Modeling 2015, Part 1

This weekend and next week, we will be keeping a “tight” focus on our outlook for 2015 which – much as I hate to say it – continues bullish into the new year.  Although an end-of-year rally will be satisfying to a lot of people, there are some technical reasons why the rally may continue even into 2017 – and it’s a set of reasons that will have us looking back at market data from the 1920’s (and earlier) for comparisons, this weekend and on Wednesday.

But comparisons are complicated because (like it or not) humans are “coming out of the investment loop.”  And as this happens, the “meaning of money” is changing.  And that gets us into crypto currencies and then….well, after some first items, we’ll set the statistical table.  As usual, we will be trying to connect all the dots, but we’re looking at a big ball of yarn right now with some breathing room before the big unraveling…

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1 thought on “Modeling 2015, Part 1”

  1. I can’t help but feel that major credit cards are becomming the modern day S&H green stamps, except that they using reward systems.

    These cards are being used in ever increasing numbers to get discounts on mdse., cash and travel.

    History repeats itself, but usually it’s in a disquise.

    Ken Janssen

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