NFIB, Fed Meeting Starts, Taking Down Canada

A full plate today, so let’s take a quick look again at the menu.

Down Opening – Will it Carry to Close?

Markets may be signaling “good/constructive” news from the Fed tomorrow afternoon when the new Rate Policy is released after lunch.  The “pro’s” will often run the market down (sell the rumor) so they can step in and “buy (just before) the news.” We have lost count of how often this happens, but it can be fun.

A look at the CME FedWatch tool offers a future where 99.4% of the smart money expects no change, but a promise of a cut at the July meeting would fit best. 6-10ths of a percent are hoping for a quarter point – likely noticing the “gimme rate drops” in Europe.

The “non-partisan Fed” (ahem…) is trying not to let the economy peak too early ahead of elections. A drop in July would give us a final 2-6 week rise, which would ensure the collapse shouldn’t take place until just after the election – later than a typical fall sell-off.

Besides, if it comes coincident to Trump sentencing blowback, or the sighting of predictions that hint at bloodshed at the summer Olympics, then the Fed would all the “policy cover” they could want.

Closer In?  Grim NFIB Outlook

Crappy numbers in the core of the monthly press summary:

“Inflation remains the top small business problem 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 11, 2024) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index reached the highest reading of the year in May at 90.5, a 0.8-point increase but still the 29th month below the historical average of 98. The Uncertainty Index rose nine points to 85, the highest reading since November 2020. Twenty-two percent of owners reported that inflation was their single most important problem in operating their business, unchanged from April and the top business problem among owners.

Useful, as always, is their drilldown:

  • A net negative 8% (seasonally adjusted) of owners viewed current inventory stocks as “too low” in May, down four points from April and the lowest reading since October 1981.
  • Owners’ plans to hire rose three points in May to a seasonally adjusted net 15%, the highest reading of the year.
  • Seasonally adjusted, a net 28% plan price hikes in May, up two points from April.
  • Six percent of owners reported that financing was their top business problem in May, up two points from April. The last time financing as a top business problem was this high was in June 2010.”

This part tells us that price increases are not done washing their way through the system yet: “As reported in NFIB’s monthly jobs report, a seasonally adjusted net 18% plan to raise compensation in the next three months, down three points from April and the lowest reading since March 2021.”

We figure the Fed knows what will happen when they have to abandon rates which are not really that high by historical measures.  And when they do, it will set a “declining market shot-clock” which has to be timed just so for the elections (such as those will be?).

Taking Down Canada

A word today about the problems in Canada.  Where our northern neighbors are going through a rhyme of America’s 2020 encounter with the Censorship Industrial Complex. Which is what Mike Benz, Author at Foundation for Freedom Online has been talking about.

Seems that an only slightly different approach is being used by globalists to wreak havoc on lefty Canada. More is revealed in Canada’s Parliament rocked by allegations of treason – POLITICO.  Of course, in another story, Canda is given some quarter – by blaming US!  Why Canada Is Worried About a U.S. Civil War.

These are the birthing pains of Global Governance by the Elites which don’t include us, unless you have the “right” biz-jet and a 10-figure net worth minimum. Just outside our comfort zone… We’ll just hope a Michael Benz book will appear before the election (and that a half-dozen people still able to read and think for themselves can be found here….

For now, America’s future is in the hands of both real and delusional courts.

Disasters Courting

The smart money is on either not guilty or a downgrade to a misdemeanor and time served as Hunter Biden jury deliberations resuming on Tuesday.

On the other hand, Donald Trump has been getting lucky lately, too: Aileen Cannon Offers ‘Sweetener’ to Donald Trump – Newsweek.

Meantime, the latest “Courting Disaster” is wrapped up in Samuel Alito caught on secret recording: There’s no compromising. Is Mrs. Alito the new Don-hate lightning rod? Martha-Ann Alito Condemns Pride Flags, the Left, and the Media.

Justice may be blind, but when tape’s rolling, not so much deaf.

Filler to Filter:

Steeee-RIKE!  (Maybe) Dockworkers Cancel Bargaining, Threaten Strike at U.S. Seaports.  A lockdown of the docks, especially on the China-facing coast, could be a warm-up for a Taiwan showdown. “Commander Joe” and just prior to the election, is where our dart landed.

China’s “new game” instead?  Rather than a full-on “invasion” (which would be largely over before we could respond) China has another card to play. CSIS outlines China’s possible quarantine of Taiwan.  Customs inspections?

War and More building in Eastern Europe as Ukraine keeps kicking the Bear: Ukrainian warplane ‘blasts Putin’s command in first direct hit’ on Russia | World News.

Wreckless use of Western arms inside Russia is increasingly likely to flare into a limited nuclear showdown: France, USA, Britain put on permanent alert: Vladimir Putin adopts pre-emptive nuclear strike – The proposal with biblical references of S. Karaganov. (Is this the part where we stop praying the rosary and pray the Geiger counter?)

Sounding like a dandy summer and fall, yet? POLL: 84% Of Americans Expect To Be Worse Off Under A Second Biden Term. We’d like to IQ test the remaining 16 percent.

And while the attack on natural gas appliances staggers along outside headlines, have a gander at How Much Are Green Energy Policies Actually Costing You Each Month? – HotAir.

At the Ranch: 10-15 Degrees

Although it arrived in the afternoon, there I was, sweating like a pig to get the new hot air exhaust blanket on the portable A/C in the lean-to greenhouse.

The high temperature only got up to 104 and change, but that’s where it was when I was working on the install.  Hopefully, we will have more sun today. And better numbers.

We’re onl halfway through June, but semi-officially has the city pegged at just over 45-inches of rain so far this year.  We get more rain, being in the hills well south, so somewhere north of 50-inches.

The Tyler number is 5-inches ahead of 2015 when just under 75-inches fell for the year.  At the current rate, we’re thinking that 80-inches of rain – about two Seattle’s worth is coming.

Peoplenomics tomorrow will be on our shotgun approach to anti-aging.  ShopTalk Sunday will have a “may be missing parts” 3D printer build.  And Peoplenomics in a week will offer two additional strategies to downscaling in my book The 100-year Toaster…

Guess who’s been typing a lot?

Tomorrow: Seatbelts optional – it’s Fed and CPI day…

Write when you get rich,

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44 thoughts on “NFIB, Fed Meeting Starts, Taking Down Canada”

  1. Folks,

    Singapore, Manila, Dubai, Paris – where is the Ukraine president today? The Deutsche Welle website pictures a black-shirted President Zelensky with Chancellor Scholz at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin being held today and tomorrow. President Zelensky attended last year’s 2023 edition via video link.

    It seems a side conference in preparation was held yesterday by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The foundation was established in 1925 to aid in the education of young proletarians.

    DW also notes that the US will now after “a thorough review” be allowing arms to be sent to Azov Battalion.

    • “In a social media post on Monday, Medvedev claimed the outcome proves that Scholz and Macron are “respected by no one.” The former Russian leader linked the poor performance at the ballot box with the “idiotic economic and migration policy” pursued by the two leaders and their support for Ukraine “at the cost of [their] own citizens.”

      “Time to retire. To the ash heap of history!” said Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy chair of the Russian Security Council.”- TID

      Medvedev was also recently quoted as saying Scholz was “rotten liverwurst” -DM

      – Hajj begins 6/14/24, Eid on Fathers Day 6/16/24, Summer begins 6/20/24 and the full Moon (SOUL Harvester) on 6/21/24..tic,tic,tic

    • re: a servant’s decree
      feat: Puttin’ on a show


      It is understood that President Zelensky is attending the URC conference in Berlin. Yesterday his office issued presidential decree No. 65/2024-rp. It appears to delegate URC conference decisions to the attending first deputy prime minister of the Ukraine with the agreement of the attending foreign minister. As an aside, perhaps the foreign minister’s ex-wife is registered member #1 in the Kiev wing of the Servant of the People party?

      The senior American attendee of the URC conference looks to be a former CIA Director and later Secretary of State under President Trump.

      According to the URC link above, the former public servant is now a board member with Kyivstar and VEON. Wikipedia advises that Kyivstar is a major in the Ukraine mobile and internet market. Kyivstar’s parent is VEON, headquartered in Amsterdam. The largest shareholder of VEON is Letterone domiciled in Luxembourg. The latter apparently was founded a decade ago in by the then-second wealthiest person in Russia following the $28 billion (?) Ango-Russian TNK-BP oil deal.

  2. “America is the wealthiest nation on Earth, but its people are mainly poor, and poor Americans are urged to hate themselves.”
    Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse-Five

  3. “Civil War”

    Nobody manages expectations of a CW2.

    In order to keep the bailouts rolling which means jobs/pensions/medical/etc especially from the then post CW2 legacy system we have to keep the debt so no change there.

    To be safe we’ll have to keep the police state, cameras and all no change there.

    A lot of crazies/terrorists will be revealed using the Internet so more digital control.

    The M.E. is still going to want the Jewish influence out so we’ll have to keep the military, no change there either.

    Add your own.

    Cultural, presidents will suddenly stop banging the help or same sexing it? Abrahamic religions will be tossed on the scrap heap? Jim Crow laws will return?

    Seems like a hollow, false hope to keep the current system rolling.

    • (“In order to keep the bailouts rolling which means jobs/pensions/medical/etc especially from the then post CW2 legacy system we have to keep the debt so no change there”)

      Think about that… If the federal reserve fails.. the dollar tanks..or if the country has been set up by some rogue individuals that sold out the security of the nation for a few bucks some drugs and support for their deviant lifestyle.
      and the country has allowed to let in a Trojan army..the dollar is no more..
      what happens to all the people that were told by their employers that the social security benefits was their retirement funds.

      reports like this one below are really quite concerning.
      that happened in greece..

      • Since the U.S. Fed is the big dog it’s a possible setup for balkanization?

        Greece stayed together due to IMF bailout loans and didn’t fall to CW.

        Using Greece as the model if the U.S. Fed fails it’s likely a new NATO/global currency/CBDC will be created/issued so the financial landscape will be different but much the same as they are now similar to 1913 when gold was called. The economic system did change but stayed the same.

        I don’t know.

        • I believe this could get ugly..if the big dogs have to sell bonds to meet their budgetary obligations that’s a big hit.. living on a credit card does not work.. all while spending like there’s no limit..I don’t know how this will end up. but expecting the secretarial pool and wage earners that are already stressed pay for it is quite scary. I can’t find it now but read an article couple days ago that said the us dollar was going to be replaced by the currency of one of the Arabian nations Gold backed

  4. Have you ever thought about Time Dilation and lucid dreams? It is reported that Some dreamers report that time seems to slow down or speed up during dreams. For instance, they might experience five minutes in a dream as if it were an hour, resulting in a time dilation effect. On different “levels” of dreaming, this time dilation can be even more pronounced. For example:
    First Level: Time moves twelve times slower.
    Second Level: It’s twelve times slower again (slowed down by a factor of 144).
    Third Level: Slows by a factor of 1,728 from the real world.
    When I was building our home.. I had a lucid dream where I had worked real hard went through all the steps and built the house.. when I woke up I was so disappointed because I had worked so hard only to discover that I wasn’t anywhere near completion of the house. I had to do all that dam work over again.
    Some days I wonder did we somehow all of us in our sleep be transported to another realm or world reality.. we sure in hell aren’t living in the same honorable country that I was raised in..I feel as if I am living in another country of dual laws and politicized agencies that flipped realities and now target the citizens than the criminal elements..
    I was visiting with an acquaintance that wrote the show The man in the high castle. this alternate reality concept drove us deeper into conversations of what if.

    like the diary I have of a farmer that was asked to teach the farmers in Russia learn the modern farming techniques used by American farmers and their escape back to the usa..and a member of the royal Romanov household asked them to bring the youngest daughter to the usa for safety.. did she or was it the nannies daughter.. the royal family had the chance to make changes but waited to long. the king of France thought they would always be there and when asked to help the comment made of let them eat cake..what if.. she had I stead set up soup kitchens .. would she have been heralded as a savior to the people rather than losing her head..
    with 98 percent of the citizens crying for help and politicians reacting the same way marie Antoinette did screw the people.. are we in some sort of time loop where it all plays out over and over..or am I having a lucid nightmare that I will wake up from and say dam..what a dream

  5. This has nothing to do with today’s post – just something that happened to me yesterday that I thought I would share.
    I don’t know why., but I can’t go six months without someone getting all stupid on me. Why is that?
    I made a run up to the local Walmart – yep, in my little town they built a Walmart Super Center – to much controversy. I needed a few garden items that can’t be found any place else., locally.
    A whole $33 dollars and I was on my way out the main doors when this extremely ugly, overweight 20-something stepped up, grabbed my arm and boomed – “Wait a minute!” I didn’t like that very much – dropped my bag, reached across and grabbed his thumb, bending it backwards, when he reacted and took half a step back, I changed my grip, grabbed his hand with both of mine and snapped his wrist. He yelped liked a three year old., I was about to smash a left hook into his throat when he tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his ass.., whining and crying. He actually bounced when he hit. 260 pounds of blubber does, actually bounce. Physics.
    I picked up my bag of goodies and was about to leave, but for some reason stood there and watched him.., when a female employee came around the front displays and pointed at me., a few seconds later the Manager came hustling around and headed right for me.
    “What happened !” He asked me while looking at the guy sitting on the tiles., rocking back-n-forth, cradling his wrist – and still moaning and whining.
    I told him. He looked at me, then back to the baby still crying..,
    “I know you.., don’t I ?” He made eye contact, finally. “Right…, you helped me with my scope up at the rifle range.”
    “A couple of years back.” I nodded.
    He pointed at the guy on the floor. “This is our new loss prevention officer., and..”
    “This rude fat-bastard is an employee?? Whoa., you can do better then that!” I interrupted. The female employee that saw what happened and got the manager snickered out-loud., then covered her mouth.
    I think I saw a slight smirk cross his lips. “Looks like we’ll have to.”
    “I am sure that the video will confirm what I said.,” and I pointed to the security camera mounted high-up on the wall. And walked out. He said something as I left., but I ignored it.
    – I don’t know why he grabbed me., or what made him think he could bark at me like that. Guess he thought an old man with a slight limp would be easily intimidated., or something along those thoughts. There was no plan on my part, I just reacted., Probably now have an enemy – because he more than likely lost his job, along with his dignity and false-facade of being ‘mister macho’. Sitting on the floor, crying, doesn’t help your tough-guy image very much., and that will spread throughout the store in hours and thus the city., within days.
    – Yeah., yeah.., I could have played the phased-out Gomer Pyle., but I have a serious character flaw., when someone gets physical towards me, or mine, I get all rowdy and just can’t back down. Something in the dark corners of my mind ‘clicks’ and off I go. Something akin to a semi-civilized rampaging Viking. It’s not pretty.
    [ More to come from this – I am sure.]
    .., and of course – the age old saying: “Why me ?” [ Third indecent in two years. The last one turned out to be a wanted felon from Seattle. He was arrested after our encounter [ and visit to the hospital ] then transferred back to Seattle, but escaped and made a run for the border – got caught trying to cross into Mexico, got in a fight with two border agents and is now serving a long sentence in a Texas max-prison.]
    – Stay tuned boys-n-girls.., I am sure that chapter two of my latest fiasco is in the works.
    – Note: When I, reluctantly, told my misses her comment was: “You met the nicest people.”

    • sEEMS to me that if he “touched you first” then you “touching him back” (in kind with a little more skill, daring, horsepower and finesse shouldn’t result in blowback on you. He 1) failed to identify himself and 2) made the first move. I’ve seen guys hospitalized for such stupidity.
      Still, there’s no such thing as a “slightly limping Viking.” It’s a trap – every time.

      • I am not concerned about any legal complications.., his act was basically assault [ 2nd, or 3rd degree.] my reaction was involuntary and in self-defense from a stranger grabbing me. The “blow-back” might come from him. And I am sure he went to the hospital for x-rays and a cast – I heard the ‘snap’ and felt it when I twisted his hand counter to his weight. [ all on Walmart’s med-bills ?]

        • If my short stint in the Army ever taught me anything, it is “Don’t EVER fuck with a Vietnam Ranger!”

          “You met the nicest people.”

        • (“If my short stint in the Army ever taught me anything, it is “Don’t EVER fuck with a Vietnam Ranger!”
          “You met the nicest people.”)

          I lived in the ranger / seal team barracks.. nice guys floor up were the divers.. now the deep sea divers are crazy to much of some gas or something.. go out with them and somebody’s getting hurt.. we use to go out they were way braver than me.. one loved to go through the roughest neighborhoods with the top down cowboy hat on and playing ho dunk music..because he could..we lived in a neighborhood that was on the verge of the darkest crime areas of DC… he spent to many days behind enemy lines.. he had to have all the windows open screens off..door had to be wide didn’t tippy toe in you announced you were coming in.. there was a little store across the street with a Chinese family owning and living there..nicest family on the planet I had a crush on the daughter..super day while talking to her I hear a flurry of was an armed robber came in..the dad took the gun from him and I asked are you going to call the police..naw they won’t do anything..taking the robbers guns helped them make money lol..
          lots of crime a lot of rapes in that neighborhood and we lived in an apartment where crime was common with now screens on and every window and door wide open on the bottom floor.
          one day I fell asleep watching tv and my friend ( he still is a magazine photographer) he was playing chess.. all of a sudden I hear this shell slide into the chamber of a gun my friend and I woke immediately ran to see what was going on..there’s our other roommate this canon shoved down this criminals throat dragging him in to shoot friend and I begging for him to spare him.. he did and told him to tell his friends..our building was the only building that never was victim to any of the common crimes of the hood..
          the video of the bus fight reminds me of my ex wife’s brother..

    • To d’Lynn, I enjoyed reading your story! As a consequence, I again realized how fortunate my long life has been. All the time I was ever confronted I solved the issue with my smile.
      Many years ago, during early morning, in the NYC subway a dude sitting opposite me pulled a ’45’ at me. I just stared him down smilingly until he answered (hard to believe!) with a smile. Two gays later a person was ‘reported shot dead’ on a platform we had passed. I don’t want to brag about it, but I’ve never seen a police action or witnessed crime in Manhattan. Are vibrations the explanation? Be well, everyone!!

      • God I gotta give one last story about being in the military lol lol about the guy pulling out a 45 lol lol..
        one gent I knew that lived in the barracks spent to many days in nam..was real shy of people very untrusting.. he carried a fragmentation grenade everywhere he went. we would do fire watch together and here he was.. ( oh he hated birds and they hated him to.. one perfectly dive bombed him and pooped in his soda lol) anyway he had this dam grenade.. he played with it all the time.. he would pull the pin..then put it back juggle it constantly playing with it.. home town detroit.. I would say would you put that dam thing away before we get hurt..his response was you never know when you’ll need it. ( because the bird pooped I. his pop I wouldo stay a few paces away from him didn’t want them to poop in my coffee)
        anyway he goes home for leave but instead of getting a cab he hitch hiked..he tells me they were crossing the bridge and the guy pulled out a gun. where he showed him the grenade with the pin pulled and said to him ..there sure are a lot of nuts in this world..where the guy stopped and let him out..see you never know when you’ll need one.. lol I am betting if he is still around somewhere he still has that dam grenade..
        my brother inlaw wouldn’t carry a gun at all after he retired from the rangers he seen and was involved with some pretty hairy things all those years and out on some war somewhere every year refused to carry a gun… now that BLM and Antifa took down the police in his city and crime runs rampant his whole family is carrying. BLM And Antifa did help gun sales lol lol. its just to dangerous in the cities.. some of his ranger buddies were called back into service..
        another of my family ( brother inlaw) was a scout in the marines he was showing me how to set up a charge as a little boy..for the fourth of july.. we were going to make a five gallon bucket jump..set it in an old well let it go..the bucket didnt move..dam that was disappointing.. what it did was blow out the bottom of the bucket and the whole well casing we didn’t even see it move lol lol my sister made him stop a few years ago when he made a canon and took the tops of the trees off over their whole farm lol lol .. he is the only one that I have ever seen walk up to a deer and touch it without the deer knowing he was there.. A friend of ours is one of the countries top trackers well known seen his name on the news a few times when he was called in to find a problem big hunter trapper and he couldn’t do that..

        • “he is the only one that I have ever seen walk up to a deer and touch it without the deer knowing he was there..”

          I got within about 20 feet, a few years ago — ‘Probably could’ve gotten closer, but the buck had his harem with him and I’m too old to dodge a deer kick to the head. This was a game all woods Indian boys played. The boy who could actually touch a deer was held in very high esteem, once he reached manhood…

    • my ex wife’s brother had that problem. seemed everyone wanted to fight him..
      haven’t seen him in 40 years..
      the loss prevention officer at the retail store I worked at was insane.. they would keep them overnight to watch us once a night he just wouldn’t leave me alone. so I told the midnight to 8 guy let’s get him.. working in an empty building you know everything can sense things.. anyway we avoided the cameras and check sensors wen and got him.. he thought he could hide by putting a box over his head.. the other one in with him was bouncing like a boy was teased mercilessly by his co-workers ( off duty police) so on the next rotation.. all the other guys were teasing him he was pissed.. told us to watch our backs big time. they kind of took the teasing to another level.. before his rotation there was a bicycle chained to the guard rail to one of the entrances. after a couple weeks the store manager came and says get rid of it..what do you want me to do with it..take it home and give it to your kid..well I got rid of it and the box boy returned.. I come in for work there’s about ten cop cars lined of the security guards says they want to see you in loss prevention.. I get down there and there’s a couple detectives all the other loss prevention guys and a couple street patrolman.. the head of this security branch says I have a disturbing report I need to ask you about..yes what is it ( the store manager told him I took it home ) he says..a bicycle worth a great deal of money was reported stolen. it was chained to the entrance railing. do you know anything about this bike. absolutely I know all about that bike.
      do you know who took it and why. I said absolutely..the store manager seen it was abandoned and had not moved in several weeks told me to dispose of it.. Do you know who has possession of this stolen bike..yup I sure do.. who has it…YOU DO.. it’s right next to he’s being the joke of everyone.. the next rotation everyone is warning me about how he’s going to get me for turning him into a laughing stick.. his turn in rotation comes.. there’s someone in the store every night.. it begins to get really irritating so when we know he’s hiding in a clothing rack we stand next to it vacuuming if he’s on one side of the isle we are in the next isle that asshole can’t move without one of us on his ass..runs up the conveyor we are at the top and bottom. a couple weeks go by and we get pissed..go into the store managers office and tell him..if you don’t trust us that you keep this shithead on our ass every day just tell us we are gone..we were hunting a job before this one..the manager says oh no we trust you guys completely..well let us know if you want us gone.. that night he slipped in a puddle took out an end cap..the next morning we were sweeping cigarette butts and he. ones in limping..morning hoe are you doing..oh a little he enters I think to myself I hope he hurts like he’ll deserving bastard.
      I had two days off from that job come in on Monday and get called ip to the office. has security been staying the night and have you noticed this .no not at all he’s so sleuthfull.. yes he’s been in every it wasn’t security it was a real crook robbed the place on the Saturday night of all the narcotics in pharmacy including half a pound of pure cocaine..
      the head of security was in the hospital the whole time. lol lol lol
      later the husband of one of management that moved to a larger city to work and was shot and killed doing the same thing..
      the guess is that was who it was.

    • You definitely must have PO’d someone with the local Chamber of Vigilantes. Sent a shop keeper home from a friendly game of chance dressed in a barrel, eh ? Sounds like you are on the facial recognition most wanted list. Shop the Zon. Fr@ck Wally World, Target and their wacked out private armies. Been there. `

    • Um, Fat Bastard is not allowed to touch anyone in the course of his job, unless they touch him first. He is not allowed to impede their progress (can’t block the shopping cart, either). If he were a LEO and on-duty, he would still not be allowed, unless the person he touched was committing a crime at that moment (this is why you never ignore a police directive. In most places, ignoring can be construed as misdemeanor “resisting,” and gives da po-po license to escalate.) If you then resist this, the misdemeanor graduates to “felony resisting arrest” and you get to go to jail.

      However, suspicion is not commission, and Fat Bastard is not a cop.

      p.s. Good job. I detest bullies…

      • I think “Fat Bastard” has been a bully his whole life.., too big for most people. But it’s all show.
        – Wonder what he will be now. An old man humiliated him, and sent him to the hospital and he will have weeks looking at his cast.
        – Did I put a dent in his ego ? Doubt it.

        • Probably. ‘Thing is, “every bully is a coward.”

          That’s my personal rule, but in the, well over sixty years that’ve passed since I was in my first fight, I’ve never seen a bully who wasn’t, and rarely seen a soft-spoken, MYOB sorta guy, who wasn’t dangerous, when one pushed the wrong button. I would go ten miles out of my way to avoid a fight, but when there’s no option, the Berserker rises to the surface real damn’ fast, and he doesn’t take prisoners…

  6. People wonder what ever happened to all those great ideas and patents. like the unit that the Washington state college has that converts and distills plastic back into its native state. its sold in other countries but unavailable to buy in the us.. the individual solar panel inverter unit took almost thirty years to be allowed in the usa..
    if how about the instant cold beverage can..
    all absorbed by the us govt.
    the only one allowed to keep and use his was Yemen Anderson in Tenn. of course his couple thousand patents are all given to the government to implement and use.
    Bloom box technology and their fuel cell the size of a deck of cards. taken quickly off the market..

  7. ” At the current rate, we’re thinking that 80-inches of rain – about two Seattle’s worth is coming.”

    I see your 80 and raise you to 150. You will know you have arrived in the tropics when the jungle vines climb up the trunks of the trees. Sounds like good pepper transplanting weather. ;-)

  8. Last night I heard what must be defined as a ghost in my house. My house is open on the inside and there are no walls between the kitchen and what I call the fireplace room.

    I was the only one home at the time sitting in the fireplace room watching TV/computing on the computer. At a certain point I heard walking in the kitchen. The walking sound sounded like the inexpensive flip-flop style slippers.

    As the walking sound started I looked up and nobody was there so I quickly clicked the TV off and the walking sound continued. I instantly got the willies.

    The floor is ceramic tile and the sound was distinct and clear. This was no mouse or spider.

    Th walking sound entered the kitchen from a doorway, walked across the room and kind of out the front wall of the house.

    I’m not a ghost believer but have no explanation. I’ve lived here several years now and this has never happened before.

  9. re: “NFIB”, odds & ends
    feat: National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, London


    The NFL’s Chiefs visited the White House from 1631 to 1647 on May 31st, and presented the President with a football helmet before he tackled a reporters’ scrum.

    The event was duly reported at 1651 on May 31st by a Filipino-American journalist of the “Daily Mail”.

    Today a second report was published by another “Daily Mail” writer without mentioning that the subject gathering happened 12 days ago.

    The second article author’s employment appears most recently to have been a longstanding sports digital reporting platform “Deadspin”. Apparently all its journalists were released upon the company’s European(?) purchase a few months ago by a pair of investors having “a background in gaming and media”.

    Anyone have odds on a Kelce for president or a Swift first lady?

  10. I live in a bldg over 100 yrs old, of course there is/are ghosts(s), just regularly burn sage, incense, play music, ring bells, etc, say a prayer to the unseen in your domicile….say you are sorry for what happened to them. Ask them to leave you alone, the 3D world of present day is causing you enough anxieties without further hindrances from the other side…

    • I worked the floors of medical long term and hospital…I can tell you I believe in spirits.. seen and heard things that are definitely odd..
      one of my favorite stories is an exercise bike..the original owner rode that thing like crazy every night about was a regular routine..he passed on and the bike and his belongings were stored on a porch near the office.. at night.. you could hear someone riding peddling like hell.. New people that didn’t believe in ghosts we would go do rounds and leave them in the office..we would come back and they would be scared silly telling us you won’t believe what happened..

  11. Hunter Biden found guilty in felony gun trial
    President Joe Biden’s son faces up to 25 years in prison for three charges.
    .., and your guess as to the sentence??

    • Not one day at rikers ….
      they have been investigating the family business for ten years the crimes keep falling off the mountain of evidence the list of things they did in their own books and memoirs.. the whole congressional horse and pony show is just the dead horse issue that’s being dragged around the campaign platform for votes..the dual standards of law..if you or I tried to not pay taxes on millions of dollars they sure in hell wouldn’t be as lenient as they are.. I knew a guy they rode his butt and threatened to take his home over a couple hundred dollar mistake.. for hunter poor boy was high on drugs and booze have a heart..

      • Incoming ! truth bombs away..

        Everything in History that you have learned, everything in religion that you have learned is based on Drugs, and Drug Addiction.

        Christ= pharmacological term in ancient Greek. Throughout the 2nd century all drugs all the time. Not until christian cults in 3&4th centuries did they start to do away with all the drugs.

        I am attaching an Interview with most well read Classicist on the planet. Only person to have translated all available Galen – emperor marcus aureilus physician – like maybe 10-15% of Galens’ writing have ever been translated.
        Caution advised regarding the Interviewee – a Dr Ammon Hillman.
        Like I always writ on these pages – Nothing in our Past histories, in this World, is what it seems to be, NOTHING. If I didnt know better I would say the guy is possessed..he IS, not by Demons, by KNOWLEDGE – Ancient Greek Knowledge – the OG of all languages. Note – Hebrew was only a liturgical language by the 2nd century. Buckle Up – this one will rock Ure foundation – caution advised.

    • House arrest.

      If Biden doesn’t pardon him, Trump will.

      With that said, let’s see how he fares in “tax dodger court.”

      Remember, the real issue is the bribing of Joe. That said, I’d still charge them both with incest and child molestation, which is a much less serious crime, but one that’s usually strongly reviled, and which grabs headlines for months…

  12. Hank in Hawaii –
    I boxed Golden Gloves as a teenager.., a little over two years as a Ranger in Vietnam.., then 18 years in Kenpo karate.., and twenty years in a rather ‘hostile’ occupation against a lot of various bad-guys [ and one very bad gal.]
    – .., but I am civilized now.., but it just keeps happening – one gutter rat after another.

  13. I know where there’s a white buffalo you can shoot any day of the week, IF you can hit him from 1,123 yds. He’s at Whittington Center, near Raton, NM, and well worth the trip.

  14. I believe, “I beeeelievvvah”, no really.

    My parents owned a rooming house which they renovated to a single family home in the 1970s. I had a second floor bathroom with a bathtub but no shower. One day I was running a bath and got distracted. When suddenly my dad and I heard these really heavy footsteps. It was like a man in old fashioned Oxford shoes, with stiff leather soles walking along the floor boards and making the floor squeak.

    Except my parents had gotten an amazing deal and purchased an entire roll of remnant carpet directly from Holiday Inn and had installed wall to wall carpet with half inch thick rubber under-pad over the oak floor boards. That carpet was a 60 40 polyester blend totally indestructible, lasted fifty years before showing wear, thirty on the steps which my parents simply turned around, leaving them indistinguishable from the rest of the house.

    So hearing footsteps on floor boards made my hair stand on end. My dad and I both froze.

    Then we heard the taps on the bath tub closing. They made a squeaking noise as the water was turned off. The bathroom was old fashioned renovated in the late forties or early fifties. The floor had been matt black and white larger checker board tile with tin ceilings. The taps were chrome four spoke, art deco. The wallpaper was a dark brown print inspired by Gaugin in the tropics. The tub was iron but also art deco.

    The water had stopped at the maximum fill line just at the top drain. I could not open those taps. My Dad thought I was fooling around. He tried and couldn’t budge them. I had to get a pipe wrench with a really long handle and a steel pipe mechanics call a cheater bar for leverage. That forced the taps open with a scream. It was like they were welded shut.

    Anyway that is my ghost story.

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