National Stupid Week

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Circus Poster Monday

Imagine you have been given the task of making up a “circus poster” for this week.  What would you put on it?

See Ancient Victims!

With yet-another uncorroborated accuser from 30-some years back is in the wings.  As democrat character-assassins are pulling out all the stops to ensure that Brett Kavanaugh will be scuttled as Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.  But, even though little is backing up the claims, let’s tar, feather and run Judge Kavanaugh out of town, shall we?

Were there not exceptions for “public figures” in defamation and libel, Brett Kavanaugh could make a fortune suing the lefty-media which is convicting him without a trial.

Fortunate for the Webolutionaries, Due Process is Done Gone.

This is all made possible by  “gender neutral” (neutered) political suck-up dim-witted cowardly republicans who should – in keeping with Truth in Advertising laws – change the party name and symbol to The Jellyfish Party.
A slogan like “Spineless is what we do…” would be fitting, as well.

That’s because as the great legal scholar Alan Dershowitz explained this weekend, you never in any sort of trial make the accused answer before hearing the charges.  Unless you run the Jellyfish Party.

Yes, since the Jellyfish Party hasn’t been bothered with the Constitution since Bush days, we’re not surprised.

On our poster, we’ll put this in as Ring One – Center.

See Magic Money Printers!

The Second Circus Ring has to present the Federal Reserve which,  by looking at the 10-year Note, has a better-than-even chance of raising raise by 25-basis points when the Fed announcement comes out Wednesday afternoon.

Today and tomorrow, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the market down a few hundred Dow points for a couple of reasons.  One is our “Theory of the Market Heartbeat” which was outlined for subscribers last month.  We expect month-end selling that could spill in to the first few days of October.

The second reason, as we outlined this weekend in our Peoplenomics ChartPack, the Rest of the World has been rallying  more than the US the past couple of weeks.  Could it be that foreigners, who once looked to America for leadership, are now seeing a hollowed-out country that has lost its way (along with losing its spine to the point can’t even properly identify factory-equipped plumbing of residents)?

Honestly, if I were one of the Gnomes of Zurich, I would shade my bets a bit in here.  The rest of world ain’t in great shape, but the obvious and insidious soft coup in America should scare the hell out of any self-respecting Swiss Money Gnome.  Especially those wondering why Rod Rosenstein still has a job… (Maybe I’m a gnome, too…)

See the Great Stealth Inflation!

Third ring of the circus this week will be the Housing data that comes out tomorrow morning (and yes, we plan a two-part report since it comes out just after we publish).

As we showed you last week, the Stealth Inflation took off in 2009 at the bottom of the Housing Collapse and has been rolling ever since.  Excessive government spending (“Hey, thanks Jellyfish Party!”) and a Federal Reserve that in the most recent H.6 Money Stocks Report reveals the M2 supply is being goosed at a 5.2% annual rate.

Obviously bad for regulated utilities (and telecoms) this has other ripple-effects.  Lots more money for Big Money to borrow and, in turn, continue the stock blow-off.

The thing is, in the short-term it will work.  But then?  It will take more paper to buy consider goods.  In other words, we expect prices will go up a good deal in the next 1-3 years.  Labor market demand, energy may have bottomed…and then there’s all that interest due on the US National Debt of $21,2 trillion.

Doe the math some morning:  What’s 5% interest on $21.2 trillion?

I only have a masters in business (but I slept at a Holiday Inn once…) but looks to me like about $1.06 trillion.  Which is how much per day in interest compounding alone?   Are you sitting down?)

$2,904,109,589.04  PER DAY  Almost $3 billion a day.

FREE Cotton Candy!!!

That’s right – our Circus poster has to list Free Cotton Candy.  Because the Fed doesn’t really pay 5% interest.  Probably closer to half that since the lower rates have been rolled into the longer maturities of government debt.  So, in reality, our National Hole is maybe only getting $1.5-billion A DAY deeper.  A good part of it, they’ll just make up.  By doing this, they effectively steal your savings by watering-down your purchasing power.

Prices never do go up (utility value of bread’s kinda constant, know what I’m saying?).  It just take more made-up money to get some.

Wheee!  Are we having fun, already, or what?

Sweet, too.  If you’re on top of the sheep…

See Exciting Sideshows!

Take these, for example:

Florence: Evacuations continue as North Carolina rivers rise.  Why is the federal aid taking so long? See Ring One for details.

Russia to send newer, S-300 missile defense systems to Syria.

Canada’s Barrick Gold to buy Randgold Resources in $18.3 billion deal  (Someone besides us still sees value in gold, eh?)

Still selling the weather – rebranded as “climate” for the really impaired who don’t see things have been warming since the Ice Age: Governments Are Failing Their Citizens on Climate Change. Here’s How They Can Fix It.  (Like the Yellow Pages, climateers never stop selling…)

So Where’s Our Future?

Well, in quiet places like Key companies to attend White House quantum computing meeting.

But you won’t hear about this much on Bash-o-matic Media.  Not nearly as much fun as yet-another demo-donor coming doing the slink to sink Kavanaugh.

Besides, we already know the future, right?  Mass consumption instead of a global reset and rethink is where we’re going and still very much on course.  If you doubt it, read Global advertising expenditure to grow 4.5 percent in 2018: Zenith.

It’s just all too much for the social media addicted pill poppers banded together as One Nation under God.

So we await the threatrics as Bill Cosby Could Be Sentenced to 30 Years or Just Probation. His 60 Accusers Will Be Watching Closely.

Yep, another week at the Circus.

Peanuts!!!  Popcorn!!!

We crawled out of primordial goo for this?

Hand Me a Press Release

Naw…to much work.  Just the picture of the Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator (CFNAI):

Nothing-much changed on the futures. Down 30-some.

So, go warn the pigs.  I’m tracking down bacon and eggs next.

Moron the ‘morrow – tell your friend.

37 thoughts on “National Stupid Week”

  1. I find it ironic that the Democrats can account for the whereabouts of everyone in the USA in 1982 save for Obama.I’ll bet that none of those women can remember the names of all 57 states.

  2. 60 Minutes reran a story last night about how the Dutch prevent flooding in their country. A Dutchman is global water control expert and says the US is foolish to allow damage and rebuild same way in same location. He says wise thing to do is prevent damage like the Dutch do. Turns out that Hoboken NJ is going to give it a try.

    What he doesn’t recognize is that the economy is boosted every time we spend umpteen gajillion dollars repairing stuff. Like the Russian comedian says, “Is this a great country or what?” I say it isn’t anymore.

    • It’ll be fascinating if Hoboken can pull that off! My experience in the land of no left turns is that you can walk faster than you can drive most times.

      Whenever something breaks or fails and I have to fix it, my first thought is to find out why it fails and if reasonable, re-engineer it to where it is unlikely to fail again or is much easier to repair – whichever makes the most sense. I pay for my own problems in time, money, and/or opportunity costs, so minimizing them is the obvious path.

    • But the Dutch are limited in the land elevation options.

      The US of A has other options – like follow the original settlers of the land who treated places like New Orleans as a temporary campsite.

      If you are living at 1000+ feet above sea level should the Federal Government be allowed to extract money from you to build things to keep the feet dry of people who’ve opted to live along the sea all up until FedGov opts to say “naw, turns out global warming is a thing and the water will keep rising.”

      • At 550 feet in the “Concorde Mountains” of East Texas, we anxiously work on installing a small yacht harbor down at the creek.

    • I generally catch nothing of “60 Minutes,” but did watch that clip. Hoboken is a poor alpha test because of how infrequently it sees a hurricane. I like the concept, but have a healthy skepticism for its application WRT both surge and especially landborne rainfall. As of last Sunday, there were STILL places in North Carolina where the rivers hadn’t crested. The Dutch think that because they handled a 5.7″ continental rain, which still dumped nearly 5″ locally by the time it got to Germany, that their system can handle flood surge from a plain which receives three feet of rain in 48 hours…? I hope it can, but I fail to see what ANY system can do with a trillion gallons of water, when there’s no place to put it…

      I really wish that Dutchman had convinced a Florida city to go with the experiment. I’d like to see the “test” occur within my lifetime. It’d make me feel slightly less apprehensive that he made serious bank on a scam…

  3. All of the ongoing Kavanaugh B.S. is ALL a Set-Up for the coming Military Tribunals.They want us believe this is about Brett Kavanaugh getting in, and gutting Roe v Wade.
    This has everything to do with military tribunals, “they” know it.They will be charged with TREASON, and some may be Executed. This is a Global Network, and will take some time to destroy.Prediction..Hussein will be ripped and stripped of his Presidency, he is going down.
    Obviously the TRAITORS and CRIMINALS in the US Govt. are going to cause violence and upheaval when they release the FBI and DOJ documents showing they tried to frame President TRUMP for crime he did NOT commit.
    Expect civil unrest funded by DNC/Lefitards w/SOROS.Say’s here.. D.J.T. may have to declare Marshal Law eventually.
    Good idea to start Prepping for Nat. Disaster, if U haven’t done so already.”Smoke em if ya got em”, gonna be a couple of rough months coming to city near U.

  4. I have no idea if SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh was a badge carrying male chauvinist pig during his H.S. and college days. However, Kavanaugh’s de-nomination process is a fine example of political ‘death by 1000 cuts.’ True or not, once the first accuser’s story failed to gain reputable corroboration (even from her ‘best’ friend), another minion from the dark shadows of the progressive wing decides now is her time to run forward, pick up the battle flag and let loose the ghosts from her closet. After her, countless others no doubt wait their turn, each with an account no doubt raunchier and uglier. Sad to think all these accusers waited so long, not coming forth during his other Federal court confirmation hearings. The reason is that clinically, memories lose accuracy and validity over the years. This fact can have legal ramifications. There is the constructionist theory in psychology that states memory is not a replica of the past but a representation, or reconstruction of the past that is subject to selective reinterpretation. Decay theory also posits that memories fade or lose detail over time. Bahrick et al.(1975)confirmed decay theory when it was found that after 15 years subjects free recall was was only 60% accurate and after 48 years it was a mere 30% accurate. I sincerely feel bad for these women, were they in fact abused, but I fear more for them right now that they are being (ab)used as political pawns by a crusading left.

    • Yeah, she sure looked like a pawn today, didn’t she. Did you pay attention when she schooled the “members” with how memory works? Maybe you can use that in the future. I sincerely feel bad for people like you, that not only lack empathy, but feel compelled to talk about things you know absolutely nothing about.

  5. Excellent article – if a sad commentary on our country! It’s still surprising that with stealth inflation, we still are holding low PM prices.

    I have to believe that the RINOs are the reason for giving even lip service to the sluts posing as “victims” of an alleged hug 35 years ago! If I were Mitch McConnell(thank God I’m not), I’d have called for a vote last Friday afternoon. The girls can always go to their local police dept. and report a crime if they wish to.

    • No…He offered to resign. He is still DAG. That would have set up a whole new set of problems though. It will be interesting if Trump accepts it. If he doesn’t…Hmmmm…if he does…all hell will break loose and just in time for Halloween…skeletons will come marching on Pennsylvania Ave.

  6. I think it is ironic that back in 1987, Douglas Howard Ginsburg was nominated by Reagan to fill a SCOTUS post, but later withdrew his nomination after it was revealed he smoked pot at Harvard. Really? Pot is all he did and he withdraws?

    Kavanaugh allegedly and I said allegedly was involved in sexual assault…and nothing…all denial on the accused and White House side.

    Clinton has sex with an intern and gets impeached. Later acquitted, but impeached nevertheless.

    David Petraeus, a 4 Star general had an affair with Paula Broadwell and was forced to resign as director of the the CIA.

    Republican Senator Larry Craig got caught tapping his foot in a men’s restroom and announced his resignation from Congress in 2007.

    Elliot Spitzer solicited prostitutes…Spitzer resigned in March 2008.

    Jim Mcgreevey of Homeland Security had a complicated situation that ended up him coming out as gay and resigning in November 2004.

    John Edwards political career came to an abrupt halt after his fair with Reille Hunter.

    Trump cheated on his wife with porn stars…is on tape on access Hollywood saying lewd things about women…And, at least 15 women have come forward with a wide range of accusations against Trump, ranging from sexual harassment and sexual assault to lewd behavior around women…and nothing…all denial.

    There was a time when there were consequences for the actions of our politicians. At least for those that were caught…the question remains…How many weren’t caught…probably a ton before the proliferation of digital media, had held phones with cameras etc.?

    Is this what Trump meant when he said MAGA?

    Back to the times when men could be predatory men?

    It remains to be seen whether Kavanaugh is guilty of said accusations. But, if he is…for the well being and decency of America and to separate ourselves from the moral nightmare that is Trump, he should withdraw.

    There has always been the argument that liberals are ruing our moral values…I could agree in some cases. But, let’s not hide under the GOP banner that Trump himself is trying to normalize his own behavior. It’s not normal what he has done and what he continues to do. We all have women in our families and if the shoe were on the other foot, we would support the women without a thought. The POTUS is a revered position that we should look up to in behavior and actions.

    We have become a results at any cost society without giving any credence to the slimy way we got there. That’s not how I raised my kids or the way I want my future grandkids to live their life.

    • I think it is ironic that you left off Hillary Clinton, rape denier of the women her own husband assaulted and raped AND she ran for President and it would have been CRIMINAL if she had been elected. IF Bill Clinton’s assaults and rapes had come to light before his election, it SHOULD have tanked him, but I notice the little Arkansas Mafia kept it quiet. And let’s not forget Ms. Clinton going on 60 minutes lying about the blond bombshell that Clinton had a 12 year affair with. Also, Bush 1 and Bush 2 had EXTRA marital affairs, and #2 was a drunk and a coke head. You can’t keep paint on your brush cause you are slinging it everywhere but the wall. If you can’t raise your kids with morals, and NOT using the Presidency as a teaching lesson, then you need to hire a TUTOR for your kids.

      • Your logic makes zero sense. Clinton was impeached and Hillary didn’t win anything. They both got what they deserved. Why do we keep going back to someone who lost as a comparison. The “Yeah…but Hillary did this” argument is stupid. She lost!!! She is thankfully out of politics and needs to go away. That’s her punishment!

        As for Bush 1 and Bush 2…none of that came out until much, much later…but could have been a huge factor before they got elected.

        And about that raising kids with morals comment. I am more worried about the adults that have normalized Trumps behavior than I am the kids. Kids are smarter than that. Most think Trump is an idiot anyway. Adults? Not so much

    • When was Clinton impeached, I missed that?

      On February 12, 1999 the Senate voted on whether to remove Clinton from office. The president was acquitted on both articles of impeachment. The prosecution needed a two-thirds majority to convict but failed to achieve even a bare majority. Rejecting the first charge of perjury, 45 Democrats and 10 Republicans voted “not guilty,” and on the charge of obstruction of justice the Senate was split 50-50.

      • “Impeachment” is what the trial is called. Clinton and Andrew Johnson were impeached, neither impeachment was successful. Whether an official is tossed or not is irrelevant to the name of the process…

  7. “(but I slept at a Holiday Inn once…) but looks to me like about $1.06 trillion. Which is how much per day in interest compounding alone? Are you sitting down?)
    $2,904,109,589.04 PER DAY Almost $3 billion a day.”

    IF.. You have a job where you make a thousand dollars a day.. with an outstanding bill that has a three thousand dollars a day interest..
    and Most of your income collateral has been given away to someone else.

    What are the available options for a solution !

  8. Caveat Emptor to those herbivores trimming Caesar’s lawn at Colliseum!

    My detail-challenged Linkedin (owned by Microsoft) profile informs me of a sharp increase in views from Avanade, a marketing fulfillment company with independent contractors in China, PI, and India to do the heavy lifting. Avanade outsources from Dublin-based Accenture who has had a partnership with Microsoft to liase with The Cloud.

    This way to the egress.

    An observation if I may about your NC nuclear and coal power plant concerns: the last state governor was a 28 year employee of the owner company who were close on the heels of Mr. Trump’s Vegas funder for contributions to the 2016 republican cause according to Wikipedia.

    The wise owl promises the clowns are being sent in for cleanup duty.

    Do enjoy the show!

  9. Rosenstein offered to resign, it was not accepted. IG Horowitz has the Doc’s for final review, to speed up process as RR would not Self Incriminate, he signed the FISA warrants. ALL the other signers are under GJ investigations.
    G how many kind citizens today realize and understand that the U S Government has operating under a Declared State of War since 2001?
    How about the fact the US Government has been operating under a Declared National State of Emergancy…signed/Declared by Donald J Trump on December 20th,2017 ?
    Want to peek at hints for upcoming ACTION? Check out the Federal Register…veeeerrrrrrrry interesting.

    • We’ve been under that “Declared State of Emergency” since before you were born. Trump didn’t “declare” it, neither did Obama, Bush43, Clinton, Bush41, Reagan, Carter, Ford, etc. They “reaffirmed” it. It is an expanded capability of the President’s powers under the structure of the “Executive Order,” in times of National Emergency, nothing more, nothing less, It was “given” to the EOP by Congress, and it must be renewed (reaffirmed) every two years, or it lapses. Obama abused the power with cavalier disregard for its intent. Other Presidents have not done so, yet neither have any allowed the Power to lapse.

  10. GENGHIS KHAN, THE fearsome Mongolian warrior of the 13th century, may have done more than rule the largest empire in the world; according to a recently published genetic study, he may have helped populate it too.

    An international group of geneticists studying Y-chromosome data have found that nearly 8 percent of the men living in the region of the former Mongol empire carry y-chromosomes that are nearly identical. That translates to 0.5 percent of the male population in the world, or roughly 16 million descendants living today.

    It is well known that men of power have an above average number of affairs & a strong sex drive, do to their dominant nature. Their powerful status is attractive to the opposite sex who is looking for a strong man to protect her. They Don’t lean toward the perverted sex like Anthony Weiner, but sex where the woman is drawn to a strong man. It is the way we were made.

    • Really? Wouldn’t have anything to do with Khan (and his male relatives) pillaging, killing the males who opposed ‘the hoard’, and raping the women? (Wasn’t all one man’s doing.)

      Why are you only thinking of the almost mythic past?

      The Japanese in WWII had ‘comfort women’ from conquered areas, the Germans encouraged suitable women (according to their mindset) to breed . . . even today many groups will attack woman and rape them ‘to ruin’ them being ‘pure’ and suitable for marriage . . .

      Or are you getting all ‘heated’ with the thought of all that ‘power’?

      • I was attempting to refer to what is true now in civilized society, & that there is a difference between men & women, but the left prefers gender neutral, which is not DNA possible. There have been many atrocities committed over the years which should be condemmed. You can’t change Human Nature in a me me materialist society where people are only concerned about instant gratification.

      • Khan didn’t just kill the males. His M.O. was to blitz into a region, kill everyone in the first village to which they came, save one, then withdraw. The lone survivor would spread the word, and the Mongols would then be allowed to take whatever they pleased. They only “clearcut” the males in areas where the locals mounted active opposition. The Huns, Goths, Black raiders (N. Africa) and Vikings M.O. was more along the lines of “rape, plunder, pillage.” The Vikings learned the art of “pillage diplomacy” by about 960AD, and by the time they came to the gates of Constantinople, were “gifted” fabulous wealth to go back to Kiev and not attack the city. Theirs may have been the basis of the model by which Genghis Khan raided.

        Speaking of Kiev, the Viking Museum is a must-see, if’fn yer ever in the region…

  11. Meanwhile, after ‘Sex Sells’ (or If it Bleeds it Leads) media headlines, can we hear how Kavanaugh supports ‘Dark Money’ political contributions…????

    ‘if spending isn’t officially coordinated with a candidate, it can’t be corrupting’ (Kavanaugh likes to find loopholes to allow ‘Dark Money’)

  12. Blood is thicker than water? The BBC had a piece out on the 24th about the former propaganda-purposed Beishan Broadcast Wall on Taiwan’s northern islands just a couple of kilometres by water from China’s Xiamen City. The report spoke favorably of sentiments for a causeway road link and free trade zone. Taiwan-side anti-invasion emplacements in the area appear to have been dismantled 9 years ago.

    Similarly the Korean DMZ propaganda broadcast machines were turned off following the Trump/Kim summit of this past April.

    The “one country, two systems” Chinese model is gaining speed in the Asiatic Empires region?

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