Day of Rest? Where?

On my OTHER website where we consolidated the ShopTalk Sunday articles, some fun ham radio-oriented ideas in the first of a multi part series, Goodbye Radio Towers – Hello Drones – Ultra-Make.

Upgraded the main computer to Win11 Pro Saturday. Got the new Starlink mesh network rolling, too.

The, in the home recording studio, started working on setups for the open source music notation program MuseScore.

If you read my book (“Dimensions Next Door“) I did a fair amount of research into the notion of high sound levels being able to open inter-dimensional portals.  Part of the outgrowth of that was spending a lot of time with Gary Garritan’s World Instruments along with GPO 5.

The reason for that line of inquiry was that many of the levitation reports, not to mention reports of aircraft doing “odd things in time” (see the Bruce Gernon book the Fog for more) all involved some mix of sounds.

And the frequencies are the tough nut to crack.  Which has involved a lot of time in studio….and there is more to life.  Still, there’s a lingering notion that human emotions are also an indicator of an approaching time/dimensional bend. So particular focus runs to the chords and the scale progressions that have the highest evocative responses.

A whole book on that.

But today, enjoy the idea of getting rid of huge ham radio towers and putting up a series of ground powered tethered drones. Which we will be pushing the noodle on more (on Ultra-Make) in coming reports.

Have a dandy Sunday.  Tarragon Chicken and a fresh loaf out of the oven are on the menu for dinner. Before then?  No end of projects to wrap up around here.

Write when you get rich or rested,

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    • Tim,

      I just bought a couple large parcels of Heirloom Seeds, one for my neighbors use (he’s a former farm kid who has an enormous garden between our barns), one to add to the bazillion seeds which are a layer of our survival foods.

      ATL: still chill. Parked at hi of day, 18F. We are entirely acclimated at this point. House thermostat stuck on 66F but we get solar gain so, it’s a sizzling 69 as I type. And … the furnace isn’t running. Yesterday I torched an enormous family room fireplace blaze. Next? The Great Thaw.

      Shop Sunday: went to the barn to meet Padawan sailor, did off with the sail and unstepped mast on the DN in prep for boat move to ice edge. Building out agreed / prepped systems for rig on ice and safety before / during / after.

      Finished final rough cut of an item for the Mrs., now to fill edges, prime and paint. Then assemble and install. Soon we will luxuriate in moist heat no longer ejected from the house. Paid for heat mind you. I was melting outside. Many Man-Points incoming.

      We had this same rig at the house in town. Soon I’ll re-say what we always said : “cold? do a load of laundry” Guess it was me who always said it. I can do laundry but, shhh, it’s a secret (break glass in emergencies only). Don’t want to step on Mrs. E turf!

      George: Win11 Pro is the most stable / substantial OS from the Mothership (MSFT) in forever. I have (2) desktops and (2) laptops all running the same sys. Ease of operation (well, sorta).

      Have a fine day all,

  1. thank everyone for your comments.

    i appreciate you all. i really do. if i didnt reply it doent mean i didnt read it.

    i have things to consider,

    for one,

    it was a pleasent suprize to wake up on the 21 and not think it was 30th.

    beacuse all day yesterday, i was sure it was 01/29.

    what a gift it is to return to the present.

  2. there are moments in deep contemplative meditation where when i come out of it, im not even sure what year it is at first. because time isnt a thing on some occasions in deep meditation.

    this morning. after deep meditation, i found an old article from the washington post from 1995.

    about remote viewing. the stargate program.

    and i thought, how often do you find 28 year old articles on a google search anymore?

    can meditation time warp electronics?

    this part stuck out to me because of the peculiar nature of this statement. the first time i read it, it was in bold letters. then i read it again and it normal script.

    “when ABC became, for an hour, the other psychic network”

    what an interesting statement. im not a big Tv watcher. lately i have. but its winter here and aint much to do.

    i find it interesting, that after deep meditation, something occurs to me, i look it up, and google time travels me back to the year 1995, and the stargate program.


    • re: Envelopes from Karnak
      feat: Amun-Ra

      Wow! Ohms to you pointing out the power grid map. Perhaps the Universe requires travellers to comply with “keep gate closed” signage? I wonder if the “Washington Post” author requested a personal envelope reading during his work assignment? One offspring was born in Little Rock, and two commenced their final departure from the realm out of Houston. An artist spouse centered her work upon the same French arrondissement as previously occupied by van Gogh and Nostradamus.

    • the New backup generator.. failed last weekend..
      OK.. so think about that.. the wife gave me guff over it. she thought it was overkill.. but I think.. what are the odds that the electric company would be telling everyone to put in a backup generator…
      What are the odds that two days after putting in the generator .. the circuit board failed.. because the battery was to discharged..
      What are the odds that the very next day.. the electric company would come over and shut off the power.. and I would get a frantic call about the power being off..
      then the freezer didn’t start back up and I lost all that meat.. what are the odds of that.. IF … that had never happened I wouldn’t of gone out and checked the unit .. and seen that every time it was to do a test it would need to be restarted.. even though I could run the exercise myself..
      I believe that Heavenly father watches out for us.. when ever I needed serious help he was right there..
      So.. it exposed the weakness of this generator system… and since I believe in what are the odds.. What are the odds that I am the only one that this happened to.. IF.. the power company hadn’t gone out screwing around with the power and the unit not turning on.. and IF.. the freezer had turned back on.. I wouldn’t have gone out and checked it noticing that was an issue with the generator. I would have just assumed it was ok…
      So how many of these people that bought the very same generator.. that didn’t have the odd things happen.. sitting there thinking that they are secure .. and when the grid goes down.. won’t have a backup.The head of maintenance for the systems mentioned that a year ago this very same system had issues with the governor of them just like what I am having.. and I noticed that there was a ten second delay in the circuit board…
      NOW I will go out and buy a backup generator to the generator.. just because the weakness of this generator has been discovered and exposed….
      The big question is.. like you Andy.. I look at the positive in what is going on around you and seeing how it may affect me in the future….

      • You might think about a dedicated UPS or solar generator for the freezer. You can use a back-up generator to charge it for a couple of hours a day, if you don’t go the solar route. Bluetti’s are on sale right now. They can be run in UPS mode, or solar charged.

        • I actually have the UPS’s for the freezer and the furnace …
          an engineer.. put in a tier of these..

          each will handle three circuits.. or one 220 circuit he put in a battery bank.. and they all plug into the same battery bank.. the power goes out they kick on.. he put up two kw of solar.. and a wind turbine.. nice little setup.. today you can buy the tiered ups systems..

          which would be a lot nicer.. price wise ok to..
          Solar.. that is a no brainer..

          that system should power your complete home.. we actually produce more power than we use.. with the solar we have now.. the issue is the backup power.. I tried to convince the boss to let me buy the backup.. she wouldn’t go for it.. she said.. if you had it your way you would fill up the whole roof with solar panels.. so the backup generator .. I just never imagined having as many issues with it.. it is suppose to be a set it and forget it.. instead it is similar to the freeze dryer I made.. you have to babysit it.. I ended up buying a nice freeze dryer.. well I have two freeze dryers .. great system.. no baby sitting required.. I actually bought one for our ward.. but because I had one of those jobs that required your attention and they didn’t give a hoot about your faith.. the ward thinks I am some sort of evil.. non believer LOL they just don’t know me..

      • my generator has the ‘KISS’ formula
        manual throw switch from, on-line, to neutral, to on gen power,
        I have to go outside, start the gen and then throw the manual switch
        NO DAMN CIRCUIT BOARDS to kill my independence
        no auto start and switch while I sleep,,, I have to get my ass out and Do It My Self, works for me.
        my next up grade will be a dual fuel carb, as of now it is gasoline only, I have a gas meter within 3 yards of the gen or I could get a propane bottle
        decisions, decisions
        do I depend on the gas company to deliver or invest in on-hand fuel of propane
        could do both and have an orfice on hand for either fuel
        propane in the tank is better than money in the bank

        • that is what I should have.. I did have a backup generator.. but it wasn’t the whole house.. I had to run extension cords.. I wanted the whole house.. then flip off the circuits I didn’t need.. No one would come and set it up for me like that.. afraid I would over extend the generator.. or just they wanted to make more money..

        • I have a manual transfer switch also. I have 2 Honda 2000 generators. one is gas only. The other was converted to use 20lb propane tank. recently I added 2 ecolfows solar gens. the Delta2 is supposed to be able to run a refrigerator for hours. the smaller one is good for charging phones and running a few lights. I like the idea of using the battery Gen so I can hook it up indoors. not fun going out in bad weather pulling that start cord and messing with fuel.
          in a long outage I would use the fuel based gens to charge the ecolfows

  3. in the atricle it does say, the CIA were remote viewing people to find their locations.

    and objects.

    i wonder if they are remote viewing my location? i will hang out my middle finger out the window to say hi, just in case they are.


    did ya get that?

    i have a right to privacy. says it right there on the cookie menu.

    mind your buisness.

    “uhh Thank you very much. Thank you very much.”


  4. there is something i have. i have had it a while. its always with me. its sorta thing that changes the entire course of humanity item.

    i have sat on it for a long time. it was given to me. you would never know what it was by looking at it.

    i dont ever want to use it. it was given to me. i was always hoping that it would never be used.

    its large part of prophecy. that sets the chain of events to follow after.

    the mechanism i have that always tells the truth says i will use it.

    its not a bomb or anything like that. but it is mentioned and aluded too in the many differnt prophecies from many different tribes around the world. and it trips me out that i even know that. and that it was given to me. and how i ended up mixed up in some thousand year old propjecys including “The return of the Light” which is an over 6000 year old prophecy.

    i just always wanted to be a normal person. have a normal life. i didnt want this path or the responcibility of any of this. i mean its been fun and i seen alot of cool stuff. its been super fun! done lots of cool things. met millions of interesting people.

    a pastor once told me, God affected you to do what HE has planned. you are different than the rest of us. for a reason. God has set you on this path and He will complete His work through you.

    this is important!,

    Did you know the commet that JC mentions on his website April 8th 2024, marks the exact 4 year aniversery of the day i stood in the dry well as the living water aka the center of the universe. as a monad. when the entire world was in covid lock downs. and not a single person entered any kind of religious house of worship on the entire planet.

    to my knowledge, it is First time ever in recorder history the entire world didnt enter a mosque, a temple, a church or cathederal. not a single person that day. not a single one as i stood in the dry well.

    its soooo weird that is true. i did that. on that day, 4 years ago.

    isnt that weird? me Andy. Andy???, the coffee drinking, cigerette smoking, womanizing spiritual dude. hahahah.

    out of the 8 billion people on the planet and all the ones who lived before me for thousands of years and the ones after me.

    i stood there. nobody else. me. Andy. ahhahahah. it trips me the fuck out. im Just Andy. you know. me.

    im not big guru or swami or pope or anything.

    there is an eclipse that day.

    this is important!,

    Did you know the commet that JC mentions on his website April 8th 2024, marks the exact 4 year aniversery of the day.

    huh. and i will be near that place again on that day.

    hopefully driving a new Ram Truck. hahaha.

    i gotta get. see ya.

    everyone says i wish i had Andys life. Andy just wants a good woman, some land, a fat bank account, a new Ram truck and to ya know, be normal.


    thanks JC, for mentioning the comet. and the date. and all ya said at your link, over at Georges Making place.

    • “Did you know the comet that JC mentions on his website April 8th 2024, marks the exact 4 year aniversery of the day…”


      It’s Stu’s (G.A. Stewart) website, not mine.

    • Andy, G. A. Stewart and JC are two different people. JC has become a good friend and my de facto editor these last years. He has always been an enthusiastic supporter, and we do have a great deal in common.

      BTW, April 8th is a special day for me. It’s when I first learned about death.

      • interesting. sorry i didnt see this comment. im just busy and making moves. and thinking about things.

        thanks for the clarification. when i analyze the world trajectorey objectionally with little to zero emotional value and really think about stuff.

        without complete and unfettered Vatican support. nobody can take over the earth. i mean if The Christian Rapture occured. i thin that would be the only way. so no matter what they say. without the vatican approval? it will never happen. the Vatican is the Largest Company on the planet and they are in the God buisness. The Christ Buisness.

        with that,

        the last time the vatican went to war, this is after they burned everyone at the stake for 400 years for heresssy, they sent the spaniards to anhilated the entire south american continent, wiping out the myans, aztech and the incas and everyone else. they wiped out over 50 million, then bred out those who remained, took all their gold and set up taco tuesday.

        not only that, the entire vatican started with all the treasure looted by the romans for over 3000 years most notable including egypt, solomons temple etc etc. and they have all the inca gold, myan gold, azteck gold and all the money they made tax free in the last 2000 years.

        and existed 1500 years before the first official bank loan ever made.

        so i look forward the their reply to the WEF telling all them bishops and cardnals, “listen. you dont need to vote anymore for popes. we have an algo that will decide who becomes pope now.”

        not even Hitler or Nepolean in their prime could breach vatican library security.

        israel wipes out Gaza, and the Vatican says, thats cute, pass the salsa and chips.

        not only that, Riddle me this Klaus, your plan is to destroy the united states and south america cutting off the vaticans unlimited tax free, money supply throigh tithe and offering, and replace it with chinese and communist workers who dont pay tithe and offering to the church???


        everyone at deagle who wrote the 2025 report just face palmed.

        what is bill gates going to do, bribe the vatican with a windows update. but but but the pope said. uhh yeah he died we got a new pope now.

        you know what they should do? put Dylan Murphy on a Bud lite can. and see how well that works.

        those darn fratty vatican people. hahaha.

        so if your plan is to destroy the united states and south america cutting off the vaticans unlimited tax free, money supply through tithe and offering, and replace it with chinese and communist workers who dont pay tithe and offering to the church??? and shut down the power grid????

        i will remind you.

        the last time the vatican went to war, this is after they burned everyone at the stake for 400 years for heresssy, they sent the spaniards to anhilated the entire south american continent, wiping out the myans, aztech and the incas and everyone else. they wiped out over 50 million, then bred out those who remained, took all their gold and set up taco tuesday.

        i will grab my popcorn. hahaha

        by compairson im almost certain the Vatican takes in more on a sunday than the entire combined wealth at davos.

        i am absolutely certain the Vatican will (if they havent already) endorse Trump for President.

        now im not saying those fellas objectively at the wef are all punks. but by compairson, The Vatican anf Roman Catholics have a perfect record for getting their way, for over 2000 years now.

        and aint nobody going to conqure the world, unless there is something in it for Church.

        now, as was predicted, im not sure when i will comment again. as was suggested by THE DUDE, im advancing and keep everything else between HIM and me.

        there is nothing else to say about it.

        from The Doobie Brothers Prophecies, “Swiss time is Running out.”

        i gotta get. that quarter left on my pillow (by angels??) when i was sleeping singnifies mercy and grace and is good one free life of my choosing.

        that is what it means.

        i appreciate you all. i really do. i iust need to step away from the world, be present and find the direction that works best for me. not be distracted by everything.


  5. Today I am enjoying the idea of getting rested and staying strictly within the gift — that is the present.
    I do enjoy all communications with my fellow beings, though much of them seem “weird” to my individual way of thinking. 99 % of “dire” predictions from >90 years ago were simply bogus. They never did nor will happen the way predicted !!

    I have one question though bout hearing aids I’ve seen advertised on TV. Do any of you have same, and if so what is your opinion about hearing aids?
    Thank you in advance for responding ;-)

    • If you’re referring to the $300 (+-) ones, I bought some a few months ago. They’re useful to me for watching TV, especially with British accents. For full-time use, though, I find them worthless. In a crowded environment they amplify the noise more than the conversation. They accentuate the higher frequencies while muting the lower ones.

  6. why me? i dont know. i mean i could have said, nah girl, im going to do something different when the lady whispered on the wind to me.

    but i did it. i went. and i stood there. when i was there? i had no idea what i was doing. i just did it. i didnt even know why i was there in the first place. i just did it.

    i didnt realize what it all meant until later. and how symbolic it all was.

    i mean, i have been married before and that lady whoever she is that whispered on the wind that day was nagging me. and i though ok, i will go do it, if ya stop with the nagging.


    i dont know about them ancient civilaztions that all went kaput on a day of rekoning. but im absolutely certain up to the very end some poor chap was listening to his nagging wife to fix something around the house.


    the comet, hmmm.

    probably aught to get a white ram truck. wouldnt want to show up in a black one if i go there.


  7. Yo Big G, Go woke Go BROKE, you gotta love it, brands destroying themselves by the influence of the motherWEFers. American institution like Sport Illustrated destroyed by their wokeness. See:
    Did anyone learn from Bud light?
    Found a new use for beef tallow, oven cooked fries. Heat oven to 450 F, melt enough beef tallow to cover bottom of glass dish, heat dish with tallow in oven to temp. Peel and slice russet potato into 3/8″ strips. When tallow and oven come to 450 gingerly place fries in dish. (450 degree oil is painful) Cook for 15′, remove and turn fries, return to oven for another 15″ or until golden brown, serve with Celtic sea salt, absolutely delish.

  8. 2024 is the year of the wood dragon. starts February 10th. the day before i have 4 years sober.

    what was it that Alice said George? ohhhh yes.

    “Curiouser and curiouser!”

    i dont know exactly what will transpire after if i do the deed.

    some say it will mark the fall of the US.

    according to The Great Chastisement (a sum total of Catholic Prophecies that match over the last 2000+ years) it may mark the Great White King who subdues the entire world under the Christian Flag. even China. and is unbeatable and unstopable until He finishes his work. He restores all the Lands to Prosperty that repent and turn back to Christ. even china and russia.

    once The Great White Kings work is complete, the Anti Christ rises shortly after. One the things The Great White King does is destroy the Black Pope and burn down the Vatican. if memorie serves.

    not sure. some say the blue kachina comes as a warning then the red kachina comes to destroy.

    some say the bad aliens show up first because they ar running from the good aliens. and dupe mankind into thinking they are the good guys to use humans as cannon foder againt the actual good guys.

    and some say it establishes the day of rekoning.

    some say a pole flip.

    some say the world is restored to its lavish beauty and peace rains and evil is defeated. now wouldnt that be a nice for a change. hahahaha

    not sure. but i do know, it changes the course of humanity.

    that is enough from me.

    thanks again JC. very cool stuff.

  9. Yo Big G, as the transgender issue is being pushed to the point of no return, two issues come to mind. 1. what does the LPGA do when a transgender qualifies to play on the lady’s tour? 2. Coming summer olympics in Paris, how many transgender participants will compete? Looking for some serious blowback on either of these issues. I remember, in the 70’s, when the East German swim team was accused of being trans, demanding chromosome testing. And the MotherWEFers latest agenda is to rebuild trust, never in a million years, these clowns have lost the bubble. Lose the bubble: Originally, to assume such an extreme up- or down-angle in a submarine that the bubble of the inclinometer is no longer visible. In common usage, to lose SITUATIONAL AWARENESS.
    Make sure you watch the Olympic opening ceremony, I am sure it will be filled virtual signaling for our future by these ass-clowns.

  10. maybe it will reset every ones karmic debt to zero. giving every single soul on the eatth a clean slate?

    maybe it will restore the United states to a place of prosperity and goodness for another 100 years?

    maybe it starts the counter on the 7 year great tribulation?

    maybe it turns me into an immortal? there is 12 other immortals on the planet. i know there is.

    idk. i havent done it yet. but at some point i will.

    i dont know what it does. but i do it changes everything. and only i can do it. and nobody can stop me from doing it. not even me.

    and at some point i will.

    maybe after i get to go live the life i want after?

    idk what it does. there is way smarter people who do tho.

  11. Hmm not another peanut butter cookie recipe..well yeah..this has to be the 1

    1 cup of brown sugar
    1 cup of peanut butter
    1 egg
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 cup of peanut butter chips (you can use whatever chips you want I kept it at peanut but will try chocolate chips to )
    mix and put on your lightly greased cookie sheet.. now the boss told me I didn’t need to grease the pan.
    preheat the oven at 350 bake for 12 – 17 minutes

  12. stargate. maybe it opens a stargate. hopefully a good stargate. hahahaha

    who knows? someone does.
    but they aint saying.

  13. well according to Man at the Cross roads commissioned by Rockefeller Himself then destroyed (because Rockefeller is very anti marxis) only to take form as

    Man Controller of the Universe.

    later done by the Simpsons. cartoon.

    The Man who runs it all is a Blond fella with blue eyes and has a full head of hair.

    definitely not Dr Evil aka Klaus Schwab.

    look like he is running a “stargate” or a “time machine”

    with that, Keep It Simple Stupid.

    we are all teacher and all students.

    good thing we don’t have to solve all the world’s problems today. all we gotta do is be,

    here and now.

    going to put the world away for a minute, pretend I don’t live in it, sunshine going wash my blues away ~~~~

    cowboy up!

  14. The Hang Seng Index’s all-time high was set on January 26, 2018

     33,223.58 points

    today opened at:


    a decline of


    in 2,188 days.

    average daily decline,

    8.034 points.

    “Death by a thousand cuts is a form of torture and execution originating from Imperial China”

  15. i gotta get. i notice the ramp up on “divide and conqure” coupled with fear tactics being implimented on every front in the United States since Davos.

    “dont trust your government
    dont trust ivy league schools
    dont trust cryptos
    dont trust republicans
    dont trust demicrates
    dont trust the fbi
    dont trust homeland security
    dont trust judges
    dont trust anyone in government
    dont trust cops
    dont rich people
    dont trust poor people
    dont trust mexican imigrants
    dont trust white
    dont trust blacks
    dont trust asians
    dont trust the laws
    dont trust lawyers
    dont trust the media
    dont trust social media
    dont trust the internet
    dont trust the power grid
    dont trust doctors
    dont trust science
    dont trust the water
    dont trust the food
    dont trust medicine
    dont trust Christians
    dont trust woke
    dont trust jews
    dont trust muslems
    dont trust the dollar
    dont trust the banks
    dont trust your biolical birth
    dont trust dysney for kids
    dont trust tv.
    and for God sakes dont trust God.
    dont pray!

    just be scared. its coming. its going to be bad.”

    that is what they want. they everyone running on fear.

    but when i look outside, its beautiful and peaceful. I’m not scared at all.

    and people like LOB are still being them. lots of people like that.

    I am filled with Hope and Faith in Humanity.

    there is only 1000 of them, ya know. only a 1000 of them. sure they have all the tech and all the money etc etc.

    i just know, at some point my abilites will surpass all of them combined. i know it. i keep hearing it. the entire worls is saying it to me.

    i often wondered if at some point i will discover a time machine and its actually a future me leaving me all these things i find in the lead me along my path and i always end up where signs say i will be.

    but then stuff like this happens. i asked up on the mountain, I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes. am i the fella in the machine? how can i be? im kinda getting to old to do battle much anymore. i just wanna live in peace.

    am i that man in the machine?

    suddenly, the sun rise broke through the clouds making a large smiley face of golden light and another Crystal Rainbow started whirling right in front of me on the hill.

    a few co workers said, wow! did you see the sun burst through the clouds and make a smiley face? the rainbow?

    i said i sure did.

    i cant tell ya where im going or when i will be back on here. i know that im leaving this area soon.

    i know there is people protrcting me behind the scenes.

    and 10 times a day on the radio, people around me all over or i read it on something.

    “You will Surpass them all soon.” “”You will surpass them all.” “they will be like little children.”

    i dont know if i buy it all. but its a constant.

    like today, a rock rolls down next to me and it has a “?” on it. i come on here and that is Williams reply to George. when George says remember peoplenomics a year ago?”

    like how is that even possible. i asked a co worker. look at that rock. it has a question mark on it. he says. holy cow it does. how do you see that???? id never noticed that. like the rock with a smiley face that rolled down the bank. you saw that too. i drove by it 40 loads and didnt notice it until you said somrthing. how do you see that stuff.

    i said i just notice stuff.

    i didnt tell him. i read full sentances all the time in the world around me. i see stuff like this 100’s and 100s of times a day. all day, every day.

    im changing. i gotta go. i know the dude with blond hair and blue eyes in that painting where Rockefella commishioned the first one then had it destroyed because Mr Rockerfella was very anti marxest. the second one under a new name,

    the hand in the center of the picture holding the ball with the atoms. if you look at the markings. the top and botton center marks are the same exact markings on the flux coppasitor in back to the future. a time machine,

    the others at atoms and molecules. its a map of elements in the sphere the center hand holds. below the atoms is “the symbol of two cells splitting” symbolizing DNA. DNA is molecular programing. the entire sphere is codex for Advancement of DNA.

    now if it was just me seeing the sun burst through the clouds in a big smiley face and another crystal rainbow forming. id just think, okay i prpbably need meds. hahahaa. but nobody knew i asked that question and my co workers pointed it out before i said something.

    so im interacting with creation.

    and i gotta get. because it keeps telling me, “”You will Surpass them all soon.” “”You will surpass them all.”

    when i look at myself i think no way. but everything keeps pointing to, you need to get off of here and few other sites, you are moving soon and you need to focus.

    when i asked, is the globalist elites agenda going to prevail. it said hard no. i said will i be able to stop it. it said yes.

    i dont know how i could stop it. unless i found a time machine.

    kinda scary. but i figure, i will take 60 to 90 days off the internet. reading but not commenting for a while.

    and keep it all between THE DUDE and me.

    hmmm. so im the fella in the time machine? hmmm.

    all the best to you all.

    see when i see ya.

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