Markets Eye Election Trigger

One of the questions that comes up often in our “Comments” section on the UrbanSurvival site is whether Elliott waves are really “useful.”

In fairness to people asking, the answer is Yes!  But you need to understand where the “civilian” confusion comes from.

This week, I spent some time with my friend Robin Landry who’s an expert on the wave structures.  This morning’s we will discuss how he can hold a different view than Robert Prechters when both are looking at the same data…

After some headlines and coffee, to make sure we get off to a good start..

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8 thoughts on “Markets Eye Election Trigger”

  1. Anyone else participating in Robin’s Psychic Experiment. In the last OSS PSYCHIC SCORES, I was 40% correct on the test questions and 20% correct on the future questions. Not very good.

    I am # 1958.

  2. Things to ponder for November. Mueller will have bombshell report a few days after election. Two scenarios.

    1.If Dems take control of Congress, Trump will have no allies left…He said publicly if the GOP lost Congress, he would not take responsibility…Ha…So, he is tub thumping all over the country and inserting himself into the races and he doesn’t want to take responsibility? The Republicans WILL blame it all on Trump and we will have a contentious fight at least until the Mueller report comes out and it is more damning than we realize. He will be impeached…Markets take a dive.

    2. DEMS take a ton of seats, but not enough to fully take control…but enough to cause enough worry…especially for the moderates GOP’s who can make or break a vote. Trump shifts his stance and says it was because of him, that the GOP are still in control. This is why he went on the road in the first place. He knew he was going to get grilled by Mueller and he took a gamble to see if he could remain in favor and sell his “GOP Victory” to an increasingly skeptical base. The Mueller report comes out. Despite the damning report, Trump fights and call it all a sham and fires everyone in the justice department including Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. Trump goes into dictator mode. The American public wants a return to normalcy and both parties start to revolt. The GOP is left with a decision to make. Do they continue to support their brainless leader, or do they say…We have had enough…

    Rather than risk losing it all in 2020, they cut the cord with Trump and the dazed and confused Pence and then we have to deal with Paul Ryan, who surprisingly starts the healing process…mends fences and helps the GOP retain their majority in 2020. In the latter scenario, the markets initially take a huge dive, but knowing that the GOP is still in control and the volatility of Trump has been flushed out to the swamp in which he came, the market soars to new highs in 2019.

    Just my opinion. Nothing more.

  3. The Elliot waves use to contain a time component the no longer resemble the volatile waves we are seeing currently. These waves must be looked at as orchestrated market driven functions, in the sense that those that drive the market know when to create an uptick and know when to divest in that same uptick. The end result is a payday. The rapidity in which these upticks and downticks are occurring points to busy squirrels saving nuts for a cold winter! lol

    This same volatility, serves a dual purpose. It creates a false sense of trust in the market ability to secure earnings even as it’s volatile behavior persists. This is just cheese as bait. Guess who the rats are? One hint, if youu’rrrre not a squirrel! lol

  4. Mark, you speculate like what you say is true. The fake news is once again making a false case for an Anti-Trump Blue Wave when it doesn’t exist. PT will be making another jam filled speech in FL, making the Red Wave a more likely outcome.

    Then you say, “Just my opinion. Nothing more.” as the final CON to get us to believe as the gospel what you said. It is liberal fear mongering.

    • ECS,
      , Massive auto layoffs, (except at Silicon Valley’s Tesla, whose stock has been on fire) rising interest rates, slow housing market and a lying, unruly and totally clueless President is not only a recipe for a Blue Wave…it will be a deep Blue tsunami. Sad. My vote to save any semblance of Red politicians will be drowned out because of this goon we have in power.

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