Newsless Monday? Clockwork Plots…

Swear to God, most of us could take this week off.

Sure, some of the regular bond auctions and a trade figure Tuesday. But for the most part this is one of those weeks that Editors hate.  There’s hardly enough to write about.

Scheduling the Week

For one, there is a chance that in this “news vacuum” the market could still drift a bit higher. But a downside is out there, it’s just not apparent when it starts yet.

There were some interesting notes on the manipulation higher as major players are working “volatility spreads” but in actuality, this is either a Wave 4 (lower probability) or the “a” move up of a Wave 3 (2).

Since we have already met (with the running of the shorts last week, including me) the minimums for the whole of 3 (2), we’re in Anything Goes week for markets.

EXCEPT that Bitcoin has moved up into the $35,000 area over the weekend, making it easier to write stories like Bitcoin Price Holds Steady at $35,000, Analysts Predict Huge Next Move.

Oddly, Bitcoin Market Volatility Sparks $114 Million in Liquidations.  Which, in company of whales, is chump.

But on the basis of the Calendars, the Big Picture may be of a quiet week.  Until we remember this is only a lull in the opening of World War 3.

Markets First

Asia showed well in the overnights. Japan was up nearly 2.4 percent while the Hang Seng grew 1.7 percent.  Not doing as well in Europe today where looks like generally down a third of a percent.

Here in penal colony ‘Merica, the Big Boys look to continue their volatility plays to arb things up.  Running the shorts. But as we explained on the Peoplenomics site this weekend, there’s a problem in that an alternate wave count lurks. Is this how Wave 3 (2) up plays out…over days?

Wave 1 Down was from Nov. 8, 2021, to the fall of 2022. Then we had a rally until July 31, this year. Down, generally, since then with the occasional counter-rally, like so:

We await, patiently, the return of our Benjamin’s.

War, Is It?

Wherever we look, seems like it’s trying to be:

Our Mondafication is? We sit around this week, work on getting ready for the semi-annual visit of our consigliere for Turkey Day.  And meander through loads of low-level filler-grade “news.”

Trump Publicity Machine

We are endlessly entertained with how Donald Trump is grinding on with “frequency and recall” work, to put it in a marketing context, ahead of 2024 elections.

Like Orange or not, any ad agency with sense knows that reach and frequency win in marketing wars.  Trump is the master of frequency.  Not always good, but who was it said “There’s no such thing as BAD publicity.” P.T. Barnum said that. But it applies in the MAC (Modern American Circus) as well.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  A phrase, which if you are interested, dates from 1848 French critic, journalist and novelist Alphonse Karr. My, ain’t that exciting?

Yes, please leave: Democrat strategist David Axelrod suggests Biden drop out.

Quipping Out

We have a battery of questions about the report The Lithium Market Is Expected to Boom in 2024: 3 Picks to Profit. The story is a real energizer for us.

An d the happy talk continues, pretending as if economic fundamental matter a whit, in Stock Market Falling Deeper Into Undervalued Territory | Morningstar. Investing became gambling as soon as computer-based derivatives trading was begun.

Fortunately, we are surrounded by economic genius such as Low earners need more retirement income. (Did they need help figuring this out?)

Ever read the 1992 book “Your Money or Your Life”? Makes a strong case for what we’re kinda doing.  F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence – Retire Early). 67 was my checkout full benefit line so I worked to it.   You do need to swear off some of the Unlimited Consumption options, though. Figure ways to make money at your hobbies – things like that.

Back in the Slop

More guns than sense in the country: Cincinnati mass shooting leaves 11-year-old dead and 5 others injured.

Elections tomorrow in Ohio: Will Ohio Issue 1 voters back abortion rights? Other red and swing states have.

Chicken checkers checking out: Tyson recalls 30,000 pounds of chicken nuggets over metal. (Who gives a cluck, you say?)

(We know the news flow is slow because about half the Big Papers of the East have useless football stories as their lead stories. Which is how America remains a bunch of dumbschitz not knowing Bite ’em’s team just got stiffied again in Turkey….

Around the Ranch: Diesel Woes

We have sung the praises for over a year of our 8 KW diesel heater which keeps the frost away from our lean-to greenhouse. And in fact, the new diesel woes do not involve the heater itself, but the low-quality hose used to supply the fuel.

Fortunately, the world has not ended, yet. And we have a couple of loads of higher-end fuel line on the way.  But, in the meantime, kitty litter on the spilled diesel where the hose leaked.

And the unused diesel collected from the leak?  Credit to Oilman2 (who we haven’t heard from for a while…hmm…) for mentioning it works to keep down vegetation along fence lines.

I debated that for a whole minute, or so, on environmental grounds.  But, after considering that it was non-GMO and organic (with no high fructose corn syrup in it), and no party to glysophate suits, yeah…as long as no one’s looking, maybe….

A quiet day of research and writing on Peoplenomics ahead, which tends to be relaxing and thought provoking. And since it’s such a quiet day, should be productive…

However since I have done so much research on dream work and have written a good deal about “The Realms” and my adventures there, I want to have a deeper think about this article reader Keith sent along: Scientists Are Researching a Device That Can Induce Lucid Dreams on Demand. The best way to get there that I’ve found, is to eat well, be healthy, and give yourself permission to have Imax-like dreams.  It’s OK, you gotta tell yourself.

There are some supplements that may help (some people) like DreamLeaf Pro and another option to try is Galantamine.

It occurs to me that if a machine could be developed then it might only be a hop, skip, and a jump until we are able to move into potential world-changing work when we can “call down higher self dream/realm connections” and interleave them (kind of like augmented reality, right?) with waking state.

No telling what could come of that, good we would hope. But seems knowledge and purity of intent aren’t married (or a dependency), Maybe just the self-work for now? Could be all we’re really ready for.

If you need coffee, see ShopTalk Sunday.

Write when you get rich,

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37 thoughts on “Newsless Monday? Clockwork Plots…”

  1. “I’ll show these people what you don’t want them to see. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”

    Neo – The Matrix

  2. “Zelensky invites Trump to Ukraine”

    If there is corruption in the U.S. justice system, making the perp disappear makes the corruption disappear. Could turn into a murder scene. Trump should stay away from foreign war zones.

    We’re entering a mass crazy phase. Over the weekend one of the Israelis was talking about dropping a nuke on Gaza previously explaining the place must be destroyed like Biblical times. This indirectly confirms Israel has nukes, unless they don’t.

    “We wouldn’t have given the Nazis humanitarian aid,” he said. “There’s no such thing as innocents in Gaza.”

    “Only two days earlier, Eliyahu had tweeted about destroying an entire city, comparing it to Sodom and Gamora.”

    “Israel maintains a policy of neither confirming nor denying it has a nuclear arsenal. In their long-running Nuclear Notebook column, Federation of American Scientists experts Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda estimated in 2022 that Israel had a nuclear stockpile of approximately 90 warheads.”

    – 17 hours ago

    Saddam almost took GM. At any moment Iran is going to take the 401k plans. Americans are gonna want death for the extra time they’ll have to put on the clock during retirement.

  3. Well Good Morning Urban Survival !

    Love the Dreamleaf suggestion, wanna combine the red & blue capsules with other lil blue pill – and see just how many “adventures” a Man can have in one night.
    A superfantastic weekend at casa BCN, woke to news breaking today on my immediate family – GrandDaughters Father just got his Passport back from Immigration!
    – Daddy is “coming home” to America Wednesday, from Derry, IRE..Northern Ireland.
    Grandpa BCN loves nothing moar than GD, she stole my heart, and aint givin it back anytime soon. Andzo I have been captured, energetically connected. Something “different” and special about the newest generation of 1 year olds…born in the Most Unique time of NEW NRG’s pouring into Earth/Us from Galactic Ctr.
    – no records exist of last time Earth went thru this section of Yuga Cycle (12k years Down, 12k years Up) we be on the upswing side.. a bronze age, transitioning out of da Iron age.

    ReCall -No Nukes IS Good Nukes!

    The TREND is UP bitches..catch me if youse can..

  4. orange headlines for you, but for me it is the Q
    on Nov 1 2023 Rep Buck
    “Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado on Wednesday announced he will not seek reelection next year, saying he was “disappointed” in his party, and disillusioned by political gridlock in Congress.
    Buck’s announcement came just hours after another veteran House Republican, Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, the powerful chair of the House Appropriations Committee, confirmed she would not seek reelection next year either.

    Q quote on the same day,,, 5 yrs to date beforehand
    Nov 01, 2017 1:27:03 AM EDT
    Anonymous ID: grTMpzrL No. 147448408
    Any person making statements they will not be seeking re-election was put in submission. For the betterment of the country not all will be prosecuted and all will do as told. You will see more of this occur (not normal yet disregarded) and even on the D side.”

    just a co-in-ci-dence,,, even the RINOs voted for the new MAGA speaker,,, submission? I ask

  5. Three interesting intercepts:
    In order of how much used (partly a guess):
    13.927 (3 -7 times a day [daytime])
    7.633500 (Heard only twice over a week)
    (Daytime alternate?)
    14.389 (“Mentioned,” not actually heard yet)

    All uppersideband. Lower is only very rarely
    used by MIL and GovDome operators. (Many
    MIL – FED style radios don’t even have LSB.)

    If only one frequency can be listened to,
    make it 13.927, be very patient, and keep
    a notepad handy to note down any fun
    “flannel-mouth COM-SEC” violations.
    Channel discipline is low and faulty
    because they don’t “feel” being observed.

    This service is offered to VIP “SAM”
    missions, and (Usually N.G.) cargo
    aircraft enroute. Six geographically
    dispersed ground service stations
    from coat to coast, border-to-border,

    These are MARS flight-assist phone-patch
    frequencies, mostly about very UNimportant
    admin details; BUT it will indicate the tempo
    of operations, and they ocasionally shit a
    useful fascinating nugget through laxity.
    “Civvy-side” users make the most mentally
    vacant and interesting slips of the tongue.

    Must be very patient (or have several
    receivers or scan capability). Back off
    RF-Gain a bit. The ground stations can
    be VERY Lima-Charlie.

    Shouldn’t need saying, but do NOT
    attempt to communicate with these
    stations: they’ll flip out all hyper-Krazzy.

  6. Well, if you’re bored Greg Hunter has Martin Armstrong on again.

    Northrup-Grumman’s stock started going up just before the October attack in Israel. Someone knew something ahead of time.
    The really intense fighting is going to be in 2026 and 2027.
    Greg asks “Will the U.S. dollar crash?” – Armstrong says “No.” Essentially, from a global standpoint, War is coming, Western society is degenerating and, according to Armstrong, all other capitol flows are coming here even though China is divesting itself of U.S. debt.
    Inflation will continue into next year and interest rates won’t cure this type of inflation because it was based on shortages. Dollar weakness won’t show up until after 2024 and the election and the inflation models of the 1970s is outdated regardless of the amount of “money printing” out there. And a lot more.

    Very different from what we’re typically hearing.

    • Agreed that the FRN will not crash. It will collapsetheres a difference. Lookk to Weinmar Germany and Zimbabwe for examples.

  7. Renewable reservations: Epoch Times just published an article about the dangers of over reliance on renewables. Most interesting was its account of the German experience where 60% of electricity is now from renewables. One of the key takeaways:

    “German energy economist Lars Schernikau has assessed the results of his country’s “Energiewende” (energy transition) and warns Americans to not follow Germany’s example.”

    “”Wind and solar do not seem to work; otherwise, after 20 years of ‘Energiewende,’ power prices would be lower and Germany would not be in trouble,” he told The Epoch Times.”

  8. Gee willikurs Mr. Ure. With Mr Blinken popping in and out about the globe. Is POTUS [4th order] really running the show here? Not that it will be of much import post 2024 BTC Halving.

    Eyes on the Prize, Maynard Keynes [Digital] BANCOR. Pray tell the deciders at Bretton Woods v.1, did a bang up job of making the FRN defacto BANCOR. Of course it comes with the Triffin Dilemna and the Kissenger solution for China. Careful what they wish for.

    Got Blockchain?

  9. Great News – frigging most awesome, Munger the Miserable has slamed Bitcoin again as crazy investment..woot woot Buy Signal if I ever had one.

    ..oh Yeah BCN is a BUYER here at the $35k level.
    I also like Gold when Earth is under attack again from “globohomo” – Bankers/Banking Families (bout 4-5 ).
    BCNs’ take on these dark machinations is better get Ure self some “digital gold” = BTC.. just a lil.
    When does false flag attack on Internet that takes down Banking system happen ? I dont know and I really dont care – F-em and their CBDC’s – they have already LOST/been hacked.

    Time to go on an GIT Yoself some FREEDOM & (rhythm) !!! -

  10. George this goes with your line of thought yesterday and what you said to me. and it is something i needed reminded of. maybe a few on Ure Site need reminding.

    Honestly, i think its more important than the Target locations. and figure if ya need more bullets or more beans. lol

    you ever tell a true to life story, then think, “Wow! i needed to hear that too.”

    ~ the green spider.~

    The Lady i gave it to, said she was struggling always being second in life. and struggling with alot of things. she even you put me second. i said the only reason you think that is because i have no idea where i will be next. im on a Path and i could be in Hong Kong in 3 weeks for all I know. THE DUDE lays out the path and the work for me to perform and all i need in Advance.

    so, I said, do you still have that green spider i gave you?

    see image here:

    she said yes. of course. its hanging on the wall by my office desk.

    The day i went to that scorpions show. Im sure you are aware, November is the month of scorpio. i had no idea a lady from the Ukraine would see me back stage and hear the same voice that told her to go back and get that green spider, say give it to him. She told me she had no idea she would even be at that show until 2 hours before it started. She had no idea, i even existed. I had no idea you even existed. I had never even heard of Soda Springs, idaho. i had no idea she would give me that green spider that night nor that i would give it to you, when i heard the day we met, the spider is for her. and i gave it to you.

    Someone Very High Above in the Grand Universe, knew who you were. And wanted you to know! You are very important! you are not second. I value you!

    So you understand. I dont know where i will be next, I am A Man of God. A Man of Faith. and its not all about me, even though im all about it.

    So you say, i dont want be second. Honey, you are so far away from second, its rediculouse how important you really are. Not just to me. But someone very high up in the grand scheme of things wanted you to know, I see you! You are very important!

    That a lady from the Ukraine saw that green spider as she was leaving and was told to grab it and take it with her. she decided she didnt need to. she was on her way to the Airport and Heard, Go Back and get that green spider! she said stop the cab. Then she told the driver turned her cab around while putins forces were invading her country, in her area. to go back and get a silly little green spider. she told me i thought i must be nuts. but i went back because a voice said go back and get it! You must go back and get it, it for someone special.

    Then she carried it with her in her purse, to London, Berlin, Paris, Dubia, Hong Kong,
    New York City, L.A., Tokyo, then to Seattle, gave it to me back stage at a Scorpions Concert. Then i took it to Alaska, back to Seattle, to Las Vegas, Phoenix, to Palm Springs, The Shasta Mountains, Portland, Back to Seattle and a.bunch of other places with me for over a year, Then to Jackson Wyoming and then a little tiny town called Soda Springs, Id.

    where i met you and a male voice said, the spider is for her.

    it traveled all that way,
    Just to give it to you! You silly woman! who thinks she is second place in life.

    Now, I dont who in the universe thinks so highly of you to put all that together. But they did! So whatever your struggling with in life???? Go grab that green spider off the wall and say outloud. Its on its way to me! I have real world, tangible proof! Im important! i Matter! i have worth! Some one High above in the Grand Universe Sees me! and they wanted to know damn well, I knew it!

    Think of the odds that it could have gotten lost, stolen by some kid on that journey. Or given to someone else. But it didnt!!!! It made its way to you!!!! Because it was meant for you!

    Like everything else that meant for you! It will not get lost, stolen or given to anyone else!!!! Everything that is meant for you. You will get! That little toy green spider is proof!

    to the rest of the world. it looks just like some dumb green spider toy sold any dollar store on halloween.

    now that you know the story. you can clearly see. although the world is full of cheep plastic toys.
    The one you have? its so much more than that. and so are you!
    Know your worth Woman! Know your worth!

    she cried her eyes out. she said, not a single person in a long time ever told her she mattered in life. all her wants were placed second her whole life. she said i cant thank you enough. you are truly and Angel Andy. i said, ohhhh so they say but i have my doubts about it. and laughed.

    I just as honored to be part of your story.

    like you said Sunday to me George, you dont have to do anything. whatever you need is already on its way to you.

    true that!

    funny i should tell this story today to her as she struggles. its a good reminder for me. its a good reminder to your readers. and a reminder, of the small part i play, in the grand scheme of things.

    now the green spider was in my car that day, in the vision i had. i think she needed it more than i did. atleast the Deep Male Voice i heard thought so. When it said, The Spider is for her. So i gave it to her without question.

    because that is who I am.

  11. one last true story for around the shop. which may be useful for ure readers as well.

    i will title this one.

    ~ Be Happy, Life is Good~

    so wednesday my low beam headlight goes out on my super groovy 2018 Volkswagon Passat. thursday i drive by a store and see a bunch of dudes out back smoking weed. its a napa store!

    so i stop at napa and get a replacement head light. guy looks it up and hands it to me and it dosent work.

    i have shit to do. so i drive it anyway. thursday night i get pulled over and get a ticket for a head light out. fack.

    so i figure its a fuse. i pull the pannel (on the side of the dash) and there is NO Fuse Diagram. aparently its a big deal, lots of rants on forums and other places of no fuse diagram.

    i google it for 4 hours. i call a buddy who has a Volkswagon and he says, its probably a 15amp.

    so i start pulling fuses to check them and drop one in the void. gone forever. shit. then i cant remember where i pulled it from. start the car. no heat now and no low beam headlight. its winter time here! i need the heater.

    so go have a smoke. google for 3 more hours and figure out my fuse box matches a totally differnt type of volkewagon. but there is no diagram for that model either. but it says 10 amp fuse for low beam. okay 10amp fuse! now we are getting somewhere!

    so i pull a differernt 10amp fuse to check it and guess what? i dropped it in the void too! Behind the dash and God Sent it to Heaven to be with Jesus for all i can see.

    fack!!! i have giant man hands and the access to the fuse pannel is made for tiny pigme hands.

    i go to start the car, no low beam, no heater and now the car wont start at all.

    i curse the Father Land, throw my leatherman plyers on the ground, go smoke 3 more cigerettes and drink a whole pot of coffee in 5 minutes

    then i have the profoud epiphany! i will go to Napa and replace all the *&!^#^@ fuses! and even add some that are not there! that should fix it!

    so i replaced 109 fuses. all the 5amp, 10amp, 20amp and 30 amp.

    fire up the car. everything works but the low beam headlight still out. ohhh for the Love of God!

    i go back to napa and think maybe i bought a bad low beam head light. the lady at the counter says you have a high beam out? i said no. low beam. out. she said you are holding a high beem bulb.

    ephany number 2, dont let the pot head who just got high, give you your part.

    i buy the low beam bulb and Hallelujah! ive seen the light! it works.

    my buddy calls me from seattle and says how is it going man?

    so i rant to him about the whole story for 10 to 15 minutes.

    there is a long pause, then He says, yeah, but what about you wearing dresses and rubber boots? all sneaking out late at night dressed as a lady farmer then fucking all them sheep! you keep doing that and they will hang ya. sheep fucking is against the Law!

    i spit my coffee out laughing and said, im not the one doing that shit! im not fucking all them sheep! that is crazy talk!

    he said oh, then you have alot to be grateful for Andy! be happy for your all your small problems in life. they could always be worse!

    atleast you arent a transvestite sheep fucker! think of that guys problems. he doesnt know if he should wear the blue dress and the matching earings, the red rubber boots. or the white dress and the black rubber boots. he is all standing in the mirror for hours straightening his wig and putting on make up. hoping he doesnt get caught all the while promissing himself, this is the last sheep.

    im just dying laughing. i said yeah. my life is good.

    he says,
    so Be Happy! life is good! there is always a bright side.

    i said thank you! will do!

    • Sheep ? Goats ? not without rubber boots on, like intercourse Cowboy style..from behind say – “yours the ugliest ass I ever done seen” then hold on tight – Yahaw, ride em Cowboy!

      Since Youse already infamous Cosmic Chicken Bunny – imagine you are a big fan of Chicken F-ing..keeping one wing tied back as other wing spins the Chicken around and around johnson…bucbucbubucBucock!

      You go, Tiger!

      ..bigger the better

  12. It’s been driviChina..
    g me nuts but i believe i finally figured the quest on products sold to us suppliers out… what did the factory in turkey  sell that dishwasher i bought for to a usa supplier.. now I don’t have a clue what they paid for shipping that thing fifteen thousand miles..bulk rate I am sure… but what i found out is the engineers at that factory make 1.5 us cents an hour the laborers make a minor fraction of that plus they have to take work home to fill their quota..

    The dishwasher had to be sold for less than five dollars a unit..

    It was driving me nuts.  I’m pretty good with numbers and none of it added cost 150 to get it delivered from the local sales floor to the home cottage thirty miles away….back when I worked at one factory..I bought a bunk of plywood for 4 dollars a sheet.. nice hardwood ply that sold locally for fifty dollars a sheet day it was my job to haul and deal with the last year’s records.. their cost per sheet was .50 cents a sheet .
    how it looked to me on how they figured their years price increases in was by calculation of board feet and the total cost of production , building, and maintenance expenses.. take total outgo expense of the previous years operation and divide that into the estimated board feet of the coming years production then add their new years profit margin on the board foot price.

    The bosses homes were all company owned and a write off as advertising ..I believe that’s why the last president didn’t want his tax records released because it would show he made 10 grand a year or less.
    a local company I worked for with a young woman was divorcing her husband that had an income over a million a year as one of the store managers ..I worked with his ex and even though he made good money they were seeking support from her at her 5 dollars an hour wage lol.. so when I seen what this machine cost it just didn’t add up to me..similar to the earth compressed  block press I sent to a mission ..the total cost shipping and the press was just a couple hundred dollars the one I had shipped to me was ten times that plus..
    for me to ship the dishwasher back to the factory from here in the wastelands the shipping is three grand plus..

    I knew a woman from Russia the income there was 10 dollars a month for an executive so the question kept coming up in my mind..what was that cost for a unit made in turkey that uses parts made in china and assembled in turkey to be sold for ..  
    Amazing absolutely amazing no wonder no one buys American made anymore.. when the boss and I met the going wage for a nurse was 4.50 an hour.. at today’s cost of housing a clerk has to clear 25 an hour to pay basic house payment. that is not even considering all the other expenses..  I bought some bandages once. the cost was twenty a box here..I ordered the same product for 12 dollars from a vet supply house outside the usa.. I figured that’s what I would get .. instead I get this huge crate my wife asked what is that ..I don’t know..yup a lifetime supply of bandages lol lol

    Of course with the average lifespan of two years for an appliance.. it would be better to buy an American made unit with the old 20 year lifespan rather than the new units that have just a two year lifespan. even if it had let’s say nine times the cost more for the unit..
    It’s like the bosses employer..I know he isn’t making a dime. i dont even have to see his books its that obvious..if he ever does an individual budget for each facility he will sell it and be shocked at his stupidity. I don’t think I will let him know though.. I learned that the hard way myself doing newspapers I was running several hundred miles a day and over a thousand papers etc. Before I did the cost per mile analysis once I did one it dawned on me that I was paying the Newspaper company to deliver the paper lol lol..lesson learned hard..

    I knew there had to be a currency’s like the face masks I buy for cold weather..they sell at the local sporting goods store for fifteen dollars a piece I was buying them by the case for 5 with free shipping..

    Anyway I think I have my curiosity answered.. the figures just didn’t add up and it was driving me crazy..and if our present administration keeps pushing war will they charge more or just tell the usa screw you make your own..
    now what did that wonderful cup brush I got on temu for 99 cents cost shipped free from china..

    • “It’s driving Me nuts”

      -Thats what he said!

      The Priate to the Bartender after he was asked what was with the big heavy mooring line attached to his Nuts, coming out of his pants and dragging the Ships wheel across bar room floor,

  13. Your car has a dirty mind….

    Your Car Data Grabs Your Info – Including Politics (and sexual preferences)

    “Nissan includes “sexual activity” in the data it collects, and Kia likewise notes that it can collect information about your “sex life” in their privacy policy, Mozilla said.”

    “Kia’s privacy policy states it may process “special categories” of data, including “information about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, sex life and political opinions” and “trade union membership.””

    It’s not secret the classics have always been better.

    • Lol lol silly boy.. that’s o e reason I don’t use FB… Google has that included to.. anything you submit is theirs to anylize.
      when I worked trash.. federal men would go through random peoples trash.. read what wasn’t shredded joke about their sexual habbits.. and what they liked for food consumption.. on can dictate what ad’s are displayed by your web search habbits.
      the grand daughter showed me that by laying her phone on a table then talking about something across the room from it that material relating to her musing about a product or issue would mysteriously appear on her phone.. Siri and Alexa are listening and keeping tabs..

      • Then they must be listening in on conversations and places you go with the various one-touch help services that so many cars have now. I may wind up upside down in the middle of the pasture but that isn’t worth giving up all of one’s privacy. It’s like the uncomfortable number of people that are totally cool with the alphabet agencies having cameras and microphones in everyone’s houses. What kind of world would that be with half of us listening to the other half all the time? The government would crow about “Full Employment” in that event.

        • Hell everyones houses.. say pockets.. LOL LOL LOL…
          back in what twenty ten… every camera was turned on.. similar a few years ago security systems were hijacked.. I believe that was a show of what they could do.. not that they really wanted to turn on baby monitors and cameras on everything.. just a show.. then what was it a couple of months ago.. they found that every phone all your appliances that have programming .. had a bug hard wired into them.. yup.. then last week or the week before.. hmm eyedrops made in other countries were causing people to go blind ..

          what about IV solutions.. LOL LOL.. just like our grid and infrastructure.. we are going to go and destroy another country or go to unlimited wars.. while leaving our infrastructure vulnerable.. all for profit.. nothing for security.. just like the five dollar dishwasher.. we would rather have a company in another country produce our stuff so some schmuck can make big money.. in profits rather than the once a lifetime purchase.. keep em moving boys.. I need more coin.. we for the most part sold out for a number..
          Many of these all are hardwired by the manufacturer.. and a lot of it is now coming true that they are making them to fail.. They are pushing war because they need war to keep the people running the show still as the leaders of the band..right now slow put their position with the what appears to be highly criminal family business.. in jeopardy as Russia and china set up the Bric’s.. NATO countries are suffering energy loss due to the Nord stream being destroyed.. from my perspective this won’t end well for any of us.. and I don’t think anyone in this administration gives two nickels about what happens to any of us here either..

        • consider the five dollar dishwasher that is sold across the USA for five hundred dollars..
          what does the USA pay for military equipment.. and manpower..
          if an engineer makes thirty four dollars a year.. and a scientist makes forty.. what kind of production can they do if they spend half as much as we do.. its similar to the MP3 players that cost me a penny a piece but sold in a nearby town for a hundred…
          I buy two liter soda bottle preform plugs.. for the kids to play with collect bugs etc.. I pay a buck a piece for them…

          but if you buy bulk with free shipping it is like .005 per preform plug.. with cap.. its like fifty thousand preforms for a hundred dollars bulk.. I don’t think they make bottles in the USA anymore.. for day labor I helped install the first one in the wastelands.. to use the pucks to make tv dinner trays or plates etc.. someplace I have a case of ziplock cups and plates with the lids.. they were seconds.. and we got to take them home.. I use to put my lunches on them to take to work..

        • Are they listening.. absolutely…. G… had a story a few years ago.. where he was notified on what he was watching and asked to give his opinion on a show.. YES .. they are there listening.. Years ago I read a bill before congress.. I shared what I had read with six other people that hadn’t opened the email.. and was nicely instructed to not share what I read with others.. if they wanted to know what was in them.. they could go and read that shizt themselves..
          and they were absolutely right.. If those we hire to sit in congress don’t give a dam about what is in them.. why should I.. since then I don’t have access to the thomas library… if I really wanted to go to read it.. I can go to the library and read it.. that is why they got rid of McCarthy because he was a politician and they didn’t read what he set before them.. shit he didn’t even know.. since he surely didn’t write any of that crap.. it came from a string of bill writers.. and they can give you a hundred thousand pages of excuses why they are negligent in their jobs and the reasoning for being neglegent.. how can you not be and take the time off they they deserve LOL LOL..
          IF.. they did what is taught to every single high school child and wrote the bills and then went through them and discussed them.. the bills would look more like the bill of rights.. a paragraph and they would argue the points pro and con and then agree… but that isn’t how its done anymore.. I never did make it through the obamacare health bill.. I got maybe six hundred pages through it before I gave up.. my guess is its closer to fifty thousand pages.. it sends you all over the place to look at other crap that was written before LOL LOL ..I once asked a congressman a simple question.. what I got was a fifty pound box of crap that didn’t have a dammed thing to do with what I asked.. and yes I read it all.. bull shit.. is what he sent me.. later a friend was running for a local office.. I was all dirty and went to a fund raising dinner for him.. to show my support of his.. not wanting to look like the only filthy dusty mutt there.. I sat at a corner table.. it was the candidates table.. I decided to wolf my food down and get out of there.. as I was eating.. another candidate asked him what he should talk about.. his answer.. tell them anything a one two three speech.. they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them.. the sad part was.. he was right..

        • It started with GM, and OnStar, back in the ’90s. Now roadside cameras are showing up which do facial recognition and read lips — and every MV has a mic and a sat uplink.

          Somebody is spending a tremendous amount of money to acquire potential multiple layers of control over us. ‘Thing is, when these things are pressed into service, we will literally become slaves, and never know what hit us…

    • Adam booted Lilith out of being his mate in the garden because of her take charge and ride em cowboy ways.. I sure wouldn’t have been Adam.. come here honey and ride em cowgirl your ride is waiting lol lol..
      then the legends that she felt scorned … what is that old saying about the woman scorned…
      ” Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” lol lol

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