Market Slides to 3 Down – Ure’s ER Visit

Don’t look now, but markets are getting into some really hairy straits.

While there had been hope earlier in the week that a rally would grab hold and save the day, hopes were dashed Thursday when the market blew down 368 Dow points and more than 65 on the S&P.

It just wasn’t a good day for the Bulls, at all.

Technically, if you look through the lens of Elliott Waves, you’ll see a very challenging pattern in all this:

The big green numerals offer the view (one of many, we don’t offer advice) that Wave 1 down was from November 8th highs.  Long decline – down until about March 13, or so, in our Aggregate Index work.

Then Bulls found their mojo and we rallied like hell putting in an Aggregate close of 37,923.73 Tuesday.  Since then, Bulls have run into headwinds.

This does not mean – for sure or certain – that we’re in Bear Market country by conventional measures – but it our work it’s not very promising.  A 10 percent – or greater – decline seems possible.

As we edge toward the open, some buying seems to have come into the futures.  So that vaguely possible mad rally into Orthodox Easter weekend isn’t off the table, yet.  With Europe getting its ass kicked over there this morning, the Bulls face long-term disaster, though.

Good News Search

Worldwide, supply chains are being weaponized by major financial interests.  Some recent examples include:

  • Shipping problems out of Asia
  • Port regulations slowing offloading in SoCal
  • Rail reductions (2021) out of SoCal

Then there’s the matter of labor talks.  Last month, we noticed ‘Completely demoralized’: US railroad workers pushed to the brink | US unions | The Guardian.  Let’s also keep in mind we have a possible dockworker’s strike if a new coast-wide agreement can’t be hammered out before the summer deadline.

In  short, the supply chain is breaking.  While it’s easy to blame every Tom, Dick, and Harry, it may just be that upper limit of complexity we have talked about recently.

As part of “Peak ‘Everything'” the Association of American Railroads data report this week shows:

“For the first 15 weeks of 2022, U.S. railroads reported cumulative volume of 3,444,827 carloads, up 1.9 percent from the same point last year; and 3,910,355 intermodal units, down 6.8 percent from last year. Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 15 weeks of 2022 was 7,355,182 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 2.9 percent compared to last year.”

It’s not hard to work the math on this:

  • Consumer demand is still mostly strong.
  • People see inflation coming and are buying in advance.
  • Russia Sanctions (supply chain warfare) are slicing us as much (and maybe more than Russia.  (*Judgment errors in DC – look surprised?)
  • Key labor contracts are being negotiated in an inflation upswing.
  • Markets which peaked in Nov. 2021 are in position to begin a third leg down.

More next week when we get a month-end flurry of data.  But remember both Tuesday’s Housing report and the hidden money supply are well in the rearview because of either hysteresis (time lag) pulling numbers, or (in the Fed’s case) keeping the people who are on the hook for financial collapse in the dark.

Our “turn paper into useable assets” approach to consider:  Food is always useful.  But think back to the hyperinflation in Weimar Germany – or more recently Zimbabwe or Venezuela.  What good is a fine return on stocks if it doesn’t actually net out when purchasing food at the grocery store?

Surfing the Headlines

Not a lot to get worked up over, early:  Orthodox Easter Weekend.

Photo: Orthodox Christians Carry Crosses On Good Friday In Jerusalem’s Old City.

Tax breaks aren’t for ever, even if you have a mouse: Florida WILL strip Disney of privileged tax and self-governing status.

Thar she blows!  Spain: Fishing boat with 3 metric tons of cocaine seized. There go the party plans…

Your tax money not defending America’s borders:  Biden Is Set To Unveil $1.3 Billion More in Aid for Ukraine | Time

Let’s see who else Slow Joe can piss off, shall we? Joe Biden: China’s Xi Jinping ‘doesn’t have a democratic bone in his body’. Where’s the “shut-up bunny” when we need ’em?

Covid Watch

Mandating politicians are still up to their plans: Los Angeles County to issue new COVID-19 health order that will bring back mask wearing on all public transit within county – ABC7,

Meanwhile, we found it interesting that the UK has not revealed its death of unvaxxed versus vaxxed data for a month now.  Why?  To0 many people gobs of shots were dying. See page 44 here.

Still uneven data, uneven thinking in government, and Some major U.S. airlines letting some mask violators to fly again : NPR.

And did you see where Coronavirus: 3 shots of Chinese inactivated vaccine effective against Omicron variant, say researchers | South China Morning Post (   We read all vaccine efficacy reports as sales docs, not so much medical.

Now that we’ve wandered into medical realms…

ATR: Ure’s ER Adventure

Back to bed for another 40 winks this morning.  Up late last night after an aid buggy ride to the local ER.

I’ve been dieting and part of that has been losing my appetite.  But when, after my customary before dinner beverage my appetite (for a perfectly done prime rib!) didn’t report for duty.

EMT son G2 thought that was odd – and he spotted irregular heartbeats.  Rather than take a chance, he called the aid unit and for the next couple of hours, I was poked and prodded.

Seems on the monitors I have a small “bunny ears” in my QRS complex.  A co-pay later we were on our way…

After all the labs (and I was tough to stick since I was slightly dehydrated) there was no heart attack and BP was in bounds.  Some observation time and it was home again. Troponin sticks (high sensitivity) were clear.

Near-syncope from dieting and ETOH?  Friends, sell your distillery stocks! Back to measuring red wine…

This will lead to a cardiologist workup next week, though I can’t say I’m looking forward to that.  As I have written many times, if you have to sign a waiver that says – in effect – “You’re doing this and it may kill you and you can’t sue…” is suspect.

I promised to go light on the coffee and ETOH is back to zero.  Thursday had rolled from 2 AM with four cups of high octane plus a half cup of cocoa with even more caffeine. Almost no food.  And I have known since my algo building days that too little sleep, a large rum, and sniffles due to pollen can screw up the ticker rhythm a good bit.  Passed that one to one of my daughters, too, sad to say.

You go enjoy the market – I’ll come back and look at how things are playing this afternoon into the close.  For now, dialing back energy levels, drinking water, light breakfast and 40 more winks is the plan.

Oh – and I did pre-write ShopTalk Sunday and Peoplenomics this weekend will be just the charts

Fingers crossed…and consider yourself read-in.

Except I almost forgot to mention! Our dandy ER nurse (Gina) had her wedding video from last weekend go viral on TikTok – with more than 1.6 million views.  Congrats to her and her new Mr.  Dancing Easter bunnies in tutu’s wasn’t something I’d have come up with… viral is as viral goes.

Big day ahead for Elaine:  This is odometer rollover day for her. 43 to 22, you do the math. It’s an unspeakable topic around here.

Write when you get rich,

61 thoughts on “Market Slides to 3 Down – Ure’s ER Visit”

    • I am with you stu.. George get well soon..don’t even think about checking out before you kids get to try the mead of Ra and the bread..or first emporer of china’s wine..( it’s in fermentation now..) not sure how it tastes but if the bubbler burps have any indication on how it’s going to be. It will be kick butt..

    • George, since you know FO SHO that we never die, just enjoy living this life to the fullest, until, as dear Edgar Cayce would say, ‘the body wants to transition at will.’ (I paraphrased from memory.)

      Glad that your checkup went well, and that you have been reminded to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and not just the TIPPLES.

      His sleeping prophet stated that the meaning of the empty sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid is that there is no death.

      Quoting from here, which I think you will appreciate:

      On July 21, 1935, Edgar Cayce, in trance, was answering a question brought up by the Norfolk Study Group #1 as they worked on the lesson “Destiny”:

      (Q) Is it possible for our bodies to be rejuvenated in this incarnation?

      (A) Possible. For, as the body is an atomic structure, the units of energy around which there are the movements of the atomic forces that—as given—are ever the sentiment or pattern of a universe, as these atoms, as these structural forces are made to conform or to rely upon or to be one with the spiritual import, the spiritual activity, they revivify, they make for constructive forces.

      How is the way shown by the Master? What is the promise in Him? The last to be overcome is death. Death of what?

      The SOUL cannot die; for it is of God. The body may be revivified, rejuvenated. And it is to that end it may, the body, TRANSCEND the earth and its influence. (Edgar Cayce Reading 262-85)

      Maybe the time has come to rethink our choices like the scriptures encourage us to, and choose life—and as outrageous as we may think it may be, practice raising the dead.

      (Q) Will I overcome death in this incarnation?

      (A) There is no death. Death is only overcome by Him, who has overcome death. It is our promise, and when ye abide in Him sufficient to that, ye with Him, as the resurrection, may indeed overcome death in a material sense. (Edgar Cayce Reading 5155-1)

  1. Morning George,

    I’m glad you’re still in the corporeal world today.

    You’ve been practicing what I used to call ‘Commander’s Syndrome’. That’s when a young 1LT or CPT would go days with little sleep, tons of caffeine, poor hydration and little food during a field exercise in an attempt to prove themselves. The predictable outcome would appear and the XO would take over for the rest of the exercise.

    Sounds like you’ve got it figured out.

  2. George,

    Glad to hear that you, thus far, have nothing serious going on. I am certain that the endless parade of specialists that you will see in the near future will result in a veritable banquet of medications for you. It is good that G2 was on hand, because at our tender age it could have been something more involved.

    About a month ago, I had my only visit to the hospital as a patient since I was 17. Seems that at the age of 70, I suddenly decided to develop at kidney stone. Visit to the ER, CT scan, X-Ray, etc. and a goodly dose of IV “happy sauce”; and away I went. Drove myself there at 5:30 AM, for which I got a severe ass chewing; and luckily passed the little bugger later that day.
    Read up on the cause of type of stones that I had, and figured out the probable cause. Seems I discovered a bargain on “glazed pecans” at the local farm supply store. I had been eating them like a chicken does corn, and I normally do not eat many nuts at all. Seems nuts, especially pecans, are high in oxalate; which could have led to my suddenly developing stones. Stopped the nuts and increased my water intake from the half gallon I usually drink per day. So far, so good.

    Best of luck on your follow up doctor visits. I feel certain that given your active lifestyle, you will progress fine. A little hiccup now and then makes us realize just how precious every day is. Speedy recovery and good luck going forward.

    • Cranberry juice…

      It is believed to dissolve stones within a couple days… Oh, and it’s damn’ healthy.

      I like it straight, but IMO cran-grape tastes best:

      4 parts grape juice, 1 part pure organic cranberry. If you want it to taste like Ocean Spray, add a jigger of pure water; if you want it to taste like anybody elses, add 3 jiggers.

      The 20% mix is many times stronger than commercial cran-anything. You gain little from pure juice over the 20% mix, other than a bigger hole in yer wallet. You should consume a gallon every two days, and a gallon of water besides. Also, stop all caffeinated beverages until the stone is gone. Caffeine is reputed to both causes stones, and prevent their elimination.

      –NOT medical advise…

    • “It is believed to dissolve stones within a couple days… Oh, and it’s damn’ healthy.

      I like it straight, but IMO cran-grape tastes best:”

      Dam I didn’t know that you learn something new every day..thanks for sharing that…. we drink it around here all the time.. love the stuff.. later this spring I totally plan on making some cranberry wine..

      • You’re welcome.

        Search any of the “holistic healing” sites for further info. Cranberry juice was one I learned as a child, from my Mom. We would get it whenever we developed a UTI or bladder issue. For me, it seems to help with arthritic joints too. Whether that’s an avenue to explore, or only something dealing with my specific physiology, I don’t know.

  3. There is one’s sense of personal invulnerability, and then there is Reality.

    Telling a “Type A” to relax, only increases the stress. But Reality is staying well-hydrated, well-rested, and decently well-fed, are the keys to as much health as your bio-electro-mechanical organism can muster.

    As they say in southern-style stock car racing, “stroke it” a bit, and make it to the finish line. Upside down, and on fire in the ditch doesn’t win races.


  4. Given all the Fentanyl we’re “importing” I have to wonder why we ain’t all dead yet? Apparently it takes longer to kill off 325 million – plus people than I thought if only due to being down wind of all the furnaces they burn the confiscated drugs in. Surely they should have killed off all the addicts by now … maybe?

    While I finally got around to hanging the new sheet rock at the ranch house this week it almost didn’t happen due to an almost total lack of energy. While admitting that I didn’t get around to ordering those vitamins Ray wisely suggested my wife, luckily, bumped into a woman at the store who recommended some Unnu fizzy tablets that are basically B vitamins and electrolytes. Had it not been for those plus the usual multi’s I’d still be looking at a wall half done, if even that. Dragging 25+ pounds of fat around that refuses to leave on command like it used to doesn’t help anything either. The wall reminds me of a map of the quadrilateral Mid-Western states but nothing has fallen off yet so looks like I’m good to go for mudding and taping now.

    One has to be careful, though, on OD’ing on the B’s. Back in the 80s I was trying to introduce a little more octane in the get-along and eventually wound up with my legs, primarily, having an itching sensation so intense that it left me writhing in bed under the ceiling fan until my skin dried out after every shower. NOT fun at all and it was only after I laid off the B supplements that it all stopped so I’m a little leery of taking more of them than usual in my typical multi’s. Maybe it was the brand, who knows what it was back in the 80s, maybe the formulation back then but this is the first time I’ve gone back to a boosted B intake. It takes longer and longer every year to get out of the Winter sloth paradigm.

    Hope you’re back up to “red lining it” as usual real soon, George.

    • B Vitamins are water soluble. You should be able to eat a bottle or six a day and it never adversely affect you. The issue you had sounds like a magnesium deficiency or electrolyte imbalance. B-vits won’t do that, but something in the pills, an impurity or a preservative, might.

      • “like a magnesium deficiency or electrolyte imbalance. B-vits won’t do that, but something in the pills,”

        I have a glass of this every day.. love it.. I add a little sugar to it.. but you don’t have to it is good the way it is.. the other thing is a gatorade a day.. and a V-8 my favorite is the spicy V-8… when I was working seventeen to eighteen hours a day seven days a week.. I got in the habit of drinking the v-8 and vitamin B.. daily.. now I just like the stuff and I keep a couple of cases on hand just because…. the calm came out and I started to take it for other purposes.. but like it enough to just drink it.. it to is a daily ritual.. ( It foams up when you first mix it.. put ice in it let it sit for a few minutes)

      • As I alluded to, they must have changed something since then as it’s never happened again but I don’t recall taking individual B vitamins any time since. My OTC pills have tended more and more toward probiotics and acid reducers anyway. The Wal-Mart brand of multi’s USED to be all I needed to build a fire under my backside and get me going but who knows what the heck is in them now. Damn I hate getting old!

      • Bill, it is as much the Chinese putting crap in the pills, as it is you, getting old — maybe more.

        My pharmacist told me the other day that the “rule” for generics was not that they’d be identical to the brand-name script, but that they’d be within a percentage WRT active ingredients. To my way of thinking, that just leaves a WHOLE LOT of variables which could be cooked into the mix, and the drug still be sold for the medicinal purpose for which the name-brand drug was developed…

  5. Trillions of dollars recently created by the Fed and other Central Banks around the world were given to whom? Bankers to play markets, and for the Fed to play the markets themselves which is illegal. Laws are for screwing the little people while the big boys skate with fines.

    The price of gasoline and our coming food shortages are being blamed by Biden and crew on Russia AGAIN. More lies! The coming devaluation and destruction of the dollar has been planned for a long time. It shows up as inflation.

    The reason prices have tripled at the pumps is that Biden attacked the Oil/Gas industry, not that Putin attacked Ukraine…which Biden is blaming. Biden and NATO caused Putin to invade Ukraine because they would not guarantee that NATO wouldn’t add Ukraine to their growing list of countries. But the common person listening to the news networks communist inspired propaganda, the disinformation fact checkers set up by the government and leftist-liberal organizations and lies coming from Biden and his red-headed parrot Psaki, the Propaganda Secretary of Disinformation believe what these liars say. Poor Ukraine being attacked by the bully Russians. It is Bull Shit.

    Never forget that Russians have recent memories of Germany attacking them in WW2, and Germany is part of an expanding NATO and European Union. Can you really blame Putin when Zelinsky was moving to join the EU and NATO; or the Azov Battalion, real Nazis, kept killing Russians in Eastern Ukraine for years and years?

    The crooks in the White House and Congress do back door deals and launder money in Ukraine and other countries and make money on their insider trades and insider knowledge. Congress does insider trading and skates while the rest of Americans rely on out-of-date data and lose money or go to jail if they are insider traders. When trading, milli-seconds equal days in the real world. He who has a micro-second small lead time makes Billions. He who has insider knowledge robs from the people that are honest traders and investors.

    It was recently disclosed that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell was personally trading during the Fed Blackout Periods that are a result of their meetings and subsequent press releases!!! The ultimate insider trading. Is there no end to greed and crookedness?

    Pelosi has proposed making it illegal for Congress to trade stocks and bonds. Insider trading was already a felony while you and husband and son were insider trading Madam Lying Crook. You think everyone will forget what you illegally did if you say you want to pass legislation that specifically mentions it you old senile mobster’s daughter?

    Biden’s son, Pelosi’s son, Romney’s son, and Kerry’s son are all neck-deep in Oil/Gas and other deals in Ukraine, China, and the Baltics. The ultimate ass-kissers gene pool putting their limited brain power on subject matter of Oil/Gas and Investment Management to use in foreign countries, because it would never work here. Their Parents, in positions of power, hand out U.S. Government checks to create deals in Ukraine and other foreign countries to get their kids on boards of directors and into deals that cannot be investigated. And if it is being investigated as it was in Ukraine, Biden threatens to tear up a $1 Billion U.S. government check to Ukraine if the prosecutor isn’t fired. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!! Crooks breed crooks.

    Where is the FBI and DOJ returning indictments against all these people that are selling American down the tube. What happened to Hunter’s laptop that was given to the FBI? What happened to Mr. Huma Abedin aka Anthony Weiner’s laptop loaded with Hillary’s incriminating information that was given to the FBI? Why did Hunter get $Millions from the Ukrainians, $Billions to manage from the Chinese Communist Party’s Spy Chief, $Millions from the Wife of the Moscow mayor? Where is a Special Prosecutor to answer those questions and where did the money ultimately go?

    The crooks appointed a Special Prosecutor to blame Trump for Hillary and Crew’s Russia, Russia, Russia Election Sabotage and Lies and continual Congressional and communist news media screaming about it and the phony impeachments! Why aren’t the people in Congress that were involved in perpetrating these lies indicted. Isn’t that a conspiracy and RICO violation? Why aren’t Congressional persons that were involved with Chinese Commie spies for years indicted? Feinstein and her Chauffer, Swallwell’s honey Fang Fang? Why isn’t Fauci indicted for giving our money to China to build bioweapons? Is it OK to now give money to a sworn enemy to create weapons of mass destruction?

    We are rotting from the top down because the rule of law for the politicians, corporations, and wealthy is G…O…N…E!!! They fill up prisons with little guys while Big Business America makes Billions running private prisons for the governments. The politicians skate on their crimes, and Big Business CEOs get caught breaking the law and have the stockholders pay their fines via the business…right Jamie Dimon Mr. Big Shot Chairman and CEO (worth $1.8B) of JP Morgan Chase (in 2020 alone=$920 Million in Fines); and crooked banks Wells Fargo (in 2020 alone=$2.96 Billion in Fines), and Goldman Sucks (in 2020 alone=$3.97 Billion in Fines)!

    Banks have been fined a staggering $243 billion since the mortgage financial crisis. According to Keefe, Bruyette and Woods, which compiled the list, Bank of America has paid $76 billion in fines. JPMorgan Chase has been fined nearly $44 billion, and a number of other big money-center banks have been fined over $10 billion. Thirteen banks make up 93% of the total. They are Crooks!!! It is worse than the Mafia, but they don’t go to jail.

    They rob the little people with their high usury credit card interest rates with money they get free from the Fed. They charge enormous late fees and banking charges while they lie to their customers, lie to the regulators, lie to and manipulate the markets, and launder money. Nearly all banks are incorporated in Delaware-where crooked Joe Biden was the Senator looking out for them instead of the American people. Biden has screwed Americans numerous times supporting and initiating all types of legislation that hurts honest hard-working Americans while helping the evil crooked banks.

    • If I remember correctly , ninety proof nancy said something about stopping the congressional insider trading ,but not taxing the communists in congress as high a tax rate as the little people. She got hers , to help with us.

    • Wow… heavy and to the point WTHS..
      We all know of the dual standards of law..
      If it involves someone with political power it’s gone and a misdirection is put in its place..
      The list of atrocities is so extensive it’s shocking.. the scariest part.. is they are all guaranteed to stay in the same job election after election.. their children are guaranteed high paying positions making millions their medical expenses free or allowed to get coveted government health policies…their college tuitions are forgiven placing the burden on the backs of the poor..

    • US Antagonizes China with Surprise Taiwan Visit

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: Lindsey Graham is at it again. He is one of the leading Neocons who has supported the Ukrainian NeoNazis and the war against Russians. Now he pulled off a surprise visit to Taiwan playing the very same game promising US support for a war against China should they invade.

      I have no explanation why Graham is so intent on creating World War III. He is forcing China and Russia to combine forces and our model shows that this new alliance will not be alone. Much of the Middle East will join for they see Israel in bed with the USA and the Zelensky is playing the Jewish Hero. This has divided the Middle East and while Europe is pledging an oil embargo against Russia, my sources in the Middle East are saying they WILL NOT fill the gap for Europe.

      • The explanation is easy if you read the intent of the neocons. As Armstrong said on Greg Hunter’s show – the neocons NEED a war. There was never an intent to preserve the peace anywhere or in any way. You can sweep so much under the rug while The People are watching a war develop. Just another version of “panem et circenses”.

  6. Sorry George.

    I don’t know about your ticker but most of us know something about dehydration.

    And your doing everything wrong. It is like high BP, you don’t hardly know it until something acts up.

    Get weak, less energy, maybe dizzy, BP increases, constipation, et al. Probably you’ve been told this but it hasn’t sunk in, …. …yet.

    Coffee dehydrates. Multiple cups is bad news.

    I learned to have 1/2 a cup AM and 1 1/2 glasses of water or juice to follow.

    Alcohol is really bad. All those drinks are doing you no good, very dehydrating. Red wine is especially bad.

    But they taste so dam good! What to do?

    I stopped any drinks during the week and chose one evening over the weekend to imbibe.

    AND, after the second beverage, I would have a glass of water. And another glass of water, if, after any more drinks. And you sleep better.

    And everyday at mid-morning have a glass of water whether you feel like it or not AND another in the afternoon whether you feel like or not.

    Two things seem to happen after you turn, say 40, your body doesn’t send the messages it use to and it seems not to process all things as well.

    So we have to make plans to make up for it. Works for me.

    • “Coffee dehydrates. Multiple cups is bad news.”

      LOL LOL we go through a three pound can of coffee every week LOL… coffee pot is on all the time.. first pot is set at four thirty am… last one at one am..

  7. Yo G-Ludes,

    Why you going quazzy on the bean? “Whats the frequency, George? is your Benzedrine, uh-huh…M.Stipe/C. Bandicoot. Add er all Up and its just a matta of attention to Ure details. Keeping pace as it were.

    Long, going longer Gold & Oil equities, bullish option positions. Still nibbling on Food/Ag stocks. Doing a “Len down unda” on the SPY Puts – shorting the Scheisse out da index. Why even da Bitcoinz are under a lil pressure, eyeing the 50 dma/128 dma and 200 dma – looking for crossovers and push thru $47k..on the way to FREEDOM.

    The Choice has to be made at some point – the biggest “Life” decision a Human being can make going forward..

    Will YOU choose Moar SLAVERY/Indentured Servitude to the globo cheerleader claus squab & his gang of vile reptiled’s – sucking on A CBDC from the BIS/central bank?


    A bunch of made up numbers/nothing/digital tulips commonly refereed to as Bitcoin ?

    …Dam U guys love wallowing in FEAR ..Oh well – Im sure the “kazarians” have only good intentions for You. Good Luck to ALL CBDC users/Used.

  8. Take care of yourself George. You talked about cutting back a while ago and not sure you really did. The subscribers to your site would happily continue support even with reduced output. Your health is #1.

    Happy 79th to the lady of the house.

  9. Respect fibulation and appreciate loss george . I been dead twice6.5 years ago . Dropped 55 lb . Zero sugar zero salt.daily exercise. 1000 sit ups a day and weights . They have ramped up 5 g worldwide. Will affect arythmia. Combines with snake venom ingredients. It’s evil yep it’s a world gone

  10. Hydration is key. At my ripe age lack of water has left me in the ER with issues ae yours or more often what I call “Monkey claw” when muscles in my hand will involuntarily draw up in what looks like a monkey claw. For lack of a better term. A couple Iv’s of saline and low and behold the muscles unlock and act normal……Water Water Water, its what for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  11. George,
    Glad to hear you’re still around to torment. I hope the tests are a nothing burger.
    At least you have some vices to give up. What if you’d been a teetotalling anti-caff vegan?
    P.s., the hospital gown closes in the BACK. Can’t have nurses swooning.

  12. Glad to hear your “wake-up call” wasn’t too bad. Lots of good suggestions in these comments. Please take them seriously. At our age, we heal slowly, so give yourself the time it will take to recover.

  13. Hope you are well on the mend now.

    I lost count how many older people I know who have had to go in the hospital due to Dehydration. A lot of coffee, some alcohol, and little water, and voila you are punching the ticket for the Dehydration Roller Coaster ride … that is the payment scheme most I know were paying in order to get their admission to Doctor Mega Profit Center ticket punched.

    Up north where I am now is the time for seasonal allergies. Sheesh, seems that for me is the ticket for “potential” heart issues to show up. Both times I have decided a little visit is in order (never had to call Santa for the Sleigh Ride – always had a friend who would do their best at exhibiting their Indy 500 driving skills) it ended up being allergy related issues. Of course going in the machine, then getting on the tread mill, then going back in the machine again is NO FUN (AFTER they inject you with all that radiological stuff) … OH and my cardiologist before we did all that as I was signing all those papers told me, only when I asked though, that “Only 5% of the people with your symptoms have a heart attack while going through this” … OMG!! … :-0 … !!! Now days I take my Zyrtec and spoonful of local honey religiously every morning to keep those allergies under control during allergy season.

    *Diet is good.
    *Dehydration is bad.
    *Coffee is bad if on a tight diet (NO coffee, only Green Tea, much better)
    *Very limited alcohol intake if on a strict diet, one doc told me ONE glass of wine/day only, red preferred, no other alcohol allowed (in his opinion – but isn’t that why I am paying him so he can have his Multi Million Dollar House, for his opinion?)

    Get healthy !!

    Keep losing the weight but be careful about the other stuff while you are messing with your system with the kind of weekly weight loss you have been trying to accomplish.

  14. George, sorry to hear about your troubles! One of the downsides of having an EMT type close at hand is that everything will be responded to as emergent, rather than watchful waiting. Both have their place. My approach and response would have been very different, but I neither live your life nor have exactly the same value set(or physiology). Regardless, you appear to be OK, though after the trauma of medical intervention and alarm. There’s certainly some value in taking all things in moderation, but it’s usually more fun do otherwise.

    Here’s a fascinating video if you just wish to sit in a chair, sip flavored water and cogitate:

    There’s more to it than a review of fractals and the Mandelbrot set. If you must, you can go to 12:21, though I’m sure that you have more self-control than that. You can then understand how bifurcation of rhythms and chaos breakdown in escalating tachycardia can trigger fibrillation, at least in rabbits.

    Speaking of bunnies, Happy (B)Earth Day, etc., to Lady Elaine!

  15. BitCoin has dropped below $40k
    The Euro has dropped to $1.08 to the dollar.
    Gold just can’t get over $2000 an ounce.
    My “Aggregate Index” is down over 850 points.
    Looks like any small rally into the weekend is not gonna happen

  16. Did anyone notice that their smoker friends did not have COVID? Nicotine is used to prevent & cure COVID. They were going to do a study on this but couldn’t find enough smokers with COVID to conduct the experiment.

    • Nicotine patches are useful as an emergency medicine. They don’t contain MAOIs and generally don’t create dependency if not overused, though they can be poisonous if you’re not careful. I keep a couple around just in case, though I’ve never been a smoker(of anything).

    • Don’t tell me the tobacco states are still trying to push cigarettes as a health remedy? Maybe they couldn’t find enough smokers with Covid to study ’cause all that met the criterion had already asphyxiated in their sleep.

    • “Did anyone notice that their smoker friends did not have COVID?”


      One study.

      It got no traction because of the un-PC nature. I may have stumbled across it at Orthomolecular News…

  17. As a 6x’er I can truthfully say getting the new macaroni installed is no fun except for the drugs. Rest of it is a bummer. Avoid if possible, your miles may vary.
    Now on to the really fun news. Anyone heard about the sudden food plant/factory explosions? No? At least 20 in the last two weeks? General mills plant had a plane fly into it an burn the plant down. Well that should get the pumps going.
    Take some super beets. can’t hurt could help. Not medical advice!
    Now a song for you:

    • “Anyone heard about the sudden food plant/factory explosions? No? At least 20 in the last two weeks?”


      I’ve been studyin’ on this, to make an educated guess as to whether they’re coincidence or sumpin’ sinister.

      No conclusion, yet…

      • My 5 Cent bet is on the super fun folks at either ELF or Extinction Rebellion, or a sub group. I am sure some of the alphabets are staying up nights and weekends working on the problem and in 20 years or so they will get their man or woman. Just like they got the ELF mad bomber. Just a matter of time. Or it could be just as they claim. Accident!

  18. “Let’s see who else Slow Joe can piss off, shall we? Joe Biden: China’s Xi Jinping ‘doesn’t have a democratic bone in his body’. Where’s the “shut-up bunny” when we need ’em?”

    Silly Question… But seriously.. WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE WHAT HE SAYS OR DOES ? ….

      • “Xi demands respect. China demands respect.”

        And seriously So does the American citizen…

        Then one look at all the depth of corruption and depravity that is tossed right in the faces of everyone daily sure they can cover it over put some perfume on it.. but a pig is still a pig.. ..The severity of the Double standards.. None of them give two cents about what anyone expects shoot they don’t even show respect for themselves.. Then the demands our leaders make but not willing to give back.. It would mean a complete turn around in actions and ethics would have to take place and that will never happen.
        float nuclear missiles around their borders.. demand them to do as we say or else.. then have the gall to expect them to finance their activities.. having been in bed with them and making the demands of them the i will be your friend if you.. thing.. as intelligent people they would know it would be all fake right from the start ..
        So why change.. it wouldn’t make any difference.. a person with a decayed moral and ethical standards will always be Rotten on the inside ..
        with the majority of public service and taking from the trough of depravity and putting morals and ethics for sale to the highest bidder.. I don’t think that anyone in public service for any length of time knows what is truly right or wrong anymore..Its the dual standards of politics there isn’t any price that they have to pay for any of their actions…. take the thousands of emails etc.. that was released.. well Julian will be in the USA soon and he to will be a past history lesson as well..

      • What is truly Sad George about the Dual Standards and the for sale of our public leaders… the depth of ethics for sale in public service….
        IF this…

        IF I was on the receiving line of the money toss if I turned my back on ethics and Morals….. I question whether or not I.. would have the strength to stay true to my convictions..

        Or would I Justify and make allowances and justifications for a few silver coins..

  19. Learned my ‘dehydration’ lesson a few years back with a kidney stone. It got stuck and I carried that little dagger for about five weeks.. just as I was losing my job into forced early retirement. I lived on opioids for that duration, and didn’t care what kind of b*#ch I was at work. I don’t drink regularly, and limit myself to one cuppa joe in the morning now… followed by water. And again several times a day I chug water to rehydrate. It gets away from you in the sweaty tropic here… even if you are not sweating. When I do the lawn, I can down 3 quarts of water in an hour without using the bathroom. Better than a sweatlodge… I get exercise, too!

    Dieting requires extra water, too. When you are burning fat, the waste is flushed out in urine. You have to pee the weight off! Drink water. Take care of yourself.

  20. Remember the great Mel brooks !!!zero Sugar. One citrus fruit a day. I love that guy 96 years young

  21. Tell Elaine Happy Bday!
    Sorry to hear about your er visit. You know it could turn out to be a big nothing, or it could be along the line of a bundle branch block. Hate to say it, but your prime rib nights, may need to be cut back on. I don’t hate on fat by any means, but there is something to be said to making the richer cuts a very rare treat. Good hydration through good foods and ample sleep could have you making it to the 3 digit range! I will still continue to be a reader, but sir… you don’t have to publish daily!!!! Take it easy. You deserve it.

  22. whoever said, ‘y’all love wallowing in fear’ gets it!!

    U.S. imports nearly nothing from Ukraine, unlikey for U.S. to have food shortages (sorry fear mongerers, there will be food on the table, although 4% more expensive)

    Backyard cluckers, your personal egg supply can be guarded by enclosing your chicken’s living space, and watching for water puddles:

    First year law student vs. Trump’s entire legal team, Omarosa wins her Non Disclosure Agreement, $1.3 million in legal fees. Yes, Omarosa, it’s ok to tell the world Trump said the ‘N’ word repeatedly – a lot of racists do!!

    Switched to decaf over 20 yrs ago, when I do touch caffeine, next day, monster headache! Needless to say, I never bother drinking real coffee….

    • “there will be food on the table, although 4% more expensive)”

      Dam C.. where in the world do you shop that it only went up four percent……LOL LOL… last weeks weekly grocery tab for the same stuff I get every week was thirty seven percent higher overall.. with out any extras..
      Either you found a cheaper store or you don’t do the shopping LOL LOL..Even Ramin noodles went up LOL LOL LOL..

  23. George
    If Sunday is the day, I just want to say thank you .I probably read your blog for more than a dozen years before I subscribed. I found a place where people think about things. I have really appreciated that. If we all get nuked this weekend I will miss your daily input to reality.

    • Thank you so much. It’s a labor of love. I could have made more money in life, but I couldn’t have had so many friends and so much good company.

  24. George hope you are feeling better soon. PS get an Applewatch 7 if you don’t already have one. Great health apps including oximeter. Caught my wife’s low pulse rate when resting .

  25. Hi, George,

    Glad to know you are feeling much better. I am also glad that your son is there with you. Although he was acting in a cautious and conservative manner when he advised you to visit the ER, he might think to give you an IV next time. This might seem strange to some, but a dear friend who is a PA with an emphasis on heart, with a PhD, has given IV’s on occasion. Helps to re-hydrate those who are nauseous and cannot keep anything in their stomachs. Also good for those who are experiencing heat issues. Remember that drinking beer without drinking any water on a hot day can contribute to dehydration. Happy birthday to Elaine.

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