March Collapse Risk: About 58.33%

There is a 52.63% chance that we are replaying the left side of the 1929 run-up from December of 1928.

HOWEVER, there is also a 73.68% chance that we are replaying the right side of the 1929 blow-off, and in that case, the world will be ending shortly – at least in a financial sense.

All of which means what?  Overall a 58.33% chance that March will end badly…very, very badly.

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I won’t even begin to explain how to “run the numbers” which are – admittedly – VERY SPECULATIVE.  That will be in Peoplenomics tomorrow.

But, like the old saying goes:  In a Land of the Blind, the One-eyed Man is King.

We shall see.

The market is set to pop a bit at the open this morning, but I am (at least for a few minutes at the opening) on the short side of things after scalping some lunch money on the long side yesterday.

Feels like someone’s screwing with things – or something’s way off – as computer trading warfare goes.

Thursday’s NASDAQ and the S&P were about flat.  One was down, one was up.  But with these broad indicators stuck in about neutral, the Dow was cranking up 2/3rd’s of a percent.

Earlier this week, Walmart got creamed Tuesday (go look at their five day chart here and you’ll see what I mean).  But that wasn’t the reason for the rise in the Dow.

This feels a lot like something called painting the tape.  This is what happens when the market is trying to suck in the last little bits of “weak money” as the STRONG MONEY is getting ready to blow town.  This is why we actually do look at things like short-term on-balance volume.

If you’ve never read Joe Granville, it’s some mighty useful trading floor economics to keep in mind.  If you Wiki it:

“Total volume for each day is assigned a positive or negative value depending on prices being higher or lower that day. A higher close results in the volume for that day to get a positive value, while a lower close results in negative value.[2] So, when prices are going up, OBV should be going up too, and when prices make a new rally high, then OBV should too. If OBV fails to go past its previous rally high, then this is a negative divergence, suggesting a weak move.[3]

The technique, originally called “continuous volume” by Woods and Vignola, was later named “on-balance volume” by Joseph Granville who popularized the technique in his 1963 book Granville’s New Key to Stock Market Profits.[1] The index can be applied to stocks individually based upon their daily up or down close, or to the market as a whole, using breadth of market data, i.e. the advance/decline ratio.[1]

OBV is generally used to confirm price moves.[4] The idea is that volume is higher on days where the price move is in the dominant direction, for example in a strong uptrend there is more volume on up days than down days.[5]

We continue to be stuck in something of a mess right now globally.

Whether you realize it, or not, we have a terrible problem in this country right now with consumer super-saturation.

What this means (simply) is we’re all running out of useful shit to buy.  It’s like I was writing in the Coping section this morning:  I can pick up a useful set of Pings on Craigslist for a fraction of their retail “new” price.  And who has time for golf except old people and we’re all going to the docs, quacks, and senior centers so we don’t need most of two generations of accumulated STUFF.

This is why those storage auctions are on television; See?  People LOVE the idea of getting a bargain on things, but how much is ENOUGH?

I was considering my collection of ham radio classics.  One set-up (the Knight R-100A receiver and T-150 transmitter) were featured in the new ham radio journal (QST) just out this week.  Do I need them?  Uh…no, I guess not.  Who uses AM anymore?

But do I need any of the half-dozen other collectible radios (transmitter and receiver combos) that I have?  Uh…no.  Try not to mention it.

Inspecting my own stupid materialism, it occurs to me that we are likely in a world-wife glut of THINGS and that at the uber-macro level, capitalism has produced itself nearly to death.

If the doors are slammed on immigration, how many houses do we need to build?  (Answer:  Not as many!)

And with immigration dialed down, how about hiring new ESL teachers?  (Answer:  rethink teaching?)

And, if China relations don’t blow up, where are the new semi-skilled jobs coming from?  Voice-controlled computing is taking over a lot around here – including turning lights on an off…

Point I’m making?  We are stuck in exactly what Nicholas Kondratiev was writing about in the 1920’s when he was working for Joe Stalin.  Capitalism is a grand and holy things when times are bad but when things are not so bad it will out produce every other system eventually making so much of EVERYTHING that it ALL collapses in a heap because no one has any pricing power.

And besides, how many razor clubs do we need?

Point is, it’s a perilous time.  Markets are in bubbles and even Bitcoin which looked for a few days like an upside breakout was imminent has pulled back this morning to the $10,000 region.

I don’t mean to go on about CONSUMER SUPER-SATURATION so often, but we have too much of STUFF.

In the meantime, the news industry is dying before our eyes and you can see it when Drudge is running the same CNN scripted the kid story as yesterday.

Why, event the (not so special) prosecutor can’t find any more work than to add more charges against Paul Manafort…involving the TIME BEFORE TRUMP.  Tax returns from 2010 to 2014?  Fer cryin out loud.


Maybe there are a bunch of European Socialists (Soros anyone?) who know that capitalism will blow up left to its means.

And you saw where the near of the NRA is issuing the warning again about those kinds of power-hungry political madpersons?

Meantime, with falling newspaper sales, we read in the New York Daily News how all of a sudden it’s now “Trump’s plan for teachers to pack guns is crazy, will only cause more violence, educators say.”

EXCEPT for the damn details (liberals hate those):  It’s not a PLAN…it’s an IDEA.

But, the MSM is desperate as people shoveling shit into storage units to keep their own economy going.

It’s amazing, but I tell you brothers and sisters, it’s the New American Way.

Obama lied by omission not being straight that America news to import growth -even if problematic like unvetted immigrants – because without it, where will growth come from?

Showing now in headlines like “Nation of immigrants’ no longer: USCIS updates mission statement.”

We have, as I’ve told you before, a major product and marketing crisis spread before us as a country.

Thing is, if America really was a product, we’d arrive at best possible answers more promptly – and when a product change (like to Trump) is selected by the Big Focus Group, the renegade socialists (like Hillary et al) wouldn’t piss and moan about it for 18 months.  We’d instead be getting on with getting on.

Thing is, in a weirdly perverse way, by stopping Trump from being totally effective, the American Left is actually postponing the day of financial reckoning that brought four term president FDR up in the Great Depression.

The Socialists are all good with elected “benevolent dictators” so long as they’re on the in’s with ’em and able to control via revisionist history.

So, in conclusion while the whole thing should blow over starting next month because we’re drowning in our own excess production success, there’s the other side doing what they do best.

Really obstructing economic progress by regulation, charges and claims, movements, and all the rest.

Those who don’t read Kondratiev are prone to walk in Stalin’s footsteps.   But, you suspected that already, right?

66 thoughts on “March Collapse Risk: About 58.33%”

  1. I’m guessing Trump got his idea for teachers to carry guns from the system in Israel. Every cute little teacher is a 2 year military trained gun carrying proffesional. Hear of any Israeli school shootings? Good luck if you want to try!

    • Good point. It’s for the children.

      Who can argue against raising property tax to provide gun training to all school teachers.

      • Hahaha that’s funny Steve we don’t need to raise taxes just get rid of a few administrators and put some well armed cops in the school

    • But as Rubio said, how will the swat team know who the shooter is if multiple adults in plain clothes have guns drawn or displayed? How does Israel handle that situation if it arises?

      • Rubio has a point…I have had similar thought about the open carry laws. If there is a mass shooting in an open carry state…Nevada is one…why would anyone want to react? Showing your gun could get you shot due to people thinking that you are the shooter. Open carry certainly had very little affect in the Vegas shooting.

      • In a mass-shooting active shooter scenario, by the time the SWAT team has staged, on average, 36 people will have been shot. In Israel, should this happen, the “multiple adults in plain clothes,” would hand over the shooter’s carcass when the SWAT team arrived.

        Police “active shooter protocol” in most places is to “wait for backup,” or “wait for SWAT.” I don’t know if the “resource officer” was following protocol, or was too weighted-down to move, after wetting himself. ‘Don’t care, doesn’t matter.

        What does matter is folks gots ta figger out a mass-shooter is a whole bunch different than an active shooter, and the response HAS TO BE to run away if possible, and kill him/her/them if it’s not. Like the folks on 93, if you are going to die anyway, it’s much better to die fighting than cowering…

      • We have the Guardian School program here in Texas where there are teachers and administrators that can be armed on a voluntary basis that have CC licenses. Those that volunteer are know by the law enforcement community but are not generally known by the students as firearms aren’t carried openly. Anything to the contrary is just anti-gun propaganda.

    • They don’t need two years of training. “Active shooter” training is specialized, and is offered [often] free, on a voluntary basis, by a number of organizations and police departments. Search “tdi-FASTER” (the best-known program, developed by the Tactical Defense Institute) or “teacher active shooter training.”

  2. Used car market.

    When nobody wants a, let’s say 2007, (any car), with <80k miles, that gets 30mpg, and will run on oil changes for the next 100k, watch the prices.

    Makes you wonder why people buy new cars at all.

    I figure my next jalopy, if my old Toyota ever gives up, will cost about 2 grand, and last me to the end of my driving days in 10-15 years.

    • I bought a new car only because I dont buy used cars off car lots and couldn’t find an ad on craigslist by owner that was either legitimate or the seller was available to show it on my timeframe. So many scam car ads on craigslist but other venues on craigslist are good. High dollar items on craigslist tend to attract scammers both as sellers and responders.

    • I live in Michigan. They salt the cars here. Oops, I mean roads. Anything more than a few years old already has one tire in the junk yard. 10 year old cars, no matter how well kept, are likely to have a rotting running gear and frame. It really sucks.

    • Good point.

      20 years ago, the normal used car markup was between $2800 and $3200. I doubt it is less, now. ‘Gives that salesman a good bit of room to play, but he’s also commission, so when he starts getting hungry, a move in the general economy will show quickly — not at the “buy here, pay here” lots, but at regular dealers’ lots…

    • People buy new cars for:
      1) Someone’s wife wants “warranty assurance”.
      2) Someone must impress their friends with toys.
      3) They write-off the leases of new-cars as biz expenses.
      4) They don’t live economical lives.

      As Dave Ramsey says – “never take financial advice from a poor person”.

  3. George, what will be included in this possible collapse by the end of March? Only stocks, or all asset classes?

  4. “This feels a lot like something called painting the tape.”

    In ‘my days’ they called it distribution–so obvious?1 Also, looking at showrooms on 5th Ave. I noticed that hemlines are going down, dropping below the knees.

  5. It is interesting to note, using a 1 day chart, the Stochastic Momentum Index is showing a downtrend for all 3 Indexes, but the Stochastic Ossilator Fast & Slow are in an uptrend. I added the fast & Slow to help prevent whipsaws.

  6. George, excellent, excellent piece today. If the Great Collapse is a coming, shouldn’t we be paying down the national debt now (not increasing it by $1.5 trillion) so we have stimulus ammunition when needed? Because Pfizer needed another $10 billion in stock buybacks? Why do Conservatives, starting with Reagan who tripled it, always explode the national debt? Mike.

    • Not necessarily — We’re essentially “stimulused out.”

      Regardless, your feelings about Mr. Trump, he’s sharp enough to know what’s going on. The purpose of that $1.5tln is an attempt to vault a Presidential rhyme of the 1929-1934 period, and go straight to FDR’s CCC/TVA/WPA/etc., without also accumulating a rhyme of Hoover’s political baggage.

      Because Social Security and qualified “entitlement programs” are an absolute political “poison pill” to so much as mention, although all of them are Ponzi schemes that’re unsustainable and nearing failure, none will lose a “numerical” dime of funding. The only viable solution this side of Lenin which is not total political suicide is to inflate the currency and cook the inflation numbers, so indexed programs increase at a lower rate than the true rate of the watering down of our purchasing power.

      I am personally in John Williams’ corner, and believe this “stealth inflation” has been going on at least since the Fed started playing hide the salami with the M-numbers.

    • Hey Mike isn’t it better for the people to spend the money than the government just about everybody I know got a $100 raise every two weeks in their paycheck from Save taxes

  7. Nothing grows for ever perhaps it is time we live within our means and find useful things to do other than consumption. Environmentalists have said we need to reduce our population and as the US and Europe are doing that they import more people.Japan has these problems with debt and a lowering population too and has for years. Quality not quantity of life is where our direction should be.

    • Isn’t quality not quantity of life a socialist mantra? I am not sure that is a panacea for a better life…if it is…sell your stocks now!!!

  8. Unlimited growth in organisms is called cancer. Capitalism as now practiced has to end. The question is just what will follow it.

    On another note, yesterday I began using Grammarly. I strongly recommend it to you. It will easily proofread your dictated text. I use the extension for my browser as well as in Windows on my desktop. Give it a try.

  9. Before you all gang up on me, I am a gun owner. I do not want to take away anyone’s guns. Trump at CPAC last night said that Democrats want to take away the Second Amendment. That is such BS. For a guy that is always crying fake news. That statement is Fake News!!!! Nobody wants to take away your guns.NOBODY!!!

    A growing number of people just want more accountability. Let’s take driving a car. With a few rural state exceptions, most states allow kids to drive at 16. New Jersey is 17. However, there are restrictions tied to those driving privileges. About 20 states grant a full license at 17. I was surprised to learn that 14 states don’t grant full driving privileges until the age of 18. Among the restrictions at 16 are passenger restrictions, night time curfews, cell phone usage etc. I know very few parents and their kids who think these rules are unfair. My own kids and most of their friends didn’t care enough to even get their initial license at 16. My son eventually got his 9 months into his 16th birthday. My daughter got hers at 8 months into her 17th. When you live in a big metro like we do, there are a multitude of public, rail, train, and other transportation options. Now, with Uber and Lyft, they still don’t really need to drive that much. the case of driving…laws really worked out.

    Cigarettes have similar age restrictive laws…not to mention the laws prohibiting smoking in public places, offices etc.

    Now let’s take guns. Again, with a few rural exceptions in which guns have historically been a part of the culture…hunting being the most used, the age limit to buy a gun from a private individual is 18. It has always been 21 on the federal level to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer…Yet, it’s 18 years of age for long guns such as rifles , shotguns and curiously AR-15’s from a licensed dealer. The real weird law is that there is no age limit to purchase long guns from an unlicensed dealer.

    Like driving, smoking, and a multitude of other items…why not just raise the limit…on a state by state basis… based on need or recreational usage. Let the states or even local governments decide on gun control like they do with cigarettes. I have no problem as a gun owner with the age of 21. I also encourage legislation that prohibits open carry at any establishment that serves alcohol. They have drinking and driving laws…why not drinking and carrying laws.

    I also believe there should be at least a one day class, extensive background checks and the release of medical records that must be mandatory before being allowed to purchase the gun. For instance, if someone is suffering from severe depression, bi-polar disorder and is under medication for such…should they be allowed to own a gun? What if they don’t take the meds and lose their control?

    In a world where Many corporations are allowed to conduct drug testing of their employees and background tests…In a society where people with pre-existing conditions are denied health insurance…is this really a loss of freedom or just a safety measure to prevent another horrible event. Please feel free to respond in an gentlemen/woman like manner. Thanks.

    • Two points:

      “nobody wants to take away your guns”.

      Clearly, you have not listened to the rhetortic from the gun control advocates. Time and again they have stated that as their end game.

      As to age 21. In most states, 19 year olds are legal adults. Free to marry, contract, drafted if their countries needs them as cannon fodder. But not free to buy effective defense? The potential for massive class action civil rights lawsuits are written all over these proposals. All they need is a coupel of young adults and some funding.

    • Speak for yourself. I’ve had several conversations with family, friends, and acquaintances who have firmly moved over to the gun confiscation side of the equation. Once sister already in that camp is now two. A cousin, a gun owner, thinks all AR15s should be banned. Several people I go to church with have moved over to the “no one needs those big scary guns” camp. I don’t know a lot of people, and probably 15% of my circle has moved into the confiscate the guns crowd. I live in a fairly conservative neighborhood. Extrapolate this out across the nation…there are a lot of people who want to take away our guns.
      I’ve suffered from depression, by the way, for more than 30 years. Since I was 14 I have owned a gun. I am neither suicidal, nor homicidal, nor have I ever been. As for my sanity, I am clearly delusional, as I am a Christian, and I actually believe God talks to me. Surely grounds enough to deny me the right to own a gun.
      I personally think it is laughable that people have given the government power to decide who can smoke, drink, or even to marry. You are simply continuing down the same path, giving more and more power to the government.

    • I don’t doubt your honesty when you say you don’t want to take all the guns, but there are some very vocal people on the left that would be thrilled to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. And I don’t disagree with some of the ideas you have, like raising the age to purchase to 21 or something, and some sort of check on mental health to make sure a gun isn’t being sold to a nut case.
      The problem is in implementation. How many of these shootings were by people that were KNOWN to be dangerous, or that already couldn’t get a gun, and the system failed? Far too many. This kid in Parkland had raised all the red flags he could raise, the FBI was warned about him for Christ’s sake, and they dropped the ball. The church shooter in Texas wasn’t added to the background check system like he should have been. You are suggesting more rules, which aren’t necessarily a bad idea, when the rules and processes we have now are failing us.
      Every time we have one of these shootings, more rules are suggested, many of which never would have prevented the shooting in the first place. People want to ban assault rifles, when they only account for about 4% of murders and 25% of mass shootings. So when they next shooting happens – and it will – and it’s committed with a handgun, what do you suppose they are going to want to do?
      I don’t have the answer, but when the system itself is failing so catastrophically, I remain skeptical that yet another rule is going to change much. Especially when the rules being proposed by the left don’t even apply to most of the incidents that they are so fearful of!

      • So the thing is if everyone our population is armed you know everyone was armed like Sweden does you know well I don’t think anyone’s going to harm our kids if they try I think they would be they might get one or two and then after that

    • Just curious. What are your thoughts about military members that get handed a gun at age 18 and sent to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan? Should they not be allowed to buy guns at home here in the US? What about people who join natioinal guard at age 18 or army reserves/ weekend warrior’s? Should they not be able to purchase guns until they are 21?

      I’m former military. I remember when they turned the drinking age to 21, you could still drink on base at the age of 18. Different rules on base than off base.

    • I agree with you totally – in fact, I tend to think that liability insurance should be required with proof of responsible ownership . . . My late husband once told me a story about almost getting killed by a playmate who wanted to ‘show him something ‘neat” – gun discharged ‘by accident’ and left a hole in the ceiling. Ugh! People at the very least should have gun-safes.

    • Life is dangerous, and if you want safety and security above all things, then prison is the best option. Three hots and a cot, with no decisions to make.

      That said, I’m pretty OK with the current system of gun “regulation” at the federal level, though I’d drop the Class III for silencers. Guns are just too loud. I think we have plenty of oversight on LEGAL guns. What we don’t have is oversight on criminals and the guns they steal, buy, or make. Guns are incredibly simple to make if you’re even a bit techie. Good guns are more difficult, but most criminals are not that fussy. When it comes to major crimes and spectacles, such as the school shooting nonsense, There are far easier and more deadly ways to create a catastrophe or chaos with massive loss of life. No need to go into detail, but guns are irrelevant. If we look at the number of students attending school each year, the actual number of shooting deaths is miniscule. It’s no comfort to the families involved, but compared to other risks in life, it’s minimal.

      BTW, New Mexico does have laws against entering liquor establishments when carrying. That law makes sense and is generally accepted.

    • A fine example of a WMD, weapon of mass distraction to keep Americans from looking at the real issues like their taxes paying for torture, genocide and perpetual war, and the complete loss of freedom to the degree that you cannot wipe your butt without being taxed involuntarily. The USA military on average kills more civilians every day in drone strikes or support of terrorists than any USA mass shooting which only happens once in a while.

      The federal government cannot tighten much on gun control, or it will cause some states to break away into a challenge to the federal government impinging on states rights, and once the country has started down that rabbit hole it will either weaken the powers that the federal government has usurped, or it will lead to civil war.

      There is a new paradigm at play that nobody wants to talk about. For millennia, one needed to be trained in use of weapons to be effective, essentially giving the government a monopoly on real power through the military and later law enforcement. Today, the weakest person with the cheapest Saturday night special can kill the most powerful man on earth with a five pound trigger pull. Someday your grandkids will ask those of you who survived why you put up with so much sh*t on a daily basis for so many years.

      Americans have been brainwashed for a century to not believe that. In the history of the world, the situation the USA is moving to has always been resolved by violence. All Americans think that in some way they are exceptional, and this time it will be different. Not true.

      • EE – you have such a dark view of the US and its people that it’s good you left.

        Your new chosen home has no right to bear arms, even your freedom of speech is being restricted by the new president. How is it living somewhere that doesn’t guarantee freedom of the press?

      • George – sorry you didn’t understand all of my other wonderful comments. I’ll try to make them simpler in the future! :) ha ha


    • The only problem is that damn Second Amendment. what were our forefathers thinking of. all the laws you make up are for the law-abiding citizens criminals do not obey laws. Simple solution, let the teachers concealed carry and gun shootings in schools will go down to almost nothing.

  10. Spot on with the notion that we’re all saturated in too much stuff. I first noticed it when I went to college in 2001. Moving? Here, take some of this stuff I’m trying to get rid of. Having a kid? Take some of my stuff I don’t use anymore. Any time I’ve had a life event like a move or a kid, several people offer me a ton of stuff. Which is nice, don’t get me wrong, but the oversaturation is totally evident.

  11. George;
    Have you gone to get your gallbladder checked. Abdominal pain or discomfort is often normal. Sometimes it is a warning sign. I feel a need to urge you to get checked. Been a PA-C for 41 years in active practice in Primary care and Emergency Medicine.
    Take care please.

    • It’s a “pogram”. This was published in 1991 – “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment.”
      – Bill Cooper.

      Are you willing to give up all your rights for a little perceived security? Like Europeans?

      • Awesome! I haven’t read bhold a pale horse by bill Cooper in a while. Perhaps I will pull if off the shelf and read it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. The throwover in 1929 lasted approximately 92 days (June 30 through Oct 1st), then went 16 days below upper channel line, then 5 days above before crash.

    Since 2018 is of a larger degree, the throwover lasted approximately 75 days, then a 6 day rally, then 7 days under the channel to the present day. (Meaning that ostrich egg is crackin’ any day now! my comment)

    (All taken from Elliot Wave Theorist 2/21/2108 Interim Report)

  13. I’m pretty sure the correction has ended George. On-ward and up-ward. As the addage goes,

    Ca$h talks, bulls-hit walks.

    I was reminded of that yesterday when I went to put a deposit on the mother in law place and someone beat me There by 2 hours and put first last and deposit down. The guy apologised, but in the end bidness is bidness. I will be back tomorrow with the money and someone with cash in hand, you know the deal. Didn’t hurt my feelings. Was disappointed it was a nice place. God has the best plan. Gotta go with that. Rich me!

    I saw you can get an LG 53″ 4K tv at Wal-Mart for $550 now. Couple years ago that would have set ya back three gee’s. Dontcha know, More is better. Lol

    I did the pyramid of 8’s and had a horrible day at work, lost the place I was hoping go get and my paycheck got mailed to the wrong address (my old address) thank God, my old roommates still live there. “how do you know this is bad fortune?” Said the old wise farmer. Lol So I ditched the 8’s.

    MMT (miracle money technique) always works well for me. 8 did not. 8 is a mobious symbol. Infinity right side up. 0 with a twist. A pair of 4’s.

    Had the day off, got the flue. I usually work no matter what but I have been sick for s few weeks now, so I thought it best to rest.

    Have a great day.

  14. Hi George,

    If possible on the PN side, perhaps you could share any thoughts you have regarding short/medium term expectations and likely trends for PMs and other alternative investments. Thanks.

  15. Keep in mind, George, that most of the excess of stuff was manufactured outside the USA and imported. Take a good look through your shop. You could afford all that stuff only because it is cheap crap. Run the prices of quality goods from 30-40 years ago thru the inflation calculator to see what quality costs.

      • Absolutely! But the fact is I have a fairly good collection right now. The situation is usually this, however – whenever I’m faced with a new job I’ve not worked on before I usually wind up with a new tool or two. That means I have to have it now which means I’m off to the brick and mortar stores.

  16. if you find golf balls with GPS built in let people know there I could use some there are a lot more golfers that are not as good as you out there

    • When I was a kid and my dad was golfing with my mom, we knew where to find her balls – they were always (at least some of them) at the bottom of the stream that ran through the course. And once we saw a guy in scuba gear getting the lost balls that they sold in the pro shop. (It was at the course in Seaside, Oregon – interesting place!)

  17. Okay George I did all the commentary on all the freaking post from everybody I thought that maybe you were getting tired of doing it

    • George, just checked the stock market closed for Friday and it looks like we only got another 1300 points to reset. will we make it probably so

  18. Because they the bikers and such have control over all the the systems of money I think we oughta just put them in into a reservoir or they can just say hey this is what we want to do but we can’t do it you know and by putting them in the place that they can’t affect what we want to do it’s really simple just say hey we’re not Donald Trump in other words we’re not doing it no more we’re not accepting your artificial money we’re going to make our own and that’s what Donald Trump’s going to do he’s going to start making her own money and going to like we don’t need these people who think they’re in power at this moment in time because they’re going down I mean you know I don’t know what the consequences are but I can guarantee you they’re not going to be in power no more

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