NewWreck ’23? – Orthodox Wars, Lies and Coverups

The Hysteria Outbreak before today’s open was pre-dickable, if you will.

The odds of a nuclear “event” was real this weekend, and we might imagine some form of “relief rally” could be justified.  But on reading how the Bond Market just experienced its Worst Year EVER (For Battered Bonds, Threats of Further Losses Linger – WSJ) we have to consider rallies a “strange attractor” for the crack-baby class of investors.

To be sure, the thrill did moderate, but the early nibbling did improve the Elliott wave collapse which has continued in slow-motion over 13-months now:

If you play this kind of “psyching out the market” game, there’s a case for the market being in a Big Yellow Wave 3 down.  Which has already seen a small 1 down of the likely 3 or 5, a rally small 2, and we’re in a small 3 down which has seen a (i) then a (ii) rally and then a (iii) decline which makes this a possible (iv) before an expected (v) down to complete the small 3 of 3.

Although still shown, the chances of an (e) [or 5] up from the larger white 2 are quickly disappearing since we overlapped the wave 1 which usually (but not always) blows out any chance of a Lazarus rally.

Our plan is to enjoy the Amateur Hour at the open and wait for the Realists to get back into the market.  Short.

Orthodox Wars

Got three major ones to keep an eye on.

One is the pending (within weeks if not days) Israeli-Iran conflict.  Which we give 25% odds of going nuclear (as in bunker busting) because a former Iranian intel type said a few weeks back Iran had enough HEU (*highly enriched uranium) to build a couple of bombs in weeks.  We pencil out the run rate at what?  An additional nuke every 10-days to two weeks?  Israel cannot afford to wait long.

We are not alone in this assessment.  See H.R. McMaster: “Chances Are Quite High” Israel Will Strike Iran’s Nuclear Program In 2023   We think early and even now, the funding is clicking into place, just as tumblers in a lock as we read Israel seeks $2.85B increase to confront Iran.

It is a long stretch for us to invest in any long-side position when nukes flying is on the table.

But what’s worse is that our long-term view (Obama and Biden were idiots to believe Iran’s peace fake-outs) is proving exactly right.  And Iran knows the clock is running now that the BS-shapeshifting-shuffle is out in the open even to the point of being repeated in Tehran: Israel strategy on Iran failed: ex-Israeli official – Tehran Times. Democrat appeasers.

So that’s one war where “colliding orthodoxies” are in play.

Orthodoxy II

Our second “orthodoxies in Collision” couldn’t be clearer than this headline:  New mass Russian attack possible on Eastern Orthodox Christmas holiday, air force warns.

The Ukrainians got in a few licks over the New Year (Ukraine’s Air Force launches 18 strikes on enemy positions ( but Russia is very much in the eye-for-eye business – and then some.

Even as a Russian Radio Host Says He Wants Kyiv To Become ‘Uninhabitable’, we have to wonder (for a second time in a minute)…how did I put it?

Oh yeah:  “It is a long stretch for us to invest in any long-side position when nukes flying is on the table. “

Orthodox War Trifecta

The third collision of powers is almost a toss-up.  It might be the North Koreans who the West has in the past seriously underestimated.

OR, it could be the pending Greek-Turkish War.  Both countries have been playing “nicey-nice” in recent years, but Turkey strongboss Erdogan needs a “distraction war.”

Just as citizens of the U.S. are subjected to well-greased economic lies, here’s how it’s playing out in Turkey:  We read headlines like Turkey inflation slows to 64% in boost to Erdogan and then back out 64 percent inflation from “growth claims” like Turkey’s exports hit record $254 bln in 2022 -Erdogan.

We rather suspect that – just as the U.S. continues a maniacal belief in dollarized economic statistics – Turkey’s actual “widget counts” may not be as great.  But, that is really not the point.

What IS the point is that if you read G.A. Stewart’s tres scholarly Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, you’ll find all kinds of references to the Adriatic and Aegean and conflicts to come.  Stu’s kind enough to explain to the less-studied how the differences rollout between dime-store “experts” on future and deeper thinkers over here.

We assume you remember this will play into the Balkans lighting up in Q1 or Q2 this year, as well?

Taiwan Blows This Year?

Forbes is very worried on exactly this point.  So much so that the handwringing is obvious in A Taiwan Invasion Would Cost China Dearly.

Yet, they are now alone.  See China Doubles Military Flights Around Taiwan. We trust you tracked the 71-plane sortie into Taiwan’s air defense zone last week?  Warm ups. Now, what did that guy just say?

Oh yeah:  “It is a long stretch for us to invest in any long-side position when nukes flying is on the table. “

Even my consigliere continues to worry that not only Phoenix could become a Chinese-interest’s nuclear target (because of fine-pitch semiconductor plants under construction there which will give us back-up to fine-pitch semis made in Taiwan – but now Atlanta, for reasons not clear, is coming up as a potential hotspot on the futuring boards over at

“Feelings” are starting to appear.  Same thing happened before 9/11.  Have to wait to see if more of these appear.

We now have NYC, Phoenix and Atlanta


“I don’t have a lot of premonitions, but…

I was on the phone a couple days ago, and the other person said Atlanta.

Instantly I got this feeling of dread.”

There’s a simple reason we spend time and resource on the GLP website:  As Cliff High’s ground-breaking work demonstrated years ago, there is a mechanism to where human knowing in advance of events takes place.  It shows up as changes in language.  New words, new concepts appear.

In the days of “clean media” it was possible to make reasonably accurate forecasts based on things like linguistic shifts.  Separately, I went looking for shifts using Word Frequency Analysis in news reports, as well. We all have our callings, right?

But where the headwinds came up was in the hidden corruption of Social Media – and we greatly admire Elon Musk for having the balls to out The Twitter Files which reveals the illegal and anti-Constitutional role of the FBI is trying to control FREE SPEECH on the Internet by manipulation of Twitter (and other social media platforms).  I think Cliff’s work was impaired to the degree that the FBI influenced future by their “crookedization” of social media as a mirror of American thinking.

Which reminds me to mention that I understand from various sources that this week, fresh Twitter drops will reveal the crooked role of the government-Big Pharma alliance in silencing scientifically-based opposition to mRNA Covid vaccines. Banning medical doctors who challenged the billions in Pharma dough.  Do keep an eye out for those – should be Earth-Shaking.

Speaking of which:  

We generally keep out of sport stories, but this is a God-awful one:  A pro football player suffered a cardiac arrest in a football game: Bills’ Hamlin in critical condition after collapse on field.  So, what we want to know is whether he had been vaxxed-up and boosted and whether there are signs of the vax side effects (such as myocarditis) involved???  Wasn’t pro football all over the vax and re-vax and re-re-vax boosted hype?  (Yeah, I know, who would you trust to give out an honest answer on that one?  Anyone?)

We know you read how people are wondering Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants?

Crooks Still Rule in 2023

Yeah – we all know it. Lurching to the Police State.

Take, for example, down in the Virgin Islands where a tough prosecutor was going after the loose-ends and cover-up’s around the Jeffrey Epstein child sex slavery perversion ring – which still hasn’t not been fully outed or cleaned up.

U.S Virgin Islands AG Fired during Biden Visit after Vowing to Expose Epstein’s Powerful Friends.” And during the SloJoe visit…my, what a coincidence, right?

Here’s another Crooks Rule story, too: DoJ is concealing documents that lay bare Hunter and Jim Biden’s payoffs with China and Russia.  400-pages of documents are being covered up.

Joe Biden and the power controllers are going out of their way to limit people’s freedom of thought (social media censorship), hiding access to government work product (DOJ coverup of Hunter’s Laptop) and now, even trying to keep you from being able to travel freely: New Law Will Install Kill Switches In All New Cars.

Phased in slowly, the American Police State is tightening its grasp while delicately orchestrating White shaming and planning to saddle Americans with massive reparations to complete the decimation of equality.

Just dandy. MF’ers. Spontaneous self-organizing greedsters are just that way.  “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely” was it?

I see (it’s early) and the Dow futures were down to a more reasonable +150 after being up nearly 400 earlier.

We seem to be waking up in a brand-new year full of the same old shit we’d hoped was gone.

Well, bubba, It ain’t.

Write when you get rich,

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92 thoughts on “NewWreck ’23? – Orthodox Wars, Lies and Coverups”

  1. “We seem to be waking up in a brand-new year full of the same old shit we’d hoped was gone.”

    Same old shit.
    Question: How do they say it in Italian?

    Answer: “La stessa vecchia merda”.

  2. If the NFL players were not hypocrites,they would go on strike until Big Pharma advertising is removed from NFL telecasts.Can’t they just substitute more sports betting ads?The worst thing that those ads could do to them is create more jobs for lawyers who specialize in Chapters 7 and 13,and not to add more work for those whose work specialty number is 6.

  3. A number of thoughts:

    1. Turkey might possibly have signed a deal with Russia to leave Syria. I think the Turks might be leaving Syria because they need the troops elsewhere.

    2. Israel is also under pressure because Russia is selling it’s SU 35 fighters and S400 anti aircraft systems to Iran in trade for the drones.

    3. An attack on Iran is more plausible because the USA / NATO wants the drone factory bombed, yesterday.

    But they have been talking about the possibility of an attack on Iran for a really long time.

    • Israel has attacked Iran in the past.

      Iran has a Muslim dumb as dirt military. (It is not clear if the Ruskies are a step up or down from their stupidity –and the U.S. is their enemy.)

      Israel will destroy (bunker busters?) Iran’s fabrication facilities -and along with them, the, cartoon character, drone factories. Soon enough.

      And I think Ure’s got it wrong. You don’t make a nuke in a few weeks. Years.

      As in the past, Israel will take the facilities out prior to their finishing. The issue then becomes how will Iran and the world respond when a radioactive ‘bomb’ over Iran is the result.

      BTW, IMHO, Iran has no defense against the #1 military in the world (with eyes and ears from the U.S.

  4. Reading the comments, I’ve read that Damar Hamlin was vaccinated and was boosted 2 weeks ago.

    There are far too many people (of ALL ages) having “heart attacks?” and seeing this happen several times on live tv, reading about it many times is beyond disturbing.

    Sweeping it under the rug, is unacceptable.

    • Elaine and I were just talking about this at breakfast. We listen to an MSM/CCM station and they were way off on the “conspiracy theory types” should wait until there are more facts and for now we should all pray for the player.
      We can pray, sure. But, we don’t want to be stupid and NOT as the A#1 important critical question about vaccine safety. Which is why we are anxious for the Twitter drop on vaccine deplatforming to come out. We specifically want to know what connections between government in any form and the mind control of social media that has led to the mass vax and outcomes that are meaningful, measurable, and malicious and covered up.
      We do pray for Hamlin’s return to health, but there’s a critical question on the table that demands an answer.

      • As a scientist, I am completely dismayed and ashamed of the science community. It is no longer science where facts were analyzed and debated but it has become politics where any discussion that does not fit the “approved” narrative is labelled conspiracy theory. I cannot believe it when I watch a YouTube video by people like Dr. John Campbell or Dr. Chris Martensen (who I still respect) and they have to dance around the truth because they will be cancelled if they speak the truth about COVID and vaccines. I was told as a child that there are 2 sides to a story. Sadly we now live in a world where this only one side to a story and god help you if you disagree.

        I hope that Elon Musk continues to release what he has and blows the whole corrupt barrel of sh*t wide open. My concern is there are so many with their hand in the cookie jar that nothing will get done at the political level but hopefully the sheeple wake up before it is too late if it is not already.

      • Ditto here. Say George, did Noory and Co happen to record your appearance and if yes may you point us to a link? I don’t stay up that late but I would be interested to hear it.

      • @WCD

        ALL c2cAM shows are recorded, and available for download to Coast Insiders. AFAIK ya gots ta pay yer 20 bucks (for a year) to get to any show rebroadcast, even “yesterday’s…”

    • This is Hamlin’s 2nd year out of college, and in the League. This means he had ALL the shots and ALL the boosters, through May of 2021, or Pitt wouldn’t have allowed him through the gate.

    • So far Hamlin’s vaxxx status is a “national secret”. No doubt he was, though. So far the reason for his collapse is being passed off as commotio cordis and no other discussion is allowed. Anyone want to lay odds on this reason falling apart about as soon as they can sweep this under the rug? It’s been happening on soccer fields all over the World but it’s now come home and TPTB won’t be able to hide it much longer. The level of panic amongst the liberal commentators in other news agencies like NewsMax trying to downplay The Jab’s well known side effects is becoming hilarious.

      • Tucker had a cardiologist on last night who threw the vaxx-induced myocarditis curve ball across the plate. We’ll have to wait, to see if the doc is cancelled, to know whether he threw a strike, though…

  5. Oh Ya , the US Virgin Island, bullet points from DailyMail rag,, Quote,
    “US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George was fired over the weekend
    Governor Albert Bryan Jr said he had relieved her of duties, without explanation
    Last week, George sued JPMorgan accusing complicity in Epstein’s sex crimes
    The lawsuit accuses the bank of ‘enabling’ and ‘facilitating’ Epstein’s abuses
    Governor Bryan was reportedly upset that George failed to warn him of the suit ”

    seems the money boys are pissed off, they do not like being EXPOSED, there is a real WAR going on behind the scene, to control the power of LAW ENFORCMENT,,, send in a cleaning crew,,,
    Biden’s freQuent vacations allow for private communications visitors, not subject to a White House visitor log,, thus the need for frequent, moves and counter moves, directed by a hidden hand.

    I wonder if Pedo Joe had some fresh “pizza” while he was there?

    • BIC: my sister listens to Dr. John Campbell, the dufuss.

      She is 4 shots in and SICK ALL THE TIME.

      I can’t wait for him to finally recognize that the shots are bioweapons designed to, minimally, make people sick and miserable or kill them.

      That man should not call himself a doctor.

  6. Calling BS on Lazarus – both the tall tale from the book of mental imprisonment, and this tini,tiny pre market rally. Watch Silber & Gold .
    Popcorn stocks started getting low all the vax data,news,findings come out from state of Floridas’ investigation and planned defense of Floridians Health/Human Rights going forward against Federal(read vile) mandates regards public health concerns. Yes its official and their findings made public. Thankfully popcorn is cheap and plentiful down here in the NoUkieTan, Yum and good 4 youse.

    If you can imagine It, you can picture it in your mind. Focus on the picture, practice makes better/stronger. Beats having nogoodniks put pictures,ideas and or suggestions in there. We all know bad info when we hear it, simply ignore it like a passing fart in the wind.

    How does BCN logic work out all the moving chess pieces? Maybe best place to start is ME- the home away from home for kazarian “mafia”, as their OG homeland slowly comes to a boil..the frozen ground that is.

    Nary a mention ever on these pages of ALL the foreign Intel being released AGAINST empire US. ANZO 4 Ure reading pleasure more scientific proof Terrorists are 100 % BULLSHIT

    Keep in mind all intelligence analysis/analyst skew their “drops” with little misdirects and lies, but the general flow of info is reveling..very much so. Apologies to those that cant handle truth, there is a book for that, to help soothe your anger. Go ahead anyway..this messenger can handle it, just bring your best, getting tired of all the BS fear mongering, better that I enjoy being part of the “demolition team” .

    still – none of Z bitcoinz for mossadnik

  7. “One is the pending (within weeks if not days) Israeli-Iran conflict. ”

    the subject of Taiwan came up in a conversation.. what would I do…if I was the leader of Taiwan…
    hmm.. how much destruction happened in Hong Kong.. oh wait non they are still operating at full capacity..a friend of mine did his mission there with his went on.. China protects them militarily and they go by the one china’s business as usual..
    “The whole territory was transferred to China in 1997. As one of China’s two special administrative regions (the other being Macau), Hong Kong maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of mainland China under the principle of “one country, two systems”.”
    land leases change to leases with china in what 2047..
    putin under estimated the power of the puppeteers in ukraine..
    but if I was the leader of taiwan.. I would question the results of ukraine..even if it all ends soon ..come spring farmers won’t be able to plant crops..the fields will have to be cleared un fired ordinances will have to be detonated. cities will take years to rebuild..
    the people you swore to protect will all have nightmare memories of the drama.. heck look at nyc and the twin towers..the nightmare reluves..the neighborhoods where blm and antifa destroyed relive the horror all the time..
    would I want the same horror on my people?
    there aren’t enough numbers that would ever get me to wish that horror on any man woman or child..
    Xi has his issues but overall he doesn’t want that horror on the people he rules over.. I would have a meeting with him hash out the compromise and have a great cup of and done life and business goes on..
    now Iran and this as nato aligns.. what about the Bric…the keystone cop move.. mass… CHAOS… Israel goes for Iran Israel is retaliated by pro Iran from 3 sides NK goes for SK and Japan the big numbers hit the USA from the borders from container ships with converted club k systems and the warrior army smuggled across the borders by our administration attacks from within. remote controlled arms in containers here sitting idle go to active.. it would seem as if everyone would be attacked by everyone coming from everywhere at once.. we are weakest right here at home.. blm and antifa proved that.. heck since the puppeteers like to play both sides at the same time.. ( guarantees their control after) that could possibly be why they pushed the blm antifa mass attacks on major cities..
    we of course never know the lurking in those corrupted by big money.. but it is truly a scenario I can see as a possibility..
    kind of like those terrorist activities that blm and antifa does that work anyway.. hey jo we are going to destroy this neighborhood tonight do you mind if we burn your if I rape your wife and daughter..hey I always wanted a TV and boo-boo like yours….so why would another country just want those pleasures only to happen on their homes only in their neighborhoods. you never seen destruction looting and violence in Martha’s Vinyard or in Beverly Hill neighborhoods..
    enough of wasreland musings of deep thoughts..but Xi and putin don’t want this to go the limit Xi has been the one to suggest calmer negotiations .

    • and I believe the whole Ukraine event was a non-event pushed into actions by the puppeteers to keep their business activities moving normal..
      we are living in the darkest of hours during the existence of mankind.. imagine just what could be achieved if we used the same efforts to help mankind

    • I have long felt that when China moves on Taiwan that Taiwan will fold like a Cheap Suit … unless the US gets involved. (one of the people I work with believes just the opposite … but he is a dyed on the wool Democrat who has drunk their kool aid and repeated their party line for years)

      You have to only look not only at the example of Hong Kong … but also what the French did in WW2.

      As soon as it was apparent the German were going to win with their invasion the French folded quickly, and INTENTIONALLY, which saved Paris. Paris it had NO destruction during the War, which also applied to almost all the cities in France, and for southern France the French retained limited self rule. Because of that France was spared almost all of the destruction that occured to the rest of occupied Europe and the French people did not face the massive killings that the Germans imposed elsewhere.

      Also consider that many of the businessmen on Taiwan have HUGE business dealings with, or even investments in, China (does Foxconn ring any bells? you know the company that makes Apple’s phones in China? mostly owned and run by Taiwanese business people). Taiwanese business people at the corporate level have learned how to deal with China when it comes to business and are NOT AFRAID of the Chinese Government when it comes to business.

      The big business people in Taiwan look at Hong Kong, look at their investments in China which have been VERY profitable, and have to be saying to themselves … “WHY would we want massive destruction here on the Island? Only the US seems to think that is a good idea, but “WE” are the ones who will have to deal with that if it happens, NOT the US!!”

      I am sure there are some on Taiwan that “might” be willing to fight to the death … but with no reasonable expectation of outside support actually coming to their physical aid ON the island any serious fighting would be a death sentence for those actually doing it (and the Taiwanese fighters would NOT be doing it for Religious Motivation Reasons – why fighting to the death is acceptable to some in Wars, it is a RELIGIOUS experience).

      IF (rather WHEN) China launches a credible invasion of Taiwan … voila, most of the people of Taiwan will hunker down inside their homes, most military reserves who are called up will HIDE in their basements and NOT report to their duty stations, and Taiwan will mostly fall within 120 hours.

      (NOT the same situation wrt Korea since there those in the South knows how brutal the North is … and will fight to keep them away)

      The US is biting off a certain military defeat if it becomes involved during a Chinese invasion of Taiwan since the Taiwanese people themselves are extremely unlikely to put up much of a fight once they run out of high tech weaponry.

      (high tech weaponry, airplanes, ships, anti-ship missiles etc., don’t require much in the way of people numbers to utilize … but once that is gone everybody else will be trying their best to avoid getting caught up in the fight)

      This spring, probably in the May weather window, is when Taiwan will be ripe for the picking. By then the US will be so absorbed in it’s Ukrainian and Iranian adventures that it may not even be willing to risk one carrier (which would probably be sunk) in the defense of Taiwan

      • “The US is biting off a certain military defeat if it becomes involved during a Chinese invasion of Taiwan since the Taiwanese people themselves are extremely unlikely to put up much of a fight once they run out of high tech weaponry.”

        we are with Russia and the Ukraine war to.. when I first noticed a poison pawn trap.. and how our politicians sold out the citizens of the usa. the families of the administration making secret deals with the CCP for personal gains. that it would be over in a matter of a few weeks..
        let’s face it a 37 trillion dollar industry for the puppeteers is an incentive to try and keep..
        the donations that were alleged and supposedly given to the family ventures to allow refugees to enter illegally another incentive..( even though all of those alleged activities are being hidden from view)
        what I didn’t anticipate was how many reserves we had in arms.. the country was in a fragile financial position with the depleted reserved emergency defense arms the depleted emergency oil reserves and printing money faster than you can blink.. we are the most vulnerable right here at home..
        the puppeteers have always played both sides against each other. the Book the secret life of billionaires really lays that out in a logical fashion.. then considering the blm and antifa terrorist activities that were mist obviously funded by outside sources on our major city could possibly have been a trial on how vulnerable our country was internally.. in the event that things flipped to the other side…
        of course thes opinions only come from what I have read and who knows what is real and what is planted for the people to believe..
        either way we have lost this.. the vest we can expect is the worst depression in the history of modern civilization..then again..heck digital tulips have great value and you can’t even wipe your butt with who knows maybe they can pull that off to..

      • ah haa, anotheer false flag, and another planned military loss for the USA.

        It was not religious fervor that killed hundreds of millions of people in ww1 and 2, it was leaders sold out to the bolshevicks that pitted countries against each other.

        We have reaped the fruits of those sellouts, and the ones that created, built, and funded Israel.

        So much has changed, like Joan Rivers said: they own everything! Got it all with barely a fight!

        Patriotism and Nationalism will be the banners the warmongers will stimulate and stir the masses up to once again fight to kill themselves and their unborn descendants off forever.

    • Nothing to see here LOOB. Though some may posit that your are in the ten ring.LOL.

      Strange how there are more comprehensive news articles with more details [95 of them now] as to why it’s more coincidence than not. Thats Your first clue.

      Bail Ins are coming for all. Nothing to see here. Please pay attention to the distractions we’ve orchestrated for [y]our entertainment.

      • If you freeze frame on the FD IC twitter video at the 00:02 mark. The woman putting here hands up to cover her mouth with an astonished look is a great poker tell (no message for the underlings in the general masses to decode there lol).

  8. Well so much for social isolation. Had tree trimmer friend in a bucket truck here Friday to help beat back the jungle. Despite outdoors and social distances, he apparently gave me Covid. Monday I started with a headache that progressed thru the day to full body ache. Afternoon covid test shows positive. Out comes the preps.
    [NOT medical advice! This is what I did for my personal self.]

    Vitamin D 5000(morning) + another 5000 IU now
    Selenium (morning) + another now
    Quercetin (morning) + another now
    Zinc 50mg (morning) + another now
    Quinine extract = two droppers full
    Ivermectin 24mg now, will do 12mg daily for 5 days
    [ availability]
    Tylenol and Ibuprofen together for the aches

    This was the worst night of my life. Body aches like the flu… times ten! Drinking water all night. Bloated, Vomit mucus. Low temp fever, only 99, but the chills and sweats every ten minutes. Fever finally broke @ 0230 and I took a shower at 0330. Now here posting in the wee hours I feel almost normal… like a dishrag all rung out, but no pain.
    Five days of isolation at the ranch to look forward to. No problem.
    At this point I will say Thank God for Ivermectin. Knocking the virus down early is key to better recovery. I cannot imagine enduring that pain for another day… or however long.. if one does not have a good immune system.

    • And on the bright side, I now have built natural immunity. No shot needed and works much better.

      • The most difficult thing to shake for me was/is the chest congestion. I still get that infernal tickle down in my chest so an occasional Dextro/Guaifenesin is still called for. No magic bullet for that apparently but the Ivermectin doses in the midst of it all did start me on the path to recovery.

        Hang in there! Oh- and don’t forget to stay the heck away from Walgreens Mucus Relief DM. The company said they’d be getting back to me on that little problem but I’ve yet to hear from them although they do have it logged as a notice of complaint.

      • Maybe it’s XBB1.5

        “A new omicron subvariant called XBB.1.5 spread so rapidly in the U.S. in December that it accounted for more new cases than any other variant in the final week of the year, according to data published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”.

        So Covid-19 is never going to end? Endless subvariants?

      • JC

        I have used the Vicks Early Defence Nasal Spray now for 2 years. Keep a bottle in my car and one at home. I spray 3 shots up each nostril before and after attending an indoor sports or entertainment event. Don’t bother on short shopping trips, etc. and still hold to the time/dose principle for infection. I am the only one in my family not to have had COVID. Yes, I and they are all vaccinated and boosted so I may still suffer vaccine fallout somewhere down the road.

        For what its worth.

    • wow @Hank in Hawaii.. where did you buy the Quinine extract……I am interested in that..

    • Suggest you add Vitamin-C, 6-10 grams/day, and HCQ 200mg/day if you can find it, although the quinine alone is probably sufficient…

      • Oh yeah, I’m all over Vitamin C. Minimum 3 g/day when I’m healthy. More now. I couldn’t find HCQ since it was ‘cancelled’ after Trump touted it. But the quinine extract does essentially the same thing. It is an ionophore that ushers Zinc thru the cell walls to the interior where it kills viral infections. Quercetin does the same thing, just not quite as powerful as quinine.

      • @Hank


        Query at Indiamart. Specify the seller MUST take PayPal (this filters out all the fly-by-nighters.) You should receive a half-dozen to a dozen offers within a day or two. Don’t jump on the first one, comparison shop. HCQ “requires” a prescription, but most sellers will conveniently forget this requirement. I bought, not the cheapest offer, but the cheapest which could supply both 20mg ivermecten and 200mg HCQ. The sellers will all caution you that if you mention the package contents to a credit card company or online payment system, US Customs will confiscate your package and you’ll be out, the money.

        BTW they ALL feature the Indian “COVID kit” (which contains ivermecten, zinc, gloves, wipes, masks, etc.) for a couple bucks each…

      • Oh, and thank you to Hank and Bob.

        I now have quinine extract and Vicks Early Defence headed my way. A well-stocked home med kit can never be too well stocked…

  9. Anytime I see The “Bomb Iran theme”, I remember the words of
    Matthew Simmons in his book “Twilight In The Desert”…………..
    About the coming Saudi Oil Crisis.

    “The Largest >>>Proven<<< Reserves of Oil in the world lay Under
    The sands Of Iraq and (Wait for it)…………..
    Yup you guessed it Iran.
    He, was the Number one man in the world for Oil flow rates and reserve calculations………
    The same man that got on national television and called BP,
    Lying Bastards over the Maccondo Oil platform leak in the Gulf…………
    When BP Tried to say it was only ""1200"" gallons a day He
    Rebuffed them saying "Its leaking a MINIMUM of 20,000
    ""BARRELS"" a day and More likely 60,000 barrels a day…………………
    And he was right.
    Oh yea, he died a week later in his hot tub………

    Iraq and Iran…………………
    Thats ALL You got to remember !!!!!

  10. I’ve been noticing some people looking at me strangely in the last few days. Like something out of the Invasion of The Body Snatcher films. They turn their heads and look at me… suspiciously is the best way to describe it, like something out of The Invasion of The Body Snatcher films,

    Could the vaxxed, with whatever has been injected into them, be slowly “changing” or “mutating” in some way that they can “sense” an unvaxxed person?

    • Ure not going to believe/like this, but oh friggin well..buckle up.

      – Black Goo..see Falklands War -was oh so close to source/island. Why “they” created it ???? cant imagine, how to neutralize ? even bigger question that I heard even the blue dudes/dudettes are “working on.

      Who was dr curt blome? who from CIA worked with him..until his suicide D. what makes miracles..blood from “holy” bread ?? S. Marcens

      damm leaked again… baaad bad boy,no?

    • Could depend on what “JC” means. Do you float around on a cloud much? I can just imagine it being a hard habit to break.

    • Hopefully someone isn’t posting your picture on social media along with a false narrative. If the gendarmes start showing up looking agitated, be frosty.

  11. Oh grrreat! Yesterday evening had an unusually strong urge to phone an old friend who now lives close to…….Atlanta.
    That, and earlier yesterday had a particularly vivid nap-dream including a person by the name of Tim Tebow. Had to look him up, not being a football fan. He was hiding in my house.
    Seems ‘coincidences’, hunches, premonitions and dreams are revving up again. Here we go.

  12. Israel has a natural right to nuke Iran. NATO has a natural right to nuke Moscow.. After the EMP we all have a natural right to survive.

    Maybe the people will make a nuke happen. From radio shows past hosts like Art Bell would ask listeners to think about the path of a hurricane changing. All the mental focus would push the hurricane. I don’t know if it ever worked.

    Most people are thinking of the nuclear blast that’s coming. Perhaps we are making the nuclear blast happen, like moving the hurricane. We’re all laser focused on which city will be vaporized.

  13. War.., and rumors of war. It is the universal discussion around the world this morning. Since that is the overwhelming subject – is that “what’s to come”? Hope, peace, cooperation are just words scrawled across the latrine wall. No one seems interested in their meaning., their power., They are just a few words that holds no one’s interest.
    “I wish it need not have happened in my time,”
    “So do I, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

    • They are just words when the banker/ownership class does not live by them.

      It is not the Little People saying, war, war, nor wanting war, war.

      And it is not the Little People who have the power to make peace.

      But each of us can become pacifists and refuse to go and refuse to send our youth.

  14. Hey george how did the laying to rest of Zeus go ? Tell us about it where you placed him . That’s important

    • We have a small family “plot” on the property – urn with mom’s remains overlooking the front yard from under a shdy tree.
      Two earlier cats, Tom (Tom the cat outside) and Pusscilla Pussly are on the other side of the cedar fence (open with views) and now Zeus is laid next to mom.

      Thanks for asking Len. Means a lot.

      • Certainly does . Time heals.i think it was good a couple more came along before Zeus passed . Makes the loss is Zeus maybe a little easier.

  15. Hey BIC

    Yes, there are 2 sides to every story and there is much room to debate, when a vaccinated and boosted individual suddenly dies. What we witnessed fits the sadly all too familiar frightening profile which has appeared recently. – we can’t rule out the possibility of an unknown heart condition, chest trauma and other things. That’s where autopsies answer questions.

    With Covid Deaths, millions of autopsies were not conducted per the EXPERT’S request/recommendation and during that time, the “with/of” questions appeared.

    With the vaccines, it seems they can do no harm, regardless of the uptick in deaths. Same with the Remdesivir protocol, which seems a quiet aspect. (There is a “right to choose” of treatment) but try finding it. Seems it blew away like the wind. Then there were 23 States with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine use before legislation to hopefully pass, but again, crickets.

    It’s sad to see a man go down, and prayers for him and family are in order … but hopefully some good will come of it. Anger, is building … as I mentioned in a comment a few days ago. – Today, there are more questions but a greater awareness of what’s going on.

    Sadly, I don’t see governments looking for answers. They know.

  16. Happy New Year, folks. I hope it truly turns out that way, too.

    If my dreams are any measure of that it ain’t looking good. A week or so ago I had a dream that I was out in southern Cali somewhere east of the greater LA area…maybe it was Victorville or some other lovely garden spot. Anyway, it was during daylight hours and I was with my bride and some other folks that I didn’t pay any particular attention to when I noticed in the direction of LA a HUGE mushroom cloud rising. Think nuclear tests in the South Pacific/Mount Pinatubo sized mushroom cloud.

    This didn’t feel like one of ‘those’ dreams, but it’s still worth mentioning as a data point. Hopefully, it’s just a case of what they used to call ‘war nerves’.

    • actually that is a well known thing..
      sunflowers.. and marigolds, and marijuana.. are like antenna’s they obsorb the radiation from radioactuve materials.. the ions floating in the air all around us.. can be harvested and used.. the theory I love is the one of the pyramids.. and if you look you will discover that the pyramids are in a grid fashion.. the theory was that they gathered the ions from the air and stored it in large earth batteries.. you can take a rock.. ( i just did this with a grandson and his special rock that someone told him was just a common rock) put an anode and a cathode on the rock.. one on each side then sqeeze it in a vise.. you will get an electrical charge out of the rock.. and how they can tell what part of the earth that a stone comes from.. everyone knows this.. it is common knoweledge.. my mom always had a wire wrapped around a stick in her garden.. at the beginning of a row the middle of the row and the end.. it was her markers.. My father used coat hangers.. he would bend them in half and put the packet on top of the coat hanger..
      well I can’t find it now.. but there was an old old old story of the fairy mounds of russia.. that the time before time.. these were put here to protect the earth from attacks from space.. nothing grows on those mounds.. its a circle .. and a mound.. and anyone that tries to dig it up.. dies.. or the atlantian crystal and its ability to control the weather.. and pass life giving energy from one part of the continent of atlantis to another part.. so many stories of old that most people don’t know about or read about.. I was fascinated.. now does it work.. I don’t know.. my parents were great gardeners.. I wished I had paid more attention to what they wanted to teach me..
      I spearamint all the time.. I still have to work on my cloning tools.. wished I could grow a banana tree.. ( I did buyone that grows in our climate in the wastelands and tried to splice branches on it from plants that grow in tropical regions .. I tried to do the miracle fruit to to a cherry bush.. and failed.. I will continue to try.. what I need is a big home with a big greenhouse like I have wanted since I was a little kid.. but alas I am to old to build another.. my earth sheltered home will never be.. and being at the bottom of the pay scales in the payday to payday region.. it is just a fantasy.. )
      My mother was big in crystals to.. I carry my chokra stone in my pocket all the time.. rose quartz.. our drinking water goes through a chamber filled with rose quartz.. does it work.. I don’t know my mother was big into that.. had crystals in every window.. but then there isn’t any drama in our home either.. no arguments or violent outbursts.. its pretty calm here..
      does electricity flow through the air.. absolutely.. emf.. frequencies are real.. you can take a flourescent light bulb and go by a transformer sub station and it will light up in your hand.. there isn’t any shield on it.. that is whey the fear of 5G.. microwaves moving through the air.. teslas roofing he imagined copper shingles.. and it collecting electrical energy.. had his pierce arrow car that ran off of the electical energy in the atmosphere..
      well my favorite show is on.. touched by an angel.. gotta go.. hope your day is a good one.. cheers from the wastelands..

    • I learned to put a south-facing upward magnet under my sprouting jar to increase growth and yields. It works! Easily tested, too. Try making sprouts without the magnet for comparison.

  17. “Obama and Biden were idiots to believe Iran’s peace fake-outs”

    They didn’t believe anything. Obama KNEW what was going on (I’m not sure Creepy Joe knows much of anything — he is an automaton) and both suborned and facilitated it.

  18. “A pro football player suffered a cardiac arrest in a football game:”

    Although I generally have the tube just supplying background noise when I’m on the computer, I happened to be watching when this happened — not an at-all-remarkable hit and not an especially hard one, either. “Medical” blurb is he was hit at just the wrong time — that 1:1000 point in a heartbeat when ventricular fibrillation can be induced. I’d buy that argument, if football players periodically dropped from cardiac arrest… but they don’t. There’s roughly 20 hits per down, and 140 downs (both teams) per game, so mathematically, there should be 2.8 cardiac accidents per game.

    Aaron Rodgers is the poster boy for the NFL’s unvaxxed few (he was raked over the coals in the sports media for months, for taking nutritional supplements instead of the jab) but I don’t pay attention, so I don’t know if ANY other football player is purebred.

  19. Well folks I eagerly await the numbers on what was the most important night in 25 years I been a gold bull . Real bull . As gann says look at the numbers and lines always daily know where you are . Last night was a bit like Boston harbour all thru the night they tried . But in the morning the flag and gold was standing flying strong . Yep can’t wait for the numbers from the battlefield . Tip my hat to those brave enough to short something so evil and rigged . Treasuries did a Lazarus 2 . Farken jerk Powell nobody wants your Farken treasuries you buy em like you have for years yah dikhead . Anyway as a great trader I met moons ago said . Let’s see what happens

  20. George Ure: “… we don’t want to be stupid and NOT as the A#1 important critical question about vaccine safety.”

    ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Safety’ should no longer EVER be paired together as words. The clear and unmistakable evidence is already out there from credible medical professionals for those who still care to keep their minds open.

    The Medical Industrial Psy-Op Complex has thoroughly shredded any remaining credibility it may have once had. Seeing your Doctor these days has become a matter of taking your life in your hands… especially when those Docs who still believed in ‘Doing No Harm’ are being forced out of the profession and leaving those who value career and medical license over serving the true health needs of people.

    “We do pray for Hamlin’s return to health, but there’s a critical question on the table that demands an answer.”

    Yes, we pray for the health of all those who play this ‘Game’ and who will end up in various stages of disability for it. Does anyone ever look at the regular guys who played and retired and see the kind of physical and mental shape they are in? Sure, there are some high-profile guys who appear unaffected from the years of punishment they endured. But there are THOUSANDS of guys in serious stages of disability that are not seen by the public who suffer in silence and hope that insurance still pays the medical bills.

    And there is another big question that many will never ask: Why Do We the People Want To See Men Doing This To Themselves? Apologists will say that no one forces someone to play football. Really? Is there another way to become a multi-millionaire coming out of humble beginnings that we are missing? It may not be legislated for anyone to play football… but Society channels and in many ways does force men into the Gridiron Chop Shop.

    If you love football, that’s your free choice. This is not to criticize you for that accomplishes nothing.

    But you should ask yourself… Why? Why does this ‘game’ appeal to me? What IN ME am I satisfying watching other human beings gamble their lives and futures every time they step on the field?

    There is risk in doing anything in Life. But some risks just are not worth the pain and suffering that comes with it… now or later.

    We pray for this young man… and the many thousands of others that we do not see on the Nightly News tonight who suffer in silence.

    And we ask ourselves… WHY?

      • Ray: “Basketball (roundball) players don’t die on the court?”

        We know they do. People have unfortunately died doing every kind of sport and in just about every other station in regular life. Like just sitting at an office desk.

        The particular issue with football is with its savagery. The violent hits. The very frequent injuries that happen during every game. Knees going out. Shoulder slams. Heads falling back onto the turf. Players eyes glazing over as they look like they got sent to La La Land. On and on it goes. The raw violence on display that is in this sport’s DNA.

        And what of the Viewer? When something is done to protect the Quarterback or someone else… some fans cry foul and say that they are ‘pussifying the game’ and ‘taking all the fun out of it’. This is the aspect that I’m addressing. And that’s the part of this that honest viewers must ask of themselves — Why do I like this? What is that saying about me?

        This sport is designed to harm human bodies. And with the CTE findings we now know… the game is designed to steal away players minds and futures.

        I’m not discounting that viewers can find some more innocent fun watching this stuff. Getting together with friends. Laying down some money on it. Getting away from World problems for a while.

        But all of this comes at a great price. A great price being paid by these players who are sacrificing themselves for the amusement of others. Just because they are well-paid does not mitigate what they are doing to themselves. And what WE are doing to ourselves, too, in the process.

        When we turn off the game we go on about our lives. When the players hang up their cleats… they have a diminished life to go on about. And we don’t notice the ones that were harmed. As it was designed as so.

      • You should perhaps have read my reply to “NM Mike” before making this one.

        I am not a fan of professional sports. I will make the concession to have a pro football game on in the background when I work, which is more than I will do for basketball or baseball, but generally, when I have sports on, it is high school or college, and it is background fill while I work or research. I happened to be heading for the kitchen when this play executed, so I stopped and watched. After Hamlin went down, they broke for commercial and I got my beverage. After I came back, the game came back on, he was still down so after 20-30 seconds they broke for commercial again, and I switched the tube over to the Motortrend Channel.

        I would venture to say you could ask a pro football player (or 10, 100, 1000), even one invalided by the sport, if they would change anything, or had any regrets about playing, and I strongly doubt any one would say “yes.” I also strongly doubt any of them would list “money” as their primary reason for playing. There are a few, as there are a few in any endeavor, but the overwhelming majority play simply because they love what they’re doing.

        Shaquille O’Neal was the most dominant player in college basketball in the late 1980s. LSU was virtually unstoppable, yet they played and lost to a [sucky] Indiana team that was rebuilding. They lost because Bobby Knight put Dan Dakich, a perennial IU benchwarmer (TBF he’d played himself up to “6th man” by his Senior year) on Shaq, which drove the announcers crazy. Dakich was slow, a mediocre shot and couldn’t dribble. He was also about 6’5″ or 6’6″ and gave up over 100 pounds and a foot of reach. What Dakich did have were very good reflexes and extremely fast hands. The Hoosiers beat the Tigers because Shaq, who was [by far] the most-dominant player in college basketball, rarely touched the ball. His teammates couldn’t feed it to him because Dakich had him covered like a wet blanket, and the rest of the team was less-than-stellar at shooting the ball.

        This is called “tactics.” This is why I watch sports (when I do.) I was never good enough, although I loved football, basketball, and tennis, but it never kept me from playing. I don’t understand the fanatics or tailgaters, but I also don’t need to. They’re doing what they love, so who am I to tell them they’re wrong…?

      • Ray: “I would venture to say you could ask a pro football player (or 10, 100, 1000), even one invalided by the sport, if they would change anything, or had any regrets about playing, and I strongly doubt any one would say ‘yes’.”

        Each one of us makes a choice about something and lives with the consequences. These players are free to do as they will and they need not care what I or anyone else thinks about it. As is also true in the reverse.

        These guys early on entered into a certain lifestyle and way of thinking. For most of them that’s all they know. That creates a thinking-template for their minds. This also tends to foreclose on them thinking any others kinds of thoughts or expanding their minds. (As we all fall in to our own ways).

        My concern is from the birds-eye view. What does this sport teach about the value of health? Why has it taken on such an obscenely oversized importance in American Life? Who is really benefitting from this sport? What does this sport normalize about one’s thoughts about aggression and the military-type of mind set? What does this sport take the public’s caring and attention off of that is deliberately being deflected from? What BETTER thoughts could one have if they were not defaulted into ‘caring’ about this sport and these ways of thinking?

        “This is called ‘tactics’. This is why I watch sports (when I do.)”

        I do not ignore sports. I watch my share as well. I enjoy the human drama and tactics and physical skill. But I always do so with my eye on the much bigger game-above-the-game at play as to how this all affects people as an individual and as a society. And what this is doing to us and our thinking… and maybe our empathy and human-ness.

        “I don’t understand the fanatics or tailgaters, but I also don’t need to. They’re doing what they love, so who am I to tell them they’re wrong…?”

        Everyone does ‘right’ in their own thoughts. Judging the life of another has not been recommended since Biblical Times. I am not so much ‘judging’ any person but I am looking at the larger Culture and how and why and who is doing certain things to us.

        And talking about ‘tactics’… there’s some extremely interesting ‘tactics’ going on in that bird’s-eye bigger sphere that demand our attention.

        I appreciate your perspective.

      • @Shaman

        “What does this sport teach about the value of health?”

        That it is secondary to the values of excellence and achievement, and, like the military exercise to which it’s an allegory, an appreciation of God, for most participants.

        “Why has it taken on such an obscenely oversized importance in American Life?”

        I honestly don’t know. I absolutely agree with you on the obscenity of it all, buy why it exists is beyond my ken. A part of it may be that “organized sports” is the only thing at which college athletes can compete, which can absolutely level the playing field between the tiny schools and the monsters, and State and Ivy League schools.

        “Who is really benefitting from this sport?”

        At the amateur level – the schools.
        At the professional level, the participants (which include advertisers, shareholders, players, coaches, urban areas, and at both levels, the people and projects nationwide, which are fed and financed by the taxes paid by all of the above.

        “What does this sport normalize about one’s thoughts about aggression and the military-type of mind set?”

        Nothing. It provides a vent for what occurs naturally. Any fact-driven social worker (if you can find one) will tell you that more sports participation equals less crime. It is not only “idle hands” which are “the Devil’s workshop” but idle minds, as well. Organized sports, especially team sports, “unidles” both…

        “What does this sport take the public’s caring and attention off of that is deliberately being deflected from?”

        Deliberately? Nothing. Indirectly? Well, that’s why I pursue U.S. news at overseas news outlets. It fosters a laziness with respect to information acquisition which, in my opinion, makes “programming” the public, easier. With “sports” you have an absolute winner and loser, and a concrete score. Although they probably don’t know it, this is why many conservatives rail against non-competitive “competitions” where scores aren’t kept and everyone gets a trophy. When absolutes cease being so, societies become fluid in their thought. Reality is not fluid.

        “What BETTER thoughts could one have if they were not defaulted into ‘caring’ about this sport and these ways of thinking?”

        They could have lots better thoughts, but they wouldn’t. Humans are only human. Therefore their thoughts (and actions) would be more like rapine, murder, rape, pillage, physical territorial conquest… I can’t list them all, but you could pull an accurate history of the actions of the George Soros funded BLM and Antifa in Portland, from a couple years back, and make your own list…

        Athletics are a nexus for youth who need focus, and a diversion for teens and adults who would otherwise sink their efforts into violent antisocial activities. Would every participant do so? Of course not. But “sports” saves a lot more kids than anything else, and it provides a path to indescribable wealth, which doesn’t involve selling heroin to elementary school children. I don’t like either, but whose path was better for society and those around them, LeBron James or 50 Cent?

    • I’ve never understood why there’s such an appeal for people to watch other humans running around and throwing/catching balls. Eventually one side wins – so what? Perhaps women enjoy watching men in tights – I certainly enjoy some of women’s gymnastics, but the competitive aspect is irrelevant.

      From my point of view, football is a proxy and training for war, with strategy, strength, speed, team coordination, etc. It’s entrainment for the public in “team spirit” and duality in general. I don’t watch it and can’t stand the screeching of the crowd. Nevertheless, it’s profitable for some, and entertainment for others.

      • Football IS the modern equivalent of gladiatorial combat but as with any team sport, it fosters a sense of camaraderie and belonging people can not find elsewhere, except in front-line military combat. There is a very high level of tactics involved in football, and only slightly less in basketball, team volleyball, and soccer, lacrosse, and many other field sports.

        There is also a very high level of passion and spirit amongst the participants. Even the ones who’ve been busted up will speak proudly of their efforts and tell all who’ll listen: “I wouldn’t want to be any place else…”

        I watch it (and basketball, and volleyball) because I appreciate the tactics and strive to always be learning more, and better. I watch tennis because I used to play (although not very well). Tennis, Jai alai, and beach volleyball employ similar tactics, but I never got into jai alai or any other handball variant, and never cared for beach volleyball. IMO they are like baseball or bowling — incredibly exciting if you are a participant, incredibly boring if you’re not.

        The important thing is to never forget, whether it’s the Dallas Cowboys or Taylor Swift, the person or persons at ground level are just jesters for OUR court, even though they themselves frequently forget it…

  21. Fort McHenry that was
    It . Go the patriots . Real patriots . Not the facist
    Klaus type . To the real Americans never bow to evil . Be like your ancestors fight it . Here in oz we are still a young penal colony . The genes in this mob are subservient fools

  22. Klaus / hitler and the WEF facist elite scum gumbas trying to talk up crypto!! You evil fing bastard . Pour molten gold down his throat vlad . Shut him up forever . Evil is 2 good for that Klaus creep. Redeem all treasuries everyone

  23. And when the goon zombies on cnbcc ussa and Doom berg start talking about pivots and fed sheet next. Month they can insert firm . Even gurus . I am a real gold bull many have been eliminated . I don’t care what they do . Armstrong loss of faith in government. Yeah write Marty sure . Loss of faith in humanity and community is where we are at . So Marty you insert as well . Should have stayed in your old home . Big bucks working for da boyz

  24. Well, here we are on the first day of business 2023. Went to get a few sacks of mineral salt for the ranch and found it went up almost $12 – over 50%. Everything else stayed almost the same but that was a real kick in the shins but the goats need it since they’re all about to pop out there. We thought they’d be having their kids in this first good freeze but, so far, no little ones to be seen. Guess the livestock will have to go back to the mineral salt blocks but they don’t have as many of the nutrients I was buying the loose mineral salt for. Fuel prices are headed North again, too.

    • yes I had the same pleasurable experience going for the few assentials we needed a few days ago.. everything had doubled in price.. what would have cost me seventy five dollars two years ago had gone up to a hundred an fifty.. a month ago.. a couple of days ago.. it topped three hundred dollars.. I about fell over..

  25. As soon as you hear ATL got tagged short Coca-Cola, Delta… I think Home Depot is over there.

    You might want to have the list ready for a click.

    Here’s a homework puzzle. Which ever businesses are in this cloud will be gone forever. Who is in this cloud:

    “With 990,000 square feet in total enclosed space, QTS Atlanta Metro Data Center is the second largest data center in the world. This massive facility features its own on-site Georgia Power substation and direct fiber access to a wide variety of carrier alternatives.”

  26. A friend of ours lives in southern Oklahoma and works in Oklahoma city, staying overnight a few nights a week in an apartment in the city. She had a bad dream last night and on the way to work a relative of hers called asking if she was alright. At work two other people mentioned that they also had a bad dream last night. I gave no details of the dreams but I thought I’d pass it on.

  27. A friend of ours lives in southern Oklahoma and works in Oklahoma city, staying overnight a few nights a week in an apartment in the city. She had a bad dream last night and on the way to work a relative of hers called asking if she was alright. At work two other people mentioned that they also had a bad dream last night. I have no details of the dreams but I thought I’d pass it on.

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