Markets and Quaketivity

(Gig Harbor, WA)   The 6.0/6.1 quake this weekend down in the Napa Valley area north of San Francisco is waking people up to a couple of things:

One:  Prepping with food water and ham radio isn’t just a theoretical pastime.

Two:  Energy from space and the Sun just might actually mean something on Earth.


imageThere was a 6.9 quake reported in Peru this morning which supports the idea that the eastern part of the Pacific Ring of Fire is now beginning to heat up in a major way.

As the workweek begins down in California, the damage totals are still be added up.

But more than 100 people have been treated for injuries and it’s quite the mess – state of emergency in place, and all.

Headlines like “SF escapes largest quake in decades with no disturbances” seem, well, a false sense of security.

When comes to the US West Coast, the Big One is only a matter of time.


Nipping at 2,000

The new all-time high for the S&P last week 1994.76 fell just short of crossing the big psychological gulf into the 2,000+ realm.  when I looked earlier, the S&P futures were up 7, so there’s a fair chance that given even modestly good economic news, we could hit the annual high this week, more or less on schedule.

A couple of things to watch on housing:  A key report will come out this morning and tomorrow will see the latest S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city housing data.

Driving around the Seattle/Tacoma area this weekend, we found no shortage of inventory.  Prices are firm, too.

The balance of the week had durable goods, Chicago purchasing manager numbers Friday, and other data *(like GDP) so the week has some upside potential for the bulls if the 2,000 barrier gets crossed today.

Hold on Syria Bombing?

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs is quoted as saying that ISIS is not a “direct threat” on the US yet, and is holding back against bombing in Syria to cut their options.

All of which runs a bit sideways to Chuck Hagel’s remarks of last week,. but in either case, it comes down to a simple matter of how you want to read Art of War.

Not that I am a strategic genius, but seems to me that when a bunch of upstarts in any location start announcing intent to harm America and follow through with a beheading (questioned as a false flag on conspiracy boards), seems to me we don’t wait for them to attack home soil.

Take the game to them, kick some butt, and that’s that.

This nicey-nice crap is just a little too Lord Chamberlain-like.  While I’m not suggesting Gen. Martin Dempsey change his first name to Neville, people in the sand pile respect only one thing.

Hey, Neville!  ISIS just took a Syrian air base this morning…wanna rethink your view?

And if we want a future when small groups don’t walk around kicking sand in our faces (and reports say ISIS has raised more than $125-million, thanks in part to European countries allowing ransom to be paid via “aid organizations” we need to consider these fellows are building a business model.

If you can pick a fight with the USA, do a beheading, and then have a waffling general, I’d say we’re likely looking at slip on the back-end for every day of delay on the front end.  There’s no point in having overwhelming force if you’re not willing to use it.

Seems to me that a few “tactical glass factories” would send the entire world a message – America is nuts and will go balls to the wall when pissed.  So let’s not mess with Uncle.

Of course, this will never happen: Because it would require political will and the ability to articulate being willing to “kill for peace.”  Which the upstarts know, and now look for them to attack American soil.  Not so much because they want to bring their fight here, openly, yet.  They are still infiltrating at all levels.

But what they can (and I expect will) do is something of an attack here which they will turn into a fund-raiser and we’re just growing the cancer bigger.  When it can be “burned” out right now. 

Hey Neville!  Russian APCs into Ukraine this morning….those cookie-makers at State sure set us up good on this one, huh? 

Waiting for enemies to get stronger is the height of strategic stupidity. It’s why we don’t have a southern border, except for law-abiding people.  No respect for law?  No border!  WTF?  Punish the law-followers, reward the criminals…that’s the Washington Cartel Way.

And it’s why ISIS will strike America in time – because the feminization of foreign policy and the disarming of ‘Merica is a methodical way to blunt the sharp edge of the spear.  It’s why Russia is rebuilding its buffer states.

Of course, with my “take no bullshit” campaign (TNBS 2016) solid, secure borders, gold-backed money, self sufficiency, and a labor equalization tax on all imported goods, I could never be allowed to hold office. 

But what about you?  (Where’s my meds?) Why can’t America elect strong, decisive leaders, anymore?

Oops…lead….Sorry!  That’s the word people can’t handle.  Change, transparency, mumbo-jumbo of slickster marketing?  Sure, people will vote for free apple pie and more welfare…what a surprise, huh?  But lead or (god forbid) Vision….ain’t hap-nin.  We are hopelessly screwed and you won’t run for office.

And why not?  Coward?

Notes from the Prairie

Up in the wilds of Winnipeg, our news analyst fellow has been hard at work:

Dear Mr. Ure,

Here are a pair of  links related to infectious disease that you may find to be interesting reading. There was the April 1 advice from the Saudi Ministry of Health restricting issuance of certain hajj visas although not mandated by the WHO. Secondly is the Internet Archive’s October 28, 2013 page capture of a WHO infectious disease ward design for Sierra Leone.


Channel News Asia, subsidiary of a Singaporean government-owned investment company, reported that a small shipment of Fukushima rice was being placed for retail sale in Singapore. The quoted price may have ensured brisk sales from the Japanese retailer.

The High Cost of Commercial TV

That reminds me:  Elaine and I were watching TV for the first time this weekend.  Yes, we get TV at the Ranch, but it’s free-to-air (FTA) TV from multiple countries and there are no commercials in it.  And, when we watch important content (Blacklist, Crossbones, Suits…) it’s only 43-minutes for an hour episode.

Work with me on the math here:  Most of the (standard def) shows are $1.99 per episode.

That saves 15-minutes of life.

If make $8 an hour (after tax) it means time spent watching commercials versus buying breaks even at $8/hour take home.

If you make more (and can score the overtime), you’re money ahead working overtime then buying time-compressed media without the BS filler/ads..  TV with ads if for people who can’t do math, have no hustle, and want to be led around like idiots.

“Tell you doctor if you experience…”  It really is a 200 channel wasteland.

At this rate, TV corps will be reduced to buying audience for $8.00 per hour per pair of eyes….is watching ads all day for money a silly idea?  Like doing it free for 17-minutes an hour now is exactly rational?

Attention Inventors!

An article in The Atlantic says surprise:  Students aren’t getting enough sleep.

Go ahead:  Invent the combo cellphone blocker and wireless block that runs from 10PM to 5 AM…

More tomorrow…be there,unless your router is blocked until 9 so you can sleep peacefully…