How to Monetize ANYTHING

One of our readers decided that I wasn’t right.  He challenged me to find a way to monetize anything he named.  He named doggie droppings.

But yes, this morning we talk about how to monetize dog droppings .  Perhaps not so coincidentally, the same principles apply to politicians.  So this morning we talk method and technique.

First, however, the charts and why I am still in my nearly insane short position.  Hint:  It has something to do with chickens and when they hatch..

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19 thoughts on “How to Monetize ANYTHING”

  1. Sorry this is an ‘off topic’ comment. I am sure there are many long time readers who want to know your thoughts regarding this:

    ‘Ure’ ham radio knowledge, experience and the ‘Ure’ mind can offer some thoughts?

    Since I have the ‘mic’: why is there not more comment, speculation on the JFK release that mentions very specific info regarding a 2nd shooter in front?

    Thank you


    • Because everyone on here already knows Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. There was more than one shooter and up to 3. Who was behind it is pretty obvious, too. And how bout the report that some one called in the hit to the UK right before??? Kinda like 911, where the BBC announced that Building 7 fell 25 minutes before it was ‘pulled’. IF they had released everything unredacted, that would have been worthy of a mention for sure. Don’t forget LBJ’s wink to his buddy while being sworn in!!! You can find that on YouTube.

      • We wouldn’t be able to handle the truth.
        It would literally flip our whole perspectives and trust of those that we vote in as our representatives.
        You don’t really think that they refuse to read or write any of the bills they vote on just because they are my opinion I think There’s a whole other ruling class that has the influence in place to direct them on what’s worthy of a vote. They donate for a yea or nae that leave the doors wide open to them.

  2. George, I’m in!

    As a dog owner, I love the idea of a long handled scooper with an LED light and a remote switch from the handle for those dark and rainy nights. But why stop there?

    Many times the droppings are very soft and hard to pick up. How about a can of quick freeze attached to the bottom with trigger extension to the handle? A little shot and voila.

    Gosh, the mind boggles!

  3. LOL LOL LOL… interesting that dog poo came into the conversation.. a few short years ago I had some grand kids that came to me and said the wrong thing.. I am bored and I need money to buy I forget what for sure a game I think.
    I told them to go mow lawns or rake leaves offer to help the elderly with daily chores like going to the store for shopping.. etc..
    the other one.. why not take a five gallon bucket and a garbage sack go to the homes of those with pets and offer to scoop the poo out of the yards for five dollars a month.. they did that and then the poo went into the compost pile.
    Another of the kids went around and told the neighbors he would catch all the snakes he could find in their yards the bad part about that one was that he was so proud of his accomplishments that he wanted to show me and accidentally tipped the bucket over in my yard.. LOL.. I had snakes everywhere..
    Making Marijuana illegal..
    it is all about money a business model..
    Its hard to imagine but at one time was one of the most important crops of our nation.
    the fact that it has absolutely so many uses is astounding that anyone wanted to even consider to make it illegal. Unfortunately those that pushed to make it illegal happened to own a lot of paper pulp.During Hoover’s presidency, Andrew Mellon became Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury and Dupont’s primary investor. He appointed his future nephew-in-law, Harry J. Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

    Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises. For their dynasties to remain intact, hemp had to go. This then led these men to take an obscure Mexican slang word: ‘marihuana’ and push it into the consciousness of America. The reason why they changed the name was because everyone knew of hemp and how amazing it was for the world. They would never be able to get away with banning hemp, so they used a name they knew no one would care about.

    They say that some number like two out of every half million will become addicted to it.. that is like saying that two people with a lactose intolerance out of a city should cause a city wide ban on milk.
    one in three use it for recreational uses whether or not it is illegal. Our prison system is overflowing with residents that are there because of this at a cost of billions to the citizens of the usa. to legalize it and release these non violent offenders would put thousands a year back into the hands of the people. Reduce the cost of law enforcement. instead we have decided to make sure that what five percent of our population is incarcerated.
    I personally wouldn’t use it for recreational purposes but then I detest anything that will alter my cognitive abilities.
    for me it is the weigh the good against the bad. which on a scale is so overbalanced to the good it is just simply amazing.
    Today we see the opioid death increases where a medication made with cannabis oil would not have those harmful side affects. If you have someone dying from a serious illness would you hold back medication that could relieve them of pain or stop them from taking a medication that could cure their life threatening illness.. I wouldn’t in fact I would go out of my way to get it for them.

    • With the hemp story and the de-funding of Tesla’s free energy theories I’ve always wondered why those with the power to monetize these things didn’t but chose to bury them instead? Vast farms of hemp could have been planted quickly and used in so many applications by the financial giants and Tesla’s electrical machines could have been built and maintained by the powers of the Industrial Revolution then in its heyday thus monetizing all of it.

  4. I feel pretty happy today to..
    I had mentioned that I had a friend that had retired from one of the nations greatest think tanks and was in a bad way health wise.
    that he had a few projects he wanted to see finished before he left for the other journey we all will make but just couldn’t grasp the simplicity of what he sought for so many years.

    Well his health is still very much in a bad way he hasn’t left yet unfortunately soon which makes me sad I have very few true friends and he is one of them but his mind is alive and he is excited at all the possibilities of things he never considered as potential answers..
    He had this project he always wanted to do by popping a balloon but always thought that in order to do it he had to do it with six sticks of dynamite making it unrealistic and unfeasible to do..
    I was able to show him how to do it with a pin instead..
    It has given his mind a whole new excited perspective..
    He couldn’t believe it then it sank in..
    Now I can focus on my home made christmas gifts.. LOL LOL I love puzzles.. the harder the better.. get a puzzle that takes time to get to the gift of money then the harder part of the puzzle that it takes to put the thing back together..
    I had one that took a great deal of time to get it apart to get the gift card.. then no one could get it back together.. I kept the thing around just so those that would stop to visit would tinker with it.. LOL I would always end up putting it back together.. then one day my eight year old grand daughter asked if she could play with it.. I tried my darndest to convince her not to do that puzzle but find something more appropriate to play with.. eventually I gave in thinking god I really didn’t want to put that thing back together.. it had been a while and it would take a few minutes to refresh my mind on how it went together.
    while I watched she took it apart then put it back together in less than two minutes and said I am bored.. do you have something harder.. I let her take it home..
    amazing.. I told her parents to tell the school to challenge her..

    • Used toothbrushes? Sterilized and sold to car detailers.
      Q-tips go in a portable fire-starting kit. With enough earwax, they burn great!!!

      • Why is this working this way I don’t know I guess it’s because that’s who you are I mean why would anyone do these things that you do well we mostly don’t but sometimes we think about it but we don’t apply the things that you actually do so where does that put you at put you on a different scale from us I think so I think it definitely put you on a different scale that’s how come you have urban survival website and all the other things that you do and we don’t because you are on a different scale then we are so yes don’t let nobody get you down buddy you just keep getting it up and go for it go for the Gusto because evidently you got it

  5. George, here in Austin, the gentle land of monetize everything from being weird to the air you breathe, you don’t even have to scoop your own poop. There are services that send people around as often as you can afford to take care of that yucky problem for you. Really. I have a co-worker that pays for just that.

  6. What happens to Wall Street bonus money if the market tanks before year end? Don’t the wall street whales have to keep it propped up somehow til then? Huge, huge, huge bonus money at stake!!

  7. Hmm. Really off topic. But has anyone else noticed on MSM that there’s a trend to dress and makeup hair and even facial expressions of Hillary among the lady announcers just saying. When I first noticed it I thought oh it was just a coincidence. But this morning there was six on at first I thought hey that’s Hillary.
    I wonder what’s in the wings. Could there still be a way she could take the position she was voted out of???

  8. I also dont think it will cause a flap; I remember the day JFK was shot, and my mom wasnt buying into the government’s version of things.
    Fletcher Prouty was sent into the field in Australia before Dallas, and picked up a newspaper the DAY BEFORE the assassination happened. That is, the CIA obviously forgot about the International Date Line before they put forth the story into Oz’s mainstream press. So one of the released documents showed that the same pre-shooting scoop was given to the Cambridge Press.
    So, those of us who have read “Dr Mary’s Monkey” are now waiting for the bioweapon part of the revelation, and what Oswald was really doing in Mexico City.

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