Mathefication of Future

Just a grand morning:  Truth-tables deluxe.
We have a new way to forecast disaster in the financial arena.  Please excuse that it doesn’t conform to some of the rules of math, lol.
Then we look at expected positions of markets next week. 
Oh, and the latest conspiracy theory making the rounds.  So, bean up and let’s go..

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47 thoughts on “Mathefication of Future”

  1. End of home ownership? It’s part of “their” plan George. I think it may be the Agenda 21/30 one. Corral the renting herd into cities (read “concentration camps”) to more readily control movements and remove the livestock from the open range which can then be more readily utilized and enjoyed by the controlling owners. Nice, eh?

      • This is the reason I read your posts George. After catching up and then going to your Peoplenomics post I’m pretty well burned out. Now I’ve got to go and do battle on the Fox site where I’ll probably type my heart out and get deleted.

        Thanks so much for being you George! We’ll always need people like you that live for details.

      • Yup. I was right. Put the quote from Bill Cooper up there and it got deleted biggern’ Dallas. Fox News, fairly bullsh**.

      • George, like I said to Andy, buying a house isn’t that hard. Finding a solid frame with no legal problems and barely habitable is the key. Then make it pretty outside and do the inside at your convenience. Live in a tent in the living room if necessary, but at least it’s yours. Today everyone wants to buy 5000 sf of house beautiful and will pay retail, and that’s keeping everything overpriced. Anyone that can shift a compound and spot a trailer has a real leg up on this.

      • This is why, even 4 hours from San Antonio, I feel like we’re too close when TSHTF. The “big city” locally is something over 100k in population and all the ranches around are being divvied up into ranchettes that don’t produce any food at all. We’re one of the few that do. Glad I got the backhoe fixed up. I may be digging a lot of shallow holes – and I may be in one of them.

    • Many inner city residents are leaving because of the homeless problem.

      Many inner city businesses complaining about the human waste and syringes on public sidewalks and parking lots that is scaring off customers . Not to mention the increasing aggressiveness of these mad max type homeless. Its on many peoples and businesses minds.

  2. The end of home ownership could be a good thing. A thirty year mortgage is a stabbing to the heart of freedom, self-determination and independence. Government loves 30 year notes. Nothing is better at ensuring a stable nest of workers bees than being yoked to a 30 year note.

  3. End of homeownership? No way. Are homes in the core of major cities rising. Absolutely! They are gentrifying and becoming neighborhoods of the wealthy. That is forcing the middle class to live outside the core, but close to public transportation to lighten the stress of a commute. A major plus of public transportation is that most, if not all trains, light rail and even busses are wi-fi enabled…so once on the mode of transportation, that person can be on the clock working. No longer does that hour commute become a wasteland of stress, cussing at the traffic in front of you and mindless shock jock radio banter.

    Another solution is building up, rather than out to lessen or stabilize the cost of housing. That requires a change in housing standards however…a sacrifice a lot of families find hard to accept. Nevertheless, high rises were and still are the cure in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Millions of square feet of high rise housing are being built in San Francisco to combat our housing shortage and high prices.

    The following is a gross simplification of the near future…but bear with me…In a few years however, for those that rather live in the traditional home with yard and two car garage, self driving cars ( a reality in the Bay Area now,) will allow more people to live in less expensive housing outside the core, but not necessarily near public transportation…making housing even more affordable by the rules of supply and demand.

    They too can be on the clock working while in their WiFi enabled car. The more people that choose this lifestyle will lessen the tight inventory IN the core, thus stabilizing prices and help make housing a bit more affordable just about everywhere along the way.

    The market has a way of correcting itself.

    • Survey young people. NONE have the dough for the down…at least in the barrista and food service sectors. Upper 1% out of that collage off to the side of the 210? (Stanford) Sure! Out in the real world, though, kids with a high school and technical education have limited options. ;Specially if they have student loans and CC debt to live through college to pay off…

      • George, the debts that the USA owes and much of America will become repayable when we go Zimbabwe – lots of dollars to pay off the mortgage.

        Isn’t that part of the plan to roll out a new currency?

      • Oilman, forgive my ignorance but what does “when we go Zimbabwe” mean? Didnt they do some horrible things to white farmers in Zimbabwe?

      • Robert:

        Not counting the more-messy social aspect of the farm nationalization and displacement, What Mugabe did was take a bunch of profitable and producing farms away from the colonials who’d figured out how to make them work, and gift them to his revolutionary cronies, none of whom knew either how to grow stuff or produce a profit.

        Suddenly, a nation which had been financially-sound for years was aswim in red ink, and Zimbabwe’s “fix” was to do a controlled inflation of the currency.

        “Controlled” inflation always ends badly…

        The U.S.A. has a current debt liability [which is] in excess of the GDP of the entire world. It has “marginally-funded” liabilities, i.e. Social Security, Medicare, and the myriad “means-tested” welfare programs, which will run a $60 trillion bill between now and 2050 (assuming medical costs don’t rise, which is silly, since they’re doubling every eight years…) It also has, somewhere north of $200 trillion in UNFUNDED liabilities, many in the form of as-yet unpaid retirement benefits, which will come due and payable, between now and around 2060.

        …So, we have less than 40 years to figure out how to pay off a debt that’s larger than the gross monetary worth of the entire planet and everything on it.

        There are only two ways of making such an enormous debt go away:

        Inflation – where the value of a currency is diluted, and cheap (or worthless), but plentiful currency is used to pay off debt, or

        Repudiation – which is a fancy name used by geopolitical, socioeconomic entities like Nations, for what we plain folk call “bankruptcy.”

        Both ways are painful for creditors. As an example: We owe China a boatload of money. If we owe them the 2010 dollar-equivalent of 50000 tons of gold, under inflation, we “pay” our debt in-full, but they may only get the equivalent of a few gold bars. Under repudiation, they get nothing at all.

        The most-likely way for the U.S., Japan, and a majority of European and American Nations (who are, more-or-less in the same vinegar vat as we) to get out of our financial pickle, is to eventually attempt a “controlled inflation,” to “inflate our way out of debt.”

        Did I mention, “controlled inflation” ends badly?

        This is what is meant by the term: “Go Zimbabwe.”

        There were people in Germany in the early 1920s, who took a wheelbarrow of money to the store to buy a loaf of bread. There were also Germans with wheelbarrows full of mark notes, who would attempt to chase their creditors down, to pay off their loans and mortgages with the worthless cash. Hence the other half of OM2’s comment.

      • Ray, thanks for the explanation. What a mess. I can learn to live with less as most of us have more than we really need, hence the boom in storage business’s.

        It’s the civility of the masses that concerns me. We see in the very town I live in, the growing ranks of the homeless and how they can be quite aggressive and rise to anger very easily. It’s that element and psyche that really concerns me. Whenever we have a homeless camp move into our neighborhood, we see property crimes rise. Fortunately for now, the camps aren’t allowed to last long and they’re pushed away to move into some other hood, but that will not work as the ranks of the homeless grow.

        Im ready to move but don’t know where to go.

      • I will say that 80% of my business is from millennials from 28- 38 years old. They not only have the several hundred thousand dollars down for a down payment, an astonishing 30% pay all cash. Of course, I live in a different universe where college grads start out $150,000-$200,000 a year.. . These kids have incredible employee contracts complete with signing bonuses and RSU’s that mature in 3-5 years…often worth millions at maturity.

        That said, the middle class is all but shut out of home ownership here and that is repeated in many large metros.

        But… there are opportunities…My oldest son is in the struggling Midwestern city selling real estate and since he got his license in March, he has sold 37 homes…all to millennials. While there are some states and metros where this is not the case, all is not lost. I would say it is all relative…it’s just that a higher percentage of people are being denied the opportunity to buy a home than in the past.

    • This is where Im at Mark. I live in the Seattle area. Actually currently living in Everett Washington. We just won first place for the worst traffic in the world. It will take you on a Friday (rush hour traffic) 2 hours to go from 128th street in everett to marysville approximately 8 miles on a 4 lane freeway. Average commute to Seattle from Everett daily is 4 hours. Ubless you leave at 4am like me. I can make it there in 45 min.

      Houses arouund here Fastly go to bidding wars. I have several friends in the real estate business, a medium house around these parts is $750k. Anything affordable say around $350k ish, sells usually for around $450k after the bidding war. I did see a 1 bedroom 1 bath house for sale in Everett for $285,000. That is for a one bedroom one bath on a tiny lot.

      I’m 47 years old. I make a little over $100k a year. I qualify for a 30 year VA loan at 2.75 % fixed, with $0 down. The ONLY thing available in my monthly budget range is up north. That includes a 5-6 hour commute daily to work. Uhmmmmm, no thanks! Not when I can rent a little 2 bedroom mother in law place in Edmonds, Wa for $1300 a month. And have a 45 min commute each way.

      Plus, I’m 47 years old. So lets say I sign up for a 30 year mortgage? The house will be paid off when I’m 77 years old. Lol

      Here is the latest scam, you live in your house for 15 years and once you have enough equity, you can do a reverse mortgage where you live off your equity. I know lots of older people doing that right now.

      The other benifit is, if I rent? I don’t have to pay for crap to get fixed. And I can save my money for retirement. I’m probably moving down to Ecuador with X pat once my kids are all grown. Bout 14 more years. Yes, I know, I have a 4 year old at age 47. I just couldn’t say no to her. Lol

      The good news is because everyone is renting now, prices have gone down considerably compaired with buying a house.

      It’s a pickle for sure. What to do, what to do. My plan is to maybe buy a house once the market tanks and the economy goes bust in a couple years. Or buy some property and a 5th wheel, out in the sticks.

      We have a light rail system here, but nobody uses it. Only 3% of the population. And I don’t know one person with a self driving car.

      • Andy, if you want a place of your own, you need to buy a house, not a home. After all, IMHO, only a woman can make a house into a home, but you can find a distressed place to own, with lots of sweat equity needed, and an owner wanting to move elsewhere or unable to maintain the place. When you give them a decent offer, with them taking back paper for 10-15 years at a low rate, you can skip the banks, PMI, and other crap, and make it habitable. Then rent unused rooms to folks you either trust, or you have enough on(like a bond) that you can let them in your place. Do this for 5-10 years and the place will appreciate, along with your equity if the system hangs together. If not, at least you control the perimeter, unlike renting. If your job is stable, you can probably find such a thing within a year.

        I did that many times and my daughter has done it twice. Find a problem and present a solution – on your terms. Make sure it’s close to where you need to be, even if you have to pay a bit more. By the time you’re ready to expat, you should be able to sell on decent terms one way or another. If I find the girl of my dreams(or close enough), I may well expat myself.

      • NM Mike, first off I don’t really need a woman or want one. Lol i do have tons of female friends, im just too focused on other things. second off, I have done that several times. I have owned more than a few houses. Ex wives got 2 of them. It’s only been about a year and a half since I got divorced. I was with her for 5 and a half years. I’m good on having a live in girlfriend/ wife for a while. 0 desire to jump into something else with someone else at this point and time. Not looking at all. If I need some companionship, I just need to send a text or make a call. I was actually hanging out with my friend Brittney this weekend (she got beat out by Kelly Clarkson on American idol) who is a super cute blond 33 years old, and I enjoy her company.

        I’d rather be debt free and have a huge cushion. I’m working on a current strategy for before and when the market/bond bubble collapses. I have some IDEA’s (<big plural) on how to work the system to my advantage. If I do well, I will buy a house cash. :)

        It's not a matter if IF it's just a matter of when the bond/market collapses. Way I see it is we have about a year and a half befor that happens best to prepare for that now, worry about a woman later.

      • P.S. the bond market/ stock market imploding and the dollar going kaput, is just a matter of time. Who cares about having a woman/girlfriend when everyone’s going to be scrambling to try to figure out how to eat. I did not forget the massive layoffs that happend in 2008, i did not forget the hundreds and hundreds of people i know loosing their homes. I did not forget the tons of people i knew who were in bankruptcy court and or divorce court when that happened.

        Ya think it will be better this round? It will be worse. So I’m on a mission, to ensure that even if I get laid off, I can make my bills for a couple years, feed myself and my kids etc. Etc. Maybe even profit durring that time.

        Off to work on my strategy. Rich me!

        Have a great day.

      • Andy, I think you make a good point with the coming recession/depression & that it will be the worst ever.

        The 2008 recession was the most financially severe I ever experienced, and I have been through a few, but never suffered financially like 2008. Business was down 40%. Obama did help the small businessman out of the mess. Eventually I returned to Even-Steven, but it took awhile.

        The next one will not only include everything you mentioned, but will also include a crypto currency crash. I believe it will make 2008 look like a picnic as the US pays for years of political & financial mismanagement.

        Preparing for it now is a wise decision. Those with cash will be in a very strong position, & will be able to buy assets for pennies on the dollar, and when the recovery returns, you will be in a very good financial postion.

  4. Good post, G.

    Thinking about the CL screenshot – people fall for Phishing attmetps everyday using screenshots. Why isn’t the URL shown?

    Ask your source to try to get the actual link.

    The following could be one method… depending on how deep the conspiracy goes.

    is a time capsule for web pages!

    It takes a ‘snapshot’ of a webpage that will always be online even if the original page disappears.

    It saves a text and a graphical copy of the page for better accuracy and provides a short and reliable link to an unalterable record of any web page including those from Web 2.0 sites:

  5. I am glad to see 57% & 43% add up to 100% . It brings order to the universe.

    B CIRCLED AREA – By comparing the right 1929 B circled area with the left 1928 side, you bypass the Oct 1929 jump out of the window crash. Since this rally has lasted longer than the 20’s rally, the right 1929 B side just happens to be a crossover point & is not a directional indicator. Maybe.

  6. Today I got the opportunity to use my new Gooloo 600 amp lithium battery car jump starter. It started up the van perfectly, then when I went to disconnect the Gooloo, the red clamp broke making it useless. Since I am in the 18 month defective part warranty period, I emailed them to send me a new red clamp. One of the reviews said the clamps were cheaply made. I should have listened.

  7. Off Topic, but a window into the future. I recently bought a new car in a state with no sales tax. Effective 1/1/2018 though, the state implemented a privilege tax for people buying a new vehicle.

    Apparently the term “privilege”, which I first became acquainted with in its weaponized form of “white privilege”, is now a term to be used for anybody who exceeds a certain living standard and can expect to be taxed for overacheiving. This is in addition to a local “Arts Tax” that every resident must pay. It’s currently $35. Someone claimed it was a head tax, but the Oregon Supreme Court said no its not, so we’re stuck paying it.

    Just where are we heading as an economy, nation state and political system?

    • I think we are heading for the worst depression since the country started, and George is certainly showing us the retracement of the last faceplant of the market.

      I think, if there is no monetary reason (govt is broke, so states finally see TANSTAAFL) for the country to stay together, then it will likely subdivide.

      Could have turned it around if we let the TBTF fail back in ’08, but instead we gave them TARP, and their execs got bonuses.

      We got healthcare by govt foisting it on our backs via mandate to pay, while prices climbed for everything and services decreased across the board.

      We need govt out of business and vice versa – so prices can normalize around some kind of real market not infested with regulations and mandates. Can’t break fast enough for me – a little anarchy is good for the soul, IMO.

      • You make good points.

        I’m in MI. When F-Gov was going to shutdown a few weeks back the radio told me Fed-Bux make-up 36% of MI’s economy in direct money.

        The reverse multiplier on 36% is sizable.

        The country will balkanize. People should consider their ancestry when fleeing.

        Consider, the military will take over the cities.

        In Detroit, as example, the downtown area is consider “safe”. The downtown is under 100% surveillance.

        The small business are being converted into surveillance zones as either “safe” or “not safe”*.

        When the suburbs fall local LE won’t have the resources to handle the crime.

        We’ll be forced into cities or the small-town boonies. Bosnia comes to mind.

        Or it can go on for decades.

        *”…ON JANUARY 1ST OF 2016, the Detroit Police Department (DPD) partnered with eight gas stations (see the Partnering Businesses Page) that have installed real-time camera connections with police headquarters as part of a ground-breaking crime-fighting partnership between local businesses, the City of Detroit and community groups called “Project Green Light Detroit.””

      • ‘Problem is, you and I both know that when it breaks, there’s gonna be a helluva lot more than a “little” anarchy…

      • Several years back, I was at my local gas station. Been trading there for years. They have video cams everywhere and there’s even one on the telephone pole across the street pointing at their business, although the attendant said she didn’t know anything about it. I said to the attendant, in the future, the NSA is going to ask your business if you’d like to connect your video streams to their network, and they’ll pay you for that data. She said, what makes you think they haven’t already? (Our govt is turning us all into snitches and gossips, we can call it the Gradys Kravitz effect. At what point will citizens be encouraged to turn in other citizens for some financial reward, even if its not true? We saw that happen in what became the Salem Witch Trials, when people pointed the finger of ill fate against their enemies and people whose property they coveted. See something say something sound like a good effort, but if people become hungry or see a revenue stream, how easily will it be to corrupt a good intentioned idea?)

        We were sold on the idea that the NSA data collection was to protect us from terrorism. To my knowledge, no NSA data has pro-actively stopped any terrorist events.

        It’s my belief the NSA collects our data to use against us should we become a person who is capable of leading a movement against the deep state. At that time they will just resurrect our files, twist the data into some sordid ugly story and then use it to demonize us and destroy our credibility and character. That’s what the NSA exist for, to protect the deep state players.

        Julian Assange and Snowden have also shown us that the NSA not only can review our data, they can place data on the files, and back out their electronic tracks and even place another nation states track or whoever’s tracks that suits their purpose, in their place.

        Where are we heading as a civilized nation that our own govt can destroy us with the a simple re-write of whatever info they want to place on our files. Where’s the ACLU on that? All the ACLU has become is another corrupt organization parading around as a crusader for righteousness, according to their PC du jour interpretation.

    • Robert, nations have a persona. A nation’s persona tends to be a reflection of the dominant psychosocial traits of the person or people who’re running it. As a nation becomes powerful, those who run it tend toward megalomania, and the tome of the nation itself, toward paranoia.

      The reason the NSA captures nearly every word we speak, and every single letter we type, anywhere, in any medium and for any reason, is because they can.

      If and when they use this data, and what they use it for, is directly dependent on whether those in power become paranoid with respect to those they govern…

  8. Hi George,
    Re: Cholesterol–Yes, its true that most of the cholesterol we make is made by our own livers while we sleep. Your cholesterol Rx (which probably ends in -statin) interferes with the production of cholesterol at night, and occasionally has toxic effects on the liver.
    Your liver, being the most loving and forgiving of all the body organs, gently complains when this happens by increasing its liver enzymes up to 10X above normal levels. If you leave them that high for a year or more, you get damage. This is why the Dr. wants your blood every month or so.
    While we are talking, try to skip dinner on the day before your fasting bloodwork for the cholesterol–As we age, we all process food, etc., more slowly, so dinner before a fasting bloodwork can spuriously increase your levels.

    re:housing prices;
    Young people around here (BC Canada) are buying abandoned houses at auction and fixing them, living in trailers, and sometimes making their own with timber framing, hay bales and stucco. There are squatters in Detroit who will kill you, or the police for that matter, if you try to tax or disturb them, and in parts of Mexico I hear that Los Federales have been kicked out completely.
    To me this looks like the peak of a housing bubble at the very least– not a “permanent high plateau” in housing prices

    • I took statins for about three months. I went from borderline diabetic to raging with an elevated a1c to over 11…towards the end of those 3 months I had extreme thirst and the corresponding need to urinate. Of course the doctor said there’s no correlation between statins and diabetes. Total bs…its all over the internet and there’s even class actions in play. I went on the virta program and reversed my diabetes and brought my cholesterol way down. Glty

      • I know that it is an individual thing, but I had bad muscle pain with statins – I react unfavorably with them – just be aware that they are not good for everyone!

  9. So from my point of view I probably could agree with your plan but anyway the thing is it’s going down those people that work in control for a while the cyclist changed the going out of control and we’re going to have some good things happen here with the new stuff so it’s up to you how far you in a release it because you know everyone has emotions you can multiply that by people they have to understand that the that they have their emotions can control the agenda so this is the hard part the very very hard part is understanding that when we get 2 gether as a collective Consciousness just like you know in the old days 1800 1700 only people that were in it area of America back in the old days and there was one thing separated them from everything else that was the constitution which was you have the right to bear arms you know I mean it didn’t matter whether you were a woman a child an adult or an old senior citizen or a felon or child molester or rapist or a pedophile list or someone who just lived out in the country why from everyone else and also it didn’t mean that a politician or a police officer or government secret agent Secret Service what it meant was everyone no matter how small you are how big you are what’s your age limit is it doesn’t matter what your belief system is it doesn’t matter watch your nationality is it doesn’t matter How fat you are safe and you are it doesn’t matter the thing that does matter is we went all or citizens no matter who they are to be armed because we’ve gone through this before in other countries before we came here and that’s why we want everyone in our society to have the ability to be harmed now let’s talk about something else that is about are they capable all those people perverts are they going to kill people it doesn’t matter the main thing is we have the ability to keep a gun on our person no matter where we are across the United States you can be in the judge Supreme corn corn it could be anywhere in the United States we have the ability to carry a firearm there’s no restrictions you see that so like Mark says hey we got to make some restrictions here no Mark we need to have no restrictions to carry a gun because when we have the ability to carry a gun and you come across some dumbass who wants to pull his gun out and shoot you and your armed well what happens you can shoot him right now you got rid of the problem and this is the way it happens just like in Sweden we have in our country in the rule areas were able to have a firearm and that’s what makes our country so great is because we have the ability to own firearms and use them at our discretion compared to other countries you name it they can’t do it because we have it and they say to us every day on the internet hey hold on to those rights because we don’t have those rights no more

    I believe in our right to bear arms I do not want to be in a place and another part of the world where they say you cannot have arms and so what they’re doing is so controlling your agenda you have no control over who controls you and that’s where we’re getting back to now is the ability to say hey I don’t want you I don’t need you and especially the bankers

    • So the bankers have a hundred thousand Assassins because the bankers have all the money and the Assassin’s love the money right so how do you get around and confront that and take out the bankers..
      Will trump do it will he make an executive order that says hey we now create our own money and we don’t want any part of what you’re doing and in fact we don’t want you coming back at us and we’re going to put you into another dimension witch things we’re going to put you out of commission completely you’re not going to live no more we’re going to put you out of commission completely which means you can’t come back with all your Novelties and try to take over our financial systems we’re going to kill you is what it means for those of you in the financial Community Rothschild and such it means we’re going to chop your head off it means we’re going to torture you so you better give up right now because as you know we’ve learned from China with learn from Asia we’ve learned from the electronic age how to make you personally ouR slave.

      Yes we got help we got lots of help you remember all those people you put into outer space and all the planets and they became self defiant against your rule now those people are coming back at you right now as you can look in the news we’re destroying all of your assets all of your technology you may have the technology that makes everyone think that you come from outer space but our technology overrides everything that you so that’s why you’re going down Rothschild that’s why you’re going down completely thing in your heart where you can repent because we don’t want to have you in our life anymore so we’re going to put you out you know you’ve assassinated the world now it’s your turn but what we’re going to do is

  10. I still see 1928 left as the chart to look at for current market direction. Today’s market is following it nicely up after following it not so nicely down at the beginning of February 2018. Also, 3 of of 4 of the stochastics I am watching are positive. So it is 75% up and 12.5% down (the 4th one is going sideways so I reduced it by 12.5%).

  11. Robert:

    “Homeless” people fall into three general categories, chronically disadvantaged, addicts, and those who willingly choose the lifestyle. The three groups have two things in common: They are “off the grid” and they place a high value on privacy. They also tend to scrounge and scavenge when they need to build or barter for something. When they scavenge something that’s currently in use by a homeowner, you see a spike in property crime. When someone invades their space, they get really angry and defensive, really quickly. Their ends justify their means…

    There are a number of “tiny house villages” cropping up in towns across the nation that’re being built for the express purpose of “housing the homeless.” Some of the disadvantaged are taking advantage of them, but not many, and the sponsors, usually religious outreach + community partnerships, don’t understand why.

    These tiny houses, even the ones on donated land, built with donated materials, seem to mostly cost ~$90 per square foot. I haven’t checked any out, but I’d assume the cost is for codes & rules compliance, and for modern amenities (neither of which is important to the intended inhabitants), since I can build a 10×12 shed for about $600 and make it weathertight and insulated for a couple Bennies more, give or take a cup of coffee.

    So, why are the homeless not taking full advantage? Because to live in the local tiny house village, you have to surrender your privacy and reconnect to the grid, and many of them are not willing to do this. Anonymity is a rare commodity and can be really highly valued by those who attain it.

    Bear in-mind when considering the attitude of the “homeless” people with whom you come in contact, that in typical, modern Western society, your neighbors and (unless you prep) perhaps even yourself, are three days away from displaying the same attitude for possibly different reasons. Whether you live in East St. Louis or Brentwood, when one is scared or hungry, or can’t flush their toilet, the ends ALSO justify the means…

    • BTW I have a friend, a tattooed, head-banging musician who’s also a Christian outreach minister, who lives in your local homeless communities six months a year, and keeps me abreast of the scene. He knows and understands the score, but has not been able to make the folks who run stuff and hold the strings, understand the “street” perspective… uses phrases like “tunnel-vision” and “narrow-minded” to describe them. I assume since he started carrying a Bible, he doesn’t feel comfortable expressing his feelings and opinions in more-colorful verbiage, but I sometimes see it in his eyes…

      • We have homeless that are part of the neighborhood and everyone knows them atleast by appearance and they usually present no threat (they often times collect cans and some get monthly benefits but are drunks), but there are others now that call themselves travelers. They’re usually 20-30 somethings, heavily tattooed, aggressive, run in packs and are the ones I suspect that are leaving the used syringes and human waste. Theyre also the ones that set up the tent camps that become filthy and filled with junk. I think of them as mad max types. Theyre the troublemakers. The ones causing businesses to have slowing sales as they are numerous and scary to patrons. One of the companies Im a vendor to is experiencing a big drop in sales because the city put a homeless shelter in the bldg across the street from them. They constantly have to ask the travelers to move and get out of the doorways. Just last week one of these travelers-mad max types broke one of their windows. That’s $3000 to repair. Ive seen many broken windows lately in the inner se side.

        PS- Ive volunteered at at homeless dining hall for several years in the past. Theres many people who had poor upbringings and never transitioned from dependent to independent as most of do. Im familiar with what gets people to these levels of lifestyle, but I must say there’s a whole new type of homeless now. Theyre the mad max types, rogues and usually on heroin considering the needles we see so prolifically. They also seem to be growing in numbers. Its not for lack of jobs either as many businesses are hiring and are having a hard time finding people to fill these lower income jobs. I dont think more low income housing is going to be the answer for these mad max types as many seem to not be able to live by the rules most of us do. Id like to see some stats on where these new homeless types are coming from. I wonder if small country towns might be where theyre coming from as ive read that meth and opioid use is big in these small country towns that dont provide much employment opportunities. Regardless theyre a growing force and to many they represent a threat to civil and safe society.

      • Also want to add that many people I talk with are very concerned about this growing homeless issue as we see camps everywhere and wonder how can this be when the economy is supposedly doing well. Many think if its this bad with a reasonably good economy, whats it going to be like when the next recession-depression hits?

        A friend who lives in a high income burb was reading about a rash of local burglaries occurring in her town. She remarked how her town was known for being one of the safest in the area.

        Many people are paying attention to the decaying sense of safety in these supposed good times and wondering what this dichotomy of extremes is going to end up looking like.

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