Mark of the Joe? Feds Expand Executive Overreach

We need to have a talk. 

We are mighty sensitive to “marks” around here.  Everything from Karl to Joe, with German currencies, and sea levels.  Above all, though, the 2-thousand year forecast of the “Mark of the Beast” is worth remembering.

When Joe Biden gets on the television and makes moves to ensure 100-million people involved with the FedGov must all have shots?  Gets our attention.  But not for the obvious “Constitutional” or “control over body issues.”  (Though we enjoy watching liberals explain how women MUST have rights over their bodies when comes to pregnancy, but humans in general must NOT when it comes to injections of foreign substances.  Equality only for some?)

Here’s the bother:  I’ve had a number of personal run-ins with directly touching the future.  A few of them, chronicled here.  Others led to my starting the National Dream Center  back in 2008 which Chris McCleary continues today.

Seeing into the future is something almost everyone can do.  It takes work, sure.  Not everyone has the same path, either.  Some, like me, do dream work.  Others do remote viewing, still more do meditation, prayer, fasting, Siddhi’s, and more.  Like the off-gassing at Delphia where The Oracle was able to make prescient calls about Future.

A Troubling Future Looms

Then there’s the modern data  about seeing ahead.  For close proximity events the Princeton University Global Consciousness Project reveals a global coherence when major psychic impacts are occurring.

Recent books, such as the just-published The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and Embrace the Force That Connects Us All from researchers at the Institute for Noetic Sciences, expand the perspective.

Toss in the thousands of “Life Review Experiences” from people who have died and have been brought back to life, reporting those “My life flashed before my eyes… events, and a new kind of topology…a continuum…of progressing from the waking state to other Realms and a different Way of being comes into view.

Under-traveled as it is (so far) the difference between “there” (in other Realms) outside of local space-time boundaries is easily explained.  Dating back to Julian Jaynes’ work in the Origins of Breakdown of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind and as recent as your dreams of last night. The “here” and “not here” may come from interplay between the two halves of the physical human brain.

It’s where A.I. will have to venture – in time.  Two independent processors (left and right brains) that occasionally scream at one-another.  Since humans are in the process of replicating themselves in code, this shouldn’t be too hard to follow.  Musk sees it, along with others in psychology and medicine.  But it’s not an off-the-shelf app, yet.

Contexting Biden’s “Beast”

To those of us who twiddle the knobs of consciousness, the art (and evolving science) is learning to generalize and to appreciate hints at what’s ahead by recognizing two fundamental states people exist in.

In Waking, we live in a world of Duality.  Polarity is another name for it.  But, essentially it is the source of Drama.  There is Up and there is Down to oppose it.  Rise high enough and the “fear of falling (down) becomes overwhelming.  Or, in the case of money?  There is Wealth and its antithesis Poverty.  If you have Wealth, you don’t have poverty.  That is, until the peasants with pitchforks show up at the gate.  Poverty, you see, is loaded with Drama.

Male and Female are opposites, as well.  Having worked the past few centuries on that drama, we’re now in the middle of inventing new shades of Drama based on sliding assumptions around about membership on one side, or the other, of a sexual divide.   But this all leads to the second way of Being.  The way when we are asleep, in meditation, or out galivanting around in Out of Body Experiences (OBEs).

The Unity State

There is no Drama in Unity.  There’s just a pleasant sense of Being and a pretty constant sense of just being “amazed by the Grandeur of It All.”

It’s also the quiet place.  When we give up the partisanship, bickering and confrontation.  We don’t need to “sell” other people (or “tell other people”) what to do.  We’re all spiritual beings caught in the bioweb of Humanity and wondering how to get out of this “escape room of Life.”

Spoiler alert:  We all get out (ready or not!) when we die.  As I go through deeply in my most recent book Packing to Die: Suitcase Between Your Ears.

If you are lucky enough to grok (and venture into) this unity state, amazing things happen.  You have an opportunity to create whole new worlds, adventure in templates based on this world, or travel the universe with all manner of adventure to behold.

At last we sneak up on this morning’s point:

Knowledge of Future

Though I’ve done a good bit of it, too much knowledge of the Future really spoils this read of the Book of Life.  As the old question asks “If you could know the exact minute, hour, day, and circumstances of your own Death, would you want to know?”

Personally?  I’ll pass.

BUT. There are very accomplished people (in multiple religions) who give us some general guidelines about what’s to come.  With due respect to Nostradamus (and his latter day understudy G.A. Stewart).  His discussion inThe Eagle Retreats” offers a very different view of recent Sandbox events.

And then – as we line up various prophetic writings to see what hints they may offer – we come to Joe Biden’s grand over-reach last night which is essentially half-way in to the Biblical Mark of the Beast predictions from Revelations 13 which you can find on

14 Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

There are some (no spoiler from me, though) who would argue that the sequence of “Beasts” began with Barack Obama. Who could be called the Beast Out of the Sea.  Joe – in the sequence – might be labeled the second Beast, the Beast Out of the Earth.

11 Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon. 12 It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed.

That is, metaphorically, the “fatal wound” of the Beast of the Sea was the end of Obama’s administration.

This is NOT to say these are facts by any stretch.  Almost like a libretto with some encoding.  Much the same as with Nostradamus.

Yet, one small fact that bothers me deeply; a small realization from my own encounters with Future directly.  That is that as a major event approaches, the closer it gets, the more people with spiritual inclinations will sense its arrival.

With the appearance of the 20-year anniversary of the Twin Towers attack tomorrow, we have been scanning a number of sites that see “mushroom-shaped clouds” and such in this period. But whether those are indeed forewarnings of danger or merely long-delayed traumatic psychological reactions can’t be known until the weekend is past.


Yet, stepping back, we know that most writers of Future are very careful of their words.

Notwithstanding – and regardless of your personal decision of whether to vax, or not – the headlong rush into requiring vaccination to trade with the federal government is a bothersome parallel to prophetic visions.

Could a “surprise event” be used as a rationale to impose even greater executive overreach?  Absent a robust industrial base which had already been offshored by 2001, might there be a massive government agency in the wings (just like TSA was) in the wake of 9/11?

If there is, might it be a “Vax Brigade?”  Or other “necessary response” to events controlled by dark forces behind the scenes as a sure route to even more power?

I’m openly skeptical of most Biblical claims.  Yet, the reality of natural gas seeps in the region of the Burning Bush was a pretty good hit.  So there are useful landmarks in the Bible.

Looking a page ahead, what happens next?  No one says Revelations is in proper reading order – that seems to be a consensus guess.  Still,  Revelations 14 is where the 144,000 get mentioned.  Having done a lot of software predicting future work, I’d mention that skipping decimal points (getting them out of place) is a common event.  Just keep an eye out for that as this page-turner of an escape room rolls into what the Illusion insists is the Future.  Any large numbers with 144 are now of interest in Search for us.

Stories like Ganesh Chaturthi 2021: Section 144 imposed in Mumbai from 10 to 19 September, for example, are interesting.

Especially given tensions between India and neighboring states.  Especially since earlier this week when along the China-India border: PLA troops, jets, artillery ‘send warning shot with Tibet drill’.

(Ure sighs and pours another half cup of bean juice)

Tomorrow on Peoplenomics, my consigliere has a marvelous discussion of how engineers and their egos have left a great deal of America’s weak infrastructure underbelly exposed.  Which really matters if your drinking water is downstream from a nuke plant.  But more on that tomorrow.  For now, back to the paper chase.  Which is expanding from financial to foreheads, in our view of things.

Inflation to Come?

A useful tool when trying to figure how much inflation might be ahead is the Producer Price Index report just out from Labor:  (This pencils out to an 8.73% rate of inflation, BTW)

The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.7 percent in August, seasonally adjusted the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices moved up 1.0 percent in July, the same as in June. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index rose 8.3 percent for the 12 months ended in August, the largest advance since 12-month data were first calculated in November 2010.

Leading the August increase in the index for final demand, prices for final demand services rose .7 percent. The index for final demand goods moved up 1.0 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.3 percent in August after increasing 0.9 percent in July. For the 12 months ended in August, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 6.3 percent, the largest advance since 12- month data were first calculated in August 2014.

While the US PPI is certainly of interest, so is China’s – for reasons that should be obvious.

After the data, Dow futures were set to win-back most if not all the losses from earlier this week.  Which means the market is seemingly being prices more on inflation expectations (inflating the price of plant and equipment replacement costs) rather than economic realities like increased sales.

Lumber is back up to $610 in the early slog, so prices should be leveling off at the retail level around current prices, unless you luck into a sale.

Till the Swill

Time to pig out on some headlines.  To gear back up from this morning’s meanderings:

No surprise, SlowJoe’s power grab isn’t playing well.  “Biden ripped by GOP governors over vaccine mandate, threaten legal action.”  Biden will hide behind turn of last century decisions by the Supreme Court, which don’t seem likely to be revisited.  Too much money on the table and too much hype for the High Court to…um…buck.

Spinning the Cover-up:  Documents Provide New Evidence U.S. Funded Gain-of-Function Research.  So Fauci lied, did he?  (So: Where are the Justice seekers in Washington?  Still on the Big Pharma take?)

He oughta know having supported Gain of Function:  Dr. Anthony Fauci Spells Out How Far Away U.S. Is From Ending COVID-19 Pandemic.  So with 2022 (and later) seems to us the Social Security and Medicare Trustees will need to adjust their outlooks for when that are goes broke and will need Congress to actually do something.

Not for Postal Workers, Though:  USPS exempt from Biden vax mandate for 100M workers.

Where’s My Starlink dish?  As you know, we’ve been waiting since last winter for ours.  Now we know why:  SpaceX Makes 5,000 Starlink Dishes Weekly, CFO Says.  This is one of those rare situations when too much success is a bad thing…

Royal dementia question:  Queen Elizabeth supports Black Lives Matter movement, says aide.  YGTBSM.  Maybe an olive branch to the kids?

Proof of nuts:  Probably crazy enough to Keep Newsom, this is hardly surprising:  Judge lets stand L.A. ban on homeless RV parking – unenforceable.  So, in California, an unenforceable law is left in place?  Not exactly news is it? Illegal immigration has been illegal but still on the books for how long?  Those coastal elites…sheesh.

Meanwhile, hopium is on a roll: Hanson: Newsom recall election could reverse California ideology.  But which party controls the vote counting out there?  We can already call the outcome.

Social Security Tip?  (Filed under don’t try this at home!) Austria: man kept mother’s body in basement to draw pension.

Calling his boss?  Joe Biden calls Xi Jinping as U.S.-China relationship grows more fraught.  We can almost hear it:  “Did we give up Afghanistan for you, fast enough, President Xi?  Anything else you want besides Taiwan and Japan?”

More Chip cuts:  Toyota cuts output again on shortage of chips, parts.  Oh, what a feeling.

Around the Ranch

Busy weekend ahead:  Should have the new deck site prepped this weekend, but won’t get the lumber in until mid next week due to rain forecast early in the week.

We’ve still got plenty to keep us busy, though – with some deck-building notes in our ShopTalk Sunday column.

Elaine reports more tomatoes are popping in the garden.  Some cherry tomatoes have come in and are quite excellent on the kabobs.

Shrimp salads for dinner last night, but the warm weather food may not be around for more than another month as cooler weather is moving into the South Central part of the country.

Time to do the “picked up his hammer and saw...” thing.

Write when you get rich,

116 thoughts on “Mark of the Joe? Feds Expand Executive Overreach”

  1. George,
    “(Though we enjoy watching liberals explain how women MUST have rights over their bodies when comes to pregnancy, but humans in general must NOT when it comes to injections of foreign substances. Equality only for some?)”
    Gee, I’m having fun watching the vice-versa. Wouldn’t it be ironic if COVID anti-vaxxers ended up saving Roe v. Wade?
    Given the vastness of the universe and the limits of the human mind (especially when anxious or fearful), ruminations of the sort you describe only serve to reinforce the discomfort you feel – think a feedback loop.
    I find the Bible, Nostradamus, Cayce, etc. to be much better at explaining than predicting – sorta like charts and wave theories. :)
    There is peace in not knowing. We are all as waves on the ocean of the universe.

  2. Calling Dr Bunsen Honeydew ? Beaker ?

    Future? – u dont want 2 know or you wont stop laughing like Buddha.

    Questions – When an ass-te-roid strikes Earth , does it create a mushroom cloud ?
    How many “rogue” boomer nukes still on the loose or have they all been sniffed out?
    or are we talking financial mushroom clouds ala cant afford to put food on the table 2022.

    Hopes we all can come together – becoming a greater whole – Ures 3rd 2 bee chronicling our “resurrection”..
    …and U thought it was a Beatles tune.

      • Well also no credit cards, no atm, no money transfers, no check processing, no internet, no amazon, no tax collections, probably cash will be worthless as well. That would be a SHTF event, and all civilized life would change. Planning for that is like pissing into the wind. I will continue to plan for run away inflation (because that is a given) and having some crypto will remain part of that strategy.

      • Imagine summer in southeast Texas with no HVAC for the bedroom. OMG. Screened sleeping porches will be making a comeback. At least Ure porch will have a DC ceiling fan, I wager.

      • @ JoeDish

        Actually, cash will become King after an EMP. A portable expression of exchange value will still be necessary. It will likely be local scrip though, and not FRNs, or perhaps FRNs with a local bank or government overlay/over-print.

  3. We don’t know how many people rode the COVID needle.

    We are told how many people rode the COVID needle.

  4. Freaky report, G. A lot of material for commenting today.

    “might there be a massive government agency”

    I think we should defund the police. That said, we don’t live in cartoon land where the old police punch-out and the new police punch-in. If we look to history we see all “secret police” sprang from what was previously thought to be ordinary police.

    Ordinary police are folks who need basic needs. They stick with their food source and pats on the head.

    The Romanov family knew their killers.

    • “look to history we see all “secret police”

      I had an interesting conversation over drinks last night with someone in large network..
      The conversation was over technical issues the cloud and. I brought up an addition of security cams..they asked why.. I brought up all the strange stuff going on.. what strange stuff..
      All the communities in our area have had vans..blacked out windows just sit t there ..for a week then move over to another area etc
      That happened for like two months..everyone was freaking out.
      They said oh those are wasps..huh.. yes they become a network hub where they record everything and then go through it.. if they find a potential threat then they bring in teams etc. To monitor more closely..

  5. Good column this AM. Maybe if a 144,000 of your readers would pony up the $40 Peoplenomics fee…
    My spelling checker tries to convert “Peoplenomics” to “People comics”. Smart Android AI with editorial opinions, I suppose. I didn’t know I had a spelling checker on this little beast. That explains some of the grammar mistakes I’ve been seeing in my posts. That’s a good editorial excuse, at any rate.
    I ‘m looking for Changes to be the theme in the fourth quarter, as warlords big and small, private and public, smart, stupid and worst of all, demented, start making their moves.
    Shrimp salad…good dinner tip.

  6. I just had to fill out DD Form 3150 on my vaccination status. It is a completely illegal form, but in America, the law only applies to the plebs.

    Personally, I am not going to stand for it. I can tell readers as a matter of fact, that America has a hollowed out military and they cannot afford to lose a single person. There will be more to come as I ramp up my new “Business Model”.

    You don’t need Nostradamus to see where this is leading.

    Many thanks for the forum, George.

    • Sounds like you are FULLY COVID VACCINATED?

      FORM DD 3150 has 4 answers
      I am fully vaccinated.
      I am not yet fully vaccinated.
      I am not vaccinated,
      I decline to answer.

      Are you being deceptive in not providing your answer for personal reasons. (ie. You don’t want to be perceived as a sellout)

  7. “If you could know the exact minute, hour, day, and circumstances of your own Death, would you want to know?”

    No. I don’t want to know When, I’d just like to know Where – so I can avoid the place.

  8. The Yellow Fever vaccine is required before you can travel to certain countries. It is required to protect you & to protect others from you if you become infected. Same as the COVID Vaccine…protects you & protects others from you if you become infected. As a child I don’t remember requiring my or my parents consent to scar my arm as the smallpox vaccine was administered.

    Howard Stern says deny hospital care to the non-vaxxed who become infected…. The VAXX gives one freedom. “The Freedom to Live”.

    Based on the above, the Vaxx Ex Order will stand up to any court challenge. Good to see a full football stadium last night. Vaccinations can keep the seats full.

    • Glad to see a full stadium?

      So you can see what was once sports and is now a global weakening monetization of fashion, booze, race, and anti-americanism?

      Thanks – hot dogs and beer at Ure’s place.

      We loved sports – especially baseball. But this kneeler half-time marketing whatever ain’t sports.

      A MONETIZATION and I’m not buying.

    • Two different scenarios right? You can choose not to travel to those countries? People that have their own reasons to avoid the shot easily can, be that fear of side effect, unknown long term impact, or think getting the virus naturally and fighting it off is better for them. Most people cannot avoid to work, or else they starve or freeze to death. I might be willing to listen to the argument of no public money spent to treat an infected if they chose not to get the vaccine. Though I also would want to discuss, no treatments for smokers, obese, vapers, snow skiers, drink, take drugs, etc, as all those people can be a huge drain on public finances for the choices they make not to live a “healthy” lifestyle. I am willing to go down that road, because people should be responsible for their own decisions. If you fear covid, stay at home, put on your triple masks, take your clorox shower, and cower from other humans. These rest of us understand the risk of living our lives and choose to continue to do so. I am vaccinated, as is all my direct family, but I also fully expect sometime to get covid, just like I get the flu shot, but also expect to get the flu. We are not beating covid, we are now just deciding how we choose to live with it. I have no issue with private entities making their own rules for entrance, but using the force of a government gun on your fellow citizen to bend them to your will is fundamentally evil. Convince people using logic, good arguments and honest data. Fear and force will not work.

      • I strongly believe that the jab agenda is about forcing people to betray their own Will! For some reason, the vaxxes are still “voluntary” and you need to “voluntarily” sign an “informed consent”. Breaking the Will of people is like breaking a horse – it’s not the same animal anymore. It can’t or won’t do it’s own Will – it follows the will of its master.

        Injecting foreign substances into deep muscle tissue without true voluntary consent is analogous to rape, and in several different ways. The forcible agreement, capitulation, and living a lifetime with the consequences are the same. This could also apply to circumcision and infibulation, as these procedures scar and mark someone in ways that cannot be undone. The deepest scars are psychological and neurological, regardless of whether or not the person is aware of them.

        No, I have no intention of getting jabbed. I get daily emails telling me that “I must comply”. I won’t.

        Whether or not vaxxes are actually helpful for their alleged purpose is still uncertain.

    • You can pull Ure sleeve down and look at Israel, genius.

      Hard, cold covert19 & Vaxxed stats – its ugly like Ure misinformed vaccine drivel.

      How the F, does a toxic spike protein that is transcript-ed millions of times in Ure cells , protect you from any virus ?
      it does the opposite.

      Mandates,Required booster shots and required pills – you cant see the business model here ? FMTT!

      It is the vaxxed that that are in the hospitals – it is the vaxxed that are catching and spreading variants. Why do think there is sooo much concern in Dr’s offices and hospitals – one of first questions they ask Patients now a days is Did you get a vax? followed by Which One? and then When?
      Give it time – its “froggy” – they didnt wanna alarm ewes bout the temps rising in the pot – still gonna contribute to the death of millions.. Seniors first.

      Natural Immunity trumps all, C & D3 & Zinc & Quecertain = Bulletproof, so yuse can go out and FIGHT each and everyday, or is that bend-ova each and everyday.


        Whitley Strieber had a lot to say about who is interested in biological computers. Read his books. People need to stop compartmentalizing information and start looking at the whole puzzle.

        I could give a rat’s ass about the skeptics. Personally, I’m finished pointing out the obvious.

        I can get away with writing this on your site, George, because you are not afraid to document your journey exploring that other-side.

        There is more to life than meets the eye. And when you sit there 17-years ago with the 6th man to walk on the Moon and talk about these same subjects that you see today; you finally understand, that you’re not crazy.

        You’re like the outnumbered character in a bad science fiction movie.

        This is The End Game. It is an engineered step in evolution… backwards about 15,000 years.

        For those more Biblically Inclined, see the Book of The Giants, from the Dead Sea Scrolls, and then include I Enoch.

      • Stu: We are honored for the thoughts you share. Thanks to you (and more broadly the crews) that made the ill-done exitstan work as well as it did on the technical side. I daresay “warhammer” and the many retired .mil here would join that salute as well if privvy to your role in getting America this far.
        Thank you, my friend.

        (at ease, some single malt?>_)

    • Getting the “vaccine” would likely be a good idea IF what they are pushing would actually live up to the definition of what a vaccine is. It doesn’t and they know it. Why do they push it then?
      None of the “vaccines” live up to their efficacy claims. Poops out in 4-6 months.
      Ya can’t sue the makers either. They have been given immunity from legal action in the event of injury, harm or death of the victim.
      People are patients if they receive proper care for their injuries. When they don’t, they are known as victims.
      I have nothing against LEGITIMATE vaccines that work. Now, if these a-holes will just provide one, we could be rid of the curse of Covid and not have to deal with a dictator.

    • But the truth is sparse in Covidland, due to lies promulgated by the compromised, the paid-off, and believers like you. The “vaccine” is gene therapy…it changes your DNA to accept instructions to follow. Think of it as Windows, then each of the parade of vaccinations load specific programs to run on your “windows system”, and accomplish specific things. Such as shedding variants designed to do even more mischief. How many jabs are we up to now, 4?

    • Key difference there is that’s if you travel to other places. I’m not keen on a requirement for vaccination just to keep existing.

    • “Howard Stern says deny hospital care to the non-vaxxed who become infected…. ”

      Don’t forget to deny hospital care to the obese, or those who smoke, drink, or do drugs, those who participate in dangerous sports, operate motor vehicles, or elect to engage in any other activity which might either be dangerous or engender a risk to others.

      Stern should be denied care because of his chronic abuse of intoxicants and tobacco, right?

      In 5 years we won’t have to worry about it. The vaxxed will all be dead and the 40-50% of the medical community which avoided the jab will have jobs guaranteed for life, and a much lighter case load…

  9. So, is it a big surprise that the iron fist has come down for the unwashed masses? Hardly. I’m 100% sure this was planned the whole time, but like everything else they lied about it. These things have to be tip-toed out so as not to alert the frog that it’s being slow boiled.

    Personally, I don’t think that these mandates will stand. I think that they’re a big distraction from a lot of goings on that the cabal of globohomos don’t want people to know about.

    As I told you all earlier, I’m a federal employee and this has a direct effect on me personally. I’ll comply with everything short of forced injections. That’s a bridge too far for me and I will make them fire the first shot.

    This morning the E.O. was disseminated to my organization. Right now, they don’t know whether to shit or fall down in it. They’re waiting on further guidance, but my cursory examination of the specific sections of the E.O. that are applicable here leave a lot of wiggle room. George, I sent you the entire document.

    Here’s the pertinent language:

    “The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force (Task Force), established by Executive Order 13991 of January 20, 2021 (Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask-Wearing), has issued important guidance to protect the Federal workforce and individuals interacting with the Federal workforce. Agencies have also taken important actions, including in some cases requiring COVID-19 vaccination for members of their workforce.

    Accordingly, building on these actions, and in light of the public health guidance regarding the most effective and necessary defenses against COVID-19, I have determined that to promote the health and safety of the Federal workforce and the efficiency of the civil service, it is necessary to require COVID-19 vaccination for all Federal employees, subject to such exceptions as required by law.

    Sec. 2. Mandatory Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees. Each agency shall implement, to the extent consistent with applicable law, a program to require COVID-19 vaccination for all of its Federal employees, with exceptions only as required by law. The Task Force shall issue guidance within 7 days of the date of this order on agency implementation of this requirement for all agencies covered by this order.”

    The key phrases here and the place where the battle will be fought are “subject to such exceptions as required by law” and “to the extent consistent with applicable law”

    If I to make a decision on whether to comply or get fired…well, like I said, I’ll make them fire the first shot.

  10. George,

    WWIII will sort everything out. No worries about Depression, Covid, stock markets or governmental over reach.

  11. It’s odd that any economist would NOT (consider) revelations, simply because of the scripture’s economic implications. Prudent Investors review everything, as far as I’m aware.

    My grand parents warned of when a loaf of bread would cost $20.00 – my parents retold the warning … passed down through many generations. Seems we’re getting closer and closer to that … and like they said, even if you have 20 bucks, if you don’t have “the Mark” you ain’t gettin no bread.

    Today, we see similarities between the story and present reality.

    The good thing is, the story has a happy ending / for some … Good triumphs over Evil and there’s 1000 years of peace. Just getting to that point is the difficult part.

    So goes the change of paradigms. Out with the old, in with the new. Just remember, good things come from above.


      • Your old pappy was right to..
        that is why old photos of the Weimar depression shows people with baskets full of gold and silver rushing out to trade for veggies..
        wheel barrows full of paper that only proved that the wheel barrow was the real tradeable item..

  12. George, I’ve dabbled on and off in the study of Bible Prophecy with a twist of Nostradamus for almost 4 decades now. I used to subscribe to Clif’s reports as well.
    Definite trends have arisen that lead to me to believe we’re on the last leg of our yellow-brick road adventure as a failed creation. I believe the current vax/CDC card will be what morphs into a biometric readout which ties in to your finances, (Mark of the Beast). It just all seems to add up and make perfect sense to me. I don’t believe the shot is the mark – just the door-opener for what’s to come and Sleepy Joe’s dissertation last night hardens that thinking….

  13. Things must be highly weird if Howard Stern and I agree on anything. Or maybe he’s a U S reader.
    There are no atheists in foxholes, and no anti-vaxxers in ICUs.

    • Of course not. Atheists know that foxholes get you dead. They’ll avoid them.

      Anti-vaxxers know that ICU’s will kill you even as they kill your wallet!

      People who are in good shape and have some kind of accident may benefit from an ICU, or not.

      Those who are in really bad shape and get covid will most likely die broke in the ICU.

      My own preference is to avoid getting covid again, and refuse “medical” attention at all costs. I studied it enough that I’d rather be left alone to appreciate the rest of my life.

    • We’re not in ICU’s because we know how to treat Covid. Did you know the CDC , FDA & WHO gave doctors NO protocol for outpatient treatment for Covid? Since when does THAT happen?

    • BS. What a wicked poster you are. You don’t want the unvaccinated to get care. You agree with pervert stern, and the other anti-Christian late night talk show dirtbags?

      Wow, mark of the beast is nothing compared to the demons revealing themselves through humans.

      You obviously can’t learn anything here, why do you bother to come here to post your wickedness?

      Thankfully, hundreds of millions of us are ready for the likes of you.

    • From what I hear coming out of Israel, there must be more than a few vaxxers in the ICU that are loosing their “religion” too.

  14. “we have been scanning a number of sites that see “mushroom-shaped clouds”

    That’s interesting…I totally love cloud watching.. great past time.. and haven’t seen a single one..
    Although I sense something is coming..

  15. When I watched the Mandatory Vaccination reading from Pres Biden, I was shocked to hear how serious EVERY non-jabbed individual citizen of this Country, America, is being threatened if they don’t get treated! BUT, I heard NO comment on the 1,000,000 ILLEGAL border crossing illegals being welcomed into our country without any comment on whether or not they had an existing case of COVID 19?

    It is clear to me that the emphasis is EVERYONE MUST HAVE A SHOT OR THE DISEASE TO MAKE PRES BIDEN HAPPY! With so many people that have taken the first shot coming down with another case of COVID 19, it’s reasonable that an intelligent person would NOT want to get jabbed.

  16. Folks – don’t be foolish and get the vaxx – gambling with your health is a bad return on investment to keep a job that probably places you in status = ‘Slave’ to begin with.

    Here’s the deal – they don’t have enough people to enforce a wide spread vaccine mandate – who will be the people to ‘hold the people’ down while someone injects? Military? Not a chance – they know better. They are going to have their own challenges getting their own people vaxxed without them quitting or deserting. Police? Not a chance – they don’t want any more shoot outs then they currently have.

    Private businesses – well, do you want to actually destroy your business and invoke lots of employee hate and discontent. AND – here’s the kicker, when lots of the vaxxed die or get sick, government and businesses will need all those healthy unvaxxed. Please do get the vaxx if you want – I happen to agree that we need a population reduction, and it seems that the naive people of the world have happily agreed to Bill Gates’s agenda!

  17. Yesterday, the Australian Health Minister referred to COVID mandates as part of the “New World Order.”

    Our Canadian Federal election is in less than 2 weeks. The last leader debate included our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (alias Joe Biden Jr.) talking about “Build Back Better.” I got a chill down my spine.

    The left is leading us to and over the cliff. Parachutes at the ready.

    • BIC they got No chutes in AUSTRALIA, they gave up their Guns -and now they are on their knees – where they belong – how long before you and fellow Moosehead beer drinkers are on Ure knees ?

      Forget kissing the Sky, u bee kissing turdoes shock troop arses in short order after the next Lockdown.

      No Liberty or Freedom 4 U!

      • Guns are helpful in any war, but they are by no means the only means of combat. The Will to use force against an enemy is the real key. Guns are easier and more effective than rocks or spears, but there are plenty of weapons at hand in every country. The Will to resist comes from within and can’t be bought.

        For those who forgot: The Taliban won!

  18. Starlink. The idea is great, if it can be sustainable is another question. It will be expensive to replace many thousands of satellites each year and the number current of potential customers is not great. As there are a limited number of sessions available per bird per area of ground. Still, currently, a great option in much of the country without cable, fiber or 5G. Of course the great fear is collision and shrapnel that pollutes our ability to use this part of space. With as many units as they plan, that is a lot of opportunity for some unusual failure. Interesting take on the future of starlinks finances – – Musk has both a history of innovation and being quite the prevaricator at the same time.

  19. George, you write like you are going to be above all this. Consider that it might just become a world you don’t want to live in any more. Especially when the medical system fails/disappears, which it already has, but you just haven’t noticed. Today, symptom reduction is the best you can hope for. There are already quite a few who have noticed, if you are aware of the annual increases in the rate of suicide among seniors.

    And the rest of you folks keep acting like you are living back in the 80’s, like there really is a justice system and a functioning government on pretty much any level. Here in South America, we will use the term “failed state” in a heartbeat on any country in the condition of yet he USA. Thank your lucky stars your news is censored so you don’t get smacked in the face with this fact. A lawsuit at this level will take months, and then you discover it has been put in front of a crooked judge, and then comes the appeal….

    But if you go to the right sources, you will find that Russia and China, among others, already consider the USA to be a failed state, their only concern is that in the throes of madness that comes with this failure some nut does not take it nuclear to try and cover their tracks into perceived immense wealth. Like a family who has a severely alcoholic father just diagnosed with terminal cancer and they are trying to make sure he does not sign over the family fortune to his nubile mistress.

    Those behind Biden who ordered him to make this declaration are gods when it comes to human psychology, and the goal of this will surprise you, like simply a process to identify which folks they need to pay attention to for the next move to herd the populace closer to their goal of genocide. Like maybe requiring one to certify they are vaccinated by checking a box on a 1040.

    Just remember, none of this sh*it stops until you quit paying them to do this to you!!!

    The part that bothers me the most is that there may be as many as 200 million people in the USA who cannot grasp the fact that if you are “immunized,” you have absolutely nothing to fear from someone with the disease or who is not immunized. That is a psychosis of a magnitude the world has not witnessed before.

    USA, population 100 million by 2025, and if you are reading this, you ain’t gonna be one of them.

    • The current crop of covid vaxxes don’t immunize! The simply allow you to get a milder level of disease. They also don’t prevent transmission, so you can become an unaware superspreader.

      The only currently useful thing is to prevent at all costs and cure asap while isolating. Once you’ve recovered from covid, you’re apparently immune, according to the Cleveland Clinic and others.

  20. George, reading your columns I frequently think what great lives we all could have if people of your quality would populate Senate as well as Congress.

    • Being honest, hard working, listening to all sides, trying to find common ground instead of pitting all parties against all others?

      That was the dream of the Founders.

      Now it’s a dream on…

  21. 1) It’s “Revelation” — no “S”on the end.

    2) Even a total incompetent gets something right now and then, purely by accident. Since Joe always gets it wrong, the reasonable conclusion is not incompetence, but deliberate action. Joe is bought and paid for by China. That proposition explains ALL the observed phenomena quite nicely.

    3) Maybe the slow but constant printing of money without a lot of screaming and hollering, and with no sudden large lurches is just a case of us frogs being boiled.

    4) You can’t have a “Mark Of The Beast” until you have a beast. Apparently, such a one has not yet been revealed. Teaching us How To Behave And Obey if we want to go on eating regularly is a dandy rehearsal without the big star on stage. Give it few years, and the kids will see nothing worth fighting for, and obedience lavishly rewarded. Their choices will be obvious and compelling

    5) When the Chaos is sufficiently loud in all quarters, and things have broken down in all departments, The People will demand a demagogue — somebody extremely charismatic who inspires such confidence that all will eagerly accept him (it?) as the solution of all the problems and the bringer of peace, order, and a new wonderful age for all. It won’t be forced on them: they’ll accept it gladly.

    Hari Seldon and Susan Calvin would understand all too well.

    6) Orwell was an optimist.

    • “4) You can’t have a “Mark Of The Beast” until you have a beast.”

      Not true. The “mark” could be established, and then the Beast step into it.

      “5) When the Chaos is sufficiently loud in all quarters, and things have broken down in all departments, The People will demand a demagogue”

      …Which is both Bible prophesy, and “human nature” with many historic precedents.

      “Hari Seldon and Susan Calvin would understand all too well.”

      I’m SO glad someone besides me is well-read… ;-)

      “6) Orwell was an optimist.”

      A-men, brotha…

  22. George
    Reading what you say today about the Unity State, and knowing your background in both Music and Radio, I fully understand what you are saying both about the Quiet place and the Grandeur. I come at that feeling through music myself.
    I may not have mentioned it before but Big Art and I both began classical voice training in Junior high school (its a long story why.) We both went at age 20, in 1974, to NY NY on tour with the St. Louis Symphonie Orchestra and sang in Carnegie Hall, then down the coast to Washington DC and sang at Kennedy Center.
    We both experience that “feeling” you get when a large group performing together gets a larger sense of being that just your self. That’s why armies sing while they march and teams sing in the locker room. In those settings its called “Esprit de Corp.”
    I once watched it happen on television of all places. LSU under the direction of Les Miles and Jonny Manziel had just beaten Alabama (I lived.) The Sideline gal was trying to interview Miles who was just basking in the moment quietly smiling. The team was gathered at the fence before the student section and they all sang LSU’s fight song and alma mater together. He finally answer here questions by saying, “This moment is the best time, when all the team and students and the fans are together singing; It’s magnificent.”
    That’s kind of the feeling I got when the conductor, Walter Susskind, waved a stop to the music, and tossed his baton on the podium, and turned to the audience, who then roared. A thrill, a chill, a real rush of the senses.
    It has since occurred to me that the central nervous system arrayed out of the vertebra of the spine look very much like a Yagi antenna, and that people performing together in such circumstances are indeed “in resonance” with each other. You really do feel it deep within the body.
    This also reflects to me on what you have discovered about levitation of large masses, and perhaps other occurrences, such as the Walls of Jericho, and troops breaking stride as the cross bridges. And of course the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse, another example of resonance.
    I think something is building in the USA to that point when the resonance becomes apparent to all the people and we all get the same thought and feeling at the same time, when that feeling reaches critical mass. Maybe that will happen soon.
    I hope.

    • I’ve felt that resonance, both when generating the music and just listening, whether it’s Mozart or Dwayne Eddy. I never considered the power of that resonance, but it is real. Thanks for enlightening me.

    • Very interesting observations BAB – I use it personally in my “closing” procedures. Once Mind is “opened” and in that “larger sense of being” lots of interesting work can be accomplished..including “Internal Cultivation”.

      During closing procedures – there is a point at the end of the “practice” where you must Induce big, loud yawns… “The louder, the better, you should feel greatly REFRESHED”. “continue this procedure 6-7 times until you are completely Refreshed”.

      It is True, this works exactly as the master you can never find(they find U), says it will. “The louder the better, you will feel greatly refreshed”
      ABC = always be closing, it facilitates internal cultivation/process, and keeps the “monsters”/archons from getting inside Ure head.

  23. Great to see the rise of the patriot militia. These guys where the beginnings of the first America .america I loved and as a kid Stood in awe WILL rise again . My sheethole is gone but you Americans will take back what the founding fathers created.

  24. Even Hari Seldon was blindsided by the Mule. My anger and disgust at the propaganda campaign against the unvaxxed knows no bounds, but I have decided it is best to just hunker down, out of the way, and watch the world blow up. So I will shut up. If anyone asks, my health records are private and none of your business.

    The health system here is well overloaded up. FEMA clinicians and nurses have arrived at Ka’u Hospital now. Finally, eight months after my colon resection surgery, I got the bill from the hospital and anaesthesiologist. My part was $1900 for a retail $90k bill. Glad I saved that last stimulus check. Now my left hip joint is giving me mobility and pain problems, and hip replacements are common in my family. I need to get an image and opinion from an Osteo Dr. for a baseline, but there’s no way I am going for an elective surgery anytime soon. Prepping extra ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

    • A delay of a year, maybe two, is OK, but they do get harder to deal with when you get older.
      Elaine;s were a breeze because she has the anti-aging gene…

    • Hank, and others, don’t you wish Republicans had gotten rid of ACA, so Insurance companies could run amok and charge you triple what you paid…lol…then you’d really have something to bash about!!

      Maj13 and other Fed Employees, you have the option of masking and testing negative (instead of vaccination).

      Why anyone wants to play roulette wheel odds of being unvaccinated: 5x more likely to catch and 11x more likely to die (from covid) astounds me:

      Anti-vaccination nothing new:

      Our stubborn antivaxx rate parallels Russia’s (20% – 28% won’t vaccinate), both highest in the developed world! LOL!

      • “don’t you wish Republicans had gotten rid of ACA, so Insurance companies could run amok and charge you triple what you paid…”

        ARE you joking… all the ACA did was put a clause that was already a law saying they had to let you buy insurance.. I was uninsurable before then at any cost.. so was my wife.. now they have to let you buy the insurance but pay five six times the cost for someone that has no past medical issues..
        They let you get it .. then if something happens and you need it.. they make it so that you are forced to drop it.. ( gent living with us.. had great insurance.. his wife was a nurse working for a major health care system.. she got cancer they dropped her and he lost his farm home and business over the costs..)
        \We pay huge costs for insurance right now.. no other bills are paid until insurance comes out.. insurance came out just friday..after that at this point we have 99 dollars to pay all our other expenses.. its creative juggling..
        NOW before the ACA we couldn’t get insurance at any cost. any medical expenses would be passed on to those with insurance and in raising costs for all and rent for the doctors…. medications .. if we can get them in mexico or Canada.. we could afford them they are thousands of a percent lower than in the USA where here they pump up the cost even though the wage earner is giving them money for the research done in creating them…. but here.. shoot.. they say bend over first… I have a surgical procedure coming up.. and am seriously contemplating going to mexico or some other country to get it.. the cost here is estimated around fifty grand in the usa where if I went to another country the cost of the trip and the surgery is just a fraction of the expense..the big issue is being able to even afford that…. I will know more tuesday..
        I feel what they should have done is.. enforce the laws that were already on the books.. No discrimination.. no price gouging, everyone pays the same price, but they didn’t and we have to live with it..

      • Before ACA, I had a medical policy which cost $200 a month. The policy had limitations, and was mostly providing limited script assistance, and protection from emergency room bankruptcy. A policy which is only marginally better via ACA is over a $1000 a month (as long as you don’t actually use it). The reason the ACA is so expensive for paying customers is that their monthly is being used to pay for the progress payments on behalf of individuals with discounted coverage. The real cost could be gleaned from the IRS tables, and was running closer to $300 when I was keeping up with it. That is, the paying customers are being overcharged to compensate for the Federales refusal to make the progress payments that they are obligated to make on behalf of lower-income policy holders getting a discount. You could recover the overcharge on your tax return in previous years; I’m not sure if that is still possible. Affordable care is only affordable to people who can’t afford insurance to begin with. For everyone else, it is a 3X overcharge.

      • yeah, I can play the ‘url link’ game too. Just TRY to find this video with a Goop plug search. (as I watched it last night, after the first hour a denial of service must have taken them offline… went back and finished it this morning)

        After watching this (if you have the balls) go get that booster shot and write us all back here.

      • @LOOB

        ““don’t you wish Republicans had gotten rid of ACA, so Insurance companies could run amok and charge you triple what you paid…”

        ARE you joking… ”

        No, he’s trolling…

  25. The moment Dr. Fauci admitted that the “vaccine” doesn’t prevent Covid but said (words to the effect) at least it “mitigates symptoms” is the moment the EUA should have been declared null and void under the framework in which it was instituted. We were told there is/was nothing therapeutic to treat the disease once infected or contracted. Anything that actually did or held the possibility of doing so was either banned or censored in order to enforce the EUA. The “vaccine” we were told was necessary to gain “herd immunity” in order to stop the spread and eliminate the “virus”. The fact that those “vaccinated” still need to be tested under never ending and changing circumstances and still be required to “mask up” clearly demonstrates the ineffectiveness of the “vaccine”. As an aside, notice how we never hear “immunized” if the “jab” has been given…only “vaccinated”.
    So we find ourselves being sold the idea that “Mitigating symptoms” is then said to be “better than nothing” and should be an acceptable excuse/reason to continue the EUA and continue pushing the “vaccine”. However, “mitigating symptoms” does not prevent the disease any more than an over the counter cold or flu medicine does to prevent one from catching a cold or flu virus…it then stands to reason that “mitigating symptoms” therefore makes the “jab” a Therapeutic and not a “vaccine” as defined by the intention of the EUA. Therefore, the specific EUA should be null and void because a therapeutic now exists by their admission, does it not? Therefore, anything else that occurs after that, if following the rule of law, should be considered illegal based on the very framework they established to push this “vaccine”. I wonder what that would do to the only “immunity” we do actually hear of, that being the pharmaceutical companies immunity from liability? Would they have to ban the “vaccine”, now really a therapeutic, to maintain the EUA to keep pushing the same “vaccine”? Push the “vaccine” harder before people figure this out and it will be too late by then? Thoughts anyone?

    • They give terminal cancer patients massive doses of morphine, to “mitigate their symptoms.”

      I sincerely hope that this is “enough said…”

  26. I read “Iron Fist” and “Brace Yourself” in the threads. This video is a Pastor who had a prophetic dream last year and was compelled to put it out there. He thought it would all happen last year in 2020 but, seems it’s coming true this year. Angel taps a calendar 3 times on certain months … but on November the Angel punches the calendar with its fist (Iron fist) … the Angel says, “Brace Yourself.” Worth a look …

    Acts 2:17.
    “In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.”

    These prophetic things are happening, enough to notice those who do speak up but, there’s still the stigma that people will think you’re nuts if you mention certain things …

    My guess is, many more people are tuned in to the spirit world than is apparent. Maybe not even understanding the experience and shrugging it off. – not many mentors out there anymore.

    Native People lived by their gut and imagination which formed truths that were like magic … but absolutely real. It’s part of being human, but some folks prefer to hide it all away from humanity. But it still pops up.

    Cliff has a good video “BRITTLE” over at Talking about the Vagus Nerve. Learn to relax that. There are simple exercises.

    We all have our 7 colorful Chakras to meditate on. Each has good blessings to offer.

    Best things in life are free and a lot of people don’t know they already have the best free stuff.

    While some impose an overreach … best to reach within your self because there, is where your Personal Power truly resides. Be the Warrior and take a Buffalo stance. Fight for what’s right, not what’s bringing us down

    God is the true healer ….


  27. Part of the Trail of Tears was foodies. The Natives weren’t allowed to buy or sell – buying and selling back then was hunting and gathering and trading. They had to depend on (foreign to them) trail bosses for food. The trail bosses offered mostly rotten meat and rotten vegetables. The choice offered to the Natives was eat or don’t eat. Eaters usually became ill and died on the Trail as the others wept.

    In the current predicament, at this point it seems Biden has shielded companies of 100 or larger from litigation. ‘Just following presidential orders, kids.” This to me means the corporate consolidation is gonna consume all the small fry businesses. The ambulance chasers will sue any small fry’s left standing right out of the marketplace if they aren’t outright shuddered.

    “In a move that will impact more than 80 million workers, a new COVID-19 plan from the Biden administration would require employers with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines or weekly testing, or else be subject to $14,000 fines.”

    Some people cite Nuremberg. Good point, but we are very far from that stage. When Stalin took the hatchet out over there. Who did the killing? They weren’t Zulus or Brits or Bolivians. The neighbors of the dead did the killing.

    The economy is being collapsed to force us all on the trail. Remember, businesses 100 below are gone.

    I do admire Biden and the Vaxx’ed. They show resolve and that indescribable “with us or against us” solidarity.

  28. Has anyone put up the video of Dr. G. Vanden Bossche? This is a synopsis of what he is saying happens to your immune system when you get vaxxxed. You lose your non-specific antibodies that attack anything in exchange for long lived specific antibodies that out-compete the non-specifics. In other words it leaves you wide open for all the variants and other infections that come along. If it’s been put up here before this certainly bears repeating over and over and over and over until it penetrates the armor plated Normies’ brains.

  29. Understanding parts of Revelation may be a bit difficult, but the book of Daniel is much easier. The Antichrist comes on the scene with a peace treaty. (Dan 9-27) Which means,duh, there has to be war first.

    There will be a one world gov. With 10 kings, 3 get displaced to make way for the antichrist (Dan 7-24)

    The scary part is there is a 3 1/2 year period where the Holy Spirit is removed and we face hell on earth before Jesus returns.(Dan 12-7).

    BTW, Daniel was taken as a captive to Babylon during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar and was an old man when Babylon was conquered by the Meads & Persians. His prophecies of world empires have been dead on accurate. The last to come is the beast described as terrifying (Dan 7-19)

  30. “With the appearance of the 20-year anniversary of the Twin Towers attack tomorrow, we have been scanning a number of sites that see “mushroom-shaped clouds” and such in this period.”

    Something occurred to me tonight: Do the Japanese celebrate the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki?


    Then why the f*ck would WE celebrate 9/11…?

    IIRC 9/11 is an inflection point in the Islamic World, but had no significance to the ROW until the WTC incident. This comment naturally forks at this point. I’m not going to follow either tine, but I simply state that they exist, in case others have missed it…

    • Come on, Ray – bright fellows like us know the whole story of 9/11 has not be told. Building 7 was the tell.
      The reason for the big celebrations is part of ritual – as in magic – and a “way to bind” people

      Oh, and to keep the misnamed Patriot Act being renewed forever.

    • ??? See Websters dictionary or any other dictionary prior to 9/11 and read the definition of ground zero. Inner yard of Pentagon has always been refereed to as ground zero – due to fact 1st target of Russian aireospace forces/hypersonics. Why even the Cafe on yard is called the ground zero cafe.
      Now read modern dictionary definitions of ground zero – go ahead any modern/post 9/11 dictionary. There is only one in existence Today – Cambridge, that still has the original and correct definition of ground zero. Diabolically twisted, upside down the “haters”.

  31. You can blame Joe wrongly or rightly, for a lot of things, but don’t blame him on this vaccine mandate. Our first President was the first. Look it up.
    About schools..To this day, most schools and universities require a series of vaccines for students to enroll. For example, Similarly, health-care and child-care workers are often required to show proof of vaccination for Hepatitis B, influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, pneumococcal disease and varicella.

    The first vaccine mandate in U.S. schools was enacted in Massachusetts in the 1850s to prevent smallpox transmission. By the 1900s, nearly half of all states had the same requirement.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    Trusted Source
    , by 1963, 20 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico had mandates requiring a variety of vaccines to enter school. But enforcement was uneven.
    By the late 1960s, there was a renewed focus on vaccinating school children because of measles outbreaks across the country.

    In 1977, the U.S. federal government set up the Childhood Immunization Initiative
    Trusted Source
    aimed at increasing vaccination rates in children against the seven diseases for which vaccines are routinely given in childhood, including:
    * diphtheria
    * measles
    * mumps
    * pertussis
    * poliomyelitis
    * rubella
    * tetanus
    This is when all 50 states widely adopted mandatory school vaccinations.
    Today, all states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories have vaccination requirements for children to attend school and childcare facilities. State laws establish vaccination requirements, as well as mechanisms for enforcement and rules for exemption.
    Most school requirements adhere to the CDC’s vaccine schedule
    Trusted Source
    for children, including vaccination against measles, meningitis, polio, chickenpox, whooping cough, and hepatitis. Some states also require vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV) and an annual flu shot.

    In the WTF department, one of the states screaming the loudest about the loss of their freedom…one of the most idiotic excuses/rants in the history of excuses/rants…the Florida Department of Health requires four doses of Diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP), four doses of polio (IPV), two doses of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), two doses of chickenpox, Hepatitis B, and pneumococcal conjugate (PCV13), and haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib).

    • Could the difference be these actually meet the legal definition of a vaccine?
      The EUA stuff does not. It is a gene therapy.
      Some of us don’t do therapy. We await a genuine vaccine.

    • I have no problem with vaccines, or with being vaccinated.

      I have a huge problem when someone tries to force me to be an alpha tester for an experimental therapy which bears no resemblance to a vaccine and offers no protection from the malady for which it was allegedly created as a prevention.

    • This is a ‘NOVEL CORONA VIRUS”.Let’s not forget that Mark.The illnesses you listed have plagued humans forever.We actually have studied these for decades at least and many years to develop a vaccine.Do as you wish and so will the rest of us.Why does a 90lb 12yo get the same dose as a 300lb adult?Kind of strange that the upper classes now demand the working classes,servive,retail,.food and beverage,health cre workers,police and fire ,military etc all get the jab.The essential workers who worked the whole time while while the work at homers made videos about how tough it was on them.How come there is a 300% increase in cases as last year at this time when 60% have the jabs?

  32. “I’m openly skeptical of most Biblical claims. Yet, the reality of natural gas seeps in the region of the Burning Bush was a pretty good hit. So there are useful landmarks in the Bible.”

    I’m not. I am not convinced that The Bible is 100% either “God’s Word” or “Divinely inspired” because I can’t place that kind of faith in either King James or his scribes. However, I don’t have a problem accepting prophetic biblical verse as valid prophesy. I have a big problem either accepting it verbatim or believing anyone knows when a “Bible prophesy” will come to pass. How do you explain airplanes, rockets, nuclear explosions, radio, or lasers to people living in the Second
    Century B.C.? I take the phrase: “No Man Knoweth…” seriously, and I believe it applies in many places in the Bible, where it’s not explicitly stated. When someone professes to know God’s timetable, I immediately 86 everything they say, and don’t look back…

    • How do you explain Ezekiel’s “Wheel within a wheel” as seen by an Iron Age desert wanderer? They did the best they could given their knowledge of anything beyond the activities of a hunter/gatherer at the time was mostly superstition. But, while I’m fairly certain that images can be projected into the head of a person in deep meditation for the most part those images John experienced had to come from the references already within the lexicon of the person like our dreams use our own images in memory to peruse and explain the thoughts therein however convoluted they may be.

      I, too, have my doubts about the KJV even given the assurance of academics that it’s been faithfully reproduced down through the ages as Dr. Daniel B. Wallace assures us –
      But I still harbor doubts that all of them are accurate after the Council at Nicaea.

      • Chris Tyreman’s work with self-defining-Hebrew has demonstrated that even the original Hebrew texts have been mis-translated and their original meanings were changed.

      • Common Sense tells us we can’t trust history as written, as each man will give his own account of what transpired. But it may differ greatly from a different person’s account of the same events.
        Not withstanding the fact that if we believe in a supreme being with infinite capabilities, and we wish to live and follow the supreme beings wishes for our existence, then it only seems fitting that the One we believe in would have ample ability to relay the desired messages for us to follow. Be it slightly altered from text to text, or translation; it delivers powerfully the intended message to the heart of the intended recipient.
        Arguing over bits and pieces of the scripture is futile. One either believes it to be true, “recieves it”, or one does not.
        The message is clear: fallen man needs risen savior in order to rise himself. Blessings

      • @ Hank

        Yeah, I know.

        Chris is a Rabbi, so has a vested interest in those books of the Bible which are also of the Torah, but I wish we could implore him to decipher The Revelation of John for us’ns…

        As far as the KJV, I have had fruitless discussions with “Christians” who insisted KJV-1611 was the unalterable Word of God, while holding up a King James Bible which did not include the books of Adam, or Enoch, or Esther, or the Gospel of Barnabas, or the Revelation of Thomas, or…

      • Yes, I have both of Chris’ books on my computer and as much of the other pages as I could get from his website. I miss his continuing work in this area.

      • Actually, I think he and the other Rabbis are still working on it, and SDH, but it has become a “back burner project.”

  33. “No surprise, SlowJoe’s power grab isn’t playing well. …Biden will hide behind turn of last century decisions by the Supreme Court, which don’t seem likely to be revisited.”

    ‘Doesn’t matter what decisions the USSC has made. The Justices can read the 10th Amendment as well as the rest of us, and should be able to comprehend it better than most. Neither made law nor case law trumps the Constitution. The only way Da Prez can compel people to share their medical record or accept a vaccination is under nationwide martial law. The former is the province of your personal physician; the latter, your County Health Department or in some cases, your State health agency. The fact Biden is overreaching does not diminish the fact he’s doing something he’s not allowed to do, and burdening OSHA with enforcement of his mandate (which is beyond the scope of their charter…)

    • Ahhh … OSHA … another alphabet joins the Stalinist festival. I suppose we will make the original Daddy Joe’s birthday, April 3, a national holiday before this is through.

  34. Future words recently learned from the dream realm:

    SinusSep or SinuSept – a nasal spray product for things like COVID.

    And, if someone says “I’m open”, it means they have not been vaccinated. It was said in this context: a woman I was going to be intimate with asked if I was open, I said no, and she declined to be with me. It was as if I had no choices, mine were made already by being vaccinated. I was not open.

    • Scarily, those both instantly resonated with me.

      I saw Sinusep as Vasopressin in an aqueous oxymethazoline carrier, with a Ciprofloaxin-like component. “Open” gave me a momentary shiver.

      It might be time to start writing our dreams down as soon as we wake from them…

  35. Comrades,

    Care to unplug, there has been a glitch in the matrix?

    Fräulein Bunt’s doppelganger appears to have ditched the Merc back in Switzerland, and has been seen front and centre in the Kabul women street protest Sept. 3 for womens’ rights and Sept. 2 & 7 protesting Pakistani interference in Afghanistan. Search photographers Hoshang Hashimi and Wali Sabawoon. The woman in question has red/auburn hair and large dark sunglasses. Last week 2nd & 3rd she was wearing clothing with red highlights. On the 7th she and the other women in the group were dressed more conservatively in black. However their protest sign on the 7th was allegedly in Persian script. Qud this be possible?

    “Were you listening to me Neo, or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?”

    • 12-22-21 Resurrection …dump the blue pills out..not dreams, recall! if I can just manage to pull this F@&*@#%$%$@@& probe out of Ure hands..

  36. “Not for Postal Workers, Though: USPS exempt from Biden vax mandate for 100M workers.”

    Two groups completely exempt from the vaxx mandate:

    Postal workers
    Immigrants, refugees, and illegal aliens

    Which makes no sense, considering how many people with which these two groups come in contact.

    • Let’s not forget the congresscritters and their minions!

      We don’t even have the luxury(?) of coming into contact with them. I have no idea what they do with their time other than perform like actors once in a while in congress, and most of the remaining time begging for more money.

      • They’re “mandated” also.

        Notice the crap Rand Paul has gotten, and is getting heaped upon him, for refusing the jab on the grounds he had the virus, kicked it, and is carrying natural antibodies?

        I’m waiting for Creepy Joe to threaten to pull funding for the Cleveland Clinic until they lose that “t-cell immunity” public opinion…

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