New Emotional “Hot Button” Due

Let’s talk about something you won’t find on the “conspiracy” sites, and yet when considered in a nice, even-handed scientific way, makes eminent sense:

We should be on guard for a new “hot button” to show up in headlines in the next week (or several) because the “emotional controls” on the population are getting weak as people sicken of useless news and officialdom’s in ability to fix the people’s real problems.  In other words, “Present news ain’t cutting it.”

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There are two schools of thought on why this might be the case.  Conspiracy sites tend to what I’d call the evil personified answer.  They like being able to attach a “name” to whatever is their emo-reins.

The “people” who control this version of reality are variously called “the powers that be,” while some call it “the CFR,” while others refer to “Soros,” and we especially like what one of Slick Willy Clinton’s professors from his college days, Carroll Quigley, called “The Network.”

And yes, there is some element too the personification reasoning that appeals – and you don’t even need a foundation to “get it.”

A more free-form approach, however, is that the focus of our attention on news verges on spontaneous and self-arising.

Into this pile we toss manias like Bitcoin and the other cryptos which are trading well-documented trails of predictable technical analysis projections of their pricing, much to the chagrin of coiners.

This self-arising, widely-distributed thought-virus concept was evident as I posted the “Aliens voicemail” story Sunday.  I did this on a mostly-speculative basis, but “Aha!”

Here we go in reaction to the “aliens” story with the headline “MH370 Conspiracy Theory Of Plane Found With Bullet Holes Rejected By Australia.”  Yet the MSM (mainstream media) shy away from the voicemail meme although clearly, there’s a tie-in to the MH370 disappearance, whether factually or manipulatively is unknowable.

Stories Falling Apart

Regardless of which view you have (external controllers or self-arising world is crazy) there are clearly a LOT of stories that are reaching their logical conclusions – and that’s not only bad for water cooler conversation (which seasonally is turning to softball leagues and school), but it’s also killing the news media which is losing viewers regardless of the shrill levels of hype.

One story falling apart?  The Mueller Fishing Expedition, as we’ve labeled it from the get-go, much to the dislike of ,moderate readers who thought we’d gone off the deep-end in defense of Trump.  Now that stories like “Mueller’s Investigation Flouts Justice Department Standards ” are getting traction, our view from the outset will likely be seen as a pretty good “news judgement call” – one that’s  been better than the MSM.

On the other hand, it did not increase UrbanSurvival readership, in spite of our (once again) having the right perspective on things.

Don’t get me wrong, the Trump stories aren’t going away yet, but we may be at the proverbial “fork in the road.”

On the plus side, a Michael Goodwin column in the NY Post lays out the very real need for a second special prosecutor to not only ferret out leakers and deceivers at the high levels of the FBI asnd DOJ, but also to ask if Loretta Lynch had been promised a Supreme Court seat or other quid pro quo for burying anything that could touch the Teflon (or, at least hard-anodized) democratic presidential wannabe.

Am I giving a free pass to all things Trump?  Oh, hell no.  In fact, Jared Kushner has a lot of explaining to do about the business practices and official filings of his construction operations in NYC that may have displaced rent-controlled tenants in buildings his company rehabbed and flipped.

Specifically, see the story alleging “Kushner’s company regularly filed false work permits in New York.”

To be sure, Kushner’s already answering with the “third party defense” but while this kind of thing really goes on, it doesn’t absolve him as the responsible party.  And that in turn maybe means something about his personal ethics and such.

The problem for the ratings-depleted media, however, is there’s not enough emotional impact of this (outside the boroughs) to matter a hill of beans.  And, if Kushner gets credit for any NAFTA talk breakthroughs, or framing that Middle East Peach Plan (whatever number we’re up to there…), then he’ll likely not get “the chair” as democrats hope.

This is a bit longish, but the point I’m making is that the news flow is out of the “gotta turn on TV” mode and we’re back into watching personal paint dry.

Korea Worries Down, Too

Along the same lines, the story about an imminent US attack on North Korea (including possible first-use of nukes as “bunker-busters” has dissipated.

In fact, in Helsinki, the North Koreas are seeming to stand with their earlier statements about de-nuclearizing the Peninsula.

This is very bad for people who sell radiation detection equipment and falling news organizations desperate to provide agenda-driven cheer-leading.

Face it: How many “tell your doctor” ads can to sell to an audience of zero?

Austin Bombings

We see the potential for national-emotion-grabbing (and twisting) as a fourth bomb – possibly detonated by a tripwire – went off in Austin Texas last evening.

As of press time this morning, the term “may be racially motivated” has shown up in a few stories but we don’t know the ethnicity of the two men injured in the Sunday explosion.

And a Google News search [“racially motivated”] returns not only the Austin story, but also about the attacks on white farmers in South Africa who are losing their land to what’s turning into a black supremicist government.

Austin and South Africa?  Keep an eye on developments in both places.  But, as regards Austin, one sicko isn’t likely to trigger a civil war.

And that gets us back to the “lack of news.”

Fortunately, There’s the Economy

Everyone’s got a stake in it, and our week of declining stocks expected is starting off with the Dow set to open down 150-ish because of uncerttainty over the Fed meeting that gets underway tomorrow and leads to the rate decision Wednesday.

Except for Australia and Hong Kong, the global market picture sucks red today.

This will be Jerome Powell’s first meeting as Fed chair – since Janet took off.

Al Gore’s Hollow Hype

Meantime, the media are being reduced to covering our favorite buddingd carbon billionaire in-the-making, Al Gore.

Gore travels to Dubai, warns: ‘Global warming’ triggering ‘flying rivers, rain bombs’ ”

We hold Gore in awe not for the quality of his scientific judgement (and no, he didn’t invent the internet!).  But a craftier monetizer of the public’s fear is hard to find.

If Gore walked the talk, he’d make his global promotions via Skype in order to reduct global warming.  Which, near as we can figure it, is powered by politican hot air from media-driven demogogues.

Demonizing Russia Falters

Now that Vlad Putin is solid and in for another six-year term as president, we wonder what machinations will come out of Foggy Bottom (the State Department) when Mike Pompeo is taking up the reins?

Ansent real issues, we noticed the Washington Post piece on Heather Nauert and wondered what their agenda will be?  In the meantime, Rand Paul’s remarks “People eager for war shouldn’t be running the State Department” feels exactly on point.

IS Monday Worth $2.50?

That’s what it comes down to.

If you’re not being emotionally-hooked by the kind of news we review here, with some in-depth stories about how “Facebook’s Role in Data Misuse Sets Off Storms on Two Continents,” you may not spend the $2.50 news stand price for the Monday NY Times.

And that’s what it really comes down to.

People are beginning to understand that 70-80 percent of news is “issued” as press releases.  And, if you give a rip about a particular sector, you just subscribe to the agency RSS feeds, or look at how the rewriting media are all trying to outsell each other with faster and better reqrite, no doubt some of it comes from and – the instant rewrsite engines.

In economic terms, the old way of news died when Trump went “consumer-direct” on Twitter and in a worst cast, the collapse of journalism schools (being replaced with software) is all that remains.

Unless, as our theme suggests this morning, the media can find a new emotional hot button to replace those enumerated above, which are now on the verge of not working.

Good luck with that.

As I said to Howard Hughes during my chat on UK TalkRadio last night, “Here, let me put some ink on some paper and give it to you.,   Now you, in return, give me everything you own.”

\What kind of idiotic world is that?\

Time to go watch markets bleed… Moron the ‘morrow…

24 thoughts on “New Emotional “Hot Button” Due”

    • Al Gore is a charlatan just like Trump. He has turned a obvious problem of pollution and turned it into a global weather disaster. Yes..we have a pollution problem…especially in China, India, Mexico and many third world countries where they still enagage in old line industrial methods.

      But Gore realized that Humans are fascinated with weather for whatever reason. We have amorphous names for our Hurricanes, blockbuster movie like titles for our land based storms like “atmospheric River and Bomb Cyclone…So Gore…a con man in his own right got that light bulb enlightened moment and started this global warming thing. When that got old, he re-branded it Climate Change. It’s just an over polluted atmosphere, that does affect the health of those that live in the aforementioned countries, and finally China and India are doing something about it.

  1. George, no chagrin here for “coiners”. In fact it looks to me like Bitcoin just completed a 5 wave, and is now ready to take off on a 3 of 3 in Elliot terms.
    A case can be made for the bottom being put in yesterday,with a breakout to the upside looking good.
    Bigger concerns relate to rising interest rates, and the Bond Bear/Vigilantes getting ready to pounce. Just might be time to go long some long dated SLV options,after buying some moar “cheap” Cyrptos.hmmmmm

  2. Ebss and flows. Nothing new, when you vew the snews while watching the knews. Took a day of rest yesterday. Watched a bunch of movies.

    TPtb, hidden hand found at the link:

    Very old money.. the ruling parties that remain hidden.. I have spoke to a few in my adventures a long the interwebs. They do make mistakes and are not perfect. I have battled with more than a few, debated with more than a few and had a few pleasant conversations.

    Most are always in it to win it with the blame game.

    Beware of those who speak love and light, have sites that are a disguise for neferious means and ways. Like Zengardner and the COG, a well respected alt news site that preached lobe and light and was backed by a satanic pedophile cult. Took that one down in about 6 months with a few suggestions and some “other” powerful souls gathered there. George will remember the battle.. hard to contest with those who know your thoughts before you think them. :)

    Link: Zen-Garner-Forgiven-Too-Soon.html

    Use discernment. That’s why I like this site, Urban Survival. George may be crazy but that doesn’t make him inaccurate. Plus he had a good heart and is Real.

    Anyway, rich me!

    • “They” are very real. After years of research and battle. “They” may be in power, but “They” are not in control. There was no harvest as hidden hand stated there would be.

      Remember God’s champions are the simple men who are nothing in this world. “For it is in our weakness that God’s strength is personified.”

      God raises the humble. And humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of your self less.

      Have a great day!

      • Thank you; something for all of us to know and REMEMBER. We KNOW this in our DNA, but they have been trying to change our DNA!

  3. It’s not only the media failing. The Democrat party in this mid term election year must promote some positive plans to get votes. The constant stream of finger pointing and anti everything will not do it for them.

  4. Ok. Here is the deal. Trump is not innocent by any stretch of the imagination. If he was, he would be acting innocent…not guilty as hell, trying to discredit and fire anyone associated with his downfall. It;s not just about Russia and we all knew that. Trump has had a very sordid past and it’s time America found out the real story …because Trump isn’t telling the truth.

    Billy Bush was being interviewed…yes that Billy Bush of “grab them by the &#*@“ fame. He is finally coming out and saying that Trump would say.” I can say anything I want and people would believe me”. I believe he did say that. Remember when he said, “I could shoot someone in the streets of New York and I would still get votes”?

    Trump is a master of manipulation…in a bad way of course. However, the media that matters…not Fox…isn’t buying the BS. It’s not Trump bashing…It is Trump outing.

    George, you mentioned Kushner’s bad business issues…The Trump organization and the Kushners did a lot of business together and are continuing to do so on a Jersey Shores project.Trump hired Jared…so he is complicit in his problems by association. And the hiring of Larry Kulow and appointing Heather Nauert are not in line with swamp draining…which is what Trump said he would do when he was elected. He is running out of choices it seems. Nobody wants to work with him. The truth is coming out finally. Should be an interesting spring.

  5. George, the fact that a lot of people don’t like a lot of other people does not ipso facto mean a target is innocent. Here, there are 3 actual convictions of people well connected to the Trump team. Plus 2 more under indictment. Plus Jared and Don Jr. obviously pulling a lot of shenanigans too. Plus a lot of dirt on Trump himself, like why the heck did a Putin puppet give him a $60,000,000 pass-through hidden in the Fl. estate sale? And why does he keep acting like a really guilty guy? So, instead of getting all worked up, like a rookie, let the investigation run its course. Remember, if the findings are not too shocking, Mueller, a Republican!, is going to shade it Trump’s way to avoid a devastating constitutional crisis. Boy, are those Ruskies loving our dysfunction, or what? Mike.

    • So you believe if you’re not guilty you should just let people tarnish your reputation and let yourself be falsely accused of wrongdoing and repeated many times? Isnt that defamation?

    • Where are the convictions? Plea bargain are not convictions. People plea bargain when innocent all the time because the prosecutors are real good at convincing the target the system is corrupted. Muller is all connected to Uranium one, Manifort has no significant history with Trump…on and on. The deep state hates Trump because they don’t own him like they do most of the other past candidates. Thank God Trump is president and not murderous Hitlery!

      • It will show as a conviction on someone’s record and they have to disclose it on applications/forms that ask about convictions. On the day of the plea they will admit to “sufficient facts”.

        The rest of your comment about Muller (sic), Manifort (sic), the Deep State and Hillary is nonsense and not worth responding to.

  6. Good luck with that hot-button. I haven’t come up with anything — maybe a pocket nuke on Fleet Street or the Champs, or somewhere in CONUS. A suicide bombing at the Final Four or a high-mortality flu pandemic would get people’s attention, but that’d be weeks out. A massive flood? Not unless it affected our coasts. Maybe Yellowstone or Island Park suddenly going critical? — The Media has the ability to spin anything into anything but, sad to say, they have to have sex or gore to capture people’s attention…

  7. The markets are consolidating nicely, digesting gains in preparation for a blow off rally to end in May. After that a downturn until a month before the elections in Nov.

  8. Sir,

    We have a canary that likes to tweet when it smells smoke. We call it Norwegian Wood. The witless bird last week went Rasp over Putin’s pawn Snowden having facetime at the German Cloudfest Hackathon. The bird is German but hatched in Turkey.

    It had been silent since the end of November when proud as a peacock it announced it’s “mistake” of having deleted the other president’s Twitter account on November 2 for 11 minutes. Such coincidence for the alleged last day of a USA work visa. The temp employer used by Twitter has done well for its Manama-based minority ownership. Prophet has been realized too.

    One imagines the bird was too head-in-the-clouds to take flight with the two tier codes. “Isn’t it good, Norwegian Wood?”

    Enough of that, let’s segue into some BoneyM. Catchy tune, and a wink of the universe he and his hit song namesake both expired in St. Petersburg.

    Do find time to visit the Palace some day? Just as gladiators were welcomed at the Coliseum, so too the old markets of Zanzibar could readily offer Inn with no out. We jest, of course.

    He’d been silent since November 30

  9. Dear Uncle George,

    Such a delight to hear you are still a hardy man and far from the madding crowd. You could spot a flag a mile away couldn’t you? We are pleased to observe the pending equinox on the plain. Day and night, true and false, it’s all the same here. Only March but May dropped in early. Apparently the doughnut will leave no stone unturned in the search for truth. If cats walk through walls, perhaps Zeus will bring word from druid contemporaries. The group hopes for good karma from St. Osmund as we’re off to the baths now and everyone’s keen to avoid any showers hereabouts.

  10. George, these bombs going off in Austin are obviously concerning, but considering the wacko mindsets that like this kind of chaos and the copy cat syndrome that social media and the 24-7-365 that thrives on by sensationalizing these types of crimes, will the perps who are enabled by copying these wicked ideas become a nationwide phenomenon, in the same way these mass shooters try to outdo each other?

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