MMT: Have You Been Hoaxed?

We were talking about Recipes this week in our Millennial’s Missing Manual (Coping section Thursday) and we have a dandy discussion this morning of Modern Monetary Theory and how it works and what does it mean.

The short answer is:  Formulas cloud thinking.  But it’s a kind of turf war between the math-leaning quants on the one hand with the more clear-headed behavioral economics believers on the other.

Bottom line is “What we all believe about the future tends to manifest” but there are some interesting :reasons why” in MMT which are worth talking about…

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3 thoughts on “MMT: Have You Been Hoaxed?”

  1. When we fully understand neural net topology, function, and feedback/forward between layers, we may actually get to a place where we can have some confidence in computational intelligence that we cannot fully understand, though that may be a mixed blessing.

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