We don’t normally interrupt our Sundays here at the ranch to put out a comment.  But there is a story over on BuzzFeed  (FBI Probe Of Paul Manafort Focuses On 13 “Suspicious” Wire Transfers) that should have both the Secret Service and the FBI up in arms.  Oh?  Where did the number of transfers come from?  Sounds like another effing Deep State leak to us.

While I have no quarrel with someone being an “investigative reporter” – been there, done that – the problem is not with the reporter but where the leaks of specific data come from?

It’s axiomatic for reporters that anything in the previous public record can be warmed-over, rehashed, and so forth.  That’s the journo job. But….

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When there are too many specifics – like a number of wire transfers and amounts and dates – that sounds more like a deliberate leak and THAT is where the FBI and the Secret Service ought to become keenly interested.

Sure, it’s one thing to sit outside a federal building and watch people come and go from a building where a Grand Jury is sitting.  That’s the nature of reporting.  And, it’s even fair to walk up to recognizable persons and ask them “What documents did you present?”  BTDT.

While the prosecutor (or in this case, leader of the fishing expedition) may have said “no talking about this” or whatever, it may not be binding.

On the other hand, unless we find out where the “13 wire transfers” data came from, there is plenty of reason to suspect that it might have been called-in from the sidelines by the Sour Grapes Team.  Remember them?  The ones that stole a fair vote from Bernie Sanders.

The question becomes more important when on the same weekend, the not-particularly-Trump supporting NY Post rolls with “Trump demands Republicans ‘DO SOMETHING’ in Twitter meltdown.”

See how the Hillary story, lying lawyers and all, has just “disappeared?”

As an side, remember the Post endorsed Trump, but we view that as an “endorsement of convenience” because the Hillaryite camp thought (and turns out not clearly) that they could easily beat Trump in the election.  Wrong-o.

When any organization lets loose with “The such-and-such has learned…”  any old reporter worth their salt will ask the one question the drive-bys of the me-too media are too under-trained, under-aged, and lacking the experience to question:

Who’s orchestrating all the leaks and under-the-table feeding of confidential information to bring down Trump?

We have some pretty good guesses.

So until tomorrow, we will be forced to sit in the persuasion gap – wondering why Mueller hasn’t called his former agency and started to interview, chew-ass, and jail the crooked leakers.

But then, that doesn’t seem to be Mueller’s agenda, does it?

Our fear remains this is being directed by embeds of the Deep State that are still on government payrolls.

The BuzzFeed story has this curious quote:

“One FBI agent who was actively involved in the investigation told BuzzFeed News it “lay dormant” for a while but was never closed.”

We want to know why that agent is still on the job?  Assuming there is such an agent….goes without saying.

Here, take a skeptical pill.  I think we’re going to need the whole bottle this week.

More Monday…