Last-Minute Election Slams: Stand By for STUPID

We’re getting down to “short strokes” ahead of next Tuesday’s election.  And you might as well turn off the news now – and wait until Wednesday of next week because the “last minute slams” are coming hot & heavy.

Since the Robert Mueller fishing and hooker expedition hasn’t seemingly found anything in the way of Russian collusion, or we would have damn-sure heard about it by now, the only way to remind room-temp IQ voters of the probe has been the ‘attempted to set up Mueller’ with women making claims of a  sexual nature.  The story was being widely run by the “usual suspects” in the media who we view as decidedly anti-Trump: NBC. The Atlantic, and Rolling Stone.

Which part of any of this is supposed to be surprising?

We would like to believe the fairy-tale about equal justice, under the law, but we’d be pleased to change our tune should we ever want to operate a private email server here at the ranch.  But, you know, it’s hard to swallow the blue  pill after we read “Minority Report: Robert Mueller’s FBI Admitted They Arrested Veteran For What They Claim He Was Thinking.”  Welcome to Pre-Crime – which we thought was just a movie…

Meantime, in Florida, another worthy read is “David Horowitz: Corrupt Media Reaches for ‘Racism’ as Last Resort.”  Turns out, Tom Cruise was a traveler from the future in that one…

Meanwhile, the suspiciously-funded invasion caravan continues to approach the southern border.  And as this unfolds, we notice how the John Birch Society was (how  many times is this now?) RIGHT when they claimed decades ago that the US should NEVER have joined the United Nations.  We know this why?  “United Nations: Trump Must Allow Caravan Migrants into America.”  THEY tell us what to do? Ex-squeeze me?

Global Socialists absolutely hate Donald Trump.  He’s saying that as many as 15,000 troops may be deployed to the border…and because it’s defending an existing border, he doesn’t need “permission” for anyone to move.on the border problem.

All of which amounts to some fine reasons to switch off the news.  You’re bright enough and deep-thinking enough (we hope!) to see through the last minute  charges and “spectacular allegations” yet to come between now and pull my lever day next week.  What follows now to then is just pulling your chain.

Please!  An Economic Reality Check

All of this doesn’t mean we’re blindly supporting Trump.  Far from it.  But in the pre-election period, there is a LOT of Trump-bashing based on the economic data that he simply doesn’t own.

For example, when comes to spending:  the president doesn’t get to “make up a budget” and spend willy-nilly.  That gets decided in Congress.  If you’re worried about the National Debt, replace the clown posse on the Hill.

If you’re frightened by the recent declines in the stock market, you should be.  Smart investors (like us) already have our money off the table until the election is decided because we know that if democrats win either the house or senate, we will suddenly be in an economic quagmire and will suffer through two-years of recriminations and more false charges.  You see, the radical left can’t admit defeat.

So we’re not surprised to read headlines today like “Tech stocks plunged in October, suffering their worst month since the 2008 recession” and “‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says damage done to the stock market is ‘much, much worse’ than anyone is talking about.”

A little post-Halloween scary?  It’s a pant-load of crap. Let me share the Old Newsman’s View:

First, yes, the market is going down.  I posted the Crash dates for you last week.

What would cause a crash?  Split Congress comes to mind.  Two years of mud.

And how far down?  I’d be looking at an S&P of 2,520 before the end of November and if the after-Thanksgiving collapse goes badly, then anywhere from 1,850 down to 1,540 on the S&P is possible.

This is not financial advice, nor is it a prediction.  It’s just how we read the data over on the side of things. (It’s $40-bucks a year to subscribe…)

If it looks like a split decision, these will be logical targets following technical analysis…which is  as much art as science….We will update the charts and counts of waves on Saturday for PN subscribers.

For the screaming me-me’s, though, even though we have seen some losses on Wall Street, let’s review some of the data.   After all, we’re fact-based decision-,makers, right?

The Dow earlier this morning was set to open around 25,200 based on the futures prices.  When Donald Trump took office, the Dow was around 20,000.  Govt any other investment’s that have gained 25% in that period?

On the NASDAQ – where the liberals really are in charge – the Trump swearing in saw levels around 5,600 on tne NASDAQ Composite.  Yesterday, the ^IXIC closed at 7,305.90.  If it’s too early for math?  That’s a 30-percent gain even AFTER the alarmist headlines line “The stock market lost nearly $2 trillion in October. Here’s what happened.

Cry me a fricking river.  Whines – damn whiners, I tell yah.

The democrats are going into the Tuesday election with no real – winnable – issues.  They are aligned with the same globalist losers who have stolen freedom from the European Union  and they will lead to the break-up of the global internet over socialist fire-walling – like China’s already rolled with.  The European Unions GDPR – which is the closest thing to a digital shakedown as you’ll find – is going after 4 percent of firm’s global revenues if they don’t conform with labeling practices demanded by their socialists in Brussels.

Who, we might add, as so desperate for more revenue to keep their schemes afloat – that they are surrounding the Russians.  Who, we remind you, lost 20-million souls in  The Great War –  so they don’t trust people like the Germans. Nor the Brussels Buffoons.

This is why when the Depression shows up, the Russians will be fighting (again) for their national survival and homeland in what will be a final stand against the expansion of the EU’s economic imperialism  of which GDPR begins to reveal to the clear-thinking student of history.  GDPR shows us how the EU is already making global claims and you bet, Vlad Putin is smart for seeing the drift.  Brussels in making-up megalomaniac accounting to remain solvent.  Global Highwaymen.

[BTW: If you are in Europe and don’t agree to our UrbanSurvival European User Charges, consider yourself liable to US for 79% of your global net worth!]  (See how silly this is?  It’s where WARS come from!  Lebensclick, jawohl?)

I know…a lot to take in.  But there is a bigger game afoot here in the elections.  America stands or falls. Use your brain, turn off the chatter and the bullshit and vote the logic, not the hype.

To the chagrin of the election riggers, that’s not partisan, except insofar as both parties lie, but we do have data and we do have borders.  Some may even have brains.

Or, at least, we used to.

Neither party “owns” the economy.  They’re both crooked and have spent more than we make.  And they screwed the pooch and sold the pups as they job-jacked America clean of middle income jobs and then blame one-another.  Poor street theater, at best.

But that’s all the plan, you see:  Hollow out the middle and pit the millions of poor against the rich.

Rather than loving and leveling, they’re dividing and deviling.  Which ain’t the American way…at least it wasn’t, up to now.

Job Cut Data

Remember a minute ago, I told you 2,520 for the S&P in our view?  Or much, much lower?  Well, here’s the detail on the job cuts report:

“For the third time this year, one company’s announcement has made up the bulk of job cuts for one month, as U.S.-based employers announced plans to cut 75,644 jobs from their payrolls in October, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc..”

Tomorrow the Federal employment numbers will be out.

On the other hand, data just out from the Labor Department shows, in our view, what happens when people turn-off social media at work:  Productivity screams!

Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 2.2 percent during the third quarter of 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 4.1 percent and hours worked
increased 1.8 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the third quarter of 2017 to the third quarter of 2018, productivity increased 1.3 percent, reflecting a 3.7-percent increase in output and a 2.4-percent increase in hours worked.

Labor productivity, or output per hour, is calculated by dividing an index of real output by an index of hours worked by all persons, including employees, proprietors, and unpaid family workers.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 1.2 percent in the third quarter of 2018, reflecting a 3.5-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 2.2-percent increase in labor productivity. Unit labor costs increased 1.5 percent over the last four quarters.

Nice one! See?  those dropping social statistics may be good for us!

Dow futures are up 100 – as we head for that line on the charts where I’ve been telling you the market would be working toward in order to be in a “break either way” position based on election outcomes.

The break dates to watch  should be around the 8th or 9th – next Thursday and Friday  – in our work.  If this is a bounce…well, more for subscribers this weekend.

Snippy and Quippy

With the press releases and stories like  Health insurer Cigna raises forecast on tight cost control we keep wondering if Obamacare wasn’t the best payday ever for health insurance companies…  Even more liberal snooze outfits are running stories like Forget ‘Repeal and Replace.’ The One Issue Unifying Americans Is Affordable Health Care  but without mentioning all the lies about how it was foisted on the public by a duplicitous congress and president..

Texas storms are heading east today: Storms, possible tornado close some Mississippi schools.  We had almost 2-inches in the gauge here in the East Texas Outback overnight.  We knew it would be a wet one when the cat stayed in…

Moron the ‘morrow then…

28 thoughts on “Last-Minute Election Slams: Stand By for STUPID”

  1. An overlooked benefit of President Trump’s election rally tour of the USA is how much respect it has brought him from World Leaders. They see his drive & commitment to “Make America Great Again”…showing he is a man who “SAYS WHAT HE MEANS, & MEANS WHAT HE SAYS” unlike our previous milktoast president. Senator Biden, in is homespun manner, tries to blame PT for all the division, & stated the news is our friend not our enemy. Everyone knows SB is lying & is not fooling anyone. SB & the news have declared war on PT because PT is for the people & not fostering political hacks financial gains. The voters know this & are stand in line packing PT rallies.


  2. Very astute article. As you watch some of the tighter races it is amazing how much certain democrats move right, when they have voted hard left at every opportunity. Making this election a national one, forcing everyone to look at the National consequences has been a very good move for the Republicans. I mean really, who wants to see Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Chuck-you Shumer as Majority Leader? I think the media and the left stepped in it big time with their antics with Kavanaugh, Mueller, open boarders, Trump derangement syndrome, etc. I think those who continue to give credence in the news are the same people that think man made global warming is based in real science. My prediction, this is going to be a repeat of 2016. Wednesday the Dems are going to be wondering what hit them. Oh it was Trump, again!!!!!

  3. George, a couple of observations.

    The Democrats do not seem to be offering much in the way of a “plan” when trying to sway voters. They are against Donald Trump and against closing the border to illegals and against just about everything that Trump has done or stands for (regardless of how crude and misaligned he sometimes seems to be). Is it possible to win when your are “against” everything that the other side is for. Where is their leadership?

    I notice the recent media ratings show Fox ahead of all the other media outlets put together with CNN running basically dead last. Is this telling us something? In my opinion, one of the fatal mistakes Hilary Clinton made in 2016 was to call Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Now CNN has told us that Trump supporters are white males most of whom have been right wing radicalized. Is it possible that Trump’s support is much wider and deeper than CNN thinks!

    • Bob…

      The tone and repetition of Trump’s speeches scares me. But then I’m far to the right of the bell curve on both IQ and EQ, so neither the content nor the emotion satisfies me. And it is not likely any government official ever will.

      I hear numerous of Trump’s continuing speeches around the country and see parts of them. My housemate is an ardent Trump supporter. Right Side Broadcasting plays constantly here at home.

      Trump’s support is not all white male. It is not even all white.

      His support base reminds me of the type of people I grew up around in a neighborhood that had been built for a GM plant. These people do things, make things, and make things happen where the rubber meets the road. They had nice moderate houses and took care of their yards. They had hobbies like fishing and hunting and maybe had a bass boat or a ski boat. They had tools and knew what to do with them. They raised families and sent kids to college. Rock. Solid.

      GM eventually closed the manufacturing section, then the parts division, and the old neighborhood faded away, to be taken over by immigrants of more than a dozen nationalities. The neighborhood was no longer as attractive or as safe. The multinational influx ‘saved’ the local economy from implosion, as it divided into numerous cliques that interacted only where money transacted, and children were taught. Dark underworld influences came in. A long-time seafood restaurant owner told me of human trafficing going on. Gang insignia showed up on the sides of buildings. Gunfire in the night was common.

      I really enjoyed the International Farmers Markets and ethnic restaurants that came into the area. I did not enjoy putting bars on the doors and windows for safety.

      Trump supporters look to be the kind of people who had a similar experience, and “want their old neighborhood back”. I don’t think the new version of “the old neighborhood” needs to be all white. I think they would want everyone to speak English, however. I don’t think they need everyone to be Christian, however, the laws and prevailing moral code are Judaeo-Christian based, and I think they would want that seriously honored.

      l cannot speak to what happened at other times and places. I am no student of the history of the melting pot of America. What I personally witnessed was not a ‘melting pot’. It was a fragmentation into cliques that interacted as little as possible and did not trust each other.

      But let’s get back to the origin of the changeover. The economic base of the community left town. Due to several locational factors the void was rapidly filled with numerous, much lower quality options, and the original, now ageing, homeowners mostly moved away.

      I’d like to continue with these thoughts, but I have to get back to work. Long story short – I think Trump supporters are the types of people who literally built this country with their sweat and blood, and they want a restoration of the economic opportunity they and their parents helped create.

      [Note to non-Caucasian/’non-white’ races: Please do not troll me on this post. Slavery, the treatment of Asians, Amerindians, and numerous others, is a huge stain on the history of the USA. Many other nations have such a stain also. I am reporting here on my personal experience with a particular neighborhood and how it might give me some insight into the general characterization of ‘Trump supporters’]

  4. If your looking for a chipmaker at the forefront of AI, XLNX seems to fit the bill. Just hit a 52 week high in a bear market which shows strong market support, plus it pays a dividend. It looks a little pricey now, but in the low 70’s it is cheap. The Inernet of Things with AI, robotics, blockchain leading the charge looks to me to be the main investment areas of the future, & they all need tons of chips. Plus chips is a high cost of entry business which helps eliminate completion of which there is much.

    • Mark, I can’t seem to wrap my head around TSLA & Elon Musk. It all seems to be a scam to me, but a well put together one. That is probably why Tesla is headquartered in CA. Also, GM management is its worst enemy.

      • 2017 operating loss: $1.606 billion
        net income from continuing Operations 2017 $-2.240
        Lost $129.66 million in MRQ ending June 30.
        But as we read from the Book of Ure:
        “At the top of Wave II bounces as a major decline begins, optimism is often HIGHER than it was at the All Time Market Highs!”

        Thanks Elon for giving me something to short next week… Free Advice: Less 420 hype and more bottom line attention, perhaps?

      • ECS and George,
        Tesla is no scam…Let me tell you why Tesla is a darling right now…I am 7 weeks into my new Tesla Model 3. I will send George a pic of it by email.

        This is by far the best car I have ever driven in my lifetime. And…I have had very nice cars…Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc. Other than a Jeep Grand Cherokee I bought in the 90’s, this is the first American made cars I have owned in a long time.

        This car is so awesome…it doesn’t feel American, Japanese or German. It rides like it’s other worldly…I have the dual motor and get 310 miles per charge…In seven weeks, I have never been to a charging station. I average about 45 miles of driving a day…come home..park it in the garage and with just a 110v outlet…(5 miles per hour charge)…I more than make up for the days drive. if you have a 220v, you get 25 miles an hour. If I had to go to a Tesla Supercharging station, (They’re everywhere) and had a long trip coming up…I could get over 5-7 miles per minute. Most Tesla charging stations (as many as 20 or more stalls) are located in shopping malls and areas where there is a lot of food great opportunity to grab a bite while charging.

        And that is the reason why the stock is hot…and why it will exceed. The self driving features…the incredible technology that is on the screen display…the roominess inside due to no engine…the incredible torque and acceleration, the sleek and luxurious lines, the interesting little Easter eggs they implant in the screen…Musk thought of everything.

        The Model 3 is in full production and they are fully sold out. I was at my club the other day and my oldest son was visiting from the Midwest where he doesn’t get to see a lot of Tesla’s and he counted 42 Tesla’s in the parking lot of my club… There are literally thousands on the road here. I live in a moderately priced neighborhood…I am not pretentious House wise…we are outdoors a lot here year round…and there are 8 Tesla’s just on my block.

        No, there is general excitement about this car. When I see someone in a parking lot with one…we all think we are in some kind of club…and look at each other and say…How do you like it? We both respond…”Best Car we have ever driven. It’s like riding on air.”

        Despite Musk’s quirks…he is deep down a genius and genuine visionary. Remember, that Steve Jobs was asked to leave by John Scully because of his volatile and stubborn management style. And their books and financials were a mess in those early years. Yet… It all worked out for Apple.

        And Tesla is headquartered in California because that is where the Intellectual capital is to develop a car like this. Not because we are nuts. Funny thing is…I still have my Mercedes. Rather than turn it in…I decided to test out Turo…sort of an Airbnb for cars. I am sold out for the month…I get up to,$90 a day to rent it out…another advantage of the sharing economy..When it is returned..I pick it it up at the drop off point and drive it to get washed and return it to the drop off point for the next guy…after being in my Tesla…the 1.5 year old Mercedes seems like an antiquated old Jalopy. There is lag in pick up…it’s seems noisy and cramped. I will never buy a gas powered car ever again…Even the biggest skeptics that have test driven these cars get hooked. No…Tesla will be just fine..

      • I bought a plug in for the wife and her commute to work..just like a car depending on who’s driving depends on the mileage you get. Like I get almost sixty miles to a charge the wife 35 to 37 the kids borrowed it and got thirty ..
        Love it everyone should own one..I do wish that there was a converter from real a charge station to far there isn’t.
        Well after six months I had to let it go just to gas..the reason I was afraid the gas would go bad. We didn’t have to put one gallon in the car..and..I love the xm radio..

      • As Promised, Mark sent me picture of his Tesla and I gotta admit, it is a stylish automobile. I just can’t figure how to pack a long enough extension cord on the rear spoiler/deck….Especially here in Texas where the distance from here to El Pisso is about 740 as the trooper flies… which if I figure it right means a 450 mile extension…. In Texas, people will drive 700 miles for coffee…

      • I was going to buy a leaf for the wife.. but … I ended up getting lucky.. they had rolled off a prius plug in just before i jumped.. I had been trying to get one.. and of course around here there just isn’t much call for one so it was the first.. and wow.. love it.. nice leather seats the radio is kick butt.. now if I can talk the wife into letting me drive it LOL.. good mileage… there is an addition you can put on the prius and I am pretty sure the tesla to..
        I wish they made a converter from the tesla power chargers to prius ev.. that would be awesome.. unfortunately no one has it yet.. since it would have to convert dc to ac.. we did put in a fast charger at home though and it charges the car in about a half hour to an hour..
        years ago when we bought our first prius.. there is a professor friend that I have that had bought one the year before.. he had the car converted and a solar panel addition put on it.. I think they had to do that in canada at the time.. but the difference was that while he was shopping or even driving the car would recharge itself.. he had paid out a whopping five dollars in a year for gas.. so far except for the week we drove it without charging the batteries.. we haven’t had to put in one gallon of gas..
        of course I would be a victim of road rage if I lived in one of the bigger cities with the way I drive.. I did get a tickle I have waited decades to hear.. we were going out to eat one evening and the wife yes she said it.. HONEY SLOW DOWN YOUR SPEEDING…. LOL the last time I got a ticket was over twenty five years ago and I asked the highway patrolman if he had a camera.. and he got this puzzled look on his face.. and asked why.. I said I need photo proof I got one because no one on gods green earth will believe I got a speeding ticket.. He laughed and gave me a warning instead.. LOL LOL…even when I preach velocity and distance they don’t get it.. going a short distance doesn’t make much difference how fast your going it is mere minutes at the most.. and most of the time the person in a hurry is just getting out of his car when you pull in.. so why not relax enjoy the ride and not fear a ticket..

        Interesting thing I got thinking about.. got the kids a small toy gyroscope.. and I hooked a sinker to it.. you know after playing with that I think that is something to play with on a larger scale..

  5. George,

    So, you say that Trump is not responsible for passing the Trump tax cuts?

    You know, the one that just added 10% to the national debt, trashed your dollar, and raised interest rates? You know, the one that (along with killing medical care/pre-existing conditions) he spent all that time on? Instead of fixing the border (I told you how)? The one that offloaded corporate balance sheet expenses onto the national debt? The one that was going to pay for itself? The one that sparked all those stock buybacks?

    What planet are you on? Best, Mike.

    • Mike,

      Interest rates rising is Fed policy and it is the result of a stronger economy! Lowest unemployment in half a century. Wages grwoing fastest in a decade. Destroyed the dollar? Nope, quite the opposite. What are you smoking Dude?

  6. On border takedown issues, it seems to me if the border between U.S. and Mexico comes down, it would render one or the other national governments unnecessary. I vote for Mexico’s government to disappear. Their legal system is based on Napoleonic Law which requires an accused person to prove their innocence – often from the confines of jail. Just won’t work for us at all.
    If the border goes away, the debt Mexico has to the U.S. could be cancelled in exchange for access to new lands under U.S. governance, the Mexicans could become citizens here, learn English as their new language while we could relieve the crowded West coastal areas and commence developing the coastal areas there for a booming construction economy and satisfy our own desire for a never-ending growth economy.
    Both countries could halt their adversarial relationship as our nation grows. They would all benefit financially. We could finally wipe out the drug cartels with our superior military and our (both sides as one) job picture would improve as industry expands to the new acquisition while no one would have to flee Northward for work.
    Win, win for all.

  7. There is no saving this nation from destroying itself from internal conflict….we the people have strayed from the founders blue print , way to far, and farther yet from the ‘hand of GOD’……doomed to the trash bin of history, as others before us….imo

  8. “we keep wondering if Obamacare wasn’t the best payday ever for health insurance companies… ”

    OTFLMAO… excuse me.. that isn’t even a questionable issue for me since they wrote the bill.I couldn’t even get through the whole thing the way it was written would take a team of Harvard and Yale lawyers years to decipher..LOL LOL… all those people on the hill on recess or some work period and even came out and said they didn’t have time to read that monstrosity but voted for it.even when Rand Paul tried to get a bill passed the read the bills bill.. it was viewed negatively by the vast majority of those that would have to actually sit down and read a bill before voting on it… I doubt seriously if any of them could actually write a bill for themselves. One thing I am pretty sure of though is if those idiots did actually write a bill by themselves it more that likely could be read by the average high school graduate, Maybe even an eight grade graduate..It doesn’t make any difference anyway.. the numb brained idiots have pretty much sold away to the puppeteers the constitution and themselves anyway..

    Awkward situation was I had to show the wife the next years budget… especially since the last medical tests I had were not so good. I won’t know till next week but having over thirty years with the medical field as one of my part time hats well we both pretty much have an idea what they are going to say..There are some really big decisions ahead and she should know what she is facing.. it is one thing for me to juggle and manage but quite another for her to face the unknown even though we discuss these situations regularly she hates to get into it due to the sheer frustration and futility of it all ..
    there isn’t anyway that I can see where she could maintain the house at present income levels..even if all the high cost insurances were dumped.(not counting future increases in the basics). and heck.. good lord knows they target everyone. we like the majority of the blue collar workers are what you would say insurance poor…. the non negotiable building costs have shot past income levels… and every time I tried to make cuts.. well the old saying of Matthew 8:12
    But the subjects of the kingdom will be thrown outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
    “Mosiah 16: 2.
    2 And then shall the wicked be cast out, and they shall have cause to howl, and weep, and wail, and gnash their teeth; and this because they would not hearken unto the voice of the Lord; therefore the Lord redeemeth them not.”

    “Matthew 22:13“Then the king told the attendants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    only to discover that those cuts were just the icing on the cake and they didn’t take hold anyway..

  9. “Meanwhile, the suspiciously-funded invasion caravan continues to approach the southern border. And as this unfolds, we notice how the John Birch Society was (how many times is this now?) RIGHT when they claimed decades ago that the US should NEVER have joined the United Nations. We know this why? “United Nations: Trump Must Allow Caravan Migrants into America.” THEY tell us what to do? Ex-squeeze me?”

    It wasn’t that long ago that I seen a UN convoy traveling by with mobile missile launchers among the vehicles…. I often wondered what they were up to..I still do.. and with some of these countries openly saying they will send in warriors among the refugee’s..

    we already know that women have no value in the quran .. when was the last time you seen an old man blow something up as a terrorist.. hmm not.. some young man or woman.. say.. if you won’t do it for forty virgins I will pray for you so you get eighty.. give me a break..

    what could ten thousand warriors do…

  10. “Neither party “owns” the economy. They’re both crooked and have spent more than we make. And they screwed the pooch and sold the pups as they job-jacked America clean of middle income jobs and then blame one-another. Poor street theater, at best.

    But that’s all the plan, you see: Hollow out the middle and pit the millions of poor against the rich.”

    You hit the nail right on the head with those comments George!

    • He stayed in almost all night – getting me up at 4 AM because he wanted a snack. Never done that before, so I am banking on some snow here this year…very cold. 39 here this AM

  11. “Neither party “owns” the economy. They’re both crooked and have spent more than we make. And they screwed the pooch and sold the pups as they job-jacked America clean of middle income jobs and then blame one-another. Poor street theater, at best.

    But that’s all the plan, you see: Hollow out the middle and pit the millions of poor against the rich.”

    You really hit the nail on the head with this statement George. IMHO the rich are banking on the old “divide and conquer” strategy.

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