The “pause that refreshes?”  We shall see.

About the most exciting thing about this particular Monday is the insanity of the media.  While outfits like CNN are running with 13 healthcare and anti-Trump, anti-right stories and just 6 stories on other news (in my display, YMMV) for a 68.42% anti-Trump, anti-healthcare reform ratio, our own website was showing 3 Trump and healthcare in its first 19 items this morning, which we consider a more realistic view of Reality (16.8% Russia and Healthcare crap).  Eyeballs and ad budgets is the Media Business Model today.  See Heidi’s sexy topless selfie for…er….more.

Even MORE AMAZING is that the fellow “suicided” – who was supposed to testify this week against the Clinton Foundation – is virtually uncovered by the crooked lefties of the NE Liberal Press.  If you were a regular reader of the Haiti Sentinel, you’d see the REAL news is how a Former Official Found Dead ahead of Senate Testimony.”  Not counting this latest “suicide” we think stories like “Chilling similarities between Seth Rich murder and ‘Clinton Body Count’ victims” deserve much greater play than Russia email crap which was peddled to both parties especially the McCain democrats/RINOs.  Unless your media empire is already in bed with the capo dei capi, of course.

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While the Year of National Stupidity and Bullshit Tolerance Festival  (NS&BTF) continues, however, we will quietly be stacking cash, because like we told you the likely “fix” would be new all-time stock market highs to come in August.  It may be 5%, or more, above present levels.  But we’ll just have to see.  Then it will be “Look out below!” and more stacking of cash…


NY Fed Data, Markets

On the economics front the only major story this morning seems to be the NY Fed’s Empire State Manufacturing Survey just out:

“Business activity grew modestly in New York State, according to firms responding to the July 2017 Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The headline general business conditions index fell ten points to 9.8. The new orders index moved down to 13.3, and the shipments index fell to 10.5, suggesting that orders and shipments continued to grow, though at a somewhat slower pace than in June. Delivery times continued to lengthen, and inventory levels were fairly steady. Labor market indicators pointed to a small increase in employment and no change in hours worked. Input prices and selling prices rose at about the same pace as last month. Indexes assessing the six-month outlook suggested that firms remained positive about future conditions, though they were less optimistic than in June. “

Stock futures were up a shade ahead of the open…

Tomorrow, import-export prices and Wednesday will see Housing Start data.  Toss in Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) on Thursday (it’s an anagram, lol) and you have an eminently missable week.

We might toss in a brag, or two, here about our long-term skepticism of Bitcoin with the fabled “economic savior” scam down to $2,029 on an early quote.  Get your Iraqi dinars, too, while you’re at it.  We don’t like to play economic games where the “created wealth” is made up out of thin data, just as paper and ink “make up money” to keep the current system going.

I laugh my butt off when I hear various erudite sages claim that investing in real fractional shares of profitable companies is somehow crooked compared with their shill-like pimping of e-money which is made up from electrons and hype.  Too slow for real e-commerce we see a high correlation between blockchains and blockheads.

Reality Check:  We continue to hold that  fungibles – like gold, guns, grub, seeds, paid-up land and such – are where to park excess dough.  Yes, UrbanSurvival is an American Fundamentalist site – and with no apologies.

People investing in more “notional” items should hold only the  notion about getting full value in return.

But don’t listen to “old man sense” on this.  Lots of Millennials will find out for themselves when the Greater Depression arrives.  But first, we rally more to sell stock from strong hands to weak…which is what the coming month should unveil.  Gotta shock the kids when it happens.

Climate Change?


Still it’s tragic when we read how “THEY HAD NO WARNING’ At least 9 dead, including 5 kids, in Ariz. flash flood.” This was in Payson – a town of 16,000 about 65 miles up the hill from Scottsdale in the Mogollon Rim country – which is one possible destination for us when we move.

The weather is also “Chilly in Chile” as a most unusual snowfall has occurred.  Chile: 280000 lose power in first Santiago snowfall for 20 years.

Climate change?  LOL – Greenest damn summer ever here in East Textus, just sayin…  Ranchers here looking forward to four cuttings of hay this year…

UrbanSurvival Right Again?

As long as I’m on a climate discussion, hats off to Miranda Devine in the Daily Telegraph for saying that Al Gore’s climate hype is?  (you’ll love this!) A Business Model!

“Scaremongering is what Gore does best, and fear is the business model that has made him rich, though his every apocalyptic scenario has failed to materialise.”

Ah, sweet music to our ears.  Even as we read how “Research Team Slams Global Warming Data In New Report: “Not Reality… Totally Inconsistent With Credible Temperature Data” is still echoing between the empty space between the ears of the climate change pimps.

Feminist Attack on  Science (Oh, great!)

You’re going to just love this item in the Washington Post today “Why these professors are warning against promoting the work of straight, white men.”

WTF?  (Who are these people?)

Since when did science become gender specific?  Tripe and trash, as we see it.

I have no idea what feminist geography might be…but whoever did the work gets cited.

Or, do you prefer to living in a delusional world where we all finish first even if we have to handicap those who would otherwise be winners?

You see that’s the plight of America and the attack of the ultra-libs in a nutshell.  They don’t want winners…they want their interest group to “own” some turf.  Grows their tribe and such.  Marketing, marketing, marketing.  Business models…

Closely related: A reader who happens to be a high-end lawyer with a Century City address in LA-LA land recently sent out a colleague note about sham the story being peddled in today’s schools about how a black doctor who “invented blood transfusions” was denied a transfusion in a hospital and so he died…”  I looked into it:

The problem with this story is it isn’t true and was first “outed” as agenda story-telling back in 1989.  “Did the black doctor who invented blood plasma die because white doctors wouldn’t treat him?”  Credit to The Straight Dope for getting this right.

Even Wikipedia says that’s not true:

“Despite a popular myth to the contrary, once repeated on an episode of the hit TV series M*A*S*H, Drew’s death was not the result of his having been refused a blood transfusion because of his skin color. This myth spread very quickly since during his time it was very common for blacks to be refused treatment because there weren’t enough “Negro beds” available or the nearest hospital only serviced whites. In truth, according to one of the passengers in Drew’s car, John Ford, Drew’s injuries were so severe that virtually nothing could have been done to save him. Ford added that a blood transfusion might have actually killed Drew sooner.”

All of which should get us to looking at screen writers (was McCarthy onto something?) and how misinformation becomes dogma.

Was Dr. Drew a great man?  ABOLSUTELY.  Was his story twisted up for a racial/political/liberal agenda?  ibid.

And that’s the reason this attack on science done by white males is a key battle to watch.  The Washington Post is splashing ink about it.  So we figure it’s a new agenda item.

Turn off them lights – invented by a man!

We have so many other problems to worry about in America, this latest Gore-like attack on real science is an abysmal commentary on the fate of the Nation.

Let me put it this way:  This is how promoters and True Believers in Causes operate.  They peddle guilt, shame, and whatever else is at hand (including weather with a side order of tears) and enough stupid people glom onto it that first thing you know, we have a nation where no one gets to be first – and in a nutshell it is what ensures we will finish LAST.

World War III is being won without a shot being fired.  It’s the Head War and until you understand that theater of conflict and learn to operate autonomously on that battlefield, America is headed the same place the Drano and the Charmin went.

All today’s “cause babies” are selling the same shit.   Doesn’t matter if it’s a gender, a persuasion, a Foundation, or a climate scam, or a can’t vote on healthcare without Big John… all the same agenda.  Broken people built broken “solutions.”

Absent real scientific breakthroughs and an economic re-engineering of America, we will likely continue to make-shift monetize penises, boobs, weather….whatever the hell we can pick up free.  To hope THAT make an economy that works is totally delusional.

Silver lining for me?  It makes economic forecasting – in the long-term – ridiculously easy when you “get it.”

Speaking of the Obvious Future

The UK Sun article to be up on today? “‘WORLD WILL BE PLUNGED INTO HOLY WAR”WORLD WILL BE PLUNGED INTO HOLY WAR’: Time-capsule letter found after 22 years makes eerily accurate predictions about the future.”

D’oh. Religions of peace?