely refuse to take the money in any form.. she has to make the deposit or I have to be on the account..

    • May I suggest you folks investigate one or more of your local credit unions for your fiduciary needs? I’ve never had a problem making a deposit of any kind. I have no fee checking, free overdraft protection, free ATM withdrawals, and my accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), which is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. (I know, that last part is a bit worrisome.) The only thing they don’t appear to have are safety deposit boxes, and one could always maintain a small account with a bank to obtain one, if desirable. It should only cost between $5 and $25 to set up the account (those are the shares you buy in order to be a member) and you get that back if/when you close out your account.

      You can keep complaining about something you know is wrong or you can take action to correct it. For-profit banks haven’t gotten a dime of my money in over 30 years.

    • NOT easy to do when you live hundreds of miles from the family member, and it is an emergency! Come on guys, think outside of the box!

  6. I was dreaming about the Bermuda triangle last night a beautiful dream of fog.( out of curiosity does anyone else dream in full color for me when I dream I am right there once built a house and disgusted when I woke up I wasn’t as far on the house I was building as I was in the dream). the thought came to me about electrostatic charged fog with a high magnetic vortex…the other thought I had is a magnet north and south you can put it under a piece of glass and put iron shavings on the glass and see the vortex. you can also put a shield between north and south and the vortex rotates upwards.. one clockwise the other counter clockwise.. what is in the center.. I read an article one time where that is what happened in the Philadelphia experiment. there were two vortexes each going in opposite directions at the same time around the ship The second time the ship totally disappeared in a green fog and was sited in Norfolk, Virginia, now I have been in Norfolk va.. it is foggy a lot there.. just curious…you read accounts of the Bermuda triangle and it makes you wonder.. could it be..a dual magnetic vortex within a dense fog

  7. Bryce, please take a bit more time with your comments and try to ‘proof read’ them before submitting them. Just read the submission aloud to yourself and you will get it. As is, you are very hard to follow. Sentence structure is very important as well. Refrain from those long, non-punctuated sentences. Know that ‘Auto Correct’ only works on poor spelling. It does nothing for poor word selection in the first place. That gets very old in a hurry.
    Thanks for your view though.

    • boy I have the worst sentence structure there is.. and spelling.. hell I hate and love auto correct at the same time.. and its worse if I am on the phone trying to type.. ..

  8. Your moving averages & trend channels info has proven right on as I learn more & actually listen to my own advice. Your method gives me a fact based decision to place a trade & make some money & I give you the credit for that. Nice job.

  9. Looking at a penny stock for Monday INFI. Depends on how it opens. I do not buy many penny stocks because my gains usually equal my losses. But that was based on my prior instinct system. Want to give new system a try.

    • There is a case for the 1.60-1.75 range, as I see it, but there are easier decisions with less 100% risk in ’em. Remember, risk/reward…and the olkd you are the less risk you can afford -or a chevy fer that matter

  10. Im seeing lots of doom and gloom out there from many of the well known Wall Street crowd. It makes me think this market has much higher to reach, as long as there’s no surprises.

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