Market: Down a Thousand Week? CFNAI

After the “quickie visit” to the ER last Thursday night, I decided to kick it a bit and put more brain cells on trading.

Looks to me like the market ahead is in a position to really “lose it.”

For a couple of decades, I’ve been using an Aggregate Index – trying to wrap my head around financial markets and bubbles. It’s been a useful adventure.

Data reveals that all 7–to-15-year market run-ups have some degree of self-similarity.  The landmark Huberman, Youssefmir, and Hogg work on “event placement” in bubble progression (and demise) has been something of a guiding light around here. I guess in part to it making the point (back in 1998) similar to what I explained last week discussing the short-comings of Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile:  Yes, there is an upper bound.

Oh, and don’t look now, but this week we may bounce down from it.  Hard.


Recent developments in the global liberalization of equity and currency markets, coupled to advances in trading technologies, are making markets increasingly interdependent. This increased fluidity raises questions about the stability of the international financial system. In this paper, we show that as couplings between stable markets grow, the likelihood of instabilities is increased, leading to a loss of general equilibrium as the system becomes increasingly large and diverse.  (Emphasis added)

Decoupling like Sanctions?

Which Impacts the Fed

You see, a lot of the Federal Reserve’s policy planning is “checked against” a large financial model that is supposed to be robust enough to be effectively adaptive in decision-support.  However, let’s look at what the Fed says about its own DSGE model:

“FRB/US is a large-scale estimated general equilibrium model of the U.S. economy that was developed at the Federal Reserve Board, where it has been in use since 1996 for forecasting, analysis of policy options, and research projects. The design of FRB/US has in common with the Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) approach the view that the actions of many households and firms are based on optimizing behavior in which expectations of future economic conditions play an important role. Compared with DSGE models, however, FRB/US applies optimization theory more flexibly, which permits its equations to better capture patterns in historical data and facilitates modeling the economy in greater detail. For example, FRB/US contains all major components of the product and income sides of the U.S. national accounts. Another distinctive feature of FRB/US is its ability to switch between alternative assumptions about how economic agents form expectations. Since its original development, the model has continuously undergone changes to reflect the evolving structure of the economy, including conceptual revisions to sectoral definitions of the national accounts.”

A kind of “financial airbag” tester.


We don’t believe it takes multi-agent modeling (or migrating computational financial models into hydrodynamical modelspace (though that’s fun, don’t get me wrong!).  Instead, we like to just think about things.  Which I did while being bumped around the Outback clearing the south field with the tractor Saturday and Sunday. Did a little “recreational logging” with G2, too.

The thought process went something like this:

  • U.S. economy was already at/near market highs in our work in late 2019.
  • Along came the “scapegoat virus” – which was both real but also exhibiting large aspects of social/govt. control, while at the same time killing economic activity thus creating a scapegoat.
  • Then, with runaway neocons promoting war on the back-end of what we’re thinking was a health-crisis “Depression Substitute” (destroying people instead of savings) there’s an ongoing full court press into war.  Even nuclear is on the table.

Given this set-up, and given reliance on the DSGE Model, how, exactly, do you expect model stability to perform given that – so far as we know – the Fed was likely never questioned by the Biden administration in advance as to whether energy input collapse (due to Sanctions) might speed up model failure.

Look Ahead Failure Risk

This leads, in my view – although this is not financial advice – to a greater-than-zero chance that we are in a Depression analog’s onset now.  And that the next 2-4 years will be economic hell.  And then the real fun begins with WW III because as has been demonstrated in the past, a global war is the “final solution” way to “turn over the Earth” to replant a new economic paradigm.

History is Screaming

The risk area right now – and why I mentioned the potential for a 1,000-point Dow decline this week – is the alignment of the two canted arrows in this chart:

This is not scientific. Maybe not even sane But neither are those “snow poles” on the road up to the ski area, either.  Their whole purpose is to keep from “going over the side” which explains our 20-years of work on this approach.  Nutter in the woods, you say?  Whatever.

A Further Longwave Note

With a lower open today, we are now ready to pencil in the possibility that a major Wave 3 down is in play.  Big green numbers below.

The count from the November 2021 highs to March 13 was likely Wave 1 down, we have likely finished the large green 2 rally.  Today we’re on the slippery slopes of a possible ass-kicking Wave 3 down:

Our Fate is not sealed (in terms of Wave 3 down) until we bust the yellow support line – which is the bottom of the Wave 5 component of the larger 1 down.

That’s the good news, though.

The bad news is that since the Wave 3’s are usually 1.5 times (or more) of Wave 1, and we see Wave 1 started from, our handy-dandy Wave Estimator spreadsheet (on the side) offers this bummer of an outlook:

We will explain more about what this means to Future in our Wednesday Peoplenomics report.  But let’s just generalize that the market could – from today’s modeled pre-open values – drop a further 17.6% (if math ever nails anything).

Which MIGHT be a temporary bottom (Ukraine cease-fire in a month or more?).  We are seeing headlines pushing that way.  As in U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres headed to meet Putin in Moscow to push for a Ukraine ceasefire.

But even at that, we’d likely be dropping even further to the 26,465 area should China’s timing be late summer for re-unification of Taiwan.  Shotgun “un-divorce.”

That would still give president Xi time ahead of his Party Congress to snag ‘Wan.  It would give us room for a noisy (*complex) Wave 4, and it says we could drop a thousand this week (maybe into next) depending on news. Earning jits run hard.

A rally on Housing data tomorrow, for example, is possible.  But by Thursday, someone will cite the time lag in that data set and still some other knucklehead will figure out systemic instability (to borrow from the great work first cited) is really closer than we think.

The next Fed meeting is May 3 with an announcement of the next hike a week from Wednesday.  Like we offered here, DSGE models may be misleading when the Drooler Crew is randomly turning energy inputs on and off.  As much to hurt Russia as in reality, hurting America. Thanks, neocons! Thanks Brandon!

Still, there is a counter move afoot:  Man Group: Central banks to put rates in pain zone to fight inflation. But with models all awonk?

Again, not financial advice, but very dicey, iffy, and scratchy.

CFNAI to Turn Tide?

You read the report and tell me:

“The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) moved down to +0.44 in March from +0.54 in February. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in March, but two categories deteriorated from February. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to +0.57 in March from +0.43 in February.

The CFNAI Diffusion Index, which is also a three-month moving average, moved up to +0.45 in March from +0.31 in February. Fifty-nine of the 85 individual indicators made positive contributions to the CFNAI in March, while 26 made negative contributions.”

Love the term “negative contributions.”  Wish they would have said something “artier” though.  Like “un-given” or something with more pizazz, know what I mean?

Running of the Bears mid-session for a very small Wave [(ii)] or [(iv)]?  We shall see.

Systemic Instability Watch

You news, you lose.

Macron – again – leads France: Macron pledges to address voters’ ‘rage’ as police clash with protesters.  Two protesters killed overnight.

Sounds like an excuse to dink with our supply chain issues: Beijing kicks off mass testing after spike in Covid cases. Asia port backups still building.

This as issues in Shanghai continue for US bound ships: JB Hunt says Shanghai’s lockdown will spell trouble for US ports — Quartz (

How many times have we said:  War is the ultimate economic stimulus?  World military spending tops $2 trillion for first time: SIPRI.  Whee! 

Biden on the Brink?  Bridget Brink is Biden’s nominee for U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. She was originally a Trump appointee, Blinkin and Brink’in?  Nod is who?

Feeling a little old, this morning, are you?  World’s oldest person dies in Japan aged 119.

ATR: Ham Radio Exploits

A while back, I bought a small USDX/USDR portable transceiver.  Out of China.  One of its nice features as a grab and go radio is size – size of a package of Mac and Cheese, right?

Built-in battery, and best of all, a standard SO-239 antenna port. SMA connectors are fine but lack physical strength for an onboard antenna.

Finally got around to working with it a bit.  Pulled a 5 by 7 out of Wisconsin (voice/USB on 20 meters) and a 589 out of an op in Cuba (Cesar, CM6CX).

G2 and I have been looking at tiny HFs to stash in our vehicles.  this one – with an $80 outboard antenna – might be the closest thing yet to a cheapskate’s manpack.  This one is a LOT of fun.  Not only does the radio have a built-in microphone (*one less thing to pack) but the red button on it (Push to Talk) can be keyed for Morse code.

Ham radio tastes, at least for me, have varied in a most unusual way.  When the Solar Cycle lows are around, I like huge antennas, broadcast tower-sized is best, along with 2 kilowatts output power. (Dialed back to the legal limit, of course.)

But when approaching the upper side of the Solar Cycle?  Much more fun to “work the world on five watts.”  That’s where the art is.

Let you know how the radio and antenna play in the field.

Rain showers, heavy at times, coming through.  Look for tornado stories later today and into tomorrow up Tornado Alley from us.

Off to study for my heart exam in a couple of weeks, lol. 128/58 p48 at click-time.  Useful data source here but no substitute for a real stress test.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. hing to remember heading into the next depression is our world is populated by much different residents. Too many takers and not many makers.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Not so sure. I hope Nostradamus’ prediction is a bust, I really do. But overnight, according to an article in the Daily Mail, there were two missile strikes on fuel depots inside of Russia. The question is why didn’t the Ukrainians launch such a strike sooner, like in February, when the whole invasion started? It appears from reading Daily Mail reports of a Ukrainian missile attack last week on the Russian ship and these two new missile strikes as though the Ukrainian forces are acquiring a new capability. If it is not propaganda, admittedly a possibility, then the war just escalated.

      • DGW here.

        Don’t be too relieved that Easter(s) are over and the Sun hasn’t shown. For those liturgically seasoned (Roman or Eastern Orthodox), there are FIFTY days to the Easter season (with significant overlap in the two calendars). Breathe while we can; Nostradamus has another FORTY(-two) days to manifest. Continue our preps?!

    • timeline has indeed been “jumped”, we be “jumping” back and forth more frequently as Time is spinning” faster out da hourglass..

      sec state winkenblinkenandnod along with lloyd (clowninaction) austin were in the company of fellow BF’er clown zelinski in the kraine yesteday – Orthodox Sunday – committing to moar weapons, moar sabotage ops – British/French/US, those “heroes” become the hunted now. How many times have they been WARNED about this insanity ?

      ? How many Avenguard hypersonic “warheads” does the new improved Sarmat carry ?

      Who needs new cars or used cars, who needs tires, or batteries – where do you think all that stuff is manufactured ? Chips – semiconductors? bwahahahah Rare earth metals – Ure kidding right? Spare parts Cars/Trains and Automobiles ? bwahahahahahahah
      No TP on store shelves will be the least of it .

      No worries though – it will be quick like when it comes…. to a major industrial manufacturing city near U…literally “in the bink od an eye”

      Perhaps – No Peace 4 U

    • Not quite:

      Amazingly, when I wrote about this Nostradamus prediction a Russian invasion of Ukraine was over a decade away.

      What say you now nitpickers? Looks like a war to me… Oh, it didn’t happen exactly as you say G. A….

      Hey, how about spending some dollars on a Clif High BS Web Bot Report or some Remote Viewing cartoons?

      Friday, Orthodox Good Friday, Russia announced it was expecting a nuclear false flag operation:

      Britain threatens to use nuclear weapons outside NATO – Russia spotted SAS forces in Ukraine: “Your island is No. 1 target”

      In an unusual move, British Prime Minister M. Johnson threatened a nuclear attack without NATO’s approval.

      In particular, Johnson Boris announced that the UK is considering launching nuclear strikes without coordinating the move with other partners in the North Atlantic Alliance.

      You know what they say about casting pearls…

      • Stu your right on again!

        Maybe if they spend $10 to buy your books they would understand. (Maybe)

      • GAS, but Murray Gunn of Elliot Wave International predicted all 3 of Russia’s invasions: the 2007 invasion of Georgia, 2014 Crimea, and the February 24th, 2022 Ukraine, saying on Feb 4th 2022 that another incursion appears likely (you only predicted one invasion correctly, and not within 20 days of the exact date of invasion):

        May 9th, Victory day for Russia against the Nazis, is the next big ‘date’ for Putin:

      • I think what made the documentary on the bikini islands so powerful for myself was.. back in the Reagan Recession.. jobs .. dam you couldn’t get a job if you paid for it.. so if you were industrious you looked for day labor.. they come to an office.. pick the guys they needed or gals.. and off you went.. DOE came and needed some guys to scoop some dirt.. you betcha I am game have shovel will travel you know.. a couple of days of scooping dirt into a bucket.. and dam it was five dollars an hour.. unheard of money then.. afterwards.. we all went to HOJO’s.. and had a few beers.. I got chatting with one of the bosses.. and I asked him why they had on protective clothing..
        It was a radio active spill that we were digging up.. and the area that we dug the heavy equipment couldn’t get into.. I told him then dam.. you could have given us some protective clothing..
        Looking back on that and what they told the people of the Bikini islands.. it all hit home pretty hard the people are the last ones to know. Even now.. The usa has DUMBs for the few at the top.. but nothing for the people…. whats even funnier is.. I still would have dug the dirt.. but sure would have liked a dosimeter and protective clothing.. I look at my health issues today and sometimes wonder.. was it because of my exposure.. a couple years ago now.. I ran into one of the nephews of a guy I dug dirt with..He started to talk to me about his uncle.. come to find out his uncle knew me and told him about the day labor.. His health sucks to.. and it was day labor.. no records to show of the exposure.. we sure could have at least asked.. Why don’t you guys dig a little .. or why won’t your employees do the job….
        anyway.. it enticed me to buy dosimeters and a Geiger counter LOL…not that that would really help if things escalate to that extent.. but just for the mental security that I will have by having it is worth it its exactly why I have the tools to do and make things that I went without during the drama days…… and seriously.. in a SHTF scenario.. the iodine you would have to ingest would kill you from iodine poisoning LOL….

    • “we have Putin’s invasion of Ukraine to get that market rolling again.”

      That is true.. if it follows the standard Paradigm that has been set… where everything stays there.. then the only ones to feel the full brunt of the War Actions are those that live in and around where the bulk of the War happened.. it is their neighborhoods and their lives that are shattered.. The puppeteers are real careful to not let any of their excursions affect their lives by keeping it all in the area.. that way their industry can come in and rescue them. Ultimately giving them more wealth and power..
      BUT only if it stays there and doesn’t involve the rest of us……
      We have Putin and we have Xi.. that are really smart people..Xi knows that the industry of China will be affected.. ( which is why we want Taiwan.. they make our chips) the same with Putin. I don’t believe that Xi or Putin will just let these issues destroy only their country..their way of life and thier ability to be industrial.. They made their currency backed by precious metals and even grain because they could.. we didn’t because that would mean that anyone with our currency could possibly go in and say here I have one dollar give me one pound of corn.. and if you want it all for yourself.. then you don’t give any away.. you keep it.. .
      IF… this escalates to the point that the drama is shared.. then the market will crash totally and the ones to rebuild it would be the ones that survive.. and the market falls.. to the point there is no market because everything will have to be rebuilt from the ground up…

  2. Systemic instability factor:
    “Cardiologist Says 30 Percent of Vaccinated Pilots Would Fail Health Screenings Due to Vaccine Injuries”

    “Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot and co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers said during an interview Wednesday that a cardiologist told him that if the airlines were conducting certain health screenings, 30 percent of the pilots currently flying would probably be disqualified due to vaccine-induced heart conditions.”

    “As American Greatness reported on Wednesday, an American Airlines pilot recently suffered a cardiac arrest six minutes after landing his airbus at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.”

    “Captain Robert Snow nearly died when his heart stopped on April 9, according to Yoder. “They had to shock him three times with the AED [automated external defibrillator] to bring him back,” he said.”

    “Yoder noted that Snow was taken to Baylor, Scott and White Health Center, which is only ten minutes from both American Airlines, and the union (the Allied Pilots Association), yet no one from the airline or union called Snow while he was in the hospital, or stopped by to visit him. The only thing the airline did was fly his family to the hospital to meet with him.”

    “Snow called the U.S. Freedom Fliers for help, and the group assembled a “world-class” team of doctors and lawyers to assist him. Snow is now recuperating at home, Yoder said.”

    “Yoder acknowledged that it is pretty clear that Snow’s cardiac arrest was caused by the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, but the pilot has been undergoing a series of tests to confirm it.”

    • Houston, we have a huge problem…..

      The vaxx and its many boosters is killings tons of people and making many, many sick. Of course, the Biden admin and the state governments are playing stupid for now – you know, what vaccine? Really? It did that? Say it ain’t so?

      Oh well – take personal responsibility because the government is not going to tell you that they wanted you dead – according to them, they made a ’rounding error.’ If you had a vaxx, you need to do the following immediately:

      –Have a D-Dimer test performed to see if you have clotting going on
      –Have a cardiac work up performed
      –Note any cognitive decline and have it delt with quickly
      –If you are a young man or woman and seeking a child, have your ‘equipment’ checked.
      –If you have had cancer, the vaxx can massively accelerate cancer and activate dormant cancers

      This is an extraordinarily dangerous situations as death rates have spiked 40% YOY – go to YT and see if the Chris Martenson interview is still up about a 10 sigma increase in death rates over the last year. Yes, it’s happening and you can be proactive or just do the government thing and pretend like everything is normal and peachy keen.

  3. George

    It isn’t just chicken that’s in short supply!
    I was talking to my son this weekend and he mentioned that he was concerned about his job.
    It’s not that he’s a slacker as he is now the Senior Man in his position and has more awards for superior work than wall to hang them.
    It’s about raw material availability!
    My son works for a major American corporation where a special material is made. This material is used in the manufacture of commercial aviation, military and space vehicles of all kinds.
    The material in question requires chemicals of unique properties and is produced by a handful of vendors.
    No chemicals coming in from vendors means no product going out to build vehicles important to Americas’s national interest!
    That includes spacecraft. Some of this material is littering the Martian landscape.
    No solution to this problem has emerged. Some small vendors of the required chemicals have been found but their stocks are not enough for long term production.
    We could see slow downs of major aerospace programs if this problem continues. The material my son works with is that important to the safety and performance capabilities of the vehicles involved.
    I hope people in top management levels are hustling to solve this problem. It’s not just my son’s job but national security that is being affected.

  4. Morning George. Not sure if you started a curmudgeon rush to the ER but I am writing this from a hospital bed.

    Had a dizzy spell on Saturday and started walking like a drunken sailor. Taken to ER and began the full “poke and prod drill”. Turned out I had a minor stroke. Good news is that it only seems to have affected my balance. I aced all the other tests (finger to nose, what day is it, spell your name backwards, etc).

    CT scan confirmed no brain bleeding bit problem with some calcium crystals in brain stem. Waiting for an MRI to confirm and a go home and rehab plan.

    Events like this certainly give us pause to assess our life. I am in the stroke ward and see a lot of people a hell of a lot sicker than me. The medical staff here, especially the nurses are incredible. I think of LOOTB and probably others that post here, both current and retired, front line health care workers and wonder how they do it. They really are special people and I am thankful for them.

    I have always tried to look on the positive side of negative life events. The doctors indicate that this type of stroke will heal with time as blood vessels find a way around the damaged area. It looks like I will not be running or even walking any marathons soon so now have every reason and time to finish my book for the grandkids.

    I am a strong believer in preventative medicine and practiced it religiously with a pretty healthy lifestyle the last 15 years. I enjoy the tips I get from you George and many of your readers. It is a bit disappointing to have this happen but I have been assured that at 80, if I had not lived healthy, the stroke could have been a lot worse or happened a lot earlier. I will recover, not like a couple of patients in my room that are beyond hope.

    Look forward to my morning visits here and will just leave one piece of advice. Live every day like its a bonus day and follow the golden rule. Life is short and you never know when the boogyman may arrive.

    Bob In Canada

    • Several items here: First, stroke is a tough one, medically, but you have done all you could logically in advance. Our take is you will be fine.

      Second is the Major tells me ER and CIU inhabs are telling him of a major upturn in unexpected intakes since the 5G turn on process really got rolling. Just over the last month a possible correlation there.

      On your reading list might want to put The Body Electric (2011)

      What you will find in most of the rest or the world has lower rf exposure thresholds than the US.

      Our prayers are with you… You’ll do fine – and you will LOVE the PN Wednesday.


    • OMG Bob.. Prayers.. my wife has had a TIA.. thank god it wasn’t a major stroke..
      which is how we met.. she was my charge nurse..
      … well several of them so far.. the last place she was working.. she sprained her ankle.. ( I seen different.. I see that she had had a TIA while in the car driving.. but we won’t ever know for sure..)
      My friend that lives in our spare room had an issue last tuesday while playing bean bags… his bill so far is almost a million in a week of hospital.. Hes coming to though.. still now sure how far he will return.. I had the pleasure of sitting with him.. he was really out of it.. went in to shave him and make sure he knew someone cared.. because of him getting combative.. ( you ignore those things it isn’t them) they had one on one care assistant there.. in visiting with the young kid.. I realized he has no love for the job.. he wants to get in and make big money.. and has no interest other than that.. which makes me sad.. its the people that matter.. their life stories.. that I cherished.. it is really hard at times.. in all the years I worked there was only one that I had a hard time with.. ( he was quite a bit like a politicians son )
      You will never see it all.. I have had the pleasure of knowing a survivor of the Titanic.. a prisoner of Auschwitz .. a guard from Auschwitz and one of the liberation forces … powerful people of industry and celebrities..
      it is hard.. but rewarding to feel like you made a difference.. I loved the fact that I could be someone’s strength when they were at their weakest.. the one to care when no-one else did.. to save someone .. and give those a hand up.. which I do all the time when I go out to eat or find someone that has fallen through the cracks.. so what if it affects my budget a little bit.. its only a number.. like the young lady they thought was dead .. I won’t say I seen it all.. every time you think you have.. something new slaps you upside the head.. I have seen nurses cry because of someone they cared for passing.. it is hard but rewarding..
      Get well my friend .. you need to stick around for a taste of the wine from the first emporer of china

    • Sorry to hear…
      Ure experience gives Ure vaxxed staus away – too bad our virtue-less leaders/ government gave the vaxx manufacturers Total Immunity from lawsuits/lawyers seeking damages on behalf their INJURED clients.

      Never mind that giant 1 square mile long black cube computer – a merger of biological/dna and very advanced electronics – floating around Earth orbit. Its “rumored” that an evil entity merged itself with this “thing” – remember Hal 2001? ever seen the kabba in mecca? the black boxes worn about the neck of certain hebrews, saturn boxes..

      and zo – connecting vaxxes, gmo’s, chemie/bioweapon spraying – seems to this conspiracy theorist that Earths population of Human beings about to be “Borged” where is RGEa’s fav transhumanist-space hottie 7 of 9, these dayz?

    • Yyyyeeesh! Strokes are the invisible wall on Life’s highway. Never see ’em coming unless your bp’s sky high. One took my grandfather’s life but that was long before they had miracle drugs and treatments that have saved a couple of friends’ lives already.

      Good to hear you’re in good hands! No NDE’s!

    • BIC enjjoyed your comment today. Especially about the people working the Cardiac units. I enjoyed their expertise for 30 days with (medical term) failed heart. Great group of professionals.

      • Aren’t you concerned that your Chinese radio is probably using 5G to send Xi real-time info about your activities and environs. Every data point helps with the invasion planning.
        5G? Pfft! My grandparents got their first telephone in the 1950’s. A nearby lightning strike blew it off the wall. They never replaced it. Technology’s been downhill from there.

      • “Aren’t you concerned that your Chinese radio is probably using 5G to send Xi real-time info about your activities and environs. Every data point helps with the invasion planning.”

        So silly @Another George… that is what we have siri and alexa for… not to mention the cloud and real time tracking on your phones..
        a friend thought I needed a tablet.. my four year old grandson came up and asked me to change the channel.. he had clipped into the cloud.. my friends wife was getting out of the shower.. everything.. and I mean everything was on it.. credit cards accounts banking taxes.. tracking of all their appliances.. and access to their hard drives.. it was the scariest thing I had ever seen..
        when you get Siri or alexa you give permission for them to listen in.. and collect and share data.. on all of it.. even the stoves now have it.. along with your freezers and fridge.. even my sous vide.. has it voice controlled..
        manufacturing robots.. your security systems.. what was it.. in 12 they hacked into all the camera’s in the USA.. at one time.. just to show they could..
        Just a thought.. I know most of mine is on the cloud to.. but I still do a daily reconcile.. with your banking information in a foreign country.. ( I dropped one banking software because of that) how hard would it be to tap each account for lets say five bucks.. or fifty cents… would you notice a few transactions a few pennies off..
        My sibling was the ceo of a major corporation in the eighties.. his neighbor was downsized during the Reagan recession.. he was upset.. had a big paying job.. opened a print shop.. ( he didn’t print.. ) but he sent bills for under ten dollars for work done to major corporations…. with multi million dollar accounts.. anyway.. he wouldn’t have gotten caught until he got greedy.. OH HEY that kind of reminds me of a politicians kid huh..

  5. Told you all about the 5g ramp up . Dropping like flies down here .der der der vege brains on increase

  6. Comrades,

    Care for something unorthodox entering the post-Easter season? It’s OK to dial back the battle stress. The best slow cooker recipes take time. We are winning the war. Maybe not how one would care to, but the fox is in the henhouse stealing. Eggs, benedict arnold, anyone?

    A headline of some weeks past that stuck in mind was Putin offering transit corridors to Russia for Ukrainian women and children fleeing the war. Is Mr. Putin wondering how his successors will manage the largest country in the world with a population set to decline 30% by 2100? Ditto with Mr. Xi, plus he has a gender imbalance problem too. Places like USA and Canada though have more even pyramids and will grow 30%+ by 2100 at current rates. See populationpyramid dot net for details.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Zelensky has made a catastrophic decision for the future viability of the Ukraine? He is allowing the emigration by the millions of women and children to the West rather than massing them in Ukraine safe havens. Will those in Europe return back home? It sounds like the ones coming to Canada are here permanently. Even before the war, Ukraine had a shortfall of females in every category under 40 years. The population was set to decline 50% by 2100. Now what when things settle down? Is Mr. Zelensky going to return to his comedic roots and do a Mel Brooks Ukrainian “Blazing Saddles” of Azov Battalion around the campfire?

    Folks, I have myself recently verified on the White House website an eggemplary news item. The “made in USA” set of 5 wooden 2022 Easter Egg Roll commemorative eggs has sold out! Those wishing to salve their disappointment may wish to reference Her Majesty’s collection of four Fabergé eggs reflected online in the Royal Collection Trust. Don’t miss sighting the Imperial Easter Egg! Gifted by Tsar Nicholas to the Tsarina at Easter 1910, the Collonade Egg found its way into The Firm via a London dealer following the Russian Revolution. That’s it for the bric-a-brac for the time being.

    Ah, Mr. Putin’s caviar lunch service has arrived.

    • “A headline of some weeks past that stuck in mind was Putin offering transit corridors to Russia for Ukrainian women and children fleeing the war. ”

      Definitely different than anything I have ever even heard of from any battle @Jester…. when we go in we go in blasting and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt..The horror will live on for the rest of their lives…. you never seen long lines of people being let out even having the enemy soldiers assisting elderly and handicapped what kind of war is that no one herded into cattle cars.. no gas chambers.. instead here are a few rubles to get you started… to actually help those that your there to kill.. something isn’t right in my thoughts.. a definitely different picture than what we are told. what was it.. seen a news cast on an indian channel I believe.. that showed a young kid on their swing set.. while the army drove by.. … Now you never hear or see anything like that on a MSM channel in the USA.. kind of like the crap they said non stop about Trump..You didn’t know what to think..
      Even now there is an avenue for the children that they showed us in the tunnels to leave un harmed ..Unfortunately.. Now it is a full scale event.. and good honorable people on all sides will be hurt..Its all really really sad and shouldn’t be..

      • Watch the Scandinavian countries, Norway and Sweden. If they join NATO, that will embroil all of Europe. Denmark may be safe.

    • From Russia with Love – comrade jester, wit luv!

      those fab eggs bee fake dont cha know – still a badasses’ Badass!

      “Oh James I need you…” – all of friggin nato needs him now…

  7. IMHO a full stress test includes radionuclides to allow scanning the heart before and after exercise. An area not getting enough blood during exercise is usually well defined on the computer enhanced images. Worked for me and another family member, both of us got stents. (Not at the same time, no package deal!)

  8. A friend sent me this list of fires in all of these (this is a short list, in no way comprehensive) and a plane crashed into a General Mills plant-? – April 22. I looked up all of the dates. I don’t believe in coincidence! With the railroad slowing (or stopping) shipments of fertilizer, the back up in the California ports, and trucker shortages, George is right. It is time to start a garden.

    1. Taylor Farms Food Processing – Salinas, CA – April 14
    2. Azure Standard – Food Processing – Dufur, OR – April 19
    3. Penobscot McCrum – Potato Processing – Belfast, MA – Mar 24
    4. Sherbrooke Plant – Food Processing – Quebec, Canada – Mar 23
    5. Nestle Plant – Jonesboro, AR – Mar 18
    6. Maricopa Food Pantry – Maricopa, AZ – Mar 28
    7. Wisconsin River Meats – Meat processing – Maustin, WI – -Feb 2
    8. Shearers Foods – Food processing – Hermiston, OR – Feb 23
    9. Bonanza Meat Co – Meat processing – El Paso, TX – Feb 15
    10. Winston-Weaver Fertilizer Plant – Fertilizer – Winston Salem, NC
    11. Grain Elevator Fires:
    Belgrade, MO
    Springfield, IL
    Goodland, IN
    Tanton, MN
    Denton, MT
    12. Walmart Dist Facility – Plainfield, IN
    13. Cargill-Nutrena Food Plant – Food processing – LeCompte, LA
    14. Harper’s Market – Poultry Processing – Ontario, Canada
    15. Sanderson Farms – Poultry Processing – Collins, MS
    16. JBS Beef Plant – Beef processing – Grand Island, NE
    17. Nacogdoces Food Plant – Food processing – San Antonio, TX
    18. Darigold – Food processing – Caldwell, ID

  9. RE: The little uSDX transceiver… this is the one I bought:
    Works great! I have a small portable wire antenna, 41 ft with a 20 ft counterpoise and a 9:1 balun, along with my little QRP tuner.
    I can go out into the jungle and work the 40-meter inter island nets. It will interface for digital operations also, and some locals are using it for a dedicated Winlink station for local emergency comms.

    A visit to the local ‘mini-warehouse’ shopping for groceries yesterday was shocking. They are a secondary marketer of COSTCO stock, with a slight price increase and deal in grocery items only. The store had been ‘repacked’, and shuffled around. Now at the rear of the store an entire warehouse vertical rack adjoining two aisles was empty. Fully 20% of their usual stocking area was empty!

    • Now that one is one I like.. thanks for sharing Hank.. appreciate the information everyone gives..
      I have a unit that is receiver only.. guaranteed I could talk everyones ear off.. but in a SHTF scenario.. I think it would be best to just sit back and listen to what is going on elsewhere.

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