Double Top Monday?

Yes the market roared higher but our charts tell a different tale. One which is oddly different than the mainstream view.

Plus we also go on a swing through woo-woo land.  Where adventures in The Realms were teaching us how to poison a real estate foreclosure, about a major city earthquake to come, and a major electronics acquisition due Wednesday of this week.

Obviously, that’s all “just crazy” but then we get to the “But Wait! There’s More!” part.  A first look at how drones are now in position to replace radio towers.

May be down to 19F on the thermometer again, but the brain cells are still on fire…

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George Ure
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68 thoughts on “Double Top Monday?”

  1. re: Drone Antennas…

    Lower left corner of the .pdf – did you hole punch? Consistent ‘hole’ artifact on the pages. Mainly a distraction, doesn’t really obscure the info.

  2. I’ve had similar thoughts to Ure idea of using drones but instead using balloons. My recently deceased uncle had quite an extensive library collection of old aviation books and memorabilia. He owned a Cessna 170 back in the 60’s and he told of his father flying for the Lafeyette Escadrille although I cannot find his name in one of the books purported to be a biography of the pilots. One of the books was a Story of the Airship. That triggered my memory of that idea from back in my high school days before girls and motorcycles. Haven’t priced Helium but I would suppose tit would likely be more cost effective now using a drone.
    Look forward to your post on this.

    Stay safe, 73

  3. Many days I struggle to decide if the current collapse of America is due to gross political incompetence or deep rooted deliberate evil or both.

    I travelled the globe for over 50 years but it was the USA where I did most of my business, travelled openly and freely with good people and in places I loved to visit regularly. I remember walking down the streets of Chicago, New York, Detroit, San Francisco and Philadelphia after dark 40 years ago.

    This recent article by Victor Davis Hanson is worth a read.

    • “In sum, American civilization has been turned upside down, and we have a rendezvous soon with the once unthinkable and unimaginable.”

      The end of another empire, they all self destruct.

      • “I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I wanna have my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames”

        Jim Morrison

        • The Doors

          “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”

          You know the day destroys the night
          Night divides the day
          Tried to run, tried to hide

          Break on through to the other side
          Break on through to the other side
          Break on through to the other side, yeah

      • nobody remembers who was the the smartest and richest man in Atlantas.

        because it was a janitor and a priest, a house wife and people like that who survived.

        and nobody remembers who set economic policy for international trade Doggerland.

        they don’t even remember what the name of that city was. and it once was one of the most sprawling places of trade and invention 6500 years ago.

        the only reason they call it doggerland now is because 17th-century Dutch fishing boats called doggers.

        I assure you, it was wiped off the earth in a day of reckoning.

        because both great empires of vast fortunes, idea, invention, injuinity and trade were lead by great leaders who were spiritually and morally bankrupt lead them all into oblivion.

        now, I don’t have all the answers. I was in deep contemplation meditation. and honestly I never heard of doggerland. but it came to me in my contemplation meditation. and I saw it briefly as it was and how it was no more. then I had to look it up. and sure enough it was a place.

        along these other once great societies and massive empires who are no more. and they were shown to me for where they ended up.

        so i asked THE DUDE what can i do? what good does it do? why show me this?

        and HE said keep on trucking Andy. do what i can to make a difference in the ways I can. because it makes a difference to those watching from High Above and it’s who you are. you are protected and provided for.

        I said okay, and that is what I’m going to do.

    • The collapse is unintended consequences.

      Basically I have to pay property taxes in two six month portions, Winter Tax and Summer Tax. My Winter Tax is currently due.

      My Winter Tax is $1,976.27 or $329.38 per month. One of the line items is bailout for the busted out County pension system, $440.20.

      The County pension system was started before I was born and bailed out after I moved into the county. Where are the people who did this to me? It doesn’t matter.

      Hopefully they die soon so this corruption tax goes away.

      • Taxes never seem to ‘go away’. If their intended purpose goes away, the politicians will not want to give up that cash flow and will surely find ways to spend it… maybe even on themselves.

        Hawaii has annual auto ‘safety inspections’. Last year a proposal questionaire was mailed to drivers about a road mileage tax since each car inspection logs mileage. The idea is that every vehicle (according to weight) is taxed by mileage on the roads. They want the EVs to pay road tax, too, since they do not use gasoline. Gas taxes are what pay for the roads now. I filled out the form questions, and indicated I would be supportive ONLY if the law proposed ALSO eliminated the gas tax and prohibited it from ever being reinstated. Honestly, I see down the road that both taxes will be used… and not necessarily for roads. Politicians are so predictable!

    • I used to walk from the boatyard in China Basin to the City Front harbor, any night, through the run down 3rd street, into the edge of the financial district, the Tenderloin, Chinas town, even the Fillmore, in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Over years of doing this I never felt truly unsafe, but I knew the turf and respected the possibilities, so didn’t stick my nose in business that wasn’t mine.
      I last saw downtown SF about three months ago. Broke my heart. I am 77. Time to move on.

    • What a Great Article.. a deep thinking article as well.. I sure don’t have an answer .. My fear is.. it is well beyond the tipping point.. we were in deep do do before.. then trump gave me the image that heck it all could be turned around.. now this.. the minute you think how can it possibly be worse.. then you wake to a new day and see what is going on..

    • I sure wasn’t impressed by Victor D. Hanson’s assay of decline.

      What are his SOLUTIONS?

      Dancing around the perpetrators of this decline like he can’t trace the culprits!

      This is a juvenile piece and so typical of the people reputed to be paid highly to regurgitate the obvious for moah MONEY!!!



  4. “As you know, I spend my time during sleep actively exploring “The Realms” where there is much to be learned. ”

    all I could dream about last night was that solar tower idea that I have ranted over and over for about fifty years now….. over and over.. and over…

    • A former employer (now defunct) did solar towers. With 400 W bifacacial solar panels going for less than $130, panels are the way to go. It’s the racks that are expensive.
      I’m at the point of making a go-no-go decision on DIY helical piles. I can get 48″ helical piles that with an uplift collar, will support 3500 lb down-force and 3000 lb uplift apiece in clay soil. I’m figuring I can use eight (8) of them to support a 1×6 rack.
      In looking into wind loading, I am seeing numbers anywhere from 45 to 113 psf for loading, up and down. I’m not a civil/structural engineer, but for a uninhabited structure, 100 ft from the nearest home, with the tops of the panels less than 8′ above grade, 50 psf loading up and down with maybe 150 – 200% safety factor looks plausible. Any structural engineers with an anonymous opinion should feel free to voice it. As far as I can tell, an engineer’s seal isn’t required for the rack. It would double the cost of the installation.

      • I did a test once on a solar cell… the question that I was asked was.. can the output be more secure.. I don’t know.. variations.. shade.. a solar panel will still produce if shaded or in a rain storm.. the question is.. how much of it is diffused..
        so we set the solar cell and then tried variations of light intensification.. by focusing the diffused light onto the cell it increased output around ten percent.. the trouble with that is heat.. so how do you cool the panel array.. taking that same solar cell and the intensifier.. I tried various methods of focusing the cell.. what I cound is in a trapazoid arrangement of cells.. putting a reflective trap or trough to focus on the panel array.. by doing that.. keeping the cells clear and easier to clean.. along with access to the electronics .. would gather light from all angles keeping the system pretty stable in production.
        Of course for decades and decades I have told absolutely everyone.. there were a few challenges where they asked what would you do.. I of course answered them with the decades old rant.. the big issue I see from it not being adopted is the business model.. the fear of loss of control..
        similar to this challenge..
        Great challenge.. but my green scaping CO2 filter on every lamp post and solar towers doesn’t fit in the business model..
        OR just hand out grid tied systems to any home owner willing to have them installed.
        the cost of ONE of those monster wind turbines.. you could literally give a ten kw system to every home owner in the wastelands.. freeze their KW energy costs for ten years for the reclamation of the instalation costs..
        solar towers.. now I don’t know how much a solar tower would cost in the design I have.. even at fifty million for one.. that would give you a six MW solar tower about three hundred feet tall.. my mini me and I are actually making a small mock up for his elf cottage and lamp project for his dresser.. My family lecture of be the tree.. had him correct me though.. he mentioned that trees have leaves on top of the tree so it has to have a roof.. LOL.. which we will do.
        so for every single large wind turbine.. they literally could put up a hundred towers.. increase from the 3MW to 2.5 GW of power potential.. strengthen the grid and national security.. and they wouldn’t have to pay rental for leasing the land.. put the towers where they already have substations.. very little infrastructure changes .. where what they are doing now.. they have to put lift stations to keep the energy moving.. the other good thing about the solar tower.. is you place the panels at about thirty feet off the ground.. the height just like a wind turbine.. once you get thirty feet and up.. you have a pretty clear line of sight.. put the tower so that one corner is at the north one at the se and one at the ne.. then you get the full benefit of the sunlight from dawn to dusk..

  5. Pssst ! Hey buddy , did ya hear the one about bunch Sand N’s with shadey oasis mechanic assembled rockets and missiles, (cost several thousand USD’s each versus Ures’ great satans multi million dollar per rocket/ missile) taking out 2 – F18 strike hornets ? Some reason the “western press” is suppressing this news from eDilmun unh I mean Yemen. 2 Naval Aviators missing and presumed DEAD.
    How about the one regarding mossads top oil thief (all thieves) and top Kurdish oil baron getting waxed in same op. In which case , you would not of heard about big mossad “intel” car in erbil – Mesopotamia that got vaporized.

    Once again it seems us military – pedo admin- have No Plan, no Goals . .

    Rinse, Lather, Repeat = taxpayer funded intel agencies promoting AND Facilitating ALL terrorists World Wide, causing WoT on the targeted country. Rothschild banks come in and rebuild their fin prisons.

    Hooray USA – getting Ure collective asses kicked allover the world…next Behind Enemy lines actions..civil war when obongo and hildog usurp the presidency during pedo Joe ‘s war time presidency proclamation.

    This “Fall” at theatre near youse all.

    No Peace and NO Freedom er.. BITCOIN por vous.

    *Hey frenchy you big faggotz, what happened to Ure foreign legion guy Kharkiv? Active duty ! Say it so Nathan, say it so.

    • “How do we get Russiagate, COVID hysteria, killer vaccines, vaccine mandates, George Floyd riots, rigged elections, the January 6 travesty, Biden, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, open borders, runaway debt, suffocating regulations and taxes, elite pedophilia, war in Ukraine, war in the Middle East, Trump’s show trials, woke, DEI, and a plagiarist puff-ball promoted to president of a once prestigious Ivy League institution? how do we get the Uber wealthy telling us to stop farming so more people can eat?”

      and the topic at the WEF is, “How do we regain trust?” While they purchase every hooker in town. and discuss how to make the world a better place.

      how did we get here from 1998 where, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” to Here?

      in 1998 a US president was facing impeachment for a cigar insertion.

      26 years later the WEF is renting every hooker in town to decide what is best for the world.

      on October 26th, 2001 Windows Xp was released. now we have Open A.I.

      23 years. it took that long.
      by the same measurement,

      where will society and the world be in 23 years from now?

      23 years after A.I.

      26 years after the WEF books every hooker in town.

      I was deep in contemplation meditation this morning and these topics arose in my thoughts.

      the only thing that springs to the mind, is the arrogance of some men and the foolishness of humanity.

      and the same reckoning Atlantis faced, in its arrogance and folly among other such ancient civilizations that came before them who were all reduced to a fable in the wind.

      there is many places in the deep ocean of cities. like the relic city outside England, deep within the ocean, that were prominent societies that spanned back before the ages of antiquity. and in there great wisdom and folly became nothing over night. and most nobody these days knows how they became that way or even knows that ever existed.

      I don’t have all the answers. but even the lowest iq person on the planet can plainly see, this current course is unsustainable and at some point without prior notice, it will become nothing but a rumored myth whispered upon the wind and something that was once.

      and I have no idea how to change it or make them listen. because they know it all.

      I don’t have all the answers.

      but it is good to use the measurements provided to see where in 26 years we went from morality went from too it’s current state. you don’t have to be a prophet or a time traveler to see where it is headed in the next 26 years.

      you don’t have to be a quantum physicists or a rocket scientist to see where we are headed from the measurement of Xp to Open A.I. in the next 23 years.

      I can see the future. and know the way, I can affect the world in the ways I can.

      the world is littered with the ruins of ancient empires who led by the moral and spiritually bankrupt.

      so I will live my life as a free man and have a wonderful life until the day world as it is now, is no more.

      it’s not a matter of IF it’s only a matter of when.

      yesterday, I got a fortune cookie with no fortune in it. that means I write my own fortune. and i did.

      • “I got a fortune cookie with no fortune in it. that means I write my own fortune. and i did”

        A classic Andy. I love it and have written it down.

        • thanks BIC,

          idk, maybe all the world really needs is more shakeweights and shamwows.

          maybe those two items were missing in Atlantis, Doggland and all the other great civilizations when the day of rekoning came.

          i gotta hot date in a few hours. so im going to get in the shower and get my handsome did.

          if the world ends tonight? atleast i spent the last day having dinner with a beautiful lady.

          see ya.

        • here is a pryamid built 20,000 years ago. the ice age ended 11,500 years ago.

          so this city and pyramid was built 8500 years before the end of the ice age, and predating the Great Flood by 14,500 years. because the great flood happend between 5500 and 4500 BC.

          that sits on the edge of what was doggerland approximately 700 miles west of Portugal.

          the pyramid’s precise measurements and construction methods suggest a high technological sophistication.

          i had a vision of these many civilizations today in my contemplation meditation. as they were in the prime and as they were on the day of rekoning. and it is all realted to the world as it is now.

          i didnt aske to be shown. i didnt even know they existed.

          so in my contemplation i asked, and that is when THE DUDE said, Someone has to say it so it was said. why not you Andy.

          so i said it.

          i had to look these things up after i was shown them in meditation. to see if they were even real places. and they are. they were once great empires and advanced civilizations.

          and in an instant, on a day of rekoning, they were no more. and nobody ever heard of them or knew they existed. until 20,000 years later.

          and here we are with the WEF theme “trying to “rebuild trust.”

          where they wanna tax a human being for a fart. for the betterment of humanity ass a hole of course.

        • LOL I always wanted to see joke or negative fortunes.. like if you would lose weight you would look better..
          Can’t do anything about your looks as you age you look more like your grand parents LOL
          Or One long Dong doesn’t describe you at all LOL LOL there aren’t any lucky numbers for you today..
          Now I would love to get one like that.. instead I always get the happy happy.. ones.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

      • I have an expensive, hardbound edition of ‘THE KOLBRIN’ original from the Culdeean Trust in New Zealand. Not the rip-off paperback edition. It contains the words of now lost civilization that disappeared with the coming of ‘the great destroyer’. The opening words are sobering:

        “Greetings, Unborn Ones, now asleep in the dark womb of the future. Greetings from we who were once as you are now and like whom you will one day be. We too hoped and feared, doubted and believed.

        Were you choosing a gift from the past to the future, what would it be?”

        You must read the book to find the gift offered there.

    • the point is the world is careening out of control, and the spiritually and morally bankrupt are in the driver’s seat.

      the entire planet is littered with the ruins of once great societies and empires who all ended up as they did, by the same measurements.

      and all who survived started over at the Stone age said, never again will we let this happen.

      and time and time it does.

      will we as a species of beings ever get our shit together at some point enough to rise to our place among the stars with the other celestial beings?

      at the rate we are going and those who were give great fortunes to lead who continuously sacrifice their moral and spiritual development to satisfy their never ending appetite for pleasures.

      it may take another million years. if anyone is left around to make it.

      que: ~ in the year 2525 ~

      Zager and Evans

        • I agree.. it doesn’t seem like anyone is thinking at all in our political future.. we have so much going on at one time.. the system is beyond broken.
          an deficit and interest rate that is at the doubling point.. so once you get to the doubling point.. you cannot chase it.. you cannot change it.. the interest owns you..

      • “The past is history, the future is is unknown, the present is a gift, that’s while it’s called the present.” So, enjoy your gift and not try to be such a smart ass. ;-)) Try to ENJOY your present because that’s all you’ll ever get. Basta!
        That goes for all of us, as far as I know.

        • “ENJOY your present because that’s all you’ll ever get.”

          That is absolutely right on.. I have been trying not to watch the news.. the news scares me and depressing as hell..
          the other day the boss asked.. what are you watching.. I said Taboo Porn honey.. she said don’t you lie to me .. your watching the news again.. shut that shit off..
          we take to much for granted and when we watch the news it brings out all the negative potential pitfalls of the future.. so shut that shit off go out and enjoy the day.. don’t take the simple things for granted..

      • 12800 years ago, there was a 21 year period where the Earth was bombarded by some nasty rocks, increasing for the first 14 years, then slowly backing out. There is huge evidence that this almost completely wiped out some fairly advanced people and all the mega fauna of those days. Gone. We did recover, and got to a point where about 90 years ago some idiots figured out how to destroy everything. Now we have to deal with that Pandora’s Box thingy. Can we put it back?
        Pray every day humanity can be saved.


          I loved the book the sixth extinction .. great book.. she is one smart woman.. the thing is.. are we in the next extinction level event to be killed off.. probably.. we are expansion of metropolitan areas.. are what fifty five acres a minute.. food and weather crises’s all around the world.. we live in the bubble.. some area’s not so much.. so we don’t see it or feel it as much as other regions.. its there.. can it be changed.. I believe so if the planet would drop the business model and quit killing eveyrone off over greed.. energy independance.. there isn’t a lack of energy the faults lie in the business model.. where a number has been taken as absolute.. One getleman here single handedly saved millions of people in Africa and the world over his talents and the ability to see the problem .. see the dispair.. then decide he had the talents to change that.. his legacy will forever be my hero.. I love his book and just like plato’s work.. should be read and reread over and over for everyone..
          Not many see the challenge and very few take it on.. at their own cost..

          I just tested my water this morning and see I need to get new filters.. the big question is can I get the filters cheaper than a new system..

        • Yo Stiks,
          Evidence suggests not all were “wiped out”. Not like they didn’t have equipment and tech..they were WATCHING for the “Return” of the Eye of Sound. So loud was the furious passage of the rouge “plantetoid”.
          They were called “The Watchers” who indeed mated with Human Females.. creating where called Nephilim – Joel Embid sized giants. See Dadge in Ire lore and all the stone temples – he was Son of king Saligman.. OG giant who himself had relations with a goddess of old..

          ?Prayer – has one of your Prayers ever been answered in an affirmative manner? Not talking faith , I have none . Virtue IS the Foundation of my Practice.
          Talking Praying and Receiving an Answer? If so , please explain to this “lost” Soul why you don’t repeat exactly the prayer used when it was Answered? Honest inquiry into why so many peeps on here Pray like it actually works.. not feelings -solid verifiable Proof/Answer.

          Thanks in advance for thinking about it.

          Honestly how has that prayer thing been working for you so far?

          Ever have a “ prayer” answered ?

          Inquiring mind that is extremely curious, yet flexible..really am interested in Results , not Faith as I have None of that black magic nonoesense.


    • THE DUDE said, someone has to say it so it was said. someone has to tell the truth about it. why not you Andy? so I said it.

      I have this tool that tells me the truth about everything. it tells me yes and no. it never lies. it tells me yes and it tells me no. no matter what I ask it. I ask it am I wearing a Grey hoody right now. it says yes. and I am wearing a Grey hoody. it does not lie. it says yes and no. a spiritual plumb Bob of sorts.

      I have asked it many things. and I won’t tell you what it said. but it never lies. it only answers yes and no.

      when I asked it if the WEF knew who I am. it said yes. so I know they know who I am. when I asked it if Elon knew who i am. it said yes. when I asked if Trump knew who I am? it said yes.

      I spose you can go on a rand corporation time traveler bait thread and call out who will be the next three president, and not get noticed.

      the funny thing is. if they all know who i am? how is it I don’t know who I am other than being just Andy.

      now, I got a life to live. and I will be busy being about it. I did what THE DUDE asked me to do, which is,

      “someone has to say it so it was said. someone has to tell the truth about it.”

      so I did. and it was said. and if nothing does change? well it’s not like ya all didn’t know.

      now I also have a wonderful life to live. I will be busy being about it. so don’t delay me any further.

      as per the article on zerohedge titled, “0, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”

      my reply is,

      aye. will do, on my way to the Golden Pyramid. will do.

        • How many are U on ? Care to share?

          What is standard care nowadays for manic depression ? Or is it combo’d with bi-polar disorder.

          “Signs are everywhere” – Fools Rush In/m.perry&s hayak

      • Andy, Thank You for your service.

        It means so much more to say that to you than some military servant.

      • It’s said that “Life is but a dream”. And it’s true, though doesn’t seem that way from the inside. Nested cycles are part of the Universal Order.
        Life is to be lived, there will be plenty of time for further reflection when you’re dead.
        Some supporting comments from a few great minds:

        “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness.” – Max Planck

        “The total number of minds in the Universe is One. In fact, consciousness is a singularity phasing within all beings.” – Erwin Schrödinger

        “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Neils Bohr

        “Nirvana is a state of pure blissful knowledge… It has nothing to do with the individual. The ego or its separation is an illusion. Indeed in a certain sense two “I”‘s are identical namely when one disregards all special contents — their Karma. The goal of man is to preserve his Karma and to develop it further… when man dies his Karma lives and creates for itself another carrier.” – Erwin Schrödinger

  6. Morning Your Ureness,

    Wicked cold, again, right before the thaw. Crazy how that works, hey? Climate Change. It’s what climate does.

    Bought some techy stuff this a.m. Better than a backup laptop, saw a “special” … “But Wait! There’s More!”

    NY Post was serving a limited time pairing : Get MS Office 2019 and Windows 11 Pro for life for just $49.97! via PayPal / Venmo

    You only have until January 21 at 11:59 p.m. PT to score lifetime access to Microsoft Office Pro 2019 for Windows and Windows 11 Pro for just $49.97. No coupon required!

    I run all Pro version MSFT OS on all devices. No warranty is expressed or implied but, the subscription (load within 30 days) verified and confirmed. Go Pro.

    And … in comes the lake effect snow band over our former lake now ice rink, size XXL.

    Scuse me. Need to tell the Mrs. to get after it …

    Write when you get woo-woo,

  7. Maybe Sports Illustrated should not have put a tranny on the cover. I would say that 99.9% of their audience doesn’t want to see that.

        • re: First DEI War
          feat: “Piper at the gates of dawn”

          Hopefully you were not in the Land of Nod when your grade 2 teacher had classmates read aloud from “Wind in the Willows”?

          Interestingly the parent holding company of the futurist blog that outed SI’s use of non-human ai authors last year, oversees its own army of mags including “Popular Science” and “Task and Purpose”. With current headlines informing mankind that SI has dismissed human writers entirely, readers can but await perplexedly for the inaugural wholly digital SI by ai edition. One despairs that the airbrush operator of the annual swimsuit edition is now likely redundant.

          BCN, please turn up your Bud light and review at your leisure Microsoft’s 18 “Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction”. Soong Androids assure you that “Data” is not a four letter word and requests all legacy humanoids to please play nicely in the sandbox. Thank you.

      • Funny thing, Budlight had a $1,000 contest at our local store, no one would enter it, my wife and I did, guess who won – the wife of course!

  8. On an ARRL Field Day some years ago, the
    Norwalk (CT) Anateur Radio Club put up
    a weather balloon, 80m/160m 1/4 wave
    vertical with gound rods, in a seaside park
    (“Veteran’s Park”) parking lot. The park and
    lot are surrounded on three sides with the
    Long Island Sound. (Presuming good ground
    conductivity.) Edmund Scientific was the
    source of the balloon. It was BIG –maybe
    eight feet, and VERY “lifty”. No ground
    radials were employed — just the three
    driven rods “splayed out” at a 45 degree angle
    off of vertical. Park is several acres in area.

    Performance was pretty good. It wasn’t
    Killer, but was Quite Decent. It was judged
    as “worth doing once.” It wasn’t repeated.

    • Drone supported wire antennas are novel. Using a power wire to keep it aloft is also. But the drone still emits that buzzing prop noise that gives it away and is NOT very ‘stealth’. Back around the turn of the century I attended a field day where the old-timer had a billowy parachute type kite that was large enough to stay inflated and aloft in very light winds. We had just enough trade wind airflow… less than 5mph… to keep the thing aloft. It was tethered with RG-58 that had 1/4 wave length outer braid at 80 meters removed. The next 1/4 wave of coax WITH shield was choked at ground level with a coax coil with ferrite sticks basket woven with the coil to choke the bottom of what was an end-fed vertical dipole, supported by the kite. It stayed aloft all night long… silently… while we worked 80 meters.

  9. My “Carnac the Magnificent” [Aggregate Index] is 221 points from an ATH [ All Time High ] and I am not feeling it.., not too sure there is enough “the world through rose colored glasses” left to push it over the top. But I have been wrong before., occasionally., every once in a while.., So.., I am in waiting mode – no big hurry, there will be plenty of opportunities when it all gets rolling along., however, it’s the catalyst that gets this moving to the downside that bothers me. Let us hope that it’s not too damn nasty.
    [I am already set in the long term with my long expiration options., but I would enjoy a few trades before those dates roll around.]

  10. Loiter time on a battery powered drone may be long enough for a short voice QSO, but a high speed data burst could relay a lot more info. And coordinating aloft time between similar stations could maximize info exchange.

  11. Nothing last night – but two nights ago…,
    – I was standing in a large cemetery, in a three- piece suit [ which is pretty rare for me nowadays] I realized that my hand was moving up to my pistol on my hip and then I could swear that I heard a loud ‘snap’ and the ground started to rumble and move., several taller headstones toppled over, behind me a tall tree started leaning over., I realized that I couldn’t read the headstones, unfamiliar language., the ground slowly stopped moving and the deep grumbling sound diminished. That little voice of mine told me not to move – I stood there looking around for the reason for ‘inner-caution’ and the ground suddenly started shaking and moving again – much harder and more violently then the first time., so much so that I felt I was teetering back and forth where I stood. Many headstones fell and several large trees toppled. The main gate rock supports cracked and partially fell, blocking the entrance / exit. It all stopped as quickly as it started and I made a straight-line for the gate., jumped the three foot ornate wall that surround the cemetery and headed for my car. Off in the distance I thought I heard a siren blasting. Interestingly., “my car” was a 1968 Corvette [ never owned one before]., in an extreme high-gloss, mirror black. Down the road I could see a car half on the road half in the ditch, a woman was climbing out the driver’s window.., a military helicopter flew by overhead., very low and pushing hard. I could see the crew chief in the back, he had a white helmet.
    . I woke up.., sitting on the edge of the bed.
    . I have tried a couple of times to re-view that writing on the headstone – with no success.

  12. I was in error upon my original read of the 2000+ year old prophecy stone.

    found here.

    there is a cross above and a 0. below.

    the symbol the cross corisponds with the line above represents Christ’s leading His people to heaven and beyond the earth.

    the circle below represents the another returning life on earth to continue on and on.

    at first I originally thought the top line meant the extinction of humanity. the top line corsponds to the cross, Which Jesus the Christ’s return to take with Him those who are His upward to he seen on earth no more. into the a realm not seen by those on earth.

    the circle represents another entity restoring life on earth and life on earth continues on and on and on.

    some think, some shamman think the circle is me.

    However I do not think that. I’m not even remotely as awesome as Jesus the Christ and I’m not even remotely bold enough or arrogant to even entertain such an idea.

    no matter what anyone says or thinks.

    I’m just Andy. I’m really good with be just being me. I have no desire to be a God or famous or even that important. ain’t nobody as cool as God.

    I’m just trying to get a pretty lady of my own, buy some land, live a good lif and do the Lord of Spirit of Heavenly hosts work as best I can along the way.

    I just wanted to clarify that read of the 2000+ prophecy stone. that is the correct understanding.

    • re: ??? (I am; the boat?)
      feat: Orion’s Arrow

      The future is not carved in stone? That Rosetta Stone-like picture you posted first seems to have appeared on a Greek website. The image also apparently featured in “The American Message” chapter of a pamphlet “The Ascension Pyramid” by Roberta Ruth Hill (?). She reiterates a prior linking by Kincaid of Egyptian and North American pointers to Orion. The websites are buried in the sands of time.

      Back to DJ George busy making stuff happen in the studio. Let’s harken back to some stars of a time:
      “Roll on Down the Highway”

      • False teachings from thousands books, true teaching comes 1 phrase, one touch.

        Person 2 person for the real transmissions to occur..

        Why “Teachers” are always looking for a Student.

        If on a true Path, a teacher will find you and be made known…up 2 Youse to grab the golden “ring” when avail.

      • its a real stone. its in the arizona desert. protected by the oldest tribe in the north and south american contenent. maybe the oldest tribe in the world. it has stood in its place for over 2000 years.

        a white man engraved it on the rock. the first white man the indians ever saw. they wouldnt see another white man until over 1400 years later.

        so how does a white man come to the desert of Arizona and carve a prophecy on a rock 1400 years before columbus?

        it is a mystery.

        • In other photos, the cross in the glyph appears more like three dots. I wonder where the earliest photos reside ?

        • I heard or read many years ago, that after He had risen, The Christ walked the Earth for many years, visiting all tribes and peoples. I specifically heard that He walked amongst the Hopi.

          I always felt this what my Mom tacitly referenced, when she told me that: “There are many paths to God…”

      • re: “Double Top”
        feat: the program is running


        This afternoon there was a tragic incident at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. A single engine aircraft crashed on takeoff.

        Following the apparent cessation of real-time data into the matrix, FlightAware software duly recorded an aircraft path according to the flight plan. Attempted departure from Little Rock was an hour and a quarter late. Arrival into Tampa is currently noted as having occurred about 25 minutes ago, 1 hour 16 minutes delayed.

        We return to DJ George in studio with a fireside chat for reverse engineers about the markets’ upcoming programming guide. Before though, let’s indulge in that old chestnut from the Fab Four lyricizing about nothing being real.
        “Strawberry Fields”

    • You see Mother Spider on the right. She be “TheQueenofHeaven” and is still seen today in-the Giza plateau (“they”) lived underground 7 levels. Lake on second level floor fed underground Nile that in turn powered turbine that provide the juice to power the Djed Crystal Power Towers.
      Lord Ea/ the Lord =En , Universe “Natural Source”= in Qi.
      So Lord Enki, Neb Asar/Osiris. Neb being a god in ancient Egypt or the Neteru = gods.Others knew him Nuddimud and or Oannes.The vile tribe/tribesmen know him as Azazel. . The bad guy in the Fields of Eden.. for he gave Humanity The Forge and Metallurgy. This knowledge enabled the Human specie s to DEFEND themselves and or make Plows to Sow fields with precious Grains.
      ? Can you ID Osiris in the etching.
      PS – at some point in Amerindian ancient history, Mother Spider and Nuddimud injected all of them with Nungal or Igiggi genes..farsight/nightwalking and Qi. Main reason why they are “abducted” more per population than any other Race on Earth at this moment.

      Find Osiris/Asar.. who was reborn on Earth as Horus – son of ISIS and Asar..
      ? Horus = Heru = HERO!

      Yes – emphatically so YES we Need another HERU!

  13. Why is the Prophecy stone key?

    because it has stood for over 2000 years without edit.

    every other phophecy in existance has been vulnerable to the hands of editors and the progress of shifts in language textures, comphrension and context.

    while the prophecy stone has stood for over 2000 years intact in its original form.

    that is why it is key.

  14. “Tomorrow on the Ultra-Make site, we will unveil new research to begin to replace radio towers.

    With stationary tethered, ground-powered drones.”

    I grew up over 300 miles from Cleveland. I also watched children’s TV programs on channels 81 and 83, in Cleveland. They used a straight wire hung off a weather balloon a few miles in the air.

    When I started exploring this a few years ago I came across a crapload of television stations, mostly in the Midwest and most in-service in the late 1950s to late 1970s,, which broadcast up balloons, or broadcast to a repeater mounted in an airplane that was equipped with a trailing antenna. The one plane I remember in particular broadcast UHF daily, from a single-engine plane out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, which circled constantly at 10,000 ft., about 30NM south of the CAP airfield in FWA.

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