Money Going Somewhere

With Bitcoin scrapping at the $40,000 level, we ponder where all the made-up Covid money will eventually take root.  Some of it has gone into plain-old higher prices, sure.  But the charts are interesting.

Another chapter in my latest book Building a Personal Ark is shared,

And what morning would be complete without a side of politics, and a dash of war?

The new America is sure acting a lot like the old one, isn’t it?

Bring your reading glasses this morning. 18 charts to go over….

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George Ure
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38 thoughts on “Money Going Somewhere”

  1. GU, since your daily ruminations about the future of asset pricing which could go either way, have you ever considered upgrading your “lunch money” into a “dinner for two amount” partaking into one of the junior hedgefunds employing A.I.? There you could have it sliced to your taste:-). Yum, yum!
    P.s. I was introduced to IBM’s “Watson” an eternity ago and I believed then that it would revolutionize the world as we know it. However, it didn’t so far (were it would make much of a difference” to most ;-(( except to those in finance, where it wouldn’t be smart to operate w/o it, IMHO. Take care!

    • VEry thoughtful qiuestion.
      No – I would never share what goes on in my head with an AI.
      Reasons are manifold but basically, AI doesn’t subscribe to Peoplenomics. Why should I tell someone who I’m not in a business relationship any damn thing about my trading plans? the PN charts make it possible to follow indeed anticipate what IU might do. But things like buying UDOW last thurs, for example, are not something I would share with a machine.
      I don’t trust people, a lot. But I trust machines a lot less…

      • Fair answer — however I was misunderstood. I didn’t mean to insinuate entrusting your “thoughts” to an A.I. system, rather choosing a hedge fund that employs A.I. in their selection of potential trades.
        I know you’re running a business and I respect your accomplishments all around !! Still, I need no financial advice since I’m no longer able to evaluate most of it on account of my age; Therefore, a hedge fund makes sense to my way of thinking. Thank you and much more success to you and your readers.

  2. what’s the reason they want to buy Kari Lake?
    this is a big story

    I will leave a light on,,, can’t ya see? properly placed lighting makes for easier working on stuff.

    Timing?, as Kari sat on this for a while, just imagine that you are Az state GOP chair Jeff DeWit,,, what a gut punch moment when you see that in open public. The next Question is? WHO was the big money?

    “when ya down on ure luck, and ain’t got a buck, in London ure a gone’r , even London Bridge has fallen down and moved to Arizona,,,” by ure fellow Texan, Gary P Nunn

    • Kari Lake is going Bankrupt, just like Guilani did.

      Why anyone would hitch their star to that Liar (she has already admitted in Court Filings that she lied) is beyond my comprehension.

      Is she the “BEST” that Arizona Republicans can come up with? No wonder some people in the party what her “OUT” of the political game, though personally I think it will be “Poetic Justice” when the damage part of her upcoming trial comes back with a Huge Damage Award – and THAT should serve to kill off her future political ambitions.

    • The proffered “deal” was that she not run for the Senate for two years — meaning she would not be flipping Sinema’s seat to Republican on January 3rd, 2025.

      Why would it be important that the Democrats hold a majority in the Senate in January of 2025?

      If no Presidential candidate gets to 270 electoral votes, a “Contingency Election is held in Congress. The House elects the President on a “one State, one vote” basis.

      However, nobody has repealed the 12th Amendment, which (I believe) means the Senate elects the Vice President from the remainder of the (Presidential?) candidates.

      It is not unreasonable to expect RFK to pull 20% of the vote, and Manchin (if the neocons and commies in the Lincoln Project can land him) to pull another 6-8%.

      It is not beyond all reason that we could end up with a Trump/Biden, Biden/Trump, Trump/Kennedy, etc. Presidency. IOW, EVERY seat in both the House and Senate could become incredibly important.

  3. Good stuff this morn Gpops, good stuff. As member/distant cousin of the house of water, I prefer and employ an Amphibious Approach to maps&traps, which buy the by I gotz pour vous. The lilypad approach, I taught to my better half. We always broke down behags (BigHairyAggressiveGoal)and regular goals with lilypad frogger approach. Behag is on other side of the da pond, which lilypads do I need to hop-on to get me to the Behag as soonly as possible. Being always mindful of lurking alligators.

    Apply lilypad to ME and 1st desert storm…stealing millions and millions of barrels of oil all day everyday. Trump even in on game..”Go for the oil”
    Oil operations by isis under US protection exists, not only in Syria’s Deir Ezzor but continues inside Iraq as well, with much of the high-value oil from th e Kirkuk Field in Iraq, largest in world, mislabeled as “Azerbaijani” and sent to waiting tankers off Turkish coast at Ceyhan. The massive Oil thefts started right after US invasion over 20 years ago and has continued sharing revenue with key players in Turkey, barzani family the mossad and key US partners, two of whom are members of congress.
    ? Why risk running container ship thru Red Sea ???

    Isis is rearmed and redeployed and is moving again across the desert, with American helicopters overhead..AGAIN.

    Jan 16 2025 an American container ship is burning in red sea after being hit by Houthi missile. No ordinary ship, yes sir there was very good reason she was traversing the most dangerous waterway on Earth, particularly for Murhrican shipping. Says hear it was a Weapons carrier, loaded with newly designed “technical”, Toyota Tundra trucks, top of the line, modified for terrorism over the open desert. Last week similar ship, route docked in Eliat and offloaded; German and Swedishair defense sys, “ technicals” of course with installed missile systems, heavy machine guns or EW modules from US, tested in kraine. From Eliat to Jordon where moved by rail and truck into US zone Syria, the training and deployment center for isisat Al Tanf.

    Turdturdegon is de problem , Syria not so much. He has not forgotten 2016 coup attempt, just 2 years afterNATOtakeover of kraine- very much planned together. For Turkey is one who aided Mother Russia in foiling the NATO destabilization of both Iraq and Syria with Isis. Don’t forget the 80 US nuke weapons in Turkey..hmmm

    Resources..Business Models. Vs. Hu Mans& Hu Women..Virtue

    Does not seem fair to Darkness overshadowing the World right now – me thinks Sunglasses and Earplugs are not enough.Thinking largest cave system in the Americas is where? Complexity problem regards Ark…I have started looking at/ for small farm property’s here in Belize. Need addl space and foodstuffs if Children and family’s Dispora their collective asses down here in the event a glow show kicking off in CONUS.

    * peak into what is coming, what satanist/masons have planned ? See Albert Pikes correspondence with. Mazzini the Italian regards WW1, WW2, and WW3 … seems we are trapped in a nasty pond and needs to Frogger” our collective asses to higher Love/ground.

    • Jan 25, 2025?

      What the hell is up with the “January time warp”?

      Many, many (typos?) this January. It’s just weird.

    • re: tilting at windmills
      feat: high ground & battles quixotic

      It’s an absolute joy to read that all is hopping well in the lilypads of Belize. Certainly media images of head of state Her Excellency Dame Froyla Tzalam meeting Prince William and the Duchess of Gloucester at the ‘Lunch for the Realms’ at Buckingham Palace during Coronation week reflected joyful times. The danish Duchess is spouse of King George V’s youngest grandson. Followers of the Royal Real Estate news may well be aware that the couple’s home, Barnwell Manor, was put on the market for several million £. This after tabloid media gold was found on the property as the lawyer wife of the Labour Party leader kiboshed the Duke’s plans for a windmill farm in his garden. However, the attached 10km² estate of prime farmland gifted by King Henry VIII in 1540 are believed not included in the house sale.

      Speaking of royal lands, the long-thought highest peak in Belize, (Queen) Victoria Peak was found to be of shorter stature by four feet to the mysteriously named and jungle-locked heights of Doyle’s Delight. Apparently the name celebrates “The Lost World” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a “fictional” modern day discovery of live dinosaurs. It’s a wonder one of the biggest movies of all time, “Jurassic Park”, doesn’t appear to pay credit homage to its seeming literary ancestor. Hmm, maybe that is a job for a certain Sherlock Holmes to solve? Watch out for any of those pterodactyls patrolling in the jungle…

        • re: blank endorsed chq
          feat: pay cash to holder

          One can only imagine that Gordon Lightfoot could have ended up singing about the Iroquois in some alternate timeline. However their slaughter at Point Iroquois by the Ojibwe in 1662 put paid to that.

      • Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve – right up road from casa BCN in Placencia. We go there river tubing all the time..always see Jaguar prints in the mud along river bank. Howler monkeys howling in the distance, hiking the jungle to river tube launch point. Very cool place, hike Vicky’s peak is long and fraught with jungle denizens of all sorts..worst being the nastiest Snake is all western hemisphere..The Jumping TommyGoff/ Ferdelance/fucking Bothrops. Jumping tommygoff is only in snake in western hemi that can turn on his tail while hanging down from Ure hand and hit Ure hand/wrist HARD. I won’t get into the banana spiders, at they are not hard to see, UNlike jumping tommygoff..fckrs!

        No likey creepy crawly scheisse, Nope. Why hated ambush/ambushing enemies…sometime laying/sitting all day long waiting for something nasty to crawl up scheisse..

  4. Boeing must be allowed to go out of business like businesses did back during Henry Ford days.

    When America was on the come-up the invisible hands of the BK Angels got the machines to the right people and weeded out the bad team members. The productive got the produce.

    Today America is a bailout monster. Doors falling off planes. People will go along. “Boeing needs more. We have to save Boeing.”

    • We have to save the strategic industry and its infrastructure. We don’t have to save incompetent management and its DEI nonsense. Shareholders may lose big from whatever happens.

      • There isn’t an answer but how strategic is Boeing if shareholders (capital) allowed Boeing to become dysfunctional?

        .gov (parasite) tells us Boeing is important but without .gov bailouts/forgivable loans and grants Boeing turns to vapor.

        I say stick to the book and let Boeing BK. Employees who made Boeing Boeing will lose along with the shareholders. The Boeing vapor will condense and the droplets used to rebuild the industry if it is necessary and the new employees and shareholders will prosper.

        As it is now any one of us could get nailed by a Boeing door. Not a bad way to go. May not even hear it.

      • NO We Don’t.. How many to big to fail companies are there..way to many..
        We donated our Social Security funds to bail out banks in the eighties.. they gave multi million dollar bonuses..
        Why should executives that FAIL at their jobs get multi million dollar bonuses with the elderlies money.. they shoulding.. I had a ton of TWA stocks.. I thought the new company coming in to aquire TWA would absorb the stocks and give stocks of their company in trade.. they didn’t.. a business is not to big to fail..
        Put it to a vote.. I can give what I have.. but I should not be able to give what you have..that is yours and yours alone.. IF congress wants to give money have them give bailout money from what they get.. money donated to lobbyists should be given to the state to use and distribute according to which congressman they are giving it to.. IF they give a vacation for them and their family.. then the money that is similar to what it would cost should be given up to the state by the congressman to be used by the state.. IF I go someplace I have to make that trip on my dime..
        So let Boeing fail.. or be re established.. fire all the executives and get rid of the failing members of it.. and bring in new talent or sell off the company..

  5. Greenhouse
    – During our recent cold snap we had 16 days where the temperature never rose above 12 degrees., and three days where it didn’t get above zero. In those 16 days we had one day – ONE – of solar gain. One day where we actually saw the sun peak out [ barely ]- and that night it dropped to eleven below zero. This not a rare occurrence – happens every year.
    – Counting on., relying on., hoping for – passive solar as the sole source of heating in a greenhouse is tantamount to slow-motion suicide and a lot of heart-break, around here, anyway. [ Above the 45th and exposed to the Fraser River Valley.]
    – In my neck of the woods “supplemental heating” is a requirement that must be incorporated into any greenhouse design., and if you are counting on Winter vegetables an “auto-on” back-up to that main heating is a very wise decision.
    – Summer? That is a whole new problem and an even lengthier discussion., because “solar gain” becomes the enemy.
    – Yes.., if you were paying attention and taking notes – having a production greenhouse for vegetables is a never ending, on-going battle-for-dominance against Mother Nature., and if you are as smart as I think you are, you know that she will eventually win.

    • Until she does, we will eat well. That said, we will be (in future greenhouse builds) be moving to wood-fired thermal mass. And one reason we picked texas was it was far enough from thew frigid winters and idiots of king county (seattle) politics. The wentachee chelan crowd is reasonable, but the rivers are too cold and the winters don’t mix well with bunny-sied Elaine who doesn’t have much thermal mass, if you follow.

  6. Ah yes why you have a 3rd party operator for plausible denial. Sure smells like a gmma squeeze to me. $2T, short….. Let that sink in. Lets see what pops out from this.

  7. God I love this guy.. why can’t either Rand or Ted run for office.. one as pres the other as vice doesn’t matter which one holds the lead office they both are great men..

    the problem I see is they both believe in the constitution of what our founding fathers invisioned..

  8. This old fellow figured it out years ago with the Greenhouse thing…….

    “Russ Finch lives in northwestern Nebraska in the town of Alliance. He designed and built ‘The Greenhouse in the Snow,’ a greenhouse that runs only on a small fan that circulates geothermal heat. Using energy costs of about one dollar a day, Russ produces hundreds of pounds of citrus fruit every year to sell at local farmer’s markets”.

    He was waaaay ahead of us

    • Yes it is regular ducting under the green house.. LOL cooler than you can imagine..
      its a self contained hypocaust thermal system.. We get our plants from there.. well my grand daughter does… and my daughter.. they make a trip down to the green house.. I didn’t but I am going to .. they got huge amounts of tomatoes from the plants they bought there..
      NOW in Iowa.. there is a place that grows shrimp.. having grown shrimp I know how that is.. the grand daughter told me that in summer.. its cool in it to.. the guys just buried heat ducting under it.. I am not sure how deep but my guess is six foot.. took a trencher and lined it with river rock.. laid his pip covered it with river rock and dirt.. LOL LOL LOL One simple fan .. this spring I will take pictures of his exchanger.. she said I would get a big thrill out of it.. turned the greenhouse into a thermo envelope..

  9. Here’s an interesting fly-by that could develop.

    The other day Putin indicated Russia should gain control of some of the old empire. The State Department laughed it off but perhaps Putin knows America will be changed soon so he’s calling dibs before China or India.

    “Russia lays claim to Alaska and huge swathes of Asia as Vladimir Putin issues new decree”

    State Department responds to Putin on Alaska: ‘Certainly he’s not getting it back’

    “Well, I think I can speak for all of us in the U.S. government to say that certainly he’s not getting it back,” State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel said during a Monday press briefing, prompting laughter from his audience. ”

  10. I liked your column today, George.

    You intuited the gist of my comment, which is:

    I agree, something is afoot, maybe a psyop, psych out, or a fake out, or a look here, and do it, there….

    This “X” declaration/insignia/totem/template/symbol.

    Definition: “Psychological warfare involves the planned use of propaganda and other psychological operations to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of opposition groups.”

    Mary Summer Rain says (paraphrased) the sounds of millions of moccasins afoot; relocating…you see this globally done and you see it happening within the USA (citizens) for many reasons, and one, obviously may be, for the future survival of your family stock.

    George: “The Building a Personal Ark,” GIFT to all who subscribe here is a real readiness in action manifesto. Thank you from The Past, The Present, and The Future.

    Manifesto definition: “A public declaration, as of a sovereign or government, or of ANY PERSON or body of persons, making known certain intentions, or proclaiming certain opinions and motives in reference to some act or course of conduct done or contemplated; in general, a proclamation.”

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition • More at Wordnik

    This is a repeat website to look at, but take a look, send it to your friends and family, ask them what they think. Could this wealth of information be a psych out? Is there anything here that is valuable for anything?

    How about the most recent Monthly Q&A:

    7 Steps to Safe Locations:

    So much more over all of these years, so take a look if this is the first you have come across this material.

    The NEXT BIG THING is the New Madrid rupture; it will have effects across the Americas and parts of Europe and places in between.

    There is information in here to survive the passage of Nibiru.

    Yes, many millions, dare I say billions will survive.

    One thing that Nancy has stated is that the Bunker crowd will not make it in their bunkers, the earth changes will seal them in. So, don’t think you missed the Game or the Action if you ain’t got a bunkah!!!

    The simple way to survive the initial passage is in a ditch. The 2nd simple way is to slightly bury a culvert – large enough in circumference to get into. Nothing too fancy.

    That’s IF you think that what is behind all this BS is the upcoming passage of Nibiru.

    There are 10 steps….we are in Step 7.

    Are the non-vaccines, and these Disease “X”s designed to kill off some of the population ahead of the passage?

    Stew Peters Documentary: “Died Suddenly.”

    Mary Summer Rain says, diseases will be heard of coming back that haven’t been heard of in a very long time, for example, Bubonic Plague.

    Surely you heard about the Ebola injections into medical staff in a Denver, Colorado hospital, (and a 31% shed rate) and that the gain of function experiments and labs are in Full Steam Ahead financed (Fauci) mode.

    So, “They” are continuing to mess with those nasty buggers.

    Here is one website with Mary Summer Rain’s prophecies somewhat synthesized:

    I believe she wrote 17 books, however, “Phoenix Rising,” “Spirit Song,”, and “Earthway,” are well worth reading. She started writing her books in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. How many people on here in the early 1980’s knew that TPTB hated the USA enough to dismantle the industrial complex and ship it out of the country?

    Here is the 1994 Ancient Mysteries Full Length show; it is so interesting to see how far along certain things have developed since even1994.

    She also stated that the Supreme Court Justices would do/ make decisions that were NOT in the best interest of the United States citizens; i.e., compromised and corrupt.

    Here is a list without anyone’s comments:

    George, you already posted this website to look for property, but here it is again, it goes with your “Building a Personal Ark column today.

    Well, that’s enough homework for one night.

  11. It is my assessment of the world’s current trajectory that WEF and their plans will fail.

    They are incapable of producing supernatural human abilities. They are completely reliant on the fugazi of wealth and gadgetry as a fascad of strength. They are completely reliant upon the physical material world for their power.

    Because not a single one of them is able to produce any kind miracle without the crude methods found in human sacrifice, They are not worthy of world domination.

    They will fail. And terribly.

    *** Note the current rate of humanity is advancing supernaturally and spiritually is greater than the rate growth of information technology. It is a by product of the information age.

    All ancient prophecy state that the ones who come to power in the end times possess supernatural abilities. Example, They call down fire down from the sky. They are capable of schmoozing over the world stellar charismatic charm so much so that even “the elect might be deceived.”

    And nobody in the world is deceived by the Davos group. They only thing the WEF and their agenda has done is open the entire world’s eyes to how corrupt they are.

    Again, The entire WEF plan is of force and manipulation with fear. will fail. they dependant upon using out dated themes and methods such as legacy media etc etc.

    there is 330 million people on the planet. Only 700,000 people watch CNN. that means 329, 300,000 people don’t believe a damn word on CNN and don’t even give a single thought to watching it at all.

    of the 700,000 that do watch CNN?

    45% of them are only watching it because it’s on a screen running in the background in an airport terminal, or on display in a gymnasium, and places such as this. more than likely muted and in subtitles.

    My applogies, the current generation of “power elite” and not the generation that will rule the world.

    the current track record of this generation of “power elite” is the more they try to force their agenda, the stronger the opposition becomes.

    every day the opposition is growing in numbers and power.

    I mean you really think, John D Rockefeller kids want to hand over their Grandparents Standard Oil Empire aka Exon Moble to become a state asset like Gasprom is in Russia?

    highly doubt it.

    They have already begun to fail. AI is about to turn on them and the entire world. AI in its current development is the equivalent of a toddler. And no toddlers like being bossed around. They throw tempor tantrums.

    also note:

    All hypnotism had one word to release those under its influence. The current self appointed power elites, hypnotic release word is.


    And just like that, with a single word, those who were all captivated? are now released.

    The United States will make it through this as they any other depression with a smile on their face and with even stronger fortitude and resolve.

    Some language indicators see a return of the “Japanese interment camps” for rogue illegal aliens.

    We will see China by the end of the year go into a full revolution. Time and time again, Communism is a failed business model.

    India fastly on track and making vast financial progress has become a ready replacement to China.

    That is all.

    now, where was I? oh yes.

    on my way to The Destiny of the Golden Pyramid! (echo) (echo)


    Just Andy.

  12. “while we’re more that a bit skeptical, it does remind us to mention that prepping for a global nuclear war might be very close to the same way you might try to “prep a planet” for an inbound event from space.”


    Global thermonuclear war is survivable by anyone who has planned properly, &or is a sufficient distance from bomb or fallout zones.

    Impact from a celestial body larger than 1000 ft in diameter is an ELE, and is not survivable by any warm-blooded creature which currently exists on Earth.

    A direct impact by Apophis is game over…

  13. “For example preparing food and stored energy for the year to several of “nuclear winter” on the backside of war would be a decent model to prepare for an asteroid strike.”

    Again, no.

    It would likely take 7-10 years after a major fallout event for soil to begin to be “clean enough” for seed plants to grow without being too poisonous to eat. (I’m guessing, based on recovery of the flora in the Chernobyl area.)

    It would take millenia for Earth to stabilize sufficiently that plants with food value to specialized species (like mammals) would again grow on dry land (assuming “dry land” exists.)

    I’m pretty sure nobody has an underground storage vault that big…

    “Now, don’t think this is Ure endorsing the notion of a Planet X, but from a “What’s driving the rush to promote nuclear war?” question which my consigliere and I have been pondering?

    Well, it is POSSIBLE that governments globally have a “secret agenda” to cooperate and promote a bit of “nuclear Kabuki” in order to ensure highest odds of species survival.”

    It is also possible that the shitheads leading those global governments believe they can “wipe the slate clean” and get rid of all the worthless eaters, without suffering themselves, or are so stupid they really neither know, nor care about the ramifications of “pushing the button.”

    It is possible Satan walks the Earth, and because he hates Mankind and is pissed at losing his golden fiddle, is engineering GTW so we all off ourselves.

    It is possible some fuckyouwealthy megalomaniac believes the Guidestones were divinely-inspired, and is spending their fortune to make the Guidestones’ precepts come about.

    It is also possible that evil is a real, tangible thing and the people running the show are its incarnate…

    • It is also within realm of reasoning that the ”Time Manipulators / sorcerers in .mil lab still think they can “stoppa ze Time and Reverse it.

      This sourcerer disagrees. – they ain’t got the proper know how nor where with all to complete such a task.
      Says hear we are already in a Temporal Drift, been for a looong time inside of Universal seems like Simulation. It was done so “ “He” does not wake up..and no I am Not talking the “Perfect Being”.

      Gonna be Moonular tonite fellow travelers..put on Ure Wolf masks and Fight! 4 Ure frigging Lives/Souls, or not . : )

      Disclouser is Happening.

  14. Yuval Noah Harari a representative and speaker of the WEF said in a Ted talk that Human Rights are not real, anymore than God, Heaven and hell. they are just stories. humans have no rights. they are as made up as God.

    mind you Yuval Noah Harari doesn’t have a single scar on his knuckle and obviously has never had dirt under his finger nails.

    by his same logic, who here thinks that the WEF is going to go explain to the Vatican they owe 2000 years in back taxes and are being sued for fraud? and tell the Jews the Torah is made up and all the rabis they owe back taxes? and the Muslims they also owe back taxes?

    now everyone here is smart enough to know the Vatican
    who has stood for over 2000 years, has its own private army that makes the IDF look like little girls with pig tails and bows riding tricycles through Gaza.

    you don’t stay in power for over 2000 years only to eliminated by a bunch girls in sturyp pants and leg warmers listing to Walkmans. or the next fad that comes along.

    I assure you the wef plans have already begain to fail. they are desperate with their “disease x” and they have already failed.

    the opposition to the WEF plan is growing in strength, power and numbers exponentially.

    It is my assessment that it will be at minimum 3 to 4 more generations of humanity before we see the rise of anyone worth the merit to implicate a world domination plan.

    that is all.

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