MH-17 Shot Down by Western Jet?

As the G20 is about to meet in Brisbane, Russia Channel 1 has released satellite photos this afternoon that allegedly show a fighter jet launching a missile that show down Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 over Ukraine.  The story has been picked up by British media and should hit dinner time news shows in the US.  It is all over Russian media.

When you look at the photos, remember the plane is heading East and the photo supposedly hacked by the Russians off a US or British intel satellite clearly shows the jet approaching the path of MH-17 from the West. 

Airspace controlled by the who?

Means the gloves are really off and the heat is cranking up in Ukraine.

The West had actively sold the idea that the MH-17 flight was taken down by a ground-launched BUK missile.

We note that Dutch investigators (who lost 196 citizens in the shoot-down) asked for US satellite imagery of the event and have been turned down.

No doubt we will next be treated to a round of denials as the US/West/Ukraine side should predictably follow the denial path and claim the images are fake.

We await the predictable battle for your mind to follow.  Ultrahigh resolution imagery here.

My consigliore and I have a minor bet on whether US CorpMedia will sit on this through prime time today.