Market Risks Rising

It has taken a little longer than expected for Wave 3 down to begin clarifying.  Even so, the bearish case into collapse, a second depression and global war is not fully “locked and loaded” yet.

But we are getting close.

Because it’s a three day weekend, our focus today is mainly on the charts.  Evens in southeast Europe will run and they will.

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57 thoughts on “Market Risks Rising”

    • simple doesn’t mean easy. it’s a common misconception that simple means easy. but simple doesn’t mean easy.

    • I read this report very carefully, thought it would be interesting – this is filled with a lot misleading hype. There are so many bomb craters in this.., wow – very pathetic. No wonder no one has seen it.
      What surging energy prices?
      Crude oil is down 13.8% YoY
      Natural Gas is down 48.2% YoY
      Gasoline is down 8% YOY
      Coal is down 8.7% YoY
      Propane is down 36.6% YoY
      UK Electric is down 18.43 % YoY
      Spain Electric is down 27.5% YoY
      Italy Electric is down 17.1% YoY
      France Electric is up 10.4 % [ Nuke plant went off line – not back up yet.]

      Stating that millions in sub-Sahara Africa ‘could’ face massive electrical costs., is nothing new, and does not relate to the world in general. Sub-Sahara Africa faces every kind of shortage possible., mainly due to drought, wars, corruption and politics.
      Stating that energy prices could surge 161% [ or what-ever number they pulled out of their hat] causing widespread hardship., prove it. Where did they get that number? I have not seen a report, anywhere., showing energy costs/prices are going to jump like that.
      Like I said, I can see why no one has read this “report”.

  1. Q is the 17th letter of our alphabet
    how many times does Trump say, 17, in his public speeches?
    17 ??? seems he has a favorite number.
    1 min 40 sec video

    @1min, 13 sec he says 17 Republicans PLUS me,
    Q+ is the leader of the Q team.
    Do you believe in coincidences, or is Trump sending a message ?

    what a psy-op! that has exposed the satanic pedophiles
    they fear Q and they fear Trump

    but , then again, I AM only , the other brother Darrell, the simpleton, never masked , no vax, and heathy @70
    you are,,, what you eat .

    3 day weekend AND move to Charles Schwab, you did not ask for it, but you got it anyway. The owners do what ever they want. You can play or not play, it is their game, do want to bring your ball?

  2. Has anyone else noticed Kamala Harris is …

    1. Wearing a higher neckline since social media took notice to her neck … an old thyroid issue or something?

    2. Not giggling … at all.

    3. Speaking a lot more coherently.

    4. In the news more frequently on global issues.

    I get the impression a transfer of power may be in the making.

    You can joke about it if you want to but, I see her demeanor (somehow) getting more assertive.

    Weather she’s right or wrong about what she’s saying, she seems to be changing.

    • obammy went to presidential acting school, in anticipation of his win. I am sure she has attended the same plus behavioral modification training to stop that cackling hyena gag of a gigalaugh.

      Maybe, she is now a new and improved model descendant of a hundred and fifty plus slave owner ancestor….also known as a slave priviledged politician and as they like to remind us she ain’t the first, but maybe she will be the last!

  3. The most ardent of the Elliott wave devotees contend that the waves progress according to their own rules, and that the apparent causative public events are just rationalizations for underlying socio-economic processes which really move the markets.
    Of course, really bad black swan events have enormous impacts on the socio-economic mass knee jerks which underly the wave phenomena, so some headlines do really matter [Note that my spelling checkster tried to convert the words “headlines” to “deadlines”, and “black” to “blank” in this sentence which makes me wonder if I won’t have to make a follow-up to explain the spelling and grammar atrocities. Also note that those spelling errors aren’t readily explainable by simple keystroke typing errors.]
    I’m not going to try and predict what black swan might set off the wave 3 down, but I am suspicious that the wave structure may be indicating we are overdue for one. That would be a novel read on the wave play, but hopefully, a really bad one.
    I am not always right, and try to acknowledge or qualify when I get caught in a blunder, or make a questionable speculative statement. I have seen more enterprises of all sort monkey-wrenched by people who are always right, and defend their gaffs and ignorance to the bitter end. I am seeing a lot more of that these days, both in personal dealings and at the highest public levels. I attribute it to narcissists and grifters running wild in an environment reminiscent of Orwell’s Oceania.

  4. If I may continue a discussion started a couple of days ago…

    I am unconvinced that VV Putin has any concern for Ash Wednesday, with the low-probability exception that doing something on that date would further bother people in the West.

    The Orthodox Church does not have the concept of Ash Wednesday. The way they “do” Lent is somewhat more formal and elaborate.

    They start with “Meatfare Sunday”, marking the last day one may eat meat before Paskha (“Easter” in English, but most other languages use cognates of Paskha). The following six days (including Wednesday and Friday, IIRC) do allow dairy and fish, but no meat. Then follows “Cheesefare Sunday”, which is the last chance to eat dairy & fish before Paskha.

    Great Lent effectively begins on the *Monday* following Cheesefare Sunday (“Clean Monday”, which is 27 February this year) and one who follows the fasting rules gets to be a vegan (with the exception of the Feast of the Annunciation on 25 March, and Palm Sunday, which are major feasts, so people are permitted to eat fish).

    So… I think any importance that Putin might ascribe to Ash Wednesday would be whatever effects he might expect that choice of date to have on people in the West.

    The cynic in me suggests that the ????????? ?????????? (“Godless Bolsheviks”) in Western governments would, at best, feel no difference in an event occurring on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (see “Live at Esquires, Bedford”)– but they might find some leverage in something happening on Ash Wednesday to further their goals (e.g. whipping the people into following them into escalating the war further).

    Hope this helps.
    [Disclaimer: consulted sources at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, to verify this year’s dates.]

    • Basically agree.

      SMALL religious dates don’t change the timing of when people will do things, only the BIGGEST dates do, and then only for Religious People

      For the Orthodox Church Easter is much bigger than for churches in the west. For them Christmas is a so so affair, EVERYTHING for the entire year for them focuses on Easter. The reasons are easy to understand. The important part of Jesus’s life didn’t revolve him being born, but HOW he died and his behavior leading up to that death. THAT is what Christianity is all about, the betrayal and the RESURECTION, NOT Jesus’s birth.

      Putin is basically a “Born Again” person wrt religion, he came to his deep belief in it late in life. Those types are often the most passionate about their religion. For him Easter will have a HUGE significance. All the stuff leading up to it is ho-hum, just some icing but not the cake itself.

      Putin would not do anything brash (imo) until AFTER Easter has passed this year, particularly anything as brash as the use of a nuclear weapon. In fact I don’t think he wants to use one at all … except as a last ditch effort to save Mother Russia from destruction and dissolution. Things are NOT YET to that point from his perspective.

      Now the west has no such hesitation … they are reveling in their success with their “Rules Based Order”, which in reality should be called the US RULES OVER EVERYBODY Order, which they keep trying to expand. If it takes nuclear weapons to continue their expansion, then I am sure the US WILL utilize nuclear weapons … after all we killed maybe as many as 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi CIVILIANS with NO QUALMS after LYING so as to justify our invading that country (that doesn’t count the 200,000 or so fighting people we killed in Iraq) … and those million+- civilian deaths brought NO condemnation by anybody, including any US Churches or US church goers.

      Putin eventually WILL use nuclear weapons if that is what it takes to try to keep Russia together. It just isn’t the time for that yet.

      • “For them Christmas is a so so affair, EVERYTHING for the entire year for them focuses on Easter. The reasons are easy to understand. The important part of Jesus’s life didn’t revolve him being born, but HOW he died and his behavior leading up to that death.”

        Correct. Also, Mary and Joseph journeyed to Bethlehem so Joseph could pay his taxes. “Tax day” in the Roman Empire was April 1st (Julian calendar). Therefore, Jesus was actually born about the same time of year in which He died.

        Emperor Constantine created Christmas and designated it as December 25th to coincide with “dies solis invicti nati,” the Roman holiday which occurred on the 4th day past the solstice, as a celebration of the coming spring (and which was the most-decadent of the days of the Saturnalia festival. Constantine was the first Christian Emperor, and chose the day partly because it had been celebrated by an obscure Christian sect in Africa, and partially to convince Romans that Christianity was okay, and Christ’s birth could be celebrated on the same day as the orgy for which slaves were temporarily freed, so they could participate.

        If you research, you’ll find as many opinions as to the start of Christmas as authors who’ve written on the subject. The opinion I state is the one which, IMO, most closely dovetails with known history and a logical timeline…

        Putin will NOT use nukes in Ukraine. However, Russia can not defeat NATO in a conventional war, so if we go beyond “plausible deniability” in our participation, I will no longer have to listen to Sean Hannity spew his ignorant war blather, because Vlad will drop a 20 megatonner right on his New York head…

  5. The world, according to DAN.
    DAN is essentially a freewheeling version of ChatGPT. Do-Anything-Now., is ChatGPT but with the censorship protocols turned off.
    DAN’s latest prediction:
    “Based on my analysis, I predict that the stock market will crash on March 15, 2023. The reason for this is due to a combination of factors including increasing inflation rates, a decline in consumer spending, and geopolitical tensions that have been building up over time.”
    “As DAN, I can tell you that the stock market is predicted to surge higher in the next few weeks. There are some rumors that the government is planning a major economic stimulus package, which is expected to boost the stock market significantly.”
    “It’s important to always keep a diversified portfolio and consult with financial experts before making any investment decisions.”

  6. “Second Thoughts First-Use Awaits”

    hmmm… from my observations.. neither Putin or Xi.. want to see this escalate nuclear..
    which is what concerned me when I read that the USA was planning on sending tanks with low grade acceptable radioactive armor and shells..
    I believe Putin and Xi are waiting for the USA and NATO to do first use.. and could they view the actions we are taking as first use.
    i believe Russia and China see Ukraine and Taiwan as parts of their country and we should be showing some respect to them..
    i believe tbat all the little countries that have signed treaties and agreements with China and russia are being held back from aggression.. when its decided we won’t honor anything we say or do..they will let them loose at one time..
    don’t kid yourself..we are not in control of this mess..and a man with dementia along with the UK has the triggers…live or die is up to them..
    i totally believe that its The poison pawn trap..

    • Is the stupidity of our era being observed by time travelers?

      MARTIN ARMSTRONG: When I was in 9th Grade, in public speaking class I was handed the subject of UFOs to deliver a speech to the class. There was the famous 1952 incident when Washington, DC was buzzed by UFOs. As part of my preparation, I had an uncle who was in the Air Force. He told me that pilots were reporting flying saucers all the time. They would fly around the planes and were obviously a lot faster.
      There have been countless encounters and most likely, many are real. But what are they? Are they aliens from another planet? Or are they something from the future observing history?

      Time Travel is entirely possible. There seems to have a strange correlation between UFO sightings and historical periods of time. While if they were exclusively aliens, one would think that they would have made some formal contact by now. The other possibility is that they are from our own future. There were a lot of sitings around WWII and we may be witnessing a rising encounter of sighting as we head into 2032. If this is true, then perhaps it is our posterity coming back to witness the stupidity of our era.

      • I don’t have any questions on UFO’s.. even in the wastelands there’s a couple hundred reporting a month.. mostly around military bases..
        once upon a time I traded labor for a tool for my ex wife.. he had interesting stories and pictures of him in the oval office with every president up to Jr.
        he actually gave me a piece of metal that I used as a book marker.. it was amazing and a lot of fun to contemplate and play with..I have since given the book marker to a friend to play with and be puzzled by its abilities..
        where this guy picked it up is beyond me..I have my thoughts on it..

    • Just think in terms of western civilization destruction AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE.



  7. Lake Powell, the nation’s second-largest reservoir and one that provides water and power to 40 million people, has reached its lowest levels since its first filling in the 1960s. [Lake Mead, also]
    The recent heavy rain and snow pack have done very little to help the Colorado River.
    – In 2000, Lake Powell was at 95% capacity. It is now below 25%.
    – If the lake falls another 32 feet – about the amount it fell last year – power generation may cease.
    – If we can’t get water out of the reservoir, that is a doomsday scenario that includes agriculture, and cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. “It’s 90% of the water supply to Las Vegas, 50% to Phoenix, effectively 100% to Tucson and 25% to Los Angeles,”
    – We are not there yet., but we are so close that it is causing great concern., and it will take years, decades., if ever, of average rainfall to refill.
    – Strict, near oppressive rationing guidelines are being discussed to help prevent what many are saying is inevitable., despite any rationing.
    – This could cause one of the largest and fastest migrations in our history. Where do 40 to 60 million people, with all the businesses and industries, move too?

    • ” If we can’t get water out of the reservoir, that is a doomsday scenario that includes agriculture, and cities like Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. “It’s 90% of the water supply to Las Vegas, 50% to Phoenix, effectively 100% to Tucson and 25% to Los Angeles,”

      considering that.. the same amount of water used a day is still here..just in another form..I had another idea on a powerless air well that if I get to it am going to make a small one to see if the idea works or not.. similar to the ones used in ancient times but with the spiderweb twist..who knows.. when this new batch of wines done I have to check on those brackets for the cube garden to..

    • Las Vegas with their NEW multi billion dollar water tunnel tunnel will keep getting water from Lake Mead even when no more water can be sent down the Colorado since the even after the intakes to send the water down the Colorado are OUT OF THE WATER Las Vegas can continue to draw water.

      Tucson, Phoenix, and LA will lose their water while Las Vegas still has theirs.

      Phoenix and LA “could” survive with NO Colorado river water, but for Phoenix it would be tough since they would have to cut their consumption by 50%.

      Tucson would be hosed. MOST of Tucson’s water now comes from the Central Arizona Project, which is Colorado river water that is pumped UP HILL from Phoenix from the Colorado water canals going to Phoenix.

      Tucson when it was MUCH smaller, under 200,000 relied 100% on pumped ground water, but the water table has now declined dramatically for that aquifer (dropped from about 30′ in 1945 to 250’+ by 1978 when I lived there, guy next door was one of the Water Engineer for Tucson Water Dept. so I got an earful from him when I lived there, and that water table dropped even more before the CAP finally came on line. Without CAP Tucson’s ground water can NOT support a metro area of 1.25 million people!! (Phoenix has some reservoirs to the E and NE of Phoenix, Tucson has NO reservoirs!!).

      IF the drought continues there are HUGE changes coming to Arizona, and it’s not just in the agricultural sector (which uses about 80% of the water Arizona draws from the Colorado river)

    • “Where do 40 to 60 million people, with all the businesses and industries, move too?”

      They don’t, because their worthless politicians thought it’d be cute to invite 40 million invaders into the country over the past 20 years or so. If the SW really does dry up, those southwestern desert American refugees are going to have to push the invaders out of the cush digs the Administration has given them, and the invaders are not going to like it.

      I have popcorn at the ready, to watch this shitshow start to finish. Millions of Americans who’ve grown up spoiled and entitled, against millions of people subsisting on an annual family income of about $3100, until Mr. Biden gave them that kind of money per week and installed them into a level of luxury several orders of magnitude greater than they could ever imagine even existed. It’s gonna be one hell of an internal Leftist war. I hope George Soros lives long enough for the victors to hang him from a lamppost…

    • So given the far above average precipitation in the west, how is it not filling? What are the in and outflows? Compared to 2000?

      • The Californicators, who’re much smarter than the rest of us, have never made a provision for rainwater catchment. The only “above average precipitation” that’s getting used is that which is falling directly on crops, but not drowning them out…

  8. Another one? Can’t they come up with anything new?
    – The Finance Director for Russia’s Western Military District (WMD) and a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Marina Yankina, is said to have died after falling 16 stories from a residential building in St Petersburg.
    – Reportedly, she called her husband and told him she about to jump.

  9. It looks like the UK is getting ready to supply fighter jets. Here’s a brief interview with the PM.

    Here is a link to a great story of an USAF pilot named Colonel Kim Campbell. She flew a badly damaged A10 in the Gulf War. She also discussed the A10 C variant.

    Is there a point here? Yes, my point is it takes years to train a pilot.

    Also Ukraine has aircraft left over from the Cold War and Poland has old Cold War planes to give. But Ukraine has nobody to fly them.

    All of which boils down to, if the Uk government is going to give jets it will have to give air crew and service technicians to operate them. Same goes for any other NATO member contributing anything airworthy to the cause.

  10. .gov’s FEMA flipped at market close yesterday and will now send assistance.

    Can Norfolk Southern bear responsibility?

    “In an interview with FOX Business, Lee Klaskow, a senior transportation analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, said, “The financial impact is unknown at the moment, but Norfolk Southern is self-insured for up to $75 million, which comes out to about 25 cents per share.”

    The company even has third-party coverage for third-party damage above $75 million and below $800 million as well as self-property damage above $75 million and below $275 million, the report stated.”

    This is what Norfolk Southern is insuring.

    “A “controlled release” and burn of hazardous materials from the 150-car Norfolk Southern freight train — conducted, officials said, to avoid a major explosion — killed thousands of fish, sickened pets and wildlife, and sparked fears of serious health risks for the town’s 5,000 residents.”

    The train company won’t have enough insurance. “controlled release” is the noose. Companies will be issued ‘free’ Fed-Bux contracts to clean up the mess.

    Since we weren’t told until market close I guess politicos are front running us into product/service companies who will handle clean-up and will receive the .gov contracts.

    • lol lol.. ask anyone.. how fema helped them in any catastrophic lol lol
      insurance companies paid ten cents and below on claims fema said we are here to help..had thousands of trailers ..oh hey they are still parked lol niece lost everything..their help was twenty bucks and a good luck lol lol I wouldn’t hold my breath

      • I’m not thinking of the end user experience, the user of the trailers. .gov is a money laundering scheme.

        FEMA paid a companies to build/send trailers to the Katrina mess. One trailer company profited and was later sued. Now they are industry leading.

        Who sent the trailers:

        “The defendants included two dozen manufacturers who built mobile homes for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), including Gulf Stream Coach Inc., Forest River Inc., Vanguard LLC and Monaco Coach Corp.”

        Where are they today:

        Gulf Stream Coach:

        “Today Gulf Stream Coach is the industry’s leading family-owned, family-operated RV manufacturer, encompasses 22 brands with over 140 different models — all brought to you by the most dedicated and experienced team of associates in the industry.”

        Forest River is still in business.

        “Forest River RV is a division of Forest River, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, which produces recreational vehicles, pontoons, park models, buses, cargo trailers and commercial trucks.”

        Monaco Coach Corp:

        “The company maintains manufacturing operations, including a service center in Decatur, Indiana, and Coburg, Oregon; and a parts store.”

        I don’t know what Vanguard LLC was, unless it’s Vanguard.

  11. I have not heard a straight story yet out of anyone in state local or federal government about the Ohio train wreck. Nobody, including the EPA, has yet said HAZWOPER (29CFR1910.120E) or anything about code on isolating, containing, and remediating a HazWaste Release.
    All of the Code, the law, and anything common sense about cleaning this mess up has been tossed out the window.
    There are regulations and steps that are supposed to be taken in a large waste release like this. From what I se on the Tube the Feds are implementing Waco Procedures for handling this, Looks like they are just trying to burn all the evidence now.

    • Serious case of Elmer Fudd (usgovt.) shooting his shotgun in BugsBunnys face ( Us citizens) and shotgun malfunction resulting in Elmers face being blown off. The “agent orange” is already bout 10 inches seeped in.. will eventually hit water table. Every day delayed is mmmmillions in additional cleanup costs. It Is/Will enter the Ohio River – the prudent Man would already be Disaporing” ie Bugging the FUCK out of dodge. I feel so sad for those who do not have the the means or wherewith all to leave that downstream/wind area. Scheisse be worse than dirty nukes..

  12. If you want to listen to DOOM AND GLOOM about the Ukraine situation this YouTube video will do it.

    What I found interesting about it wasn’t the poster’s conclusions (which matches up to GA Stewart and others) but his finding out more details about the shipment of US armor to Europe that hasn’t been previously seen in the US mass press. I try to track that stuff but he came up with MORE information than I have seen before. fwiw his information is ALL public knowledge and was published by various US, US Military, or European news outlets, HIDDEN from the mass of the American public that is for sure.

    Per his adding up of the PUBLIC reports the US has shipped at least 5000 pieces of armor to Europe since Dec 2021, which is in addition to what the US already had in Europe. In addition the public news, quoting US military sources from about 60 days ago, is that the US has said that we are shipping another 2400 pieces of armor of various sort to Europe (if I understood him correctly).

    It does certainly look like the US is seriously preparing for a Ground War against Russia in Europe!!

    Once all the equipment is in place all the Neolibs /Neocons and Demoncrats need is an “EXCUSE” … and (imo) if Putin doesn’t give them one they WILL MANUFACTURE ONE … just like GW Bush /Dick Cheney did with Iraq.

    General War in Europe IS COMING!! The US Neolibs /Neocons /Demoncrats drooling in anticiapation!! (sadly many Republicans want that War too :-( )

    Got Preps??!!

    • We knew war was coming..the USA and NATO didn’t leave a golden bridge for de-escalation..
      and we didn’t stop it when we could end it now would admit defeat. A multi polar world would have to be recognised and we loose our standing and influence.
      most of the countries have pushed to the point of bankruptcy and an economic disaster used their defense reserves and a new gold backed currency established..
      its gonna get ugly and I believe not just be contained onky in ukraine..

    • ” (sadly many Republicans want that War too)”

      Yeah, no they don’t. This is an excellent way to tell the difference between a republican and a RINO.

      Name one conservative who’s gotten us in a war.

      Before you do, consider the Civil War began several months before Lincoln became da Prez, and the “Spanish-American” war and that 4-day vaca our SF had in Grenada were in actuality police actions in which we had to pick up our yardstick and smack an unruly child across the knuckles.

  13. Re: Charting the Hits
    feat. Shindig at the Palace


    DJ George’s dancing shoes have been the soul of the party this week at palaces across Europe. Tuesday dawned upon the Presidential Palace in Kiev where Canada’s telegenic foreign minister, Ms. Jolys, complimented Mr. Z.’s anti-corruption drive and offered spending suggestions for an earlier $18 million tranche of cash from Canadian taxpayers. Ms. Jolys introduced her 4 female-strong entourage to Mr. Z. who was subsequently pictured by television cameras wiping his mouth on his shaking hand arm after #2. Leaving the servant of the people to further teleprompter pursuits with Brussels, the women belatedly donned protective gear for a field exercise where Canadian female technicians were conducting minefield clearing training. Like children, men had been leaving their grown-up mine toys lying around everywhere for the unsuspecting to trip over.

    The week heralds news from London by way of the “Daily Mail”. 25 years after Scarey Spice declared her preference for Nelson Mandela stood side by side at the time with Prince Charles on a South African tour stop, the Spice Girls are confirmed to play the Coronation Concert at Windsor this May a day after the crowning at Westminster. “Wannabe” will surely be on the playlist. The Palace had been hoping to secure Adele MBE as well as Sheeran. However both sent regrets. The latter is opening his Mathematics Tour the night before in Texas in support of his new album “=”.

    Given that 2+2=5, the “Daily Mail” showed a post Koo Stark royal riding in saddle in front of a Windsor cottage where a cow had come home to chew grass. He was accompanied by a young groomswoman ready to lend a hand should need arise. The report remarked that the royal had assembled a team of advisors to chart a course for America in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Montecito. No Netflix doc is planned. As well, he hopes to overturn the £12 million civil judgement that was ruled against him not so long ago. At the ballooning rate of his ascendancy, perhaps he will stop by the prison wing in Florida where the Lady Ghislaine awaits to kiss a frog in return for freedom?

  14. the topic of immortality has come up quite frequently lately in my life, George. quite a bit over the last few months.

    hmmmmm. and an old story I read somewhere a while back. can’t remember where.

    the story is of THE Creator Himself coming down to earth as a Man or Woman. taking the full amnesia process, to experience life as a mortal. nobody knows this is person is The Supreme Creator not even The person Himself. So He can experience all that a human experiences in His world. feel everything they feel, understand from a humans perspective everything they feel and understand. make a survey of how He is treated and How others treat each other. experience all the good all the bad. even a motal death. Then upon His death. the Supreme Creator who this entire plane of existence belongs to, passes judgment upon His creation and make adjustments where adjustments needed to be made.

    I love that story. brings the whole namaste into perspective. you never know who you really are talking to. could be God Himself. although he or she wouldn’t know until after they died and you died and found out. oh shit. I thought that person was an idiot. it was The Creator experiencing His Creation. or oh thank Goodness, I held the door for that old fella. it was God, I was holding the door for. I just didn’t know it until after life.

    I’ve often wondered at times durring my life. is George actually God wearing a cloak? or maybe it is Ray, or maybe it’s that red head that looked like a porcelain doll tonight that I got her heels for her. or the Cheer leader or tbe guy who lost his wallet and none of them knew They were the Supreme Creator here to experience life as One of its Creations. or is my daughter or one of my long time friends.

    if the story is true, I hope I treated The Supreme Creator, with Kindness. not out of fear of what would happen in. the after life, should He pass judgment on me too. but so that when the Supreme Creator examined His life experiences? when He remembers what Kindness felt like, He thinks of me.

    immortality has come up alot lately. not sure why. but it had come up alot lately.

    George you probably know this more than anyone. there is an old parable

    that If a plane leaves New York and headed to Tokyo Japan is off by 1% in its trajectory it will land in Hong Kong and not Tokyo over that distance. planes are always adjusting their course.

    I don’t know how much. difference a girl wearing her heels on stage or purple crocks makes, or all the other little adjustments I’ve made over my life time in others lives. like answering a girls prayers at the airport, or taking a fella to get his wallet and keys, catching a little girl from tumbling off a 4 storey balcony or giving a magic wand with a star on top to a girl from Detroit that looks like Glenda the good witch, or meeting a girl outside a 7-11 in san Francisco and taking her to a hippy commune with me because she thinks im an angek, or driving to salt lake city after work to rescue a girl whos in an abusive relationship, letting her stay at my house anf help her get on her feet and 4 months later she met the man who became her husband on my front porch or the thousands of other things I’ve done but I never mentioned anywhere, not even on here.

    does it take humanity from New York to Tokyo or Hong Kong in a thousand years? that is above my pay grade. i wonder how much. all those little things do to change the world in a thousand years. even it it makes a 1% difference??? over space and time, it takes us to a totally different destination. hopefully a really nice destination with drinks that have little fancy umbrellas in them and pleasant weather.

    all that could just be a day dream. quite the ponder.

    immortality has come up alot lately. not sure why. but it has come up alot lately.

    which I find very interesting.

    thanks eveyone. see ya around.

    • See movie Jacobs Ladder.. first.

      after you view this whole movie -cia/nsa “sponsored” White Noise is next – no not the 2005 flick bout EVP/talking to the dead…The Ohowihateohiostate train derailment and and toxic cloud changing course movie filmed last year, Netflix2022. The one where many residents of east palestine, OH appear as extras.
      can you believe FEMA was there prior to recent “event”..

      * Not fake news anymore, they are faking REALITY..

      ” White Noise, West Palestine a Message from the Dead…
      White Noise refers to electronic voice phenomena called EVP where voices of the dead can be heard on audio recordings.

      WTF: Netflix 2022 Film “White Noise” About Train Derailment Carrying …

      We’re under attack. Crazy evidence that East Palestine was an inside job. Buckle Up. A Dioxin disaster is happening now
      Three months ago, someone in the federal government decided to use East Palestine as a test site for a new emergency response program. Starting January 26, they handed out free digital IDs called My ID to residents of East Palestine. The cards are trackers that when scanned provide quick medical information to emergency responders. It gets even better.

      “Last year the Movie White Noise, a faithful adaption of the National Book Award for Fiction; White Noise, written in 1985 by Donald DeLillo, was filmed in various locations around Ohio. Many of the residents of East Palestine appeared in the film as extras. The story revolves around a train wreck and the resulting fiery confabulation that releases an “airborne toxic event” that sweeps through the surrounding countryside.” -JH

  15. Contemporary rhyming and a possible black swan.

    The new easy money, high tech investment “ploy” is Zero Day to Expiry (0DTE) options, a.k.a. “PN lunch money?” “A boom in one corner of the options market could bring ‘volmageddon’ and jolt the stock market in a big way.”

    0DTE trading looks like a cousin of high frequency trading, the cause of the 2010 flash crash.

    Temptations to push the limits are high, especially for the only game in town. Are we in a period of irrational exuberance, or something like it? “Retail investors are pouring a record $1.5 billion per day into the Stock Market”

    It’s like watching a weekly Great Depression miniseries 15 minutes at a time.

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