After taking one “on the chin” Friday, and to our way of looking at things heading down to the S&P 2500 region sooner rather than later (*Not financial advice, just ole grumpy moi) we ought to have a “partial” day.  Down a hundred at some point?

That’s because America, Land of the Brave, is also Land of the Divided so as a result, the mostly-useless Congressoids have not been able to square-away the uniform observance of Veteran’s Day.

If you haven’t been to school for a while, the first Veterans day followed WW I.  Which leads us to observe that in 100-freaking years, Congress still can’t “get it right.” Molasses and turtles smoke these clowns.

What they can do (all too well) is bicker and kvetch. Take the liberally over-wrought CNN.  All worked into a lather because Donald Trump was chastised by the French over (near as we can figure) daring to be an independent nation.

As we behold Rock 3: Europe has a terrible ego problem and it’s one of the major stressors in today’s world.  They can’t seem to get it through their heads that…

  1. We bailed Europe out of not one, but TWO world wars which they likely would have lost had it not been for America dropping in to save the day.
  2. Europe has already announced plans to effectively annex Russia; announcing a couple of years back their vision for a European Union that would stretch from “Portugal to Vladivostok.”  They neglected to ask the owners of Vladivostok about that…Russia’s been pissed ever since.
  3. European Socialists are continuing to give Russia good reasons to hold military exercises. Remember Ukraine?  The front is hardening there.
  4. The EU plans are generally globalist-expansionist in all directions when you look.  Wasn’t it Google they wanted to fine 4-percent of worldwide revenues for crossing some lines (allegedly, lol) in Europe?
  5. We took down our rather “salty” GDPR notice a while back.  We don’t predominantly target Europe.  We have a smarter following.

European Unionistas represent the stand-up comic version of governance.  Until the Brussels Sprouts came along, I would have thought two world wars would have at least hinted that Europe is ungovernable as One.  Maybe we’re just quicker-studies on this side of the pond.  They’re asking like a regional U.N. and that’s not at all good.  Agenda 21 and all…

Meantime, though, the EU doesn’t seem to be able to pay for all of NATO which, we’d remind globalist stooges, isn’t keeping Russia military units out of Nebraska or Massachusetts.

So please pardon us – as in the U.S. -us –  if we don’t pick up the whole tab on everything.  The best Euro-socialists can hope for in the longer-term is a five-way world.  The U.S., Russia, China, and then some consortium like the BRICs because that’s where the resources are.  The arrogant and prickish  Europeans long-ago stripped out most of their resources except, perhaps, hot air.

We’d offer French president Macron a mirror before calling out the “nationalists” who have picked up the tab for so long. “Dog in a manager” – remember the story?

With a different mood in America, we have our own borders to begin picking up the tab for…let Europe relearn history at their own expense.

Not to Rag on CNN…

….but, I did tell you a week, or so, back that we would have a potential “news shortage” after the mid-terms.  Recounts and Fires are saving November revenue, by the look of things.

Fortunately for the legacy media (which CNN is part of, in our analysis), the recounts could drag out of few more days.  Which will give them a chance to use terms like “fury,” “Assault,” and “constitutional norms.

Hot buttons to build quarter-hours for the ad sellers for the all-news radio-types, too..

Korea Gets Hot

Rather than counting on recounts, see the NY Times story with some photos of interest about how Kid Korea has maybe been deliberately deceiving the West about his promise to back off nuclear and missile development.

If true, president Trump would lose a lot of creds, but on the flip-side there would be less House opposition to keep reasonable military budgets, even if they won’t like what Trump does with ’em.

Politics of Real Estate

We’ve also long-offered the view that Donald Trump is a proxy-president for commercial real estate interests.  On our subscriber side, we’ve covered this in analyses like “Bezos and Bentonville:  Barbarians at the Mall.”

Therefore, it’s with keen interest we looked at the Washington Post on this “slow news morning”  – pseudo-holiday that it is – to see how the winds are blowing.  Sure enough, it’s worth reading “Key Democrat wants to question whether Trump targeted CNN, Washington Post .”

Not to be excessively repetitive, but the reason Trump won the White House in the first place, as we see it,  was he leapfrogged over traditional (corporate) mass media by going Twitter-consumer-direct.  He’s still doing that.

We have a longer discussion of where the MSM is going Wednesday in Peoplenomics.  But do keep a close eye on the trench warfare between legacy media on the one hand and the on the other.

Battle’s on.  Bezo and his Bots versus Trumply Tweets – sounds like capitalist Rasslemania, fo sho….


Depends where you work, whether this is a “workin’ day” or not.  Most of the larger banks are closed,  Most state and local offices, too.  Schools are a dice-roll.

On the other hand, with the Post Offices closed today, no bills, no more “last minute Medicare 2019 flyers” and no “Black Friday” hype.  Frankly, we’ll kinda miss it…UPS and FedEx roll, though.


Zeus-the-Cat informed me last night that in CatWorld there are only two seasons.  And we have just entered Fall-ter.  He explains that much of the country should be able to grok that this week, what with snow due into western Oklahoma and much of the country dissonant over the “un-climate-changly” weather we’ve been having.

Zeke got to stay in because our part of Texas got 3+ inches of rain in the gauge overnight, but it was the thunder – huge thunderstorm that kept us up.  Now, it’s about to drop into freezing temps and this is several weeks ahead of “usual” around here.

Tell me it ain’t so:  Al Gore got it back-asswards?  We shall see, but if this is a solar minimum, the major issue won’t be “warming” – it will become not blowing ourselves up as we fighting for declining fuel and food stocks.

Other side of climate?  California fire death toll is north of 30 now.

Counting Our Chickens

An hour before the open, the Dow was set to open down 84 points – which would come on top of the 201 point downer Friday.  Being short is nice.

Tomorrow there’s the NFIB small business optimism index due, along with a bond auction (exciting?  Not hardly, lol), then Fed Boss Jerome Powell speaks Wednesday. Industrial Production and Utilization comes out Friday and will be of a bit more interest.  Real economic question is whether the Trump Bump is anything more than a stock-buyback frenzy on the verge of burn-out, or if it has some longer-term legs under it.

Since Housing is beginning a slow topping and then slide possible in 2019, we do have some trepidation about what happens to the market next.

Let me give you one number to think about:  When the Dow bottomed out in 2009 it was around 6,420 – going from memory.  Today, with with an 89-point loss, the Dow would still be in the 25,900 range.

Let that sink in a bit:  The Dow is FOUR-TIMES HIGHER than 2009 lows.

The word that comes to mind?  Bubblicious!

Don’t mind me, though.  There’s got to be someone willing to buy things at the top.  It’s just not us.

Day Off for Pigs, Chickens, Too

In honor of the (observed) Holiday, we will forego the usual eggs and bacon or ham this morning.  Opting instead for a new taste experiment: Paleo Pancake and Waffle Mix by Birch Benders, Low-Carb, High Protein, High Fiber, Gluten-free, Low Glycemic, Prebiotic, Keto-Friendly, Made with Cassava, Coconut and Almond Flour, 42 Ounce 1-pack.

Zeke (ZtC) offered to kick-in a mouse or two if we were still hungry.  I’m eyeing leftover chicken teriyaki and thinking mouse might be an interesting change-up since chicken teriyaki and pancakes is a bit over the top.

“Moron the ‘morrow…”

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