Market Mini-Panic: Dow Futures -825 Earlier

Anagnorisis:  The Moment of Recognition.  Oh, yeah…it starts today.

We’ve been telling you for several weeks to brace yourself.  You’ve had plenty of time to gently move money and self to the sidelines, to buy isolation goods, stock the freezer, and brace for the worst.   Just in Case, of course.

Right out of the chute this morning, we are seeing wild swings in the market futures, but a reasonable guess is we will drop 825, or so, at some point today based on early futures pricing.

Even if you don’t subscribe to our $40-buck-a-year reports (like above), here’s what one of our key charts in the twice-weekly  ChartPack looks like.  Again, based on early futures trades:

Unfortunately, as Elliott Wave fans know, the curse of such analytics is there is  always an alternate count.  People get very frustrated by this.  We would  think (and THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE by any stretch) that there’s a  chance that the market could drop down as low as touching the “red zone” area.  From there, it’s possible the market could launch a rally.  Or,  we rally but no highs this spring or summer and that could cue “end times” in the fall.

Let’s face facts:  The U.S. has been in an almost unprecedented bubble ever since the previous bubble blew up in 2008-2009 and didn’t bottom out until the early spring of 2009.

Over 20-years of research into the somewhat obscure field of long wave economics, the Longwave, and the work of both Nicolas Kondratieff (also spelled Kondratiev by modernists who haven’t read the early papers he contributed to the American Economic Society in the 1920s), one thing has become abundantly clear:  Bubbles and Collapses are a regular part of economic life.

Perhaps, one of the best examples in the 10-11 year California Real Estate Cycle. Not clockwork, but not a bad guide, either.

Another key point is that market bubbles can be readily compared with the classic 1920-21 runup into the 1929 peak and subsequent Crash.  In the history books as The Great Depression.

In my work – based on something called “market aggregation” (so you’re not misled by a “hot sector” like, oh, the FAANG stocks), we have already (as shown in the sloping arrows below) done a solid rhyme on the 1929 riff in markets.

How to Use Your Head

In addition to the mess with novel corona virus, there are several other concurrent “flashes of nightmare” rolling by.  There ought to scare the hell out of anyone.  BUT, periodic Depressions are inevitable, so here’s how we’re pretty sure trouble is just warming up with today’s market drop.

You see, major recessions are linked with what political ideal?


I will make this real easy for you:  America historically takes a “hard left” when a major recession has broken out.  Free lunch sells when people are hungry.

Think back to when the Housing Bubble was beginning to slide people’s life savings off the table.  Fall of 2008, was it not?  And who got elected president?  A left-leaning street corner organizer out of Chicago. Remember?

Which means, as it looks like we may be close to sliding down the slippery slopes again, democrat-socialists – like Crazy Bernie may surprise the complacent middle and conservatives.  See this morning’s headline on Drudge touting what?

Revolution on the LEFT

All of which is fairly predictable.  And, as I point out in my forthcoming book (“The 100-year Toaster“) it’s because we haven’t figured out (as humans) how to “get motivated” unless we “get paid.”  In other words, problem number one is Behavioral Economics.  We have a serious “wiring problem.”

The result of this “something for nothing” mindset will predictably include more social change than you can shake a stick at.  And related social factors?

The Sounds of Socialism Rising

Like the music the next generations are listening to? 

Take a listen to a couple of tracks from a group called “Dustbowl Revival” – Doubling Down on You – and, oh, because this is so very much on point with COVID-19 and Locusts, and all that – John the Revelator.” 

Especially, appreciate that cyclical economics drives a curious circuit and John the Revelator was a “mutha-giant” at the time of the Great Collapse into the Great Depression:

Blind Willie Johnson recorded “John the Revelator” during his fifth and final recording session for Columbia Records in Atlanta, Georgia on April 20, 1930. Accompanying Johnson on vocal and guitar is Willie B. Harris (sometimes identified as his first wife), who sings the response parts of the song. Their vocals add a “sense of dread and foreboding” to the song, along with the chorus line “Who’s that a writin’, John the Revelator” “repeated like a mantra”

Critically important (to using  music shift  as a concurrent indicator of economic outlook for change) is the change in production values.  Forgetest thou?  Ure ran a recording engineer college?  Production values are the heart and soul of the art form.  In the blow-off phase.  Low values, street-corner music when bad times is-a-coming.

Dustbowl Revival tracks harken back to a time when we didn’t have sampling, VST plugins, and high-dollar music production specialists in Nashville and Burbank.  This is  more honest and earthy music that sounds great even without a mic.  No synth I could pick out, either.  Just damn good musicians having fun as a group and being wildly entertaining.

Sorry, I should have saved this for subscribers, but on a day like this, a little brainfood can sometimes open the “doors of understanding.”  Go take a listen to DBR doing “Riverboat Queen” and again:  Real musicians, live performance, and music returning to its roots as a live art.  Roots of the last Great Depression.

Skeptical?  Go listen to the lyrics of the first two 1930s-born Woody Guthrie tracks over here (Do Re Mi and Dust Bowl Refugee) and unless you’re tone-deaf, you’ll definitely catch “the vibe.”

Here’s another economic cycle marker for you:  The popularity of border crossing stations into California.  Used to keep Dust Bowl Refugees out of the state in the last 20s and into the 30s. Agricultural protection was the gambit, of course.

I remember going through one on the 10 driving out to Burbank as it was being mostly shut down (except for commercial rigs) in 2005.  Lights went off in my head:  “They’ll be back” I was thinking.

There’s our future.  And it ain’t pretty.

But, saying “It ain’t so!” never turned back a tide…and this tide looks to be turning, right here, right now.  Left.

Be sure to look at the Fed Repo desk this morning – it’ll be interesting to see how much money they throw at this tide-coming-in problem.  Money bags instead of sandbags?

Then look carefully.  What do you see?  Denial or Genius?  You make the call as Warren Buffett says bank stocks are ‘very attractive compared to most other securities.  On  the other hand, Buffett sees economy ‘a little softer,’ says several Berkshire businesses impacted by coronavirus.

We have to wonder if Trump has called CDC lately since it was Trump teases possibility of US-India trade deal during massive rally.  Uh…’scuse us but isn’t the bigger deal whether globalism is running off the rails?

Naw…the administration is taking the hard line in the story: Mnuchin: Washington Still Expects China To Meet Trade-Deal Commitments Despite Outbreak.

And Costa Mesa, California has won a  court fight (for now) to keep COVID19 infected people out of it’s city.  “Federal and state agencies blast Costa Mesa’s action against sending coronavirus patients to Fairview.”  Big will squash small.  It’s only a matter of time and power.

Should be a fun day here on Asylum Earth.

No worries out in the woods though.  Besides, how is this for an isolation consolation prize? Krispy Kreme rolls out national deliveries.  Just in time for the funerals.

Data Still Matters

Just out is the Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator (CFNAI) and goes like so:

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) increased to –0.25 in January from –0.51 in December. All four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from December, but only one of the four categories made a positive contribution to the index in January. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to –0.09 in January from –0.23 in December.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, increased to –0.16 in January from –0.25 in December. Thirty-six of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in January, while 49 made negative contributions. Fifty-six indicators improved from December to January, while 27 indicators deteriorated and two were unchanged. Of the indicators that improved, 30 made negative contributions.”

“Negative contributions???””  Who are these people who can’t master simple directional language like UP and DOWN.  Political-mush-headedness, thanks for asking.

File this kind of crap under upside corrections and downside rallies?  Or, is that me offering a negative contribution…shit…I dunno sometimes.

The Lying Wuhan Masters Spreadsheet

Fairytale time!

This run speaks for itself:  Have we “talked the virus to death???”  So, cases that had been going up at the 2 1/2 percent rate are now going up at a less-than one percent rate?  Pass the crack pipe and how’s your fentanyl stash?

I’d never say this is hogwash…more like bat crap.  But, to each their own.

Tomorrow morning a two-part report because we will be eyeing the new monthly Housing report.

Just got the first Fed Repo number: $40.75 billion.  Not going to turn a tide with that and the futures were down 825 when I looked just now.

Have a great day and don’t do anything stupid.  I’ll do enough for both of us.

Write when you get rich,

43 thoughts on “Market Mini-Panic: Dow Futures -825 Earlier”

  1. Warren of course has a vested interest in some bank stocks and of course there is that $128BB he is sitting on stocks are so cheap he’s a watching – I’m waiting for the call he receives from Mr. Trump as he did from Mr. Obama to signal the continued rampant disregard by the FED that thinks the stock market is the economy and that printing will find a cure for the virus – the next round may actually be roundly rejected by the folks in charge – if they want Trump out I would not be astonished to find the market back to where it was when he was elected…….. Funny how all of the rich Democrats and Republicans now fully hate Sanders – Tax time cometh for the rich if elected……

  2. Wow Fairview! about 1976 or so I had a gf that worked there and she took me in – boy that was a scary place! My point is that lots of homeless are mentally ill and belong there, and it is empty!

  3. Rock and Roll Jesus!

    What a great day to be alive – and Short the SPY/Long Gold&Silver ..Gotta luv luvluv “black Mondays” Cue the market time blues..Theres no sunshine when your Long..

    SARS-Co-V-2 – dude George latest live video reports out of Wuhan indicate a 1 in 50 reported cases by a Doctor on the ground. Doc says they had 50 new infection cases Saturday and they only reported 1 Official case.

    Rumors of genetically modified Dragon fly’s carrying virus load – released/detonated using 5G Networks – (DragonflEye – Popular Mechanics Jun/2017) – thats 3 years ago – Genetics has advanced exponentially during that time..
    Problem with this scenario is this Virus is especially infectious/deadly to Chinese/Iranians/Norks – all 3 are Enemies or Frenemie of the US. hmmm

    The WHO is lying regards statement that there is no modifications to this Virus – 4 important S proteins have been replaced.

    Consider Ebola virus is owned&patented by US Military

    Zika is owned by Rockafeller Foundation

    Corona virus is patented by Pirbright Institute in Australia (member 5 Eyes) – same institute funded by Gates foundation and the Wellcome Trust – that wellcome trust from GSK vaccine history – keep an eye on this – street says there is already a Vaccine.

    Cry Havoc – And Slip the Dogs of War! – J. Ceasar

  4. Something most people have in common that drives many of their decisions. Greed, people desire what the do not have. Now the difference is a capitalist will channel that greed to serve is fellow man by opening a business developing a product or working hard to satisfy other’s needs. Where socialists channel those desires into government force to have their wants fulfilled. The difference is what one believes freedom means and what we are as free individual humans. Does it mean freedom to succeed or fail based on your merits or does it mean you should be free of want. The pendulum is certainly swinging toward the force metric. I never hear the socialists speak of starting voluntary programs like the red cross blood donation work, so the people could join to pay a basic income or pay off student loans. This is why I have such respect for Bill Gates, puts his money where his mouth is and funds items he believes is important and does not lobby governments for others to be forced to follow his priorities. Many others donate to the Gates foundation because they are convinced to also follow those priorities.

    • @joe dish

      You might want to research your ‘hero’ gates a bit farther…….HIS projects are very …’suspect’….take a Good look

      • Perhaps, but it is still his money, and him convincing others to voluntarily support his foundation projects. He is not my hero, I just respect people that put their own money where their mouth is versus forcing others to pay for and support items they don’t believe in. Talking and not doing with their own life and resources is what makes most of current politicians worthless leaders, they constantly lead from behind…

  5. ““Negative contributions???”” Who are these people …”

    These would be the people that long for the Communist command economy. We’re just not pulling our weight out here in the sticks.

  6. Another sign of the apocalypse. I was watching Better Call Saul last night and two commercials almost back to back made me think we have all lost out minds. One was for Carl’s Junior and it advertised a double burger with a half inch fried cheese wheel topping. And if that wasn’t heart stopping enough, along comes a KFC commercial promoting an overly breaded hunk of fried chicken on a sandwich made of donuts.

    Gave me nightmares last night. Folks, we are digging our own graves. No wonder healthcare costs and their stocks are skyrocketing. How many hospital beds will those meals fill?

    • Well, it’s a way to get the stupid to kill themselves off. Very similar to the Darwin awards…you know, the awards given to people who grab a thin metal rod and shove it into a light socket.

    • @MARX

      ALL meat eaters will die….FACT

      ALL vegans will die…FACT

      ALL Humans will die some sooner than others….FACT

      EAT and DRINK what YOU want…..time is NOT on your side……tick tock


    • I agree with you on all of that.. I didn’t watch the show…. I will never forget when a friend offered me lunch.. they were having pancake soup LOL LOL LOL LOL…
      german dish what they failed to let me know was the pancakes were like noodles LOL…

  7. I am thinking that the Elliot Wave Theory may be modified with a potential 7th wave or bending 7th/9th wave ascent, during monetary/legislative anomalies. If economic assumptions about static accelerants, both monetary and legislative policy, are suspended by government intervention, then waves can be extended or diminished abnormally.

  8. George,

    So the Revolution on the Left is: Feed hungry kids.

    And the Revolution on the Right was what? Wanton criminality? Corporate greed? Trash the planet? Offshoring taxes? Pattacake with the Ruskies? Blame the Brown People? Put little kids in cages?

    If you can put $2 trillion on the national debt for stock buybacks and rich people, you can feed hungry kids and treat sick Americans. BTW, which one has the vastly higher Velocity of Money?

    Also, get your facts straight. The New Deal came AFTER the Right had already crashed the economy by The Great Depression. As the Right did with The Great Recession.

    Conservatives just can’t help themselves, can they? Conservatives just can’t stop themselves until the Golden Goose is finally dead. Best, Mike.

    • No – the revolution on the left is screw day in day out, break up homes, leave destitute kids land then stick us workers with the bill.
      It’s a revolution of mob greed my friend, not love and kindness.
      Bernie is a commie and socialist is what patriots say instead of piece of shit.

  9. Hello North Americans. Here is your English lesson for today. When referring to a human being, use the word “who”. When referring to a anything else, use “that”

    example: Bob is the guy who is walking down that street.

    (Is English still taught in our schools?)

    • Heck, I still can’t get over the dropping of the use of the word “too” as in “also” in today’s word usage. But, even worse, fewer and fewer people can properly use the similar words “their”, “there” and “they’re”. They interchange them with impunity even in professionally produced articles.

    • As a response to your English Question:
      I was recalling last week when my English Teaching mom would pull out her hair over an “alot” in a paper.
      Then last week I saw three articles by three writers in three different news services all using “gonna.”
      Now it isn’t only the writers that are millennial, but it appears the editors are all millennial as well.

  10. The rally which is now unwinding appeared to be based on euphoria and denial, those two most potent of social mood mania inflators. I regard Elliott waves as the mathmatics of composite knee jerks. I would look for the wave analysis to firm up and yield some insights in the current social mood reversal avalanche.

  11. Question… A while back there was an article published with a new population projection for 2025 or maybe 2023 that showed millions less than what the population currently is. I’ve searched all over for that article and I can’t find it do you have any idea where that came from? I thought it was the Census Bureau but I could be absolutely wrong.

  12. one number popped out in that covid death chart: 6.66% increase yesterday. the devil is in the details.

    also, how do the tests work? there are many coronaviruses most are harmless or annoying and have been in many animals for thousands of years.
    it seems you would have to sequence the dna of the virus to distinguish between a mild cold severe cold normal pneumonia and the bioweapons. I don’t think there is just one strain being tested for. how could a simple test tell them apart? im not a doctor I literally have no clue.

    as for the severity of covid19, it seems to be much worse in Wuhan, so maybe people there are exposed to heavy metals, air pollution, nutrient deficiency, poverty or something that makes it top secret scary killer. maybe the 5G weekens immune systems. maybe all of the above

    also ive known many old people who are chronically dehydrated. they think it’s too much effort to go to the bathroom, & drink very little so as to avoid the hassle. many dont eat enough salt. and many have wierd dietary habits & bad hygiene. smoking is also popular in asia. I tell ya dehydration makes you weak

    as for the doctors dieing with full hazmat suits: they are working 12+ hours with no food no drink no bathroom. those suits are hot they are sweating their guts out and breathing the steam from it, resperators require more effort to pull air in as well. quite possibly the stress heat exhaustion and a dirty diaper is killing them.

    I tell you that when I get sick I get thirsty. and tired. and I have gotten sick every time I have taken an airplane anywhere. I drink gallons of hearbal tea and warm water blended with dolomite epsom and Himalayan salt I make soups with organic onions garlic miso & whatnot. I add healthy fats like flax & red palm oil so my skin doesn’t dry out. also I piss a lot as a result. I like expensive stuff & feel that some of that keeps me heathy. if they cant produce it or if I myself have income or mobility limited, I might be more susceptible to disease.

    my point is that this is probably a cover for the global economic collapse, martial law and that kind of stuff. its causing social stress, Im deeply concerned about the WHO the government &commercial response im not concerned about the disease itself. people get flu & viral pneumonia every year and with a global population of 7 billion, average life span of 70 years 100,000,000 people die per year, most will die in harsh weather & disease outbreaks.

    even the worst case scenario people saying the epic cover up with 5 million people died of this and the Chinese army is disposing of bodies continuously it doesn’t justify martial law cause with 1.4 billion Chinese people, you can expect that 20 million will die per year. most will die in winter. the problem is the lack of funerals & gatherings, the inability to comfort the dieing hug the living and so fourth.

    also china has been running fog machines everywhere, including hand held 2stroke foggers used in buildings full of people. you think that carbon monoxide & disinfectant could possibly poisen people? seems that there could be chemical related lung damage. that is why young apperently healthy chinamen drop & twitch to death. or you know a combination of factors.

    its just an overactive government helping people to death.

    again im not a doctor, ive never been to China consider this with my writing.

  13. “America historically takes a “hard left” when a major recession has broken out. Free lunch sells when people are hungry.
    Think back to when the Housing Bubble was beginning to slide people’s life savings off the table. Fall of 2008, was it not? And who got elected president?”

    What I find hilarious.. is the vast majority of the people.. myself included.. had medical costs that were skyrocketing because there were so many that were uninsured.. he ran on the platform of change… he got in.. a bunch of insurance companies hired their people to write up the obamacare package and no one.. read it.. nasty nancy said we don’t need to read it until after it is passed..
    It didn’t stop the cost increases instead it gave an avenue for everyone to raise prices even more..damned if you do damned if you don’t…opening borders. nope.. It did the opposite..
    Now we are bordering on this very issue once again.. not just with health expenses.. but with the basics.. our compounding interests on past debts is swallowing us alive.. the federal reserve is printing faster than the machines can run..and our industries have all moved outside the usa the people have lost the pride in their country and leaders..our once magnificent manufacturing plant cities now look like something you would find in a bombed out city..
    what will archiologists wonder in a hundred or a thousand years when they discover the ruins of the once great nation call the UNITED STATES.
    . will they wonder what was it that destroyed a great nation.. will they realize it was greed that was the ultimate downfall.. why did the mayan civilization collapse.. could it be they had similar issues that we are dealing with today..the romans.. etc.. Is Mankind on the next extinction list..

  14. drop rates ramp gold that’s what patriot guru raymondo dalio says .. gold flake snake oil is his newset thing .. he shorts everything but not the good ole apple pie USSA .. good on yah ray ramp youre way to the top with swampwater asset management

  15. I just received an invitation for a June wedding! Other than having to find something civilized to wear and remembering how to socialize, I’m wondering how these very close encounters will fare when the virus gets here. I do hope for a miracle and generally plan for the opposite, but honestly – how can such things be handled well? Women dream their entire lives about their (first) wedding day and spend a lot of money to do it their way. How will such events change to limit risk yet provide the experience that people are investing so much into?

  16. Did you notice that Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin were down today. These are stores of values in a crisis. Two are used by old codgers & one by Millenials. Shouldn’t they have gone up today? Yes, but they didn’t. Also all three averages closed below their 50 day moving averages. This can’t be good. Italy has quarantined 50,000. Did this cause the downturn? The virus only matters to Wall Street when it starts hitting the West?

  17. We’ve all read, “There are no atheists in foxholes”.

    Here’s a rhyme, “There are no fiscal conservatives in recessions.”

  18. Q: What did socialists use before candles?

    A: Electricity.

    Child: When I grow up I want to be a socialist

    Parent: You can’t do both

    Q: How do you starve a Socialist?

    A: You hide their food stamps under their work boots.

    • Bravo Warhammer. Too bad the left is teaching them to vote so they can get more freebees. It isn’t sound fiscal policy.

    • ????? the problem is the separation gap…
      the… PLAN…. that is implimented to gain the gap..
      if a person reads back in history you can see that the decline and fall of almost all societies the rise of evil men all starts with the PLAN..

      .the separation gap.. The USA rebelled due to the PLAN.. the rise of taxes on a countrie where money wasn’t available putting hardship on those struggling to survive..then the well your going to do it or be punished..

      not long ago the separation began to add the upper twentynine percent and propel the the one percent into the stratosphere..
      The only way that socialism will be implimented is if the need to supply the daily needs gets so far out of range that desperation sets in..
      I started to feel the despiraton the last couple of budget changes..daily expenses had risen to the point that the income couldn’t match the outgo..I know its hard to believe but most people really don’t go by a budget.. they go by whats in their pocket.. and if it isn’t in their pocket.. cheap plastic is there waiting to fulfil the daily needs..( Oh wait.. that is how Congress does it.. sheesh)

      Last night I seen a pole on the evening news.. when they were showing what the main concerns were for the voting public..the majority was Healthcare once again.. so we will now start seeing CHANGE pop up in the speeches by a group that is all covered under the Golden Goose federal healthcare package..
      All anyone wants to do well let me put a quote in from the book…

      “Politics is history in the making. History itself is the presentation of the course of a Folk’s struggle for existence.
      I deliberately use the phrase struggle for existence here because, in truth, that struggle for daily bread, equally in
      peace and war, is an eternal battle against thousands upon thousands of resistances, just as life itself is an eternal
      struggle against death. For men know as little why they live as does any other creature of the world. Only life is
      filled with the longing to preserve itself. The most primitive creature knows only the instinct of the self
      preservation of its own, in creatures standing higher in the scale it is transferred to wife and child, and in those
      standing still higher to the entire species. While, apparently, man often surrenders his own instinct of self
      preservation for the sake of the species, in truth he nevertheless serves it to the highest degree. For not seldom
      the preservation of the life of a whole Folk, and with this of the individual, lies only in this renunciation by the
      individual. Hence the sudden courage of a mother in the defence of her young and the heroism of a man in the
      defence of his Folk. The two powerful life instincts, hunger and love, correspond to the greatness of the instinct
      for self preservation. While the appeasement of eternal hunger guarantees self preservation, the satisfaction of
      love assures the continuance of the race. In truth these two drives are the rulers of life.”

      It progresses on from there to basically show the PLAN… its usually money or the way to gain subsistance only when the road to a future looks bleak and unobtainable is when despiration sets in..
      an education will end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.. interest rates are what what it the daughter said around ten percent for what the grand daughter.. they decided to just take the plunge get a second mortgage and pay for her education to be a doctor.. Many doctors and labor join the Federal jobs just to get the Golden goose healthcare and retirement package or to have their school loans erased.. I ran into a nurse that I chewed up the floors with for years at the VA in our area.. I asked what the heck I figured you would have retired.. she said..I am I have six months left before I can.. why did you take a job here.. Oh you know as well as I do.. the healthcare package and retirement.. The despiration sets in now with Kansas putting people that owe medical bills in jail.. things like this will only fire the people up.. they voted in Donald Trump.. and he has worked hard for the people.. but.. he has met opposition from all sides..he has been attacked daily.. think about it.. a quote from a guy I knew that was one of the top scientists on the opollo projects.. we would sit out and he would try to pursuade me to get thrilled about quantum and we would watch the stars and he would always say.. JUST THINK ABOUT IT…. ( he would fall over to know I have read his books and have thought a lot about it..)
      I wouldn’t be surprised if bernie wasn’t voted in.. someone that would work for them attacked.. daily hourly every waking and sleeping minute.. in every way.. so screw em.. lets give em what they want….
      I still believe that IF.. we had chosen anyone other than DJT we would have been embroiled in a really bad war..
      Has anyone other than me noticed…Now that the election is going on no more black flag events have risen up.. funny how that is..
      I don’t know if industry could take care of it at this point.. lighten the load on the working class.. we outsourced our good jobs.. over burdened our educated.. and took pride of accomplisment away from the working.. if you have kids you will spend the majority of one income just on daycare.. the teller at the bank that I go to.. her takehome every week would buy a twelve pack of soda.. she only is working there to pay for daycare and health insurance.. My wifes income.. 60 percent gone .. for health insurance just for her..
      oh my I am on a rant.. sorry..

      • remember SEX and FOOD are the two biggies.. if all you are doing is working.. your to tired to play the wild monkey.. and if you can’t feed your hungry kids..
        Like I told a parent to one of the grandkids boyfriend. its all about friendship and YOGA… the problem is they have to enjoy and like each other screw love that doesn’t make for a future..
        but its after years and years of hearing the same old comments.. the embarasing time you accidentally went into the ladies room to go to the bathroom or your pants fell down in the mall.. then the day.. you have had a rough day at work.. you feel a little frisky and the wife doesn’t seem interested.. and the wife was up with little billie and his earache all night.. her boss gave her the lecture about being to work.. and your frisky and says to her.. well baby.. why don’t you do that little thing that you do so well that drives me nuts.. she says.. I hear they have yoga lessons downtow.. YOGA.. YUP if you want that little thing I do so well done your gonna have to learn how to do it your own dam self..
        take the stress off of the people and give them hope and things will remain the way it is.. put more stress on them and the gap widens further they will let the fox enter into the hen house

  19. According to this article,we have 8000 people under a “self-imposed” quarantine in CA, but only 426 people have been tested for Coronavirus nationwide:

    I’m really hoping that, once again, I am reading a very, very clever hoax.

    For only 426 total tests to have been performed nationwide at this late date would mean that there is utterly and absolutely no real US domestic monitoring system in place. I am not sure that I could come up with a string of expletives vile enough to describe that hypothetical situation if the referenced article is not a hoax.

    Please say some reassuring feel-good words for your morning readers, G____.

  20. FWIW, I noticed the word “Pandemic” uttered with ” Corona virus” in the news for the first time yesterday (February 24, 2020).

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