EmpSit and Trade

Hot off the press release – Employment through Government-colored Glasses:

“The unemployment rate, at 4.7 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 7.5 million, changed little in December. However, both measures edged down in the fourth quarter, after showing little net change earlier in the year. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (4.4 percent), adult women (4.3 percent), teenagers (14.7 percent), Whites (4.3 percent), Blacks (7.8 percent), Asians (2.6 percent), and Hispanics (5.9 percent) showed little change in December. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 1.8 million in December and accounted for 24.2 percent of the unemployed. In 2016, the number of long-term unemployed declined by 263,000. (See table A-12.)

The labor force participation rate, at 62.7 percent, changed little in December and was unchanged over the year. In December, the employment-population ratio was 59.7 percent for the third consecutive month; this measure showed little change, on net, in 2016.

Now let’s roll through the data rather than generalizations, shall we?

The number of people in the job force was up 184,000.  Number of people in the civilian population was up 202,000.  Let me see… MOST of the population increase found jobs?  Like people released from institutions and …hmmm…

Table A-15 (they move it around) alternative measures of labor under-utilization shows 9.2% unemployment is more real…had been 9.3 percent in December.  I would expect it to climb back up in January’s report out next month.

Last but not least, the CES Birth/Death model actually took away 28,000 jobs from the report.  Still, this means for the year 841,000 jobs were “estimated into existence.”

Trade Got Worse

Then there’s this ugly picture from the trade report out this morning:



The confessional part:

Year-to-date, the goods and services deficit decreased $4.9 billion, or 1.1 percent, from the same period in 2015. Exports decreased $56.6 billion or 2.7 percent. Imports decreased $61.4 billion or 2.4 percent.

Again, not the kind of thing Trump will be able to turn around overnight, so keep an eye on this.  China is promising to whine and beat on us with big sticks  if the US toughens up on trade too fast.

Chicago Hate, Media Agenda

We mentioned the hate crime in Chicago in Thursday’s column: Four black suspects are being held for terrorizing that disabled fellow.

While terrible and ugly, it sure lets us get a solid bead on how the media controls the narrative with their own news room agendas.

Take the NY Times. Small headline in the scroll-down area “Chicago Assault Tests a Tense Nation’s Views on Race.” The story of a teenage girl tackled by police in Texas filing a $5-million suit against the cops was higher up. Instead, the NY media seem much for fascinated with bashing Trump on Russia.

You saw the Bloomberg note “FBI Says Democrats Refused Access to Hacked E-Mail Servers?” Yesterdays news for the CSPAN crowd, but it’s a chance to bash Trump.

In Chicago, the Trib lead is the hate crime story, as it is in Sun Times which headlines “Obama calls attack on mentally disabled man ‘despicable.

So in New York, it’s a non-event. In Chicago it’s the ONLY lead story. So how about in the flyover lands? West Coast? All downplaying in.

But I assure you, if the situation were flipped, and four white perps were yelling ‘eff black people” and “eff Obama” it would be the agendized universal lead story.

But it wasn’t…and so the agenda is to bury, not equally weight perps regardless of race, religion, or national origin.

And so it rolls.

Climate Change, Anyone?

California is bracing for a once-in-10-year storm which means B-roll of floods and avalanches and blizzard conditions in the Sierras.

Our hats off to the L.A. Times for actually doing a weather story without putting in climate change gobbledygook. I’m sure someone will get a memo about that, however.

Oh Look! Honesty!

Grand report out of the UK on how the economists who were predicting the end of the universe because of BREXIT screwed the pooch.

On the other hand, in the vein of “never let a misled public go unabused” we see how “Jamie Oliver to Close Six U.K. Restaurants Amid Brexit Squeeze.”

Want the terrible, horrible TRUTH about BREXIT?

The British stock market is a workable Reality Detector for us: BREXIT vote to bow out of the crooked and failing EU was on June 23rd of last year.

Look at the Yahoo Chart here and you will see the FTSE was Around 5,982. The FTSE was trading at 7,187 and change this morning. Which looks to Ures truly like a 20% run-up after the world-ender predictions.

The UK ought to look the EU more often.  And since the PTB/Crooks at the top are sitting on their asses not implementing, we expect they will have to vote again on topic because money talks and voters walk.

To say that economics is in collapse as a pseudo-science would not be over-stating it. The new theory du jour is Modern Monetary Theory which we can only assume replaces Antiquated Economic Theory which didn’t work out as predicted, either.

We will be expecting Ultra-Modern Economic Theory to arrive just ahead of Collapse Theory in the next few years.

Leave It to Texas

BBC found this one: “Top Republicans in the US state of Texas have unveiled a bill that would ban transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice.

Sound hostile? Not really: The idea is simple enough: Use of plumbing facilities corresponding to how the human’s plumbing is hooked up. That actually makes sense in a Texas kind of way.

Outside plumbing in front to the men’s room, inside plumbing in front to the lady’s room.

If it’s an issue, economics dictates we go back to unlabeled single toilets again and just take turns. I know, I’m just stalling progress, get it?

Otherwise, I’m going to get a plumbing contractor ticket and argue that we should have thousands of restrooms. One for males, one for females, one for trannies, one for mobility impaired, one for vegans, one for meat-eaters, two for gays, but just one for democrats and republicans.

One for the pols? Sure! They’re about equally full of xhit and waste our time on idiocy. Which is why Asia is burying us…but I digress.

Point is: I could be a millionaire…FLUSH with Cash!

Don’t squeeze the Charmin. Squeeze the taxpayers! Yee-haw!

Ya’ll come back Monday and bring a quarter…got another great revenue idea…toilet paper by the square!

17 thoughts on “EmpSit and Trade”

  1. George,

    Your plan for a Land of Loos is one way to go, but I think the Aisan cultures have it mostly right: just a hole in the ground [tastefully surrounded by tile] over which you squat before reaching for a community bucket with it’s handy brush. Simple, basic and non-gender specific with not even a throne upon which to ponder the meaning of it all. The biggest problem would be knees such as my own that complain loudly whenever I rise from a chair, let alone a semi-Lotus position!

    I’m not sure if the Chinese, et al. got their notion from the Romans or vice-versa but the Romans sure commercialized public toilets with their own version and charged fees for their use and/or Vinegar-soaked cleansing sponge. Rome boasted 144 of these gathering places because they apparently doubled as social centers where poople would [literally] sit, read and commisserate about the latest Senate scandal… or, even better “amuse oneself sociably” according to one historian. Of course, that last offering is what caused this whole modern stink in the first place!

    • POOPLE? Really?

      Just FYI, most Chinese today are happier with the western style toilet than the traditional Asian squat toilet. It may be less than ideal for complete evacuation, but comfort rules, even in Asia. That, and the media ideas about western society.

      • I really thought my “poople” use would simply be considered a typo. Guess you’re just TOO SHARP for little ole’ me! The Chinese may now enjoy their porcelain thrones but this has less to do with comfort than it does westernization – which has long been touted as the ultimate achievement. And, regardless of your claim, the multitude of Chinese are still impoverished and sitting down to do their business still means “squat” to them… they are far more concerned with getting food into their bodies than how it exits!

        I’m still dismayed that Bidets never took hold in the USofA – you want COMFORT? Try a stream of warm water wafting across your dark secret spots after a good evacuation… nearly intoxicating enough to make you want to stay awhile longer and start another chapter in your commode-side companion! Or, to amuse yourself accordingly. CARRY ON!

  2. George, you forgot to build a restroom, for ALL the political feces in DC….now that would be helping to rid the ‘swamp’ of ‘human waste’….happy new year

  3. George, once again, you bury the two biggest stories out there. Not a peep. All while complaining about the MSM. Rand Paul says Trump and the other Righties putting $9 trillion more on the deficit is not gonna happen on his watch. (You’re not the only Righty to actually call him ‘traitor’ for it.) And Trump tweets North Korea not gonna ever deliver its nukes (after sanctions have failed for 16 years). Does that mean THE ULTIMATUM is coming? What will another unnerving 4 week Cuban Missile crisis standoff do to the stock market? Geez George, write when you wake up. Mike.

    • Of course you couldn’t just go away, where else would you type your spittle at? But, I digress. The top story for me today is the Chilean UFO footage released after a 2 year investigation.

  4. You seem to say that what you perceive as being the downplaying of this incident. However, you are just seeing what you want to see. You say “If it was some white people attacking blacks and saying f Obama”, well, that happens frequently, and it doesn’t make the news, and believe it or not, people don’t care when whites attack blacks! To you that is hard to believe, but well…it is true. More than you want to admit. But, I guess if you wrote it, your readers will think it true, so hey, I choose not to be beholden to your every word.

    • Can you po9int me at a case in the last 20 years of four white people doing this? I doubt it but prove me wrong. No, this is what poverty systems breed – social trouble. It’s a loop.

      • I posted an example as a reply. You tend to have a blind spot that is a mile high and a foot thick.

        And the perps weren’t The Poors althought I know your kind loves to promote that stereotype.

        They were middle class white kids who had bullied the mentally handicapped black student for MONTHS before sexually assaulting him.

        If you are half a man, you’ll retract your smug myopic opinion and offer a more balanced view. Or better yet keep your mouth shut about things your aren’t willing to examine past your own, very obvious, prejudices.

      • No, you will have to actually send the story you ref.
        Your last post prior to this was on 12/30 (fake Russian news story) and prior 12/21 on Berlin police getting wrong perp.
        So send us a link to your claims and I will respond with the black-on-black crime stats and the black on white crime stats which are (wait for it) LARGER.
        This is a data issue for the non prejudiced.
        Liberals love to bullshit on “ethics” and prejudice but when comes down to numbers? Not so much..
        So we await your enlightenment.

    • It is being downplayed and you cannot be serious in your opinions. A simple web search will demonstrate black on black crime is #1, black on white crime #2. Look it up!

  5. I am totally disgusted with the Chicago incident. I’m very familiar with the grief you see in emotionally and socially challenged people that have adored someone as a rock star, and then that “friend” invites you to join their “friends” only to mock you. In this case, the mocking went to kidnapping, torture and physical assault with a credible threat of death. By some miracle, the white man was able to escape, largely due to the black kids’ anger at a downstairs neighbor who called the police.

    This story needs to remain in the headlines until the black conspirators are jailed for life, or longer. This man is till trying to understand why his friend that he looked up to so much would do such a thing. He may never understand, and his ability to recover emotionally is very limited. Thank God bail has been denied(so far) for these soulless creatures.

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