ShopTalk Sunday: Backyard Campery

(The Origins of this Project are here.)

OK, depending on where you live, this is a two or three seasons deal.  But when we do a little project – like our new ‘mini tent stove‘ patio, cat playground, outdoor bar, sometimes breakfast cooking spot – it’s fun to actually show how it works.

World’s Longest Coffee

Son G2 being a firefighter, and my own Pappy retiring as one, I thought it would be interesting to do a little civilian “fire school” to light up the weekend.

Let’s begin with the basics.  Triangle of Fire – remember it?  Fuel, source of ignition, and plenty of oxygen to feed it.  Which is why – experimentally – we have taken a leaf blower and the plasma cutter – and been able to make a 55-gallon blow torch.  (Safety Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home!).

Instead, let’s have coffee.

How to Start a Fire

A couple of readers mentioned that they sure liked our idea of having a “fire starting box” handy to the outdoor stove.

To review, this one is inexpensive and has no topside penetrations to leak.  Inside it are all the things you will need to get a fire going.

There is some dry kindling, in two sorts.  The Big Kindling being hatcheted thin sticks or any fat wood that’s about.  Slang for “spring cut resinous wood (like our pines) cut early in the year when full of sap. Down low to the ground. Almost ground level, heartwood being best.” Then dried at least over the summer.  These are great!  They cackle and spit and are perfect for light-off time.

These go under the working tools in the fire kit.  Giving you in the bottom fat wood sticks, store bought fire starter cups (also in their happened-to-fit right) waterproof tub.  And a big bag of hatchet chips and rough sawdust which we will get to explaining after coffee.  (Can’t rush this kind of discussion!)

Building the Base Fire

You will need a “base fire” which is what you’ll do every time before venturing off into food specific fires for different missions.

Start with some fat wood sticks, over a handful of wood chips and sawdust, which in turn is on one or two of those little starter cups.  The first, when first started will put out a little smoke, especially if the small branches you toss on top of the fat wood is a little green.  About like so:

As the Great Work progresses (remember, we’re working on coffee-making here), you will want to select about 2 to 2 1/2 inch diameter hunks for the cooking stage.  These will burn long enough to make coffee without having to open the stove while you’re resting up from all this exertion!

In the meanwhile, the former bunny assistant brings out (for this demo) the smaller of the stainless pots for outdoor cookery and has placed it on the back of the stove.  Once in place, you open the stove door and arrange your coffee logs just so:

If you like really hot coffee, after the water has been heating for a while (1 while is about 10-minutes in the Ure family) you can place your cup upside down over the glass dome on the percolator.  There’s a Federal Law against making overly ornate (French press type) coffee in the backyard.

With the fire doing it’s thing for about 20-25 minutes for a small pot, we wander off to the physics and instrumentation part of the course.

This is what you call a “stove thermometer.” Useful the first few times you use the stove.  With it, you can get a sense of where the really hot parts of the stove are and where’s cooler.

For making hot water in the optional camelback water tank (Amazon has everything) it’s generally the area around the flue stack.

You will want to keep an eye on this indicator – especially for the first few fires, because people have a tendency (somewhat human in a hyper world) to overload the firebox.  What this does is cause a smoky fire and it takes longer to heat up.  And ideal firebox is no more than about three-quarters full.

The tent stove we bought for this kind of soirée has a thin 5″ hole in the middle of the stove top.  IF YOU FORGET that the stove thermometer is magnetized, you can accidentally move it around and open the top of what’s now a raging fire going inside.

If you do this, don’t waste time trying to save the thermometer from the flames of Hell in there.  They are only $7-bucks at the ‘Zon and they leave a nifty little puddle of bimetallic metal of some kind melted into the (cheap, cheesy) fire grate which I haven’t welded up a replacement for yet.

(Ask me how I learn this shit, right?)

Fire to Coffee

We’ve been having so much fun confessing to our pyrotechnic sins, that we forgot to mention a few fine points of cooking on one of these bad boys.

You have two controls basically (besides wood type, seasoning, and how maniacally you go about loading the firebox).  There is a draft control on the front of the stove.  Through which you can stare into the fire you’ve created.

The second control is the “damper” which is like a butterfly valve in the lowest (or second lowest) flue pipe section.

The first lets the air in and the second lets the smoke and hot air out. The main thing is, most of the time, unless you are doing a “long cook” like a stew, or something which cooks for several hours, you won’t be concerned with the damper.  It’s designed to restrict the fire somewhat but don’t try that with a roaring fire unless you like smoke in your face.  See the pamphlet from genuine Penciltuckian wood burners: Using Your Wood Stove Efficiently and Effectively (

Going Properly to Pot

Pretend that the coffee has now started to perc.  I don’t like long perc coffee.  Though some people I’ve seen perc it for 10-minutes there were also people who voted for Joe Biden, following?

You will want to move your pot to a front corner of the stove and put the handle out at a 45-degree angle from the corner. Like so:

The reason this is a (relatively) cooler area for the handle is that infrared tends to radiate perpendicular to big fat planes that are hot.  Like the sides and bends of fiery stoves.  Also, we bring the coffee pot (*and cooking gear) out to the edge this way to keep their handles cool, when cooking.

That First Cup

Ahh!!!  Medium roast, short perc joy.

But even here, the experienced woodsman, backyarder, sailor, and anyone who’s done it more than once in cold weather, will only pour half a cup, or so, at a time.

That’s enough to warm the cup well (assuming you’re pot is perched precariously on a corner) and still burn your mouth if you take too big a swig. Yet the cup is warm for the hands…

The other thing (if you’re on a work crew of tradesmen, for example) is if you have a half cup and the boss says, “Back to work!” You can still say “Let me finish my coffee, chief!”

Thing is, if you have a full cup, the Boss might say something like “Bring it with you…we’re on the clock here.

With a half cup, they’re more likely to let it slide.  I first noticed this as a (card-carrying) union R&E mechanic on flight line for the old West Coast Airlines before Who’s Air Worst bought ’em and wanted to move me to Phoenix in 1968. Which sounded too hot which is how I got O4 equivalence on a defense project in Alaska at age 19, but back to topic… (BOQs suck, though. Only partially offset by putting checkmarks next to your name at the honor bar in the officer’s club…).

Next Cooking Adventure

By now, seasoned wood will be burning smoke-free, or near to it.  You will have had some coffee and be looking for additional insights.

The first is what we have planned for one of these days when the mood strikes: Going outside, lighting off a fire with coffee to follow (in a half hour, this is a cure for impatience in the world!), Then we will take two eggs each, a piece or two of bread in a plastic bag. And in another baggy, two to four strips of reduced sodium bacon.

We have picked up two dandy non-stick steel 9-1/2 inch skillets, so we can each fry our bacon (just-so) and then toss in the eggs at the last minute for a scramble.  Still working on the bread toasting, though Elaine’s Our Lady of Croissants so toasting is not an issue to her.

The skillets are cheaper than getting fancy “camping gear” if you’re not too proud to eat out of the pan. (And, if you are, do you have any freaking clue what roughing it means beyond glamping?)

Drizzle excess bacon grease (before the eggs go in) over some dry cat food.  Unless your cats keep Kosher.  (Ours don’t. But now that you mention it, Sam the Siamese did ask if that “u” in a circle meant something on People Food and how come his cat food doesn’t have one?)

When Done, Reset the Camp

Final step in a firehouse is?  Clean up the rig.  The only thing you can’t really clean up after this kind of adventure is the hot coals.  But wood can be split and supplies checked.  If necessary, you can even cut up replacement firewood.

Two kinds of firewood around here.  Deadfall is preferred. This is a limb that has fallen off a living tree and is already dead, so its drying has already started.  Dandy stuff.

The second kind of tree is “Gets in the way of George’s drone piloting adventures” and is cut down as punishment.  These tend to be green and will smoke more when burned.

Mark your electric chainsaw so you get the wood about the right size. And remember that beach cart with the fat wheels which is great on soft ground that we recommended a while back?

When you are cutting up wood for your stove, do the cutting using the cart to catch most of the sawdust.  That way, you just scoop out the replacement sawdust and chips into your tinder bag, easy-peasy.

That, dear Reader, is how life in the country rolls out here.

Off to finish supervising Elaine’s cleaning up of leaves from where I did all the tree take-apart work.  Country life is about teaming: I cut the wood, make the fire, come up with the crazy plan.  She gets coffee, food, and to help with the clean up…

All women should be so marvelous at 80-something, swear to God. And yes, she prefers her old Red Flyer wagon.  For reasons that I can’t fathom.  Mysteries of womanhood?

Ham Radio Notes

Wisdom of the 3806 early morning group.

Yeah it was fall back last night from daylight time.  I think the further east you are, the worse it is…”

To which another explained…

“I dunno…I think I just need to be defragged…”

Yep; think I need to be trimmed, too….

“Say, what is in them scalloped potatoes?”

To which…

“Dunno – I just buy the box at the store…”

Thus, the evolution of ham radio.  Where’d the DIY go?

Write when you get rich,

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60 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Backyard Campery”

  1. Charles Hugh Smith: Rather than mocking the Counterculture, we would benefit from re-acquiring its values that favored frugality and the ownership of skills, work, enterprise and land.

    Mention the Counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, and the memory stored in popular culture is of drug-dazed, half-naked hippies dancing to rock music. There was a slice of that, to be sure, but there was much more that’s largely been forgotten:

    The Counterculture was primarily a response to the meaningless debt-dependent consumerism that had already taken hold of our society and economy. The core values of the Counterculture Everyone Forgot were:

    1. Learning how to make and repair things oneself
    2. Frugality
    3. Rejection of debt

    • If I can find my boxes of books, I should still have a large stack of “The Mother Earth News” magazines from the 70’s, before they made the switch from “counter culture” to “yuppie.”

      Today, as a 70 year old “white beard” I live on my own 40 acres of cheap land with a solar powered house, solar powered well and gardens.

      Unfortunately, the love of my life died a little over 5 years ago and this life has become very lonely. Out here in the middle of nowhere is not exactly a good place for a 70 yo widower to meet women.

        • Lol lol I put all mine on the ebook I still get the new one by mail a nd their other magazine..

      • My condolences. I’ve had a similar situation, but she left around 30 years ago and subsequently died. It’s great to live remotely but only if you’re already paired to a woman with a similar mindset, values, and work ethic.

        I don’t have a good answer to that situation, unfortunately. I’m convinced that many more women than men prefer city life.

      • The OLDER editions of the Boy Scouts Handbooks (There are a bunch of titles) are excellent. Look for old ones — at least 15 years old or more. Newer editions have been beset by various Modernist Corrections And Improvements.

      • my condolences as well.. I dread the day that happens here..if it’s my love then I will turn my home over to one of the grand children. a couple of them comes to mind.. it’s served it’s purpose for us all these years.. rather than sell it I’d get more pleasure out of letting someone that could truly use it have it.. it’s the same way with my tools..sure I could get a few coins for it but I get more pleasure out of watching those I love create something with them..
        I have a friend whose wife died..he was complaining about being lonely..I told him let your son and his wife move in..take over the house..his health isn’t the best ..why not..they rent .. why rent..

        • Divorced many years ago and that is why I decided I could not do remote like George and Elaine do once I had the option to move to a very rural location. I personally NEED social contact and without a spouse that can be difficult if one is rural and doesn’t want to live in a car traveling about all the time. (not even going into how do you meet people if you move to some place new, it is very rural, and you are older)

          Lots of older people I have noted become very lonely if they live rural and their spouse dies … the major reason I think that when I was growing up I saw many retired farmers who’s kids had totally taken over their farm, or they sold out, actually move to town. (I grew up in a county seat town of about 8000 that was located in a major ag area)

          Being a few miles down the road in town allowed them to be more social … and their friends were the same ones they had when they lived on the farm. Never heard a single retired farmer who did that ever complain that they had made a mistake by moving to town. Most humans are by their nature Social Animals and NEED regular social contact in order to stay balanced (imo) and it was easier for them to do that by being in town as their mobility and health declined.

          It is all individual of course … some people like a lot more isolation and less social contact than I do.

      • Indeed. Took a similar path myself. It was glorious for decades, but a lot of hard work that I’m really not up to anymore. Still with my wonderful wife, but with no kids to pass it all on to, something a bit easier and closer in is now desired. The accumulation phase is over.

        • No wife or kids …hmm.. there are those in need closer than you think.. if I didn’t have anyone needy I would find someone that could definitely use a hand up.
          take the buggy.. kids today are not taught mechanics or hands on… A young single woman with a child struggling close by..that has a mechanic boyfriend needed a car ..since all the buggy needed was a brake line.. instead of selling it.which I could I gifted it to her.. she now has a dependable ride..
          for myself it isn’t about a number gained to distribute to the hospitals and doctors but more about giving a helping hand.. I maybe wrong but the whole true meaning of the creators is do unto others..
          what are the old sayings..

  2. A int nothin better than a cup of coffee brewed, or boiled cowboy style, from a campfire or one really snazzy backyard setup like yours. Nice work.
    And that aint no fabulation.
    Stay safe. 73

  3. 55 Gal. blowtorch ??? Da hell happened to the plasma/leafblower blowtorch ? Dam Lu, thought Youse was going to get some real work done down on the ranch this weekend. Instead I get two love burds making outback style coffee in the piney woods of Texas. To cute you guys, too cute. Bambi burgers on the grill anytime soon..tis the season.

    Maybe write some more when youse 2 are done fiddlefucking around with pussycats & fireboxes and decide to cowboy-up on the tree stumps. Cant plasma cut em, grinders are expensive..thinking couple experiments wit Tannerite/Bi-anary Explosives – figure out proper load for stump removals.
    Can make your own Tannerite with freezy pacs from the local drugstore – or Ammonium Nitrate / Perchlorate, Powdered Aluminium.
    Couple(3-4) pounds per stump oughtta take care of averaged sized pine tree. This is good clean family fun we are talking about hear, as everyone can practice their long range shooting skills on the tannerite “targets” (needz 2000 fps or faster for proper detonation).

    Does that not sound like a ton of fun ? Least you got more done this weekend than the BCN – spent my morning at a Gemorama – old friends, new finds.. lunch at the local beer hall with Daughter&GrandDaughter.. and all the youth Lacrosse teams in town, with parents from local sports center training complex (big multi state tournaments every weekend)..visitors usually head over to nearby Victory Brewing Co.
    Dinner and drinks with in-laws in KoP, in town for estate settlement responsibilities. – as usual I took a seat at the kids end of table. Adult end of table always SUCKS ! Dems, progs and otherwise clueless individuals bore the shit out me, at best.
    Ended up teaching a couple grandnieces – how to “hunt” for Ninjas in a crowded bar/restaurant. I was no help to them in Ladies room..but they did find a secret door in there, but couldnt get it open- though they tried every key the adults had avail/willing to surrender. I thought for sure someones keys were going down the terlet, these Girls are good lil operators though – skilled, no accidents.

    Also taught the young ladies how to make and fly paper airplanes – oh yeah Uncle BCN is ton of fun. Kinda used like drone for forward scouting – throw plane in the bar area, go retrieve, while whole time nonchalantly looking around for Ninjas.

    *Re learned a life lesson yesterday – I never can accomplish squata when day drinking..Layered Up stoudt, Donnybrook stoudt daytime, Vienna lager after dark.

    Love “off” days, dont even remember turning the clocks back.
    By the way – who’s stupid idea was it to turn clocks forward in the first place – everyday moar stupider keeps piling up to the point I can barley breath anymore..

    ** UrbSurv- still free and beats the scheisse outta local yocal rag and or prog city rag – “Inky’, only get Sunday for bird cage liners and comics..not worth the paper printed on anymoar. Thx4that.

    *** $35k this AM Lu, $35K!

    • Just turn your female ninjas-in-training on to the youtube channel “Lockpicking Lawyer”. I’m sure they’ll learn something.

        • I love coal..the only issue there is with my multi fuel stove is it gets to hot with the I mix it 3 to 1 3 parts wood to one part coal… I would love to see wood/coal pellets made out of sawdust and coal dust..
          and cheap..if you live close enough to a coal mine it only costs about 50 dollars for a whe years worth if heat…if you change the burn pot you get the initial heat us the exhaust return.

  4. Screened sleeping porches and outdoor cooking would become post-HVAC Texas summer necessities. A screened gazebo under shade trees sounds good. More stuff to ponder throwing money at, while it’s still spendable.

  5. George
    Speaking of fire it appears that ammonia is the next big buzz word in motor fuels.
    In the last 24 hours I have viewed two videos on YouTube about research on using ammonia in internal combustion engines.
    One video was about efforts in China to use ammonia in engines. The other was about Ford who already has an engine designed and in the testing phase.
    From what the video’s explained ammonia, NH3, will combust with air at the right temperature and pressure with the release of nitrogen and water vapor.
    This sounds like good news as ammonia is a simple chemical to make. All that is needed is the infrastructure in mass to supply it. There are handling and storage issue with it, but they can be overcome.
    The infrastructure needed would be far less than building a new electrical grid to handle the load required of electric vehicles.
    It should be possible to retrofit existing gasoline stations to handle ammonia.
    While I’m not totally on the band wagon for ammonia at this time I want to see as much data on the subject as I can get.
    This looks like a viable alternative to fossils fuels and electrics.

    • It might be, though it’s toxic and highly corrosive.

      The DEA would have a hemorrhage if that happened, since anhydrous ammonia is often used in the production of meth and various derivatives thereof. I’m wondering how much of the reactants would have incomplete combustion resulting in elevated nitrogen oxides.

    • Ammonia vapors can be deadly.

      I remember in my old days when I was young and worked as an accountant I did inventory in a couple of refrigerated warehouses (HUGE places kept at 20 below zero) that used Ammonia refrigeration. They had me keep an emergency breathing device on my body when I was spending time in them … just like every other employee had, in addition to alarms all over the place.

      Get a leak from a tanker truck carrying the stuff and first responders can DIE very quickly if they approach it without putting on protective breathing gear first. One wreck of such a truck near here a couple of years back killed a couple of people if I remember the news correctly.

      No fan of ammonia here. Necessary for farmers to use for fertilizer but other than that not something we want to encourage imo.

      • Lol lol yes ammonia van be lol the ditch mowers hate truckers.. they get paid by the mile. so instead of stopping they pee in a bottle the toss it out to ferment.. as the bottle fermented it expands then the ditch mower comes along and it explodes covering the operator in rotten lol lol

    • When you create a motor fuel, you have to use energy to create it. This is the fallacy with hydrogen-powered vehicles. It will be the fallacy with an ammonia-powered vehicle. Combusting the ammonia will likely raise atmospheric nitrogen levels, which is a bad thing, and like every other motor fuel or energy source:

      You can not get more energy out of a substance than the potential energy that the substance contains.

      Therefore, in an ammonia-powered vehicle, the ammonia is at best, a battery.

  6. And Elaine does the yard clean-up wearing WHITE and doesn’t get a spot on herself? More mysteries of womanhood. I’ve got my ragged ‘camo’ shorts and shirt for yard work, so the stains don’t show. Those SPF50 ‘fishing shirts’ are just the ticket for the tropical burning sun, too! Thanks for that tip. Just ordered three more.

    • Thats all I wear mostly hear round anymore. If they show a lil “seasoning?” Uppity cityshitz
      Wouldn’t know honest work if it bit ’em on the ass.

  7. as per your question N____. you have not given us a list of targets. for that date in my vision.

    so i asked, what is the list of targets in the US? and i waited for the answer to present itself.

    that how things work. i ask God, yo! what about this. and some time passes and the answer presents itself.

    since it is very imporant to know, i made an exception to my rule, and posted a comment.

    everything in creation around me confirms my vision on that date, is true.

    that doesnt give much time to prepare. and enjoy life as it is now. because i am absolutely certain that once these events occure. all those who been anticipating them and hoping for them? will miss the way it was.

    last night while watching a netflix movie, my movie stopped all on its own and this video came on all on its own. in it is a list.

    here is your list of targets in the US as relates to my preminition.

    the entire world will be set ablaze. every country on the planet will suffer great losses

    this is the list as it relates to the US. as was given to me after i asked.

    last night i was welcomed into the mormons surplus. told without exception, all will be provided for me. even though i am not mormon.

    there isnt much time between now and july 25th, 2024.

    did you know the average wealth of a person living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is 300 million. that is the average.

    wyoming being the least populated state in the US.

    the very interesting thing im seeing along my journey is. every where i go i am finding Hearts along my path. no matter if it is a last minute thing like hey, let go to the hot springs. i walk in the changing room. giant gold heart on the floor. leave there stop at the gas station, get out of the car, little red heart on the ground. go to the post office, get out of my car walk in and laying on the counter next to the pens as i fill out my envelope a blue heart laying on the table. then drive an hour and a half away to another town. get out, change my shoes from my cowboy boots to some tennis shoes, walk in the store, do a little shopping and as im standing at the register i look down and a little white heart sticker is stuck to my shoe.

    lots of hearts.

    in my understanding of the language of creation, im on the path of love and no matter where i am, i am loved.

    now you have your answer, N_____. i dont have the list of targets in the world. but i do have the list of the ones in the US. and im currently 13 hours away from any of the targets on that list in any direction.

    i did see hong kong on fire and fell into the sea. but that was a while back. and doesnt conce4n me.

    no further comment. let your own consiouse lead you, where ever it takes you. i strongly advise thinking for yourself.

    • That would fit a particular strategy designed to set off a far larger conflict with maximum casualties.

    • Andy,

      It appears that you are a “special” guy in this earthly realm.

      “It is possible that through thousands of years of genetic manipulation, humanity does not have the sensory capability to interact with the spiritual or quantum universe. Psychic powers are perhaps small hints of some latent natural abilities in humans that have been bred out over many generations.”

      G.A. STEWART
      (The Age of Desolation 2007 Chapter 3)

    • It doesn’t matter who is on first..
      this lights up.. everyone will have PTSD if they survive..
      with as much damage as this administration has done..the only way out is WAR to devalue the dollar or bankruptcy. because numb nuts has threatened the Rothschild family and the others that have held the spot of authority for thousands of with losing that position of authority.. I would hate to have the last name of biden.. these groups play for keeps..
      my curiosity is how much is the family business getting for this..
      if they get ten million for a billion and over a hundred and twenty billion has been created and six trillion.. but what good is it if everyone is dead or the dollar is worth a penny to the million.. its stupid to do this..
      it would be better to build than to destroy..
      they just want everyone else to pay for them..

  8. Great picture of Elaine! I’m surprised she’s using the wagon instead of the tractor bucket. To each her own, I suppose.

    Since it’s STS, we need more detail on the 55 gallon blowtorch! It’s a bit of a large diameter for a thermal lance, and you need pure O2 for that. Besides the arc, why the plasma cutter, other than making the device in the first place? What fuel does it use? Firewood? I’m sure it would be useful for melting aluminum, and possibly other metals. You could even dry clothes with it, though I’d suggest you take them off first.


    my question is what appears to be A Trojan horse of refugees that were snuck in to join sleeper cells that were all allowed to enter illegally with the assistance of our own administration starting to ignite for the poison pawn trap or are there still to many assets to be sent away first if only one percent of one one hundredths of a percent were foreign agents then there’s a real army present..then considering the controversial Gulf gained deal that turns it all into a live potential nightmare..

    what’s funny about it is..everyone was warned huge threat reports were written for those that refuse to read them..and as of two days ago our own security forces are cutting open barriers allowing the authority of guess who..

    then again who am I just so.e old moron that likes to read.. you don’t even have to be smart to see this puzzle coming together.. in the end its only about the business model .. if the exchange is ten million for a billion being given away then what business value is there on a hundred billion being given away..

  10. now how the fuck do i get from here to sitting in a burt orange colored dodge demon, with a native chick who has an ass on her like dua lipa, in 7-11 parking lot, in Santa Anna California?

    i have no idea. none what so ever. that is not my department. THE DUDE makes my ways. i just go, where ever HE Takes me.

    i mean one moment im in spokane in the basement of a house held together with duct tape and love. trying to build a website on a walmart track phone.

    11 months later im standing next to the stairs to the stage, while hermetic imagry is being displayed and the band Tool plays there music with a fury, and i look down to my left and see the 4 corners symbol written on the floor in yellow chalk, look to my right and see two boxes stacked with the word Mesa (2cd messa) the second mesa, is where i stood in the dry well durring covid as the living water, i look out into the crowd and watch them sway back and forth like reeds in the wind.

    to 11 months later im standing on the top of a mountain at elevation 1.52 miles above sea level, looking down at a herd of cattle in Enoch Valley that look smaller than ants.

    and on the way to work that day, i see sun flowers swaying back and forth in the breeze like the people at that concert.

    so how do i get there. not sure. but that doesnt mean i wont. look at all the places THE DUDE has already taken me. and im gathering hearts along ~ the way ~

    people say to me all the time, you are a little different than most everyone ive ever met.

    and i think, yeah. i know.

    we all have our part to play, best get busy being about it.

    you have your list. hope the best for every one.

    • Nice thing about the way Dude works, though, is you don’t really have to do a damn thing.
      It’s like the chapter on the Film School of Life – in my book Packing to Die.

      All you do is wait for the Great Studio Director (Masons call IT The Chief Architecht, I think) and all will be arranged.

      So much so that you don’t have to worry about it. Divine is perfect and so because it will happen and you have a waking vision of it, your main job it to simply live, experience, and report back to the Andy Fan Club on hos this takes place.

      You could still be doing ore cars and suddenly “have to go to socal” for some reason – rental car? – and there you are.

      So kick back, have a marly burro and a coffee young foon. The Director of the Studio is in Charge. Writers may be working how to write that Future even now. It will be ready when it gets here.

      There’s the point to talk to the Dude about, Andy. So, George says (along with Shakespeare) Life is like a Play or film production. We don’t have to woek too hard at it, since we are only half of the Dance with Universe. We do need to listen for our “lines” and our “cues” from (Dude) but sometimes, we just sit back and wait for our lines to become clear.

      Which is different than the song (God Shuffled His Feet) because there is so much else to arrange on 11 levels of reality. (And you thought crypto had a messy settlement process…want to envision harmony in 11 dimensions? Naw, thanks I will wait for the runners to bring me my next lines, thanks.
      I have coffee, sunshine, and a suddenly broken Chinese heater (fuel line issue) to deal with.

      My line for the day is thus “Stay busy George. Cook Chicken-Mushroom kabobs for dinner and have a Day on Me…”

      Amen (and wine)

      • Yes. exactly.

        i find it very interesting. that i lived in Palm Springs, Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage, California and find out later that is where 1/4 of the Nations Wealth vacations between october and may.

        then 2 years later im living an hour and 15 minute drive from jackson hole wyoming.

        population of the entie state of wyoming is 578,803 residents.

        in jackson hole, wyoming everyday full-time residents like former Vice President Dick Cheney, Wal-Mart heiress Christy Walton and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Anrold Schwartzenhager, Kayne West purchasing 9000 acres in cody, wyoming recently.

        and all Mormons live up this way and that are stocked up with a 10 year supply of food and enough amo and supplies to hunt their way though 20 years. while millions upon millions upon millions sit in traffic for 3 hours, in the city to go pay $0.10 each, for grocery bags at the self check out, with the solar powered try pod secutity cameras in the parking lot.

        all the while, the uber wealthy move to a place where the population is very very small. and the winters are so harsh, not many would make it here walking and the nearest big cities with millions of people in them and 900 to thousands of miles away.

        i mean this aint rocket science shit. even an idiot with a 7th grade education if you were to tell them this info, can clearly see the writting on the wall.

        uhmmm why are the rich guys moving away from the big cities? how come they dont sit in traffic? how come they dont have tri pod security cameras in the parking lots of their stores? why aint they paying $0.10 a bag for grocreries? hmmmmm wonder why they are moving to the smallest populated state?


        and how the fuck did andy end up showing up there too unintentionally. and why did last week a certain chain of events stop him from returning perminently to seattle area. and keep him put here for now.


        then some mormons tell him. yo Andy! we like you. we got you when shit gets bad and we heard though the grape vine, its about to get fucking Real. we got your food and guns and amo and all ya need covered. be a really good idea to stay here for a while if ya catch our drift. we know you are not mormon. but we really like ya. lots and lots. whole bunches. we know you are truly A Man of God.

        okay, that is great. thank you so much. can ya warm up a little bit. i dont like the cold weather. lol and throw in a good woman would ya. im lonely. thanks!

        pretty damn interesting. pretty damn interesting. dontcha think Mister?

        • idea!

          maybe I should drive over there to Jackson Hole and screw that chick that owns walmart? women tend to tell ya everything after a good thrashing between the sheets.

          I don’t think it’s really happenstance. I don’t think it has anything to do with saving money on taxes either.

          I think they are all moving there to avoid high density populations.

          speaking of the architects. that architect dude from the Matrix said, ” “All of this manufactured drama is leading to one inevitable conclusion. They will burn it all down before we ever have the chance to bring them to justice,”

          you mentioned The architect. this is a different one. but he speaks the truth.

          I have pondered, if they know who I am? and they know I live over here? maybe they just want to live near me. since where ever I live seems to be the safest place on the planet. it’s only after I leave it is destroyed. as the pattern suggests.


          it’s probably not all about me. even though it is all around me. I can’t be that important. lol

      • Jackson Hole, has quietly become the richest county in the United States. 

        and 99% of the population of the unitied states has no idea. they think all the rich people live in Manhattan. lol where the new York stock exchange is and shit.

        that certainly by happenstance.

        I’m making nachos. and rosisery chicken for lunch.

        you know that weird thing that happens when shits about to hit the fan. where I just start eating like a horse and my physical strength starts exponentially multiplying. like it did when covid happened. it’s happening again.

        my mental acuity, psychic abilities and physical strength, dexterity and stamina start multiplying exponentially when shit is about to go down. it always starts with physical strength.

        like some intuitive physical sensory reaction. I don’t know if it’s in my DNA or what. like something actives within me like a protective instinct or something. I notice it when I wake up one morning, jump i n the shower, when I get out I look 10 years younger an everything seems lighter. I’m getting stronger and stronger. like instinct psychic preparation defence mechanism.

        and I’m getting stronger and stronger. eating like a horse. and my mental acuity is becoming heightened.

        so something up. that is a fact.

        have a wonderful month. I need time for me. it’s good for me. let me have my me time.

        • Ever wonder why the banksters meet in Jackson Hole? Obviously… that’s where the money is.

      • 11 dimensions?

        boy howdy, I’m just just here for the Chips and Salsa, dude.

        some how along the way THE DUDE said I Know, Lets send Andy!

        fack. really DUDE???!. I just got a free refill on my unsweetened Iced Tea with Lemon and the waitress is really cute! and she is flirting with me.

        • Andy, have you ever considered that the “dude” lives within you, as well as you live within the “dude” ???
          Hint: “I of myself can do nothing. It is the father in me who is doing the work” Jesus.
          Keep up the dude’s work and that goes for all of us. As you THINK so it will be, careful!

      • Andy wrote…

        “now how the fuck do i get from here to sitting in a burt orange colored dodge demon, with a native chick who has an ass on her like dua lipa, in 7-11 parking lot, in Santa Anna California?”

        ZZ Top wrote…

        “My Head’s In Mississippi”

        I keep thinking ’bout that night in Memphis
        Lord, I thought I was in Heaven
        I keep thinking ’bout that night in Memphis
        I thought I was in Heaven
        But I was stumbling through the parking lot
        Of an invisible 7-11
        What was I doing out there?
        Where’s my head baby?
        Somewhere in Mississippi

  11. Well., I’m back. Did well at my first invitation only poker game. In fact., I did very well., but there is a caveat to that “very well”. The level of play.
    I went in with a scorched-earth, take no prisoners mental attitude, the best, “I’ve got nothing to lose”., Doc Holiday that I could muster-up, but it seemed that every one else showed up wanting to play hop-scotch at the school grounds.
    For professionals, that travel the country making a living at playing poker – they were pathetically sophomoric. I was not expecting that. I was expecting to be severely challenged and possibly cleaned out within a couple of hours – it did not turn out that way at all.
    I have been off the big tables for a couple of decades and have not paid much attention to who’s who on the circuit.., so I knew no one there – except for Carl – who I had just met at a poker game here in my home town. Of the six players that were invited there was only one that had any sense of the game – and for the last two hours, the two of us were the only ones playing – everyone else had been wiped out, or ‘retired’ with just enough left to get home.
    I have no idea what will be said about me to other players, or other possible games / invites.., but when I was ready to leave., the game-bank security guy [ hired by the guy who organized the game – his house on the beach ] carefully handed me my Stetson, slapped me on the shoulder and said., “You, sir – need to step on up to the big games. This was a waste of your time.”
    The best parts? Four take-aways – Four things I will remember.
    1] When, with malice aforethought, I wiped out grunge-boy. In his 20’s, three earrings in each ear, three nose rings, three lips rings and constantly scratched at his armpits. [ How did he get invited? I meant to ask, but didn’t.] Got a friendly ‘nod’ from the dealer.
    2] When I bluffed the only guy that was really playing the game. He never saw it coming. Virtually ended the game.
    3] Standing at the main promenade, overlooking the ocean, at six in the morning, eating freshly made tacos and wondering why I was there. [ I am still asking that existential question.]
    4] The expression on the misses face when I got home and laid down the bank roll on the kitchen table. Worth all the travel and angst. Priceless.
    “Stay Frosty !”

    • maybe that vision durring meditation, I had of a brinks armored car full of money driving through a grave yard had to do with you?

      seems fitting to your game play. lol

    • Why do I hear Kenny Rogers singing in the background?
      Congratulations! I was never any good at poker… nor trading. I always ‘win’… by not playing!

  12. oh the beasts in the merkaba.

    the eagle, the lion, the Ox and the face of a man.

    the Forth seal, revelations 6: 7-8. and the corsiponding 4th world present in the 4 corners symbol ~ the pale rider. ~

    Jackson, my first names Andre. a presidential seal. the face of a Eagle facing from due the North. according to my living expression of the merkaba. ahhhhhhh it’s all coming together now.

    that is probably why I go tanning. lol. so I’m not so pale. lol.

    what is it the man in black said? oh there is those virgins. haha.

    “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse
    And his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him”

    for the powers that be. over in Jackson,andy

    Que: ~ The Man Comes around. ~

    Johnny Cash.

  13. hear the trumpets. nick name for the Trump supporters.

    ohhhhh all the pieces just fell into place.

    eagles facing north. Ox facing west. lion facing east Ns the likeness of a man facing south.
    corresponding with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and cross referencing to may other symbols including the 4 corners symbol and whoooaa.

    the beast that rises out from the sea Is a person baptized. Mormons are baptized. so are Christians.

    a woman is about to give birth and the dragon want to devour her child, and an eagle take her to the desert.

    whooooaaa. it all makes sense now. it is all coming together, I can see it.

    all lines of prophecy through out the ages scattered around the globe merged into one line of thought. multiple lines of thought (prophecies) that span over thousands of years, all the sudden merged together and intertwined as one singular thought.

    wow. now that is a trip.

    hmmmmm it all makes sense now.

    no further comment.

  14. holy cow. Twitter became X. and X is the symbol for Saint Andrew.

    remember what I said, I was just fucking around, I said I just won the jackpot lottery, I’m single and ready to mingle. I’m saltier than 15 cans of Pringle.


    The term saltirewise or in saltire refers to heraldic charges arranged as a diagonal cross. The shield may also be divided per saltire, i.e. diagonally.

    the cross of Andrew. saltiere.

    i met Elon Musk then

    Elon bought Twitter, then changed the name of Twitter to X. the saltiere,

    the saltiere is
    Saint Andrew cross. my first name and I have an X on the back of palm of my hand.

    and X marks the spot on a treasure map. lol



    wow. everything just linked together.

  15. saltire refers to heraldic




    noun: heraldry

    the system by which coats of arms and other armorial bearings are devised, described, and regulated.

    “the use of the rose in heraldry”

    the United States coat of arms is an eagle with a shield.

    from the top of the Eagles wing to its each feet. it makes a large letter X, with a shield in the middle.

    X marks the spot.

    does this mean I’m going to get lots of money or something? and a fast car?


  16. oh. hahaha

    I am Andrew of the Stone Mountain, and I have the symbol X on the palm of my hand.

    ‘In conclusion, the letter X on your palm signify greatness, wealth and success.”

    These people have spectacular personalities; they are smart, intuitive, sharp and kind.”

    I was told recently, everything you are asking for, you already have.



    jumps into the stream.

  17. George, update on the Myantennas 75=10 EFHW. Set it in it’s permanent (unless I change my mind…….again) in an inverted L. 17 foot vertical on 2 10 foot sections of 1 1/4″ grey conduit and thence horizontal towards the woods. 5-9 signals into Europe and South America on 100 watts. I’m shocked at how well this thing works. SWR sucks on 10, though. Bought an MFJ automatic tuner that is matched to my Yaesu FT100D. Matches wonderfully and apparently radiates well enough even on 10. Heard the Netherlands the other night on 40, which is the first time that has happened. Overall, I’m in love with this antenna and I’ve built and run wire antennas my whole life Get the away from the house though or everything inside will be talking to you. Have to run two line idolators and plenty of ferrite beads on the power cords.

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