“News”– Its Revised Future

In a recent UrbanSurvival column, I explained how Divisiveness is a result of the economic business model that defines how legacy news media operate.

This morning, we’ll go over that (briefly) and then get into where News is going.  I think you’ll find it fascinating.

After CPI data just out – and our usual tromp through some headlines – once the coffee sinks in – we’ve also got the ChartPack to review.

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11 thoughts on ““News”– Its Revised Future”

  1. No no no…2 Pintos do not make a quattro, 2 Pintos make a big honking explosion and Fire! just ask the FOMOCO lawyers.
    Keeping money in cash is one of the worst things you can do,IMHO, because it is The Surest Tax on your money.U will slowly bleed to death, because the after tax returns are lower than inflation by a lil bit every year.
    If you work, your money should be working too, if not working, money should be working TWICE as hard. Dividends, Interest Payments,Capital Gains, Rents are all ways of collecting the results of your money working for you.

    • It was a two pints make a quart joke fer cyring out loud – not quattro – QUARTo. Doctor, quick, reset that man’s funny bone.
      Buy at the top of the seattle housing bubble with amazin about to do a three way split? You are joking, right? Got some inside dope on who’s NOT relo’ing we should know about? Barista circle rumors are many.
      When does the bubble pop?

      • George,

        It is my understanding that Amazon will not be splitting it’s workforce and footprint in Seattle. They will still hire there, but will add 10,000 or more to the east coast. When Amazon moves into an area, they make it a big, purposeful move… Case in point…Did you know that Amazon employs 30,000 in the state of California…according to Geek Wire?

        That expansion into California did not affect Seattle jobs and neither will the HQ2.

      • I am looking for Amazon to stumble this Black Friday buying season. Last year I bought most presents on Amazon, but this year it looks like Kohls.com will be the winner, unless AMZN comes up with something spectaculor. I have not seen much from AMZN yet. Using the Flipp App, one can Previw Black Friday items early, & get deals starting 11/19 at the com with free shipping. Maybe not by Drone, but the USPS will do.

  2. The semiconductor stocks in AI, robotics, & blockchain are strong today in a down market. May be a market turn around coming. I believe these are the next stocks to benefit futuristically, not FB which stock I could never understand (to intangible for me).

  3. George, just remember TV content is called “programming” for a reason. Try to be aware of how you feel after viewing the “programming”. Content of news trys to sway your feelings one way or the other, back to divisiveness. The less exposure to the programming the better….Mark

  4. Right now, as a bottom feeder on Social Insecurity, I am building cash, and killing my last three CCds. Savings include food on sale ,and a home business. When , and if, I tell you about the latter, it is guaranteed to cause massive weight reduction that happens when you laugh your hind end off.. Regardless of what you think you know, you don’t.. So, hedge your bets..And laugh often

  5. I am the squinch of the future.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it

    • You mean someone who makes money forecasting climate? ((No link in your post…check your thermometer too…)

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