France: Warmonger’s Notebook, Future Reveals

Elections in Europe this weekend should mean a great deal both as to the immediate future of life on Earth, as well as for the upcoming elections here (planned) in November.

Warwongers-in-chief of German and France have a problem. A “thinking middle” (for now labeled “right” by the globalist press) scored major victories.  Resulting in headlines like EU’s worst nightmare: A QUARTER of all MEPs to be anti-Brussels – Belgium PM quits, Macron holds snap vote and Scholtz humiliated.

You will recall those names from a host of other stories. Such as Macron’s snap election leaves France facing prospect of far-right government, as Macron (the fellow urging expansion of Western involvement in Ukraine, along with Biden, the UK, and Germany) decided that the only response to the “far right” (which apparently is what anti-war and anti-immigration is being redefined as by corporate controlled media) must be held before the Olympics.

In other words, a “my way or the highway” move by Macron.

The French CAC-40 index was down more than 2 percent earlier – which we would liken to a decline of some 800 points in our Dow, if this kind of silliness was going on here.  (It will be, just be patient!)

Long Shadows of War

These developments come as Euro and NATO leaders are desperate to keep Ukraine from falling into Russian hands as the Euro War continues. The U.S. has already spent more than $6 billion of your tax dollars to overthrow the genuinely elected government of Ukraine (2014). Which when the new government came in, led to abuse of people in the (historically Russian speaking) Crimea.  Which then triggered the Russians to reclaim lost territory.

Outspoken, but not gone yet, Infowars seems close to the mark in Lindsey Graham Admits U.S. Must Take Over Ukraine to Control Its Resources Worth TRILLIONS.  How many times do we have to mention the Dnieper-Donets basin?

The EU problem is that the financial lash-up of this political slop trough is very Ponzi-like.  In order to support all the additional (and frankly poor) government, with all those well-off retirees, the EU needs to expand, not shrink and not make losing investments in Ukraine.

Which is why, even now, we see the NATO escalation path clarifying in stories like Maps: NATO’s war plan with Russia: Transfer of 300,000 troops through Greece – Air defense warning in Piraeus and Alexandroupolis. Which we link to because of G.A. Stewart’s work on The Age of Desolation website which goes to the Nostradamus idea of “lots of forces in Macedonian lands” in one of the Nosty quatrains. Um…through Greece, huh?  Slide another puzzle piece into place for us Stu!

While the first Guns of August-like replay (of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand) was not successful, (see last month “Robert Fico shooting: Suspect charged in attempted assassination of Slovakia leader “) absent lighting the war with bloodshed, the desperate Ukrainians are now striking deep in Russia which is when (blinded to monitoring attacks on their own country) the Russians could begin to attack countries other than Ukraine…

This is the risk as First Su-57 fighter loss for the Russian Air Force: The Ukrainians hit the air base at a depth of 600 km from the border with drones! (vid, image.  That attack was 370 miles inside Russia.  Moscow is only 523 miles from the border.

Then who the hell knows, from that point on.

Point is, the Globalist Leftists were handed major defeats in Europe this weekend.  Let’s not leave out Germany where RTL Today – Stinging defeat: Scholz’s coalition suffers rout at EU polls in Germany. Like in the case of Macron, we see how the German market is down 7-10ths of a percent going into the American session.

From our hill, it looks like Europe’s “synthetic growth” through state-sponsored nonsensical immigration (O’Biden’s done the same thing here) is likely to blow up as one political lie after another folds.

Rate Roulette Week

We explained in our Saturday report that the Monday news flow would tell us what to expect of the Fed at their rate setting session which will be announced on Wednesday.

Essentially, if we have a big decline today (in the cards) then it means a likely sell the rumor, buy the news” is coming from the Fed.

Now, this isn’t for sure and certain, but consider recent market action right up through today’s early Futures:

We could visualize a case to where the Fed boss either delivers a direct rate drop, or there’s a signal in the “directives to the trading desk” to change something minor – which would be seen as a signal that rate hikes are over.

That would give the market a chance to “rally like hell” into July 11th (T-sentence day in the Kangaroo Court) – and then the “actual” rate drops at the end of July’s meeting (31st).

We’re still piecing how this will work, but overall we might see an immediate future like this:

  • Market down today, carrying into tomorrow?
  • Rally on Fed happy-talk Wednesday.
  • Rally on into July 11-the Trump sentencing.  BTW keep an eye on Trump NY Trial Punishment Potentially Revealed, Will Meet With Officer.
  • A “crowd pleaser” of some sort for Trump.
  • Fed lowers July 31st.
  • Rally continues a few days more.
  • But then Stu’s worried about a massacre of some sort at the summer Games in Paris,

This way, the horrors of the Olympic (hypothetical) tragedy would take the heat for Wall St. which would then have a “good story” to tell the gullible “Now that times have changed, you know we’re all not safe….”

There might even be one more big blip up in the market into the end of August. Perhaps “false peace talks” will come in.

But the damage will be done. The West heads into a 40 percent market decline gets rolling as the Chinese takeover of Taiwan this fall. At which point “the Powers” get out another lone gunman and…well, you can sketch in the rest of Future out into the hungry part of the Depression in 25-29 when famine comes calling.

But something like this is the “least surprising track” of all.

On the commodity side?  Gold is still sickly today after a Friday sell-off. But we see the price of silver is almost up to $30, so is there a “new tech in the wings” we haven’t gotten a memo on?

Dr. Copper says war is still coming *up again.  While wheat was down offset by corn which was up even more.  Famine after war, when we all pay the cost of chemical farming going blooey.

Slow Folk News

Meanwhile the flow of (seemingly) Urgent News will keep babbling.

As usual, the NY Post is spot on, again: Hunter Biden trial just a ploy to protect Joe — and the DOJ (

While Joe can’t seem to keep guns out of Hunter’s hands, does that explain perhaps by Majority of House Democrats voted to take guns away from certain veterans? Wrong way War Party at work…

Is “the movie the message”? Bad Boys: Ride or Die dominates the box office with a $104.6 million global debut.

Australia wakes up to the Global hoodwinking: Australia: Young people (53%) and a larger majority (64%) blame immigration for making housing unaffordable. Think?

A few people in America seem to be awake, too: WATCH: “It’s BULLSH*T What He Signed” – President Trump SLAMS Joe Biden’s Executive Order on Illegal Immigration to Open Las Vegas Rally – Crowd Chants “BULLSH*T!” (VIDEO)..

Other than mentioning Consumer Prices come in Wednesday – and a break there would also help fuel a market rise….my job here is done for now.

At the Ranch: Sunday in the Yard

Pappy was always suspicious of people who fertilized their lawns.  “Why, you can’t eat the stuff, so why put more work into making more work for yourself? ” Was his view of it.

As you can see, there is some grass around out power and fiber pole that could use a little over-seeding, peat moss, and a good weed and feed.  But every time I think of tossing money in that direction, I remember my boyhood training. Where, regardless of asthma and eczema, the lessons of “lawnery” were driven home. Taken lawns as a “drive by problem” ever since.

Tomatoes are a different deal.  Edible is worth more work.

And, thanks to running the exhaust fans earlier, temps came down a bit from our 115.9 records Saturday.

Today should be a great day.  A Velcro insulating blanket for the a/c hot air exhaust should be delivered and quickly installed.  More in the ShopTalk Sunday series.

Hat tip to Reader D’Lynn for getting me on a quest for spray-on closed cell foam insulation. at R-5 for an inch of spray foam, that’s looking like the fastest way to cut down the heat.  It would also be dandy in the winter too, holding in more heat – and leading to faster winter growth with less diesel fool.

Other than that, the scalloped potatoes and ham was perfect last night.  Some of those precious leftovers for the chow line in a minute and then I’ll be working on “A Shotgun Approach to Anti-Aging”.  That will be on the site Wednesday.

Dandy day, but then again, any day above ground at 75…

Write when I’m younger,

P.S. On the ham radio side, STILL trying to find a Hallicrafters PS-500 to power my SR-400 Cyclone.  I may resort to posting a bounty…

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35 thoughts on “France: Warmonger’s Notebook, Future Reveals”

  1. Here in north of Montreal, when it gets near 100 f, i take off the sides of the hothouse, and let them be at ambiant temp intil freesing. The result, is to get lots of preserves of tomaro juice, and eating tomatoes up to end of october.

  2. Many Europeans finally got wise to the fact that voting left was the road leading down to ‘the path to perdition.’ Perhaps it’s a good sign for us too?
    Wish we had a better Republican leadership that is believable to honor our constitution.

      • with a sad heart..that is so true.
        lobbyists spent over 4 billion not counting vacations air fare stock options meals entertainment etc..last year on 700 people.. they live in the bubble world where the things affecting the people don’t effect them. even the good ones don’t have a clue what’s going on. with a mountain of evidence and almost ten years to do anything not one thing has been done. the issues are all dropping off the list with the statute of limitations..
        I believebwhat we are seeing is a horse and pony show for the campaign trail..nothing more nothing less..

      • G, Your Favorite Fear Mongerers, (Infowars & Gateway Pundit) are declaring bankruptcy due to their defamation suits, perhaps in your zeal to parrot their hate, lies and bigotry, you too will have companions at the Bankruptcy Court!

        Jones will lose Infowars to pay judgement:(tormenting parents whose children were shot by a mass murderer..ahem…how low can you go for a buck?)

        Gateway Pundit ‘s election fraud claims have driven them bankruptcy court:

        Back to your regularly scheduled Propaganda Pump, hate and fear sells!

        • (“got a moment

          Exactly Darrell..It has nothing to do with hate for the democratic party….It is the dual set of laws that are now so obvious that even people in california can see it.. not hate for some guy that should be in prison for so many alleged crimes with more circumstantial evidence .. even in his own book he tells stories of child hood that should make everyone sit up and say …WHAT…Its the same in the daughters new memoirs or the diary.. Yet no one would even consider thinking their dysfunctional life is somehow normal..
          I was a proud democrat until they started the crazy shit..some had great ideas some had ideas that sucked.. the thought that having different sides discuss and debate then refine their legislation.. now it totally appears that non of that ever happens in DC bubble at all its all appears as a lie to the people..

  3. “So many things were testing his faith. There was the Bible, of course, but the Bible was a book, and so were Bleak House, Treasure Island, Ethan Frome and The Last of the Mohicans. Did it then seem probable, as he had once overheard Dunbar ask, that the answers to riddles of creation would be supplied by people too ignorant to understand the mechanics of rainfall? Had Almighty God, in all His infinite wisdom, really been afraid that men six thousand years ago would succeed in building a tower to heaven?” (Catch-22)

    • We lack infinite wisdom and lack the true knowledge of our past. I’ve seen stones carved with greater precision than any work of that type today. Places that turned to glass and some areas still radioactive … long before (we) discovered nuclear fusion. Places said to be where something sacred happened but, they’re quite a distance from where “it” actually happened. Flying machines seen in Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Book of Enoch and Hindu drawings and writings.

      I doubt the world was as “primitive” as we are lead to believe about the past.

      We remember the Tower of Babylon being destroyed and a little story about it, but we forget, God was angered by the people, not really the building. – I doubt they stacked rocks to build the tower. They had some technology.

      Our brick layers are primitive compared to the stone work of the ancients.

      • Copyright 2007 The Age of Desolation – page 102
        All Rights Reserved G.A. Stewart

        Nostradamus’ Quatrain I:91
        The gods make it appear to humans,
        That they will be the authors of a great conflict:
        Sword and lance, before heaven seen serene
        On the left hand there will be great affliction.

        Like Daniel 4:17, this Quatrain requires repeating. It is not by coincidence that humanity has once again evolved to become technologically aware. We have been led to this point in time, and that is the secret of the Prophets.

      • I wish I could say I have seen some of the wonders of the past.. I always loved Archeology.. since I was but a boy and talked my father into letting me go to a lecture by an archeologist that was one of the first into king tuts tomb .. the theme of the talk.. Dead Men Do Tell Tales…… then remembering the curiosoity as to why my own realitives hated one of our most prestigious realatives and then having a great great uncle tell me the story of the berry baskets.. so much in history was passed down by legends etc.. the same year I watched the lecture on king tuts tomb.. was the year I read some newspaper accounts of a find from some coal miners in Russia.. amazing stuff.. what I would give to go to machu picu or some of the other archeological sites.. I do get photos sometimes and some tell me what they are seeing.. so I see from their eyes.. and get a first hand by asking what about.. this or that is that there.. you are one very fortunate man..

    • (“Had Almighty God, in all His infinite wisdom, really been afraid that men six thousand years ago would succeed in building a tower”)

      NAW….he knew their weaknesses.. man has spent millions investigating the dangers of nuclear energy use and the threats of nuclear war gain of function in diabolical biological research of using deadly strans as weapons of destruction.. then spent billions building more to feed the greed of power and what they think wealth is. all while avoiding maintenance and fixing what we already know how to fix.
      it’s the business model

  4. My father worked for a medical laboratory. He used to bring home 5 gallon jars of urine and poured it on our yard to enrich the grass. So, go pee on that spot.

    • Not the whole yard, didnt that get a lil stinky in Summertime?

      – As kids we were directed to Pee on the compost pile. In fact Mom would get very pissed if she caught me Peeing anywhere else around yard when I was little.
      Had been a Dream/Goal of mine to buy/own a Home where I could step off the back porch for a whiiz, and no one around could see my beautiful arcing golden streams.
      Finally made that dream come true…although if you happen by Che BCN in Placencia via a boat, on the lagoon, and I am too engaged to walk out of pool and into outdoor shower – then you may indeed witness a naked Man standing on top Pool edge wall and Peeing into the flowering shrubbery surrounding said pool.

      How was that for Tuesday morning horror of a mental picture ?

      There was the time my Daughter was playing Girls T-Ball, we were at the ball field in stands watching the “action”, younger Son is running around up to usual shenanigans. Someone gasped out loud near us in stands, we look over in direction gasper is looking – and there standing atop a practice Pitchers mound is the Boy, his Unit in his hand, setting Sun perfectly positioned backlighting the scene, Peeing a golden stream out over the mound. The whole frigging stands erupted in laughter – I was so proud and yet so embarrassed at same time.. never forget that.


      what’s funny is the one to first discover that urine made whiter whites..did he come home from An all night party and an upset wife toss stale urine on him.. how about the kids getting high by licking a toast ass.. or the gland oil of a rodents ass for ice cream.. or the French and teeth whining by gargling with stale urine.. the mysteries of the past that few contemplate..

  5. IRX at 5.23% this morning – how can the fed undercut this? No, there is no ‘rate cut’ coming, not until late next year most likely. As long as the government is borrowing another $1 trillion every 90-days.

  6. Phew.. well that was fun… had to go in early today for surgery.. got all prepped.. and iv started.. getting ready to head down.. then they came in and said all surgeries are cancelled .. made a new appointment for the end of the month..
    then I found out something different.. the facility the wife works are part time now.. for years I told her not to bitch about the wages.. that if he ever did his books per facility he would realize he wasn’t making any money.. and sell it.. well he sold it a month or so ago.. under new management..
    then today I was visiting .. and learned that the federal government put pricing guidlines on for nursing facilities..
    HE didn’t just sell one.. he sold all of the facilities.. he had bought something like thirty something facilities.. but federal madated prices.. doesn’t allow for him to make any money..
    I get that.. one place I know the Government set a price per hour of three dollars an hour as a maximum price they can charge…
    so all of the facilities were not making any money.. to stary competitive they have to offer more than what the government mandates them to charge.. since the majority of the people don’t have a quarter million per year.. to pay.. they end up on federal assistance..
    It isn’t like a government hospital that doesn’t have the expenses.. they divide the expenses up between seven hundred million people.. so for a home owner they maybe paying ten bucks a month.. for a federal hospital.. hmm interesting.. NOW the gossip is they are going to ditch the nursing facilites and turn them into apartments for the elderly so they don’t have to have the staffing.. wage guidelines or the insurance etc..

    • LOOTB, some of your more wordy posts are all over the place and make it difficult for me to read and comprehend what you’re trying to say. Some one had to say this, and it may as well be me. Please slow down while writing.; -). Take care my friend.

    • Just this morning, my neighbor came to the fence and said, I want to show you something. She tells me she had a toenail removed, (shows me her toe) then she shows me the bill.

      A 15 minute procedure cost her a little over $5,000.

      Said she was on her way to the hospital to dispute it, and if they aren’t reasonable, she’s going to head over to her attorney’s office.

      Yes, she has insurance but that’s not the point.

      • A couple of years back, I had a medical procedure that required me to be put under quick-clearing anesthetic. About half of the techs were travelers out of some job shop up north. The procedure was about fifteen minutes. I woke up half way through, and just kept still and kept my mouth shut. The nurse anesthetist was probably 25 years old, under supervision of 30 year old I pegged as a sociopath. When the bills started coming in, the job shop billed me for $4000 for each and every warm body that walked through pre-op, surgery and post-op, for a 15 minute procedure that the hospital charged me $800 insurance contract price for facility, staff personnel and meds. The insurance company finally gave the pirates about $300 apiece, which was triple any reasonable rate for the time involved.
        This is why if you walk into any medical facility without insurance, you will likely be bankrupted.

        • Not always true,
          last summer I went to the skin doc to have some basil cell skin cancer removed. 2 spots on my ears and a spot on each shoulder, the largest about the size of a golf ball. 65 years of being in the sun every day is not a wise move. Told the doc I was paying cash not insurance, payed $325 bucks out the door for 25 minutes of work.

        • So Cal Dude:
          That sounds like an office visit which didn’t involve a hospital or full anesthesia. There are still individual doctors around who negotiate prices for services, but they are becoming few and far between. Some of the waitresses at a local eating place clued me in that there was a local emergency care place that would negotiate a flat fee for individuals with no insurance for routine office visits, probably just to keep the traffic up. Those kind of deals can fall through. During a period of time when I wasn’t covered by a dental policy, I negotiated a deal with a new dentist to clean my teeth without doing x-rays, and as soon as I walked in the door, they reneged and tried to gouge me with about $500 in unnecessary overpriced diagnostics. I got up, walked out, and never went back. It was one of those medical vigilante deals I have talked about in the past. My name is similar to a local bad boy. He was adopted, is 75 lbs lighter, 2 inches shorter, 15 years younger, and no family resemblance, but I get all his vigilante nincompoops trying to hurt me, especially around local medical and retail outlets. Local cops cover for vigilantes. There was a guy who I think was an undercover cop waiting for me in the waiting room when when I stormed out of the dentist’s office, and all he could do was stand there with a red-faced sheepish look. Negotiating with medical psychopaths can back-fire.

    • I have ridden that road several times on my harley. Can’t say I remember that particular turn in the road.., but it was always a beautiful, great ride. Gonna be hard on all the businesses and employees in that area,

  7. (“Other than mentioning Consumer Prices come in Wednesday – and a break there would also help fuel a market rise….my job here is done for now.”)

    I forgot to add that.. amazing I believe he owned thirty seven healthcare facilities.. because of the mandated price guidelines.. the cost for one person was not even the wage of one minimum wage employee.. not to mention brick and mortar costs costs in food and supplies.. so he got rid of all of them.. hmm.. what will that do for the job market.. I do get why they put mandated limits.. but.. you have to let the business man make a buck.. its the business model.. if you can’t make a buck then get rid of the system or make it federally funded and maintained.. ( like the majority of the world..) can’t do that either.. interesting.. how many nurses and aides lawncare and maintenance.. cooks etc.. will be affected..It was bad enough when the guy borrowed a few billion dollars nation wide and bought a bunch up then took the money being paid in and trunning with it.. leaving everyone high and dry the country over.. now the mandated price limits..

  8. Folks,

    The Dutch, headquartered in Germany, counter Anglo-Saxon founded European Press Agency published a series of family-friendly images from a polling station in Laeken, a residential suburb of Brussels. Four offspring of the King and Queen of Belgium had journeyed from the Royal Palace in Laeken to the quaint riot-shutter-windowed, cobblestoned voting place. Watched by a wall of news cameras the Royal Quartet were processed into the mandatory election vote by a pair of non-Caucasion election staff. A third female worker attired in a factory-blue shirt buttoned Mao-style seamlessly flowing into a hijab headscarf exposing Levant facial features contrasted beside an adjacent Crown Princess of Saxe-Gotha in current fashion and a teasing sliver of midriff reveal. The latter is apparently studying history at Oxford “to better understand her future subjects” to be followed next year by a stint at Harvard. Royal voting was a breeze. Elsewhere msm reported on the Red Cross handing out water to exhausted voters beleaguered by voting machine snafus and long line-ups.

    According to Wikipedia, construction of Laeken Palace began in 1782 and enjoyed a stay from Napoleon the day before the Battle of Waterloo. He issued a proclamation from the Palace inviting Belgians to “exterminate the remainder of these barbarians”. Home gardeners will be thrilled to know the Palace has a celebrated 6.2 acre greenhouse expanse including bespoke flora native to the former African colonies. It seems a doppelganger of the Laeken Palace materialized in the Belgian Congo hometown of the late dictator President of Zaire, Field Marshal Mobuto Sese Seko.

  9. The markets seem to have a problem about wanting to go down. Maybe they arent reading the charts. Who knows

  10. It occurs to me that Tabasco grows their hot peppers in South Louisiana next to you, and the environment seems just fine for peppers. Ure pepper plants and big and strong enough to survive an outdoor transplant now… and I know you are addicted to the hot stuff, so… ‘save the children’! With you complaining about the rainfall, I don’t think watering the plants will be a problem. But that’s the biggest thing about growing them out in the strong sun here. Keep ’em watered.

    • ..Storm Water Retention Pond ? doubling as Irrigation Pond, Aquaculture Pond, Water Hazard on back 9, Redneck Pines Golf Course..Time to fire up the Bobcat, and get moving..dirt.

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